4th Of July With Danny Duncan!

  • Publicado el 20 jul 2018
  • Thanks for watching! I love you guys!
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Comentarios • 4 762

  • Deaven Gibson
    Deaven Gibson Hace 2 días

    1:18 this guy is in the louder with crowder ‘trumps not racist’ vid

  • Jackson Parrish
    Jackson Parrish Hace 3 días

    Oh my gosh that the idiot who called himself Jesus Christ on the louder with crowder video with the megaphone 😂!! Holy shit😂

  • Josh Ambrose
    Josh Ambrose Hace 4 días

    I legit LOST IT when the lady asked about little people big world. Had to pause the video for a sec to stop laughing

  • Garett Swartzer
    Garett Swartzer Hace 5 días

    The guy at 1:35 got demolished by Steven crowder in one of crowders videos 😂😂

  • Adrian Alatorre
    Adrian Alatorre Hace 5 días

    You gay

  • Kristal Reyes
    Kristal Reyes Hace 5 días

    Lmao u had help him change tho? I cracked up the whole time watching this on my break. The end was hilarious as well 😝

  • Josh Klann
    Josh Klann Hace 6 días

    What kind of scooters are those the ones that you ride on

  • Boi If you Dont Shut da f up

    I swear this dude is the life of the party

  • Luckyduck44
    Luckyduck44 Hace 6 días


  • Dan Trebune
    Dan Trebune Hace 6 días



  • Eli Lane
    Eli Lane Hace 6 días

    Nobody gonna talk about how Danny held up a finger and the other guy said one 8:01

  • Christian Gomez
    Christian Gomez Hace 7 días

    Fuuck pussy

  • John Nicholas
    John Nicholas Hace 7 días

    The guy at 1:17 is the guy who yelled at steven crowder claiming he was jesus christ. esclips.com/video/NtLCIUW_5mY/vídeo.html

  • Gavin1323
    Gavin1323 Hace 7 días

    1:20 it’s Bruce from trump isn’t a racist change my mind.

    • Extra T
      Extra T Hace 5 días

      Gavin1323 i was looking in the comments to see if anyone else seen it

  • Beef King
    Beef King Hace 7 días

    Did he actually make out with that girl

  • BuildzZ
    BuildzZ Hace 8 días +1

    Is he gay

  • Lion Mane
    Lion Mane Hace 8 días +2

    Just to point out, the man who gave him the megaphone is the same one who protested Louder with Crowder recently

  • Owen Shea
    Owen Shea Hace 8 días

    The guy with the bullhorn was on change my mind esclips.com/video/NtLCIUW_5mY/vídeo.html

  • Funky 69
    Funky 69 Hace 9 días +2

    OMG GUYS 1:17 is the guy in Steven crowders “trump is not a racist” video lmao. You guys should seriously see who he really is lmao

    • Sun&MoonGaming
      Sun&MoonGaming Hace 8 días +1

      bro ik that's the first thing I thought too when I saw him!!!!

  • Corey Jacob
    Corey Jacob Hace 9 días

    I'm in Long Island

  • TurkeyBaster12
    TurkeyBaster12 Hace 9 días +1

    Yo that guy with the “no religion” written on his hat is in steven crowders recent “change my mind”. He goes crazy lmao

  • X is best
    X is best Hace 10 días

    I need this shirt

  • andrew hammy
    andrew hammy Hace 10 días +5

    1:29 this man was in a louder with crowder change my mind episode

    • Anthony Curtis
      Anthony Curtis Hace 6 días

      Yea the Jesus Christ guy 😂😂😂

    • yomama847
      yomama847 Hace 8 días

      Omg from the newest one. He was crazy though.

  • Eliza-rose Daniel
    Eliza-rose Daniel Hace 10 días

    Haters need to watch the first clip of this video

  • Evan Worthington
    Evan Worthington Hace 11 días


  • Bay Vibes
    Bay Vibes Hace 11 días

    Lets go cliff diving in Costa Rica. Lets be spontaneous!

  • Lone Chaka
    Lone Chaka Hace 11 días

    1:35 this guy is from the trump is not racist change my mind vid

  • Nicholas Karas
    Nicholas Karas Hace 11 días +2

    yeooooo the old dude with the megaphone is on Steven crowder's video the other day screaming that he is Jesus Christ

  • Hi welcome to Chili's
    Hi welcome to Chili's Hace 11 días

    Are we just not gonna talk about how he just broke up a fight lol. Good dude

  • Spedezyy
    Spedezyy Hace 11 días

    Lmao "Is that a Virginity Rocks shirt?" Made my fuxking day:)

  • TwoEyesPanda
    TwoEyesPanda Hace 12 días

    Everybody gangster till Jah start driving 4:05

  • Zack Bailey
    Zack Bailey Hace 12 días

    Does anyone know why cameron isn't in Danny's videos anymore?

