Massive Italian Feast Challenge (10,700 Calories)

  • Publicado el 15 sep 2015
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Comentarios • 19 563

  • Exisert YT
    Exisert YT Hace 6 minutos

    Watching this bcuz im hungry btw

  • Francesco De Rossi
    Francesco De Rossi Hace 18 minutos

    Non è cibo italiano coglione😂, fallo meglio 😂
    It’s not like italian food man, do it better😂

  • Elderscrolls333
    Elderscrolls333 Hace 4 horas

    makes me feel good about just eating 2 entrees

  • Sidney Woolfork
    Sidney Woolfork Hace 5 horas

    its ame matt stonie

  • Andrea Davies
    Andrea Davies Hace 6 horas

    Do you live at your mom's?

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez Hace 7 horas

    Italians triggered in the comments

  • Dave Kane
    Dave Kane Hace 9 horas

    Matt Stonie set the world record for chef who gives the least fucks.

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Hace 9 horas

    Matt stonie:
    *walks in buffet*

    People; oh shit

  • Strikie
    Strikie Hace 15 horas

    Now if only you had spinning nails you could eat it off your fingers, that'd be fun!

  • Zahra Berr
    Zahra Berr Hace 15 horas

    Food waste while people are starving eating yourself to death is stupid what the point of your videos be creative stop being dumb

  • Vlada Meow
    Vlada Meow Hace 16 horas

    Why he is still thin
    I get fat just breathing air or drinking water

  • marilena rizzo
    marilena rizzo Hace 17 horas

    Non assomiglia alla nostra cucina, ma apprezziamo lo sforzo. Un saluto dall'Italia!!!!

  • Unofficially Talented
    Unofficially Talented Hace 19 horas

    I am so confused. You can make lasagna without cooking the noodles first!

  • Bill Christian Cedeño
    Bill Christian Cedeño Hace 20 horas +1

    Dude, You can't forget *PIZZA* !

  • Royal donkey
    Royal donkey Hace 21 un hora +1

    Tutti i cazzoni sono venuti a criticarlo sul "questo non è cibo!1!1 che cazzo e!1!" E poi vanno a mangiarsi i big mac del mcdonald

    8D AUDIOS Hace 22 horas +1

    I was feeling hungry while watching video
    If you too hit like

  • Lana 210
    Lana 210 Hace un día

    So I’m fat and I don’t eat that much and you eat a lottttttt and you’re skinny illuminate .comfirmed

  • I Like Food
    I Like Food Hace un día

    I like how he starts literally going insane towards the end and HOW DOES HE EAT THAT MUCH omg I want lasagna

  • Rihui He
    Rihui He Hace un día

    Only Garfield could eat that all in 10 seconds

  • Ethan Smoot
    Ethan Smoot Hace un día +1

    Wonder how long it took to do the dishes

  • Raging gamer
    Raging gamer Hace un día

    I know this sounds bad but what if an African watched this video

  • Jesus Mota
    Jesus Mota Hace un día

    *Garfield entre the chat*

  • Evelyn Vlogs
    Evelyn Vlogs Hace un día


  • Greta Schneider
    Greta Schneider Hace un día

    Imagian this dude on thanksgiving

  • Marco Vallesi
    Marco Vallesi Hace un día

    MAMMA MIA......

  • Gabi Battaglia
    Gabi Battaglia Hace un día

    Every Italian’s nightmare 🤢that food looks terrible

  • FireDragon3dc
    FireDragon3dc Hace un día

    He's making Garfield jelious

  • Miguel Santiago
    Miguel Santiago Hace un día

    He needs a video with EpicMealTime

  • Greg Paul
    Greg Paul Hace un día

    Someone explain to me how he is skinny.?

