Freddie Mercury Story : His tragic AIDS Story (2016)

  • Publicado el 21 nov 2016
  • The true story of the two years that changed the Queen front man's life. It should not be forgotten that FREDDIE MERCURY WAS A MUSICAL GENIUS and that this documentary retraces his private life only. Not the huge music of Queen.
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  • It's Ok To Be White
    It's Ok To Be White Hace 13 horas


  • Yvette Villa
    Yvette Villa Hace 16 horas

    Est ce que ç est vraiment Lui?

  • Alleah Laceda
    Alleah Laceda Hace 16 horas

    If thier is a medicine on hiv maybe freddy will still be alive right now

    TELIO Hace un día

    music was best, his personaality was total failure. We lost prince of rock, because of coments

  • zoran ghost
    zoran ghost Hace un día


  • Anne Connors
    Anne Connors Hace un día

    How did he get AIDS?

  • Ranel Sorreda
    Ranel Sorreda Hace un día

    We all have our flaws. Freddie decided whats the best till the end, keep making music though AIDS was already ravaging his health. UK press thought otherwise,. wankers!!!

  • ChestyMD
    ChestyMD Hace un día +1

    the press is the same today....idk how these people sleep

  • charmaine arellano
    charmaine arellano Hace un día

    does mary got infected too?

  • charmaine arellano
    charmaine arellano Hace un día

    it's so sad watching a dying person. 😖

  • Joelma reis
    Joelma reis Hace un día +1

    Esse homem era muito lindo

  • pamela shaffer
    pamela shaffer Hace un día

    It's always the best people on Earth who die way too soon!!! The World lost so much when he passed

  • Bell
    Bell Hace un día

    now i'm crying

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton Hace un día +1

    I REALLY need to see Bohemian Rhapsody....

  • Elton Joel
    Elton Joel Hace un día

    They should’ve got this guy to play Freddie in the movie, he looks much more like him than the bug-eyed guy they actually got.

  • lucky h
    lucky h Hace 2 días

    He had a loyal boyfriend, friends ex girlfriend ,and band

  • Ocean Master
    Ocean Master Hace 2 días

    Well, you know the saying. You play stupid games, and you win stupid prizes. In his case his prize was AIDS.

  • Anarose Munoz
    Anarose Munoz Hace 2 días

    Freddie Mercury the great pretender... people around the world won't forget you...

  • Thomas Obazee
    Thomas Obazee Hace 2 días

    So sad....

  • Gabi Plays GamesYT
    Gabi Plays GamesYT Hace 3 días

    That does nott look like Freddie xD (the younger version)

  • Ms Tide
    Ms Tide Hace 3 días

    Rami was awesome. Great movie. Definitely a must see

    • Ms Tide
      Ms Tide Hace un día

      +Ocean Master Its merely my opinion. Mercury did not have a twin. So of course things would be different. The live aid scene was where I felt he resembled him the most.

    • Ocean Master
      Ocean Master Hace un día

      +Ms Tide Not even the slightest physical resemblance (other then the prosthetic teeth) Rami's face is completely different, his build is different, his height is shorter, and most of all his EYES are totaly, completely different. That's the part that stand out the most is how the eyes are so different.

    • Ms Tide
      Ms Tide Hace 2 días

      +Ocean Master once they made him over he looked a lot like Mercury

    • Ocean Master
      Ocean Master Hace 2 días

      He acted the part well, but was the only actor in the film that had absolutely zero physical resemblance to the actual real band member.

  • Castor Draven
    Castor Draven Hace 3 días

    If there was a blueprint on how to be a true front man singer. It would all be about Freddie. I am sure he is in heaven jamming with all the legends of music.

  • Niccole N.
    Niccole N. Hace 3 días +1

    He was openly gay and wrote songs lifting up Satan.

  • Aleka Dela Cruz
    Aleka Dela Cruz Hace 4 días +5

    The actor got the voice of Freddie right haha very well done

  • rachd
    rachd Hace 4 días

    He's a true legend i watched this until the end such a sad documentary 💔

    • rachd
      rachd Hace un día

      +James Terry how is he a piece of shit? His music will live on forever nobody does music like him now

    • James Terry
      James Terry Hace 3 días

      rachd how do you get that a piece of 💩like him is a legend?

  • Zoé D
    Zoé D Hace 4 días

    Ce n'est pas que tragique.

  • Rosemarie Sarmiento
    Rosemarie Sarmiento Hace 4 días +1

    Rest in peace legend!👏❤️

    • James Terry
      James Terry Hace 3 días

      Rosemarie Sarmiento yea burn in hell for eternity Freddy piece of 💩!!

