Top 9 Blind Audition (The Voice around the world IX)


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  • Сергей Невменяемый

    Последняя песня за душу очень крепко берёт...Язык какой,какая девушка...

  • Сергей Невменяемый

    Сигма конечно крутая исполнительница с голосищем,но чтобы так в жюри..

  • Joachim Sudergat
    Joachim Sudergat Hace un día

    Kevin Simm is very impressive.
    The right song for his good voice i think.
    He is special.

    ZAIDI KR. Hace un día

    The socond girl singer at 2:37; Her voice made my heart stop beating on her!...And She should be at Number 1..

  • * ANDROIDAS13*
    * ANDROIDAS13* Hace 2 días

    lame uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Juicy
    Juicy Hace 2 días

    15:47 ok im in love, im fucking in love

  • Juicy
    Juicy Hace 2 días

    9:10 O.M.G ???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helker Abreu
    Helker Abreu Hace 2 días

    9:57 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mohamed Imed
    Mohamed Imed Hace 2 días

    is that ciline

  • Fiasco Stud
    Fiasco Stud Hace 3 días

    Janna, incredible version of such a fast song, slowed to perfection...

  • Sash Shuma
    Sash Shuma Hace 3 días

    13:17 Антон Беляев - Wicked Game POWER!!

  • Pablo Ortiz
    Pablo Ortiz Hace 3 días

    thor al piano

  • Dennis Gannon
    Dennis Gannon Hace 3 días +1

    Some excellent singers, should be stars. I guess they did not want to compromise their values to be stars. Our loss.

  • 1 Happy GUY
    1 Happy GUY Hace 3 días +1

    2:40 WoW!! I AM IN LOVE!!!! LOL

  • Cursi
    Cursi Hace 4 días

    my god, Kevin Simm is amazing

  • Fight Milk
    Fight Milk Hace 4 días

    The first two are something special.

  • LT Ben Dover
    LT Ben Dover Hace 4 días

    Janna has a unique voice i love it

  • Jose Alexandre
    Jose Alexandre Hace 4 días

    sexy ladies

  • Al 28
    Al 28 Hace 4 días

    what the hell?

  • Big Mala
    Big Mala Hace 4 días

    First guy caught me waaaaay off guard. Bravo good sir.

  • Cleberson  Aires Silva
    Cleberson Aires Silva Hace 5 días


  • Nathan Cooper
    Nathan Cooper Hace 5 días

    why the Europe judges always gotta walk around. don't want to watch you. want to just see the audition in its pure element. everything else is your vanity trying to get attention. so annoying.

  • Stephanie & Family McDonald

    All by myself is awesome , She needs to make it. Big.

  • Dee Roach
    Dee Roach Hace 5 días +1

    celine would be proud

  • Andreas Huelck
    Andreas Huelck Hace 6 días

    Sheena is killing me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ANGEL NICHOLSON Hace 6 días

    My eyes always concentrate at Ricky ... bloody hell!!! My completely type lol

  • You have only One Life!

    3:12 'n 4:17 who's your real God?! Jesus Christ is mine 'n He really I mean seriously wants to save u too. Actually He loves u so much amen. God Bless:D P.s. John 14:6 please 'n peace because He's the only Way to Heaven indeed. Hallelujah! Maranatha!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hace 7 días

    Halfway through "All By Myself" I almost skipped to the next song cuz I thought it was a little boring. Sure glad I didn't. Wow! What a finish!!

  • Lenka K.
    Lenka K. Hace 7 días +2

    wow, Celine was absolutly amazing

  • juan pedro luna
    juan pedro luna Hace 7 días

    Ano ba yang sa adds nio? Parang may sipon na kumakanta! Bwesit

  • Snip py
    Snip py Hace 8 días

    dobry beret suko 00:48

  • Daniel Reily
    Daniel Reily Hace 8 días

    When you have no idea who the judges are ,their antics are really amusing ,the battle of ego's and talking while the singer is performing is just rude and arrogant. Simon ( the king of egos ) has really started something . Wonder if he still thinks Jennifer Hudson is too fat !!

  • Power Else
    Power Else Hace 8 días

    First song was the best

  • Daniel Voicu
    Daniel Voicu Hace 8 días

    4:21 Cassadee Pope -Torn not belong here, sorry

  • GareBearAware
    GareBearAware Hace 9 días

    Hold on were goin home sucked lol

  • Kanella Kastanias
    Kanella Kastanias Hace 10 días

    `All by myself` originally sung by Eric Carmen in the 70`s.

    • Gerrit Stok
      Gerrit Stok Hace 10 días

      The real one, that gives me goosebumps.

