Massive Italian Feast Challenge (10,700 Calories)

  • Publicado el 15 sep 2015
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Comentarios • 17 251

  • DeiKingPRO88
    DeiKingPRO88 Hace 5 minutos

    in the minute 11:04 there was a cut in my opinion it seemed weird ....... what could he have done in that time ??? : 0

  • Mohamed reda Tiou tiou
    Mohamed reda Tiou tiou Hace un hora

    Give me the left overs plz

  • HumanEquivalentOfWatchingPaintDry

    You could’ve used Stouffer’s

  • Breaky Nose
    Breaky Nose Hace un hora

    Sugi bucile

  • Aidan le con Volant
    Aidan le con Volant Hace un hora

    of cooking

  • Aidan le con Volant
    Aidan le con Volant Hace un hora

    pasta only takes 5 to 10 minute

  • Ozan YELMAN
    Ozan YELMAN Hace 3 horas

    ı thınk you should try turkish cuisine

  • Sky Ann
    Sky Ann Hace 5 horas +1

    Aren’t you supposed to cook the noodles first before you assemble the lasagna?

  • Malak Al Kaaby
    Malak Al Kaaby Hace 6 horas

    I m wondering about the guy behind the camera how could he see the lazania and don't share it with u 😓😓

  • Filip Łankowski
    Filip Łankowski Hace 6 horas +1

    Mmmmm kotlety

  • jacob Cuevas
    jacob Cuevas Hace 15 horas

    My boi beat is meat

  • Luu nessiee
    Luu nessiee Hace 19 horas

    me asusta que en una de estas le agarre un ataque y si quede sin respirar por comer a la fuerza cuando su cuerpo ya no quiere mas

  • Peyton Jarvis
    Peyton Jarvis Hace 19 horas +1

    1like=1prayer for his toilet

  • Jonas YouTube Channel
    Jonas YouTube Channel Hace 21 un hora +1

    Make us paisanos proud Matt #TeamPaisano

  • Cameron
    Cameron Hace 22 horas +2

    No lie I watch this and I gagged (but I love Italian food) . Then I ask my mom “what’s for dinner today?” She said “oh! pasta with chicken!” And I was like..... yay

  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio Smith Hace un día

    How does he not get hiccups

  • Veniamin Zhelezarov
    Veniamin Zhelezarov Hace un día

    this is more than 10000 kcal this is 100000 kcal

  • Anthony Keyrouz
    Anthony Keyrouz Hace un día +3

    Bitch lasagna

  • Red Plays
    Red Plays Hace un día

    *Sub to pewdipie*

  • Baraq Ahmad
    Baraq Ahmad Hace un día

    اني ماخبلني غير هذا الي يضحك وياك ضحكته مال فروخ

  • Shyfe2much4u
    Shyfe2much4u Hace un día +2

    Bro didn't even cook the pasta in the lasagna

  • Euginia Monika
    Euginia Monika Hace un día +2


  • Sr. Barnacle
    Sr. Barnacle Hace un día


    They didnt even put salt in the chicken

  • Eddie Richmond
    Eddie Richmond Hace un día

    Did he get his stomach enlarged

  • viswa vvk
    viswa vvk Hace un día

    Hi I am from Tamilnadu i likes your video

  • amido albudah
    amido albudah Hace un día +7

    I love the dramatic ass music while we watch some guy eat

  • Heathman 131
    Heathman 131 Hace un día

    How much does this guy eat when he goes out for dinnner

  • Eren Can
    Eren Can Hace un día

    Selamın aleyküm yazsam kaç kişi beyenir

  • ClentCJ m
    ClentCJ m Hace un día +1

    Bich lasagna

  • Gamer_08 allday
    Gamer_08 allday Hace un día

    Wow I’m jealous I love italian food

  • Iongamer
    Iongamer Hace un día

    If you actually think about how big that bowl of pasta is...

