🆚 Purple Carrot vs Hungryroot: Battle of the Vegan Meal Kits

  • Publicado el 13 ago 2022

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  • Michelle Fonger
    Michelle Fonger Hace un año +2

    I love both of these meal kits so much, it's hard to even compare! 2 phenomenal options

  • Luis Alberto Diaz
    Luis Alberto Diaz Hace un año +2

    Vegan foods are really the healthiest, my wife and I have been changing our diet to this food and we have seen a substantial improvement in our health and mood, between us I prefer Purple Carrot.

    • Mealkite
      Mealkite  Hace un año

      We do love Purple Carrot for their creative recipes! Also their breakfast & lunch options are so nice to have around too.

  • Lubov Kotsar
    Lubov Kotsar Hace un año +2

    I tried Purple Carrot. Similar to Blue Apron in that it's restaurant priced food that you have to make yourself. The taste was OK! The recipes were interesting, so that was a plus.

    • Mealkite
      Mealkite  Hace un año

      They're definitely both good options, although personally we prefer Hungryroot simply for the fact that it has more to offer in terms of proteins if you're not fully vegan and those additional groceries.

  • Christina Little
    Christina Little Hace 4 meses

    Thanks!!!!! I went with Purple Carrot since we are fully vegan. Their website is the most user friendly website I’ve ever used in the history of the internet. That’s just an added bonus lol!

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez Hace un año +1

    excellent comparison! I like purple carrot better! hungryroot is very good too, now I am more convinced of this delicious food I love it! you are an expert I just placed an order and my children are very excited, without a doubt or recommend, my children and I are very happy

  • jaycee157
    jaycee157 Hace 2 meses

    If I were in the us a I would choose Purple Carrot seeing that I prefer vegan meals. Thanks for the comparison video

  • Ivy Trevort
    Ivy Trevort Hace 10 meses

    Careful with purple carrot! Shipping always 3 or more days late & horrible customer service!