The Season When a Kid Humiliated the entire NBA

  • Publicado el 7 sep 2021
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Comentarios • 1 370

  • Aleksandar Gospić
    Aleksandar Gospić Hace un año +1649

    His rookie season highlights are better than most players career highlights! 😂😂

    • Dreamer
      Dreamer Hace un mes +1

      @Castor Chua he knows how to adapt

    • KidCat
      KidCat Hace un mes +6

      @Castor Chua those NBA teams don't say so.

    • Castor Chua
      Castor Chua Hace 2 meses +2

      But every bucket looks like a total fluke 🤣

  • Hildr Fjara
    Hildr Fjara Hace un año +3533

    People forget that he was MVP of the Euroleague 🤦🏼 He was never a simple rookie 🔥

    • Badong Junior
      Badong Junior Hace un mes

      People don't forget, they just DON'T KNOW. There is a difference.

    • Worick
      Worick Hace 2 meses

      @Kevin Mahaley Typical American living in a bubble. Basketball is not only in your country lol

    • Geraldine Geraldine
      Geraldine Geraldine Hace 2 meses

      @Changed Pace yeah like nemanja bejalica

    • Cerera69
      Cerera69 Hace 2 meses +1

      @Kevin Mahaley Have a look to EuroBasket last month best games and then say opinion. Obliterated? Is this what happened to previous time for USA team on world cup? 8th place? Yeah thank you sir for reminding me that fact :)

    • Kevin Mahaley
      Kevin Mahaley Hace 2 meses +1

      @Cerera69 euro would get obliterated by the US 🤣🤣

  • Jack Harrist
    Jack Harrist Hace un año +4452

    "he's a second round pick" -Rashad Phillips
    the worst take i've ever heard from a "sports analyst" ever

    • PaN1NI
      PaN1NI Hace 8 días

      @tayski nah they love Jason Kidd and other white players but they hate Giannis and Asians

    • tayski
      tayski Hace 8 días

      @PaN1NI "international"
      White people.

    • patatota
      patatota Hace 14 días

      Third place was a shame. Look now for the other two.

    • Timo B
      Timo B Hace 21 un día

      imagine if teams had genuinely thought that and luka was drafted in the 2nd round lmao

    • Pika
      Pika Hace un mes

      who takes Rashad Phillips seriously the dude always takes sides of what he likes and he is always bias ... when a close frnd of him got asked why Rashad Phillips said that the answer was that he didn't wanna believe that the new best thing is a white kid xD

  • El Joelo
    El Joelo Hace un año +1749

    The ball leaves his hands like in slow motion because the arch of his shot is high. Beautiful. Also he doesn't get rattled with a close defender when shooting 3s.

    • H.C. Loads
      H.C. Loads Hace 22 días

      ....except when the arch of his shot is low. Which he ALSO does sometimes, when dropping treys with impunity.

    • David Nymann
      David Nymann Hace 2 meses

      There's no such thing as a close defender in the NBA

    • Lucas Mendez
      Lucas Mendez Hace 2 meses

      @Lacman lmao this comment did not age well.

    • MrShanester117
      MrShanester117 Hace 3 meses

      He’s not a very good 3 point shooter

    • Muhammed Yasin Kalender
      Muhammed Yasin Kalender Hace 5 meses

      I've been watching luka and thinking this guy is super unstable, he has a lot of bad games. When he decides to play he fckin destroys everyone tho. But then I realized he was way too young. This year in playoffs he almost does not have a regular game, he dropped 30 easily in every game, created points out of nowhere, and this guy is still only 23. J poole is 23 rn. And in 2015 curry was 27, so...

  • SnowMetal
    SnowMetal Hace 3 meses +234

    No talking, just 11 straight minutes of crushing it. What a great video. I don't even watch basketball, but I love seeing superhuman efficiency.

    • 50’s Cap
      50’s Cap Hace 2 meses +1

      super agree. the guy does everything, he's just excellent. thanks for the vid!

    • CracksJr30
      CracksJr30  Hace 3 meses +7

      Thanks man

  • 。
     Hace un año +7789

    Luka "it's much easier to score in the NBA than in Europe" Doncic

    • Lucas Ng
      Lucas Ng Hace 14 días

      @I fifahd no

    • henri lindroos
      henri lindroos Hace 15 días

      Winning is about the money in nba. Big city. Big market. More championships

    • MultiSneakerLover
      MultiSneakerLover Hace un mes

      @Jonathan Soko “affected him negativity”

    • BaffledSquirrel21
      BaffledSquirrel21 Hace un mes

      I was about to comment didn’t he say nba is easier than euro league lol

    • Omar Sanchez
      Omar Sanchez Hace un mes

      I believe this is true, but he is a special player. If this was true for every euro league player than euro picks would be dominating the nba. Luka is hungry and he plays every game in starvation mode.

