Best Rock & Metal Blind Auditions in THE VOICE [Part 3]


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  • Quichotte
    Quichotte  Hace 3 meses +290

    00:20 Natascha Herrmann - "Whole Lotta Love" (Germany)
    02:20 Terry McDermott - "Baba O'Riley" (USA)
    04:16 Alexey Baklan (Алексей Баклан) - "Mein Herz Brennt" (Ukraine)
    06:36 Alexander Brown - "Trouble" (Canada)
    08:23 Rocío - "Sweet Dreams" (Spain)
    10:15 Akis Panagiotidis (Άκης Παναγιωτίδης) - "Skyfall" (Greece)
    11:47 Kat Perkins - "Gold Dust Woman" (USA)
    13:42 Alex VanTrue - "Vais Partir" (Portugal)
    *full version:ídeo.html
    15:54 Homsing Ronra Shimray - "Shadow Of The Day" (Germany)
    17:53 Alexander Onofriychuk (Александр Онофрийчук) - "Logical" (Ukraine)
    19:37 Natalia Sikora - "Cry Baby" (Poland)
    21:30 Nikola Zdravkov (Никола Здравков) - "Numb" (Bulgaria)
    23:31 Marius Barhaugen - "Radioactive" (Norway)
    26:00 Steve Rivera - "Old Time Rock And Roll" (Ecuador)
    28:15 Qin Xiaolin (秦晓林) - "火" (China)
    31:26 Alexander Ogorodnikov (Александр Огородников) - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Russia)
    34:13 Juan Carlos Cano - "Dream On [Soundcheck]" (Mexico) [Bonus Track]
    36:12 Yoeri - "With Arms Wide Open" (Vlaanderen)
    38:28 Zsuzsana Cerveni - "Mistreated" (Romania)
    40:46 Rob Reynolds - "Wish You Were Here" (United Kingdom)
    43:01 Michael Wansch - "Confrontation" (Germany)
    45:07 Mg Mg Aye - "Everytime It Rains" (Myanmar) [Bonus Track]

    • Aiden Bautista
      Aiden Bautista Hace 12 días


    • SolraC
      SolraC Hace 12 días

      buenas voces del rock y metal pero el jurado que sabe, una lastima por esos incompetentes

    • Bonny Nur Ischaq Darmadji
      Bonny Nur Ischaq Darmadji Hace 16 días

      Quichotte where is Tiberiu Albu?

    • Rob C
      Rob C Hace 16 días

      That last female judge sounds like a fucking goose, literally. honk, honk, honk.

    • TheRakuman
      TheRakuman Hace 21 un día

      Quichotte 1

  • prank s
    prank s Hace 9 horas

    can you please add more ad

  • DD2K
    DD2K Hace 13 horas

    17:53 looks like bran from GOT

  • Jn legends08 jn
    Jn legends08 jn Hace 16 horas

    oh god it's numb..ooww my god i love the singin..

  • Pamela Rogers
    Pamela Rogers Hace 16 horas

    Yes in did

  • ll computers
    ll computers Hace un día

    too much fucking ads !!

  • Gerald Stanley
    Gerald Stanley Hace un día

    Thank God for the rest of the world!!!!

  • kmoseley66
    kmoseley66 Hace un día

    44:08 Proof that God exists. That can't happen randomly.

  • Laurel Harmon
    Laurel Harmon Hace 2 días

    08:23 me apaixonei dnv caralho

  • Laurel Harmon
    Laurel Harmon Hace 2 días

    04:16 eu to mt apaixonada

  • vituu m
    vituu m Hace 2 días

    33:05 caraca

  • botija77
    botija77 Hace 3 días

    42:45 No one turns chear....outstanding cover. cant believe it.. stupid

  • paradoja temporal
    paradoja temporal Hace 3 días

    Fuck u with all your publicity

  • Gerasimos Gogolos
    Gerasimos Gogolos Hace 3 días


  • Sarah Mae de Castro
    Sarah Mae de Castro Hace 4 días

    "and the sun will set for you,and the shadow of the day will embrace the world in gray" ,♡linkin park ❤ ♡chester

  • Jimmy Ralte
    Jimmy Ralte Hace 4 días

    Wow..... Any video i watch of the UK Voice....Rock singers never gets picked. Will never press for a rock singer even if they kill it... So biased... Poor judge.

  • Berny U. Bonilla
    Berny U. Bonilla Hace 4 días

    The judges in Rammstein's cover lacked knowledge

  • Virág Vadvirág
    Virág Vadvirág Hace 4 días

    Alexander Onofriychuk very good.

  • Fullmovie Jadulindonesia
    Fullmovie Jadulindonesia Hace 4 días +2

    salam metal.. n country musik 🤘

  • Le Dernier Gaulois
    Le Dernier Gaulois Hace 5 días

    9:00 i LOVE Metal, but... i hate death metal.

  • Hayden *
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  • Bogdan Constantinescu
    Bogdan Constantinescu Hace 6 días

    Shitty jury from Romania, but we are talking about a shitty country with, of course, shitty artists. Please forgive us, few of us know about Whitesnake... And that jury is made from posers, not from artists.

