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    (Challenge begins at the 4:30 mark!)
    Altogether, (with liquids and everything) this challenge came out to be JUST shy of ~14lbs. I didn't feel like "capacity training" with sugar free jello, so.. I looked for a "tastier method" to train for some upcoming contests! Be sure to give this video a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it!
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  • JJ Pagan
    JJ Pagan Hace 5 días

    Why doesnt anyone wear a coat or jacket while doing these challenges!

  • Charles Waite
    Charles Waite Hace 2 meses

    No offense but by the end of the video you looked stoned

  • Gene Lariv
    Gene Lariv Hace 3 meses

    holy fuck. dude

  • Cally Monde
    Cally Monde Hace 4 meses

    What the * f * ohh man 😊

  • Katie Maige
    Katie Maige Hace 6 meses

    12:13 Daaaammmmmmnn

    PHILIP WATSON 5 Hace 6 meses


    PHILIP WATSON 5 Hace 6 meses

    Diet soda is worse than regular with all the crappy sweetener which tastes disgusting

  • jooping hopper
    jooping hopper Hace 6 meses

    You have to try homestead creamery ice cream my fav is chocolate chip cookie dough

  • Hannah Skerritt
    Hannah Skerritt Hace 7 meses

    does anyone realsie this isnt real or is it just me??? lol hes spitting it out and editing it

  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses


  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses

    I know to cold right I know the feeling for real to

  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses

    Looks awesome

  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses

    Hey how u been doing

  • mélina tessier
    mélina tessier Hace 7 meses

    thats a sims 4 sountrack, perfect.

  • vicky stevenson
    vicky stevenson Hace 7 meses

    You we DONT believe this....because it JUMPS....(we know you throw it up in between,cuts)....please....😏!👎

  • Riley Runnalls
    Riley Runnalls Hace 9 meses

    Food flash

  • CrissCrossAppleSause
    CrissCrossAppleSause Hace 10 meses


  • kfcloyalty kool
    kfcloyalty kool Hace 10 meses

    i love melty ice cream

  • Hope Neilson
    Hope Neilson Hace 10 meses

    What time do you go to bed

  • Diamond Heart
    Diamond Heart Hace 10 meses

    I Kept Reaching For My Hot Tea As I Watched This 😝

  • AudiS4you
    AudiS4you Hace 10 meses

    That half churned with Splenda shit....I ate a serving of that once and met my goal weight. I shit myself and had the worst stomach cramps imaginable. Good for you for being able to tolerate artificial sweeteners

  • Reinaldo Franco
    Reinaldo Franco Hace 10 meses

    the peanut butter cups is my favorite ice cream. great job

  • Hifo Family
    Hifo Family Hace 11 meses


  • Action 52
    Action 52 Hace 11 meses

    Veruca -"10,000 pounds of ice creammm"

  • ZNM
    ZNM Hace 11 meses

    did he just breakup *jk

  • spartan 995
    spartan 995 Hace 11 meses

    when your blood becomes sugar

  • Kimberly Bennifield
    Kimberly Bennifield Hace un año +1

    Almost in all your videos you always drink pop

  • RobtheChamp22
    RobtheChamp22 Hace un año

    Ive never seen a peanut butter cookie dough flavor for ice cream before hut man that sounds delicious

  • Osito De Peluche
    Osito De Peluche Hace un año

    12:12 Erik said to all that ice cream, "I'm damned 2 Lovin' U/Dah-duh-duh/Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" #miguel #2lovinU #djpremier #primo

  • Its Us
    Its Us Hace un año

    I found the Reeses Breyers blast ice cream kinda disappointing, no nice big chunks of pb cups. Blue Bunnys peanut butter panic is way better.

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez Hace un año

    Block out all the negative people in the comments Erik. You’re awesome don’t stop doing what you’re doing👌🏼

  • Seth Bailey
    Seth Bailey Hace un año +1

    I would feel so bad for him if he used a plastic spoon😂

  • Glitch3d Syst3m
    Glitch3d Syst3m Hace un año +1

    I'm a straight dude and even I have to wonder.... How the fuck is he single???? I don't get it!

  • G Fiat 500
    G Fiat 500 Hace un año


  • Shania Machin
    Shania Machin Hace un año

    Erik if u cant take it dont do these challenges its bad for u seriously u want to get sick but i know u do it for us but dont risk yourself for us we love u to much xx❤️❤️❤️

  • Angie Villalobos
    Angie Villalobos Hace un año


  • M B
    M B Hace un año +6

    I didn't know there existed a Reese's ice cream... I must have one!

