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  • Randy Santel
    Randy Santel  Hace un año +356

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! I had been wanting to attempt this challenge for many years because many of my friends in competitive eating have attempted it, and they all said it was delicious!! Luckily the jackpot was up to $1,000 when I attempted it. Thanks for watching and supporting our channel, be sure to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already!! :)

    • pistol pete
      pistol pete Hace 7 días

      Chinese over-do it with the sweet stuff. I hope you've been checking your blood sugar.

    • Spencer Lim
      Spencer Lim Hace 25 días


    • Spencer Lim
      Spencer Lim Hace 25 días

      That restaurant looks like it’s worth less than a thousand dollars. Don’t take their money.

    • Spencer Lim
      Spencer Lim Hace 25 días

      Don’t take all of their money.

    • Mike Georgius
      Mike Georgius Hace 2 meses

      Never surrendered...F the white flag...

  • allan navarra
    allan navarra Hace un día +1

    1lb of msg

  • 76tony19
    76tony19 Hace un día

    It seems uncomfortable AF. Why do these

  • jeroen de jong
    jeroen de jong Hace 3 días

    easy money

  • Chris
    Chris Hace 8 días

    And he was hungry 20 minutes later

  • Frank Gonzalez
    Frank Gonzalez Hace 8 días

    The white flag was funny. Lol

  • Frank Gonzalez
    Frank Gonzalez Hace 8 días

    Hows my damn dog??

  • Therealcrisisplan 1028
    Therealcrisisplan 1028 Hace 8 días

    Why do I watch this knowing I have little to zero groceries in my apartment lol and it’s 4:20 in the morning lol

  • Michael Sal
    Michael Sal Hace 9 días

    Looks like one of those things that look delicious when you are crazy hungry and after you eat it you don't see chicken for a week...

  • Muhammad Junaid Ashraf
    Muhammad Junaid Ashraf Hace 9 días

    I like the fact that you don’t get the table and your face messy unlike other eaters.

  • Top Cat
    Top Cat Hace 9 días +1

    Where’s the 7lb of rice ?
    This is an easy challenge

  • peter clarke
    peter clarke Hace 10 días

    This was easy for him just took his time to make sure they wouldnt say to easy for 1000 dollars so he made it look difficult

  • David Wood
    David Wood Hace 10 días

    Serious question, you must dump like a horse, no?

  • ibee thatoneguy
    ibee thatoneguy Hace 11 días

    Damn. I lived by Corvallis for 5 years n never heard of this challenge. Damn you Oprah.

  • Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning Hace 11 días

    At 28:31 the owner looks sad.

    FAST N BULBOUS Hace 12 días

    You can't get General Tso chicken over here in the UK. it takes the fucking piss, that stuff looks amazing and I must have it. Shitty UK. There was actually a 'China Blue' in my town, but lease expired earlier this year and been taken over by other people who have given it the stupid name 'Big Panda'. Surprised to see it mentioned here.

  • trusting virus
    trusting virus Hace 13 días

    Why the fuck would the own have a 1000$ prize. Like WTF is wrong with him. Lmao!

  • Living With Ericka
    Living With Ericka Hace 15 días

    I don't trust that check shit. Gimme CASH!!! Randy did you ever get that money? Did that check clear?

  • Ian De Chavez
    Ian De Chavez Hace 17 días

    Try the lomi batangas challenge at phillipines

  • riner9
    riner9 Hace 18 días

    you just gonna take $1000 from those nice chinese people like that

  • Lisa Barnes
    Lisa Barnes Hace 19 días

    For 1000 I knew you were gonna kill it but they was hoping not... Your a Bad Man. Congrats on your victory.

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez Hace 20 días

    You didnt eat your fortune cookie randle 😱

  • Sawyer Montoya
    Sawyer Montoya Hace 21 un día

    Looks like you have a new friend in that waiter. Take him on the eating circuit with you.

  • Cheryl Oldford
    Cheryl Oldford Hace 22 días

    Can you answer me one question.....do you spew up when cameras stop rolling????.

  • ehbcd
    ehbcd Hace 22 días

    Looked delicious, amazing how they get that much food out of one chicken wing.

  • Toony
    Toony Hace 23 días

    Matt Stonie vs Randy Santel.

  • olofpalme63
    olofpalme63 Hace 23 días


  • Fred
    Fred Hace 26 días

    I would not have used a fork and definitely could do this. Good luck to you man!

