Conor McGregor vs Khabib Team Brawl After UFC 229


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  • ajis Suhajis
    ajis Suhajis Hace 5 horas

    Love you khabib,i'am from irlandia...

  • Nattapon Stapanapong
    Nattapon Stapanapong Hace 5 horas


  • jameer shaikh
    jameer shaikh Hace 5 horas

    Very good ,, islam ke dustmano ko akele rahte hi achha sabak sikhaya

  • jameer shaikh
    jameer shaikh Hace 5 horas


  • Khan Yasir
    Khan Yasir Hace 10 horas

    Habib best fight watch only Muslimídeo.html

    WMMA TALK Hace 10 horas


  • Lukas Torres Erpel
    Lukas Torres Erpel Hace 11 horas

    3 fights in 1

  • Gunhotshot
    Gunhotshot Hace 11 horas

    fuck u khabib

  • Fuzzy Mann
    Fuzzy Mann Hace 11 horas +1

    Khabib son country of terrorists

  • awesomeg
    awesomeg Hace 15 horas


  • ayoub aniba
    ayoub aniba Hace 16 horas +1

    الحمدلله ☝☝☝

  • Juan Huaquito
    Juan Huaquito Hace 17 horas

    Why all the riot? He was just smashing the fucking pussy.

  • Muhammad Awais
    Muhammad Awais Hace 20 horas

    You are Muslim hero my br h

  • Memoosh Elefendi
    Memoosh Elefendi Hace 20 horas

    Khabib inserted the Irish whisky in Conor& team ASS

  • Arthur Marcus Lima
    Arthur Marcus Lima Hace 21 un hora

    1:03 eu entendi "po vim povim cuzao "kkkkkk

  • muzaffer HUSSAIN
    muzaffer HUSSAIN Hace 21 un hora

    ishlaam jindabad...
    sher agar sonch le ise marna hai to maar ke hi dum leta hai.
    ye ishlaam ka sher hai khbib
    jo puri jhund ko apna sikaar bna liya.
    fakar hai pure ishlaam ko aap par

  • Санчо Панчо
    Санчо Панчо Hace 21 un hora

    Red rat attacked Conor...It was very meanly...

  • عش كعابر سبيل
    عش كعابر سبيل Hace 22 horas

    Allah Akbar Allah Akbar we love you Habib!!

  • k l
    k l Hace 22 horas

    Absolute disgrace say bye bye to your purse

  • Jakob R.
    Jakob R. Hace 22 horas

    0:43 only a dog attacks from behind

  • Sweetness
    Sweetness Hace 23 horas

    White people are animals

  • SOL EnTerTainMent
    SOL EnTerTainMent Hace 23 horas

    Khabib and his team fuckwd the Conor and his team

  • Hina Gul
    Hina Gul Hace un día

    Result of over confidence and power of islam

  • Hina Gul
    Hina Gul Hace un día

    Fuck him badly

  • nafiu bhutto
    nafiu bhutto Hace un día

    Best part of the fight

  • swet cat 9
    swet cat 9 Hace un día

    Love khabib
    From jordan

  • One Ummah
    One Ummah Hace un día

    watch my new video Habib be Humble

  • Chandrakant Rokade
    Chandrakant Rokade Hace un día

    Chicken lost his wings

  • Aarish Khan
    Aarish Khan Hace un día

    Khabib We love you we support you from Pakistan. Alhamdulillah you won the match congrats brother.

    RAHMİ AYKAÇ Hace un día

    Yes müslim win. From turkey

  • Sami Brek
    Sami Brek Hace un día

    هذا راجل ويغِير على دينُ❤❤❤❤الجزائر

  • reaction and game play time

    good kabib,,,,you just shut the mouth close.....if iam him i go big mouth just got hit so much by the man kabib....

  • Child Skites
    Child Skites Hace un día

    yea this was wrong but this is what the fans like to seee. Good shittt lolololol

  • Fabio Fabio
    Fabio Fabio Hace un día

    Esse Ontário mereceu,foi pouco ainda

  • Fu Choo
    Fu Choo Hace un día

    connor the cunt got his ass whooped !!! fuckin-A !!!

  • Lidio Sisneros Mendez
    Lidio Sisneros Mendez Hace un día

    Clawns they are very good artists more more money

  • Ash Fernandes
    Ash Fernandes Hace un día

    I can't understand why people can't be civilized and just appreciate the sport.