  • Paul Caranto
    Paul Caranto Hace un año +1474

    Best thing about Luka is his confidence, his swag

    • Balloe
      Balloe Hace un mes

      @Zheng Lai it's different though. I feel like Luka is more joyous in his competitiveness, whereas Mr Bryant was set out to destroy the opposing team. Do you agree?

    • Seek Truth
      Seek Truth Hace un mes

      He has it because he knows the work he has put in .

    • Jansen Sharp
      Jansen Sharp Hace 2 meses

      I would say the best thing is that he scores points

    • Zheng Lai
      Zheng Lai Hace 3 meses

      @cavaleer Luka definitely has the mamba mentality.

    • DV
      DV Hace un año +1

      @MakMan lol that was good

  • bobby smurda
    bobby smurda Hace un año +1510

    The shot aganist the Blazers was incredible.. The ball left his hands with 0.4 seconds still on the clock

    M0NTIK0RE Hace un año +579

    Luka is cold af. That kid is amazing. Can't wait to see how his career develops in the next 5-10 years.

    • Mike
      Mike Hace 6 meses +1

      @Angel Terrel 4 wins away from the finals

    • Mike
      Mike Hace 6 meses

      @Nils Hofmann yea

    • Greg Lowe
      Greg Lowe Hace 9 meses

      @Nils Hofmann - We gave up DeAndre Jordan, Wes Mathews, Dennis Smith Jr., and 2 late first-round picks (usually just below-average NBA players) for Hardaway AND a chance at Porzingis. KP had a high ceiling and was worth the risk/reward especially since we really didn't give up anything. True, Porzingis didn't work out but it was worth the risk. The move a few weeks ago also freed up space to sign Dorian Finney-Smith to an extension (a great perimeter defender with a nice 3-point shot). Dinwiddie and Bertans combined for 14 for 21, 8 of 12 from 3, and are just getting used to Kidd's system. It's all good!

    • Rio Nabil
      Rio Nabil Hace 9 meses

      @Bryan Pires Yeah but ffs man that guy still needs help it's still a bad trade on KP i mean Dallas coulda get someone better but they choose Dinwiddie and Bertans they coulda get someone better than them

    • Angel Terrel
      Angel Terrel Hace 9 meses

      Yes,really is true.Luka Will Will a lot of money in Dallas,not trophies but from Spain he knows Real Madrid always gives him everything ...forever

  • Luka Dončić . com
    Luka Dončić . com Hace un año +109

    one of the most terrifying attacking players in the entire NBA. Doncic drives to the basket more than almost anyone else, and finishes with top-notch efficiency. His ability to get downhill and threaten defenses in turn allows him to whip out some of those highlight-reel dishes.

    • JustHereForPopcorn
      JustHereForPopcorn Hace 22 días

      @Name That would mean the Euroleague is faked as well and I don't know if you know anything about European sports but I can assure you those are not fake. Sport is religion in many European countries.

    • Πάνος Σταγής
      Πάνος Σταγής Hace un mes

      @Name get over it dude 😆

    • Kennard Luceña
      Kennard Luceña Hace un mes

      @Name Dude, it's like you are saying that his three's were edited as well. That's his x factor, not athletic enough but can still do it.. Some guys are just better at techniques than others

    • Name
      Name Hace un mes

      @Kennard Luceña he's too slow and unathletic to "go in", if NBA was real, defenders would have no trouble stopping his drives because they are all bigger faster and stronger and superior athletes. They are letting him score on purpose, it's a fake show, rigged.

    • Burner Bunson
      Burner Bunson Hace un mes

      @Name basketball isnt all about raw talent or athletic attributes

  • Trey Morningstar
    Trey Morningstar Hace un año +373

    I know it’s impossible because of hoe loyal they are, but imagine Jokic and Doncic in the same team, they’d destroy the NBA

    • Richard Russ
      Richard Russ Hace 2 meses

      You talking about a Yugoslavian reunion for the Olympics? If only.... it would be fun to watch that!

    • Trey Morningstar
      Trey Morningstar Hace 2 meses

      @Oliver Hassani Doncic literally owns the Clippers, tf you blabbing about

    • Oliver Hassani
      Oliver Hassani Hace 2 meses

      no they wouldnt. still lose to the clippers in the first round lmao

    • RandomNJPolack
      RandomNJPolack Hace 5 meses +1

      @Vera Wang Luka literally plays with dwight powell as a center, ain't no way Jokic is worse than Powell on defense.