  • Timmie Siew
    Timmie Siew Hace 27 días

    Smh....7lbs...if I want I can easily put away 12-13 lbs food in alot less than 60 mins....
    20 yrs ago I could have done abt 16-20 lbs...
    And that's with habanero peppers...raw.... this guy is a freaking joke and dramatizes alot

  • Shane Seccombe
    Shane Seccombe Hace 27 días +2

    I suspect fowl play

  • Warren Crowley
    Warren Crowley Hace 28 días

    Damn I can eat that I think for $1000

  • Mdamonette
    Mdamonette Hace un mes

    You are doing like 2-5 bites per couple pieces

  • Barbara Lariviere
    Barbara Lariviere Hace un mes

    I don't how you did it,it's beyond me, all that chicken plus soda?

  • xVAC4NTx
    xVAC4NTx Hace un mes

    I hate how Randy tries to eat fast by moving his head but he so slow compared to other competitive eaters

  • Vee
    Vee Hace un mes

    Was it hard eating all of that?

  • Claudio Como
    Claudio Como Hace un mes

    That shit looks disgusting.

  • MTrefiner
    MTrefiner Hace un mes

    Well...ya got your $1000. Meanwhile, 28 kids in Africa went without a meal today. Or, 4 kids went without for an entire week. I don't get it.

    • MTrefiner
      MTrefiner Hace un mes

      +Randy Santel...yeah, you bet. Who am I to judge man? I guess we gotta go with our talents. Stuffing 8#s of food in the ole gullet isn't one of mine. You do get to try a lot of tasty looking foods, I'll give ya that. Good on you for finding what allows you to entertain folks.

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace un mes

      Correct, you definitely don’t get it. Thanks for your time watching though!!

  • Bens_View
    Bens_View Hace un mes

    It's 'Fry Rice' you prick ! LOL scene from one of the Lethal Weapon movies by the bad Chinese dude.

  • John Gorris
    John Gorris Hace un mes

    The good thing is he'll just be hungry again after leaving and can do another challenge.

  • Alex T
    Alex T Hace un mes

    That's a lot of fucking Chinese food

  • Jon Frego
    Jon Frego Hace un mes

    Stonie would have done this in 10 minutes

  • Ms Ma
    Ms Ma Hace un mes

    That fork is too small for you bruh

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon Hace un mes

    What do you listen to when eating bro?

  • Chris BrOwn
    Chris BrOwn Hace un mes

    that Was Easy

  • John Leonard
    John Leonard Hace un mes

    I think ur a fucken arsehole.good eater doe

  • Dennis Salamone
    Dennis Salamone Hace un mes

    who else think that Chinese man was pissed

  • amrita1912
    amrita1912 Hace un mes +3

    Cut back on the soda Randy...it fills your stomach with gas so you can't eat. Instead ask for some fruit juices to help you gulp down easily.

    • Review Breakdown
      Review Breakdown Hace 8 días

      During his food challenges tutorials he says that the soda is what helps him burp up some room when he is nearing the finish line or running low on time.

  • Justin Li
    Justin Li Hace un mes

    If that came with a 2lb bowl of rice he wouldve been fucked

  • cardonescarlson
    cardonescarlson Hace un mes

    Hahahahaha. That Asian owner DID NOT want to pay the $1,000. Nice 👍

  • honey robinson
    honey robinson Hace un mes

    Ahahaha 😂😂 I thought he was sitting in a chair😂 good one

  • Celtic CC Castle Clash

    no way I could do that one. Chinese chicken I find sickly after a bit

  • YamaWarrior 350
    YamaWarrior 350 Hace un mes

    Dam that looks good rite now😥

  • Santissimo
    Santissimo Hace un mes

    That is a diabeetus bomb.

  • Cydonius1
    Cydonius1 Hace un mes

    ultra challenge mode : use chopsticks

  • Jacob Rushforth
    Jacob Rushforth Hace un mes

    you are a very strange man

  • Hot Pepper
    Hot Pepper Hace un mes

    Fuck off trip expenses dude you get payed from ESclips

  • Carl Braggers
    Carl Braggers Hace un mes

    Having that dirty bin by my food would have put me off😖

  • abadplanner1
    abadplanner1 Hace un mes

    7 different types of stray animals roaming round the back. Dog, cat, rat, snake, mice, cockroah and one dead chicken found in the bin.

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant Hace un mes

    $1000 Cash Diarrhea prize!

  • pravesssh
    pravesssh Hace un mes

    They put a Chinese into it. And name it as chicken to fool you.

  • Sam Mendez
    Sam Mendez Hace un mes

    Niice challenge Brother 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!!

