Harsha Bhogle on India's Test series against England & India's brilliant team | The Cricket Show

  • Publicado el 3 feb 2021
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    Harsha Bhogle joins Hussain and Key on this episode of The Cricket Show. The legendary Indian cricket commentator discusses India's upcoming test series against England, Indian cricket as a whole and India's brilliant team.
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Comentarios • 291

  • Amal Balakrishnan
    Amal Balakrishnan Hace un año +359

    Harsha is not a just a cricket narrator..he is realy an emotion for cricket fans...

    • Nagarajan R
      Nagarajan R Hace un año +1

      Perfectly said. He is still the greatest commentator of cricket or for that matter any sports.

    • Chaitanya
      Chaitanya Hace un año

      Yeah 👍

    • prateek tp
      prateek tp Hace un año

      ohh ok ok ....calm it dude
      he sure is good but not that good

    • Bryxx Dore
      Bryxx Dore Hace un año

      He is your real dad.

    • Ash Raj
      Ash Raj Hace un año

      True that...

  • Jordan Reynolds
    Jordan Reynolds Hace un año +282

    It’s a sort of odd feeling: I’m thrilled test cricket is back on terrestrial tv, but I also wish channel 4 had the sky pundits, sky’s coverage is just superb

    • Dilwinder Singh
      Dilwinder Singh Hace un año

      @ferzy09 rob key and Nasser hussain

    • rawltg
      rawltg Hace un año +2

      Same man! Even though being an Indian I feel you.

    • Samir Paul
      Samir Paul Hace un año +1

      @Advanced Yuv joking? Athers is an excellent commentator

    • ferzy09
      ferzy09 Hace un año +1

      Who are the other commentators ?

    • Northwesternmonkey
      Northwesternmonkey Hace un año +3

      @Advanced Yuv totally disagree there, athers knows his stuff and bumble and Nas are also excellent.

  • Mike Friend
    Mike Friend Hace un año +18

    Love Harsha’s insight and enthusiasm. So articulate. A national treasure.

  • Siva Subbu
    Siva Subbu Hace un año +29

    Nasser interviewing Harsha. The tables have turned and Harsha earned this with his passion and immense wealth of experience in broadcasting.

  • Karthik R
    Karthik R Hace un año +6

    I can listen to this man all day! Damn such insight with supported facts and figures!! Harsha bhogle 🙏

  • Kinshuk Singhania
    Kinshuk Singhania Hace 8 meses +7

    1:34 Nasser:"... covering Indian cricket for hundreds of years!!" 🤣🤣 Really good humour from Putin!!

  • MB sir
    MB sir Hace un año +45

    Rahul Dravid... Can't stop praising the Icon ❤️❤️

  • Anshuman Sinha
    Anshuman Sinha Hace un año +329

    Harsha is 60??!!! damn... he looks great for 60. I would've thought he was in his early 50s or late 40s.

    • Praneet
      Praneet Hace un año

      @sln78 he did radio way before that series

    • sln78
      sln78 Hace un año

      @Praneet my earliest memories of Harsha I remember is the India Pak series friendship series in Toronto.. young n ambitious Harsha who was widely criticized why him and why not me?. The one who was trying to make a place for himself which he did in style. Harsha was like a stock backed strongly by assets. We can listen to him anytime. Great talent and is brainy. Those people should succeed and I'm glad he made it in life. Lot of people pride themselves that they are from IIM and in Harsha's case, IIM was proud saying Harsha is from IIM.

    • sln78
      sln78 Hace un año

      Chars_ 78 didn’t reverse. Had a hair transplant

    • Praneet
      Praneet Hace un año +1

      He stared broadcasting since 1988
      He was 19 years old at that time

    • dxnification
      dxnification Hace un año

      @sln78 maybe, not sure. Whatever it is, it looks like it's working.

    TRUTH NETWORK313 Hace un año +6

    Always been a fan of Harsha & enjoyed listening to him talk cricket. One of the few Indians who’s not bias & can control his personal emotions. Good on ya lad 👍

  • Cricket Viewer
    Cricket Viewer Hace un año +59

    This Year Ashes is going to be a good series. India pinched Australia very hard at the beginning of the year and Hurt Australia would be inching to hit back hard at who ever is touring Down Under.