  • Prism Sage
    Prism Sage Hace 10 días +2

    First one made me cry :)

  • nicolas 123
    nicolas 123 Hace 10 días

    i would like to see some of the last one doing some evanescence...

  • palm rider
    palm rider Hace 11 días


  • Zeljko Trifunovic
    Zeljko Trifunovic Hace 12 días

    cassidy sounds like a goat !!!!!
    the australian guy was fantastic !!!!

  • Laurine Ben
    Laurine Ben Hace 13 días

    15:07 😭😭😭😭

  • Vasiliy Gravchenko
    Vasiliy Gravchenko Hace 13 días


  • No Named
    No Named Hace 15 días

    Bed of roses by Matthias Nebel from Germany is also a great one

  • Mistress Morrigan
    Mistress Morrigan Hace 15 días

    That moment when you go from the Italian pianist whose voice is so magically soothing you could listen to it all night, to the performer who won a Us one singing "Torn" warbling off key constantly, not breathing correctly for singing, with wheezy at best power in her voice, who somehow won the thing, proving the United States is screwed up when it comes to musical entertainment. I'm finding the Ukraine and Aremenia overall seem to have the best singers.

  • เปาหัวดง เพ็งศรี


  • Алексей Добров

    Looking by the reaction of the men behind the scenes (the guy sang "wicked game") this is was Russian Voice)))

  • Norman Kessler
    Norman Kessler Hace 17 días +10

    First song is the best😎

  • Parul Shanker
    Parul Shanker Hace 17 días

    Why is not anyone smooth and relaxing performance number 1 is?... After that I like the 2 nd hey ya...then all by myself and then 8th one Wicked games 😋😬😬😬

  • Oersae
    Oersae Hace 17 días

    I didn't know you could cry to "Hey Ya"

  • Артем Лапшин
    Артем Лапшин Hace 17 días

    Я что тут один русскоговарящий ?

  • Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz Malcolm X

    where is usher ?

  • Nidhish ABRAHAM
    Nidhish ABRAHAM Hace 18 días

    7:59 Guðrún Árný - All By Myself --------- woooooooooow !

  • Ognissanti Trivulzio
    Ognissanti Trivulzio Hace 18 días


  • Vrizo
    Vrizo Hace 19 días +1

    10:00 min love Maja Tosic👍💋

  • Audate Abden
    Audate Abden Hace 20 días

    Y hay goood

  • алексей долгов
    алексей долгов Hace 21 un día

    no fun crap

  • kateeboo Alkateeb
    kateeboo Alkateeb Hace 21 un día

    the top is 08:03 and ...... 11:41

  • Emma Shah
    Emma Shah Hace 22 días +2

    Skinny love guy blows my mind

  • e a
    e a Hace 23 días

    holy shit the lost one...

  • { Chebr }
    { Chebr } Hace 24 días

    Смерть пидарам в креслах...

  • rasin gan
    rasin gan Hace 24 días

    great all performers

  • nsereko ausi
    nsereko ausi Hace 25 días

    The lady who sang Celinedions song gave all that it takes . And here comes shener omg 😲

    • Iderma Jimenez
      Iderma Jimenez Hace 20 días

      She dress like Celine, hair like Celine. Too much.

  • Diana González
    Diana González Hace 25 días

    Magnificas Voces Felicitaciones !!!!!!

  • Jay Bales
    Jay Bales Hace 28 días

    Enjoyed each very much.

  • Indra JAYA
    Indra JAYA Hace 29 días

    The outkast redention filling my bone...

  • Ranet Isaiah
    Ranet Isaiah Hace 29 días

    Best ever

  • Donald J
    Donald J Hace 29 días

    Minute 10: Feels like she's singing deeper than hell higher than heaven...

  • Alap Alap
    Alap Alap Hace un mes

    very very good

  • willythemailboy2
    willythemailboy2 Hace un mes

    I think it's kinda shady how they allow singers who have already been somewhat successful to compete with complete newcomers. Cassadee Pope had already put out an album at this point (performance is from 2012, her band Hey Monday released an album in 2008)

  • Joseph Yi
    Joseph Yi Hace un mes

    Camera focus 14:06, 14:16 cracked me up.. That donkey the real star of the show boys!

  • yocuchita
    yocuchita Hace un mes +1

    que asco que los que manejan esta pagina piense más en su bolsillo que en el respeto que deben tener hacia las personas que entran a ver videos, ya tienen propaganda al comenzar mas dos interrupciones con mas propaganda. faltos de respeto.

    that disgust that those who handle this page think more in your pocket than in the respect they should have towards people who come to watch videos, and have propaganda to start two more interruptions with more propaganda. disrespectful

  • Zenith Battles
    Zenith Battles Hace un mes

    I did NOT know Hey Ya! could be sung that way. Holy shit, good job!

