Under $400 Newlyweds Living Room/ Dining Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates On A Budget


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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous Hace 14 horas

    Whenever I think something is not going to work it always looks beautiful

  • Qing Hunt
    Qing Hunt Hace un día

    I have to say it's so beautiful ,under $400 is amazing!

  • Ella Laughton
    Ella Laughton Hace un día

    I just subscribed, best vids ever. Keep up the good work :p

  • Riley Parrish
    Riley Parrish Hace 2 días

    omg... where are you guys located! i’m 15 years old and i just found out about your channel today and i have been watching your videos all day! i have the tiniest room in my house and i hate not having a lot of space to move around and i just really dislike the way my room is set up and omg i would really like it if you could do a make over of my room! i will start saving my money if i need! i would really really really love if you could possibly do a make over of my room! if you can please let me know how to better get in touch with you i would really appreciate it!
    much love,
    Riley :)

  • Becky Shell
    Becky Shell Hace 2 días

    I think that is the best budget make over show ever.She picks the most radom stuff that you think will look so wacky and in the end it is such a suprise how it comes togather.I have never saw any of their makovers that I didn't like.Her rooms give the big budget designer's rooms a run for the money.

  • Kezia Tyler
    Kezia Tyler Hace 3 días

    Please do my hole room modern i beg you id cry

  • Claude And
    Claude And Hace 4 días

    Didn't care for the personalities but the result for the cost was great! Excellent job, looking forward to watching more.

  • Blendia Shepard
    Blendia Shepard Hace 4 días


  • Julia Harloff
    Julia Harloff Hace 5 días

    I love your videos! You are so amazing at what you do!🤓 I have 2 problems thought... 1- my room is so small, I can’t do much, do you have any suggestions? And 2- I don’t have a thrift store nearby? Do you have any ideas! I wish you could come do a room tour at my house😞BTW Who do you do room tours for? Do you do it for just anyone? Hope you get back to me! Bye! Your so amazing!

  • Claire Porter
    Claire Porter Hace 5 días

    Uh howcome I was watching a video earlier and I saw a boat just like the one they picked out?

  • JemmyTheFox
    JemmyTheFox Hace 6 días

    She bought what looks to be an orange ushanka XD

  • Layana Wayntraub
    Layana Wayntraub Hace 7 días

    Who pays for it Mr. Kate or the homeowners?!?!

  • yvonneost12
    yvonneost12 Hace 8 días

    I didnt get where you put the desk in that same room ??

  • palohoe94
    palohoe94 Hace 8 días

    Where are these thrift stores?! These deals are amazing!

  • Jeannie Jean
    Jeannie Jean Hace 10 días +1


  • Riley Ure
    Riley Ure Hace 10 días

    Is this couple just meet each other? What is up with their interactions?

  • Nathan Heffelfinger
    Nathan Heffelfinger Hace 10 días

    It sounded like Kate said ‘’ that what the damn sponge is for’’ lol

  • Chloe Victoria
    Chloe Victoria Hace 11 días

    And your clothing style

  • Chloe Victoria
    Chloe Victoria Hace 11 días

    Your hair and like eVeryThinG you say reminds me so much of Hayley Williams from Paramore

  • Avery Sullivan
    Avery Sullivan Hace 12 días


  • Angelica Giannisis
    Angelica Giannisis Hace 12 días

    her earings tho

  • Malika Shettar
    Malika Shettar Hace 12 días

    I'm curious how much it would cost to rent all the tools and stuff, because that's a big component of being able to do these DIY changes to a home.

  • Jaelene Delucca
    Jaelene Delucca Hace 13 días

    Mrkate my mom wants you to come to our house and you show her some diys from when I get my new room but if there is a web sit were I can send you my address

  • Ashley Tragedy
    Ashley Tragedy Hace 14 días

    Omg I absolutely love everything you guys are doing; please keep doing it in a few years so you can design our wedding 😍

  • Leila Root
    Leila Root Hace 14 días

    That’s jaw-dropping work😱

  • Zuma Imadino
    Zuma Imadino Hace 15 días

    Dear god, please come to Indiana! I am in desperate need of help!!!!!

