We Followed A Vintage Chicken Jello Recipe

  • Publicado el 14 oct 2022

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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  Hace 3 meses +1215

    HELLO!! The concept of this is much worse than the taste itself, but that being said, would you ever try this savory ~chicken jello~? 😛I stand by my choice to grab the second slice but I’m not sure we're ever gonna spend the whole day to make it again...

    • Tammy Ulgen
      Tammy Ulgen Hace un mes

      Really liked this; it's a great video to watch while taking a break from work in the wee hours of the morning - please make more like this :)

    • Taco Bell
      Taco Bell Hace un mes

      @RainX they seem bland and flavorless

    • kuzcos poison the poison for kuzco
      kuzcos poison the poison for kuzco Hace un mes

      @Nails Are Life hey I'm from SC too lol :)

    • anita Crumbly
      anita Crumbly Hace un mes

      I would except i would season the broth a bit differently to make the flavor more full and i would use * bone in * chicken because that's where the flavor is along with the skin probably thighs and i would use carrots that had been roasted in herbs and butter. It's all about seasoning and layering the flavors. Imagine you are making a soup out of this and each component needs to be flavorful so the soup itself will taste good. there is no difference only that you add gelatin and the foods are suspended in the cold broth/aspic. If you were to add hot broth to the aspic it should melt into a tasty hot dish, that is one way to serve an aspic if you aren't serving it cold.

    • Agata
      Agata Hace 2 meses

      i never like it, coz i find it gross, but it's normal food in Poland. You can buy one in store, just like some yoghurt (in little plastic container). In my region we call it GALART and it's with peas and carrot and you pour a vinegar on it before eat.
      Mostly it was on special ocasions like birthdays (or namedays) or christmas, but since you can buy it in store, it's more "eat whenever you want". but it's surely not something that ppl would eat more than once for 2 weeks or month i guess

  • Lizzie Cottrell
    Lizzie Cottrell Hace 3 meses +4449

    Okay, theory. What if these jello mold dinners were not to impress your guests, but to horrify and disgust them so they would never want to come over for a dinner party again?

    • Pete S.
      Pete S. Hace un mes

      Reminds me of cat food

    • TheSongwritingCat
      TheSongwritingCat Hace 3 meses +1

      All the aspic recipes have big "housewife stuck at home slowly losing her mind" energy

    • Fletcher Adams
      Fletcher Adams Hace 3 meses

      @coffeegirl18 I haven't before, but she sounds iconic! My comments were just a joke, i know that while they sound interesting these were probably liked (At least, most of em!) And the hours it took to prepare is a labor of love, riding alongside Gelatin being cheap!

    • Marion S.
      Marion S. Hace 3 meses +1

      The 50's were an after war economic boom.
      People who when they were children went true the great depression of the 30's were now able to afford it all. The gelatin dish ISN'T about tasting good, It's about being able to afford expensive products or at least stuff that was expensive before.

    • Carole Berreur
      Carole Berreur Hace 3 meses +2

      @Lizzie Cottrell maybe I’m weird, or maybe it’s because I’m French and therefore super sophisticated 💀 but jelly and savoury doesn’t sound scary at all (here, we’d call it ‘in aspic’ and it’s pretty common). My grandma used to have hard boiled eggs in aspic for Easter, and frankly that’s delicious so I think if it’s done well, it’s nice… same with pate in a pastry crust… a bit of jelly makes it less dry and adds a little ‘je n’en sais quoi’ and as we know, that’s usually the secret. 😅

  • Valli Nobblitt
    Valli Nobblitt Hace un mes +37

    Vintage recipes was our theme for Christmas dinner one year. I made a deviled egg gelatin mold from a 1957 cookbook.... I couldn't get anyone to even try it!!! It looked odd,.,.. & it smelled right. But my son that loves eggs. He was 25 or so looked at me and said "mom, that is just wrong in every way." The dogs wouldn't eat it!!!!

  • Ukiyo
    Ukiyo Hace 3 meses +183

    One thing I love about Tyler and Safiya is that they're not picky eaters AT ALL. They try the weirdest stuff but always trying to be open minded and avoiding the pre-judgement. They're also very good at describing what they feel/ taste, I really appreciate it

    • Miss B
      Miss B Hace 3 meses +5

      The way they sum up tastes as a vibe or time/place. I dig it.

    • Paige246
      Paige246 Hace 3 meses +9

      Yeah, and they never fake Infront of the camera on their opinions on how the food taste.