  • Joseph Galvan
    Joseph Galvan Hace un día

    Did it bother anyone else that he didnt heat up the sauce

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk Hace un día +1


  • camy _kookie
    camy _kookie Hace un día +4

    He can cook
    He can eat alot
    But most importantly
    He knows how to make the toilet cry😂

  • cleon pacho
    cleon pacho Hace 2 días

    Do a philipino food challenge

  • chaziecutie
    chaziecutie Hace 2 días

    his brother laughs sounds like squidward ^__^

  • chaziecutie
    chaziecutie Hace 2 días

    he didnt make it for 30mins hehehe

  • Rangorts XS
    Rangorts XS Hace 2 días

    *Pewdiepie Was Here.*

  • Raphael Tioco
    Raphael Tioco Hace 2 días

    Matt you never cease to amaze me

  • shreyas misale
    shreyas misale Hace 2 días +1

    he will explode one day in toilet😂

  • Rino 5
    Rino 5 Hace 2 días

    Toilet has left the chat

  • sayam chengupta
    sayam chengupta Hace 2 días

    Idiot:*Ha culinary sucks on ESclips and I all fat people
    Matt stone:*The hell u just say u little shit*

  • abangade siregar
    abangade siregar Hace 2 días +1

    Man i want that food

  • It's a me Annaa
    It's a me Annaa Hace 2 días


  • Obey Noscope
    Obey Noscope Hace 2 días

    Matt eats 1700 calories gains nothing me eat one thing gain 20pounds

  • Kiera W
    Kiera W Hace 2 días

    To be honest...I’m not much of a fan of marinara

  • Sav Mar
    Sav Mar Hace 2 días +1

    5:46-5:50 *ok*

  • alyssa thompson
    alyssa thompson Hace 2 días

    I wonder how many times matt poops a week😂

  • Data Science with R
    Data Science with R Hace 2 días


  • Rekha Loach
    Rekha Loach Hace 2 días

    Is this safe

  • Bilal Elbadaoui
    Bilal Elbadaoui Hace 2 días


  • NicoFeu9
    NicoFeu9 Hace 2 días


  • Рюрик Кун
    Рюрик Кун Hace 2 días

    bitch lasagna

  • Giorgio Busso
    Giorgio Busso Hace 2 días

    Ho una grossa ferita nel mio cuore .

  • ahmed al mohammed mahmut el recho

    Im fucking hungry

  • Blank Tuber
    Blank Tuber Hace 2 días +1

    Why when i wanted to say lasagna but i'm always said bich lasagna 😂😂

  • Vallen Mukenge
    Vallen Mukenge Hace 3 días

    Man I’m hungry now🤤

  • Wiliam Tasidjawa
    Wiliam Tasidjawa Hace 3 días

    Why do you so slim

  • fizz
    fizz Hace 3 días

    his friend is like bro can i please get some food

  • Rose Morgan
    Rose Morgan Hace 3 días

    You forgot to bake the lasagna pasta lMaO

  • Humayon Askaryar
    Humayon Askaryar Hace 3 días +1

    Believe me as soon as he turns off camera he runs to toilet and throws up everything 🤮

  • Addison Brockway
    Addison Brockway Hace 3 días +4

    I'm late by 4 years for the giveaway..

  • billy BOB
    billy BOB Hace 3 días

    I would only eat the pasta I loveeeeee pasta SO MUCH!

  • the gaming kid
    the gaming kid Hace 3 días +4

    Wow I didn't know you could beat ur meat on ESclips 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😜 Im gonna get started lol

  • Trent Akerlund
    Trent Akerlund Hace 3 días +3

    Acid reflux wants to know your location

  • CreativityFN
    CreativityFN Hace 3 días +3

    *Batta bing batta beanie, your fettuccine is now completey*
    *_P A S T A I T A L I A N O_*

  • Donedone Girl
    Donedone Girl Hace 3 días

    Camera mans laugh like he trying to breathe under water

  • Agnivesh Foolchand
    Agnivesh Foolchand Hace 3 días


  • Henry Gooding
    Henry Gooding Hace 3 días

    you need a new oven buddy

  • Vajejay Jina
    Vajejay Jina Hace 3 días

    What the fuck is even" chicken parmesean",I'm Italian and that isn't an Italian recipe

  • Ellyn Dassow
    Ellyn Dassow Hace 3 días

    How is watching in 2019

  • Exileh' s
    Exileh' s Hace 3 días

    Bitch lasagna

  • I'm Hungry
    I'm Hungry Hace 3 días

    1 of u = my entire family

  • Ramiz Ahmadzada
    Ramiz Ahmadzada Hace 3 días

    Grandpa Kitchen would have made more and donated it to orphanage.