  • anthon almeidi
    anthon almeidi Hace un día

    Fight of barbaric animals: they all should be just thrown in jail and kept there, disgusting violent animals, that's what they are. They call it a "sport"?? This is a f*** joke and criminal activity, time to make this illegal, just like dog and rooster fights. Dumb, uneducated trash beats and tries to kill each other, enough of that.

  • Seid Negatu
    Seid Negatu Hace un día

    Better know when to shut the fuck up.. fuck Dana white ... He's a racist bitch.

  • Nino Jay
    Nino Jay Hace un día

    We love Khobib. From China

  • yosuf815
    yosuf815 Hace un día


  • Eric Anas
    Eric Anas Hace un día

    Bhai dil khush hogya kutte ko uski aukat yaad dila diye..Islam to door ki bat 1 sache musalman ke samne khade rehne ki aukat nhi hai ye log ki

  • Robert McFarlane
    Robert McFarlane Hace un día

    People bringing religion into a sports entertainment need a slap. Conor got his that night. But all you losers on here bringing 'racial' references or your fucking brain washed religious ideologies into the comments section of an MMA highlights video need your head checked, and also a slap or two aswel. You're all bums, of the highest order. Get a life. PS, Im irish.

  • imi tt
    imi tt Hace un día

    Connor team are loosers go home loosers jou aint nothing mr khabib nurmageddov beats joure, mcchicken boy smashed his ass

  • imran raja 1
    imran raja 1 Hace un día

    Mashallah Mashallah Meri bike mubarak ho

  • Md Aijaz
    Md Aijaz Hace un día

    khabib jindabad 👌👌👌islaam jindabad 👌👌👌👌I love khabib ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hassan Raza
    Hassan Raza Hace un día

    I love you khabib
    I proud of you
    You are Hero of Islam
    Love from Pakistan

  • Ayhan Kızıl İnci
    Ayhan Kızıl İnci Hace un día

    Super.Super.he.s of this sport.

  • Mohd.Saad. Malik
    Mohd.Saad. Malik Hace un día +2

    Love u khabib
    From india

  • mr. profdochab
    mr. profdochab Hace un día

    Khabib,the guy who knows the body is not for tattos.

  • Shahab Mandan
    Shahab Mandan Hace un día

    salot khabib

  • hasyemi hasbunallah
    hasyemi hasbunallah Hace un día +1

    Hahahaha... Fuck MCGREGOR
    Love you khabib from indonesia

  • Javid Khan
    Javid Khan Hace un día

    lv uhh bro

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull Hace un día

    love from Bangladesh....khbib

  • General Book Store
    General Book Store Hace un día

    Khabit superb

  • 538457142
    538457142 Hace un día

    What a beautiful sport xD

  • Ardi Iriansyah
    Ardi Iriansyah Hace un día

    Alhamdulillah, we love you khabib

  • Hani Ahmed
    Hani Ahmed Hace un día

    Love you FROM SOMALI

  • dz parisienne tizi
    dz parisienne tizi Hace un día

    allah akbar kahbib

  • Sabir Khan
    Sabir Khan Hace un día

    Love u khabib

  • syed Muheeb
    syed Muheeb Hace un día

    Alhamdulillah.habib is the really hero love from india

    UFC Y MMA Hace un día

    Abonne a mi canal de UFC

  • Marzuki Marzuki
    Marzuki Marzuki Hace un día

    I love you khabib from aceh fuck mc gregor fuck you team mc gregor

  • Marzuki Marzuki
    Marzuki Marzuki Hace un día

    Mc gregor you fuck ..fuck you ...l like khabib

  • grassweed soul
    grassweed soul Hace un día


  • Veysel Balci
    Veysel Balci Hace un día

    I'm not suprised motherfuckers.

  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano Hace un día

    McGregor is a worthless piece of shit

  • Ramazan SİRACOĞLU
    Ramazan SİRACOĞLU Hace un día

    The Caucasian tiger has torn the Irish jackal in front of eyes of a multimillion audience of viewers and fans of thousands of arenas. Steel fists of the world champion Habib Nurmuhammedov is a crushing blow to Islamophobia. Habib's second name is Nur Muhammed -نور محمد. Please, don't write as - ماغومادوف -. ALLAH bless you, Habib!

