• Publicado el 20 sep 2017
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Comentarios • 225

  • Kaitlin Renne22
    Kaitlin Renne22 Hace 3 meses

    What happened to your lip bud

  • Michelle Collins-betz
    Michelle Collins-betz Hace 8 meses

    Sexy Erik 💋👌👍❤️

  • FitB4IGetOld
    FitB4IGetOld Hace 8 meses

    You are funny! I feel superstitious like that too. I always wear a certain shirt when I do payroll at my office. If I wear a different one, I feel like I will make a mistake on the numbers that day.

  • Narco 2018
    Narco 2018 Hace 10 meses

    Fake az title

  • Rob H
    Rob H Hace 11 meses

    GreAt video. Thanks

  • Hash Rodriguez Velasco
    Hash Rodriguez Velasco Hace 11 meses

    It's a good restaurant for meals, but it catches my attention because there's nothing muscular about training in the gym

  • the K.K.K
    the K.K.K Hace un año

    That belly looks bad

  • herbsabeast1
    herbsabeast1 Hace un año

    that whole video and you didn't even put the food challange. Got to get them videos in somehow..

  • Karlee
    Karlee Hace un año

    I WANNA HEAL WANNA FEEL...yeah had to scream that in the beginning lol.

  • Mike Justin
    Mike Justin Hace un año

    Reppin' the old school Linkin Park \m/

  • Justin Jacoby
    Justin Jacoby Hace un año

    Dont tap the dumbbells together on the presses

  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell Hace un año

    Erik man do you have good genetics bc if you did i feel as if you're arms would grow more than they are now, I wish the best for you and your journey. Keep grinding, love the vids!

  • nicho las
    nicho las Hace un año

    ur gunna get cancer with all ur sugar free syrups and shit who needs that in a protien shake

  • Gönül Kahraman
    Gönül Kahraman Hace un año +1

    Who has eaten 800-850 calories a day ??

  • Sawyer R
    Sawyer R Hace un año

    What a great guy... he wanted to max out on bench and his spotter touched the bar and he didn't get pissed about it but instead just smiled... u go buddy

  • Raging Mong
    Raging Mong Hace un año

    Some rage against the machine lets go!

  • Amanda Gregory
    Amanda Gregory Hace un año

    you look like Jimmy Neutron when you put your hair up at the end lmao

  • Vivian Sahara
    Vivian Sahara Hace un año

    Everyone is saying u look bigger ? I was so focused on ur lifting I didn't even notice ? U just seem so much brighter 😂 like so much more happy but, just keep doing what ur doing bro 🙃 love the vids .... PS. Is it just me or are ur arms getting bigger 💪 #gains

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Hace un año

    Hey my name is Andrew Snapchat?

  • lovonia
    lovonia Hace un año

    Enjoyed the workout footage in this one!

  • sylvia
    sylvia Hace un año

    How the heck can you even sit down with that food baby?!?! We need more q&a vlogs like this to find out!

  • Savaged Pepe
    Savaged Pepe Hace un año

    wow you really get some distance in when you ride your bike

  • Joshua Ojeda
    Joshua Ojeda Hace un año

    Always teasing us of the next challenge

  • Divine Munchies
    Divine Munchies Hace un año +1

    haha. Your reaction to your hair at the end made me laugh.

  • Nikko Paolo Villanueva
    Nikko Paolo Villanueva Hace un año

    Erik, I think you could have hit the 2 plates easily if you skipped the last rep on the previous set, or skipped the whole previous set... Anyways, still you really are very strong, keep grinding :)

  • deanoturn1985
    deanoturn1985 Hace un año

    As a fellow cyclist....... time for a more aero jersey bro ;)

  • downwardfeline
    downwardfeline Hace un año

    You look good with or without the belly Eric:-) Keep up the good videos. I enjoy watching.

  • Junior Foods
    Junior Foods Hace un año

    You have DEFINATELY put on muscle weight for side 🤞🏻🤛🏻

  • EdmonteRaptor
    EdmonteRaptor Hace un año

    Nice vid can u play some basketball next vid plss

  • Al Khem Bey
    Al Khem Bey Hace un año

    I can tell by the first 30seconds that this guy likes men

  • whodoyouthinkfor
    whodoyouthinkfor Hace un año

    What kind of bag is it?

  • TheRealD0cTube
    TheRealD0cTube Hace un año

    Put the patreon on top of the description so ppl can see it

  • Lennart Lennart
    Lennart Lennart Hace un año

    Cheese got the look

  • Luke Carrigan
    Luke Carrigan Hace un año

    I had to think at 7:25 to realise you said 'restaurant' and not 'rush hour'

  • Matt Mahoney
    Matt Mahoney Hace un año

    Will he lose that weight on his belly?

