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  • Furious Pete
    Furious Pete  Hace 8 meses +354

    What video do y'all want to see next?
    Thanks for all the support Team Furious!

  • TheCoolFool MC
    TheCoolFool MC Hace 12 horas

    Is anyone else OCD about the French fry that's in the ketchup bowl?!😂

  • Hashir Gondal
    Hashir Gondal Hace un día

    This video is amazing but take care of ur health

  • Christian Louis 14_1811

    I think your poop will look like a french fry but color brown

  • Stop Motion Skater
    Stop Motion Skater Hace 2 días

    I just ate and now Im hungry again😐

  • Eko Bells
    Eko Bells Hace 4 días +1

    You gon be fat

  • Ch Ch
    Ch Ch Hace 5 días +2

    100 milkshakes from Cookout

  • Stony OG
    Stony OG Hace 5 días

    Who else thought he had 1000 boxes of french fries?

  • Carolinakid1984
    Carolinakid1984 Hace 6 días

    bubble booty

  • Shin Valentine
    Shin Valentine Hace 8 días

    At least he CHEWS!😂😌

    EX BATALLION Hace 8 días

    Im facking hungry man damn

  • Afro G
    Afro G Hace 8 días

    And you wanted to fight ksi

  • Pinky Ong
    Pinky Ong Hace 9 días +1

    I like french fries

  • Deal with the best
    Deal with the best Hace 10 días

    Im eating McD's 🍟

  • Niki Bazargan
    Niki Bazargan Hace 11 días

    I WANT

  • jeremy gorecki
    jeremy gorecki Hace 11 días

    and he wonders why he had cancer

  • arwa awadh
    arwa awadh Hace 12 días


  • Luis Playz Roblox
    Luis Playz Roblox Hace 12 días


  • Kerpasha Davis
    Kerpasha Davis Hace 12 días

    I agree with Drew Kocak

  • Tyson Mathieu
    Tyson Mathieu Hace 12 días

    He saltie

    T WRIGHT Hace 13 días


  • mustafa kothari
    mustafa kothari Hace 13 días

    some fries are left in the bowl

  • HANORGT Purnama
    HANORGT Purnama Hace 14 días

    I like fries

  • deadly gaming
    deadly gaming Hace 14 días

    You eat fries slow.....

  • LILAS 7
    LILAS 7 Hace 14 días

    Omg 🤤😭😭

  • Nikolas Cruz
    Nikolas Cruz Hace 16 días

    How did the salt not kill you

  • ella
    ella Hace 18 días

    this actually made my lazy ass go to mcdonalds...

  • Its Munch
    Its Munch Hace 20 días

    I bet I could eat all them and I’m 11

  • Mcdonald French fries
    Mcdonald French fries Hace 22 días

    Tasty right!

  • Juliana Ball
    Juliana Ball Hace 23 días

    Me stealing all my friends fries and eating them as fast as I can before they notice

  • Miss DreamaBleani
    Miss DreamaBleani Hace 25 días

    is he that rich? Daaaaaang

  • KHAZIKS bogz
    KHAZIKS bogz Hace 29 días

    I kile fries

  • james the famous
    james the famous Hace 29 días

    no potatoes were harmed doing this video

  • Lika Sylla
    Lika Sylla Hace un mes

    My dream...♡♡

  • anime fan boy
    anime fan boy Hace un mes

    I'm in heaven

  • Peyton Playz
    Peyton Playz Hace un mes

    Bsjsjksmd I can’t watch this without eating McDonald’s.

  • Zeetex YT
    Zeetex YT Hace un mes

    I can eat half of that

  • KatMain
    KatMain Hace un mes

    R.I.P his toilet

  • Sterling Witherspoon
    Sterling Witherspoon Hace un mes

    I bet they’re cold af now.

  • Tariq Attyat
    Tariq Attyat Hace un mes

    Why am i watching this during Ramadan?

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang Hace un mes

    Why don’t you just count how many fries are in one fries box and multiply that amount to make roughly a thousand instead counting each one til 1000

  • Sadia alam Rifa
    Sadia alam Rifa Hace un mes

    So what I can do it tooo llolll

  • Anne Klar
    Anne Klar Hace un mes +1

    This was published on my birthday!!!

  • Katherina Forbes
    Katherina Forbes Hace un mes

    Give me all the fries you bought and a gallon of ketchup. I will finish that in less than 2hours.

  • NovaMaster _pro
    NovaMaster _pro Hace un mes

    Crazy😂 xd

  • T rex Games
    T rex Games Hace un mes

    1000 calories

  • Another Idiot
    Another Idiot Hace un mes

    I'm 11 and look
    I don't eat over 900 calories a day

  • Fabrizzio Cuadros
    Fabrizzio Cuadros Hace un mes

    Why didn't he just add one french fry and multiply it by 1000 or 10 french fries and multiply it by 100?

  • TuGaCha
    TuGaCha Hace un mes

    The thumbnail though 😂😂

  • dino lean
    dino lean Hace un mes

    You are dead after this vido

  • Harsh Gupta
    Harsh Gupta Hace un mes

    Tremendous amounts of carbs

  • Thomas Newton
    Thomas Newton Hace un mes

    You Could Of Done 10 Fires And The Multiplied That

  • gaming tower
    gaming tower Hace un mes

    Now your making me hungry

  • Winner Singh
    Winner Singh Hace un mes

    How much time you spend in the gym ?