  • Bpar Naroda
    Bpar Naroda Hace un mes


  • mark lodge
    mark lodge Hace un mes

    No wonder that he is feeling full, drinking that coca cola shit

  • Steve Reynold
    Steve Reynold Hace un mes

    Thumbs down

  • Brian P
    Brian P Hace un mes

    honestly that doesnt look that bad without rice

  • Brad Arnott
    Brad Arnott Hace un mes

    10,000 grams of protein

  • Drew G
    Drew G Hace un mes

    Imagine having an eating establishment that slings 7 pounds of glorious food for $30...unreal

  • Graham Troy
    Graham Troy Hace un mes +3

    Can you post film of the dump you do the day after you have completed a challenge ?

  • mark tossounian
    mark tossounian Hace un mes

    Eating all that food I wonder how what the next day on the toilet is like, I assume it's a bowl filler?

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee Hace un mes

    Man, your parents must be proud!!

  • Carlton Thibodeaux
    Carlton Thibodeaux Hace un mes

    Either hes super tall or that place is really small

  • Jesus Meza
    Jesus Meza Hace un mes

    Your a pig

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz Hace un mes

    2 second rule in effect hell yeah..

  • Jeremy Hanson
    Jeremy Hanson Hace 2 meses

    2 second rule on the dropped food

  • Slagg Magoo
    Slagg Magoo Hace 2 meses +1

    That looks soooooooo good!!

  • Brian Bartell
    Brian Bartell Hace 2 meses

    Do you poop a 9 lb crap? Could be it's own ESclips channel.

  • Kinkou Kinkou
    Kinkou Kinkou Hace 2 meses

    This is literally a weeks worth of FOOD.....! 0_O

  • Robert Bowman
    Robert Bowman Hace 2 meses +1

    How many pounds of MSG did you consume in the process?

  • Sistik123
    Sistik123 Hace 2 meses

    Well shit I live in Eugene, Or if i ever got into eating challenges myself at least i know of a good one nearby.

  • Song Hye Park
    Song Hye Park Hace 2 meses

    Hi randy i thought i already subs to ur channel....now i am
    Love and enjoy ur video. 😙😙😙

  • Elite Riders
    Elite Riders Hace 2 meses

    1 hour... shit.... EASY MONEY

  • Jason Scott Lee
    Jason Scott Lee Hace 2 meses

    I could it that in 20 minutes

  • mois eusebio
    mois eusebio Hace 2 meses


  • Da Groper
    Da Groper Hace 2 meses

    That looks like something I would eat with the munchies

  • Warren Dallas
    Warren Dallas Hace 2 meses

    I'm not a professional eater but I would think that the soda would cause discomfort with the slamming of all that spiced chicken. Plus the bubbling stomach acid already trying to digest the chewed pieces as fast as the contest allows in clock time. Professional eaters: Valley of the cast iron stomachs (or) bravery at it's best.

  • Truck Driving FOOL
    Truck Driving FOOL Hace 2 meses

    Not a big fan of Americanized Chinese food, it all tends to taste the same and with the greasy aftertaste from whatever oil they cooked it with.

  • briansivley2001
    briansivley2001 Hace 2 meses

    I might be able to do this.

  • Billy Gunckle
    Billy Gunckle Hace 2 meses

    you could a fed the country of Haiti with that plate of food

  • jason antigua
    jason antigua Hace 2 meses

    Seriously though,what must the quality be like at those prices!!!

  • jason antigua
    jason antigua Hace 2 meses

    Come to East London and try mummy’s meat bucket! 500 cash if you can accomplish it in under an hour!

  • Adam Smith86
    Adam Smith86 Hace 2 meses

    Soooooo much chicken and breading. Great job!!

  • Adam Smith86
    Adam Smith86 Hace 2 meses

    I love the porno music... At the beginning with the squeeling guitar

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott Hace 2 meses

    Is everything battered and deep fried there??...No regular chicken chow mein?...And a mexican chef in a chinese resto????...Nope.

  • bbp3tg
    bbp3tg Hace 2 meses

    Nice job could not do that myself

  • Jinny Chang
    Jinny Chang Hace 2 meses

    randy keeps a teddy bear to get the ladies.. genius

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez Hace 2 meses

    Absolutely craving Chinese food now 😪

  • Distant Light Productions

    Jesus Randy.................................................I know you prob cant answer but do you vomit every challenge out after completing it? Surely this cant be good for your health.

  • Chad Dixon
    Chad Dixon Hace 2 meses

    Still had to pay? Oh yeah its Chinese. Greedy bastards.

  • Colin Baldwin
    Colin Baldwin Hace 2 meses


  • Ray Perry
    Ray Perry Hace 2 meses

    Holy crap man like wow