  • Oops kayla
    Oops kayla Hace un día

    You shouldve done the Alfredo pasta

  • Creative_Commander
    Creative_Commander Hace un día

    No pizza?

  • NO NO
    NO NO Hace un día

    3:17-3:21 he was beating his meat 🍖

  • ConboyTheEpic
    ConboyTheEpic Hace un día +3

    So does he have the amount he is having in his videos for his everyday lunch.

  • REALLINK23 :v
    REALLINK23 :v Hace un día

    His ass should be destroyed

  • heavydirtyrice
    heavydirtyrice Hace 2 días

    it would’ve took me 10 hours to open that.

  • Melila Loly
    Melila Loly Hace 2 días

    But I like your eating 😁😀

  • Melila Loly
    Melila Loly Hace 2 días

    You became bad in eating

  • Hi Llo
    Hi Llo Hace 2 días

    How to make any Italian food:

    •spaghetti and meatballs with Parmesan cheese

  • vSharppp
    vSharppp Hace 2 días +3

    Great vid God Bless

  • Cross
    Cross Hace 2 días

    This man took the do not gain weight pill from instagram chilll

  • Kul Sinchury
    Kul Sinchury Hace 2 días

    I’m hungry

  • Salah Ali
    Salah Ali Hace 2 días

    You are beating your meat literally

  • Carlos SM
    Carlos SM Hace 3 días

    So thats how lasagna is made🤔

  • Sabinator _
    Sabinator _ Hace 3 días

    You: Eats 10 lbs of food every day and remains skinny
    Me: Eats one cookie and becomes fat

  • Abderrahmen Madi
    Abderrahmen Madi Hace 3 días

    تحدى سحس

  • jeremiaster 2000
    jeremiaster 2000 Hace 3 días

    3:59 when november ends

  • deeconfrost
    deeconfrost Hace 3 días +40

    Whos watching this in dec 2018

  • Jennifer Alicia
    Jennifer Alicia Hace 3 días

    I luv to watch him eat he is such an interesting person I wish he would try a Cajun Seafood Boil

  • Fjedew
    Fjedew Hace 3 días

    Garfield joined the chat

  • Мартин Йотов

    Bitch lazanq!!!!

  • Milou Mercado
    Milou Mercado Hace 3 días

    Make B*tch lasagna and Chicken Parmesan Whoreggiano

  • Seraphim N
    Seraphim N Hace 3 días

    Y didn’t he make pizza

  • Satisfied Clifford
    Satisfied Clifford Hace 3 días

    *garfield has joined the chat*

  • AirBorne2win
    AirBorne2win Hace 3 días +2

    Quanti italiani piagnoni nei commenti. Da noi si cerca continuamente di copiare i fast food americani e vi assicuro che i risultati son pietosi se comparati a quelli originali negli USA. E' ovvio che una cosa fatta all'estero da stranieri non sarà mai buona come in patria dai fondatori delle ricette originali, soprattutto se cucinata da un ragazzo che chiaramente non se ne intende. Prendete il video per quello che è, più risate e meno giudizi.

  • Inferno Demon
    Inferno Demon Hace 3 días

    *Garfield has entered the chat*

  • Naithan Desruisseaux
    Naithan Desruisseaux Hace 3 días

    Or lasagna

  • Naithan Desruisseaux
    Naithan Desruisseaux Hace 3 días

    That is not how you make pasta

  • xvickyxox F
    xvickyxox F Hace 3 días

    Imagine how much cheese😭😭

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria Hace 3 días

    yo tell me why tf the camera mans laugh sounds like he s running out of breath

  • Domathin1503
    Domathin1503 Hace 4 días +2

    5:48 that laugh tho

  • clever one
    clever one Hace 4 días

    Imagine the dish he has to wash

  • GRB- Dreamer
    GRB- Dreamer Hace 4 días +1

    *I'm* *Italian*



  • jazzmin pullins
    jazzmin pullins Hace 4 días

    Cook the pasta noodles before you start layering lasagna bro

  • kazim is the bes t
    kazim is the bes t Hace 4 días

    Wow that's a lot of food

  • Qqq
    Qqq Hace 4 días +4


  • Kriptic ZtxTV
    Kriptic ZtxTV Hace 4 días


  • ll HOLY ll bat
    ll HOLY ll bat Hace 4 días +2

    Is morgan his boyfriend !!!

