Frank Warren talks Joe Joyce's next fight & says Tyson Fury is 'incredibly disappointed' right now 👀

  • Publicado el 26 sep 2022
  • Frank Warren joined talkSPORT to discuss Joe Joyce's victory over Joseph Parker; his next opponent & the latest with Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua!
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Comentarios • 762

  • spike c
    spike c  +185

    No one should buy a ticket or buy the ppv when fury fights charr, only way to stop all this BS in boxing is the fans boycotting it

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith  +15

    What Fury doesn't realise is that hes starting to alienate himself from us boxing fans including his die hard fans because he keeps coming out with bs all the time and letting us all down time and time again

  • kid moe
    kid moe  +159

    Unacceptable... For the sake of waiting a few more days.. if he wanted it that much he would have waited and carried on training as normal.. you can't excuse this.

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo  +185

    Disappointed because his usual tactics aren’t working anymore, he has no choice but to go ahead with the fight now or he’ll face so much backlash.

  • Jason 147 H

    Lets be honest here. Fury offered AJ the fight believing he would'nt want the fight after back to back losses. But Fury's backup plan was should AJ accept the terms of the fight Tyson would impose a self imposed unrealistic "Deadline" to have an excuse to not fight AJ and try and make it look like AJ never wanted the fight. It was the broadcasting split between Dazn and BT that needed sorting so nothing would get signed and rubber stamped until those discussions were completed. ( those discussions were taking place on the day Fury announced his 5pm deadline demand) Remember Fury could be regarded as the No 2 heavyweight in the world behind Usyk at No 1. So most likely Fury will fight Charr and use it as a warm up fight for Usyk next year. But Charr is not ranked high enough by the WBC so not sure how that fight would get sanctioned......good luck BT in selling ppv for that one🤣🤣

  • pj duff
    pj duff  +50

    Fury lost a lot of fans over this , especially if he harps on about joshua not signing on time

  • Steffan Jones

    Feel like fury might self destruct again.. huge fan of him but he’s making a mockery of his fans and the sport atm ☹️

  • Interstellar Beat Teller

    Simple, if they wanted the contract signed in 10 days, stipulate that in the provisional contract, not blurt it out after 9 1/2 days

  • guy evans
    guy evans  +98

    He didn’t look incredibly disappointed though did he? He actually looked relieved when he pulled the plug, just like he did when he bailed to fight wilder the third time.

  • Interstellar Beat Teller

    Fury has 2 promoters & none of them got the minerals to tell him to go play with a rattle while they get the deal done. I don't think he wants to even risk fighting AJ.

  • Jacob Walters

    Joyce is my new favourite boxer he’s humble and unstoppable. Truly a juggernaut 🇬🇧💪🏾

  • Cossack
    Cossack  +42

    Frank surely has to have a word with Fury after this debacle. It was always coming but this was a PR disaster for him.

  • Alison Young

    I'm team Fury but the guy needs to stop talking shit when it comes to who he will fight.

  • Andre Ayala-Chavez

    fury really shot himself in the foot here, even his ultras are turning on him. especially since AJ, who just had a mental breakdown, is acting more mature than fury.

  • Andrew Tremblay

    Whether he’s scared or not to fight AJ, it looks that way to the world (the world meaning anyone who doesn’t slob on Tyson’s knob).

  • Leigh Hadley

    If it was a set 10 day deadline wtf was Frank doing having a meeting with BT and Dazn yesterday?

  • Henry Byrd

    Come on Frank. Telling us that "this is Tyson's last word on this!" I thought that Fury said this about his retirement and that Whyte had definitely been his last fight. To compare Fury's deadline to football's regulation deadlines is plain silly.

  • James Burrell

    Seems people wish Tyson really would retire after the wind up. I was a fan when I believed he wanted AJ and then Usyk. I can't be a fan if he actually fights Charr and then someone else I don't care about seeing him fight. Tyson doesn't get to be the one that pulled the plug on negotiations and be disappointed. Who is he disappointed with ... himself?

  • dont ask me

    AJ's coming off 2 losses and a mental breakdown, but Fury's still too scared to fight him... But AJ's still the biggest name/status at heavyweight and Fury depends on AJ's name to have any status himself. And this is Frank Warren promotion at its best is it?

  • Drummie Dan

    Very disappointed? 😂 FFS leave off Frank he called the feckin’ fight off. He’s not as disappointed as the fans that have been bullshitted one time too many by Lyson Fury. All smoke and mirrors and BS. He’s ducking a “bodybuilder”. What a joke.