Zombies vs The Most Secure House - Minecraft

  • Publicado el 10 ene 2022
  • Today, we've found ourselves up against a massive horde of zombies, yikes! We only have one day to prepare our humble home to fend off the horde. Can we really survive the night, and protect our home?
    We hope you enjoy our videos. Have a great day!
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Comentarios • 3 426

  • Aggelos Nikolaou
    Aggelos Nikolaou Hace 4 meses +17

    If you go to the latest version, you can use powder snow and put the lava 4 blocks below (at least) you can wear leather boots to avoid falling and burning to your death. So you don't need mods.

  • nothannah
    nothannah Hace 5 horas +2

    Instead of equipment thingy u could've just build a chest and put ur stuff inside

  • Ran Z
    Ran Z Hace 19 días +23

    I think you can make another house build contest! Maybe a security house build challenge too!

  • Violet Moyo Gondwe
    Violet Moyo Gondwe Hace 12 días +3

    Has any one noticed JJ always says "let's get started" in every video?😶

  • AbsoluteOscillation
    AbsoluteOscillation Hace un mes +12

    What addons are needed for this or is this just Minecraft in creative mode?

  • Raul Moreno Youtube
    Raul Moreno Youtube Hace 14 días +5

    Zenchi, Mikey, my son has always watched you I want to thank you for brightening my sons day.
    Thank you so much

  • Axel Jeral
    Axel Jeral Hace un mes +2

    For the auto turret why can’t you use your key maizen?

  • Wolfie Zanitsch
    Wolfie Zanitsch Hace 12 días +2

    You guys are so creative, keep it up 👍

  • Shaurya Mukherjee
    Shaurya Mukherjee Hace un mes +46

    2:16 you could have used tnt. Like you did in ur Minecraft secret hideout, u used tnt to make it bigger rather than digging. I'm surprised you didn't use the tnt

  • John Fenic
    John Fenic Hace 3 meses +6

    Why not surround the entire house in spike traps?

  • Jai Vardhan G
    Jai Vardhan G Hace 17 días +11

    legends know that building a 1 block hole line around the house can stop even the most dertermined zombie. An Iron door also works!

  • Charlotte Mae Tan
    Charlotte Mae Tan Hace 14 días +2

    JJ How Do You Build Cercuits?

  • arleno boston
    arleno boston Hace un mes +3

    I'll just build a two block tall dirt wall it's cheap and effective and easy to take down and call it a day

    GV GAMING Hace un mes +4

    The last resort did burn the house

  • Jose Angelo Baltazar
    Jose Angelo Baltazar Hace 4 días +1

    Next time a zombie hord comes use rails

  • braydenfeltongaming44
    braydenfeltongaming44 Hace 2 meses

    Build a giant lava pit

  • Ran Z
    Ran Z Hace 19 días

    I know a big defense! It’s a tnt sand bridge if you know that trap then good luck with the rest of you security videos

  • Sreshta Manichandra's World

    Just hide yourself in bedrock boom your safe

  • Leandro Nacif
    Leandro Nacif Hace 4 meses +25

    bro i like how basicly in EVERY defense vid there is a self destruct button and it is always made by JJ
    your channel is so good man

  • Mitalp22
    Mitalp22 Hace un mes +2

    These guys are the best add survival and other challenges and buildings

  • Jaydean Velasco
    Jaydean Velasco Hace 12 días +1

    But theres 6 dispensers means its 18 arrows

  • gavinwebb1
    gavinwebb1 Hace 13 días +9

    I really like the noise when the snow breaks

  • nothannah
    nothannah Hace 5 horas +1

    You could've just spawned alot of iron golems no need for mods bruh

  • Natalie Rei Macalos
    Natalie Rei Macalos Hace 23 días

    On security number 4 you can open the tunnel. But how do you even close it? There was zombies out there that didnt fall in. And it was a rampage

  • Komal Poddar
    Komal Poddar Hace 15 días +3

    Where did you get those spike trap eggs and multi-shot dispenser eggs

  • Antonio Chagoya Lerma
    Antonio Chagoya Lerma Hace un mes

    Do 900 Security Measures Before The Blazes

  • Nikki Ghadiri
    Nikki Ghadiri Hace un mes +1

    I was so surprised by the last resort it was flame throwers cool

  • Adventures of GK
    Adventures of GK Hace 2 meses +29

    I think the automatic bridge is really cool.