  • Alise Ezerina
    Alise Ezerina Hace 3 meses +262

    As a Post-Soviet child, this is all too familiar… This is similar to a dish my dad makes every year for Christmas Breakfast. Without veggies, less gelatin and more meat. Usually eaten with spicy mustard and horseradish. Not my fave but it’s funny how this seems so normal to me 😂

    • juliazwei
      juliazwei Hace un mes +3

      As a Pole, too

    • Hania Sondej
      Hania Sondej Hace 2 meses +1

      My parents still make this when we have leftover chicken soup 😭😭

    • Kamile Jukneviciene
      Kamile Jukneviciene Hace 3 meses +7

      Exactly. For Post- Soviet childs its absolutely normal dish. For all celebrations and parties 😅😅😅😅

    • Eliza
      Eliza Hace 3 meses +2

      Same in România!

    • leaf
      leaf Hace 3 meses +4

      same in hungary! a lot off ppl love it and its a winter classic but i could never get the hang of it lol. also we eat it with paprika on top

  • meanasawolf
    meanasawolf Hace 3 meses +118

    We have something similar in Poland. It's called galareta, galareta drobiowa (when made with poultry), galert (that's regional name) or zimne nóżki (translates as cold feets, because it's made with pork legs). We also cook the meat but with vegetables (carrot, leek, celery root, parsley root), so the broth is more rich in flavour. We make it in normal serving bowls and it usually contains parsley, hard boiled eggs, carrots (from the broth), peas, corn and meat. When ready, we serve it with a few drops of vinegar and bread. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think it's not that disgusting as it sounds 😅

    • TN Girlz
      TN Girlz Hace 3 días

      We made this too, but with just chicken broth and vegetables, no meat in it, and in individual bowls so it would gel faster (and if it didn’t gel very well, you could just eat it out of the little glass bowls). My grandfather immigrated from Poland to Canada 🇨🇦. My grandparents would serve it with Turkish bread called Simiti because my grandmother was from Turkey. As a child I wasn’t crazy about the zimni, but I would eat all the simiti I was given! 😊 My husband’s family has English roots, and his grandmother would apparently make aspic dishes for Christmas dinner. Endless jokes were made about the name - it wasn’t a popular dish.😁 A CBC show called ‘Back In Time For Dinner’ (concept from a BBC series of the same name) said these savoury gelatin recipes were made in the 50s and 60s to show off the fact that you had the $ to afford a refrigerator - an old-fashioned ice box apparently wouldn’t do to set the gelatin. I don’t know what the Victorians did!

    • Leonor
      Leonor Hace 3 meses

      My family emigrated from Poland to Argentina and we eat this jello too, its very healthy!

    • Black Star
      Black Star Hace 3 meses

      Eggs, carrots, peas, chicken meat and it was made with chicken broth with veggies. Galart

    • Samantha Ford
      Samantha Ford Hace 3 meses

      @Adriana Heiler I'm betting it's origins stem from war or famine when there wasn't much meat to have.

    • Samantha Ford
      Samantha Ford Hace 3 meses

      I would take that over this.

  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard Hace 3 meses +3456

    My chicken don't jiggle, jiggle, it folds - wait a second, it DOES jiggle.... 🤯

    • juliazwei
      juliazwei Hace un mes

      Polish cuisine does this a lot ;)

    • flying worm 2.0
      flying worm 2.0 Hace 3 meses


    • Matt Hursh
      Matt Hursh Hace 3 meses

      Is it vile or vibrant?

    • furrantee
      furrantee Hace 3 meses +1

      Vile and virtuous?

    • Maraya Bond-Clark
      Maraya Bond-Clark Hace 3 meses

      not me being surprised by how amazing this comment is just to realize of course its amazingly hilarious Saf wrote it! 😂

  • flibbertygibbette
    flibbertygibbette Hace 3 meses +621

    The Victorians were super into savory aspic dishes, they were popular travel and picnic food. Supersizers Go (the show hosted by Sue Perkins of Bakeoff fame and Giles Coren) did an episode where they ate a lot of those dishes. And I'm pretty sure Mrs. Crocombe has made Victorian aspic dishes on The Victorian Way (the ESclips series). I know you guys are more TikTok than Victorian recreation, but given Safiya's love of historical recreation and whatnot, it could be super fun to do an episode on the most ridiculous Victorian or Edwardian aspic recipes you can find, using actual antique recipes. Some of those old recipes are hilarious.
    Oh also, you really needed way more veggies and chicken in your layers for such a deep mold. If you look at drawings and photos of classic aspic dishes, they should be mostly filling with just enough gelatin to hold it together. But for a first time with almost no frame of reference, you did great.

    • Miss B
      Miss B Hace 3 meses

      Water pie comes to mind

    • BlackDawnYaoiLover
      BlackDawnYaoiLover Hace 3 meses +1

      Jello bright back savory gelatin dishes in the mid century as well, which is where this recipe came from, to try and get American families to stop thinking of jello as a dessert only food so they could raise failing sales. So they threw literally anything they could into a cookbook (not unlike most other cookbooks at the time which were just a cash grab because you didn't have the Internet to tell you how terrible (and often untested) they were
      It didn't really make jello a bit dessert for, but it gave us a really weird era of food

    • Katie Archer
      Katie Archer Hace 3 meses +4

      Too lazy to edit. XD
      And if you had a good cold food storage place, the gelatin perserving method would keep the food safe for up to a month.
      Without changing the taste by pickling or fermenting it.