  • Drew Kocak
    Drew Kocak Hace un año

    Grrrr rando gym spotters always touch the bar. Can never find one that doesn't 🙄, even if you explicitly tell them not to MULTIPLE TIMES before the set

  • Cian Kelly
    Cian Kelly Hace un año

    You probably would have hit 225 easier if you didn't do so many warm up sets. That's a lot of volume before hitting a 1RM

  • Jeppe Skals
    Jeppe Skals Hace un año

    Thats such a huge achivement good job. Gonna keep watching

  • Martina Rq
    Martina Rq Hace un año

    You are a genius continue like that

  • Marko Stojic
    Marko Stojic Hace un año

    Where the fuck are his gains??? He is so small

  • Deny Dharmawan
    Deny Dharmawan Hace un año

    Don't touch this dumbell bro when you incline bench press

  • Marko Bembo
    Marko Bembo Hace un año

    Respect for the fucking awesome outro dude 😁👌🔥

  • franco
    franco Hace un año

    Eric, when you're lifting heavy (2-5 rep range), how much time do you rest between sets?

  • ohMah Hurhur
    ohMah Hurhur Hace un año

    I enjoy ur content a lot! And keep it up!:) u promote a positive way of looking at food which a lot of ppl struggle to overcome (afraid of over eating etc) and u rock

  • MeMarie
    MeMarie Hace un año

    I love the kisses ! :D

    THE BALVA GAMING Hace un año

    Eric you are getting serious muscles💪💪💪
    Love your videos

  • SwedishHouseFifa
    SwedishHouseFifa Hace un año

    Guerilla radio :O

  • Aimee Gilchrist
    Aimee Gilchrist Hace un año

    I want to see the challenge! 😜

  • Marcus Bryan
    Marcus Bryan Hace un año

    Mine is taste, if the food is incredible then I will be hungry again no matter the fat, salt, carbs doesn't matter. Tastes good my body will crave it.

  • The One Love (ALS)
    The One Love (ALS) Hace un año

    Awesome Stuff Erik

  • Gwendolyn Snow
    Gwendolyn Snow Hace un año

    What happened to your lip Erik?!?

  • Rafa Armenta
    Rafa Armenta Hace un año

    Another banger erik

  • Zero Faze
    Zero Faze Hace un año

    Jimmy Neutron dat you? lmao
    Flickering light/fan in your room...it triggering.

  • Tracie RD
    Tracie RD Hace un año

    totally loved this vid... hilarious! and, omg that hair. crazy AF! just love ya!

  • Cypruns
    Cypruns Hace un año

    Please stay safe man, most of your recent videos look like binge eating. It's not good to do this to your body, even if you do work out. It can cause some really yucky internal problems

  • Jase Holland
    Jase Holland Hace un año

    I don't know what this mess of comments is below, but hey...i like the vlog style! I would say if possible i'd like to see the full challenge as well as some vlogging in the same video.

  • Sreten Rosic
    Sreten Rosic Hace un año

    you look like more like jimmy neutron that Cartoon character from that show Jimmy neutron when u have your hair spike up or just put it all the way up! And HOLY SHIT GOD DAMN damn that's a enormous huge giant big ass burger! Damn that's some one big ass burger Erik! And that sure is a lot of fries man just watching this video is making me like very super extremely hungry! Nice vid Erik! 👍

  • Jesse Le
    Jesse Le Hace un año

    Wowwwww wtf😂 I was so excited

  • Marine leslie
    Marine leslie Hace un año

    I'm 15 and I'm going into weightlifting... my question is how did you get so strong? I'm pretty weak, and I just want to know how you improved so much and get strong toned muscles .

    • Vareesha aaliya
      Vareesha aaliya Hace un año

      It takes time to build strength and muscles. Don't be ashamed of starting with lightweight. You'll build up eventually.

  • chris Smith
    chris Smith Hace un año +7

    When's the baby due?

  • Lonely Allie
    Lonely Allie Hace un año

    I love your vlogs Erik the motherfucking electric 💙

  • Hanna Lansall
    Hanna Lansall Hace un año

    I know next to nothing about lifting, so I have to ask: why does he do that stretchy - thing before he benchpresses? Is it to stretch out his back to avoid injury?

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards Hace un año

    You had the bench but the spotter touched it. Unless it was going down then there is no need to put your hands on the bar if you're spotting.

  • AreYoushittingMe1 2 3
    AreYoushittingMe1 2 3 Hace un año

    I don't think you have to tell them to like the video everybody already knows you are AMAZING

  • The Gaming Paladin
    The Gaming Paladin Hace un año

    oh man, that first track right after the Cringe scene called back to my days of playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, such an awesome game in an awesome series.... before Project 8, which wasnt bad... but definitely the most lacking in the franchise.

