ILVERMORNY "American Hogwarts" | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


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  • abbey royael
    abbey royael Hace 14 horas

    What had ever happened to the William why is he not on story

  • abbey royael
    abbey royael Hace 14 horas

    Her parents were killed in a fire

  • harry potter
    harry potter Hace 2 días


  • Florian Dufour
    Florian Dufour Hace 4 días

    Very nice job :) I like the narration, the ambiance and the acting.
    Some little problem with VFX but it's hard and not import part of the video.
    Great work !

  • Henry__C
    Henry__C Hace 5 días


  • Amy Potter
    Amy Potter Hace 5 días

    This is beautiful 😍😭

  • Jiddo
    Jiddo Hace 7 días

    I watched the Ilvermorny Origins by another ESclipsr, I just got confused. When I watched this, now I get what that guy said in the another video.

  • Albert LaBoy
    Albert LaBoy Hace 8 días

    Wonderful video! I want to see more!

  • Gabby St. Amour
    Gabby St. Amour Hace 8 días +1


  • Gabrielle Malong
    Gabrielle Malong Hace 11 días

    I’m a Thunderbird. ❤️ But don’t worry, Harry Potter has the same story as you. But you didn’t feel the Killing Curse, so...

  • Lyla Davis
    Lyla Davis Hace 11 días

    I am a Thunderbird in Ilvermorny, but at Hogwarts, I am a Gryffindor. Is anyone else like me? xD

  • MrKirby365
    MrKirby365 Hace 13 días

    Where is the pugwuggie

  • Seto Mulyadi
    Seto Mulyadi Hace 14 días


  • Minzokai Pu
    Minzokai Pu Hace 14 días

    I did the pottermore test and got horned serpent.
    Too bad I know nothing 'bout Ilvermorny so I have no idea what it means T^T

  • Michaela Murphy
    Michaela Murphy Hace 15 días

    There’s so much wrong with this story an so many details left out It really doesn’t give you a good understanding of Ilvermornys background.

  • Madzia Hazuka
    Madzia Hazuka Hace 15 días

    Is Katherine Waterston give a voice in this film ?

  • WhiteVelvet
    WhiteVelvet Hace 16 días

    Horned Serpent!

  • Cecilia Nicolas
    Cecilia Nicolas Hace 16 días

    2018 anyone

  • Piper Dukes
    Piper Dukes Hace 16 días

    I want that to me a movie that would've been the greatest trailer ever!!!

  • xJulia Luminax
    xJulia Luminax Hace 16 días

    this is so good !

    EYDREN1 Hace 20 días

    Tiene continuación. porfavor.

  • Genius Jorge
    Genius Jorge Hace 20 días

    this was amazing!! i wanted to see more

  • dom
    dom Hace 20 días

    It looked like a real Ilvermorny movie!!!

  • Poptart Frosty
    Poptart Frosty Hace 23 días

    Where my Wampus houses at???

  • Omg a dead channel
    Omg a dead channel Hace 23 días

    Thunderbird make some thunder!

  • Hyperstop
    Hyperstop Hace 24 días

    Where’s William

  • Moo Παδουβάς
    Moo Παδουβάς Hace 28 días

    And also Tessa commented

  • Moo Παδουβάς
    Moo Παδουβάς Hace 28 días

    OMG that’s awsome

  • JIN B.
    JIN B. Hace 28 días

    I'm a Gryffindor/Wampus!!!

  • Kirra Shortclips
    Kirra Shortclips Hace 29 días +1

    They should make this into a movie with you as the cast.

  • Theodora Westin
    Theodora Westin Hace un mes

    omg amazinhg!

  • FreyaHasFun !
    FreyaHasFun ! Hace un mes

    Thunderbirds where you at?!

  • กันดั้ม แสง

    The creator of this video really should have done more research on pottermore about this story

  • anya pathak
    anya pathak Hace un mes

    It’s quite different but great nonetheless

  • palmer
    palmer Hace un mes

    pukwudgie pride 🥴

  • Emma Russell
    Emma Russell Hace un mes +1

    Some of this is not correct.

  • Elizabeth Brawn
    Elizabeth Brawn Hace un mes +1

    Didn't her parents die in a fire? Kinda got a few details wrong here.
    Anyway, unite together, Horned Serpent brethren!

  • koala lover
    koala lover Hace un mes


  • Ashley Hong
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  • Zenos Villondo
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  • Michael Maxie
    Michael Maxie Hace un mes

    An excellent telling of the beginning of the Ilvermorny school of Magic of North America.
    Ilvermorney sorted me into Horned Serpent. At Hogwarts, I'm a Ravenclaw. Male Ravenclaws are few. My patronus is a Mastiff.

  • Rashell Broderick
    Rashell Broderick Hace un mes

    I’m prefer hog warts because HARRY POTTER😍😍

  • Olekinek
    Olekinek Hace un mes

    what is her necklace's name?

  • Kyla Ryan
    Kyla Ryan Hace un mes

    They should make this a movie 🎥

  • Vic Porcayo
    Vic Porcayo Hace un mes

    And where’s the Pukwudgie and the Horned serpent? and when Gormleith go to take revenge, Ilvermorny already was a castle and Isolt and James already has twins

  • Xavier Skeleton
    Xavier Skeleton Hace un mes

    I have been looking for this video forever!