    • Katie Archer
      Katie Archer Hace 3 meses +10

      @Choddle yeah, using gelatin was a temporary food storage method. It would keep food for up to a week verses only over night

    • Choddle
      Choddle Hace 3 meses +13

      I believe I’ve heard the popularity back then was partially because when you encase the food like this it stays good for longer because oxygen can’t get to it, which is honestly smart.

  • Linda Beck
    Linda Beck Hace 3 meses +554

    As someone who j o grew up helping my mom with these "wonderful" dishes, we had to set the jelli in tiny steps so nothing floated and we retained the designs. It took DAYS!

    • Yaraa D.T.
      Yaraa D.T. Hace 3 meses +7

      @Miss B it iss. Thats why they put it on cakes with fruit on top so the fruit doesn’t go brown. 🎂

    • JWhygant
      JWhygant Hace 3 meses +17

      @Miss B It works like a vacuum seal, as it cuts the food off from oxygen and any bacteria can't really reproduce

    • Laís Brevilheri
      Laís Brevilheri Hace 3 meses

      @sophiebee bcause it protects from oxigen? the thing that are slowly killing us and everything around

    • sophiebee
      sophiebee Hace 3 meses +7

      @Miss B it is

    • Miss B
      Miss B Hace 3 meses +3

      @Bob Johnson I don't think gelatin is a preservative?

  • Birgitte Andersen
    Birgitte Andersen Hace 3 meses +83

    I love that Crusty is still in your intro. It makes me tear up a little each time. So sweet.

    • Paige246
      Paige246 Hace 3 meses +4

      Yeah, he will be sadly missed. But I must say Safiya and Tyler take care good care of crusty over the years. They are really good parents/owners of crusty.

  • Lenah M
    Lenah M Hace 3 meses +77

    The fact that Carly tries all of these things beforehand is beyond me.

  • grumpy bear
    grumpy bear Hace 3 meses +2952

    I really want to see Tyler and Safiya make Rachel’s truffle dessert from Friends

    • Sarita Whitman
      Sarita Whitman Hace 2 meses +1

      @bubblegummel ah, googled it, one is lamb one is beef base. My bad!

    • Sarita Whitman
      Sarita Whitman Hace 2 meses +1

      @bubblegummel interesting. Aussie here, I thought shep pie was the one with beef mince and peas etc and gravy with a mash potato top?

    • Maykarmafu©kmyex
      Maykarmafu©kmyex Hace 3 meses

      Aaaahhhhbb yessss

    • Thajj Sisters
      Thajj Sisters Hace 3 meses +1

      Yesss yess yessssss!!!!

    • mxlazarus
      mxlazarus Hace 3 meses +1

      omg please and yes

  • Jessica Zaytsoff
    Jessica Zaytsoff Hace 3 meses +115

    I think the egg whites make a "raft" to capture anything that would make the broth/jello cloudy making a very clear aspic.
    I have pieced this information together from several cooking shows. The raft from... Masterchef Australia I think.
    Or a fever dream.

    • Hanna Kinn
      Hanna Kinn Hace 3 meses

      I think you're correct I remember watching a chef explain how the egg whites were used to clarify the gelatin.

    • Jessica Zaytsoff
      Jessica Zaytsoff Hace 3 meses +1

      @emmmijj ESclips comments! Educational! 🙂

    • emmmijj
      emmmijj Hace 3 meses +11

      Yes the egg whites are for sure clearing the broth! Definitely used a lot in Masterchef Australia. And a common technique in French cooking for example making consommée I think

  • realfakedoors2
    realfakedoors2 Hace un mes +2

    Saf's taste-test faces omg

  • Marta Khomyk
    Marta Khomyk Hace 3 meses +19

    Okay! So in Ukraine we have a very similar dish to this. The first thing that I would say was not good, to use chicken breast. We are usually using the whole chicken because actual bones giving you a lot of flavor. It takes about 8 hours for gelatin to fully release and then you pulling out the chicken and start getting all those bones and skin out so you are left with clean meat only) if you put that chicken broth in the fridge it’s going to get hard in couple of hours without using anything extra! But definitely you guys did great on your dish and reminded me of my home!

