Best Rock & Metal Blind Auditions in THE VOICE [Part 3]


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  • Quichotte
    Quichotte  Hace 5 meses +447

    00:20 Natascha Herrmann - "Whole Lotta Love" (Germany)
    02:20 Terry McDermott - "Baba O'Riley" (USA)
    04:16 Alexey Baklan (Алексей Баклан) - "Mein Herz Brennt" (Ukraine)
    06:36 Alexander Brown - "Trouble" (Canada)
    08:23 Rocío - "Sweet Dreams" (Spain)
    10:15 Akis Panagiotidis (Άκης Παναγιωτίδης) - "Skyfall" (Greece)
    11:47 Kat Perkins - "Gold Dust Woman" (USA)
    13:42 Alex VanTrue - "Vais Partir" (Portugal)
    *full version:ídeo.html
    15:54 Homsing Ronra Shimray - "Shadow Of The Day" (Germany)
    17:53 Alexander Onofriychuk (Александр Онофрийчук) - "Logical" (Ukraine)
    19:37 Natalia Sikora - "Cry Baby" (Poland)
    21:30 Nikola Zdravkov (Никола Здравков) - "Numb" (Bulgaria)
    23:31 Marius Barhaugen - "Radioactive" (Norway)
    26:00 Steve Rivera - "Old Time Rock And Roll" (Ecuador)
    28:15 Qin Xiaolin (秦晓林) - "火" (China)
    31:26 Alexander Ogorodnikov (Александр Огородников) - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Russia)
    34:13 Juan Carlos Cano - "Dream On [Soundcheck]" (Mexico) [Bonus Track]
    36:12 Yoeri - "With Arms Wide Open" (Vlaanderen)
    38:28 Zsuzsana Cerveni - "Mistreated" (Romania)
    40:46 Rob Reynolds - "Wish You Were Here" (United Kingdom)
    43:01 Michael Wansch - "Confrontation" (Germany)
    45:07 Mg Mg Aye - "Everytime It Rains" (Myanmar) [Bonus Track]

  • Johnny Blade
    Johnny Blade Hace 12 horas

    negroe racist judge is ,,😥

  • Tamie Bear
    Tamie Bear Hace un día +1

    Whoa!!!! 'Sweet Dreams' sounded more like a NIGHTMARE!! 😳😳 OMG! She scared the Bejeezus outta me!

  • Theurgy
    Theurgy Hace un día

    21:33 linkin park should take vocal lessons from the guy ffs

  • iyut. 80
    iyut. 80 Hace un día +1

    Cry baby, what an unbelievable voice!!!

  • Cyglox
    Cyglox Hace 2 días

    That young guy, HOW can he sound like that!?

  • Karen Schmidt
    Karen Schmidt Hace 2 días

    doing anything Linkin park is hard. Kudos for those two guys trying.

  • Куандык Копбаев

    Ебал я таких судей, блядь строят из себя богов, а эта че за хуйня сидеть подвое гомики хреновы, просто убивает... Суки

  • Nathan Lalzuisanga
    Nathan Lalzuisanga Hace 3 días

    Why not"wish you were here"...its misunderstanding

  • rhonchio ngullie
    rhonchio ngullie Hace 3 días

    Idk who the fuck is that black guy but he really is an idiot. What more were he expecting. Wtf!

  • rhonchio ngullie
    rhonchio ngullie Hace 3 días

    The guy from 18:06 is really from 80's

  • Rene Mora
    Rene Mora Hace 3 días

    43:00 Вольнов тоже пробовался на конкурс...ах..еть

  • bocanoise
    bocanoise Hace 3 días

    vai toma no cu youtube uma propagando atrás da outra

  • hokeyrulz26
    hokeyrulz26 Hace 5 días

    Anyone have a video to the song 火 from 28:15? I can't find it for the life of me

  • Niklas Tonning
    Niklas Tonning Hace 5 días

    The linkin park song was fucking beast

  • Hugo Torris
    Hugo Torris Hace 6 días

    Olá se fizer parte 1,2,3,4,5,6 ou 999 vou assistir todos 💚🙏🏻🤟🏻

  • My Cup Of TAE
    My Cup Of TAE Hace 6 días

    4:16 I was not expecting that 🤯

  • Almir Beslija
    Almir Beslija Hace 7 días

    The only band in the world that i cant stand is rammstein, how can people like them? They sound like if a vampire would try to sing opera, just absolutly horrible, cant listen more than 5 seconds

  • Marek Głogowski
    Marek Głogowski Hace 7 días

    Just love the "judges" faking being suprised...

  • Richard Thrift
    Richard Thrift Hace 7 días

    I love how the talentless judges are confronted with real metal vocals and just listen in awe. Lol

  • Маришка Д'іс
    Маришка Д'іс Hace 8 días

    Omg Pink Floyd

  • M.kevin Prasetyo
    M.kevin Prasetyo Hace 8 días

    Numb 👌👌

  • F4R207
    F4R207 Hace 9 días

    Alexey Baklan, that Rammstein was brilliant!

