ILVERMORNY "American Hogwarts" | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


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  • invisible star
    invisible star Hace 20 minutos

    It's awesome some more videos please

  • TravisTJS
    TravisTJS Hace un hora

    Well...A bout half the story is said...the rest you didn't say

    LPS COMEDY Hace 8 horas

    Oh shoot I just realized this is working with the lemons and that they make Harry Potter stories too

  • Sam
    Sam Hace 8 horas

    is that James Potter playing Muggle James??
    Lily Evans and the eleventh hour anyone?!

  • Amber Price
    Amber Price Hace 15 horas

    I am a pukwudgie

  • FruityTea
    FruityTea Hace 15 horas

    Im in thunderburb

  • Forest Green Organ Geek Claire Dixon

    No thank you, I am going to Hogwarts! Not Ilvermorny.

  • Shankbobslay
    Shankbobslay Hace 20 horas

    I'm a bit triggered by the start but overall great story

  • Bir Harry Potter Tutkunu
    Bir Harry Potter Tutkunu Hace 22 horas

    Yapacaginiz işe yukureyim her dilin cevirisi var Türkçe niye yok ?

  • Le Fedora Cate
    Le Fedora Cate Hace 22 horas

    Not seeing a lot of Wampuses in the comments section

  • Aviation With Connor
    Aviation With Connor Hace 23 horas

    Loved the video.

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez Hace un día

    If you actually know the actual ilvermorny at the first 30 you are greatly disappointed!

  • claire wang
    claire wang Hace un día


  • ScaryTheCat
    ScaryTheCat Hace un día

    Im a thunderbird

  • Barbara Carcamo
    Barbara Carcamo Hace un día

    I'm a horned serpent

  • prince // bluerose TM
    prince // bluerose TM Hace un día

    Did he say potato in 6:35??

  • Jamison Whitt
    Jamison Whitt Hace un día

    Love your Hamilton and Harry Potter videos!

  • Melsan Gimony
    Melsan Gimony Hace un día

    hmm seems lacking but twas good

  • Eli Barrett
    Eli Barrett Hace un día

    That is not what happen

  • HufflepuffsCup
    HufflepuffsCup Hace un día

    Proud Hufflepuff/Wampus

  • Tylerr Vilbert
    Tylerr Vilbert Hace un día

    This video was published 2 years ago on my birthday. And was such an amazing birthday present.

  • Kendall Williams
    Kendall Williams Hace un día


  • Annalise Sciberras
    Annalise Sciberras Hace un día

    Didnt she find the hydbehind hurting the pukwagee first

    OHxDEER PLAYS Hace 2 días +2


    OHxDEER PLAYS Hace 2 días +2


  • Agnew Dillon
    Agnew Dillon Hace 2 días

    Just watched another video on this and you guys left out ALOT. Lol

  • Unicornē
    Unicornē Hace 2 días

    I just clicked this and then I realized it was Working with Lemons

    I am amazed.

  • Doon Doon
    Doon Doon Hace 2 días


  • nerd centrel
    nerd centrel Hace 2 días

    This is good

  • Wacked Game44567
    Wacked Game44567 Hace 2 días

    Go thunder bird!

  • shannon clark
    shannon clark Hace 2 días

    They only thing that annoys me is the inaccuracies of the story. example her parents died in a fire

  • DragonCake
    DragonCake Hace 2 días

    You forgot the Pukwudgie

  • what the heck am I doing here

    I'm Gryffindor and Thunderbird because I'm brave and adventurous.

  • RandomDragon_ZiraNixieJ Productionz

    Oh my this is just AWESOME and for a min i thought it was an actual movie but oh well i love it either way

  • Nerdy Willow
    Nerdy Willow Hace 2 días

    Thunderbirds where are you?
    Ironically, I’m also a Ravenclaw.

  • Abhi S
    Abhi S Hace 2 días

    You must have named the American Hogwarts with a different one!!!

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    Know as The Unionist of British fascists.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    Some british were Oswald Mosley sympatizers who are also Nazis supporters.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    Theres îs a ficțional house called The Purple Eagles an american version of Ravenclaw.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    And after her King George during WW2.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    But Was Queen Victoria.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    I would like Delphini played by Jenna Coleman so Clara Oswald îs a Slytherin now.

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica Hace 2 días

    Wolfschanze are nota british Lions are british only americana are wolfs.

  • Dj SouL
    Dj SouL Hace 2 días

    Awesome. please more

  • Aasief Pillay
    Aasief Pillay Hace 3 días

    This story is loosely told

  • Gia Han Truong
    Gia Han Truong Hace 3 días


  • Arnab Ghosh
    Arnab Ghosh Hace 5 días

    Pukwudgie anyone?

  • Mateus The Gamers
    Mateus The Gamers Hace 7 días

    The children die?

  • Umar Bhatti
    Umar Bhatti Hace 9 días +1


  • 니하
    니하 Hace 10 días

    I'm a Ravenclaw and I just got sorted into the Pukwudgie house. Isn't Pukwudgie equivalent to Hufflepuff?

