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  • Kylie Cosmetics x Kourtney Kardashian HONEST first impressions review, swatches, tutorial and opinions! What do you think?? Agree or disagree? Im trying the pink palette, green palette, blue palette, and the three velvet liquid lipsticks! There are definitely pros and cons to the eyeshadows but im LOVING the liquid lipsticks a lot!!
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Comentarios • 617

  • lindsey bailes
    lindsey bailes Hace 28 días

    So late to this, but I love quads. Because I know I have a lot of colors so why not punch it up w a quad?

  • Allison R
    Allison R Hace 6 meses

    super critical for no reason

  • MsAlexandraraven
    MsAlexandraraven Hace 8 meses

    Is there any other matte liquid lipsticks you can recommend that are similar to the last color that orange red? I have been looking everywhere for a color like that I just don't know if there's other brands that have a similar color because I also love that kind of tone but I do like it to be a little bit red with be orange

  • Marwa Bouhbila
    Marwa Bouhbila Hace 8 meses

    بالعة كاسات في فمك تنابحي بزاااف صرعتيني 🤕 بصح مكياج تحفة

  • Elvira 666
    Elvira 666 Hace 8 meses

    You are very pretty! 💗

  • autumn cortez
    autumn cortez Hace 10 meses

    I want this collection SO bad! Kourt is my favorite. And I think all the shades and palettes are stunning and the color schemes are different.

  • Emma Viola
    Emma Viola Hace 10 meses

    I am so late on the bandwagon but I just picked up the blue and the pink palette from the restock. I’m so exited to try them! Also, the green palette could (like you said) be compared to her last holiday collection. I think the palette you were thinking of is the “Naughty palette”❤️❤️❤️Love ya reviews, had to watch it before I picked up the palettes💕💕💕 Your eye makeup just turned out so pretty, after that I had to pick them up😍

  • M Storer
    M Storer Hace 10 meses

    You could spray your brush with setting spray or something like that for the gold or any sparkly eyeshadows because another ESclipsr did that

  • Chanda’s Home Cooked Meals

    Awesome video. What do you edit your videos with?

  • Marleena Jenkins
    Marleena Jenkins Hace un año

    Please do a video on the new laura lee pallet and lip color :-)

  • joud jana
    joud jana Hace un año


  • Lucie T
    Lucie T Hace un año

    I actually really like the design of the packaging but would never bother to actually buy any of their stuff, just doesn't seem worth the money and like you said the colour combos are abit off! If you get the kylie x kris Jenner collab I'd love to see you do a review on that! 💕

  • hailey voneye
    hailey voneye Hace un año

    "Its that right amount of shimmer where you dont really want something UBER intense 😂"

  • Lobna Saeed
    Lobna Saeed Hace un año

    I love youuuuu so much

  • Natalie Palmer
    Natalie Palmer Hace un año

    The packaging looks like Easter themed kids makeup 😬

  • Gina Reiher
    Gina Reiher Hace un año

    No joke though .. driving is super freaking exhausting. 😰 😊

  • Samantha Lambert
    Samantha Lambert Hace un año

    I feel the complete opposite about the green palette, I feel like that was the best one!

  • suzanne nottelling
    suzanne nottelling Hace un año

    I’ve been watching for for some time just don’t like to get so many notifications that’s all. I don’t feel like I have to do stuff. I love the way you apply makeup you have great taste in colours. But Kylie cosmetics lol. Do you love there stuff it’s super super expensive for us aussies and kiwis

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith Hace un año

    I dnt think they care about consistency in quality bc they dont accept returns at all

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith Hace un año

    Looks like xmas releases

  • Chelsea Harrison
    Chelsea Harrison Hace un año

    When will your white brushes be back in stock?

  • Megan Nicole
    Megan Nicole Hace un año

    I personally wouldn’t buy it 🤷🏻‍♀️
    To me none of the colors together in these make much sense together.

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen Hace un año

    Appreciate the review although I probably would never get these products. As someone already mention I dont see the value in them,and there are much better quality makeup available for a more cheaper price. That goes for all Kardashian/Jenner makeup by the way. ☺️

  • april lawson
    april lawson Hace un año

    Yuo i do 🙋 im a sales rep and drive the whole south island and every where new plymouth to napier and every thing els south of that. And i do that every 4-5 weeks ..... podcasts and audio books get me though and also quick 10 min naps

  • Ina Zupanc Lovšin
    Ina Zupanc Lovšin Hace un año

    Fake it till you make it !

