ILVERMORNY "American Hogwarts" | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


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  • Yori-chan Nakamura
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  • Austin Cummings
    Austin Cummings Hace 6 horas

    Hogwarts houses to Ilvermorny houses these are not always the case.
    Ravenclaw-Horned Serpent
    If you want to assume here you go

  • Ritercrazy
    Ritercrazy Hace un día

    So fun!

  • virginiasmiles☺
    virginiasmiles☺ Hace 3 días

    Yes!! I Love the founding story of Ilvermorny!

  • Nick Daniel
    Nick Daniel Hace 3 días

    Amazing video!!! Would love to see more wizarding themed things.

  • bongo bannana piano pankakes

    Ravenclaw pukwudgie

  • Zehn Waters
    Zehn Waters Hace 3 días

    Lovely. Mostly accurate. Thunderbird, myself.

  • Max’sWorld
    Max’sWorld Hace 3 días

    This is amazing. This also is not the story I was told.

  • salma avery
    salma avery Hace 3 días

    I'm thunderbird!

  • Cristiano Vicente
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    Very good!😍

  • Sophie Justus
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    Horned serpent

  • Emma Pons
    Emma Pons Hace 3 días

    Why didn't you post the second part of the story???

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  • janie whiteside
    janie whiteside Hace 4 días

    Awesome 👏 I hope there is more !

  • Ms. Grinch
    Ms. Grinch Hace 4 días

    Imma Thunderbird and Gryffindor

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  • Emily McCarthy
    Emily McCarthy Hace 4 días

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a worse Irish accent in my life

  • JP
    JP Hace 4 días

    I hope JK Rowling will write a book soon about ilvermony soon and concentrate on that.

  • Keith Laya
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  • MalloMarsh
    MalloMarsh Hace 5 días

    Was that meant to be an Irish accent coz I’m Irish and it’s literally the worst I’ve ever heard

  • Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow Hace 5 días

    You make good job ! Thanks for the french subtitles.

  • Louise Melliza
    Louise Melliza Hace 5 días

    6:38 *POTATO*

  • Nick K
    Nick K Hace 5 días

    Finish the story. This is good.

  • Maria Prabu Deva
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  • Justina
    Justina Hace 5 días

    I'm upset there is no puckwudgie in this video.😔

  • Audrey Chan
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    I’m puckwudgie!

  • michael Rosenwald
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    i am proud to be a horned serpent

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    I’m proud to be a horned serpent

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    Horned Serpent & Slytherin here.

  • WHO AM I ?
    WHO AM I ? Hace 10 días

    I'm pround to be a Thunderbird Like Propertina Goldstein

  • Benson Fang
    Benson Fang Hace 11 días

    wait her descendants are related to voldemort

  • Melvin Rogers reaction 2
    Melvin Rogers reaction 2 Hace 11 días

    Can I use your video in my movie that I making

  • Ricardo Estandarte III
    Ricardo Estandarte III Hace 14 días

    What's the bg music? Btw. Pukwudgie here!

  • Trân Ngọc Bảo Nguyễn

    I'm a Ravenclaw and a Horned Serpent. 😀😀😀

  • Flowerbutton15
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    Thunderbird/Hufflepuff ❤️

  • PuncherOfAbs
    PuncherOfAbs Hace 15 días

    what happened to the pugwhaggy

  • Karigan Smith
    Karigan Smith Hace 17 días

    Where are all my Pukwudgie people at?

  • Badwi C
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    I’m a Slytherin and Horned serpent 🐍 💚

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    harry pottah addicted Hace 20 días

    Proud horned serpent here 👌

  • Sofi Meoni
    Sofi Meoni Hace 22 días

    I love it😍❤💖💓🌹but it's not complete😢

  • Isabella Jamieson
    Isabella Jamieson Hace 23 días +6

    They changed the actual story. The real one is on Pottermore, and it's different.

    • Isabella Jamieson
      Isabella Jamieson Hace 2 días +1

      +Acepunydefoc , that's a good point. But then, it isn't the story of the founding of Ilvermorny like it says on the title.

    • Acepunydefoc
      Acepunydefoc Hace 2 días

      The fact that the story isn't accurate I think it's because the "mother" is telling it to the children, in the official story it said that she never told them the whole truth so that they wouldn't be scared of her aunt chasing them. So this isn't "what happened" but "what the mother told the children", and it is never explained how much truth did she exactly tell them, so this version of the story is possible.

  • Leah Zahwa
    Leah Zahwa Hace 26 días

    But i still think hogwarts is better though

  • Yuki Mylaan
    Yuki Mylaan Hace 26 días

    Wampus here !

  • Yuki Mylaan
    Yuki Mylaan Hace 26 días

    It's amazing, but you missed some parts of the story.

