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  • Randy Santel
    Randy Santel  Hace 7 meses +302

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! I had been wanting to attempt this challenge for many years because many of my friends in competitive eating have attempted it, and they all said it was delicious!! Luckily the jackpot was up to $1,000 when I attempted it. Thanks for watching and supporting our channel, be sure to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already!! :)

    • William Schutz
      William Schutz Hace un mes

      Randy Santel I am in awe!!!!

    • Sara Bailey
      Sara Bailey Hace 2 meses

      Done subscribing!

    • Juliet Charlie
      Juliet Charlie Hace 2 meses

      can you do the challenge more than once? imagine the money youd be making

    • Omen Nemo
      Omen Nemo Hace 4 meses

      Come nz I give you thousand bux if you can eat whole goat.

    • Omen Nemo
      Omen Nemo Hace 4 meses

      Randy Santel awrsome mate nz

  • Sal Zamora
    Sal Zamora Hace 46 minutos

    if you would stay away from the soda you wouldn't get so bloated drink water it's good for you and it won't fill you up like soda well, drink water with lemon

  • Detecting Rods and Reels

    This video made me subscribe

  • The Prickly Prick
    The Prickly Prick Hace 4 días

    How big was you shit after that meal?

  • sblood 3000
    sblood 3000 Hace 6 días

    Stupid ass

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor Hace 6 días +1


  • Ryan C.
    Ryan C. Hace 8 días

    Way to go!!💪💪💪💪

  • killem all
    killem all Hace 8 días

    That looked delicious

  • Гн Толупов
    Гн Толупов Hace 8 días

    Matt Stonie is the best !!!

  • skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 Hace 9 días

    What?! A mexican chef at a chinese restaurant!? Not fair bruh...

  • DrillMD
    DrillMD Hace 10 días

    Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like forest Griffin

  • Devon Shaw
    Devon Shaw Hace 11 días

    Your best video imo

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hace 12 días

    That's a lot of food dam dude >_>

  • Vicki C
    Vicki C Hace 15 días

    You came to my state Oregon! Awesome job! Congrats YAY YAY

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs Hace 16 días

    This dude must have a garbage disposal in his toilet.

  • Pelenaise Liu
    Pelenaise Liu Hace 16 días

    Go beavers! My brother alumni there class of 2010 #salute 😍😍😍😍

  • Julie Hayes
    Julie Hayes Hace 19 días

    Wow that took some doing! Food looked amazing though.Well done!

  • Faizal 9904
    Faizal 9904 Hace 20 días

    Bro leave this challenges bro, it's not good for your health, I'm curious, i have been watching your challenges since long time, your fan

  • tom wilson
    tom wilson Hace 21 un día

    Why are you drinking soda, asshole??

  • musikk83
    musikk83 Hace 21 un día

    1h ? 1000 bucks, i can do this after lunch, np xD

  • AnonymousGamingYT
    AnonymousGamingYT Hace 22 días

    he just earned $1000 in 42 minutes.....

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar Hace 22 días

    Matt stoine is the king of eater

  • Slime by Christine
    Slime by Christine Hace 23 días

    1 hour is way way way tooo long

  • Queen Isabella
    Queen Isabella Hace 23 días

    Wow 😮 you did it nice job!!!!

  • SFSomega
    SFSomega Hace 25 días

    what a pussy

  • Samurai Wilde5100
    Samurai Wilde5100 Hace 27 días

    His stomach is the 7 circles of hell

  • 11 ShyGuyAZ 11
    11 ShyGuyAZ 11 Hace 29 días

    i feel like the birst 10 bites would be great, but after that... it would be hell

  • Blac Zeus
    Blac Zeus Hace un mes

    OR 💪

  • makwabid69
    makwabid69 Hace un mes

    Sorry - when I think of hazelnut, the LAST thing Id want that to be combined with is CHICKEN. BLECHHH

  • 101010 101010
    101010 101010 Hace un mes

    Omg that looks amazing 😭

  • jesuslovesmebetter
    jesuslovesmebetter Hace un mes

    I eat vicariously through you bro, lol.