    • taja novak
      taja novak Hace 4 días +1

      ll HOLY ll bat his brother lol

  • Atharv Chaturvedi
    Atharv Chaturvedi Hace 4 días

    Still can't beat Joey !!

  • Mosiur Dean
    Mosiur Dean Hace 4 días

    Bitch lasagna

  • lady studios
    lady studios Hace 4 días


  • lady studios
    lady studios Hace 4 días +3


  • Lightning 1
    Lightning 1 Hace 5 días

    When you eat Italian food


  • [GD]Pettys
    [GD]Pettys Hace 5 días

    bitch lasagna!!!

  • Techno Gaming
    Techno Gaming Hace 5 días

    What he literally does.
    1.Wake Up
    2.Wait 12 Hours
    3.Record a Eating Video
    4.Do Intense Workout for 12 Hours

  • official gamer pro
    official gamer pro Hace 5 días +2

    Sounds like he already ate it 0:16

  • Kid ofTheRockstar
    Kid ofTheRockstar Hace 5 días

    You probably got diabetes

  • Ariel Brakes The Internet

    Spag bol 🤤

  • ItsMillie Whyte
    ItsMillie Whyte Hace 6 días

    When you haven’t eaten for a year😂😂exact definition of this video

  • fareeha fairy
    fareeha fairy Hace 6 días


  • peaterturtrich
    peaterturtrich Hace 6 días

    Oh I thought chicken parmesan was an American thing?

  • kawtarrx
    kawtarrx Hace 6 días

    7 kilos ????

  • Wel Walla
    Wel Walla Hace 6 días

    It's an old vid but Morgan's laugh is annoying. Be more mindful the camera is close to you. Dont make loud noises. You're not the subject of the vid. Dont include yourself in any way.

  • Frank M
    Frank M Hace 6 días

    Ummm, am I the only one that saw cuts in the video?!

    • Wel Walla
      Wel Walla Hace 6 días

      Frank M 20 minute mark looks like it was cut. And at 25 min.

  • Brandon Frez
    Brandon Frez Hace 6 días

    Aguante la milanesa napolitana con papas fritas wachoooooo

  • Nienke West
    Nienke West Hace 7 días

    hey can you do a dutch dinner

  • Vasting
    Vasting Hace 7 días

    All these butthurt Italians

  • Carlex 545
    Carlex 545 Hace 7 días

    Stonie's camera man's laugh is lmao

  • EduskiiBebero
    EduskiiBebero Hace 7 días +6

    Imagine being lactose intolerant

  • QoVoC
    QoVoC Hace 8 días

    That sauce looks fantastic

  • Peka Hauhnar
    Peka Hauhnar Hace 8 días

    I mawl eee

  • Taz Rewokia
    Taz Rewokia Hace 8 días

    Make a unedited version of this

  • neilluminat1
    neilluminat1 Hace 8 días

    I thought Morgan's going to work lol

  • Taz Rewokia
    Taz Rewokia Hace 8 días

    Gordon ramsay would be so "proud"

  • Taz Rewokia
    Taz Rewokia Hace 8 días

    I used to think matt was gay and was dating the camera man

  • CakeCrumbz
    CakeCrumbz Hace 8 días

    That looks really good..

    I'm hungry

  • Abdullah Farid
    Abdullah Farid Hace 8 días +1

    Legends say that his toilet committed suicide the very same day
    1 Like = 1 Pray for the toilet