    • Olesya Sachenko
      Olesya Sachenko Hace 3 meses +1

      @Marta Khomyk Героям Слава! 🇺🇦

    • Marta Khomyk
      Marta Khomyk Hace 3 meses

      @Olesya Sachenko Привіт з Теннессі ! Слава Україні 🇺🇦

    • Olesya Sachenko
      Olesya Sachenko Hace 3 meses +1

      ukrainian gang! 🇺🇦 привіт з києва

  • Jazmin H
    Jazmin H Hace un mes +1

    I feel like if you did a cold chicken salad style jellos maybe that would be good? Maybe….like more fillings and sauce cream in jello layers?

  • Hugh Miller
    Hugh Miller Hace 3 meses +933

    Saf's literally crying from this and Tyler's sat there like Joey with the trifle
    "Chicken? Good! Peas? Good! Jello? Goooood!"

  • Svetlana P
    Svetlana P Hace 3 meses +43

    Similar dish (although the broth base was much better seasoned and we put put it into a cake mould) was the staple Christmas food in my Post-Soviet childhood. It was tasty! My aunt also made it with smoked fish and fish broth instead of chicken and decor included green olives and lemon wedges (this variation still could be found at deli sections of some supermarkets and it tastes good too)

  • Cationna
    Cationna Hace 3 meses +19

    I think the key to making this look and taste its best it should be very thin layers, very dense on the ingredients, with jello just being there mostly to bind them together.

  • Pretty Pic
    Pretty Pic Hace 3 meses +25

    It should always be remembered that before refrigeration, the mere presence of dish that required cooling was impressive. there where still some social kinks to work out when refrigerators became widely available...

  • Jane Alexandra
    Jane Alexandra Hace 3 meses +53

    Carly speaking for all of us when she says "I'm upset" 😂

  • Elyse Vane
    Elyse Vane Hace 3 meses +703

    What I hate about this is that the complete lack of seasoning is probably very accurate lol

    • Giu Alonso
      Giu Alonso Hace 20 días

      that white as f*ck chicken breast!!!!!! don't eat the chicken you used for broth omg it's awful hahahahaha

    • Jota
      Jota Hace 2 meses

      That was exactly what I was thinking

    • null
      null Hace 3 meses +6

      @Miss B No this is basically it. That particular generation loved making shelf-stable food into weird shapes as a celebration of prosperity. But our accounts of it seem to imply they had no idea how to cook actual food with gelatin and so this is what we got 👁️👄👁️

    • Carole Berreur
      Carole Berreur Hace 3 meses +2

      @Miss B no. 😮

    • Miss B
      Miss B Hace 3 meses +2

      I wonder if it was meant to be served with a gravy?

  • YekaterinaT
    YekaterinaT Hace 3 meses +21

    Chicken jello (or pork jello) is a very popular dish in Poland, it is called "zimne nóżki" which literally means "cold legs". It's more a snack that a main dish, it is very popular at parties, and it is actually very tasty if prepared well

  • Big Sexy
    Big Sexy Hace 3 meses +38

    I love the role reversal of Saf being behind the camera making snarky comments and Tyler taking the wheel haha

  • My name Is a secret
    My name Is a secret Hace 3 meses +13

    In Ukraine we have a chicken jello that we make. It has a lot of chicken in it and broth with either gelatin or home make broth with bones. You serve it with Russian mustard or with vinegar (my preference)

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Hace 3 meses +39

    Safiya and Tyler posting on the same night is the best thing since a double feature at the drive-in in high school!

  • LeesaDeAndrea
    LeesaDeAndrea Hace 3 meses +1348

    The nice thing about this is that if you can't stomach it in its jelled state, put it all in a pot and heat it up and you've got chicken soup.

    • tomuchcamoflauge
      tomuchcamoflauge Hace un mes +3

      The secret of soup dumplings

    • Julie Williamson
      Julie Williamson Hace 2 meses

      but with olives, peppers, and peas..

    • null
      null Hace 3 meses +7

      I often do lots of chicken drumsticks in a large pot with onion, carrots, sweet corn and peas. It becomes very sweet, and if you cook it long enough (since the drumsticks have bones) the collagen seeps out, so once it cools down it becomes actual jelly.
      The difference is that the broth is actually extremely flavorful, and very nice and comforting when it's warm. I have dared not slurp up some of it in jello form. (Also the stock turns somewhat opaque, so you might have to do that french trick where you boil it with beaten eggs to clarify it.)
      There's probably a better way to do this dish but it would not have been published like the one in this video. Because nobody is gonna simmer their chicken for three hours…

    • Rita meow
      Rita meow Hace 3 meses +37

      @Amber Black wait, holy sh*t that sounds so cool. Serve it during Halloween or the holidays or something and it would be a good show piece.

    • Amber Black
      Amber Black Hace 3 meses +27

      It would be fun to serve into personal fondue pots

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff Hace 3 meses +4

    This looks strange. That’s not how we make “chicken jello”. To make real chicken jello aka aspic you need to boil chicken drums for 2 hours so the natural gelatin was transferred into the water. Try it - it’s amazing! When you eat it, it’s like the best chicken soup, but not in a liquid form and more meat per square inch, because the aim it to shred the meat and evenly spread it. If you eat it with horseradish beet relish - it will add sweetness and spiciness. Of course with bread too. So tasty.