  • darkholyPL
    darkholyPL Hace un mes +1

    Anyone else just goes 'Go Randy!' in front of their PC? Or am I just odd like that?

  • saltmysoul
    saltmysoul Hace un mes

    Of all the things I've masturbated to
    This was the easiest

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Hace un mes +2

    *an hour later he ate 7lbs more*

  • Diego muga
    Diego muga Hace un mes

    lol i like your strat. Lets save the best one for last considering its sweeter il think of it as dessert. But damn looking at the video now i feel like it would been better to eat the hazlenut chiken first xD

  • Luii Lovin
    Luii Lovin Hace un mes

    Dude I'll eat that shit in 10 min

  • Mike G
    Mike G Hace un mes

    R.I.P. Arteries

  • C C
    C C Hace un mes

    Who is watching this while eating?

  • MetalHeadZ
    MetalHeadZ Hace un mes

    Lol @ the spy to his left that works for the restaurant. Just waiting for him to mess up in any way so they don't have to pay him hahahaha!

  • MetalHeadZ
    MetalHeadZ Hace un mes +1

    Wish I cuda smelled ur shit from this meal the next day!

  • Silent Scorpion
    Silent Scorpion Hace un mes

    Me watching knowing he's playing the time!!!! Learn bullshit, peeps

  • Torn oacheas
    Torn oacheas Hace un mes +1

    is the chicken weighed before sauces or before? can be a big difference.

  • Pamela Harrington
    Pamela Harrington Hace un mes

    Love General Tso's Chicken & chicken with cashews & sweet & sour chicken

  • jozih korotkov
    jozih korotkov Hace un mes

    he will take a mean shit next day for sure lol

  • Dave Randle
    Dave Randle Hace un mes

    This guys gonna be shiting egg rolls for a month

  • Dave Randle
    Dave Randle Hace un mes

    Great Success

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 Hace un mes

    I just got laid by a Chinese girl.
    Problem was - an hour later I was horny again.

  • Adam Olejniczak
    Adam Olejniczak Hace un mes

    Damn, Randy was nervous despite of exctited that day! It had to be thought one...

    ALPHA IC1 Hace un mes

    Don't see what the challenge is?! You're only eating food 🥘

  • JackieChan Foo
    JackieChan Foo Hace un mes

    Thought u were sitting the whole time

  • exoduslnx
    exoduslnx Hace un mes

    Thats... alot of grease.

  • Joey Ackley
    Joey Ackley Hace un mes

    hes just gonna be hungry again in an hour

  • Henric Carlsson
    Henric Carlsson Hace un mes

    C'mon. Headline made it sound the meal was $1000. No more click baits pls.

  • Joshua C Combs
    Joshua C Combs Hace un mes

    man I'd love to do that

  • scottmthw
    scottmthw Hace un mes

    Did they send you the check yet?

    MICHAEL WALKER Hace un mes

    Has this geezer got hollow legs?

  • Joel Nenadovich
    Joel Nenadovich Hace un mes


  • Ned the muscle man flanders

    wer u fit all that food

  • Classic Mail
    Classic Mail Hace un mes

    What was the tastiest chicken? Looks like you had lemon chicken on there? This is literally my favourite food.

  • Duane Armstrong
    Duane Armstrong Hace un mes

    I know all the sauces mess with your stomach but damn I would of killed all of that food and slept good lol

  • Crooked Star
    Crooked Star Hace un mes

    No fried rice?

  • renzorx
    renzorx Hace un mes

    That's chinese food?

  • Nguyen Pham
    Nguyen Pham Hace un mes

    try not using soda next time so gas won't build up in your stomach.

  • Lala Albar
    Lala Albar Hace un mes

    Looked like he was going to vomit.

  • Ronald Strout
    Ronald Strout Hace un mes

    I wouldn't be drinking soda with all that chicken.

  • Jesus Lord of Lords!
    Jesus Lord of Lords! Hace un mes

    He's in pain, I don't care what anyone one says I can see it all over his face.

  • the j one
    the j one Hace un mes +1

    Can I get a little rice for all this chicken!!