  • Craig Treece
    Craig Treece Hace 10 días

    It was awesome

  • Amanda Mo
    Amanda Mo Hace 11 días

    Where is the next vid it’s so good

  • kaylee raineault
    kaylee raineault Hace 11 días

    you must doo this more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Axel Alcocer
    Axel Alcocer Hace 12 días

    Me encanto

  • Tessa Rose
    Tessa Rose Hace 12 días

    yoooo why is this not finished??

  • 마냥마오냥
    마냥마오냥 Hace 14 días

    한마디로 말하자면...훌륭해!

  • chara and frisk dreemurr
    chara and frisk dreemurr Hace 15 días

    A MA ZING!!!!!!?

  • Salut Katie
    Salut Katie Hace 15 días +1

    I'm in Thunderbird.

  • YodatheHobbit
    YodatheHobbit Hace 19 días

    Wow I clicked on this thinking it was official on the Pottermore Channel. It was really well done for a fan-film! I must've not been listening to closely though, because I thought she was Morrigan. I know not much of ilvermorny and only just saw the school song deleted scene for the first time.

  • Ella Spokes
    Ella Spokes Hace 19 días +1

    ok, i watched this a year ago, not caring about the actors. now im addicted to WTL, and i realised this is theirs! amazing!

  • Meg D
    Meg D Hace 19 días

    Gryffindor and Thunderbird!

    ESC JOSH Hace 20 días

    I literally thought this was official at first omg wow. This is genuinely amazing and would’ve been a standout scene in Fantastic Beasts if they could’ve found a way to incorporate it into the plot

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Hace 23 días

    I love that great job is very hard work for this video

  • Niceness_of_Gemini
    Niceness_of_Gemini Hace 23 días

    Wampus!! USA!! USA!! USA!! (This is the only I’ll ever chant USA)

  • Anjali Jadhav
    Anjali Jadhav Hace 29 días

    It's amazing

  • Boss Glitch
    Boss Glitch Hace 29 días

    Your very good actors best Harry Potter video that I’ve seen ever

  • Chithra Vijayan
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  • Gallurt 89
    Gallurt 89 Hace un mes

    There is a mistake, it`s supossed that the wizard is chosen by the wand, however the young witch took her aunt`s wand, without thinking if the wand obey her.
    But never mind, after all, this is a well done job.

  • Cody L
    Cody L Hace un mes

    👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 perfect

  • Mitters
    Mitters Hace un mes

    Horned Serpent :)

  • Porter Crane
    Porter Crane Hace un mes

    Boiii this is so inaccurate.. where's William? And that's not what a hidebehind looks like! What about the twins! But still pretty cool for a fan made video 'bout it!

  • little Molly
    little Molly Hace un mes

    Up the Irish

  • Aditi Dudhane
    Aditi Dudhane Hace un mes

    I'm in Pukwudgie. Anyone Pukwudgie here?

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover Hace un mes


  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse Hace un mes

    Loved it.

  • Gryffindor For The Win

    This is gold.

  • Lols of Blitz
    Lols of Blitz Hace un mes

    I'm proud to be thunder bird

  • skykid2008
    skykid2008 Hace un mes +1

    Young Isolt was adorable!

  • Tutorials, Demos, and Other Stuffs To Learn

    Sad, but amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lego motion Picture studios

    I never knew the founders auntie was a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel Hace un mes

    Ravenclaw and Thunderbird on Pottermore 😍

  • Liquifator
    Liquifator Hace un mes

    Great video!! Very good acting and VFX, I was impressed. It's hard to get that VFX for magic to look right and harder to act around it convincingly, but I think you did both very well! I would love to watch any other videos you make in Rowling's Wizarding World.

  • aish baba
    aish baba Hace un mes

    6:37 POTATO

  • Harry Potter Diy
    Harry Potter Diy Hace un mes

    I'm in Thunderbird❤❤❤

  • Mary Kate Kelly
    Mary Kate Kelly Hace un mes +1

    Im sorry but i can get over that attempt of an irish accent

  • Hanlei Viudez
    Hanlei Viudez Hace un mes

    That's it? What a cliffhanger! Hahaha i freaking love it!!!!

  • Arrie
    Arrie Hace un mes


  • ナーベラー2号
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  • Jockjammer
    Jockjammer Hace un mes

    Keep going. want to see 1900 Ilvermourny

  • potter head 4ever
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    AYDEN GARCIA Hace un mes

    you forgot about william

  • Mollie A
    Mollie A Hace un mes

    Absolutely fabulous!!! I want more!!!

  • Arron Daniel
    Arron Daniel Hace un mes

    Come on dude... they are using stupify against avadakadevra.

  • lexis bailey
    lexis bailey Hace un mes

    I cant get over how good this is!

  • Stefan Prins
    Stefan Prins Hace un mes

    Keep doing this....I wont be surprised if Rowling contact you...Keep proving yourself worthy of the Hogwarts crown!

    RASKL48 CTKsMIMI95 Hace un mes

    Brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • David Messer
    David Messer Hace un mes

    Very well done! It makes me want to see more.

  • foster family
    foster family Hace 2 meses

    The worst Irish accent ever!!!!!!

  • Potter Head
    Potter Head Hace 2 meses

    this was so good !!!!

  • As Told By A Cherry
    As Told By A Cherry Hace 2 meses

    Im pukwudgie and ravenclaw