  • Alexander Mughworts Jane Longshot

    that cat though 😍

  • Akanksha Mocherla
    Akanksha Mocherla Hace 15 días +1

    Pls pls pls do a house tour

  • Elizabeth herrera
    Elizabeth herrera Hace 15 días

    Love Love how your videos are on point; from entertainment to budget ideas! #MR.Katebestdecor #ineedhelpwithdecor #addicted

  • kenya scarsella
    kenya scarsella Hace 17 días

    Their relationship is totally fake you can tell by the vibes ... not to mention she cringes every time he goes to kiss her ... in EVERY episode ... Lol and he does just to mess with her ...

  • Annette Celia Rosemary
    Annette Celia Rosemary Hace 17 días

    omg I love this!

  • Charlene Gabu
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  • Storm D
    Storm D Hace 17 días

    This literally made me cry, it was so beautiful

  • Robyn Mitchell
    Robyn Mitchell Hace 18 días +2

    You should tye dye the pillow cases

  • BusyTrizzy
    BusyTrizzy Hace 22 días

    I friggin love this! 😩

  • Michaela Maestas
    Michaela Maestas Hace 22 días

    OUTSTANDING ,,, I just did my living room for $500- , great fun !

  • Jaquelyn Buenrostro
    Jaquelyn Buenrostro Hace 22 días

    In 19:19 the girl almost said she hated the chandelier 😂

  • Ana D-Gonzalez
    Ana D-Gonzalez Hace 23 días

    How fine is her man!!!

    Girl they are lucky!! Awww

  • Samantha Osorio
    Samantha Osorio Hace 24 días

    You guys should come to Mexico 😊😊😊❤️❤️

  • Stella O.
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  • Janet Hagaman
    Janet Hagaman Hace 24 días

    Great painting workout Joey. I'm going to have my painter take lessons from you and get fit at the same time.

  • my DIYs
    my DIYs Hace 24 días

    Joey!!how do you not get single drop of paint on your clothes..because whenever I paint i look like i must have painted 6-7 rooms🤔do you have any tips on how not to look like that?thanks

  • The Helpful Assistant
    The Helpful Assistant Hace 24 días

    Joey your lips at the end!!! LOL

  • kotulrac
    kotulrac Hace 25 días

    I like food

  • Skittles s
    Skittles s Hace 25 días

    love the tile look !!

  • Poorvaja Hatake
    Poorvaja Hatake Hace 25 días

    Oh my God.. The coffee table is beautiful!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • June Corriette
    June Corriette Hace 25 días

    😀I have been wrestling with the same problems as this couple. My problems is buying furniture from thift stores because I'm afraid to bring termites or bugs back to my home. How can you prevent this occurring

  • Lauren McMeans
    Lauren McMeans Hace 26 días

    Do you come to different states to decorate

  • William Chavez
    William Chavez Hace 27 días

    were is the thrift store at? address

  • Al-Anoud Alawneh
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  • RoZelux
    RoZelux Hace 28 días

    She said $300 but the title says $400

  • Symone Jackson
    Symone Jackson Hace 28 días

    OMG How is she so good at designing. And her outfits and lols always look model material. Please come over and redo my whole life

  • Maha Sayegh
    Maha Sayegh Hace 28 días

    funny couple

  • Maha Sayegh
    Maha Sayegh Hace 28 días

    oh wow beautiful

  • Sophie Ezra
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  • Ana vidlak
    Ana vidlak Hace 28 días

    Please save my house 😭😭😭❤

  • Jesus is my Lord and my Savior

    Mr. Kate I think u are amazing and u have a great talent. Joey u are an amazing person and u are a great handyman.. but I feel like joey loves Kate more than she loves him .. I saw many videos , and I saw all episodes for OMG we bought a house.. joey loves to please Kate, to hug her and kiss her but she is like shy or running away from his kisses and hugs. I dunno I’m just feeling that after watching too many episodes..

  • Benedick Persaud
    Benedick Persaud Hace un mes

    Amazing work

  • Yang Mi
    Yang Mi Hace un mes

    Are plants alive?

  • helena tekdogan
    helena tekdogan Hace un mes

    I love that hat on you I can’t get over it!!! You can pull off anything!! I love you !!💕❤️😘

  • Jennifer Reynolds
    Jennifer Reynolds Hace un mes

    Forget your lipstick, Joey is so sweet, kiss him!

  • Amber Klaire
    Amber Klaire Hace un mes

    Y'all painting in nice clothes all the time makes me so anxious...

  • Naja Ferrer
    Naja Ferrer Hace un mes

    Wait so I’m confused. Does the $300 come out of their pockets or the owner’s? Also, do they get paid?

