Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story (2016)

  • Publicado el 21 nov 2016
  • The true story of the two years that changed the Queen front man's life. It should not be forgotten that FREDDIE MERCURY WAS A MUSICAL GENIUS and that this documentary retraces his private life only. Not the huge music of Queen.
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  • Nabeela Wisal
    Nabeela Wisal Hace un hora

    He was noy only infected with HIV he infected alot of people. And where is his parents when he was dying?

  • Giovanni Santos
    Giovanni Santos Hace 12 horas

    My dea Freddy May you have Rest In Peace ma y god lord take cadere e of you there in Hearn I will see you then just wait fo me my dear ds🦊🦊🦊

  • Denise Monroy
    Denise Monroy Hace 19 horas

    Rami malek Nailed it

  • Gankageddon
    Gankageddon Hace 2 días

    5:36 a white female version of Forest Whittaker's eye.

  • The Marvel
    The Marvel Hace 2 días +1

    He did it to himself...and didn't care about spreading it to others!

  • Scarlett Amarillo Azul De La Rosa

    Freddie dead still has more charm and charisma than anyone of today's alive singers do.

  • Johnnybe
    Johnnybe Hace 3 días +1

    Was all that dick in the ass worth it. He should have stayed straight with Mary and married her and had a couple of kids. He'd still be alive, happy and with grown kids around him. It's a shame we're not turned on by normalcy anymore and we see it as boring.
    We'll let us remember from Freddie Mercury's story, the sad truth is that the grass is not greener on the otherside.

  • Freddie_ mercury _is_amazing

    :( I miss Freddie

  • A.J. Anderson
    A.J. Anderson Hace 3 días

    I'm a strait guy by the way

  • A.J. Anderson
    A.J. Anderson Hace 3 días

    I only cry for true greatness.tears of love

  • Ilona Klubnikina
    Ilona Klubnikina Hace 4 días

    Не было у него СПИДа !

  • Ingrid Schantl
    Ingrid Schantl Hace 4 días

    Mich wundert nur. Eines, daß. Mary austin nicht mit dem. Aids. Virus, angesteckt wurde, sie ist 76. Jahre alt!!!!

    ABCDEFG Hace 4 días +1

    He was a whore with a great voice... I loved him. Listen closely to his lyrics, and you will realize that his own self- destructive behavior that what led to his demise... his sexual drive was the only motive for him to be alive!

  • Ryan Lavapiez
    Ryan Lavapiez Hace 4 díasídeo.html check out my impersonation of freddie just for fun

  • MZ412BABY
    MZ412BABY Hace 4 días

    Who leaked anything to the press?

    MAYETTE CALLOPE Hace 4 días


    MAYETTE CALLOPE Hace 4 días


  • Ma N
    Ma N Hace 4 días

    Isn't it strange that Freddy was quite promiscuous knowing AIDS was out there and all of these "Friends" are only concerned about him, not the people who he might have shared the "love" with? I watched Bohemian Rhapsody tonight (good movie) and some interviews with the band after his death and they just seem to be in a bubble of denial about his excesses. Wonder if that has anything to do with potential claim liability? Great artist, reckless spirit.

  • irish pj
    irish pj Hace 5 días

    More accurate and interesting than the BoRhap movie.

  • Jennifer Gongora
    Jennifer Gongora Hace 5 días


  • Shelly Mayer
    Shelly Mayer Hace 5 días +1

    oh my lord so much for patient confidentiality! Others knew he had an HIV test and we're talking about it like they were privy to that info! L.A.W.S.U.I.T.

  • Grainy hana
    Grainy hana Hace 5 días +1

    Why do press dont respect freddie like he is severly ILL yet those fucking paparazzis are bothering his private life

    RICK G TEXAS Hace 5 días


  • Dorothy Duran
    Dorothy Duran Hace 6 días

    Why did he only leave one hundred thousand to Terry. Terry did so much for him and he left all others five hundred thousand....

  • Маргарита Кач

    I don’t think Freddie would have liked this movie. A lively Mercury would drive into the snout.