    • A. B.
      A. B. Hace 4 meses +3

      68 All out England. Australia 3-0 up. Most One sided Ashes ever.

    • Mr Kipling
      Mr Kipling Hace 5 meses

      The Ashes series at the moment is crap. England are getting beaten easily. We didn’t have any warmup games beforehand though so weren’t able to get used to the conditions and our batting is useless. Root excepted.

    • Hari Krishna
      Hari Krishna Hace 11 meses +1

      New Zealand pinched England on the other hand on their home soil which makes it more exhilarating. I just can't wait for all the action late this year

    • Samir Paul
      Samir Paul Hace un año +3

      @Iamme Root doesn't have great numbers in Australia but he is in the form of his life.. So he is gonna decimate the Aussies just what Cook did in 2010-11

  • Paak Sarzameen Shaad Baad
    Paak Sarzameen Shaad Baad Hace un año +242

    Harsha has a wonderful, soothing, narrator's voice. He is nice cultured man.

  • Omkaar Deepak
    Omkaar Deepak Hace un año +100

    Harsha is some1 who can smile at everything

    • Rajvansh Chauhan
      Rajvansh Chauhan Hace un año +3

      @BC S you are in that 0.0001 pc minority. So enjoy being woke just for the heck of it, while the rest enjoy it.

    • BC S
      BC S Hace un año +2

      @Kumar Rahul exactly, that's why I don't like his commentary much either. Sounds irritating 😁

    • Harsh Banerjee
      Harsh Banerjee Hace un año +3

      True actually 😂

  • Vivek Koranne
    Vivek Koranne Hace un año +2

    The biggest take away from this series was that India not only has a great bench strength, but that bench has got enough attitude & temperament to play on the big stage. The mental grooming & fearlessness is commendable. Gill, Thakur, Siraj, Sundar, Pant, Natarajan.. Move aside, the young guns are here !

  • jb 927
    jb 927 Hace un año +63

    The idea of new India often can be interpreted as being unapologetically rude and arrogant. When you hear the likes of Harsha and Rahul David talk maybe the 'old' Indians aren't so bad after all!

    • Noel Shaju
      Noel Shaju Hace un año +1

      @Darwin 2004 the same country where Indians were racially abused ?? The same country synonymous with cheating in all sports ? Give a break dude ? Don't generalise a country bad people exist in every country not exclusive to one

    • Iamme
      Iamme Hace un año +1

      @Whatever not to mention all the fanwars they instigate on social media by abusing and mocking fans of other countries/ non indian players, and then play victim when the favor in kind. Sure new india alright.

    • George Strait Fan
      George Strait Fan Hace un año +2

      What about black umpire charges against ecb

    • Noel Shaju
      Noel Shaju Hace un año +5

      @Darwin 2004 I assume u are from Uk as well where Marcus Rashford and Sterling gets dog abuse every game week where black players are racially abused all over country on and off the field ? Pipe down mate. Bad people exist every where it’s not exclusively to a nation.

    • Whatever
      Whatever Hace un año +4

      @Darwin 2004 nothing other than access to social media is new there. And the Aussies are 20x worse than that so fair game.

  • Divyanshu Divyanshu
    Divyanshu Divyanshu Hace un año +94

    I can hear Harsha for hours✨

  • babu karam
    babu karam Hace un año +43

    Why we should doubt on pant ability he played exceptional well in Australia he is automatic choice as keeper

    • aamir khan
      aamir khan Hace un año +1

      @Venkatesh D. Bhattacharya he has kept absoulety great in the series🔥

    • Venkatesh D. Bhattacharya
      Venkatesh D. Bhattacharya Hace un año

      Keeping on fast bowling pitches is actually easier than keeping on spin friendly tracks.
      Pant is a good keeper for fast bowlers. Every keeper drops catches every now and then so a one-off drop is an aberration.
      His true test will be on Indian pitches keeping against Ashwin and Jadeja. He's done well so far I'd say.

    • Northwesternmonkey
      Northwesternmonkey Hace un año

      Pant was chirping away until about 65 overs today then he became quieter and quieter as England partnership progressed and Indian body language changed.

