• Publicado el 17 sep 2017
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Comentarios • 1 337

  • xXSoldierXx2 0
    xXSoldierXx2 0 Hace 21 un hora

    Chipotle is WAY better

  • Alex García
    Alex García Hace 2 días

    Your like I gotta catch it and you eat the caca burrito lol

  • ScoobaMusic
    ScoobaMusic Hace 2 días

    How the fuck are you so skinny?! I eat one of those and I gain 10 pounds.

  • comedyflu
    comedyflu Hace 3 días

    The beef is cut with oatmeal that's why it's beef product

  • A.T Man
    A.T Man Hace 4 días

    Soft tacos are the best

  • Unicorn Glitter Glam
    Unicorn Glitter Glam Hace 6 días

    Hard taco

  • Fortnite hacker God
    Fortnite hacker God Hace 6 días

    They forgot the water🤷🏼‍♂️

  • VowelManFilm
    VowelManFilm Hace 6 días

    You’re strict dude!

  • Zeid Zawaideh
    Zeid Zawaideh Hace 7 días

    Anyone notice the hair at 4:25

  • Alex Vielmann
    Alex Vielmann Hace 8 días

    Crunchy my amazing amigo!! Man I cant get enough of these videos!! Im definetly subscribing!!

  • Topi Arda Kucukal
    Topi Arda Kucukal Hace 10 días


  • Beautiful Byrd
    Beautiful Byrd Hace 10 días

    Hard taco

  • Aisha Ingram
    Aisha Ingram Hace 11 días

    Soft taco🤟🏾

  • sam Hendrickson
    sam Hendrickson Hace 11 días

    I love the soft taco and hard taco

  • sam Hendrickson
    sam Hendrickson Hace 11 días

    I love Taco Bell

  • Gr33n Shy Guy
    Gr33n Shy Guy Hace 11 días

    Eat chick Fil a

  • viadly pierre
    viadly pierre Hace 12 días

    I'm more of a hard taco kind of person

  • Liv&GeorgeGamingShow
    Liv&GeorgeGamingShow Hace 12 días

    Did you mean poo

  • Liv&GeorgeGamingShow
    Liv&GeorgeGamingShow Hace 12 días

    I would like you to eat

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe Hace 12 días

    Just ask for the entire menu??

  • Jake Hammaker
    Jake Hammaker Hace 12 días

    I'm definitely a hard guy

  • Kelly Garrett
    Kelly Garrett Hace 12 días

    Your going to eat it regardless , shuuuttt up please

  • Kelly Garrett
    Kelly Garrett Hace 12 días

    I never seen someone complain so much.. shut up and eat it 😴

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia Hace 13 días

    This gringo is muy loco!!

  • Jack Law
    Jack Law Hace 13 días

    go try frozen cokes

  • Philip Wilson
    Philip Wilson Hace 13 días

    Soft taco

  • sahil ali
    sahil ali Hace 13 días

    hard taco all the way

  • Kevin Grzesiak
    Kevin Grzesiak Hace 14 días

    Still can't believe you ate all that Taco Bell with no sauce. You are a disgrace.

  • Keмe Avallacн
    Keмe Avallacн Hace 14 días

    Beefy fritos burritos are absolutely disgusting

  • Peter Decelles
    Peter Decelles Hace 14 días

    That make you poop

  • Alison Haffar
    Alison Haffar Hace 15 días +1

    At 1:58 watch the words “Mexican pizza” move left

  • Savage type
    Savage type Hace 15 días

    11:18 good asf

  • God Vegito
    God Vegito Hace 17 días

    Hard taco

  • G4v1n426
    G4v1n426 Hace 17 días

    I ate Taco Bell while watching this.

  • Kresna D Adji
    Kresna D Adji Hace 17 días

    Currently fasting, but, fuck it smh

  • autumn iceblood
    autumn iceblood Hace 18 días


  • James Rubio
    James Rubio Hace 19 días


  • Paul Martinez
    Paul Martinez Hace 19 días

    I'm so hungry

  • Destiny Eckenrode
    Destiny Eckenrode Hace 19 días


  • Henry vargas
    Henry vargas Hace 20 días

    Get Mexican food at the truck

  • Noh Botty
    Noh Botty Hace 20 días

    Taco Bell is the fuckin greatest boiiiiiii

  • Brett Kuhn
    Brett Kuhn Hace 20 días

    Soft taco guy

  • Hailey Cobb
    Hailey Cobb Hace 20 días

    The mini thing in the tinfoil is a mini quesadilla smh

  • wassup gang
    wassup gang Hace 20 días

    Seen this 10 times my favorite video of you

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Hace 21 un día

    Hard taco

  • Christian Soler
    Christian Soler Hace 23 días +2

    I want to eat taco bell for ever

  • Angela Kappes
    Angela Kappes Hace 24 días

    I'd so do this

  • Faith Tucker
    Faith Tucker Hace 24 días

    The Fiery Cheesy Gordita Crunches are my favorite. You should try one :)

    TRINITY CURTIS Hace 24 días

    I love Taco Bell I get it at least once every week definitely gave a like before the video even started!

  • Lee 7wak
    Lee 7wak Hace 25 días

    Get a job seriously

  • Brandon Curtis
    Brandon Curtis Hace 26 días

    Your a dumb white boy I swear

  • EnvyMaliceMikki
    EnvyMaliceMikki Hace 27 días +6

    dude youre literally so awesome. i dont think people tell you that enough

  • Keria Garnett
    Keria Garnett Hace 28 días

    Beans beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you’ll toot!