  • Nympha Joven
    Nympha Joven Hace 6 días

    What happened to her partner?

    SHERMOE45 Hace 6 días

    You really feel for him. The disease was in it prime. Just like a death sentence in Mid 80's and early 90's. He said it in his own term. He compact 45 years into life of 70 years old person.

  • mutya delgado
    mutya delgado Hace 7 días +3

    this is more accurate than bohemian rhapsody.

  • Carmen Flores
    Carmen Flores Hace 7 días

    Traducir a español

  • Rhondar9
    Rhondar9 Hace 9 días

    miss him

  • Pink Candy Leah
    Pink Candy Leah Hace 9 días


  • Felicia Amanda Lim
    Felicia Amanda Lim Hace 9 días +11

    Rami Malek is a briliant great actor. And he played as Freddie so fuc*in good in the movie. But the actor in this documentary was so much more alike to Freddie than Rami 😱😱. Perfectly alike. And its amazing

  • Dawn Henderson
    Dawn Henderson Hace 10 días

    This is scary. I lost a childhood friend to this disease back in the 90’s. She could have lived if she had just stopped drinking and doing drugs WHICH SHE DID. But she was determined to hustle to make money to leave to her only daughter by alternative means. With so much money came denial so she quit her healthy lifestyle and went back to partying. It took her out quickly after. Still hurts to this day, I sang at her funeral because she always loved the way I sang. Rip old friend, I love you.

  • Stein ove Sjursen
    Stein ove Sjursen Hace 10 días +1

    Seriously no other bands had that talent within singing and guitar playing ever on this planet??? That made Queen so unique and special...☺

  • Stein ove Sjursen
    Stein ove Sjursen Hace 10 días

    I don't think anyone can replace Freddie Mercury right? He was something special and I'm pretty sure he is impossible to replace...I'm really sorry if my english is hard to understand but I'm a huge fan of Queen..I'm a singer myself and he was my favourite singer in the history of mankind I mean from the very beginning of all male singers ever on this planet... ☺

  • Stein ove Sjursen
    Stein ove Sjursen Hace 10 días +2

    Freddie Mercury didn't give a damn back then?

  • Stein ove Sjursen
    Stein ove Sjursen Hace 10 días +1

    Who is this actor?

  • Rose Bloom
    Rose Bloom Hace 11 días

    This is where the road to death leads. Money & fame mean nothing in the end. We came naked into this world and are going out the same way, unless we know the king of kings and Lord of Lords. Pray this man gave his heart before he left planet earth. Will not reply to disrespectful replys

  • susan franklyn
    susan franklyn Hace 11 días

    Aids originated from the USA. We always knew that.

    • ian muse
      ian muse Hace 8 días

      No, Susan, actually AIDS originated from Africa.

  • Detskiy Kanal
    Detskiy Kanal Hace 11 días +2

    Why does no one speak about his reckless, irresponsible shagging around, forget AIDS, there are other diseases, and at some point when other gay friends started getting sick he should have and must have realised that there was a high chance he had it too, and he still kept changing partners so frequently?

  • Halima Hassan
    Halima Hassan Hace 11 días +2

    He looks more like freddie than Rami.

  • Jongie Reyes
    Jongie Reyes Hace 11 días

    This documentation is so good

  • Elvira Gomez
    Elvira Gomez Hace 12 días +5

    What great friends, so loving and loyal

  • Lagrimas Prestegui
    Lagrimas Prestegui Hace 12 días

    i decided to get a cup of tee
    right right motha fucka!!LOL

  • iliyansii Stefanova
    iliyansii Stefanova Hace 12 días

    That's a ONE BIG LIE...FREDDY and BARBARA were friends..a very good friends,not a partners wtf?!