  • Meeples
    Meeples Hace 3 meses +13

    “Load bearing chicken” got me! 😂

  • Anna French
    Anna French Hace 3 meses +5

    yeah pretty sure we need y’all to get an entire thanksgiving dinner in an aspic. the whole thing, including dessert. both kinds of pie.

  • DwubiegunówkaSento
    DwubiegunówkaSento Hace 3 meses +10

    We have this dish in Poland and we eat it often during holidays or birthdays. We call it "galert"

  • Iris Bjork Oskarsdottir- Vail

    Thanksgiving 2018 I made a 1962 Tuna Avocado jelly recipe and brought it to my in laws Thanksgiving dinner and told everyone it was a special holiday dish from my home country of Iceland.
    I had got this vintage recipe book a couple of weeks earlier and found the horrifying recipe and said to my husband "I have to make this" and we came up with the backstory of it being a special dish to trick people into eating it to not be rude. It worked. And it was glorious looking at their struggling faces. My father in law hates fish and raw onions and it contained both.
    Best prank so far. My fridge stunk for days.

    • Schoo
      Schoo Hace un mes

      You are EVIL. I love it! Did you have a backstory for why they had avocados in Iceland?

  • Aleksandra Mroczek
    Aleksandra Mroczek Hace 3 meses +13

    In Poland we actually eat it very often! We don't make a tower, just a singlel layer of jello with chicken, peas, broccolli and carrots. I agree, chicken is weird, I don't like it either but my family makes it with baked salmon and it's really tasty!

  • Nika0Zabka
    Nika0Zabka Hace un mes

    Hah, I'm from country where this is national kitchen. And if you it this from childhood it's actualy delicios) Favorite holiday food)

  • Julia Pr
    Julia Pr Hace 3 meses +6

    In Poland we actually do eat a similar dish, but in smaller servings. We usually put carrots, garden parsley, peas, corn and chicken in it. And then we eat it with vinegar poured on it. It’s actually amazing, especially when you are after a few drinks😅

  • Devinski Storm
    Devinski Storm Hace 3 meses +14

    I’m dying a Safiya’s disgusts for this jello tower of tower 😂 thank you for your sacrifice Saf and Tyler!

    • Paige246
      Paige246 Hace 3 meses

      So do I 😂. To me, it looks absolutely horrendous 🤮, I would not eaten it if it was served to me. But I can totally relate to Safiya in terms for struggling to eat what is considered inedible.

  • Corinne Nicole
    Corinne Nicole Hace 3 meses +3

    I need more of these Vile or Vibin' videos (please feel free to take that name LOL). This was hysterical, and my Gram lost it when you ate it! She said, "Well no one really eats it, it's just decoration." 🤣🤣

  • chy pearce
    chy pearce Hace 3 meses +7

    For the designs, I think I would put a small amount of jello on the surface, arrange the peppers and olives, fridge it, then submerge what's left for that layer

    • emily
      emily Hace 3 meses +1

      yes! this is what I was thinking!! :D

  • Janice with the Tarlov Cyst

    Growing up in the 60's & 70's, I had my fair share of all things encased in aspic 🤮
    My Mom didn't make these vile concoctions, but my paternal G'Ma did; she was quite well known for her dinner parties. I'd be forced to eat dinner in aspic & dessert in aspic. I now understand why Jello makes me gag.
    Great looking tower of evil, Tyler. I however wouldn't or couldn't be brave to give this a taste.

  • Humble Sparrow
    Humble Sparrow Hace 3 meses +5

    This is actually a super old idea. In the middle ages it was called Galantine. An old family friend once served us a beef aspic with salad, and it was a lovely refreshing lunch for a hot day. If you're not used to it though, I imagine it's a bit of a shock.

    • Humble Sparrow
      Humble Sparrow Hace un mes +1

      @becca k There's a recipe for "Galentyne" in Maggie Black's Medieval Cookbook. I'm sure it's gone by lots of different names, spellings, etc. over the centuries.

    • becca k
      becca k Hace un mes

      I'm pretty sure the first galantine was in like the 1800s, not the middle ages

  • Alexander Aone
    Alexander Aone Hace 3 meses +7

    It's actually one of traditional foods in my country! We have it in Poland, but I believe some other Slavic countries have it as well. I never really liked it, but I've never found it weird since I've been growing up with it, it was just one of the gross foods that old people like to eat lol

  • glittery_cucumber
    glittery_cucumber Hace 3 meses +2

    I like these videos, but I find it a little strange that Carli tests everything several times beforehand. Doesn't that take a lot of the excitement out of it?