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan Hace 6 meses +2

      @Lamar M jokic isnt rly ball dominant. his usage rate is way lower than that of most points guards. he just creates so much high lvl offense without needing to hold the ball for too long, its pretty insane. i think he would pair very well with almost anyone simply because of his understanding of the game and his stellar passing. defence on a team with luka and jokic is another thing, that might actually be a problem.

  • Joshua Harmening
    Joshua Harmening Hace un año +285

    he's a unique player. You can't really compare him to past players easily. I like that.

    • Abdulkadir Isik
      Abdulkadir Isik Hace un mes

      I don’t know
      I see a lot of Harden in him . They are basically the same player

    • Tim Garrow
      Tim Garrow Hace 2 meses


    • Joshua Harmening
      Joshua Harmening Hace 3 meses +1

      Comments that you can't really compare him to past players -> entire reply section proceeds to do just that, but are unable to have any even remote consensus, thus proving my point. 🤷‍♂

    • Super Science ⚡🚀
      Super Science ⚡🚀 Hace 3 meses

      James Harden, not LeBron. Let's be real here haha

    • AgentDGW
      AgentDGW Hace 3 meses

      literally kobe

  • Scott Kemp
    Scott Kemp Hace un año +390

    He and some mates came within one point of an Olympic silver medal for Slovenia. Amazing talent. Kdor ne skače ni Slovenc!

    • Billy Cain
      Billy Cain Hace 10 meses +3

      @Cracker Jack
      Slovenia, Croatia and North East Italy is home to some of the freakiest athletes on Earth, some absolute monsters in those mountains

    • Cracker Jack
      Cracker Jack Hace un año +2

      I'm from USA, I was rooting for Slovenia!

    • Scott Kemp
      Scott Kemp Hace un año +6

      @kel parayiwa France beat Slovenia by one point, and should of been penalised for doing a soccer fall, clutching a non existent, a phantom injury. They came so close to reaching the final.

    • kel parayiwa
      kel parayiwa Hace un año

      not silver medal bronze medal coz France played Usa in the final and Australia and Slovenia were playing for the bronze

    • Untitled project
      Untitled project Hace un año +9

      @Scott Kemp I mean can you blame them for comparing him to the greats? He is phenomenal. He is doing things that we rarely see. He just needs a bit more help from other players and organisation to fight on the highest level. I hope He will win a titlle in near future

  • JB Malonzo
    JB Malonzo Hace un año +376

    Give this man a reliable duo and I see a second championship for Dallas :D

    • nathan murphy
      nathan murphy Hace un mes

      He will win you games but also is the reason you lose look at the golden state game he was the reason makes offensive stagnet when he can't score always in his hand gives the ball to teammates with short short shot xloxks

    • nathan murphy
      nathan murphy Hace un mes

      Never he makes his team worse

    • Pinniped productions
      Pinniped productions Hace un año

      By reliable are you just saying porzingis is not reliable because of his injuries

    • gflubber
      gflubber Hace un año

      @Ben Dover Ho i’m not sure if they’d go well together

    • Radars
      Radars Hace un año +1

      @mone_la_kichta imagine doncic jokic, the havoc those europeans would bring on the NBA would be crazy. I also think its probable that we will get jokic, or embiid soon since they are 100% looking for playoff success

  • Nils Hofmann
    Nils Hofmann Hace 9 meses +32

    legit brings tears to my eyes watching him play... his motions, his arch... poetry. I really hope he will win many titles

    • Jack Shriver
      Jack Shriver Hace 20 días

      Yo the meat riding is crazy

    • Scripteaze
      Scripteaze Hace un mes

      legit means that it really did bring tears to your eyes and it didn't. Stop being so publicly ignorant.

  • Faubourg Lincoln
    Faubourg Lincoln Hace un año +517

    It’s still fresh so people don’t fully realize what kind of a rookie year that was. Doncic’s 2018-2019 season will be a textbook case in universities in 10/15 years.

    • Purple Emoji
      Purple Emoji Hace 6 meses

      @Truth Hurts sounds likes a cool major whats it about

    • Angel Terrel
      Angel Terrel Hace un año

      He was formed in Europe,that is the secret.In the BEST Sport club over the world Real Madrid...No one NBA team has the real Madrid organization.