  • FeelsBadMan
    FeelsBadMan Hace 12 días +2

    i watched the whole thing and im crying rn

  • dev aqa
    dev aqa Hace 12 días

    After watching this,I was think word " darling" not Mariah Carey,but FREDDIE MERCURY

  • Jim Shin
    Jim Shin Hace 12 días

    who is this actorrr

  • 2kGamer PH
    2kGamer PH Hace 12 días


  • Taurian Belle
    Taurian Belle Hace 12 días

    and that's why he's dead at such a young age. What a waste.


    My heart aches! Freddie, was a really nice guy! He is greatly missed and his music lives forever!!

  • missmarionlewis
    missmarionlewis Hace 13 días +8

    No one should ever be forced into revealing their medical diagnosis. It's so sad how the press treated him

  • X MaKKs
    X MaKKs Hace 13 días +1

    Wait he’s gay but not gay?

  • SaxyDan54
    SaxyDan54 Hace 13 días +1

    Back in the 80's I worked at a hospital. When AIDS became a household word, medical professionals were in agreement that they did not want to be forced to treat anyone with AIDS. We had several town hall type meetings and emotions rang high against treat AIDS patients. Thus was born the concept of Universal Precautions. In essence, you treat EVERYONE as is they had AIDS, which was smart on many different levels. There was some resistance to this policy, since it meant the cost of treating a patient rose (cost of gloves, masks, disposable gowns, etc) and procedures had to change. It was a weird time. Freddie was fantastic as was Queen. Such great music.

  • Jake ball is Life
    Jake ball is Life Hace 13 días +1

    This is all a lie

  • EL OH EL
    EL OH EL Hace 14 días

    Freddie in the thumbnail looks super creepy haha

  • Brandi Casey
    Brandi Casey Hace 14 días +2

    Rip Freddie. He was a legend and will forever be remembered and celebrated through his music. I hate he died the way he did. He was a special person.

  • Merit
    Merit Hace 14 días

    I just fallen in love with him.

  • ChannelRalph
    ChannelRalph Hace 14 días

    Oh Freddie...... So much love for you.

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak Hace 14 días +3

    All my heroes died young or in there prime.
    Jimmy Hendrix, Lennon, Morrison, Kurt Kobain, Freedie Mercury. They all gone to heaven n ill see them when my time come.

  • Ram Martin
    Ram Martin Hace 15 días

    November 1991 was a bad month, First magic Johnson confirms he has the HIV virus, and Freddie Mercury dying of AIDS

  • chrystie smith
    chrystie smith Hace 15 días

    So sad but freddie will always be a legend

  • beatbox is music
    beatbox is music Hace 15 días

    Satanic at it's most awful true color

  • Timothy Alcazaren
    Timothy Alcazaren Hace 15 días +1

    People didn't want to be tested because, there is nothing they can do about it. Nope, that's not the point doctors could have prevented the spread of the virus if everyone got tested.

  • Maud K
    Maud K Hace 16 días

    I do like that rats in the tabloid , those wannabees are pictured right in this movie

  • Maud K
    Maud K Hace 16 días

    better ask those that know ..that would be the band

  • giperez165
    giperez165 Hace 16 días

    I really don't think that Freddie said "Darling" nearly half as often as this dude said it lmfao

  • KnOcKs101 Prime
    KnOcKs101 Prime Hace 16 días

    As a young black man I'm highly disappointed I just found out about Queen due to the new movie. So much classic music I've heard but never knew its origin and now I'm hooked. Thank you Mr Mercury and Queen for the great music.

  • Laylah Khumalo
    Laylah Khumalo Hace 16 días

    Reading the comments I realize people don’t know the difference between HIV and AIDS.....maybe if you started by knowing the difference you will educate yourself about the disease

  • JayGoldenBeach
    JayGoldenBeach Hace 17 días

    39:08 - Wonder who Rupert Murdoch/News of the World bribed or bullied to get hold of Freddie's HIV test info??

  • Mint Arella
    Mint Arella Hace 17 días

    Only a separation for our God self brings about self destruction. There are people who experience just as much, and worse and do not self destruct. It was his karmic lesson which he did learn and died in Peace with it. Long live Freddie Mercury.