  • Nana
    Nana Hace 3 meses +2

    my grandma used to make aspic all the time but not in a mold like that but in much shallower things like soup plates. my grandpa loved it and I used to eat it as a kid but now I'd probably gag 😅

  • Brenda Nowicki
    Brenda Nowicki Hace 3 meses +1

    I’m obsessed with 80s TV guide recipes. I have some from Kraft that have cheese in literally everything. Even the apple crumble dessert

  • geezy
    geezy Hace 3 meses +2

    Usually broth included stock, which requires bones.. I'm only slightly curious to know if a proper stock would have made that tastier .. but not enough to actually try it. 😅

  • Elyse Vane
    Elyse Vane Hace 3 meses +6

    In China, I had a cilantro and gelatin savory dish that was super tasty!

  • Saranonymous
    Saranonymous Hace 3 meses

    OMG - this brings back memories. I grew up in Austria (living in the UK now) and my grandma used to run a small cornershop and whatever leftovers she wouldn't sell, we would get. They sold this disgusting thing called Gabelbissen ("fork-bites"), which is basically the peasant-version of what you made - pickles, eggs and mayo in aspic and it comes in little cups. It's the most vile thing imaginable. We would get these in bulk. I still get goose-bumps thinking about them. My mum loved them, though.

  • Sandy Claws
    Sandy Claws Hace 3 meses +468

    Idea for when family tells you to bring a dish to holiday dinner and you want to make sure they never ask again.

    • 2seok for life
      2seok for life Hace un mes

      @Eliza eastern Europeans put seasonings in theirs....

    • null
      null Hace 3 meses +4

      @Eliza Yeah but that's an old traditional recipe that's meant to be enjoyed.
      The culture that gave birth to this chicken jello tower and numerous other molded aspic recipes did so because it looked funny. Make no mistake, no chef was involved in making this recipe.

    • Eliza
      Eliza Hace 3 meses +1

      Wait till you find out eastern europeans eat meat jelly as a holiday dish

    • crsth-wfgm
      crsth-wfgm Hace 3 meses +3

      Omg yes

  • Get it here, Thing.
    Get it here, Thing. Hace 3 meses +2

    I’m sure there’s a different recipe that could make that so delicious

  • LadyLakeMusic
    LadyLakeMusic Hace 3 meses

    You guys are so funny! I am old enough to actually remember these gelatin salads. It’s not Jell-O like sugary it’s a savory thing. Also when you cut it you’re supposed to cut it in layers like wedding cake not through the whole thing! I was laughing my head off! I just love you guys ❤❤❤

  • Margaret Patterson
    Margaret Patterson Hace 3 meses

    OMG, when I was a little girl in the 60s, ahem, my aunt had a plethora of these new gelatin recipes. Thanksgiving at her house was a source of terror for me. My mom was the type that insisted I eat what was before me. I’m truly an open minded person, but peas and celery do not need to be in lime jello. That said, as I grew up and started cooking, really cookin’, and aspic is really a different deal. Chicken livers in port aspic is lovely. But what came out of kitchens in the fifties and sixties was the stuff of horror.
    I’ve collected these scary recipes from the fifties and sixties. Like some might collect Rob Zombie films. Most of the recipes, like those with sauerkraut or tuna, should serve it with a side of mayonnaise or sour cream. No, I have never, ever, subjected my family to this weird obsession-and I have never made my son eat anything he didn’t want to.

  • bella blue
    bella blue Hace 3 meses

    To keep the pattern, I think my grandmother would do a partial set for a layer, add the stuff for that layer into that tacky partial set gelatin, then add the rest of the liquid for that layer. That said, aspic and jello are not my cuppa, so I'd pass personally, but it does look cool

  • Nora N
    Nora N Hace 3 meses +210

    i make chicken stock from scratch all the time and i am genuinely concerned by that chicken stock recipe

    • Cheryl Stauffer
      Cheryl Stauffer Hace 2 meses

      If you sear everything before adding water, you’d have a chance at flavor…
      But my stock recipe: 1 chicken, leaves from a bunch of celery, 1 onion, 1 head of garlic, a handful of peppercorns, 2-3 diced carrots. Simmer (NOT boil) for 4-5 hours.

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson Hace 3 meses +5

      Actual chicken or other stock should be used.

    • Terahnee
      Terahnee Hace 3 meses +47

      @Starmongoose The chicken isn't the problem (although, yeah, no bones makes it not stock per se), it's the lack of any herbs or aromatics other than onion and peppercorn. Needs some Thyme, Rosemary, carrots, celery, etc.

    • Humble Sparrow
      Humble Sparrow Hace 3 meses +15

      Exactly! The meat would be tough and flavourless.

    • Commander Cat
      Commander Cat Hace 3 meses +47

      Right it's soo plain. I feel like it's just chicken water.