  • Mariam Mohammed
    Mariam Mohammed Hace un mes +3

    From where did you get those ideas?

  • REY Pangonilo
    REY Pangonilo Hace 15 días

    Did you know that zombies cant go at rails

  • GamerGirlLPlayz
    GamerGirlLPlayz Hace 29 días

    I like how Mikey went: CaN YoU LeT mE OuT PlEaSe?

  • Retro Skaff
    Retro Skaff Hace 4 meses +17

    The assistant is like the bird from Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • Jasmine Mas
    Jasmine Mas Hace 16 días +1

    Great home

  • Lloy Daguinod
    Lloy Daguinod Hace 2 meses

    I think the spike trap is so cool 😀

  • Tabitha Pierre
    Tabitha Pierre Hace 2 meses

    Do another defense against every tipe of mob

  • Samoneique Miller
    Samoneique Miller Hace 2 días

    Doing everything you're the best Minecraft 🥳🥳

  • Kyrle Bryan Andres
    Kyrle Bryan Andres Hace 2 meses +12

    I ❤️ your security systems

  • Claudia Corado
    Claudia Corado Hace 27 días

    The Redstone dust doesn't hear like it hears

  • Zahida Anwar
    Zahida Anwar Hace 2 meses +1

    In the next video when skeletons or zombies are coming to attack your house use never right Amaer

  • Wolfz rule
    Wolfz rule Hace 15 horas

    You should defintly do another video like THIS it so GOOD 👍

  • Roblox and Schleich🐎
    Roblox and Schleich🐎 Hace 4 meses +33

    Next time just use two layers of armour doors it would take like four days in real life for them to get through it

  • Lovely Grace Sibbaluca
    Lovely Grace Sibbaluca Hace 19 días

    You said we need to protect this house from zombies but you letirally left it in flames hahahahahha

  • Sonic the hedgehog
    Sonic the hedgehog Hace 18 días +6

    Finally i Heard Mikey’s real voice

  • しょくぱんまん、アンパンマン2022年

    It could build an trap for monster

  • Angie Gilbert
    Angie Gilbert Hace un mes


  • 🍒ItzCherryCreamy💗
    🍒ItzCherryCreamy💗 Hace un mes +14

    Did you know that all mobs can go over a carpet? So you don’t need all of that😅

  • cookiedooooo
    cookiedooooo Hace un mes

    I think your videos are really interesting.

  • Wilfredo Aviles
    Wilfredo Aviles Hace un mes +3

    you could just wait until the morning zombies do not know how to open a door they can't open doors don't you know that

  • Danny Holland
    Danny Holland Hace un mes +5

    It will be cool if me and my brother can play Minecraft with you 😁😁❤️

  • Transcending boi
    Transcending boi Hace 3 meses +13

    Tip on how to make more secure Doors (for Zombie, and other Bad Mobs): place the Doors reversed.

  • sann ng
    sann ng Hace 2 meses

    Why don’t you put water in the pitfall trap

  • Maddison Waters
    Maddison Waters Hace 29 días +15

    How did you know weirder zombies were gonna come from if you didn't set it up

  • Lala's Fun Learning Activities

    Fun fact: zombies can't go on tracks
    And if you put lots of tracks but you need the tracks to be a 4 by 4!

  • Jamie Grant
    Jamie Grant Hace 2 meses +1

    I thought you said 7 traps but the more the merrier

  • Jawad Game Review
    Jawad Game Review Hace 4 meses +19

    jj: equip the keys so they dont shoot us
    Also jj:*Running away from dispensers when he could easliy used key*

  • AideVariety Cool
    AideVariety Cool Hace un mes

    What version of Minecraft do you play on?

  • The. Unnornal. Show. Of. Nothing!

    What an expert at building.

  • Athar Saleem Aslam
    Athar Saleem Aslam Hace 2 meses

    What are fire charges in dispensers

  • Violette Wilson
    Violette Wilson Hace un mes +2

    try caves and cliffs update its already here

  • Rowena Lorenzana
    Rowena Lorenzana Hace 15 días +2

    God bless mikey and jj

  • Malvin Djunaedi
    Malvin Djunaedi Hace 27 días

    I have no idea why mikey is in creative but she/he still use a shovel

  • boba cute
    boba cute Hace 2 meses

    Can you build zoo defense? Pleaseeeeeeee

  • Belinda Fomba
    Belinda Fomba Hace 2 meses +2

    I really respect your content maizen

  • Adel Valenzuela
    Adel Valenzuela Hace 4 meses +13

    Have you know my tips from your videos again from this again? It's very useful sometimes... Bonus: berries plus carpet =border thingy to prevent zombies 2 go on you zombies are annoying but baby zombies not.