  • Janyce Henry
    Janyce Henry Hace 6 días

    Linkin Park ❤😍

  • Niphilim
    Niphilim Hace 6 días

    17:53 this dude was fkin great.. haircut made it even better =)

  • Arya
    Arya Hace 6 días

    21:30 Chester is belong here

  • Arya
    Arya Hace 6 días

    09:00 what a ground 😍😍😍😍

  • Kmen Tariang
    Kmen Tariang Hace 6 días

    2nd one has a great voice nobody has that kind of voice nowadays,, but Fukin Adam looks like he's isn't impressed..

  • Faizil Mohamed Yaman
    Faizil Mohamed Yaman Hace 6 días

    put your USD here

  • AtsonYouToob
    AtsonYouToob Hace 7 días

    Gotta say that i got mad goosebumps over that kids "mein herz brennt". Like damn

  • Jaycee Constantinio
    Jaycee Constantinio Hace 7 días

    The Numb gave me chills. When you close your eyes it feels like Chester..

  • Shane Brannon
    Shane Brannon Hace 7 días

    That Sweet Dreams just became a nightmare and in a good way.

  • Tasos Rousos
    Tasos Rousos Hace 7 días

    shadow of the day brought them chillz down ma spineman... splendid...

  • Никола Семов

    09:00 wow thats incredible voice.. Very powerful

  • thtonegirl XD
    thtonegirl XD Hace 8 días

    1:33 anyone else hear “wtf” is that just me

  • Lilly Lilac
    Lilly Lilac Hace 9 días

    ( 40:46 )Wish you were here was genuinely amazing, truly a rare voice. I don't understand what that was all about? is it the money for the show? will you lose publicity when you actually press the button for someone with a unique voice? i thought this show was called the "VOICE" not the "MAINSTREAM" :):)

    • Lilly Lilac
      Lilly Lilac Hace 6 días

      +Kmen Tariang he was honestly genuinely amazing.

    • Kmen Tariang
      Kmen Tariang Hace 6 días +1

      agree with u,,These judges suks..

  • steppe wolf
    steppe wolf Hace 9 días

    rammstein Woow

  • Max Valhovets
    Max Valhovets Hace 9 díasídeo.html?t=2479 ЭТО ОБАМА РЯДОМ С СЕМЬЁЙ ? KAPPA

  • Brothers in arms
    Brothers in arms Hace 10 días

    From Russia! Ukraine dude the Top!

  • Marcus Demetrius
    Marcus Demetrius Hace 10 días

    Comentarii de habarnisti ce au ascultat in trecere rock !O lume de zerouri ce consuma pastile tv!

  • Marcus Demetrius
    Marcus Demetrius Hace 11 días

    Qin Xiaolin (秦晓林) superstar

  • Laito Sakamaki
    Laito Sakamaki Hace 11 días

    Scream for my man chester.your scream was the most real thing in this life chester.scream..

  • yurio fire
    yurio fire Hace 11 días

    Diosssss siiiiiii adrenalina a fullll

  • Ken Moon
    Ken Moon Hace 12 días

    Act ~1 what a heap of rubbish!

    • Ken Moon
      Ken Moon Hace 12 días

      Act two: You can't polish a turd!

  • Sushant Sutar
    Sushant Sutar Hace 13 días

    Sweet Dreams was just JAW DROPPING... WOW... Wow... Wow... No words... She nailed it...

  • Евно Азеф
    Евно Азеф Hace 13 días

    блеать вид как будто бухая русская типичная бабасвин в караоке поёт

  • Storm Angelus
    Storm Angelus Hace 14 días

    OMG! Alexey! Go with your bad self!

  • Nawfel Alaoui Belghiti
    Nawfel Alaoui Belghiti Hace 14 días

    18:05 Brandon Stark ?!

  • EnzoPC
    EnzoPC Hace 15 días

    19:40 what the fuk?

  • Bourne Sohlang
    Bourne Sohlang Hace 16 días

    fuck you thumbs down.... you r alwys still down

  • Alessandro Pozzi
    Alessandro Pozzi Hace 16 días

    mistreated? lol, crazy girl...

  • Mauro EC
    Mauro EC Hace 16 días

    Buenísimo, gracias por compartir.

  • Jim Roodenburg
    Jim Roodenburg Hace 17 días +1

    17:43 how the heck do you find these kind of weird but superb auditions :D or, why does no other YT-er finds them!! 0_0

  • Jim Roodenburg
    Jim Roodenburg Hace 17 días


  • allan bondoc
    allan bondoc Hace 17 días

    gave me chills when the dude sang mein herz brennt. would love to sing that at a mainstream show. hahaha

  • Quinn Quinn
    Quinn Quinn Hace 17 días

    shadow of the day😭😭😭

  • Andrew Pokemon
    Andrew Pokemon Hace 18 días

    иди ты нахуй, автор. толкай этот кал своим небожителям. есть оч интересные моменты, но смотреть ысё видео целиком ради таких моментов - это себя не уважать

  • Евгений Шишканов

    девочку, которая пела свит дримз, хочу в вокалистку в нашу банд))))))))у!!!! Очень)))))

  • Herry cobain123
    Herry cobain123 Hace 18 días


  • madmaxx 081
    madmaxx 081 Hace 19 días

    Zsuzsana...Zsuzsana..che forza!! meglio dell'originale...fantastica ! Iloveyou

  • Gareth Phipps
    Gareth Phipps Hace 19 días

    He did Chester justice

  • ياسرابن الفرقةالذهبية

    ‏Hi how are you all, you can share my channel, thank you

  • metal_ girl
    metal_ girl Hace 19 días

    Rammstein😍this band is all my life

  • Elizabeth Campos
    Elizabeth Campos Hace 19 días

    De q mierda se rien?