  • Christopher Dale
    Christopher Dale Hace 4 días

    Watching this documentary made me angry how the press treated him in his final days when He couldn't defend himself Iam just lost for words I have no respect for Vulture Press ie fleet street. JOE HAINES you are one of the most vival human beans the worst form.

  • Stand Here
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  • Push Mak B
    Push Mak B Hace 4 días

    As much as I can imagine what it was like to have this virus during that time, I can also feel for the doctors who didn’t know how to help their patients....this must have been the most frightened times for everyone. We have to thank God for the progress that has been made in managing this disease!!!

  • Jmsessn
    Jmsessn Hace 5 días

    thank you for having been, freddie 😻😻😻

  • erika alvarez
    erika alvarez Hace 5 días

    Ramy did a great job

    LEROD NOTABOL Hace 5 días


  • Bella Vintage
    Bella Vintage Hace 5 días +3

    This was amazing. John Blunt is his freaking twin! It sends chills down my spine to see him morph into Freddie Mercury. It's like he's still here with us. Thank you for sharing this video. I truly enjoyed it. Rest in peace forever darling Freddie. We still love you!

  • james
    james Hace 6 días +11

    Every man needs a Mary austin in his life

    • james
      james Hace 2 días +3

      +Deniece Basso Agreed ,Freddie loved Mary till the end ,despite his romantic preference for men.That kinda love is very rare.

    • Deniece Basso
      Deniece Basso Hace 2 días +2

      Every woman needs a Freddie her life, too. 💗

  • 710hio Pyschonaut
    710hio Pyschonaut Hace 6 días +1

    The great pretender? What a great title..

  • Kelly MIKE
    Kelly MIKE Hace 6 días

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  • Martina Quarati
    Martina Quarati Hace 7 días

    I hate the wors the journalist uses at the end. Puritan and cruel. RIP Freddie.

  • Daisy b
    Daisy b Hace 7 días +26

    I'm sick of seeing these anti-Rami comments ,he did an outstanding Oscar worthy performance...ok this guy looks a bit more like him but Rami captured his mannerisms and practically turned into him for the film

  • Наталья Рунова

    Фредди это талант я очень рада и ценю что сейчас это все поняли.

  • Mysterious .Faceless Anonymoose


  • Sh1ft
    Sh1ft Hace 7 días +1

    How sarcastic...
    “Live Aid”

  • Pipo rudy
    Pipo rudy Hace 7 días

    Respect to you Freddie 😢😢 you are deeply missed what a sweet genuine guy

  • - Lonely -
    - Lonely - Hace 7 días

    Someone caption the thumbnail plz

  • Mi__ly G
    Mi__ly G Hace 7 días


  • Becca
    Becca Hace 7 días

    At first I was cringing, but the actor playing Freddie actually did a very good job!!

  • Andre ́ Kanoa
    Andre ́ Kanoa Hace 8 días

    Rough Doku. Hard to watch, .. but also impressive and well done. Greetings from Bavaria Munich.

  • Ink Spots
    Ink Spots Hace 8 días +1

    I didn't think he looked that bad as what those people are saying. That "press" is evil.

  • Marcelo A
    Marcelo A Hace 8 días

    Traduzcan al español

  • sasha da queen
    sasha da queen Hace 8 días +2

    Weirdo ruined his life sleeping around ..what a miserable life and an inevitable end..This should be a life lesson for orhers

  • gökçen baytok
    gökçen baytok Hace 9 días +16

    What a good actor and documentary! Iwatched this after watching Bohemian Rhapsody. I can’t get his life out of my mind :(
    His music talent, voice, costumes, movements on stage, microphone, passion, the way loving his cats and the way saying darling to everyone, kindness and sincere heart, energy, theeth, smile, songs, Mary, Jımmy, relationship with band friends, performances and illnees -I mean everything about his life- effected me so much :( ı wish ı would born a few years before and see them on stage. He tells us everything about his life with his songs. When ı listen to him now ı feel lots of things.
    RIP legendary man. We still love you..🙏🏻

  • Kaur Ranjit
    Kaur Ranjit Hace 9 días +4

    No matter how big a star, we are all humans with the same fears insecurities failings n fear of our mortality. It's not for us to judge anyone. Totally relate with his need to hide his weaknesses.