    • Truth Hurts
      Truth Hurts Hace un año +17

      I take sports management in college. We studied Luka’s rookie year. We study the last two seasons from Jokic. Oh, and everytime Lebron changes wardrobe and whenever Curry dances a little.

    • Fattony6666
      Fattony6666 Hace un año +9

      @Faubourg Lincoln I've taken sport management classes in university. There is no course on studying rookies.

    • Faubourg Lincoln
      Faubourg Lincoln Hace un año +46

      @Isaiah Paris any university offering management or sport management programs.

  • Jo Barrett
    Jo Barrett Hace 2 meses +3

    Love the way this guy plays. I don't know why it's necessary to say he "humiliated" anyone. He's just a stone cold baller.

  • Nicolas Escobedo
    Nicolas Escobedo Hace un año +346

    I could watch him and Stephen Curry play all day together

    • Tevin Jones
      Tevin Jones Hace 3 meses


    • Max Thompson
      Max Thompson Hace un año +1

      Pause bro pause. Think abt what you jus said

    • KrankyKrocodile
      KrankyKrocodile Hace un año +1


    • Roger S
      Roger S Hace un año +1

      No homo?

    • Mav Fan
      Mav Fan Hace un año +1

      This past season Luka had a game where he could've easily gone for 60 but he had the Mavs so far up he played himself and Curry out of the 4th altogether. Earlier they had a great duel. I say this to people who only look at Luka's career high, it would be higher by now.

  • Jernej Demšar
    Jernej Demšar Hace 9 meses +27

    That 11-0 run against the Rockets will never cease to be amazing.

  • Linky609
    Linky609 Hace un año +26

    Man his step back is absolutely filthy, creates so much space effortlessly.

  • kermitefrog64
    kermitefrog64 Hace un año +30

    He will be impossible to guard once he starts getting the other players more involved. He started to do that in some of the plays and he will be even more dangerous.

  • Tegar Satriyo
    Tegar Satriyo Hace un año +22

    Curry and Doncic are 2 of my favorite players with one same reason, everyone doubt them at the start but they both ended up bossing the franchise. Curry has done it objectively and now in the talk of being among the goats of nba. Meanwhile Doncic is still very young and yet looking very promising. If he keeps this up and get some championships no doubt he will join the goats talk in 10-15 years.

  • Justin Sears
    Justin Sears Hace un año +37

    I am surprised at how athletic he is. I always knew he was a good shooter and playmaker, but damn some of those dunks went hard.

    • Unky
      Unky Hace 2 meses

      @Joel N no shit if I’m gonna hang out with all ballers it’s not gonna seem rare since every hooper is athletic but that doesn’t change the fact maybe 5% of the world could dunk

    • Unky
      Unky Hace 2 meses

      @Shatiq Lukas dunks = athletic
      Ja’s dunks = athletic as fuck
      L opinion

    • Unky
      Unky Hace 2 meses

      @Shatiq bet yo ass cant even dunk 🤣🤣

    • Joel N
      Joel N Hace 2 meses

      @he approaches A ring is only ten foot high. A six foot bloke with his arms in the air only has to jump a few feet in the air. I could probably still dunk and I'm 43. There was a kid at my school who was only 5 foot 9 inches and he could double handed slam dunk. Why do people think it's so hard to dunk? It's not hard.

    • he approaches
      he approaches Hace 2 meses

      @Joel N what

  • julesjordan
    julesjordan Hace un año +266

    I legit get goosebumps watching him play.

    • Nermoidd
      Nermoidd Hace un año

      @6spdM3driver woahhh subs sooo matter bro. Im soooo scared of ur dumbass. I ned to back off or he'll hurt me. Oh no!!

    • Viqtor
      Viqtor Hace un año

      @Jordan Cobb not everyone who doesn’t like someone is jealous lmao

    • Diego Chavez
      Diego Chavez Hace un año +1

      The more I watch him the more I realize how great he is Kobe Ingram and Luka my fav players Zion too.

    • VroAnthony
      VroAnthony Hace un año +1

      @6spdM3driver no shit kid

    • 6spdM3driver
      6spdM3driver Hace un año

      @VroAnthony luka doesn’t care about his haters. It doesn’t affect his game

  • BossJap TV
    BossJap TV Hace 4 meses +1

    1:35 is the best, the pass, the shoot, the buzzer beater, Deandre's reaction and the commentator's emotion all in one historic moment of NBA history. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dillon Siv
    Dillon Siv Hace un año +20

    This video is an L towards all the analysts that thought Luka wasn't worthy of the number 1 pick never mind those that thought he was a second rounder

  • Jonathan Bolger
    Jonathan Bolger Hace 8 meses +3

    He's such a joy too watch. Reminds me so much of Larry Legend, plays the game at his own pace, just has the game on a string.