  • Kale Freilinger
    Kale Freilinger Hace un mes

    I love watching , I love the concept of blind auditions but I hate that the judges pick who they like not on talent but on who can make their team win.

  • South Bound
    South Bound Hace un mes

    Cassadee bump da bump da bump

  • Reggie K
    Reggie K Hace un mes

    8:08 Is where the true magic is, they are all very talented and unique but the woman at 8:08 has insane vocal control and the power when she blast's is off the chart!

  • Oscar Daboub
    Oscar Daboub Hace un mes +4

    All by myself is not a celine dione song. She is not the composer. The composer is eric carmen...

  • Elie Abouata
    Elie Abouata Hace un mes


  • Herman To
    Herman To Hace un mes

    Im indonesia...gooddd

  • Серж Николян

    Даже несколько пидоров понравилось(неправда)), кроме хохлички(достали суки)

  • Παντελης Κατενιζογλου

    The last girl is just...WOW

  • Lucaria Alba
    Lucaria Alba Hace un mes

    amazing voices ,OMG ...

  • Rio Ucok
    Rio Ucok Hace un mes

    8:13 she looks a celine dion

  • lvbnhbq210665
    lvbnhbq210665 Hace un mes +4

    последняя вонючка какая то)))))

    • Exstasy
      Exstasy Hace 4 días

      lvbnhbq210665 мозг твой вонючка)

    • LeBronT NkN
      LeBronT NkN Hace un mes +4

      табло завалил, тебе не понять!

  • Eduardo Paulino
    Eduardo Paulino Hace un mes

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 Wow

  • Rosane Lima
    Rosane Lima Hace un mes


  • Rolando Anes
    Rolando Anes Hace un mes

    I enjoy listen to Ukrainian women sing so cultural so emotional incredibly sensational if there's any angels on this Earth they live in Ukraine people I hear cuz I'm blind se me The People in the Ukraine they live with so much value and respect people think they're difficult but is so good listen to Value culture respect for each other God bless you crane I really enjoyed your singers on The Voice it really touches my heart may God always be on your journey

  • Andra 1987
    Andra 1987 Hace un mes

    So warm.... Hey ya..

  • Mom Cat22
    Mom Cat22 Hace un mes +2

    Translation of "Obiymi" please? Such a lovely voice she has, too...mellow & rich for someone so young.

    • Gerrit Stok
      Gerrit Stok Hace 10 días

      +Люда Басистая or embrace me perhaps. Well, the same, okay.

    • Verhovets Aaron
      Verhovets Aaron Hace 27 días

      Here you are )
      And try original song
      Океан Ельзи - Обійми

      When the time will come,
      The war will end,
      On it I ruined myself,
      Looking into the very depths of it.

      Hug me, houg me, hug me,
      So gently and do not let go,
      Hold me, hold me, hold me,
      Let your spring come.

      And here is my soul
      Put the guns down.
      Really? Does she
      Wants warm words?

    • Люда Басистая
      Люда Басистая Hace un mes

      Mom Cat22 hug me)

  • Gigi V
    Gigi V Hace un mes +7

    Melting! Chills with Wicked Game!

  • 64fairlane359
    64fairlane359 Hace un mes

    No, All by myself is not a Celin Dion-song, she just covered it, badly

  • 산으로장미
    산으로장미 Hace un mes


  • Buddhiman Tamang 321
    Buddhiman Tamang 321 Hace un mes

    That voies amaging

  • Norm D
    Norm D Hace un mes

    Blake # 1

  • Laul Mlle
    Laul Mlle Hace un mes

    J écoutais, j aimais bien.. Puis, j ai entendu Maja...

  • Viktor Schubernel
    Viktor Schubernel Hace un mes

    А что Германия? Что енот? Денег зажали чтоли для капитана Америки знаю. Для Мари ланд тоже? Что Елизавета? Здесь одна только и королева и король и голый шут ,ладно пусть будет так☺

  • Viktor Schubernel
    Viktor Schubernel Hace un mes

    Fantastisch ☺😁

  • Stephan Bertram
    Stephan Bertram Hace un mes

    8:50 unbelievable

  • Savitar Vextor
    Savitar Vextor Hace un mes

    обними меня, лучшее

  • John Z
    John Z Hace 2 meses

    Guðrún Árný's version of All By Myself was every bit as wonderful as was Celine's,, that was an awesome audition.