  • TARY
    TARY Hace 9 días +1

    I think he is more suitable to be the role of the freddie in the BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY MOVIE 😂
    he looks a lot like freddie

  • Wendy Lindsay
    Wendy Lindsay Hace 9 días +3

    Bohemian Rhapsody moive was gret Queen

  • nuke97
    nuke97 Hace 9 días +1

    What's tragic is how insanely wreckless he was sexually.

  • Toasty Studios
    Toasty Studios Hace 9 días +14

    Freddie looks kinda scary in the thumbnail.

  • saadia semlali
    saadia semlali Hace 10 días

    He didnt start any treatment when he is diagnosed with hiv???

  • FluteGipsy
    FluteGipsy Hace 10 días

    Because of Bohemian Rhapsody movie, I understood now who and how Peter Prenter (right spelling?) was a bad influence in his life ...

  • Kimie Hashim
    Kimie Hashim Hace 10 días

    He should wear protection

  • BOBCAT Biker_Lady
    BOBCAT Biker_Lady Hace 10 días

    Very sad. He gave & gave till the had given his last breath. Rest In Peace.

  • Bill Keaveney
    Bill Keaveney Hace 10 días +1

    He told Mary before anyone else. The rest of it adds up. A well done film.

  • Simply Red
    Simply Red Hace 10 días

    If Paul would nt have introduced Freddie to gay clubs in New York & Munich maybe is still alive by now...He led him to the dark side with hundreds of gays

  • Emerlyn Poblete
    Emerlyn Poblete Hace 10 días

    One of the BEST movie biography ever made! Well done! 👌

  • Freebie LaRue
    Freebie LaRue Hace 11 días

    Well done documentary. We miss and love ❤️ you our Freddie!! Rest In Peace!!

  • Q U I N N
    Q U I N N Hace 11 días +1

    Ugh. I'm upset because you guys didn't throw in the little details🙄
    Jim Beach aka Miami
    Fred's mustache looks...horrid in this documentary
    Freddie needs to be made clear that it's spelled Freddie not Freddy
    Freddie didn't have a beer belly, he was always fit, tall and slim
    And I'm only half way thru the documentary 😑

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler Hace 11 días +1

    Servers him right!

  • Steven Nunes
    Steven Nunes Hace 11 días

    what a great documentary ... RIP king of rock

  • GeoRyzzaAgi Tolosa
    GeoRyzzaAgi Tolosa Hace 11 días

    Not for Rami Malek we all know he played well in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody but the actor in this documentaries really look like Freddie Mercury...

  • Timothy Alcazaren
    Timothy Alcazaren Hace 11 días

    Doesn't matter if your straight or part of the lgbt community, as long as you don't practice safe sex your in danger of getting infected of hiv. Not even truvada can help

  • KweenKassidea
    KweenKassidea Hace 11 días

    Tbh in the thumbnail he looks scary asf

  • biakzuala khiangte
    biakzuala khiangte Hace 11 días

    His friends really loved freddies...

  • i • nnu • en • do
    i • nnu • en • do Hace 12 días +1

    paul prenter the spawn of the devil

  • Bait me Senpai
    Bait me Senpai Hace 12 días

    So much gayness compressed still an hour long 😕

  • christine Gallois
    christine Gallois Hace 12 días +1

    I miss Freddie sooo much ! He has been brave, work dedicated till end. Which probably helped him to fight against this shitty disease. He was a WONDERFUL soul, a gifted soul, a Gift of God. I am fan since i was 13. I am now 52. I saw him (them) twice on stage in brussels in 1984. I had to escape from my parents. I was living like in a prison and some people helped me, inventing they needed me for a baby sitting that evening...and so i could see Queen live in Brussels !! Twice same year !! Freddie was such an electric, sexy and handsome person, holding the crowd in his hand. And behind the curtains, such a deep and honnest, loyal person. With sensitivity, creativity, deep failure in himself which made him the Solar person he was. He helped me as a teenager To survive in a very bad environment, To believe and hold at my dreams. I loved drawing, like himself did when he was 16-17, and Lucky me : a friend of mine told me To send my drawings To the fan club London. Which i did only expecting that Freddie could see them and give his opinion...after à few months, i wrote To the fan club again, asking if Freddie had seen my drawings...after 1 week, i got them back signed by him !! I could not believe it !! I could not watch at them since he died. I took them out of my old woodden box on 2nd november after having seen the film Bohemian Rhapsody. They are my treasures ...Will fix them on my wall now and keep them till i die. I am also glad that he could meet and work with the great Montserrat Caballe. Glad that he could realize a dream with her. A gift To sweeten the end of his is great To see their performance together for Barcelona live : 2 deep souls respecting eachother sooo much, none of them eclipsing the other....a soul To soul love, like Freddie has always been : deep and true...I miss HIM and LOVE him FOREVER....thank you my sweet Freddie for having soften my life as a teenager, thank you for the years shared, thank you for all what you've given me without knowing the Present you were. RIP. Can t stop crying. Never mourned You...