  • Goutham Bhai Gaming
    Goutham Bhai Gaming Hace 18 días

    Which mods are used in here JJ

  • Sandeep Vaid
    Sandeep Vaid Hace 8 días

    Well done

  • Indre
    Indre Hace 7 días +1

    Mikey:I'll be extra careful
    Me:Just the way Mikey said that 😂😂😂

  • CY Mak MAK
    CY Mak MAK Hace 10 días

    Hey guess what I got Minecraft and my friend got Minecraft but I stay in creative mode so I don't take damage and die
    And I like how you just abandon the thing your supposed to protect

  • Indre
    Indre Hace 7 días +10

    I love when you do security battles and secure houses it's brilliant!

  • Audrey Zhou
    Audrey Zhou Hace un mes +2

    Keep doing a create job!

  • Dannyplayzzss
    Dannyplayzzss Hace 5 días

    For JJ or Mikey: is Mikey a girl or a boy?

  • 陈秋娜
    陈秋娜 Hace un mes +8

    Mikey made me laugh when she said “can u please let me out”

  • VoidCreepYT
    VoidCreepYT Hace 4 meses +10

    Another video to make me fun of my day 🥰🥰🥰

  • Aaron Hipple
    Aaron Hipple Hace 2 meses

    hey jj Mikey I wish I was at your house

  • Monique Posinkovich
    Monique Posinkovich Hace un mes +1

    I really want you to make us join your Minecraft server what is this mod it is so cool

  • Nora Richardson
    Nora Richardson Hace 2 meses

    Put automatic torrents Beside the house And in front of the house and the back of the house

  • Lincoln Scaminaci
    Lincoln Scaminaci Hace 2 meses +7

    JJ I love your videos keep up the good work

  • Gus' Holiday Puppet Show

    Good video!

  • Marianne Landayan
    Marianne Landayan Hace 23 días

    Make your safety the zombies will be coming

  • Islamic channel
    Islamic channel Hace un mes

    Pls make a video on how to use these mods

  • Raquel Castillo-Rodriguez

    JJ I know you and Mikey have a house in a snowy biome

  • Aheront
    Aheront Hace un mes +9

    JJ is so good at building

  • The op men
    The op men Hace 2 meses

    Do another one maiden pls

  • H R
    H R Hace 2 meses

    How you get that trap???🤔

  • Rubloxplay
    Rubloxplay Hace 2 meses

    Mikey’s voice is soo cute

  • Zo Handsome
    Zo Handsome Hace 8 días

    You can break bedrock on use hand in minecraft trident work

  • Yolanda Delgado
    Yolanda Delgado Hace 2 meses

    Good video!

  • Rasheel Somers
    Rasheel Somers Hace 2 meses

    Mikey and JJ is building a security house

  • Thi Huynh
    Thi Huynh Hace un mes

    I really want to make this bases

    YOU ARE THE BEST Hace 2 meses

    Is there no netherite armor there yet

  • Ray
    Ray Hace 2 meses

    I like it how Mikey said dig dig hurry😂😂

  • Chicken Island
    Chicken Island Hace un mes

    It was like a movie 🍿 when the zombie hoard came and the flamethrowers are ataking the zombies

  • Harlie's TV
    Harlie's TV Hace un mes +1

    Miakie is like a video game that says wow amazing and im not bullying im complementing

  • clyde narain
    clyde narain Hace 4 meses +8

    I like it when Mikey always has a dirt house in the intro

  • Jinkee joy Dulot
    Jinkee joy Dulot Hace 2 meses

    Bedrock block: ._.
    Barrier block: ._.

  • Ella bunny
    Ella bunny Hace un mes +1

    The zombies look like a daycare full of zombies

  • Cristina Garcia
    Cristina Garcia Hace 20 días

    (So beutiful security house!!)

  • Crystal Krumrine
    Crystal Krumrine Hace 18 días

    I love you and your channel❤️and I love how you kid friendly I can show my baby sis (my mom says she’s my cousin)

  • Jess A
    Jess A Hace 4 meses +11

    ethan tho im in a ruff patch right now, u guys always make me happy!

  • Monique Posinkovich
    Monique Posinkovich Hace un mes

    Your videos are literally the best