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  • Tad Ghostal
    Tad Ghostal Hace un mes +2387

    You know it's Xmas time again when you hear that classic Red Peters song.

    ZHYPE Hace un mes +3766

    I don't think you have to f*ck the potato had me dying 馃ぃ

  • Wyattdaferrat
    Wyattdaferrat Hace un mes +303

    Their eyes really went 馃憗锔

    • Agent 47
      Agent 47 Hace 3 d铆as

      鈥婡HN IC bruh

    • Cobe Bass
      Cobe Bass Hace un mes +2


    • Setca
      Setca Hace un mes +3

      She was like 鈥 It鈥檚 mixing time鈥 and she mixed all over the place 馃憗锔

    • WildMyles
      WildMyles Hace un mes +11

      鈥淒on鈥檛 ever buy no weed from da gas station鈥
      - 馃憗锔

  • Ziad narrator- 夭賷丕丿 賳乇賷賳賵乇

    The third one "if there's a hole there's a goal"

  • WiseSkys
    WiseSkys Hace un mes +221

    Are you ready to jingle your bells 馃ぃ

  • dont know
    dont know Hace un mes +1218

    "In the end of the day, its always night"
    Alternate statement: Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.

    • 3k Without Any Vids Challenge!
      3k Without Any Vids Challenge! Hace un mes +1

      If you scream "Fortnite" on your counter at 3am you'll wake up in the adoption center..

    • dont know
      dont know Hace un mes

      @Jai Deep your opinion is like your existence, no one cares. lmaoo mene to ye sb padhaa bhi nhi, btw tune jina likha h, it clearly shows ki tujhe meri 2-3 lines se kitna fark pda h so dont pretend ki tujhe frk nhi pda, idiot

    • dont know
      dont know Hace un mes

      @Jai Deep wow, i mean thats crzy but who tf asked??, jai bsdk jyada gyan mt chod

    • Gavin
      Gavin Hace un mes +2

      People in northern Scandinavia:

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name Hace un mes

      When you say the word verbose you're being verbose

  • Calvin_Celine
    Calvin_Celine Hace un mes +3050

    The third one took me just 1 second to realize what's happening 馃拃馃拃馃拃

  • Itzminecrafter
    Itzminecrafter  Hace un mes +355

    We all are gonna ignore the 2nd one馃拃
    This is most like I ever got lol

    • Itzminecrafter
      Itzminecrafter  Hace un mes +2

      @Omor馃拃 lol they have to learn counting

    • Omor馃拃
      Omor馃拃 Hace un mes +6

      鈥婡Aden Fontenotthe guy eating the fries: ig I don't exist

    • Aden Fontenot
      Aden Fontenot Hace un mes +1

      @Lacie the first was the jingle bells and the second was the marker

    • Lacie
      Lacie Hace un mes

      鈥婡Aden Fontenot No it's not

    • Aden Fontenot
      Aden Fontenot Hace un mes +1

      No thats the first one

  • Ethan M眉ller
    Ethan M眉ller Hace un mes +63

    The "Wat Da F-" Had me dying 馃拃馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • MemeTherapist
    MemeTherapist Hace un mes +26

    '''are you ready to dingle your bells'''
    that raised so many questions.

    • 777
      777 Hace un mes

      That's tiny texie

  • Martin Damianov
    Martin Damianov Hace un mes +7

    "Are you ready to jingle your bells?"... hear song " Not what I had in mind "

  • 7sson-Hasson 銉忋儍銈姐兗銉-丨爻賵賳

    When the poemer said:
    "its in the of the day its night"
    That was too wisdom to understand

  • virtuousplayer7
    virtuousplayer7 Hace un mes +84

    The Christmas song Got me

  • Bill_Cipher98
    Bill_Cipher98 Hace un mes +1

    The Christmas one is such a classic old meme, you know its that time of the year whenever it appears 馃ぃ

  • Jonah Chalom
    Jonah Chalom Hace un mes +6

    "I dont think you have to f*ck the pota-" had me on the floor

  • Simba 銉 .
    Simba 銉 . Hace un mes +15

    "Are you ready to jingle your bells, let's do this 馃槉
    Stroke on my-"

    • big boi duck
      big boi duck Hace un mes

      Stroke a man lick a man suck on my cock

  • @ssweetest_piee
    @ssweetest_piee Hace un mes +1

    "I don't think u have to fUck the potatos"
    Had me dying 馃拃馃ぃ

  • Blue lobster
    Blue lobster Hace un mes +1199

    "Strokeama lickama suckamaco-"

    • Who wants my meat
      Who wants my meat Hace un mes

      It's the first time for you so here what you do..