  • Ezra Ratner
    Ezra Ratner Hace un año

    So there's a brand called breyers and a brand called dreyers? Hmmmmm.......

  • LittlePiggy Production
    LittlePiggy Production Hace un año

    Who else finishes a whole icecream tub in 5mins (awkward silence) no just me ok ill go home (goes home goes to the corner curls into a ball and finishes icecream)

  • LittlePiggy Production
    LittlePiggy Production Hace un año +6

    Who else calls this a snack

    • Bet Freddy
      Bet Freddy Hace un año

      Potatoe Family clearly no one lol

  • samantha yass
    samantha yass Hace un año

    you dont enjoy your food you just want to finish it!!! whyyyyy?!

  • Clenna Asisi
    Clenna Asisi Hace un año

    u look unhappy dude lol....

  • Clenna Asisi
    Clenna Asisi Hace un año

    ohh man u look horoble lol....

  • ray bolter
    ray bolter Hace un año +2

    these videos are great!! if I want to cheat on my diet...I just watch them and the idea goes out of my mind in less than 2 seconds! xD

  • ShinyHappyPurple
    ShinyHappyPurple Hace un año

    To me bananas are ripe and taste best when they have brown spots on them, not when they're green like yours lol.

  • Tiffanii Bella Hatsune
    Tiffanii Bella Hatsune Hace un año

    I love ice cream 😋😊💖🍦🍨

  • memes are dead
    memes are dead Hace un año +2


  • memes are dead
    memes are dead Hace un año +2

    can you shut the fuck up

  • princess 12
    princess 12 Hace un año


  • Richard Pajooh
    Richard Pajooh Hace un año

    I need to stop watching your vids while on a diet lol :/

  • Eoin king
    Eoin king Hace un año

    Fml ben and jerrys pints are like 4-5 dollars there. Over here in Australia it's like $12 for a pint

  • Melon b i n c h
    Melon b i n c h Hace un año

    friend: gay Amelia wanna hangout?
    me: sorry I already have plans to watch a tiny man eat 12 pounds of ice cream

  • Bob D
    Bob D Hace un año

    Good god lol

  • Erin Royer
    Erin Royer Hace un año +3

    I'm surprised you didn't break out the whipped cream/redi whip!

  • D
    D Hace un año

    I had no idea snowballs were chocolate on the inside. I'm mortified.

  • Giza Stormy
    Giza Stormy Hace un año

    why does anyone do that himself? :(

  • Athletic.4Life
    Athletic.4Life Hace un año

    ice cream and pizza are my fav cheat xD

  • Annette cbx
    Annette cbx Hace un año

    I felt like just eating the last 2 ice cream tubs for him, GREAT VIDEO THIS IS AMAZINGG

  • Arya Lehleighin
    Arya Lehleighin Hace un año +1

    No clue why I watched this. I'm lactose intolerant. I work at an ice cream shop. Not a fan of ice cream. Thumbs upped the video anyways ._.

  • Hannah Diffie
    Hannah Diffie Hace un año

    It's amazing how much icecream you can eat. ○_○ Maybe I'm just weird, but that's really cool 😎 and chill. hah

  • Addison Kovac
    Addison Kovac Hace un año

    You poor thing. But hey! You did it!

  • David Petty
    David Petty Hace un año

    I'm more surprised you ate all that with out a hoodie or blanket.

  • Mardig Bidanian
    Mardig Bidanian Hace un año

    Downing 12 lbs of ice cream looks painful but mirin' the System of a Down nostalgia

  • Michael Kohlts
    Michael Kohlts Hace un año

    Dude Looking painful and challenging at the same time. Haha but Killer job on the 34mins 🤙👏

  • Meadow
    Meadow Hace un año

    Imagine the poop

  • Gomillion
    Gomillion Hace un año

    You talk a lot

  • Andrew Schmitt
    Andrew Schmitt Hace un año +1

    So, you've talked about eating disorders in the past. Don't you think that you have a eating disorder? considering all of these eating videos. Don't take me the wrong way. I have been suffering from B.E.D. for a long time.

    • Aidan Costello
      Aidan Costello Hace un año

      Andrew Schmitt he's in control of himself and chooses to do this so not BED

    • Andrew Schmitt
      Andrew Schmitt Hace un año

      *B.E.D.= binge eating disorder

  • rena jaber
    rena jaber Hace un año

    Sometimes I ask myself if I am problematic! Whyyy I love watch you eating?