  • Jhobzz Santa
    Jhobzz Santa Hace un mes +1

    Background music? What's the band?

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace un mes

      Music is always credited at bottom of description. Thanks for watching!!

  • Jhobzz Santa
    Jhobzz Santa Hace un mes

    Seth rogen is watching

  • Daryl b
    Daryl b Hace un mes

    You eat slow I would have that gone 5 mins ago

  • Daryl b
    Daryl b Hace un mes

    Fuckin* amateur that’s so easy

  • Daryl b
    Daryl b Hace un mes +2

    1hour? Dam I could eat that in less then 30

  • Daryl b
    Daryl b Hace un mes

    That’s easy I eat more then that at a buffet

  • MissMeliss
    MissMeliss Hace un mes

    Dude, Molly Schuyler would destroy this in like maybe 3 minutes.

  • zaggaona
    zaggaona Hace un mes

    Do you puke after challenges? At least a little bit?

  • M D
    M D Hace un mes +1

    You fat cunt!!

  • Kelly Fawcett
    Kelly Fawcett Hace un mes

    Awesome guitar in background. Who is that?

  • Walln Cuz
    Walln Cuz Hace un mes +1

    You know the worst part of watching you is the fact that your a real asshole in person with no sense of humor and you act like your better than anyone else alive... ur nobody...

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker Hace un mes

    That isn't Chinese food. That is American food. They are chicken nuggets tossed in sauces. Replace that with a pile of steamed and stir fried vegetables then sprinkle a bit of stir fried meat on top.

  • Roe Sham Boe
    Roe Sham Boe Hace 2 meses

    Randy makes a Grandy

  • ivan hughes
    ivan hughes Hace 2 meses

    Off to get some Chinese now

  • Thomas Hannah
    Thomas Hannah Hace 2 meses

    That shit afterwards must’ve been so bad😂

  • DHH
    DHH Hace 2 meses

    what time did you do tnis? hardly any patrons.

  • Michael Rehel
    Michael Rehel Hace 2 meses

    Another sign of the apocalypse...are we all doing our share

  • Bradley Balogh
    Bradley Balogh Hace 2 meses

    This would kill someone. Good job randy

  • Kevin Peck
    Kevin Peck Hace 2 meses


  • King Duke
    King Duke Hace 2 meses

    7 pounds of cat, dog, rat, horse, and human

  • Nathan Thackeray
    Nathan Thackeray Hace 2 meses

    Looked like one of Atlas' toughest challenges. The food looked delicious though

  • Ace Nothing
    Ace Nothing Hace 2 meses

    I can't imagine passing a seven pound chicken turd.

  • Rui Higuchi
    Rui Higuchi Hace 2 meses

    Title was misleading. I thought you ate $1000 worth of Chinese food.

  • Jacob Ishii
    Jacob Ishii Hace 2 meses

    love the music......nothing says hair metal like a giant orders of cheap American Chinese food,or maybe it's the other way around

  • Jacob Ishii
    Jacob Ishii Hace 2 meses

    that's so fucking gross,I can eat a lot of Chinese food......thats not chinese food,that's panda express crap

  • Galaxy Nova
    Galaxy Nova Hace 2 meses +1

    Eat some 50 takis !

  • jonathan bell
    jonathan bell Hace 2 meses

    Smoke a joint first, that should help:)

  • bubs Nadeau
    bubs Nadeau Hace 2 meses


  • Alexandre Robidoux
    Alexandre Robidoux Hace 2 meses

    Fun IRONIC fact about that challenge. The number 7 is actually considered Unlucky in China and in some dialects it sounds just like the word Penis or Dick (as an insulte).

  • David  DeConinck
    David DeConinck Hace 2 meses

    Randy great job I enjoy your greatness in the food competitive world

  • J mackdaddy Cream
    J mackdaddy Cream Hace 2 meses +3

    Never seen someone eat so much cat and not even full bro.

  • jason none
    jason none Hace 2 meses

    Hey Randy! Is that you laying down those bitchin’ riffs?

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Hace 2 meses

    Shit that looks fucking good.