  • Miranda Viegut
    Miranda Viegut Hace un año

    There is no way I could eat that much

  • Smoo7hy
    Smoo7hy Hace un año +3

    ur programing is shit

  • d1st4rbed
    d1st4rbed Hace un año

    12:42 This looks like Erik's hairstyle smaakryb.dk/ovrige-sma-gaver-til-born/trolden-tilde-50-stk.html

  • upthecreek18
    upthecreek18 Hace un año +22

    I don't know man, I enjoy pretty much all of your content that you post up. You have a nice variety of lifting, eating, chilling, etc... I just felt bad when you got your stuff stolen and car broken into. Whatever your doing it just seems like your happier and in a better place - and your lifts are all looking strong! Thanks for the vids, I'll stay tuned for more in the future.

  • Uniquelyyours1
    Uniquelyyours1 Hace un año

    Sweet potato fries. You know what I like;) I always like your vids, Erik. Stay positive, with lots of hugs:)

  • Activise
    Activise Hace un año +2

    12:38 Jimmy Neutron

  • jedifyfe
    jedifyfe Hace un año

    Bro. You had that. It counts. Well done.

  • Brett Wyatt
    Brett Wyatt Hace un año +1

    that coffee machine probably sounded how the shit comes out after challenges

  • MaxWell 210
    MaxWell 210 Hace un año

    Says cardio diet, thumbnail see him lifting dumbbells....

  • Nida Ariena Mohd Ariff
    Nida Ariena Mohd Ariff Hace un año +2

    Having black coffee at work and watching this. Hells yea! Linkin Park-Somewhere I belong!!

    • Sreten Rosic
      Sreten Rosic Hace un año +1

      Linkin park FTW! One of my all-time favorite bands ever! Linkin park rocks! Thumbs up! 👍 And Somewhere I belong is my favorite Linkin Park Song ever!

  • TheFlamingKat
    TheFlamingKat Hace un año

    Lifts going up fast!

  • roomforthefiiixins
    roomforthefiiixins Hace un año

    Your Keurig jingle was awesome 😆 ☕️

  • King Titino
    King Titino Hace un año +1

    Chest day is best day.

  • Vivien Reinhart
    Vivien Reinhart Hace un año

    I would be interested in seeing a "what i normally eat during the day" video.
    Like when you don't do these food challenges.
    Greets from Germany :)

    • Jack Klein
      Jack Klein Hace un año

      Vivien Reinhart hes got like 8 of them

  • Ranisha Newsome
    Ranisha Newsome Hace un año

    Love the gym

  • Ranisha Newsome
    Ranisha Newsome Hace un año

    An u do good exercises awsome

  • Ranisha Newsome
    Ranisha Newsome Hace un año

    ;-) ;-) :-D :-\ 🍚🍚🍙🍜😁😁😁😂🉑🉐🈺🈺🈺🈯

  • Ranisha Newsome
    Ranisha Newsome Hace un año

    Full day of eating that's good awsome

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez Hace un año

    Bad bench form 😔

  • Daniel Black
    Daniel Black Hace un año

    If you're working up to a one rep max on bench don't do 3 reps for your last 2 warm up sets with 205 and 195. You probably would have hit 225 a lot smoother, but good job nonetheless!

  • Adam Villanueva
    Adam Villanueva Hace un año


  • ThePanda
    ThePanda Hace un año

    Nice video.
    I think you would be great in a powerlifting competition

  • applecinnamon
    applecinnamon Hace un año

    Loved this vid and the whole idea of the BTS! Aaaand I’m quite superstitious myself (God when I was in uni I used to wear the SAME EXACT ACCESSORIES every single exam 😅)

  • Luka Banicevic
    Luka Banicevic Hace un año

    You are crazy man you are the boss

  • mel ward
    mel ward Hace un año +1

    erik is getting thikk

  • Ole Breistøl
    Ole Breistøl Hace un año +1

    Do more vlogs, love those videos

  • huhn15
    huhn15 Hace un año

    Haven't watched your videos in a hot minute. Damn boy you're looking good! Much more happy and kinda healthy, your face is glowing!

  • bashduude
    bashduude Hace un año

    is electric his full time job or second name?

  • SkyShots
    SkyShots Hace un año +2

    lookin like Jimmy neutron with that hair

  • Lasse
    Lasse Hace un año

    Lol.. The intro was actually pretty funny.

  • Rodian Tsai
    Rodian Tsai Hace un año +1


  • David Repic
    David Repic Hace un año

    u ar my best youtuber

  • Tanja Eckhardt
    Tanja Eckhardt Hace un año

    your arms and shoulders look waaaay bigger and stronger! seems like ur balancing cardio and lifting perfectly out

  • Curious bud
    Curious bud Hace un año +1

    Been away from this channel for a while. Erik is looking hot!

  • Sketchbook_Paradise
    Sketchbook_Paradise Hace un año

    Great video as per. I feel that your hair @ 12:54 ish makes you look a bit like Jimmy Neutron! :')