  • xSpoz
    xSpoz Hace 12 días

    Is that old guy with the megaphone the same guy from "Trump isn't racist change my mind" from Louder with Crowder?

  • Desmond Jolly
    Desmond Jolly Hace 12 días


  • Salvador Rico
    Salvador Rico Hace 13 días

    Don’t say looking like an imgrint

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez Hace 13 días

    Talking about immagrants

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez Hace 13 días

    Fuck you danny

  • Supreme stinger
    Supreme stinger Hace 13 días

    Anyone else feel like isis cutting this long haired ugly ass mofo

  • Jake McDermott
    Jake McDermott Hace 13 días

    1:22 Crazy old man that appeared on Steven Crowders “Trump isn’t racist, Change my mind” segments.

  • Unknown
    Unknown Hace 14 días

    3:40 song?

  • Trappin Vurt
    Trappin Vurt Hace 14 días

    Are you from little people hahahaha

  • Marshall Harris
    Marshall Harris Hace 15 días

    u got those 2 bitches bro

  • Coast boy 228
    Coast boy 228 Hace 15 días

    I wake up every morning and watch Danny Duncan. He is a amazing motivational person he helped me so much with my depression. Would love to see him do a Motivational speech. Please come to New Orleans

  • Kai Sommers
    Kai Sommers Hace 17 días +3

    If Danny hasn't been arrested yet I would be super surprised

  • Kevin 123
    Kevin 123 Hace 17 días


  • Lets get 10k subscribers without any videos

    This nigga is a legend

  • Sean Lyon
    Sean Lyon Hace 17 días

    You ever do it with two hands 😂😂😂

  • vOver Those
    vOver Those Hace 20 días +1

    4:04 everyone’s gansta until Jah rides the scooter

    • Dr. Tedums
      Dr. Tedums Hace 17 días

      Everyone Gangsta until you start copying people's comments

  • blittzy Xd
    blittzy Xd Hace 20 días


  • Inga
    Inga Hace 20 días

    I died at 9:12

  • Husk_ cool
    Husk_ cool Hace 21 un día

    huskcool08 on tik tok

  • Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Danny’s mom had him at 8..

  • Briese Be Vloggin
    Briese Be Vloggin Hace 22 días +1

    5:00 like a mini Dwayne Johnson

  • R The best
    R The best Hace 22 días +1

    You need to meet steely kane

  • Ride Life
    Ride Life Hace 23 días

    People: minding there own business Danny: jump (U*U)

  • Simon Arriaga
    Simon Arriaga Hace 23 días

    Ya you get that pu**y

  • Micah Britfeld
    Micah Britfeld Hace 25 días

    I need that shirt

  • Shorline Sage
    Shorline Sage Hace 25 días


  • ijayuh
    ijayuh Hace 25 días +4

    anyone else watching in july 2019?

  • bl._. cesar
    bl._. cesar Hace 26 días +2

    You ballin?

  • _Chronic _ Zach_
    _Chronic _ Zach_ Hace 26 días

    That girl that was named after the state was definitely a keeper

  • Washy_tv
    Washy_tv Hace 27 días +2

    Long Island gang where you at

  • Jacob F
    Jacob F Hace 27 días +1


  • McEeee
    McEeee Hace 27 días

    Danny the peacemaker

  • Fortnite Therealsavage225
    Fortnite Therealsavage225 Hace 27 días +1

    Aye wanna fn partner I got u Danny

  • Jojo Potato
    Jojo Potato Hace 27 días

    What the hell 😂

  • Justin Collins
    Justin Collins Hace 28 días

    Dude I’m getting a shirt and I’m making a skit like the one at the end of this😂😂

  • Diego Abrajan
    Diego Abrajan Hace 28 días

    Fuck the usa mexico all the way💨

    • jordombal
      jordombal Hace 22 días +1

      Fuck Mexico USA all the way

  • Blayne Tonga
    Blayne Tonga Hace 28 días

    QsaHey aqdwqs w

  • Dominic Booth
    Dominic Booth Hace 28 días

    Btw the song at 3:14 is the Tarzan theme song

  • Donovan Simpson
    Donovan Simpson Hace 28 días

    At the end I laughed my ass off

  • Teddyplayz Roblox
    Teddyplayz Roblox Hace 28 días

    I got to get that shirt lmao

    I'm jk I got a gf 🤣🤣

  • 77 JZEUS
    77 JZEUS Hace 29 días

    Bro you a weirdo bro Florida people 😂😂

  • maria vega
    maria vega Hace un mes

    That was my teacher the blonde. One at 4.00

  • Myheart Airam
    Myheart Airam Hace un mes

    Dauumm did you slapped him 😅😅