  • Pinniped productions
    Pinniped productions Hace un año +15

    He has an interesting shot even when he shoots layups he raises his arms so high above his head that it takes a rlly long time to release and arcs over all the defenders heads and lets it go in easy watch some of these clips and you will see what I mean his shot is basically the opposite of Stephen Curry who’s release is very fast

  • DrKub007
    DrKub007 Hace un año +49

    it s funny and pathetic too to see a huge part of the audience not reacting to such amazing plays, so many unbelievable shots, so much mastery at his young age ....
    just because he 's not american

  • William Hooke
    William Hooke Hace 2 meses +4

    "He ain't no ordinary rookie"
    Luka Doncic, former EuroLeague MVP

  • Maximilian
    Maximilian Hace 7 meses +7

    The highright reel of this kid at age 23 is beyond unreal. Truly the golden child of basketball

  • KingLouie Cabrales
    KingLouie Cabrales Hace 2 meses +3

    oh my goodness those crossover and stepback 3s are unstoppable regardless who defends him!!! He's a LEGEND no doubt and he will reign until he's Jersey retires in the Hall Of Fame.......

  • Isaac Duboise
    Isaac Duboise Hace un año +8

    One of my favorite Luka moments is when he hit a stepback buzzer beater against the clippers in the playoffs.

  • Nicolas Escobedo
    Nicolas Escobedo Hace un año +54

    This kid is ridiculously good at basketball.

  • John Ames
    John Ames Hace un año +41

    NBA needs more diversity, nice to see guys like Luka paving the way for other people

    • Robbie Star
      Robbie Star Hace un mes

      I don't believe in diversity hires. It should be merit based. Luka is taking the place of someone else more qualified. Affirmative action has gone too far.

    • Milton Turner
      Milton Turner Hace un año +1

      Yep, ability and skill rule...Color of skin, NOT so much.

    • aguyfromnothere
      aguyfromnothere Hace un año +2

      I see what you did there

    • R Teodoro
      R Teodoro Hace un año +1

      Agree. No diversity in NBA

    • Bill Trigg
      Bill Trigg Hace un año +2

      These new crop of Europeans owe everything to the OG's Drazen Petrovic and Toni Kukoc..

  • Aaron Tyeryar
    Aaron Tyeryar Hace un año +4

    I love the fakey drive from the 3pt line, then the back step which gives him so much space to drop the 3.

  • Thomas George Collection
    Thomas George Collection Hace un año +4

    The unexpected Mills vs Dončić showdown during the Olympics was a masterclass.

  • OfficialBlazy
    OfficialBlazy Hace 2 meses +2

    A kid from my country and i am proud he made it so far

  • martjek
    martjek Hace un año +68

    He has gained a lot of weight since his rookie season! He's gotten better but i think i prefer this version of him gliding and more athletic

    • Scribble💯
      Scribble💯 Hace 3 meses

      @Nonya Business Tyson Fury doesn't believe you.

    • Tyler Hamblin
      Tyler Hamblin Hace 3 meses

      I live in Dallas and the mavs are my team and the only pick i have with luka is coming back from the off-season he was a lil heavy, I’d like for him to do what Lebron does and invest the money into his body so he can extend his prime for years and years

    • Spiken
      Spiken Hace 6 meses

      American food

    • Charles G
      Charles G Hace 6 meses +3

      He should keep the extra MUSCLE, but lose the FAT. He should weightlift and eat more protein, but not let himself get chunky. If Luka’s skill + IQ had a muscular body like LeBron, he’d be better than Michael Jordan

    • Mrakomor89
      Mrakomor89 Hace 7 meses

      @jostjuice and he is still destroying everybody 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Red
    Red Hace 10 meses +3

    The Houston takeover was just damn impossible. how could a rookie have an ice in his veins.

  • Boxing Science
    Boxing Science Hace 9 meses +5

    Makes me proud to be Slovenian,Im living about 40km away from him.Great kid!