  • Sludge Buninsky (Abby)
    Sludge Buninsky (Abby) Hace 2 meses

    I read the title of this video, told my boyfriend it sounded straight out of the 1960's, clicked on the video, and then read in the description that it was in fact a 1960s recipe. My mom often told me about all kinds of weird foods her mother would make just because that's what moms did in the 60s, I guess.

  • Granny T
    Granny T Hace 3 meses +1

    Back when this recipe was created, chicken was raised differently, over months, not these modern ones that are ready for market in 6weeks instead of 6 months.
    Chicken raised slowly makes broth with so much more flavor. The chicken itself has so much more flavor.
    The concept of this is still weird and yuck, but modern chicken from the store just cant give the flavor of the original. If you got organic slow raised chicken, it will taste much better.

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace Hace 3 meses

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  • JazzyPuppyB
    JazzyPuppyB Hace 3 meses +1

    Ok but now I'm curious. If the fillings were actually cooked with seasoning instead of incredibly bland. Would it taste better? Cook the veggies and season the chicken? Who knows.
    But as soon as I saw the way the chicken was cooked I knew this was gross lol.

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  • Ali2097
    Ali2097 Hace 3 meses

    This reminds me of this dish called holodets that my Ukrainian grandmother makes for special occasions. I call it jello soup, which is basically soup turned into this gelatinous form hahaha. Have I tried it? No, but they say it is good 😊

  • Joanna Kołodziejczyk
    Joanna Kołodziejczyk Hace 3 meses +4

    Lol, this "vintige disgusting" dish is one of the most popular wedding/party dishes in Poland to this day. My boyfriend wanted me to do it for his birthday just last week. :P

  • KgrK13
    KgrK13 Hace 3 meses

    When I was overseas, I tried fish in aspic once. The layers were very thin, but I think they might’ve slightly cheated on the savory aspect, because there was lemon zest mixed in.

  • Alexx renatwin
    Alexx renatwin Hace 3 meses +3

    I rember aspic being really popular in the 90s. It wasn't with chicken but eggs and shrimp, and vegetables. When we made it we used a smaller mold (about the size of the bottom half) and stuffed it full, then added the gelatin. That way everything stayed where it was supposed to be.

  • Felis Lupus
    Felis Lupus Hace 3 meses

    Aspic is very much still alive in Norway, although it's more like they yeet in basically a whole salad in there (eggs, shrimp, bell peppers, peas etc). It's pretty tasty, if I'm honest, as long as you make sure the ratio aspic/gelatin to food is wayyyyy skewed towards the foodstuffs; only the thinnest layer of aspic to keep everything shaped together.

  • alex
    alex Hace 3 meses +2

    i remember learning about why people were so obsessed with gelatin and it's because it was relatively recent at the time that you COULD buy gelatin, and it was seen as some sort of futuristic cooking thing, so people were just experimenting with it at the time. like the idea of buying shelf-stable stuff from the store was new, sort of like canned foods and such as well. so it really was like "look at me, i'm learning the new futuristic cooking things aren't i cool"

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  • Leslie Moise
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  • LissamerOT7
    LissamerOT7 Hace un mes +1

    I was born in 1970. My childhood was filled with experiencing bad jello. I remember shaved carrots and other things that should never be in jello. On the flip side finger jello was a thing too. That was always fun at picnics. 😁

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  • Jacob Gutierrez
    Jacob Gutierrez Hace 3 meses

    My family has a jello recipe from the 50’s/60’s and everyone in my family will eat it. It’s orange flavored jello with mandarin oranges in it, layered with a cream made by whisking sour cream, heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract together. Topped with shredded cheddar cheese and marshmallows. It’s an odd recipe for sure but I stand by it as well as my family. 🍊

  • Your Mom Leslie
    Your Mom Leslie Hace 3 meses

    These gelatin recipes have always intrigued me…. Not enough to attempt making one but this might be the 1 thing my husband would not eat! 🤣

  • Tanya
    Tanya Hace 12 días

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    pistol shrimp Hace 3 meses

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  • Thomas Farrell
    Thomas Farrell Hace 3 meses +97

    Actually when I make chicken soup... if I put it in the fridge, it solidifies into aspic. I scoop some into a bowl and microwave it and it turns back into soup. So even if you don't like aspic (I do), you can treat it as "amusing way to serve soup before you microwave it."

    • theweyrd
      theweyrd Hace 3 meses +5

      The buffet is open, please take a slice of chicken soup and step over to the microwave.

    • River Amazon
      River Amazon Hace 3 meses +5

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    EmmaBGames Hace 3 meses

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  • PepsiMax 807
    PepsiMax 807 Hace 3 meses

    The traditional types of this that I have seen; Hard boiled eggs, shrimp, crabsticks, peas, carrots and corn. So more of a seafood way than the chicken way. And usually I have seen it with more filling, and less visible jelo 😅
    Its a 70s food thing I believe, but some still make it. Here in Norway its called «kabaret».