  • Zottyo
    Zottyo Hace un día

    0:42 recognizes the pussy in red, who attacks from behind?

  • Anwar Paisa
    Anwar Paisa Hace un día

    Lhamdellha khabib

  • Youssef Hubsher
    Youssef Hubsher Hace 2 días

    Love you khabib

  • Nerd Five
    Nerd Five Hace 2 días

    khabib my habib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mario Jon
    Mario Jon Hace 2 días

    khaibib you are allways best fightar

  • Maddy Khan
    Maddy Khan Hace 2 días

    Allahu Akbar

  • Fazeel Khan
    Fazeel Khan Hace 2 días

    Khabib you are from India

  • Daniel Skelton
    Daniel Skelton Hace 2 días

    that was poor from the guy in red attacks McGregor from behind like a coward and achieves nothing

  • hadeed swati
    hadeed swati Hace 2 días

    I just love it how all these Americans are getting angry and wining about McGregor and his racist team getting their ass handed to him. You guys ccouldn't even defeat a third world china in the Korean war that used captured Japanese weapons and barely had an airforce and heavy weapons, you guys couldn't even defeat rice farmers in Vietnam, you guys couldn't even defeat sandle wearing rebels who used archaic AK-47s in Iraq and Afghanistan. Go fuck yourselves with a cactus. Oh and by the way, Americans also like to have sex with goats:

  • Mohammed Nowman Ali
    Mohammed Nowman Ali Hace 2 días

    Let the mcgrenor team cram into the cage and khabib will smash them all Inn sha from India♥Khabib♥

  • saqib sb
    saqib sb Hace 2 días

    love u khabib love islama

  • Miftah Uddin
    Miftah Uddin Hace 2 días


  • mk khan
    mk khan Hace 2 días

    Ilove you Habib from pakistan

  • Asif Raza Raza
    Asif Raza Raza Hace 2 días

    I love khabeeb my from India

  • iTzQuan XD
    iTzQuan XD Hace 2 días

    And my friends think there's a difference between ufc and wwe

  • alan Tan
    alan Tan Hace 2 días

    What Khabib done after the match is wrong i have to say..but kudos for trashing that cocky bully, Khabib!You are the man!

  • Chanel Vynamutirja
    Chanel Vynamutirja Hace 2 díasídeo.html, Mcgregor very very arrogant, Check this out

  • ata-ur rahman
    ata-ur rahman Hace 2 días

    O man... Khabib, you kick his ass like a dog he is.. wonderful brother wonderful

  • Shaqiri Squarepants
    Shaqiri Squarepants Hace 2 días

    Khabib wanted to fight more wasn't expecting mcgregor to tap out so soon haha

  • Mohammad sadiq Sadiq
    Mohammad sadiq Sadiq Hace 2 días

    We love khabib from India

  • bdcool_ftw
    bdcool_ftw Hace 2 días

    to say Connor mcgregor is not an extremely good mixed martial artist, is like looking at the universe and saying god doesn’t exist.

  • Maryam Ahmad
    Maryam Ahmad Hace 2 días

    MashaAllah HABIB brother we LoVe you.

  • Docj Escape From Tarkov

    conor is a shat stain on society... and ufc protects him... leave America and go home !

  • Muzamil wheed
    Muzamil wheed Hace 2 días

    Fuck u greger

    AAROCAR CRACK Hace 2 días


  • DaFallenSaint YT
    DaFallenSaint YT Hace 2 días

    Conor "hit" first lol

  • matt snyder
    matt snyder Hace 2 días

    Muslims ever the peaceful bunch...

  • Rockme Good
    Rockme Good Hace 2 días

    what a shame

  • Raja Bilal
    Raja Bilal Hace 2 días

    Love u khabib from Pakistan

  • Shefeek Ahmed
    Shefeek Ahmed Hace 2 días

    Allahu akbar

  • Rob Rivera
    Rob Rivera Hace 2 días

    so, Conor threw the first two punches inside the Octagon?a very interesting situation of favoritism and Irish Luck we have here.

  • benjovi55
    benjovi55 Hace 2 días

    UFC 2019 is the best game ever! See I put in the cheat codes after the match and I can jump Khabob out of the ring, like a battle toad. Then I can jump fans into the ring to take on Kenner. Best game ever!!!