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  • ErikTheElectric
    ErikTheElectric  Hace 11 meses +139

    You guys are AWESOME! We're almost at 300K! It's time for you all to comment below... WHAT COMES NEXT! 👇👇👇#ElectricEmpire

    • uhavemooface
      uhavemooface Hace 26 días

      Can't believe you don't like pickles I love pickles and pickle juice so good.

    • Ness
      Ness Hace 6 meses

      ErikTheElectric Erik, you went to White Castle and didn’t get any chicken rings? I’m disappointed

    • Tapiwa C
      Tapiwa C Hace 7 meses


    • Susan Willis
      Susan Willis Hace 10 meses

      ErikTheElectric massive seafood would love that

    • BITWNICK Anderson
      BITWNICK Anderson Hace 10 meses

      ErikTheElectric Onion Chips son

  • ARx_NIck
    ARx_NIck Hace 6 días

    Onion rings

  • Paul Eichhammer
    Paul Eichhammer Hace 12 días

    Love the videos and don't mean to hate. But noticed you out they got the order wrong you sure you took in to account what you gave tje driver?

  • Matt Zeiders
    Matt Zeiders Hace 15 días +1

    I really want to know why you hate pickles💜🖤💖❤🇯🇵🇰🇵🇰🇷

  • Zachary Nolte
    Zachary Nolte Hace 18 días

    First challenge I think I could do

  • Pablo Morales
    Pablo Morales Hace 20 días

    Damn... this guy is genuinely a nice person and very social. Just gained a subscriber

    MEWEY12 THE GAMER Hace un mes

    They forgot the jalapeño 🍔

  • Tashea Key
    Tashea Key Hace un mes

    I'm not a fan of those burgers. Am I weird? Lol

    • Matt Zeiders
      Matt Zeiders Hace 15 días +1

      Yes cuz any burger is awesome💜🖤💖❤🇯🇵🇰🇵🇰🇷

  • Zach Westover
    Zach Westover Hace un mes

    Daaaaammmmnnnn. Bad ass. Put down a Heisman Run on that go. Made me hungry. Got a Whiteys down the street. Oh yeah...

  • Lana Virgo
    Lana Virgo Hace un mes

    Ilike chicken rings w/ honey mustard

  • Ron Yeahright
    Ron Yeahright Hace un mes

    I wonder how many days it took for his digestive tract to get back to normal after this many rat burgers, aka murder burgers, aka White Castle's. They probably had to evacuate the hotel after he was done.

  • Rev Doe
    Rev Doe Hace un mes

    I guess editing was forgotten on this video...?

  • Isaiah Edwards
    Isaiah Edwards Hace 2 meses

    Man he got his driver food he a dope person for tht I know would appreciate that and be happy Erik u the man.

  • Zach Westover
    Zach Westover Hace 2 meses

    Yo, that's some impressive white castle'n right there. I couldn't knock that much back that's for sure.

  • T. Bullock
    T. Bullock Hace 2 meses

    Onion rings
    White Castles is the bomb

  • Mark Sexauer
    Mark Sexauer Hace 2 meses

    Eating off a hotel room table 👀😂

  • Anubis
    Anubis Hace 3 meses


  • rasean mitchell
    rasean mitchell Hace 3 meses

    How did he not get the chicken rings ... oh no 😱

  • Jrald Pagusan
    Jrald Pagusan Hace 3 meses

    Try to eat the entire menu of Jollibee. I'm telling you, you won't regret it!

  • swat46201
    swat46201 Hace 3 meses

    Onion CHIP

  • John Mullins
    John Mullins Hace 3 meses

    Surprised by the lack of O-H in the comments

  • Baseball God
    Baseball God Hace 4 meses

    Onion rings

  • Amy Almanza
    Amy Almanza Hace 4 meses

    Onion rings

  • Jazmine Monroe
    Jazmine Monroe Hace 4 meses

    Talk about explosive diarrhea 😭😭

  • Jae Eats Food
    Jae Eats Food Hace 4 meses

    omg you were so nice to your Uber driver!!! :D

  • Abdul Rehman Mian
    Abdul Rehman Mian Hace 4 meses

    Imagine if someone gives him extra strong coffee

    T FROMDANAWF Hace 5 meses

    Onion bits 😂

  • Andrew Blakley
    Andrew Blakley Hace 5 meses

    Onion rings

  • Mikey Bilello
    Mikey Bilello Hace 5 meses

    And Those Sliders Are Very Cute

  • Mikey Bilello
    Mikey Bilello Hace 5 meses

    Hey Eric MR.D electric The Food you are Eating from White castle the food is making me hungry by watching your video I’m watching it in my town in my city Palm Coast Florida

  • Cavin Bob
    Cavin Bob Hace 5 meses

    Lmao did u Ive your dessert on a stick to the driver?

  • Gabriel Salyer
    Gabriel Salyer Hace 5 meses

    Shoutout to arizona for finally adding one next year.

  • LanLock Gaming
    LanLock Gaming Hace 5 meses

    that waffle breakfast sandwich looked really good , but those r the worst burgers i have ever eaten in my life.

  • Shane's vlogs
    Shane's vlogs Hace 5 meses

    Great video bro I smashed that like button can't wait to see next video I love the white castle movie I wish we had white castle here where I live in Nauvoo Alabama

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson Hace 5 meses

    OCD alert!!