  • Ronix Ventix
    Ronix Ventix Hace un mes

    You make me hungry man

  • Kawaii Princess
    Kawaii Princess Hace un mes

    i wish i was able to order fries to ma house whenever i want

  • Bo Chan
    Bo Chan Hace un mes

    exactly what i want ryt noe

  • unknown user
    unknown user Hace 2 meses

    Id like to see you do the 1.000 french fry challenge seems how you didn't complete it the first time what about the fries in the ketchup

  • Promas Trouvant
    Promas Trouvant Hace 2 meses

    Eating while pooping...
    Looks great, let me try it someday 😊

  • Ralo Dev
    Ralo Dev Hace 2 meses

    I love your vids 💙💙

  • Jon G
    Jon G Hace 2 meses

    Do you both always wear hats all the time, indoors as well?

  • Leay Dawn
    Leay Dawn Hace 2 meses

    People: so how did you becom fat?
    Me: blame challenges and McDonalds.

  • akaash ganga
    akaash ganga Hace 2 meses

    Warm em up dude

  • Danny Hannah
    Danny Hannah Hace 2 meses

    I wish I could eat that much that would be heaven

  • Melon Hart
    Melon Hart Hace 2 meses

    McDonald's fries COLD. Tastes like cardboard.

  • Vain Viper
    Vain Viper Hace 2 meses

    Stale is the word

  • bluethinh baytrun2
    bluethinh baytrun2 Hace 2 meses


  • matilda xx
    matilda xx Hace 2 meses

    I'm hungry

  • Killa Cam
    Killa Cam Hace 2 meses

    Furious Pete takes 5 pound shits everyday...salute

  • Pixiewings504
    Pixiewings504 Hace 2 meses

    death by shit. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Itz Ylberi
    Itz Ylberi Hace 2 meses

    OMG bro how dont u get fat eating alot

  • رفـا الطنـايـاا


    GYU LKRCA Hace 2 meses

    Why cant anybody do 1,000 stawberries or broccoli? Something that wont cause cardiac arrest!

  • Cabola
    Cabola Hace 2 meses

    he didn't complete the challenge, at the end there's still fries in the ketchup bowl!

  • Hordil
    Hordil Hace 2 meses

    You could come to my place in the black forest and I make you 2kg of Fries or pizza to top on your own ( or topped in regards to commenters to this video/comment ) and go for it :D

  • vez hopkins
    vez hopkins Hace 2 meses

    aawww nice Airedale terrier :)

  • Reni xox
    Reni xox Hace 2 meses


  • Bunthan Sephieroth Kong

    Did you order that in one place but I missed though corn 🌾 syrup delight toilet Metal bowl 🍲

    BAT GIRL Hace 2 meses

    I’m wondering how he ain’t got diabetes yet😐😐

  • Fadhil Narimuttathil
    Fadhil Narimuttathil Hace 2 meses

    U must get fat

  • Sam Levin
    Sam Levin Hace 2 meses

    Now do 1000 double quarter pounders...

  • Aly Eltabei
    Aly Eltabei Hace 2 meses

    Are you Alive🤕

  • Amjad kweder
    Amjad kweder Hace 2 meses

    ez challnge (easy challnge)

  • AceDava
    AceDava Hace 2 meses

    Do 30 liter water challenge in one go without waiting 1hour or do 20 liter 30 is a lot

  • Tunar Memmedov
    Tunar Memmedov Hace 2 meses

    no sid

  • * reinbo *
    * reinbo * Hace 2 meses

    Heaven for me

  • WAsucksblackducks
    WAsucksblackducks Hace 2 meses

    Look digusting, the fries are all soggy and cold

  • Alizeh Zahra
    Alizeh Zahra Hace 2 meses

    Does anyone see that girl crawling at the back of his chair . You'll see something black moving and I know it's her .

  • ArticM0de
    ArticM0de Hace 2 meses

    He ain't livin' long.

  • Hasi
    Hasi Hace 2 meses

    So ez dude.

  • Chocolate Milk Hacker Hunter

    I think you pronounce it mookbang but I live in England so...I may be wrong.

  • Tay Boo
    Tay Boo Hace 2 meses

    I thought u were gonna give it to the homeless you know be productive but ok 👌🏽

  • Meine Let's Plays
    Meine Let's Plays Hace 3 meses

    i want to eat

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham Hace 3 meses

    Why didn’t you just re heat the fries in the oven before eating them?

  • GamleErik100
    GamleErik100 Hace 3 meses

    McDonald's fries are good the first 10 minutes when they're hot. Then they go cold, and it's like eating soggy shoelaces.

  • Billy Kinkade
    Billy Kinkade Hace 3 meses

    Furious pete come out to Joshua tree, California we have a pizza place called pie for the people. They make big pizzas. You should check it ou man, they are the best!

  • Billy Kinkade
    Billy Kinkade Hace 3 meses

    I bet they were overwhelmed making that order.

  • Toni Vrbos
    Toni Vrbos Hace 3 meses

    who skipped trough?

  • Michael Lamas
    Michael Lamas Hace 3 meses

    Is he trying to gain weight

  • JackTheGamer
    JackTheGamer Hace 3 meses

    try to eat a lot of chips