  • Mayur Sinh
    Mayur Sinh Hace un mes

    Please make new videos

  • Soccer 3947
    Soccer 3947 Hace un mes

    So beautiful! I’m going to tell my friend all about Ilvermorny! She will love the school as much as I do ❤️ btw I’m a Pukwudgie

  • Jalyn Sanchez
    Jalyn Sanchez Hace un mes

    hArRy pOtTeR

  • RedWillow
    RedWillow Hace un mes

    I don't give a rat's arse about your lack of funding for CGI.. Just tell the story Accurately! Unless this is a severely abridged comedic parody.. For the love of Christ, find someone with a proper accent. Honestly, it's not that hard ta do.

  • Kev AZ
    Kev AZ Hace un mes

    Why are two boys from america with that accent

  • perfctlywrrong
    perfctlywrrong Hace un mes

    What about William the Pukwudgie?

  • Alex Bustillo
    Alex Bustillo Hace un mes

    Rubbish!!! Too many wrong details!!! 😖

  • WR3K Andrew Willis
    WR3K Andrew Willis Hace un mes

    Y'all stopped at the best part!

  • Luna Boden
    Luna Boden Hace un mes

    Please turn this into an actual series! It's amazing

  • LittleWolfWagz
    LittleWolfWagz Hace un mes

    This is amazing

  • Amalia
    Amalia Hace un mes

    Pukwudgie! I love this!

  • CUTIE Pie
    CUTIE Pie Hace un mes

    The obiviate charm is the memory charm but other then that it is so good

  • laceplusgeek
    laceplusgeek Hace un mes

    As soon as there was no William the pukwudgie I was out.

  • Flor Guzman
    Flor Guzman Hace un mes

    Is this harry potter's generation?

  • Thomas The Meme Engine


  • invisible star
    invisible star Hace un mes

    It's awesome some more videos please

  • TravisTJS
    TravisTJS Hace un mes

    Well...A bout half the story is said...the rest you didn't say

  • Bella_ ismyname
    Bella_ ismyname Hace un mes

    Oh shoot I just realized this is working with the lemons and that they make Harry Potter stories too

  • Sam
    Sam Hace un mes

    is that James Potter playing Muggle James??
    Lily Evans and the eleventh hour anyone?!

  • Amber Price
    Amber Price Hace un mes

    I am a pukwudgie

  • FruityTea
    FruityTea Hace un mes

    Im in thunderburb

  • Forest Green Organ Geek Claire Dixon

    No thank you, I am going to Hogwarts! Not Ilvermorny.

  • Shankbobslay
    Shankbobslay Hace un mes

    I'm a bit triggered by the start but overall great story

  • Bir Harry Potter Tutkunu

    Yapacaginiz işe yukureyim her dilin cevirisi var Türkçe niye yok ?

  • Le Fedora Cate
    Le Fedora Cate Hace un mes

    Not seeing a lot of Wampuses in the comments section

  • Aviation With Connor
    Aviation With Connor Hace un mes

    Loved the video.

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez Hace un mes

    If you actually know the actual ilvermorny at the first 30 you are greatly disappointed!

  • claire wang
    claire wang Hace un mes


  • ScaryTheCat
    ScaryTheCat Hace un mes

    Im a thunderbird

  • Barbara Carcamo
    Barbara Carcamo Hace un mes

    I'm a horned serpent

  • prince // bluerose TM
    prince // bluerose TM Hace un mes

    Did he say potato in 6:35??

  • Jamison Whitt
    Jamison Whitt Hace un mes

    Love your Hamilton and Harry Potter videos!

  • Melsan Gimony
    Melsan Gimony Hace un mes

    hmm seems lacking but twas good

  • Eli Barrett
    Eli Barrett Hace un mes

    That is not what happen

  • Tylerr Vilbert
    Tylerr Vilbert Hace un mes

    This video was published 2 years ago on my birthday. And was such an amazing birthday present.

  • Kendall Williams
    Kendall Williams Hace un mes


  • Annalise Sciberras
    Annalise Sciberras Hace un mes

    Didnt she find the hydbehind hurting the pukwagee first

    OHxDEER PLAYS Hace un mes +2


    OHxDEER PLAYS Hace un mes +9


  • Agnew Dillon
    Agnew Dillon Hace un mes

    Just watched another video on this and you guys left out ALOT. Lol

  • cereealz
    cereealz Hace un mes

    I just clicked this and then I realized it was Working with Lemons

    I am amazed.

  • Doon Doon
    Doon Doon Hace un mes


  • nerd centrel
    nerd centrel Hace un mes

    This is good

  • RavenclawFan2034 Game44567

    Go thunder bird!

  • shannon clark
    shannon clark Hace un mes

    They only thing that annoys me is the inaccuracies of the story. example her parents died in a fire

  • DragonCake
    DragonCake Hace un mes

    You forgot the Pukwudgie

  • what the heck am I doing here

    I'm Gryffindor and Thunderbird because I'm brave and adventurous.

  • RandomDragon_ZiraNixieJ Productionz

    Oh my this is just AWESOME and for a min i thought it was an actual movie but oh well i love it either way

  • Nerdy Willow
    Nerdy Willow Hace un mes

    Thunderbirds where are you?
    Ironically, I’m also a Ravenclaw.

  • Abhi S
    Abhi S Hace un mes

    You must have named the American Hogwarts with a different one!!!

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace un mes

    Know as The Unionist of British fascists.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace un mes

    Some british were Oswald Mosley sympatizers who are also Nazis supporters.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace un mes

    Theres îs a ficțional house called The Purple Eagles an american version of Ravenclaw.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace un mes

    And after her King George during WW2.