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko Hace un año +9

    Im scared for the day he has an entire team with him. Most nights it was mostly him making everything happen alone

  • E T
    E T Hace 6 meses +5

    I miss skinny Luka....not trying to fat shame him or wtv (I know he has put up greater numbers since his rookie years despite his increase in weight) but I can't help but think that if he comes into a season in shape, his MVP campaigns might actually stand the test of an entire season

    • M T
      M T Hace 4 días

      This aged very very well 😊

  • R Hernandez
    R Hernandez Hace 6 meses +6

    Bro got himself a full career highlights his rookie season

  • maxoman
    maxoman Hace 7 meses +1

    He dominates kd in this highlight sequence! Damn that's absolutly incredible how he plays with former mvps

  • Tokisaki
    Tokisaki Hace 6 meses +2

    I love Luka's stepback is so cleaaaaan

  • Yoni Feuerstein
    Yoni Feuerstein Hace 6 meses +13

    This “kid” just wrecked the suns in game 7

  • Zyon Wilson
    Zyon Wilson Hace 6 meses +7

    damn luka already lost a step wtf😭😭 he gotta get back to that weight

    • Zyon Wilson
      Zyon Wilson Hace 6 meses

      @Yohanne Ludwig Quezon bru that has nothing to do with him losing a step. 😭 u jus talking

    • Wizard Lord
      Wizard Lord Hace 6 meses +2

      @Yohanne Ludwig Quezon He should get back to this level of fitness for longevity, it's not good that he's gained so much weight

    • Yohanne Ludwig Quezon
      Yohanne Ludwig Quezon Hace 6 meses +1

      naw he gained a step, he hasn't gone past the 1st round of the playoffs until this recent one. He might have become slower, but he damn sure became smarter

  • Jonah Funnell
    Jonah Funnell Hace un año +5

    This video made me physically cry it was so inspirational

  • andres vm
    andres vm Hace un año +2

    That kis is something really special that never seen in the nba,hes big pg but with not much athletic,hes not fast,hes not strong but his skills are so good that he dont need them and all the great players in the history of the nba have been really athletic

  • M H
    M H Hace un año +12

    Its almost unbelievable how good he is

    • Kalan Hitchens87
      Kalan Hitchens87 Hace 11 meses +1

      It's IQ . He idolized lebron. Same reason bird was so good.

    • gregory M.
      gregory M. Hace un año +1

      Tell me about it lol 😂 he moves as slow as Paul pierce but shifty enough to get the job done and versatile

  • Senax dy
    Senax dy Hace un año +6

    some people try to downgrade this man by saying hes been in pro basketball since 13. The same people are saying Euro league is not as good as the NBA.

    • Oliver Hassani
      Oliver Hassani Hace 2 meses

      euro league isnt even close to the nba what are you talking about?

  • Anna Sy
    Anna Sy Hace un año +29

    Luka magic and his Iconic step back 3 points shot such a Great player at a young age he got it all.

    • Frankie the Frog
      Frankie the Frog Hace un mes

      @J Leif they won two games without him in the playoffs…so yea.

    • J Leif
      J Leif Hace un año +3

      @cavaleer "delusions". "All he does is shoot's 3s". How many Triple doubles has he gotten now? How young is he again? Does he have a playoff wining team, SURROUNDING HIM? Ask yourself these questions, and then maybe if you drop the ego, and look in the mirror, you'll see exactly what delusion means.

    • cavaleer
      cavaleer Hace un año

      He does what every other step-back shooter does. That ain't "iconic". WTF are yall smokin? lol So far he's shown he's a great 3 pt shooter who gets bounced in the playoffs. Couldn't win a game on his home court against the undermanned Clippers. Let your delusions go. It's ok. lol

  • Hace un año +88

    Give Luka a Legit Center and Dallas will be the Alley oop capital of the NBA.

  • Lucas Croisfett
    Lucas Croisfett Hace un año +7

    By far my favorite player nowadays, this dude gonna win it all

  • Roger Coleman
    Roger Coleman Hace 9 meses

    I had no idea..this kids a cut above and a league rookie..he seems like a humble guy too. Go Mavs!

  • Nividiom Werewolf
    Nividiom Werewolf Hace un año +2

    Luka is and will always be my favorite NBA player

  • The world is mine in 2o21
    The world is mine in 2o21 Hace un año +9

    The GOAT of fundamentals.

  • Mrsynister
    Mrsynister Hace un año +1

    His step back game is ridiculously on point. WOW

  • Peter Uittenbogert
    Peter Uittenbogert Hace un año +45

    The most beautiful shooting I've ever seen! So elegent like silk!

    • KDenShowEm
      KDenShowEm Hace un año +6

      Klay and Durant pull up jumpers are more elegant imo. I think you mean the combination of his successful step backs followed by a jump shot is fantastic

  • 4321grp
    4321grp Hace un año

    In order to be a really great player, Luka's got to become a much better free throw shooter.