  • Hot Vegan
    Hot Vegan Hace un año +3

    I'm scared for his health

  • lecabo1
    lecabo1 Hace un año

    does your ribcage and abs hurt after big cheat day? mine do

  • Q U A T T R O
    Q U A T T R O Hace un año

    lookin at that baby he is growing, i guess u cant say he faked the challenge :D

  • Savannas Spirit xo
    Savannas Spirit xo Hace un año +1


  • Reece Chambers
    Reece Chambers Hace un año

    your poor stomach

  • Nenad Filipovic
    Nenad Filipovic Hace un año

    I'm a BIG fan of ice cream, but that many... You sir, are amazing.

  • LaughingFrenzy321
    LaughingFrenzy321 Hace un año

    Liked how he showed the before and after

  • bacon nation
    bacon nation Hace un año

    Damn that's a lot of ice cream

  • OelOel
    OelOel Hace un año

    You look like Danny D from Brazzers haha

  • Yun Ni
    Yun Ni Hace un año

    i wonder if ur parents know these videos and their thoughts on it ! . This is crazy not normal

  • Josh Newman
    Josh Newman Hace un año


  • Josh Hockett
    Josh Hockett Hace un año

    you have super powers! coming from a lactose intolerant mind you.......the ability to do this just blows my mind! bless your soul in the days just after Erik!

  • Sarah Proschwitz
    Sarah Proschwitz Hace un año +2

    I don't know why, but this is legit the third time I've watched this video. 😂😂😂

  • Mazi Heydary
    Mazi Heydary Hace un año

    Cool dude - Do u listen to Mastodon?

  • Paul b
    Paul b Hace un año

    great vid! impressive!

  • Fabio Farinatti
    Fabio Farinatti Hace un año +1

    You are LEGEN... wait for it, DARY!! Hahahaha ;)
    Man I just love your vids, I tried the 10K challenge but I was only able to eat 8500 haha! But I'll try again! And I have just bought a bike (Caloi speed) here in Brazil, with a bunch of accessories on it (GPS and other things). I actually wanted a better one but taxes here in Brazil for imported BIKES are just absurd and if you have a good bike here is like saying to the bandits "Hey, come steal my bike"

  • kill or be killed one nation under god


  • WetBread
    WetBread Hace un año +5

    that bloat was legendary lmao. how long before your stomach swells back down? few days?

    • Chiara  Lencioni
      Chiara Lencioni Hace un año

      Sara and actually how do you know that? He has never said that.

    • Sara
      Sara Hace un año +5

      MrCruzAlex He throws up after eating.

  • Niamh Winters
    Niamh Winters Hace un año +4

    I think people seriously underestimate the pain of binge eating. Add on top of that the pain of eating something COLD (talk about brain freeze), I'm surprised you didn't complain more to be honest haha. Anyone bitching at you for 'complaining' has probably never eaten more than a whole pizza in one sitting, let alone 12 pounds of ice cream.

  • Mohsen Toorani
    Mohsen Toorani Hace un año

    removed the clock in the background?

  • angelexi
    angelexi Hace un año +46

    Why not do a "These are a few of my favourite things" challenge?" Where you don't time, but sit, enjoy your food, and not a mukbang I guess

    • Hayles Hayles
      Hayles Hayles Hace un año

      That's a idea I comment on these sort of challenges all the time... Well said

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus Hace un año +1

    Do the heart attack grill for your next challenge

  • IamReload
    IamReload Hace un año +1

    Respect 😁👍🏽

  • Carly Riding
    Carly Riding Hace un año

    All that dairy and sugar!!! Great video Erik, feel better soon. :p

  • tom walkear
    tom walkear Hace un año +17

    Instead of complaining about melted ice cream maybe you should put it in the freezer?

  • Evan Norconk
    Evan Norconk Hace un año

    Cool so do I, which part of San Diego ?

  • Angi Anarchy
    Angi Anarchy Hace un año

    Omg Erik I'm freezing just from watching this!! Oh... And from being in NY where it's currently 9 degrees! lol 😂😭🍦❄️

  • Julian Correa
    Julian Correa Hace un año +3

    do a 10k calorie on Mexican food

  • Hailee fish
    Hailee fish Hace un año +1

    After the first tub, I immediately felt bad for you:(

  • Nic Nolan
    Nic Nolan Hace un año +6

    how do you not have diabetes

    • Zylina Scott
      Zylina Scott Hace 8 meses

      Nic Nolan that was rude you no what rude people should go to jail

  • Nic Nolan
    Nic Nolan Hace un año +10

    the fuck! we pay $13 for a ben and jerrys in Australia so unfair

  • Mobstar Hipstar
    Mobstar Hipstar Hace un año

    who else cringed when they saw the Total Calories breakdown