  • Areli Ubaldo
    Areli Ubaldo Hace 17 días +1

    The woman here looked more like Mary Austin than in the movie. But I admit the movie as great! :)

  • UnbounedWebst3r
    UnbounedWebst3r Hace 18 días

    The actor for Freddie was terrible

  • Jhenny Chloe
    Jhenny Chloe Hace 18 días

    the bohemian rhapsody movie was so very2x sad story but i really love the band queen best of the best of all band for me

  • cian can
    cian can Hace 18 días

    non like film rami malek Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story (2016) ok

  • Kathem Albadry
    Kathem Albadry Hace 18 días

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  • Kathem Albadry
    Kathem Albadry Hace 18 días

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  • jimijackson
    jimijackson Hace 18 días

    Freddie didn't say "darling" every second sentence lol

  • J B
    J B Hace 18 días

    Wait so the rest of queen wasn’t gay

  • Carlos Venegas
    Carlos Venegas Hace 19 días

    Never has there been a rockstar like him... nothing but love

  • Donald Hill
    Donald Hill Hace 19 días

    Such a sad story. I always loved his talent.

  • Swagatam Debnath
    Swagatam Debnath Hace 19 días

    This part should have been shown in the movie...

  • Ingrid Schantl
    Ingrid Schantl Hace 20 días

    Machen wir uns nichts vor, seine meisten sogenannten. Freunde, inkl.der blonden dicken. Hurre, haben ja jahrelang auf. Freddies. Kosten gesoffen und gefressen, er war ein genauso guter. Kerl wie. Michael. Jackson, mir tuts leid um. Beide, die zwei. Besten. Sänger der. Welt, haben sich viel zu früh, verabschiedet!!!!!!

  • MindyKay
    MindyKay Hace 20 días +1

    The 80's and early 90's was SUCH a terrifying time! 😔 And unless you were alive during that time, you really don't have the right to judge. Not much was known, and everyone thinks "oh it can never happen to me". It unfortunately happened to him. 😔

  • Nan Carter
    Nan Carter Hace 20 días +1

    I wish this was available long ago. I learned about aids in a more in-depth way. How sad and utterly life shattering to have such a horrible preventable disease take your life.

  • Christy Dunlap
    Christy Dunlap Hace 21 un día +1

    The tabloids are monsters, vultures, DIRTY BITCHES.

  • tommyisamonster gaming
    tommyisamonster gaming Hace 21 un día

    I like Freddy mercry but I don,t like the fact that he's gay

  • superbass340
    superbass340 Hace 21 un día +3

    'many people didnt test for hiv for a good reason: we didnt have any treatment..So it was pointless..'
    And what about dont infecting other people?
    Is the journalist stupid?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hace 21 un día

    I'm glad i didn't born in the 70s to 80s. Damm my dad and grandpa told me literally everyone smoke 24/7.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hace 21 un día

    Dam he got Aid by sucking or anal sex.

  • jeannaleemarie
    jeannaleemarie Hace 22 días

    The exit is not the entrance

  • Rv j Ramones
    Rv j Ramones Hace 22 días


  • Jenny Piper
    Jenny Piper Hace 22 días


  • caoilainn oleary
    caoilainn oleary Hace 22 días

    This actor should have been in the film, malek was awfull

  • Urna Jamie
    Urna Jamie Hace 23 días

    Why Mary seems still ok if he had AIDS?

  • Lizz White/DC
    Lizz White/DC Hace 23 días

    no one has the right to pass any judgement on a man who lived more than most of us even dream to

  • Bo Gade Bækdahl
    Bo Gade Bækdahl Hace 23 días

    Excellent performance. He gets Everything right about Freddie.

  • Szwejo5
    Szwejo5 Hace 23 días

    43:28-Ma Boi

  • jacob khiangte97
    jacob khiangte97 Hace 23 días +1

    If he doesn't transformed to fuckn Gay, he must be alive... Sob!

  • Tyra Livingston
    Tyra Livingston Hace 23 días

    Did Freddy bands mate know about his secrets life?