  • D3cod3d Gaming
    D3cod3d Gaming Hace 6 meses

    krystals is by far better then white castle will ever be...j.s

  • Michelle Hill
    Michelle Hill Hace 6 meses

    So nice seeing someone with manners.... not many people do, my 28 yr old boyfriend doesn't have any. Drives me nuts

  • A MAR
    A MAR Hace 6 meses

    Onion rings bruhh

  • Patricia Handorgan
    Patricia Handorgan Hace 6 meses

    You make me so hungry 😩

  • Steven Alvarado
    Steven Alvarado Hace 6 meses

    Was it just me or was anyone else annoyed on how long erik kept that ranch on his beard😂😂 great job bro keep it up👍😎😱

  • J Vids
    J Vids Hace 6 meses

    Onion rings

  • Nicholas Meyer
    Nicholas Meyer Hace 6 meses

    Onion *chips

  • Mike Echon
    Mike Echon Hace 6 meses

    Where's the cheesecake on a sticks

  • Britt Semenow
    Britt Semenow Hace 7 meses

    I'm 99% positive I know exactly what hotel and town in Ohio this favourite place to stay when I'm travelling from the coast back to Chicago (also my home town).
    PS, I will gladly eat your unwanted pickles.

  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses


  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses

    How are you doing today

  • Lacretia Franklin
    Lacretia Franklin Hace 7 meses


  • Kaley Mola
    Kaley Mola Hace 7 meses

    Onion rings, slider swag 😂😂💖

  • Anthony Sharp
    Anthony Sharp Hace 7 meses

    Bro you such s cool dude

  • Tapiwa C
    Tapiwa C Hace 7 meses

    Onion Rings

  • Nappy by Nature
    Nappy by Nature Hace 7 meses

    Onion rings

  • Madison 21
    Madison 21 Hace 7 meses

    Onion rings

  • Tae Kim
    Tae Kim Hace 7 meses

    Good Human being! Getting uber driver food!!

  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee Hace 7 meses

    Onion rings

  • Johnny's world
    Johnny's world Hace 7 meses

    That’s crazy I’m watching this at work . And I hear Ohio and I’m like hmm what part is he in. And by luck you went to the White Castle on the same street I work on . Crazy

  • Sports Addict
    Sports Addict Hace 8 meses

    They forgot your desert

  • Les Henderson
    Les Henderson Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Elizabeth Armstrong
    Elizabeth Armstrong Hace 8 meses +2

    You're such a sweet, kind, giving man. I just love your spirit and pray many blessings for you. 😍

  • Andrew Yeum
    Andrew Yeum Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Christopher Boncler
    Christopher Boncler Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Spencer S
    Spencer S Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Alison Haffar
    Alison Haffar Hace 8 meses +1


  • Alison Haffar
    Alison Haffar Hace 8 meses


  • George Andronic
    George Andronic Hace 8 meses

    Onion Rings

  • D Bone
    D Bone Hace 8 meses

    It was an extra 6 sliders, not 8. You gave 2 away.

  • Official Kitoshi
    Official Kitoshi Hace 8 meses +1

    Onion Rings

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Hace 8 meses

    Now I want to eat white castle after watching this

  • Prxblxmz
    Prxblxmz Hace 8 meses

    Wait there's a White Castle??? I need to go there ASP.

  • Got some jams
    Got some jams Hace 8 meses

    I was eating really big orange while this video was playing, and i realised, that i can’t even eat 200 grams 👍

  • Kelsey 98:
    Kelsey 98: Hace 8 meses

    How you know White Castle and not know onion chips😂😂 good vid tho

  • Marko Volic
    Marko Volic Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Gracie Smith
    Gracie Smith Hace 8 meses

    You're the greatest person alive

  • Parna Donkers
    Parna Donkers Hace 8 meses

    I like this challange Harold and kumar whit castel burgers jammie

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia Hace 8 meses

    One question, in what states you can find White castle?

  • magg c
    magg c Hace 8 meses

    Where's the cheesecake?! :(

  • Delander Ross
    Delander Ross Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Harris McGowan
    Harris McGowan Hace 8 meses

    Onion "rings"

  • Sushmit Gupta
    Sushmit Gupta Hace 8 meses

    Subway supercharged menu challenge

  • jasmine cowgirl
    jasmine cowgirl Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Blake Bortles #GarbageTime #RaiseEm #WikipediaClub

    No desert on a stick?

  • isaac kidd
    isaac kidd Hace 8 meses

    Where is the weed?

  • jose almonte
    jose almonte Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Hailey Secrest
    Hailey Secrest Hace 8 meses

    Onion rings

  • Steve Gareau
    Steve Gareau Hace 9 meses

    I bet you shit good after that lol

  • Michael Scott-Bostwick
    Michael Scott-Bostwick Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings

  • its_me_leg3ndz_fade
    its_me_leg3ndz_fade Hace 9 meses

    onion rings!!!!

  • jose lazarit
    jose lazarit Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels Hace 9 meses

    Come texas and do whataburger

  • betsy wood
    betsy wood Hace 9 meses

    You should try the Chicken Rings next time 🐥😉

  • Steph . C
    Steph . C Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings

  • Eli Potruch
    Eli Potruch Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings

  • Muimui 37
    Muimui 37 Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings yum

  • Justin Furtado
    Justin Furtado Hace 9 meses


  • Cutiepie Senpai
    Cutiepie Senpai Hace 9 meses


  • Aw awesomeness gamer
    Aw awesomeness gamer Hace 9 meses

    Onion ringd

  • Emin Bayramli
    Emin Bayramli Hace 9 meses

    We have a fucking White Castle in east coast!!!!

  • Mansa X
    Mansa X Hace 9 meses

    Is it similar to Krystal?

  • dylan hood
    dylan hood Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings but not 🤔

  • Samuel Bradley
    Samuel Bradley Hace 9 meses

    Onion rings

  • Kent Keller
    Kent Keller Hace 9 meses

    Glad you enjoyed White Castle here in Ohio. I haven’t ate there in years, even tho it’s only a mile away. Trying to lose fat.