    • This guy is fucking gay
      This guy is fucking gay Hace un año +2

      @nikhil gokhale that ball didn't carry much tho,if pant was an inch behind that thing would have been dropped as well...But still I'm agreeing on the fact that pant is bad at keeping wickets...STILL I we can come up with the catches dropped by Saha in the Australia tour

    • nikhil gokhale
      nikhil gokhale Hace un año +1

      He performed as a batsman not as a keeper.. he dropped a catch today too..

  • Abhijit Das
    Abhijit Das Hace un año +20

    Legends say Harsha is still smiling!! 🥲

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling Hace un año +2

    I think it’s not to do with the T20 World Cup, the rotation. I think it’s more to do with the ashes. I haven’t just disagreed with Harsha have I?? He’s great, the voice of cricket for me.

  • I Goswami
    I Goswami Hace un año +2

    Rahul Dravid, is the man behind everything that's happening in Indian Cricket at the moment ❤️❤️ after every success, one needs to thank The Wall

  • anonymous
    anonymous Hace un año

    Impact of rahul dravid can be seen in the performances of pant, Washington amd many more youngsters..A big solute to rahul dravid sir..Once a legend,always a legend..

  • Malcolm Marshall
    Malcolm Marshall Hace un año +6

    Take it from someone who has seen many good budding batsmen destroyed. Never do these two things:
    1. Breed a reluctant keeper
    2. Shuffle him up and down the order to screw up his batting rhythm
    It is mismanagement of the highest level, the kind that poor Alec Stewart experienced.
    Pant looks a terrific batsman and a match-winner to boot. If I were incharge I'd always play him overseas, play him in India depending on the conditions and give the gloves to W. Saha. Against spinners especially on days 4 and 5 the difference in keeping quality can decide matches.

    • Kunal singhal
      Kunal singhal Hace un año +1

      Well the lad is still childish in approaching his 100s or target. Hoping that matures. Knowing Kohli, i am confident he will be given chances everytime. After all when whole nation was criticising this guy, Kohli still kept him.


    The real voice of cricket, The unbiased experts.

  • Ajeet Kumar
    Ajeet Kumar Hace un año

    Nice to see this type of great debate on cricket filled my mind with happiness

  • Ashutosh Salvi
    Ashutosh Salvi Hace un año +6

    Could listen to harsha all day! 🙏

  • Gyanvi Raj
    Gyanvi Raj Hace un año +28

    Sky Sports Cricket should feel fortunate that Harsha Bhogle speaking on their platform

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens Hace un año +8

    Bumrah has, quite frankly, underwhelmed me. Looking at him for the first time properly. He's out of the 4th test I hear. Siraj looked lively. I would love seeing this Pandya fellow play though. Explosive and always seated next to Kohli and co, laughing and chatting away!:)

    • Kunal singhal
      Kunal singhal Hace un año +1

      Well his type of bowling doesn't work in plain spinning pitches. Whereas if India had Shami, you would have enjoyed him bowling as he is reverse swinger. After all it was Shami who bombazzled SA when they came here last time

  • Mr Rana
    Mr Rana Hace un año +3

    Harsha would have been knighted if he was British. Simply amazing.

  • Vaibhav Anand
    Vaibhav Anand Hace un año +1

    Great video. Thank You Sky sports Cricket for sharing this with us.

  • @bcacoach
    @bcacoach Hace un año +8

    Will be a thrilling test series 👌🏽

  • N P
    N P Hace un año

    I would've listened to this video even if it was 3 hours long. Top Stuff !!

  • Shiva Amirishetti
    Shiva Amirishetti Hace un año +18

    Miss Nassir And Harsha Together In Commentary Box 😭

  • Ashutosh Tandon
    Ashutosh Tandon Hace un año +2

    English Team is throughly professional side and had recently beaten Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka

  • Anshul Garg
    Anshul Garg Hace un año

    Harsha and his analogies are a thing of beauty!

  • Rizwan Mansoor
    Rizwan Mansoor Hace un año +1

    We will miss Nasser Hussain in indian commentary box.

  • Pritam Khan
    Pritam Khan Hace un año +161

    The Japanese Cricket starts at 12:57

  • manish shah
    manish shah Hace un año +1

    I can listen to harsha bhogle & nasser hussain discussing cricket all day..😎

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon Hace un año +54

    Really looking farward to 4 o clock in the morning,two great sides,toss,pitch ,& catches win matches ,hart say england but head 3 nil to india,one draw,

    • ferzy09
      ferzy09 Hace un año

      My thought was ENG had a winning chance in the 3rd PINK test, & may lose the 2nd test (worn 2nd Chennai wicket).
      So ENG had to score 400 1st inning of 1st test to keep the series "interesting", & at least draw Test 1. Its happening now !