    • EVO Gaming
      EVO Gaming Hace un mes


    • RedX1000
      RedX1000 Hace un mes


    • Emperor Jeej
      Emperor Jeej Hace un mes

      @A Aelote 馃あ

    • A Aelote
      A Aelote Hace un mes

      鈥婡Javier Escuella oh ya baby u want that song 馃槴馃槪馃槯馃く馃く馃く馃く馃く馃く馃え馃挭馃憤

  • TheCuteLaptalo
    TheCuteLaptalo Hace un mes +2

    鈥淢ariah can鈥檛 carry herself鈥

  • Conner
    Conner Hace un mes +2

    The third one you don't even have to have a dirty mind to know what's going on

  • Isaiah Bryant
    Isaiah Bryant Hace un mes +50

    Wait, you don鈥檛 have to fu*k the potato

    • Isaiah Bryant
      Isaiah Bryant Hace un mes +1

      Just tried it the other way, mine is way better

    • brenda2
      brenda2 Hace un mes +4

      i鈥檝e been making vodka wrong this whole time

  • TheFakeJoker_Main
    TheFakeJoker_Main Hace un mes

    鈥淎re you ready to jingle your bells?鈥 馃拃

  • S Parsons
    S Parsons Hace un mes

    There's so much chaos happening in this short 馃ぃ I lobe it

  • ItsGoofyMF
    ItsGoofyMF Hace un mes

    Took me a minute to realize the "end of the day" one lmao

  • Legacynho
    Legacynho Hace un mes

    "what the f..." Got me killing馃拃

    KMASTER Hace un mes

    "Are you ready to jingle your bells"馃拃

  • Little Mermaid
    Little Mermaid Hace un mes +2

    Bro even the guy filming the first one was confused lol

  • arttu
    arttu Hace un mes

    "I am ready to dingle your bells"馃拃馃拃

  • SH1FT3R
    SH1FT3R Hace un mes +1

    me questioning the french fries I literaly ate 5 mins ago

  • yikes manchokay
    yikes manchokay Hace un mes +1

    "At the end of the day its night"
    Greenland:want to repeat that?

  • 馃尭銈儻銈ゃ偆銈兗銉煂

    The last video was so funny at the last sentence a馃槀馃槀馃槀鉂

  • Prod.Ziyear
    Prod.Ziyear Hace un mes

    "Are you ready to jingle your bells" and you gon play the song let it make it better 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • Betsy Lopez
    Betsy Lopez Hace un mes +2

    We all knew about the marker 馃拃馃槶

  • Neotrazim YT
    Neotrazim YT Hace un mes +1

    In the first one, she knew what it was before it said anything vulgar

  • FlakyX
    FlakyX Hace un mes

    Wait, was the "gas station weed" guy using this uneven eye filter all along?

  • aussj4link 2
    aussj4link 2 Hace un mes

    The last one was perfect.

  • JustAPrankBro
    JustAPrankBro Hace un mes +1

    That marker was doing it real hard huh?馃拃

  • Gendy Goblin
    Gendy Goblin Hace un mes

    I swear to god those pens take forever to start working.