  • Lapis Is Bob
    Lapis Is Bob Hace un mes

    The little boys remind me of
    Fred and

  • Antonia Marinette
    Antonia Marinette Hace un mes

    Next please

  • Dashawn Patterson
    Dashawn Patterson Hace un mes

    This was so good I didn’t even realize it wasn’t from the movie

  • The Goblin Cleaver
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    I'm a Pukwudgie :)

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    Ilvermorny... Nayyyy... Hogwarts the true magical....

  • John Redkey
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    This was so well done. Very impressive!!!!

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  • Shobar Arief
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    Who's wampus?

  • little Maid of the moon

    But normally even if one letter got destroyed you would become two more!!! Like Harry Potter recieved

  • Oisin Kavanagh
    Oisin Kavanagh Hace un mes

    Who ever is doing that Irish accent deserves to be shot

  • Nesdeath Nanotio
    Nesdeath Nanotio Hace un mes

    A little bit inacurate. But it qas good.

  • Ximena Ricalde
    Ximena Ricalde Hace un mes

    I loved! I want to keep watching !!!

  • Yolo Citty Kat
    Yolo Citty Kat Hace un mes

    WAIT are you going to continue it?

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    Where are the Thunderbirds💁🏼‍♀️?

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    Pesima actuación de la tia

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    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BeautySleeper X
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    Too much change

  • Angela95 Lee
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    The necklace looks like the mark from Charmed

  • Sodikin Gross
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    I'm Pukwudgie.
    Also, I'm Gryffindor.

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    Só faltou a legenda em português,mas ficou bom.

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  • Maria Luisa Hernandez Febo

    I’m at pukwudgie

  • Maria Luisa Hernandez Febo

    Oh yes we want more

  • Milfa Arsyika Azzahra
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    This is amazing! I'm a pukwudgie :))

  • excuse me could you please leave

    I cried at the beginning because this was sad at the beginning, it’s a very cool story however.

  • marion vial
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    Thunderbird is my house and I'm proud of it

  • MÉRK
    MÉRK Hace un mes

    her family died in a fire and many mistakes in the story but still good ❤️

  • James Bradley
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    Slitheren / horned river serpent!

  • Delphini Riddle
    Delphini Riddle Hace un mes

    Ilvermorny? more like Ilverkdorky

  • Sharon Amaro
    Sharon Amaro Hace un mes

    It was incredible beautiful, I was moved and I think I should have more. My congratulations to a fan from Brazil 😍😍😍😍

  • Princess Panda LOL
    Princess Panda LOL Hace un mes

    I’m so happy they made this school

    Because I’m american

  • Arsh Goyal
    Arsh Goyal Hace un mes

    I liked the video but you tormented the story too much. Should have atleat mentioned William.

  • Éden Souza
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  • LilG
    LilG Hace un mes

    What happed to the saving of the pukwudgie or the time she spoke parseltounge to the horned serpent or her house Ilvermorny

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  • Blitznstitch2
    Blitznstitch2 Hace un mes

    This is kinda the story. It's close. Good job overall.

  • josue g
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    Los felicito muy bien hecho.... Cuenten mas historias....

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    This is all wrong😫

  • Maya and cats
    Maya and cats Hace un mes +3

    I love it😍 please more videos with Harry Potter, like Marauders ❤❤

  • Raica Mascarenhas da Silva

    Cadê os BR 🇧🇷

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    Omg. Awesome...

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    yo where my pugwudgies

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  • Gillian’s Gachas
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    Her Aunt, she over here looking like that vampire, Victoria from Twilight. Like if you agree XD. 5:35 btw

  • Deianearra Septi
    Deianearra Septi Hace un mes

    I read it on Pottermore, it was really sad story..
    And the fact Isolt wanted to become Ravenclaw so much tears my heart
    But why there's no the story of Pukwudgie and Hidebehind? And the Horned Serpent story that makes wand of two those boys?

  • Hamjah Rozii
    Hamjah Rozii Hace un mes

    where the part of school ??

  • Hamjah Rozii
    Hamjah Rozii Hace un mes

    aw cute

  • Kent rudy the fire bender

    this is a bit inncorrect where's the puckwudgi and her parents died in the their cottage

  • Mrs Potter
    Mrs Potter Hace un mes

    OMG this is sooooooooooooooo Amazing good job

    Like if you're a proud thunderbird

  • Ivy Shadow.
    Ivy Shadow. Hace un mes

    Isolt sayre I believe.
    In actuality the aunt burned her parents home down and she stole her niece isolt.
    Still great vid though.

  • Ultra Instinct Warrior

    Their pretty gifted to use stupefy and protego at their age