    • Lee Turton
      Lee Turton Hace un año

      England not playing broad is madness...and Lawrence at 3?....really?....I'll be very surprised if England win in India....last time we did it we had cook Peterson swann and panaser all firing...all world class in those conditions

    • K Srikanth
      K Srikanth Hace un año +1

      we had a same feeling at australia your but we where suprised. so let's wait and see

    • Offred
      Offred Hace un año

      @Whatever dont hurt his hart.

    • Ayush Anand
      Ayush Anand Hace un año

      @Whatever Brett Hart WWE Wrestler😂😂😂😂

  • Srikanth Cheeshwar
    Srikanth Cheeshwar Hace un año +12

    The name "Rahul Dravid" means a lot❤️

    RAHUL MITTAL Hace un año

    I really like Nasser Hussain. He is one of my favourite commentators.

  • N P
    N P Hace un año

    I think they should a after England tour video as well !

  • AK RAY 11
    AK RAY 11 Hace un año +5

    Harsha is the Goat of cricket commentary

  • Raghz Hedges
    Raghz Hedges Hace un año +21

    Harsha is the encyclopedia of commenting !! Love these discussions.
    Nowadays it's all about keeping some pretty looking lady anchor more or less making jokes and talking non sense whole time.

  • w4tf0rd
    w4tf0rd Hace un año +163

    Suprise Sky Sports are promoting this series as they usually pretend events not aired on Sky Sports aren't happening. Channel 4 will be good for the masses of cricket fans bored during lockdown.

    • Sagar Pawar
      Sagar Pawar Hace un año

      @sunil kumar nethala thanks

    • sunil kumar nethala
      sunil kumar nethala Hace un año +1

      @Sagar Pawar Actually Channel 4 has got the rights to broadcast in UK. So we won't be able to watch on SKY.

    • Sagar Pawar
      Sagar Pawar Hace un año

      @sunil kumar nethala Are you able to watch the match on that platform coz i am not able to watch the sky sports cricket coverage?

    • sunil kumar nethala
      sunil kumar nethala Hace un año +2

      @Ea Sa It's not available on playstore. You should Google it " HD STREAMZ " and you'll find APK.

  • Sandeep P
    Sandeep P Hace un año +59

    Rahul dravid is ❤.. Dont u agree?

    • Abhishek 7
      Abhishek 7 Hace un año

      He's my first love❤️❤️

      TRUTH NETWORK313 Hace un año +3

      The sweatiest cricketer in the world without doubt. Just Google any image of him batting and you will see the sweat purring like a normal rainy day in Manchester. Peace ✌️

  • rakesh yadav
    rakesh yadav Hace un año

    Harsha and Nas I can listen to these guys all day long..

  • Chinmay c.k
    Chinmay c.k Hace un año +3

    Axar patel...A reasonable replacement....how about 27 wickets in three tests mate

  • Soumya Ranjan Dash
    Soumya Ranjan Dash Hace un año

    Gem 🙌

  • Hari Chetty
    Hari Chetty Hace un año

    Harsha is a legend

  • ninja Des
    ninja Des Hace un año +12

    Just one man sums it all. 'Rahul Dravid'

    • Lee Turton
      Lee Turton Hace un año

      What a player...the wall...class act

  • That Nomad Guy
    That Nomad Guy Hace un año +3

    Harsha Harsha Harsha...🔥🤩

  • Shubham Raut
    Shubham Raut Hace un año

    14:45 we are 2 tests in and stokes has already succumbed thrice in 4 innings to ashwin😂😂😂

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Hace un año +1

    I can listen all day to Harsha

  • Vignesh Prasad
    Vignesh Prasad Hace un año +2

    Kuldeep Yadav should have played for sundar since you have an off spinner in Ashwin. England must have played Broad.