  • Tickle Tipson
    Tickle Tipson Hace un mes +7

    There鈥檚 an oven in the chipmunks version of the jingle bells song , it鈥檚 called merry cockChristmas

  • Cozmiic_Hydra
    Cozmiic_Hydra Hace un mes +1

    Ayo not only does Kermit stare into my soul the whole way thru the video...he sounds like mickey mouse馃槀馃憣鉁

    • Cozmiic_Hydra
      Cozmiic_Hydra Hace un mes

      @Guapo Stinky nah it's the best馃槅

    • Guapo Stinky
      Guapo Stinky Hace un mes

      Yeah that was the worst Kermit impression I've heard

  • D4ng3rK1dL0l
    D4ng3rK1dL0l Hace un mes +5

    kermit just busted 馃槶

  • Roozan
    Roozan Hace un mes +9

    I鈥檓 going to hell for laughing at the first one馃槶

  • Patrick Damson
    Patrick Damson Hace un mes +1

    As a wise man once sais don鈥檛 ever buy no weed from the gas station

  • Lakshit Choudhary
    Lakshit Choudhary Hace un mes +1

    Ok so enough internet for today, its night the end of the day. sleep.

  • PROPHIT 414
    PROPHIT 414 Hace un mes

    I admire her confidence nbs

  • Manu_7809
    Manu_7809 Hace un mes

    When a posca doesn鈥檛 work:

  • Ashley
    Ashley Hace un mes +6

    That prank on the daughter from the mom- is absolute gold 馃槀 that鈥檚 my kind of humor for sure 馃槅

  • Blox Fruit Legend
    Blox Fruit Legend Hace un mes +1

    The marker: Sus
    Me: *Dirty Mind Activated*

    BLUE EYE GAMING Hace un mes

    At the end of the day, it's Night 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Suman Massey
    Suman Massey Hace un mes

    "are u ready to Dingle your bells"

  • The 鈥ok猫_kid鈥1012

    Why did my friend start singing the song 馃拃

  • Red
    Red Hace un mes

    Well i was a little confused when she said dingle your bells but now I understand

  • Muda
    Muda Hace un mes

    If you laughed at the second one your going to hell and you know it

  • Vir
    Vir Hace un mes +4

    I am going to hell... oh my god 馃拃馃槀

  • AK47DUDE
    AK47DUDE Hace un mes


  • hi馃椏
    hi馃椏 Hace un mes +1

    That marker pen came 馃拃

  • Djervin Marc Pancipane

    3rd one got me 馃拃

  • Mahir C
    Mahir C Hace un mes +2

    Only the boys knew what was going on

  • FC Kakashi
    FC Kakashi Hace un mes

    that one with the pen was incredibly sus

  • morella walker
    morella walker Hace un mes

    Omigod, I Luv that little lady, she must be so much fun!

  • Feed12 Is A Pro
    Feed12 Is A Pro Hace un mes

    The second one made me shit myself

  • Frazz gaming
    Frazz gaming Hace un mes +1

    the posca marker one tho

  • 榛勪附绉
    榛勪附绉 Hace un mes +38

    When that poor woman played the wrong video 馃拃

    • InuInugami 3648
      InuInugami 3648 Hace un mes

      鈥婡irving bautista same but she laughed at the mistake so I don't think she was too bothered at least 馃憤

    • irving bautista
      irving bautista Hace un mes +1

      I Kinda feel bad for her

  • Sapphire.
    Sapphire. Hace un mes +1

    馃挜馃挸馃挜馃挸馃挜馃挸 HAND ME THAT PEN.

  • John Kenjie Tanagon
    John Kenjie Tanagon Hace un mes

    the 4th got me sh1t馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • MrAiden
    MrAiden Hace un mes +37

    Bro made the marker drop a load馃拃

  • Saphire Ransfield
    Saphire Ransfield Hace un mes


  • Alexis thee Wizard
    Alexis thee Wizard Hace un mes

    The first one had me 馃樁馃え

  • Proxy Pat
    Proxy Pat Hace un mes

    Don't ever buy no weed from the gas station bro

  • Romnick Francisco
    Romnick Francisco Hace un mes

    Ricky Berwick wanna send his regards to you madame

  • rip_Slayer
    rip_Slayer Hace un mes +4

    Bruh whats the song in the 2nd one im gonna need it to troll my friend girl

    • rip_Slayer
      rip_Slayer Hace un mes

      @Miku r LMFAO ty my man!!

    • Miku r
      Miku r Hace un mes铆deo.html
      Merry cockmas 2018

  • jk (jay-k)
    jk (jay-k) Hace un mes

    The third one happened to me, the guy actually just left.