  • zaitesushion
    zaitesushion Hace un mes

    Only in home decorating would you see a man so proud to finish so fast cackle

  • Phoua Yang
    Phoua Yang Hace un mes

    I love these budget videos! They’re so attainable for the average person.

  • Zimtig
    Zimtig Hace un mes

    You guys should really get a spray gun for painting the walls :-D

  • maddy madelyn
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  • Yunianto Wibowo
    Yunianto Wibowo Hace un mes +1

    The intro gets me everytime!

  • Michelle Becroft
    Michelle Becroft Hace un mes

    I love you guys! You brighten my days! Can you please come to australia and fix up my entire house..... please

  • Janelle Richer
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  • James Manon
    James Manon Hace un mes

    Joey needs to unionize. :)

  • Vero B
    Vero B Hace un mes

    You guys are so cute.

  • aarti vlogs
    aarti vlogs Hace un mes

    i subscribed in the 1st minute

  • tayla presland
    tayla presland Hace un mes

    they were sooo happy

  • Faith Zimmerman
    Faith Zimmerman Hace un mes

    Did anyone else notice they decorated the desk w one of the shakespeare editions they would give you in high school lmfaoo

  • Somer Pieper
    Somer Pieper Hace un mes +1

    My name is Kate.

  • angellina fosse
    angellina fosse Hace un mes

    I honestly want that bright orange hat. It is so cute.

  • SimplyMoiii
    SimplyMoiii Hace un mes

    Mr. Kate and Joey you're welcome at my place anytime! Broke college student on a budget trying to make my loft apartment as cozy as possible!

  • sarah borrink
    sarah borrink Hace un mes

    I've watched so many of these videos, and this is the first time I've seen flecks of paint on Joey from doing a room.🙂

  • Itzz Taylor
    Itzz Taylor Hace un mes

    I did my whole room up with $75

  • Patricia Kelly
    Patricia Kelly Hace un mes

    Love it. Well done.

  • Just.Your. Average.Girl.


  • yrh0116
    yrh0116 Hace un mes

    I really like your visions, I go to the vintage stores and could see the special pieces but cannot imagine how to implement in my place, or what goes with what :( The golden ticket was a great idea. PS: NEVER wear a lipstick that prevents you from kissing your beau.

  • Noelle Betz
    Noelle Betz Hace un mes

    U should do a dorm. Like if you think mr.kate and joey should decorate a dorm so they can see it

  • Mafe Rogers
    Mafe Rogers Hace un mes

    Awesome to the highest level!

  • Debbie Wilcox
    Debbie Wilcox Hace un mes

    i love you guys. really impressed with what your able to do on such a limited budget. people under-estimate the value in thrift shopping. i totally love it. so much bang for your buck. anyone can make a space look amazing on a big budget but to do it for so little takes real imagination and the ability to spot the diamond in the ruff.

  • Miriam Lindner
    Miriam Lindner Hace un mes

    I love your videos! They are so inspiring. You really manage to make beautiful things out of vintage finds or low budget purchases!
    I love that you are so down to earth and are obviously having fun doing these videos 😚💓

  • Evelina Russo
    Evelina Russo Hace un mes

    They definitely work hard, but the only thing I like of all of it is the pillow

  • e l l a ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Her face is really beautiful

  • Zee
    Zee Hace un mes


  • alolagamer 69
    alolagamer 69 Hace un mes

    Could you design my room

  • Haley Bee
    Haley Bee Hace un mes

    She hates the chandelier 😂😂😂 “I didn’t even tell you i wanted that, i h-“

  • Esther Wells
    Esther Wells Hace un mes

    when joey was painting he looked super skilled then I realized it was sped up

  • Naureen Somani
    Naureen Somani Hace un mes

    How v can contact them?

  • Mary Kruse
    Mary Kruse Hace un mes

    What city are you in? I’ve never seen a good will with that much product.

  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan Hace un mes


  • ItzDessix babes
    ItzDessix babes Hace un mes

    I find such comfort watching katie and joey shop in thrift stores etc

  • Ivie Osaghae
    Ivie Osaghae Hace un mes

    Isn't the newlywed husband the boyfriend from Grace and Frankie?

  • Pippo Goofy
    Pippo Goofy Hace 2 meses

    Can Kate and Joey come decorate houses outside of California?

  • Paula Hubbard
    Paula Hubbard Hace 2 meses

    I wish Joey would do a tutorial or show us how he does a wall hung TV so no wires show. Would love that!