  • elisa bricchi
    elisa bricchi Hace 3 días

    Mi fate schifo, la besciamella dove è finita, l'ordine di assemblamento pure. Che schifo

  • Zero Kcaoss
    Zero Kcaoss Hace 3 días

    Imagine his kids

  • Slump
    Slump Hace 4 días

    3:15 Matt beating his meat

  • Collin Murphree
    Collin Murphree Hace 4 días +2

    Anyone else see that they put “we are not chefs” but u still tried it out anyway

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers Hace 4 días

    Sooooooo hungrie right now

  • Potatoes Ng
    Potatoes Ng Hace 4 días

    I eat 1 bag of chips and turn into a bean bag chair while he can eat a whole damn feast and still remain skinny

  • YoGy
    YoGy Hace 4 días

    make a challenge with romanian food

  • Holywizard _
    Holywizard _ Hace 4 días +2

    If ur not chefs how do you cook so good?

  • David Arfield
    David Arfield Hace 4 días +1

    What a fuck? It's shit, no Italian

  • Nico00 thegrey
    Nico00 thegrey Hace 4 días

    It's fakeee

  • akriti malik
    akriti malik Hace 4 días

    The background music is epic!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chiara Siciliano
    Chiara Siciliano Hace 4 días

    Those aren't real Italian specialties, you know, right? That's not how you cook a lasagna ... what you call mozzarella looks like a cheese mash and ... have you ever heard of besciamella (bechamel)? you should... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Chiara Siciliano
      Chiara Siciliano Hace 3 días

      Pokerface ™ I know... but don’t call it “italian meal”

    • Pokerface ™
      Pokerface ™ Hace 3 días

      This is a eating challenge channel, not a Gordon Ramsay How-to-cook channel.

  • Gelmendia68
    Gelmendia68 Hace 4 días +1

    Que bárbaro, gracias por el aporte, un saludo desde España.

  • Hari b
    Hari b Hace 4 días

    My gosh

  • Alessandro Workout
    Alessandro Workout Hace 4 días +15

    Ho fatto vedere il video a mia nonna , è svenuta.
    Sono italiano è non c’è la faccio più a vedere ste cose voi siete terroristi

  • Emiliano Mennella
    Emiliano Mennella Hace 5 días

    from Italy terrible I'm going to the hospital for this

  • Ajay Jani
    Ajay Jani Hace 5 días

    Italian Nona's are quaking

  • The Cool Boy
    The Cool Boy Hace 5 días

    You are living in food paradise my friend

  • bowl4two
    bowl4two Hace 5 días


  • Sara Bear
    Sara Bear Hace 5 días +1

    I'm dieting right now so I live vicariously through Matt Stonie.

    • Wolves777
      Wolves777 Hace 4 días

      Same its weird though. I mean the food looks good but I guess by watching him eat it I'm not tempted to go eat fast food.

  • Brite
    Brite Hace 5 días +1

    Me eats a celary stick gets full watch This

    aLmOst DiEd

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Hace 5 días +14

    I bet he gets his money’s worth at a buffet lmao

  • Death Boi likes Airelon
    Death Boi likes Airelon Hace 5 días +1

    U will die eating that much

  • Janusz Pedał
    Janusz Pedał Hace 5 días

    That's schabowy

  • Cringe Boy
    Cringe Boy Hace 5 días

    This looks really good

  • OriginalCornChips
    OriginalCornChips Hace 5 días

    Bich lasagna

    DOCTAJAY Hace 5 días

    That's an average meal at Nonna's every sunday

  • xLegendSinister
    xLegendSinister Hace 5 días

    Why didn’t you have me some?