  • Alma Reyes
    Alma Reyes Hace un mes

    Third one is so accurate

  • R.Y
    R.Y Hace un mes +5

    i was in sync with the 3rd one, even sprayed at the same time

  • Mr callum VR
    Mr callum VR Hace un mes +1

    LMAO 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • KyouraMayura
    KyouraMayura Hace un mes

    Bro , she got the move bro 馃巹

  • xLexiz
    xLexiz Hace un mes +353

    "a fish"
    -Nikocado Avocado

    • InuInugami 3648
      InuInugami 3648 Hace un mes

      Ngl I fr thought he was gonna drown on camera, I'm still wondering how he got out of the pool

    • yousef ayesh
      yousef ayesh Hace un mes

      "A frog"
      - any person who stomped a frog

  • Watermelonwarrior223
    Watermelonwarrior223 Hace un mes +1

    The pen one 馃拃馃拃馃拃(IYKYK)

  • 鉂喣惷磏g鉂
    鉂喣惷磏g鉂 Hace un mes +50

    The first guy is truly living in the year 2030.

    • brandon 2504
      brandon 2504 Hace un mes

      More like the 90's and embodying his inner shaggy.

    • Kyle Dickens
      Kyle Dickens Hace un mes

      No it鈥檚 not possible

  • Johnprakash #
    Johnprakash # Hace un mes

    lol... her jingle bell-lingam song!馃槃

  • FR4NCO
    FR4NCO Hace un mes

    Folded at 馃巺 song 馃搨 馃ぃ

  • Roronoa_Zoro 鈥 5 yr
    Roronoa_Zoro 鈥 5 yr Hace un mes +1

    Broo the child 馃ぃ

  • Karen Maurirere
    Karen Maurirere Hace un mes

    Haha I love these

  • Xbox Rupert
    Xbox Rupert Hace un mes

    Bro the first 1 tho 馃拃

  • AnimeFan133
    AnimeFan133 Hace un mes +149

    Second one had me dying 馃拃馃ぃ
    Edit:OMG never had this many likes before, I know it's only one hundred but never had this much likes,thanks

    • Trevor Philips
      Trevor Philips Hace un mes +1

      @Base_wolf1205 on god 馃拃馃拃馃拃

    • Master
      Master Hace un mes +1

      @Base_wolf1205 lol

    • Base_wolf1205
      Base_wolf1205 Hace un mes +3

      @are you ready to jingle your bells?鈥 Had me dying on the bed bro馃拃

    • Master
      Master Hace un mes +1


  • Nick Patalik
    Nick Patalik Hace un mes

    I'm telling my kids the second one is Kamala Harris and you can't convince me otherwise..

  • Goofy ahh Dog
    Goofy ahh Dog Hace un mes +3

    The first guy馃拃馃拃馃拃

  • KT
    KT Hace un mes

    i just realized at the end there is a fucking frog under the video

  • Thorned-Dragon
    Thorned-Dragon Hace un mes +1

    the 2nd and 3rd ones are just ligit sus

  • Sports rep
    Sports rep Hace un mes

    She got canceled after that 馃槄馃槀

  • Slave_Num069
    Slave_Num069 Hace un mes +1

    Bro the second one馃拃馃拃

  • MSH
    MSH Hace un mes

    I am just saying it's true
    At the end of the day it's night

  • izanami
    izanami Hace un mes

    These pns look real weird to me mann

  • CatLoaf
    CatLoaf Hace un mes

    Really have to make a marker into a dirty thing

  • Gamingwith_dwarf 45
    Gamingwith_dwarf 45 Hace un mes +2

    Marker part is sussss

  • mphothe1st ff
    mphothe1st ff Hace un mes +4

    Bro the marker got me dying

  • Angelina Ico
    Angelina Ico Hace un mes

    The maker made me think badly馃く

  • Unknown7249
    Unknown7249 Hace un mes

    The women at the start looked so exited I feel so bad

  • Osiris Ruchi
    Osiris Ruchi Hace un mes +6


  • Zonohara Kun
    Zonohara Kun Hace un mes

    that marker does something that something can do....