    KARABAS BARABAS Hace 9 días

    Причём тут "лучшее"? Просто весь рок в одну кучу запихали, со всех проектов.

  • 'ismael masiosare
    'ismael masiosare Hace 10 días

    OMG Zsuzsana Cerveni has a dopleganger in mexico, she works on a strip club, very nice :D

  • ㄥ乂 卂尺ㄒㄖ尺丨卂丂 乂

    Just me or was the guy who sang Logical amazing?

  • Kat Gene.
    Kat Gene. Hace 10 días

    Omg. I love that version of Sweet Dreams. 😆

  • Mary G
    Mary G Hace 12 días

    I love that energetic voice, too deep!!!

  • ewa przytula
    ewa przytula Hace 13 días +1

    Natalia Sikora - The Best! Cry baby!!!

  • Stones N
    Stones N Hace 13 días +1

    How can anyone have the nerve to sing dream on after Steven Tyler?

  • Stones N
    Stones N Hace 13 días

    The numb guy sounds like Sebastian Bach

  • Khair Owen Sullivan 2
    Khair Owen Sullivan 2 Hace 13 días


  • flavio creistian Benitez
    flavio creistian Benitez Hace 13 días

    ¿Myannmar ? ¿ exist this place?

  • MadJedfox
    MadJedfox Hace 14 días +1

    31:26 very interesting interpretation of Nirvana's `Smells like teen spirit`

  • MadJedfox
    MadJedfox Hace 14 días +1

    19:37 reinkarnacja Joplin?
    Nie moje klimaty, ale imho ładnie jej to wyszło.

  • Anne Gratia
    Anne Gratia Hace 15 días

    hate these rigged auditions because all these insanely talented rock/metal singers deserves much more recognitions and appreciations!!!in my opinion i feel they are all just wasting their talents.....sorry for my grammar.. English not my first language.

  • John Rey
    John Rey Hace 15 días


  • Geovanny Arroyo
    Geovanny Arroyo Hace 16 días

    Me pregunto que hace Shakira voz de cabra de jueza...pierde credibilidad un concurso de canto cuando los jueces tienen menos talento que los participantes...

  • h06anbjo
    h06anbjo Hace 16 días

    The judge that pressed on "Wish you were here", he didn't have any spots left on his team did he, that's why his chair didn't turn around..

  • Nery Reyes
    Nery Reyes Hace 16 días

    El tercero tenía voz como de el vocalista de Rammstein.

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang Hace 18 días

    Rob Reynolds was robbed by the judges of UK voice..

  • Randy
    Randy Hace 18 días

    38:31 was amazing. Don't know why only one judge turned.

  • Sam Hain
    Sam Hain Hace 19 días

    Terry D in the house baby!!!

  • Алексей Намм
    Алексей Намм Hace 19 días

    best channel

  • Nani Nani
    Nani Nani Hace 19 días

    LP songs really like same omg

  • Luis Vargas
    Luis Vargas Hace 20 días

    the linkin park guy sing better than chester

  • Manuel
    Manuel Hace 21 un día

    The blonde judge looks like the smiler emoji from the emoji movie, when she smiles...........

  • Mars Mariana
    Mars Mariana Hace 22 días

    Alguien sabe que cancion canta el chico del minuto 11:23?

  • ёжик миссис Пшик-Пшик Пыхова

    ооо Баклан тут)

  • Павел Павленко
    Павел Павленко Hace 23 días +1

    Нихуясе Свит Дримс )))

  • Jan Saunders
    Jan Saunders Hace 23 días

    Number three....WOW!

  • Connor Fleming
    Connor Fleming Hace 23 días

    Most of songs aren't even rock songs

  • 普京
    普京 Hace 24 días


  • ruben haugland
    ruben haugland Hace 24 días

    19:16 wow so amazing voice

    DANTASTIC3000 Hace 24 días

    I'd actually watch the voice here in the USA if they had awesome rock/metal auditions instead of dull country music and overplayed pop music.

  • Jen McMorrough
    Jen McMorrough Hace 24 días +1

    Was just going along and enjoying the video then.. BAM.. those first few chords of 'Numb' start to play.. RIP Chester.. 😢

  • PaOK
    PaOK Hace 24 días

    wow,.. that rammstein audition make me feel chills wow....

  • Denis Vzapravdu
    Denis Vzapravdu Hace 25 días

    7:37 most beautifl woman

  • Peter Kelkelund
    Peter Kelkelund Hace 26 días

    supertramp is rock or metal??? - ok I missed something, but at least he didnt miss any delay :D

  • Katarzyna Beet
    Katarzyna Beet Hace 26 días +1

    19:37 Natalia Sikora - "Cry Baby" (Poland) Jeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! :D

  • SeagoingJet
    SeagoingJet Hace 26 días

    Man wish you were here was flawless !, perfect voice why no one pressed the button ? these guys are fucking idiots

  • StarlitSeafoam
    StarlitSeafoam Hace 26 días

    THE SECOND TO LAST GUY his voice, AND HE CHOSE JEKYL AND HYDE, so good! I adore Lost In the Darkness, and he NAILED Confrontation!