  • JustJeff23
    JustJeff23 Hace un año

    you can’t call him a kid when he was playing with grown man already. But still very talented

  • Mavericks 2K
    Mavericks 2K Hace 6 meses

    DeAndre Jordan's face when he witnesses luka magic always gets me

  • Tyler Holland
    Tyler Holland Hace un año +6

    How is it gonna be his 4th season already. Damn time goes by fast

  • Simon Patterson
    Simon Patterson Hace un año +19

    Luca is proof that the Allstar game fan vote means absolutely nothing. He should have been an Allstar in his rookie season; the fans overwhelmingly voted for it but the NBA said no.

  • Nizami Alizada
    Nizami Alizada Hace un año +73

    Wow, I watched every video of Luka on youtube, but this one 🔥

    • sekou
      sekou Hace un año

      This video is 🔥 luka my favorite NBA player

    • Kei Durant
      Kei Durant Hace un año +1

      Luka now is phenomenal imagine him in shape again wowow

  • SpaceTimeManipulator STM
    SpaceTimeManipulator STM Hace 2 meses +1

    The communication between him and Jordan was something to watch for sure.

  • Angel Terrel
    Angel Terrel Hace un año +1

    Gran jugador,el mejor de la NBA y formado en el real Madrid.Hala Madrid!!

  • Brock
    Brock Hace un año +2

    The kids a gift for the nba.

  • MKpwn
    MKpwn Hace un año +5

    How you thought Luka would do prior to entering the league should be a litmus test on all "analysts" and fans of how much bball they actually understand.

  • RA Zone
    RA Zone Hace un año +3

    Luka Magic has got to be one of the least creative nicknames ever.

  • Mav Fan
    Mav Fan Hace 6 meses +2

    Damn the part where he cooked THJ three plays in a row.

  • Joshua Buena
    Joshua Buena Hace un año +13

    I'm not a fan. I watch the video. I can't take my eyes off the screen. I'm now a fan.

  • Name less
    Name less Hace 10 meses

    If he keeps his form on this level. He would be one of the greatest player.

  • D J
    D J Hace un año +72

    8:00 I bet Hardaway prefers being Luka's teammate to guarding him.

    • Xiaotong Yao
      Xiaotong Yao Hace un año +3

      THJ: I'm okay with a pay cut for that LOL

  • Catra Ditya Ramawirawan
    Catra Ditya Ramawirawan Hace un año +13

    his shooting form is amazing.

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 Hace un año +6

    He's a great player, but there was no "humiliated" here. Some of y'all throw that word around WAY too loosely.

    • Geo Rockmann
      Geo Rockmann Hace un año +1

      @Benjamin Kurz You guys really put way too much into that statement. European basketball is played different as a whole. Not to mention that one player saying it wouldnt make it a fact

    • miklauzknaus
      miklauzknaus Hace un año

      @Mr Woo He said it's easier to score points. Meaning they score easier, but opponents score easier too.

    • Mr Woo
      Mr Woo Hace un año

      @Benjamin Kurz Oh really where are those rings?

    • Benjamin Kurz
      Benjamin Kurz Hace un año

      He proved Euro league teams play better defense. He said in an interview it's easier to score in the NBA

  • fikaso
    fikaso Hace un año +29

    sitting here thinking this looks like most nba players career highlight reel, oh man....

  • Jonathan Christopher
    Jonathan Christopher Hace un año

    He is "the step-back shooter" of the NBA!

  • kevinwantstoshred
    kevinwantstoshred Hace 2 meses +1

    Dude has the nicest step-back I've ever seen

  • FINAL EXPENSE VIRTUAL | with AgentMayorga 🦁

    Luka is a beast.... this is what happens when you underestimate greatness.

  • Interesting comment but....

    Luka’s shots always make such a crisp, satisfying sound

  • Benjamin Cantu
    Benjamin Cantu Hace un año +1

    Lowkey him and DeAndre were tearing up the paint! Needs him a good big man…

  • LOFT Tm
    LOFT Tm Hace un año

    Pretty sure he learned those moves playing mypark in 2k 5 years ago and realized that he could do it in real life because they wouldn’t call him for traveling.