  • Corinne Thompson
    Corinne Thompson Hace un año

    loved the contour and blush look today!

  • Janice Howard
    Janice Howard Hace un año

    Quads are not my thing , you never get colors you need to create a good look

  • Kellie Nicole
    Kellie Nicole Hace un año

    even when Im riding in the car I get exhausted but when driving, its even worse. the purpley dark tone shade is so gorgeous and looked like the most pigmented one

    • Kellie Nicole
      Kellie Nicole Hace un año

      I do prefer bigger palettes the quads you cant really create many looks unless you buy all three of them or use another palette.

  • Rachelle Berry
    Rachelle Berry Hace un año

    Love those lashes!! Excited 😈

  • Levi Tairea
    Levi Tairea Hace un año

    They don't look tacky. The main thing is the product & how well pigmented they are people!

  • Jessica Sturt
    Jessica Sturt Hace un año

    The idea of a quad is great for neutral everyday colours only, they're small and easy to pop in your handbag or takeaway but I think the more unique bright colours should be saved for larger pallets

  • Danielle Piegeler
    Danielle Piegeler Hace un año


  • holls
    holls Hace un año

    i think they should have put the pink and blue pallet together.. that would be pretty!

    KATHY THOMPSON Hace un año

    I think they wasted a lot of money on the collection for so little and how they perform just a total waist of time and money

  • Rubz123
    Rubz123 Hace un año

    i love a good quad eyeshadow palette for travelling but none of these appealed to me! I thought the colour combos were a bit odd/ I wouldn't know what to do with them haha

  • It's cyvell rodillo
    It's cyvell rodillo Hace un año

    I love you shanxooo

  • hannah rose
    hannah rose Hace un año

    Love this video so much xx

  • caitlynbeauty5547
    caitlynbeauty5547 Hace un año

    I feel like they should have made one palette with all of the colours in it

  • caitlynbeauty5547
    caitlynbeauty5547 Hace un año

    I feel like they should have made one palette with all of the colours in it

  • caitlin brooke
    caitlin brooke Hace un año

    *creates the absolute most gorgeous eyeshadow look that has left me deceased*
    Shannon: eh, idk it's okay

  • Katie C.
    Katie C. Hace un año

    I feel like they obviously made these palletes so you would need to purchase something else. The whole collection looks like their main goal was to make the most amount of money off their fans by putting the least amount of effort. The green pallete js very odd to me with those colors considering it's spring (here in the states at least). When I see red green and silver together to me that screams Christmas lol the packaging looks like it's for children it's super tacky also. This collection is a no for me.

  • Sammy S
    Sammy S Hace un año

    The eyeshadow colours look amazing, the whole look looks nice

  • Jennifer Santos
    Jennifer Santos Hace un año

    Not impressed with any of the quads to be honest but your look is very pretty!

  • Melissa Winstead
    Melissa Winstead Hace un año

    I dont like them at all

  • Jess Ellis
    Jess Ellis Hace un año

    They should have just thrown all the colors in one palette... why 3 quads... I don't get it personally lol. Also, haven't heard of this collection until right now.

    • Jess Ellis
      Jess Ellis Hace un año

      I'm not wowed. No thanks. Pass.

  • psy90275
    psy90275 Hace un año

    What's the staying power of the lip gloss?

  • Greta Fiero
    Greta Fiero Hace un año

    💖 Love you and your channel, Shannon!! 💖

  • Ashlin Brandt
    Ashlin Brandt Hace un año

    It’s not like u to brings someone else down 😒 just a negative video n I watch ALL UR VIDEOS n love u

  • foxandsparrow beauty
    foxandsparrow beauty Hace un año

    I love these lashes!!! 😍😻

  • melissa stocker
    melissa stocker Hace un año

    All the shade about not using a primer, She didn't purposefully not use one to give the brand a chance she explained why she didn't use it and I watch like all of her videos and she maybe half and half uses a primer. I think she gave the brand a fair chance hence she used like all of them. She's amazing anyways from a fellow kiwi I love everything she puts out

  • Camo Cutie
    Camo Cutie Hace un año

    The colors in these quads are pretty but I do like a much bigger pallet of eyeshadows, housing both matte and shimmers. :)

  • Nurshaheeka Sabar
    Nurshaheeka Sabar Hace un año

    I just think everything is works, the only problem is how u use it in proper ways.

  • Annie K
    Annie K Hace un año

    The actual look you turned out of these is AMAZING! Definitely will try it with similar products. And I think that the colors are very nice in the quads. Hard to pair them up together, but with another palettes - COOL !!