  • Cristian Vega
    Cristian Vega Hace 29 días

    If you call taco bell mexican food one more time i will kill you. Its american not mexican taco bell is not near as good as real tacos

  • SS Squad
    SS Squad Hace 29 días

    Soft taco person

  • Tobin Frost
    Tobin Frost Hace un mes

    Dude I’m so hungry watching that. Great video!

  • Liam G
    Liam G Hace un mes

    "Eat delicious food" It's taco Bell my guy that's not happening

  • Katrina Antonio
    Katrina Antonio Hace un mes

    That's a quesadilla not a taco! lol

  • King Savage
    King Savage Hace un mes

    I’m a supreme

  • Logan Leal
    Logan Leal Hace un mes

    I wander what a supercharged Starbucks would look like 🤔

  • Josh Warnock
    Josh Warnock Hace un mes

    Soft taco

  • Aiiden Palomino
    Aiiden Palomino Hace un mes

    Boi he’s going to puke after this

  • Elisa Cortorreal Rosario

    Matt stonie is better than you, maybe u can do a vídeo with he

  • Elisa Cortorreal Rosario

    U not met the REAL mexican food, u suck

  • Aleef Syafiq
    Aleef Syafiq Hace un mes

    I had a question...did your toilet destroyed?

  • Jacob Aceves
    Jacob Aceves Hace un mes

    Taco bell is can of not Mexican food you know what is a taco truck

  • Carnage_ Gaming
    Carnage_ Gaming Hace un mes

    Soft taco

  • dae leigh
    dae leigh Hace un mes

    soft tacoo gang

  • Kris Eaton
    Kris Eaton Hace un mes

    I love u

  • Christian Gade
    Christian Gade Hace un mes

    Talk about the food please

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome Hace un mes

    Soft taco

  • red beans n rice
    red beans n rice Hace un mes

    Who tf puts the sauce on the OUTSIDE OF THE TACO

  • Rebecca Ireland
    Rebecca Ireland Hace un mes

    ‘Beans beans the magical fruit’... And when u eat them, u take a poop

  • HALO8582
    HALO8582 Hace un mes

    Whose mans is this

  • Jamie Jazz
    Jamie Jazz Hace un mes

    Definitely soft (tacos that is 😆).

  • ADaMRulS
    ADaMRulS Hace un mes

    Idk why I’m fucking addicted to your videos

  • Kevin Rolle
    Kevin Rolle Hace un mes

    Soft tocos

  • MxEli41
    MxEli41 Hace un mes

    I like the dsr from bo2🤙🔥

  • deja Lewis
    deja Lewis Hace un mes

    The things in foil are mini quesadillas 😂

  • Christopher Hawley
    Christopher Hawley Hace un mes

    Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you poop

  • WG TV
    WG TV Hace un mes


  • sarah.
    sarah. Hace un mes

    Its a mini shredded quesadilla in the foil

  • Jordan Leckie
    Jordan Leckie Hace un mes

    Im a hard taco person

  • Fats Durkee
    Fats Durkee Hace un mes

    Awesome, one of the few consistent places, that serves authentic Mexican food.

    • Fats Durkee
      Fats Durkee Hace un mes

      When we would visit our Aubela she would always greet us at the door, with piping hot Nacho Fries.

    • ErikTheElectric
      ErikTheElectric  Hace un mes +1

      Hopefully there's some sarcasm here. The last thing that taco bell serves is "authentic" mexican food. lol

  • Moe Savage Beast
    Moe Savage Beast Hace un mes

    Have fun taking a shit

  • Ty Newcomer
    Ty Newcomer Hace un mes

    I love it when you talk

  • channtel wright
    channtel wright Hace un mes

    I like soft better.

  • YourGurl Rihanna
    YourGurl Rihanna Hace un mes

    The beef is not bad

  • Alisha Lodewyk
    Alisha Lodewyk Hace un mes

    You can get the cheesy Gordita crunch with a Doritos locos shell... you need to try it so good!!! 🙌🏼

  • austin little
    austin little Hace un mes


  • Logan Shaker
    Logan Shaker Hace un mes

    Hard taco, now I want all of this food...

  • Andrew Reece
    Andrew Reece Hace un mes

    Coming from a guy who works at a fast food joint. If someone orderd this much food in one order

  • Gibberiish -
    Gibberiish - Hace un mes

    Love the video man ! But I do not know but in Ohio the have a fast food chicken place called Caine’s.. honestly it’s 10/10 check if they have it near you.

  • bahram 2424
    bahram 2424 Hace 2 meses

    Soft toco for the win

  • Straypopcorn 7
    Straypopcorn 7 Hace 2 meses


  • Brendon Stadelman
    Brendon Stadelman Hace 2 meses +1

    The more you eat'em the more you poop 💩

  • Naim Morehouse
    Naim Morehouse Hace 2 meses

    Sift taco

  • Eddie Walker
    Eddie Walker Hace 2 meses +1

    The video looks yummy

  • Bean Screen
    Bean Screen Hace 2 meses

    I got diarrhea just by watching this

  • Fancy Alexie Gamer
    Fancy Alexie Gamer Hace 2 meses

    I'm so hungry now..