  • Swedishboi
    Swedishboi Hace un año +12

    Cannot realy call him a rookie since he went pro at 16

  • dirtyballs32
    dirtyballs32 Hace 6 meses +2

    And now he’s overtaken Michael Jordan for career PPG with 33.5 absolutely insane

    • Iambriangregory
      Iambriangregory Hace 5 meses


  • Poody Meiner
    Poody Meiner Hace 2 meses

    Mark Cuban and a few others were on point. Clear cut top pick and he somehow someway fell into Dallas hands (think they traded up from 5 to 3, but still)
    Generational talent

  • Gragala Kaisel
    Gragala Kaisel Hace un año +1

    I am a heat fan. and when I play mycareer I always do PG and go to heat since heat lacks PG back then. but man seeing luka play makes me want to play PF or C for mavs lol.

  • Matheus Pereira
    Matheus Pereira Hace un año +2

    why is he called a 'kid' he's barely younger than some of his colleagues there.
    PS: don't mind me, forgot you guys call your adults teens before they hit 21.

  • I Love Caulk
    I Love Caulk Hace un año +18

    Imagine if players in the early 2000s and before could get away with the gather step without getting called for traveling nonstop. It creates so much room but was always a travel prior to the current decades.

    • Frankie the Frog
      Frankie the Frog Hace un mes

      @I Love Caulk LBJ was tearing up NBA players in pickup games at 16 years old. I think he’d have no problem as a grown man against hand checking. At his largest he was basically Karl Malone’s size with Jordan’s speed. Hand checking wouldn’t do anything. His first game out of high school he had over 25 and 9 while being targeted.

    • I Love Caulk
      I Love Caulk Hace un año

      @Donut I understand. But it’s teams in the current generation who don’t (in my opinion) play as strong or consistent defense as teams did from the 2000s and before. So triple teaming nowadays doesn’t mean as much to me as it did then. But I respect where you’re coming from.

    • Donut
      Donut Hace un año

      @I Love Caulk I see your point, but teams triple team and triple team and triple team curry and he still manages to average 30. can anyone else do that? Also curry has carried that team for all his years in the nba. And they are scary because of him. There is no stopping the greatest shooter of all time

    • itanimulli
      itanimulli Hace un año

      @Roderick West This Handchecking bullshit wouldn't stop Lebron, KD, Giannis and Curry and many more players

    • Pit1209
      Pit1209 Hace un año +1

      @I Love Caulk Yeah there was hand checking back in the day but also you couldn't be away from your assignment, you couldn't double a player on the perimeter and non scorers like dennis rodman literally stepped out of bounds to bring a defender out of the play while on offense, without hand checking it would have been a 1 on 1 offense every single play and that's how it was the majority of the time anyways.
      Nowadays the offense and defense is light years more complex than 25 years ago but I agree that the game has become a lot softer and too much offensive oriented.

  • ChomperBray
    ChomperBray Hace un año

    Luka is the definition of “shot clock cheese”

  • Strato Kasper
    Strato Kasper Hace un año +3

    Incroyable cet homme ! Très rafraichissant

  • De'Vion Dingle
    De'Vion Dingle Hace 11 meses +1

    1:16 dude did an up and under from the 3 point line.
    He traveled but it was still a smart move that I've never seen!

    • Krishna Rastogi
      Krishna Rastogi Hace 6 meses

      yeah i was lookin at this and was wondering if it was a travel or not. is it because his pivot foot is the one that landed first on the step back and then he picked it up and put it back down before he shot?

  • Drone Xcursion
    Drone Xcursion Hace un año

    I throughly enjoyed this. Amazing skills.

  • David Rivas
    David Rivas Hace un año +5

    I miss that pick and roll with Powell 😕

  • 77
    77 Hace 3 meses

    They had to trade the starting lineup to prevent him from making the Playoffs. Luka is that great.

  • Velha Guarda Tricolor
    Velha Guarda Tricolor Hace un año

    3:33 Had it been Harden, Giannis or KD it would have been a N1 but it is Luka so... game on!
    Out of this world basket by the way!

  • pipps
    pipps Hace 10 meses +1

    Luka is the only guy I've seen perform a slow-break... lol ...Where he slows down to beat the defence. If LeBron learnt to slow things down, he'd add another 5 years to his career in the NBA. He's doing it now I guess, so maybe he's realised he doesn't need to hand deliver the ball at full sprint for every play.

  • Emil Nilsson
    Emil Nilsson Hace un año +2

    Europe has come a long way. Team Europe would probably be favourites against Team USA at this point!

  • Martin Azcurra
    Martin Azcurra Hace 7 meses

    incredible rookie season for Luka, but everyone talks about it as if Luka had been the best rookie in history, there were better rookies, for example Magic Johnson who had great numbers was an all-star, NBA champion and the MVP of the finals ... or Wilt Chamberlain who was rookie of the year and MVP of the season in his first year in the NBA...