  • Christina York
    Christina York Hace un año

    I always spray my shimmers with setting spray to give it an extra bang!

  • Life Frugal Mom
    Life Frugal Mom Hace un año

    Aren’t most pallets plastic... most from the drugstore atleast are and I like them
    That way so they don’t bend as easy

  • NickyBlower
    NickyBlower Hace un año

    Don’t the lids on the lip velvets correspond with the colour of the palettes? So the red velvet would go with the blue palette, nude velvet with the pink palette and the peachy velvet would go with the green palette? ☺️💕

  • Heather Kulman
    Heather Kulman Hace un año

    Yeah I'm not a fan of the quad color choices. Id really like to see a tutorial from Kylie on how she would use these quads ya kw. She's done it with a lot of her collections because let's be real the one with red and green in it is ridiculous, and the all shimmery one I'd ridiculous as well. I kw I sound like a broken record but c'mon they should have put a matte transition shade in the shimmer palette. Or once again, one big palette. It's a shame they're more worried about money than putting out a collection that makes sense. Let's be real this one is all over the place and I feel it's sloppy and cheap looking and rushed.

  • charlee
    charlee Hace un año

    a lot of negativity on this video im sorry but you can go to other channels/beauty gurus that come across as being genuine... they're on the PR list they've got codes that they promote... in it for the dollar dollar bills... shannon is the most genuine channel in the beauty industry and I don't see her being harsh in this video :)))

  • Tina Faucher
    Tina Faucher Hace un año

    I would like to see an eyeshadow review where you use a primer on one eye and not the other. That way, folks who already have eye primers will know if they can avoid the transfer problems like in this video, and we can also see how the shadows perform alone, like you said.
    I would love to see a tutorial using the new Nabla Soul Blooming palette! I love the colour scheme in it :)

  • Shima
    Shima Hace un año

    completely agree with everything you said..especially on the 3 quads! x

  • Amanda Grace
    Amanda Grace Hace un año

    Im a little confused. Kylie did this makeup with Kourtney. So you would think it would represent Kourtney. But Kourtney doesn’t wear any kind of bold colors. The colors just don’t make any sense, you should be able to look at a collab and see the people you’re collaborating with. But I’m not seeing Kourtney in those eye shadows. I love Kylie but I’m not loving those quads. Thanks for a great review Shannon! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mackensi Bowlin
    Mackensi Bowlin Hace un año

    I don’t like quads at all I wasn’t excited about this collection

  • Gymnast Wood
    Gymnast Wood Hace un año

    Kylie said that it needs to be done with your finger💞for the shimmers

  • Gymnast Wood
    Gymnast Wood Hace un año

    I love the lips but the blue pallet is my fav 💞

  • vetech 90
    vetech 90 Hace un año

    Traveling makes me very tierd too. I will fall asleep 99% of the time lol

  • Meghan Lawlor
    Meghan Lawlor Hace un año

    Great review! Thank you for being honest, I also don’t love quads. I love the look you created! I work on the road as a travelling salesperson and it’s super tiring. I never want to drive during my off time! Thanks for sharing xo

  • Ayla Chaney
    Ayla Chaney Hace un año


  • Kylie Paston
    Kylie Paston Hace un año

    So when you showed the outer boxes my first thought was how cool it would be if you did a series of sea shell inspired looks...Paua and clam and the kind of opal type effects you see in shells!

  • J C
    J C Hace un año

    I love the look of it! I ordered the bundle with everything and just waiting now!

  • Hayley Whiting
    Hayley Whiting Hace un año

    those pallets are such a fail tbh. the outer packeging has nothing to do with the compact or the shades, the shiny stuff around the edges has nothing to do with the way the quads are, theyre plastic, and overpriced for what they are. the colours themselves dont even make much sense either...

  • Bliss Krys
    Bliss Krys Hace un año

    I like this blonde shade you have right now

  • Lauren McGuire
    Lauren McGuire Hace un año

    what liquid liner did you use here it looks so nice and black!

  • Lauren McGuire
    Lauren McGuire Hace un año

    think the metallic shades look like a bunch of glitter fall out vs having a strong pigmented based withglitter, looks like cheap quality

  • Rhiannon Hudson
    Rhiannon Hudson Hace un año

    Not sure why people go in so hard on their Kylie reviews more than other brands. Product size, pigmentation, fall out etc. is always scrutinised far more than other brand reviews I see. I'm not even a Kardashian/Jenner fan but it just seems like people try to find problems with their products.