  • Shannon
    Shannon Hace 12 días

    This youtube video was VERY SIMILAR to the movie Bohemian Rapsody, bc I just watched it at movie theatre tonight. Thanks so much for sharing this :-) ~♡☆

  • Rojhuan
    Rojhuan Hace 12 días +1

    watching in 2018

  • Vicki
    Vicki Hace 12 días

    Wow, this man would have been awesome in Rami Malek's place in Bohemian Rhapsody ! I found Rami Malek had his moves but he spoke with a very monotone voice which I found was not like Freddie at all. The man in the documentary was brilliant! Looked more and sounded like Freddie. Very impressed!

  • Pieter Steenekamp
    Pieter Steenekamp Hace 13 días

    If you screw around ..... what do you expect ?

    JENNIFER GLOBA Hace 13 días +1

    Why this man not play the rule as Freddie ?instead of Malik he look like Freddie

  • Вероника Русова

    Guys! You are all very interesting to write, but this is what I want to tell you; Fredy died from the inability to fill in the emptiness that was in him. He accepted sexual desires as an opportunity to fill the emptiness in himself, but alas, this is not what he searched. We are looking for love and do not understand what to love means to give, not demanding anything in return, wanting to please the Upper force, not to ourselves. Trying to enjoy yourself, yourself and onuliate. Humanity is running after false love, this is where so much suffering comes from. We have yet to learn to love and Freddie is a bright example. r.Ogromnoe thanks to the creators of this film, actors are chosen so precisely that even cease to distinguish who is who.

  • Gaming is life
    Gaming is life Hace 13 días

    @yixi I did it was fantastic

  • amsterdamfan12
    amsterdamfan12 Hace 13 días

    I wish he was more careful :( not for us.... For himself. He could have prevented it :/ i miss him so much, this world lost an angel

  • Sam Kab
    Sam Kab Hace 13 días

    HA ! Even an animal couldnt be bi.he said im doing everything with everybody although he knew he could have been infected..
    Selfish sick bast...

  • Jeremy Bynum
    Jeremy Bynum Hace 13 días


  • Lukas Nation
    Lukas Nation Hace 14 días

    Looking at death on a calender must be so scary

  • Lukas Nation
    Lukas Nation Hace 14 días

    This is about his life, he lived how he chose, his life I'm just discovering him but I'm amazed he's beautiful being himself, rip, mama I killed a man is so chilling

  • ashraf  muhammad
    ashraf muhammad Hace 14 días

    One of the reasons hiv aids is here its because of gay

  • Mongshi Thsaro
    Mongshi Thsaro Hace 14 días

    Do you like Freddie

  • Mongshi Thsaro
    Mongshi Thsaro Hace 14 días

    I am done

  • Mongshi Thsaro
    Mongshi Thsaro Hace 14 días


  • tamban keping
    tamban keping Hace 14 días

    Dont be gay..

  • 최윤주
    최윤주 Hace 14 días

    Thank you for the docu.

  • Donna Holmes
    Donna Holmes Hace 14 días

    I love u Freddie Mercury

  • Kathy Wheeler
    Kathy Wheeler Hace 14 días +6

    This actor looks and sounds so much like him has his mannerisms perfect

  • Graciela Del Hoyo
    Graciela Del Hoyo Hace 15 días +7

    I really cried and I couldn't stop for almost and hour 😢😢😭

  • Telma Maia
    Telma Maia Hace 15 días

    Pena que a tradução não está em português

  • Suzan Vasica
    Suzan Vasica Hace 15 días

    I watched this doco sometime last year, before I ever heard there’d be a movie. Having seen the movie twice now, this guy in the doco played him in the same way as Rami Malik did. Well done to both actors

  • Ebenezer Stooge
    Ebenezer Stooge Hace 15 días

    Is it just me or is anyone getting GG Allin vibes from the thumbnail?

  • Bravo Alpha
    Bravo Alpha Hace 15 días

    The songs...the voises...the music....are really great...i like it so much....but...."gay"....its really ammbrashing and discusting....👎👎👎😡😡

  • MultiPizzapizza
    MultiPizzapizza Hace 15 días

    So much for the confidentiality of the AIDs test....they should have been sued.