  • Ritesh Arora
    Ritesh Arora Hace un año

    We need MSD as coach

  • Arunabh Awasthi
    Arunabh Awasthi Hace un año +2

    Harsha jinxed the Covid situation in India very early on in the video 🙆🏻‍♂️

  • Mandar
    Mandar Hace un año +1

    And as they were talking about Axar.. he is out with an enjury

  • Cricket Viewer
    Cricket Viewer Hace un año +6

    Pat Cummins
    Kasigo Rabada
    Jasprit Bumrah
    Josh Hazelwood
    Sir Jimmy Anderson
    Stuart Board
    Trent Boult
    are the current HOT Test bowlers

    • D K
      D K Hace un año

      Archer & Wagner are currently better than both Broad & Anderson. Maybe even Hazelwood.

    • Lee Turton
      Lee Turton Hace un año

      Cummins for me is the world's best bowler but if it swings Anderson is a master

    • Lucas Hutchings
      Lucas Hutchings Hace un año

      Jofra Archer when he's bowling 90 mph is scary

    • Stark V
      Stark V Hace un año

      Niel Wnagner
      Ishant Sharma
      Mohammed Shami

  • Narpat Rajput
    Narpat Rajput Hace un año +1

    I can listen these people forever

  • Kumar Gurutharan
    Kumar Gurutharan Hace un año

    Why was kuldeep dropped? He would have taken wickets with less runs ..but pant sunder poojara will win it for india even if seniors fail

  • Sai Aravindh Ravi
    Sai Aravindh Ravi Hace un año +3

    11:43 that aged well

  • ANISH Mishra
    ANISH Mishra Hace un año

    May God! Harsha Bhogle english teacher in future

    VIKAS VIKASH Hace un año +20

    Love u Rahul sir

  • Rajesh Natarajan
    Rajesh Natarajan Hace 8 meses +1

    Awesome win

  • Varun Varshney
    Varun Varshney Hace un año +4

    I always thought Harsha was around 45-48 :O

    • Ajeeb dastaaan
      Ajeeb dastaaan Hace un año

      Harsha was with ESPN since 1994 when the channel purchased the rights to telecast cricket matches played in India. Sure he wasn't a 22 year old 'balding' guy then!!

  • abbb282
    abbb282 Hace un año +12

    I much prefer Harsha Bhogle as an insightful cricket analyst rather than in the commentary box

    • Rocky Biker
      Rocky Biker Hace un año

      Sada kutta Tommy
      My kutta kutta

  • احمد عبد الله
    احمد عبد الله Hace un año +19

    Finally seeing some non indian comments in the comment section

    • Shadows
      Shadows Hace un año

      Yup....even I was surprised 😂
      I guess ESclips didn't recomended it

  • Jegan Kolappan
    Jegan Kolappan Hace un año +21

    Nasser looks like someone who’s just about to smash a bottle on someone’s head in a bar.

  • Jeremy Evans
    Jeremy Evans Hace 3 meses +1

    The DNA strand of test cricket

    A 27 MISHRA RAHUL Hace un año +12

    Nasser and Harsha☑️

    SOURABH GUPTA Hace 5 meses +1

    If you're a cricket fan, you can listen to Harsha whole day.

  • Vishnu M
    Vishnu M Hace un año

    I'm a simple man. I see Harsha Bhogle, I click.

  • Jeby Joseph
    Jeby Joseph Hace un año

    Somebody has to say to kohli it's not his banglore royal challengers team . It's indian cricket team . Keep that in my mind when he choose players.

  • anand101052
    anand101052 Hace 9 meses

    Ajinkya for me is like Sir Frank Worrell our own

  • Suryagraha D
    Suryagraha D Hace un año

    Let god help India to draw 1st cricket test match against England and save india from Kohli's captaincy foolish ness

  • Shantesh Sunil Row
    Shantesh Sunil Row Hace un año +1

    Harsha’s career will last longer than all cricketers

  • Arun Sadasivan
    Arun Sadasivan Hace 10 meses

    Dravid much better player than Sachin outside the subcontinent

  • Viraj dey
    Viraj dey Hace un año +272

    Why Ed sheeran doing interview with Putin?

  • jishnu p
    jishnu p Hace un año


  • Kashish
    Kashish Hace un año

    1988 - Australia Lost Test Match at Gabba
    1988 - Virat Kohli Born
    2021 - Australia lost Test Match at Gabba
    2021 - Virat Kohli Daughter Born

    • Leema Fashion
      Leema Fashion Hace un año +1

      2046-Aus lost Test match in Gabba.
      2046-Virat Grandson was born.