  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson Hace un año

    Your eyeshadow actually has me inspired to do a purple and gold eyeshadow look but I'll be using my tartiest pro pallete lol

  • Anjelica H
    Anjelica H Hace un año

    Neeeed those lashes 😍

  • Siane Sabo
    Siane Sabo Hace un año

    what did you use for eyeliner!?

  • The Sarcastic Bird
    The Sarcastic Bird Hace un año

    I don’t feel any sort of excitement towards this entire collection. The quads are weirdly laid out with colors I don’t think I’d use that much. Hard pass for me

  • Danielle Bosley
    Danielle Bosley Hace un año

    Lol how many times does shannon say “Just Here”

  • Nish xo
    Nish xo Hace un año

    That green palette is cancelled. And the pink one is pointless too. This collection was just too much of a miss. I’m over the Kylie wave right now.

  • Kip Kippers
    Kip Kippers Hace un año

    You should do a hair tutorial.. as in your hair colour... 😁

  • Makeup_loverxo
    Makeup_loverxo Hace un año

    Personally I like the eyeshadow palettes packaging and the outer packaging, I think it’s really cute. I am thinking of getting one or two of them if I can

  • Kaila Richmond
    Kaila Richmond Hace un año

    I love that orangey red lip color 😍😍😍 it’s stunning!!

  • Rose Queen
    Rose Queen Hace un año

    Kylie cosmetics lips are always great and lady hours but I don’t know whether to trust any of her other products especially for the higher price

  • Rose Queen
    Rose Queen Hace un año

    I think the blue packaging on the orangey red one looks very clean and nice

  • RAVE Toothbrush
    RAVE Toothbrush Hace un año

    your face makeup in this video looks absolutely flawless!! video please?

  • Miss Jana
    Miss Jana Hace un año

    Does anyone else see the similiarity between the blue palette and this one Natasha Denona Holiday palette with the colors? 😅
    Greetings from Germany 👋🏻

  • Rumeysa r
    Rumeysa r Hace un año

    Thanks for the honest review ❤️

  • ZornAllein
    ZornAllein Hace un año

    I do think eyeshadow primer is an essential step in makeup. I’ve found that on some people’s eyelids eyeshadow just doesn’t adhere very well without a good base. I also think you could have tried using those shimmery shades with a fixing spray... it’s what everyone seems to be doing nowadays (that is a step I do not think is essential, though).

  • Tara Field
    Tara Field Hace un año

    This collection is just not for me. I would rather have a big palette instead of the quads. The packaging looks cheap. I’m glad that I didn’t waste my money on that collab.

  • xPurple Muffinsx
    xPurple Muffinsx Hace un año

    I mean I guess technically since they're magnetic you could rearrange the shades if you had more than one of the palettes, but thats $50 so

  • Princesspea
    Princesspea Hace un año

    I think you pay for the name rather than the product and some companies can getaway with poor quality cause of their name

  • MandyYDG
    MandyYDG Hace un año

    I'm more excited about the extended bronze palette tbh

  • Jade Burrill
    Jade Burrill Hace un año

    You should do some looks with coloured contacts for blue and green and brown ! 💞

  • Christine Sexton
    Christine Sexton Hace un año

    I'm skipping these. I have these colors already n you'd have to get at least two of those for $48.00 plus shipping. Nope

  • Malgosia Wardak
    Malgosia Wardak Hace un año

    they wrote in the descriptions of these palletes, that you should apply glittery shadows with wet brush, or put a special base underneath them

  • rizka faulina
    rizka faulina Hace un año

    Please do a giveaway for your subscriber from another country
    Sometimes it was so sad to hear some subscriber said the shipping takes to much to pay, while they can buy $1000 makeup
    Because we as the subscriber from another country will also be happy to receive a giveaway TT
    I am sorry, it just so sad for us
    Keep doing the good job :)

  • MyWayofEverything
    MyWayofEverything Hace un año

    I think that the pallets are good supplements... like to pick one up as something fun to pop into your current makeup routine. To get a look I agree that you'd need 2 of them but it seems like that's not how they were designed

  • robin smalley
    robin smalley Hace un año

    Id love the pink one, but I can’t justify the exchange and shipping to Canada. If she does the free international shipping again and it’s still available I’ll order it for sure!

  • Chrisi 97
    Chrisi 97 Hace un año

    I really like your videos but I think they will be better with some music in the background🙊