Butcher Box Unboxing WITH PRICES and Review 2021 |

  • Publicado el 26 may 2022

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  • Nic❤
    Nic❤ Hace un año +2

    Thank you so much. I was specifically searching for a non sponsored video to see if this may be worth it for me and my family. 💖 Great info and I got $30 off my first order PLUS Free Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork and Bacon with your link. You rock!

    • TheLawrence Homestead
      TheLawrence Homestead Hace 7 meses


    • Nic❤
      Nic❤ Hace 7 meses +2

      @TheLawrence Homestead You know I ended up liking everything except for the burger meat. Bad on me but I never realized that I prefer non grass fed beef. Lol The grass fed well it tastes too gamey for me personally so I just never ordered again.

    • TheLawrence Homestead
      TheLawrence Homestead Hace 7 meses

      Nicole how did u like it

    • Good Food Delivered
      Good Food Delivered  Hace un año +2

      Awesome - their sign up bonuses are pretty great! Hope you like the box!

  • Ashley W
    Ashley W Hace 9 meses +1

    Thank you this helped me and my family alot with dad out of work and me being on social security and mom having cancer it's been hard to get some of our meat this really helped me and dad decide if this was good or not for us

  • Mike F.L.
    Mike F.L. Hace un año

    Thank you for the video. Very informative and well-explained. This video brought me one step closer to trying Butcher Box. I'll definitely use your link when I finally get to it.

  • Jest
    Jest Hace 6 meses

    $30 off is a great discount, thanks! I had an email link that was going to save me $10 but I'm glad I looked around on youtube for reviews first and found this one :) I'm actually a returning Butcher Box subscriber but it's been years since I subscribed. I used to do the custom box and it was a little too expensive for me, so I'm trying out the most basic curated one. It doesn't seem that bad considering meat prices nowadays.

    • Robert
      Robert Hace 5 meses

      @Good Food Delivered do you know where I could get a referral link?

    • Good Food Delivered
      Good Food Delivered  Hace 6 meses

      Yay - so glad you were able to find a better discount!

  • 80's Chick
    80's Chick Hace 6 meses

    It would be nice a side by side with costco meat, quantities, quality and price.

  • Vlad
    Vlad Hace 4 meses

    Nice and thorough. Thanks!

  • Meloney Crews
    Meloney Crews Hace un año +2

    Great video! I searched for a non Sponsored video!

  • Albert F.
    Albert F. Hace 8 meses

    Very helpful thank you so much👍

  • Douglas Allen
    Douglas Allen Hace un año

    Newbie to butcher box. Ordered a beef and pork box with a pork chop add on. Does butcher box email you when the box is shipped?

    • Good Food Delivered
      Good Food Delivered  Hace un año +1

      Hi! Typically I get emailed when the box bills, then about 3-4 days later I get an email saying the box has shipped and it provides the tracking number

  • RitaSue
    RitaSue Hace un año

    Very good information, thank you

  • Win Nys (Neece)
    Win Nys (Neece) Hace un año

    Great video. 👍

  • Greg Cortez
    Greg Cortez Hace un año

    How long would you say the first box would take to arrive

    • Good Food Delivered
      Good Food Delivered  Hace un año

      Hi! Once I pick my "Bill Date" it usually takes about 3ish days for my box to ship, and then I receive it the day after it ships. I live in PA and all of my boxes have shipped from north jersey - hope that helps!

  • Robb Spinosa
    Robb Spinosa Hace 4 meses

    What about Tuna?Rob🐝

  • Jade Mcgood
    Jade Mcgood Hace 9 meses

    Have u tryed crowd cow

    • Jade Mcgood
      Jade Mcgood Hace 9 meses

      @Good Food Delivered not yet but I do love everyplate

    • Good Food Delivered
      Good Food Delivered  Hace 9 meses

      No I haven’t tried that one! Have you tried, and if so would you recommend? Seems interesting from their website!

  • Jamie 43
    Jamie 43 Hace un año +1

    25$ for bacon??? WTF

    • Kelly Norman
      Kelly Norman Hace 11 meses

      $25 is bacon for life in every box you order at no additional cost (no charge after one time paymen)t.