  • Martin Melle
    Martin Melle Hace 19 días

    LP cover

  • tyrbo924
    tyrbo924 Hace 20 días

    Поют все клааасс! А сдвоенные кресла у судей это для педиков что ли?

  • Ken Gaska
    Ken Gaska Hace 20 días

    Rob Reynolds killed it.

  • mehmet ç
    mehmet ç Hace 20 días

    Vlaanderen nere aq hahahahahaha

  • Hermeus Mora
    Hermeus Mora Hace 20 días

    А кто там из судей дед седой, это кто

  • Rene' Trimble
    Rene' Trimble Hace 20 días

    @ Natalia Sikora - "Cry Baby" (Poland) "WOW"@!!!!

  • Rene' Trimble
    Rene' Trimble Hace 20 días

    @ Akis Panagiotidis (Άκης Παναγιωτίδης) - "Skyfall" (Greece) Sexy@!!!

  • Rene' Trimble
    Rene' Trimble Hace 20 días

    @ Alexander Brown - "Trouble" (Canada) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rene' Trimble
    Rene' Trimble Hace 20 días

    The Who, wow@!

  • Santiago Toro
    Santiago Toro Hace 21 un día

    26:00 ecuadorrr

  • Letícia Dorini C. A. Speridiao

    Whatta energy from Alexander! Smell Like Teen Spirit rocks!!! Love it! Get me goosebumps!

  • Feyo Feyo
    Feyo Feyo Hace 21 un día

    40:59 beutiful singer amezing

  • Feyo Feyo
    Feyo Feyo Hace 21 un día

    40:00 wish you

  • Ma. Guadalupe zuñiga
    Ma. Guadalupe zuñiga Hace 21 un día


  • Stephan Pino
    Stephan Pino Hace 22 días

    That Chinese girl is so cute

  • That guy
    That guy Hace 22 días

    fucking idiot american judges, that bald guy near by 42:37 had such a unique voice, Tom Jones can go suck a dick

    • That guy
      That guy Hace 22 días

      Sorry i ment UK judges

  • Elijah James
    Elijah James Hace 22 días

    The second to last guy sounds awesome! Like something from a theatrical movie with a crazy obsession.

  • Michael Nix
    Michael Nix Hace 22 días

    36:00 dude doesn't even know the damn lyrics. get off the stage

  • Michael Nix
    Michael Nix Hace 22 días

    I know it says 28:15 Qin Xiaolin (秦晓林) - "火" (China), but I searched and can't find out the name of the original band/song/album--that song is awesome AF and I want more. *Anyone scrolling by happen to know? Thanks in advance*

  • Steve Contini
    Steve Contini Hace 23 días

    Never heard the eurithmics sang like that , my god im gonna have nightmares ! 😨 that being said im optimistic about the future of rock n roll from the young talent i,ve seen here , awesome ! Dont forget greta van fleet ,there already well on there way ! 🤘

  • Mates2271
    Mates2271 Hace 23 días


  • Agron Gladiator
    Agron Gladiator Hace 23 días +1

    19:40 xD

  • Yaya Umen
    Yaya Umen Hace 23 días

    Rocio and alex van true

  • Bli Putu
    Bli Putu Hace 23 días

    Stupid judges! Want a man sing “wish you ate here”

  • John Riden
    John Riden Hace 23 días

    The lady singing sweet dreams messed up some of the words but still nailed it

  • Mas Jomblo
    Mas Jomblo Hace 23 días

    I can heard voice chester damn....

  • Bafomet Petrovich
    Bafomet Petrovich Hace 23 días


  • Kriss Kriss
    Kriss Kriss Hace 24 días


  • Rod Quilz
    Rod Quilz Hace 24 días

    Rammstein cover wtf!..

  • Fadel Ramadhan
    Fadel Ramadhan Hace 24 días

    40:46 stupid judge

  • Aiman Bahrin
    Aiman Bahrin Hace 24 días


  • Eternally Ember
    Eternally Ember Hace 24 días

    16:21 immediately crying oof

  • Eternally Ember
    Eternally Ember Hace 24 días

    13:40 i saw his hair and vest and knew damn

  • beverly Ross
    beverly Ross Hace 24 días

    They need to learn the words to whole lotta love! I've seen 3 sing the wrong words so far!

  • Penyu Muda
    Penyu Muda Hace 24 días

    21:30 Chester reborn

  • orrie manley
    orrie manley Hace 25 días

    The first person sucks. She should go back to eating chicken wings