  • Dead Light
    Dead Light Hace 26 días

    Lost it at Every time IT'S rain

  • Mark Winkle
    Mark Winkle Hace 26 días

    The girl that sung Deep Purple's "Mistreated" was the absolute best on this part 3!!!

  • Dennis De Rocha
    Dennis De Rocha Hace 27 días

    Me gusto la polaca. Parecia una gata mojada con rrabia

  • David U
    David U Hace 27 días


  • S Mizyki
    S Mizyki Hace 27 días

    in the first in the background played MCR Welcome to the Black parade lol)

  • ruben Plays
    ruben Plays Hace 27 días


  • diegorocklomas diegorockero

    good voices but they realy can sing alive a complete concert, i dont now!!

  • Sean Britton
    Sean Britton Hace 27 días +1

    21:30 amazing performance. Almost felt like Chester was back for a moment

  • Johnny 2x4
    Johnny 2x4 Hace 28 días

    36:15 This guy mumbles so fucking much. All I could think of when he sang was DAMMIT, DEY TERK UR JER!

  • michailas pentiochinas
    michailas pentiochinas Hace 28 días


  • Francesco
    Francesco Hace 28 días

    17:58 Logical cover.. WOW!!! WTF why didnt Mrs Brady 18:11 & Alan Alda 18:14 turn their chairs. Its their era of music.

  • Mike L
    Mike L Hace 29 días

    Where is the promised metal?

  • Carsten
    Carsten Hace 29 días

    It must be a wall between the judges !!!!!!!!!! This " what you think and I´m not sure " must be canceled ! It´s not fair to the musicans

  • leonilson Alcantara
    leonilson Alcantara Hace 29 días

    Rock and Roll porra \m/

  • Phil igrane
    Phil igrane Hace un mes

    At 45.24 He's singing wrong! Horrible.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Hace un mes +1


  • John Boone
    John Boone Hace un mes

    what a great collection...…. from the first chick to the last dude.... .GOOD WAY TO SPEND 45 MINUTES

    28:15 Qin Xiaolin (秦晓林) - "火" (China)….. don't know what this Chinese chick is saying, but she's ROCKING.

  • Alejandro Infiniti
    Alejandro Infiniti Hace un mes +1

    vais partir. . . . wow!!!

  • Lucas Santos Silva Guimarães

    Marylin Manson , this version is so perfect.

  • Jahangir Saeed
    Jahangir Saeed Hace un mes

    40:57 Wish you where here I select him :)

  • Jahangir Saeed
    Jahangir Saeed Hace un mes

    so many Talented people here, every one has its style, flavor . I enjoyed every one of them :)

  • blossom bliss
    blossom bliss Hace un mes


  • احمد علي
    احمد علي Hace un mes

    28:49 I keep watching to see how she moves her neck 😍😍😘

  • hamed eslamifar
    hamed eslamifar Hace un mes

    لایک عالی

  • luckymunky42
    luckymunky42 Hace un mes


  • Xy Xy
    Xy Xy Hace un mes

    40:46 Wish You Were Here without proper intro is just You Were Here

  • heath sunday
    heath sunday Hace un mes

    That last dude I would have guessed he was American just from his voice. He didnt sound Asian at all.

  • Zlatko Sich
    Zlatko Sich Hace un mes +1

    43:04 it's awesome
    Michael Wansch - "Confrontation"

  • Szilágyi István
    Szilágyi István Hace un mes

    8:43 - holly shit!!!!!

  • BANKIR42rus
    BANKIR42rus Hace un mes

    Украина конечно в америкосовкие ролики! это норм!!! Украинцы братья, осставайтесь братьями! да у нас хуёво но мы вместе можем сделать что бы нам было лучше!!! не слушайте пидорасов нацистов!!!!!!

  • 77konan
    77konan Hace un mes

    Akis Panagiotidis (Άκης Παναγιωτίδης) - "Skyfall" (Greece) voice sssuper!

  • Charles Mason
    Charles Mason Hace un mes

    Who else heard Alexander Brown (the person who sung trouble) and thought MURPHY'S LAW! (I never look for trouble but i never ran, Murphy's law is if something can go wrong, will go wrong.)

  • Arnold Solivio
    Arnold Solivio Hace un mes


  • Julian Saenz
    Julian Saenz Hace un mes

    With arms wide open by creed was fuckin amazing

  • Macsesz Piros
    Macsesz Piros Hace un mes

    22:33 Chester? U were there? 😥❤️

  • walter purdy
    walter purdy Hace un mes +1

    Supertramp at 17:53 is great distinct voice

  • Rizos Rebeldes
    Rizos Rebeldes Hace un mes

    Min 10 i folllong love

  • lepas devis
    lepas devis Hace un mes

    0:20 ça change des petites putes quon voit en France !
    ces connards ne se rendent meme pas compte quils petent la bande sonore dune version excellente
    2:33 putain les zicos derriere sont super bons ! le batteur a un jeu excellentissime
    4:31 quel talent !!!!!!!!!!!
    15:48 ray charles