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    Reinold’s Recipes Hace 3 meses

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    • Izi
      Izi Hace 3 meses +31

      yeah the amount of chicken, paes, olives and tomatoes to jello looks off and maybe that's why the bottom of the "cake" was so unstable because of how much that final layer of jello was carrying

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Hace 3 meses +2

      Put other fun food inside, like marshmallows and tomatoes.

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    Erin Hunter Hace 3 meses

    An amazing work of art! You can also use the gelatin as glue when you’re making it, pour just enough of the liquid mixture to set the olives in, let that firm up then add more to cover the olives or whatever you didn’t want to float off

  • snakeufaceu
    snakeufaceu Hace 25 días

    It just makes me laugh how bizarre people find this when my parents make this dish every single year for Christmas Eve, the key is to literally just make chicken soup and add gelatins to it, it not that bad 😂

  • Mort
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    I wanna bring this to a party with my friends and act like it’s normal so they feel obligated to eat it😭

    • Cursed Ocean
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    • O Mundo para Iniciantes
      O Mundo para Iniciantes Hace 3 meses

      @Nisha Wendy Germany, Poland, France...

    • Nisha Wendy
      Nisha Wendy Hace 3 meses +1

      @anic131313 where in europe? I have never in my life seen anything like it?

    • Mort
      Mort Hace 3 meses

      @anic131313 you poor souls

    • anic131313
      anic131313 Hace 3 meses +4

      well it's normal party dish in europe xd Maybe more popular amongst boomers than millenials, but you can still buy it in almost every corner shop.

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    • Adamu
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    MARIЯAM Hace 3 meses

    It reminds me of the soviet "zalivnoe" (заливное), the most shocking one for me is the one made of fish. The beef tongue one is good though. However I prefer "kholodets" (холодец), cuz you don't add gelatin but release it from different body parts of animals (like pig legs) by boiling it like for 8h.

  • Daily Lovejuice
    Daily Lovejuice Hace 3 meses

    The thing is, cold chicken broth seems gross, so I think this is a hard pass XD Very enjoyable to watch the preparation though!

  • Crystal W
    Crystal W Hace 3 meses +1

    This whole video is amazing and hilarious, but I just lost it when Saf grabbed Tyler's arm for emotional support before she tasted it 😄

  • Crow Smith
    Crow Smith Hace un mes

    Random fun fact I learned from "How to Cook That" - Gelatin food was actually a way to preserve the food inside. The chicken gelatin likely was meant to be made the way gelatin was made in the past - but not necessarily to be eaten. As gelatin was basically the plastic wrap of the past in a way. You'd cook your food and seal it in gelatin to keep everything preserved til the party. I imagine the rest like the absurd presentations came out of this tradition because it would help make the spread of food look better, but no one was probably going to eat the actual gelatin, just the contents.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae Hace 3 meses

    Savory jello "salads" seemed to be very popular in the 60s so you could find a lot more to try. Apparently jello made celery flavored gelatin specifically for them .

  • Abraham Beltran
    Abraham Beltran Hace 3 meses

    Loving the content Tyler!! ❤❤

  • Marie
    Marie Hace 3 meses

    My mom used to make a tomato aspic so it was fun for me to watch this! She used a bunt pan so it wasn't quite so tall. It was tomato gelatin with carrots, celery, onion and avocado in it. Sometimes she added shrimp. It tasted better than it sounds.

  • Hanna Kinn
    Hanna Kinn Hace 3 meses

    I'm old enough to remember going to luncheons with my mother where housewives would proudly serve these gelatin dishes. They were also often served at family gatherings. My mother had a green Tupperware mold with a bottom lid/cover that you could change with different designs for various holidays and seasons.
    Back in the day some of the recipes had ingredients like tomato soup and lemons, meat pate layers were not great but presented less issues when serving than sliced meats. I remember sliced boiled eggs being included in bottom layers. I was not a fan of most of the savory gelatin dishes but I remember that a lot of the fruity dessert dishes that had layers with cream cheese were actually quite good. I think my favorite one ever was a side dish at a Christmas meal it had cranberries, cream cheese, shredded carrots, tangerine sections and walnuts. It was lovely in both appearance and taste really great.

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  • Devil in Her Heart
    Devil in Her Heart Hace 2 meses

    We make something very very similar in my country (Poland) and we call it zimne nóżki, which means cold feet 😂😂 I actually love it 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Ania
    Ania Hace 3 meses

    So this looks like a traditional Christmas dish of my country, except we make it in small 1-serving portions, not a cake form :P
    But there should be waaaay more filling compared to the amount of jello

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