  • Sriram Raghavan
    Sriram Raghavan Hace un año +42

    Manjrekar should learn from Key

    • Leema Fashion
      Leema Fashion Hace un año +1

      When manju never leaves box?

    • Samir Paul
      Samir Paul Hace un año +2

      @r j 🤣🤣🤣

    • r j
      r j Hace un año

      Manjrekar is great commentator

    • kejri arvind
      kejri arvind Hace un año +4

      @Kumar Rahul yeah and it still hurts me that he was on commentary when Dinesh karthik hit that six of the final ball in Nidahas Trophy. Such a killjoy

    • Liaqit Azad
      Liaqit Azad Hace un año

      What’s wrong with Manjrekar?

  • divakar vyas
    divakar vyas Hace un año +3

    Rahul dravid 😍

  • pisswobble
    pisswobble Hace un año

    Good team, just not as good as England

  • majpravaal sharma
    majpravaal sharma Hace un año +6

    OMG we playing Poms today.......🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Jake Weston
    Jake Weston Hace un año +2

    brilliant chat

  • Sarath M P Ambi
    Sarath M P Ambi Hace un año


  • Adi Sekar
    Adi Sekar Hace un año +1

    Harsha analysis is silly sometimes about having 2 keepers in the team, England more interested in T20 versus this test series. Both Nasser and other guest were confused by his statements

    • D K
      D K Hace un año

      Pant & Saha at 6-7 makes sense tbh, especially with the historically huge turners we get in India on days 4 & 5.

  • TheManInUrMirror!
    TheManInUrMirror! Hace un año

    Rahul Dravid 👏🏽🤲🏽🙏🏽🤘🏽♥️

  • Latheesh P Narayanan
    Latheesh P Narayanan Hace un año

    U-19 players in the team
    Rahane(u19 tour)
    Washington sundar
    Comment anyone else....

  • Ayush Shukla
    Ayush Shukla Hace un año

    Came to hear Nasser Hussain and Atherton. Sadly Michael wasn't there.

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi Hace un año +5

    Mohammad shami is also not there

  • Ad Man
    Ad Man Hace un año +3

    Really want Prithvi to come back. He is a good batsman and the people trolling him are all fake fans. I want Prithvi to just improve his off stump game and I am sure he can come back as a class opener.

  • Sandip Samanta
    Sandip Samanta Hace un año +6

    Me: I Need a English dictionary
    Harsha Sir: don't waste money,just listen my interviews 😅🙂

    • Leema Fashion
      Leema Fashion Hace un año

      Right. we grew up listening to Harsha's Radio commentary many many years ago.

  • Ankit Rawat
    Ankit Rawat Hace un año +3

    India is gonna lose 1st test with England

    • james eustace
      james eustace Hace un año

      @Shinichi KudoWorld champions and we'll come back to this lol

    • Shinichi Kudo
      Shinichi Kudo Hace un año

      Next joke please 🤣

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior Hace un año +5

    Some extreme level of sensorship is going on at 12:56

  • Srini da Maverick
    Srini da Maverick Hace un año

    Why is the footage of Ashwin blurred

  • Nomi Ali
    Nomi Ali Hace 6 meses

    What a shameful display of cowardliness by some Afghan players. Afghanistan team win depends on 3 blowers, all three neutralized last night. Mujeeb sidelined, Nabi only bowling one over, Rashid pitching short balls and bowling down the leg side so that Indians hit sixes. Afghanistan clearly threw the match. .

  • Sahil chowdhury 47
    Sahil chowdhury 47 Hace un año

    india test mstch win 0 odi win 1 and t20 win 1 india is bad 2021. test odi t20 win the series in 2021.

  • Manuel Joseph
    Manuel Joseph Hace un año

    What a slow boring pitch and cricket match.Edges don’t carry to keeper and slips.Australian series was very interesting because of the sporting wicket prepared

  • Kaustubh Singh
    Kaustubh Singh Hace un año

    Harsha bhogle is one of the reason why people prefer english commentary.....
    I am a big fan of his sweet language...

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh Hace un año +8

    Harsha's english vocabulary and pronunciation is even better than these two poms, Rob and Nasser..