Elden Ring DLC 01 TRAILER Breakdown! Colosseum Update!


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  • Ziostorm
    Ziostorm  Hace un mes +718

    This update is labeled “DLC 01” within the game files, so that suggests HEAVILY this is the first of many DLCs

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    • Abhishek Kumar
      Abhishek Kumar Hace un mes


    • Noizzed
      Noizzed Hace un mes

      @Tj What?? You can literally say that about every game with multiplayer, or are you gonna tell me that CoD innovates with their online play every new game?
      At least FromSoftware's way of doing multiplayer is unlike any other game.

    • i10Cartel Records LLC
      i10Cartel Records LLC Hace un mes

      Mfs didn’t drop shit but a dude on the head that we couldn’t understand

    • granthefato
      granthefato Hace un mes

      @Tupac Shakur No it isnt dawg wtf are you on? The pvp for elden ring isnt even that good yet we have to wait another year for things to be normal like we did for dark souls 3?

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Hace un mes +465

    I have high hopes for the game awards now

  • HatedFollower
    HatedFollower Hace un mes +1362

    If they’re announcing this before the game awards, I have a feeling they have an even bigger announcement coming.

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis Hace un mes

      @Boris_BulletDodger what is he coping with? You're just using that word for fun?

    • HibbsDibble
      HibbsDibble Hace un mes

      ​@stillMeNZa lol

    • HibbsDibble
      HibbsDibble Hace un mes

      ​@Captain Fordo - ARC-77 Sekiro is a masterpiece.

    • HibbsDibble
      HibbsDibble Hace un mes

      ​@Boris_BulletDodger obviously you were the one on the copium.

    • 9ine God
      9ine God Hace un mes +1

      Imagine BB 2? I’ll lose it!

  • Elden Ring AREA
    Elden Ring AREA Hace un mes +69

    Awesome gameplay dude! 🔥🔥🔥

    • Official_Mashed
      Official_Mashed Hace un mes

      Thanks alot my Dear 🌹
      Congratulationgs you were selected amongst my shortlisted winner's 👑..

  • Phillippinezboy
    Phillippinezboy Hace un mes +333

    I would like to do a boss rush in Colosseum to test builds and see how fast or far you can go in one run.

    • thi kim
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    • giang kim
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    • NoctustheOwl
      NoctustheOwl Hace un mes +1

      Anther option is to build a Coliseum "in" the placi arena . Kill boss, access colliseum. Adds in just boss rush mode

    • David Smith
      David Smith Hace un mes +3

      That's what I was hoping for myself. PvP is out for me because of my level but PvAI is something I could have participated in.

    • Tom Schlaiss
      Tom Schlaiss Hace un mes

      Yeah, this woulld be cool. Cheers from Germany 🎶✌

  • R3grET
    R3grET Hace un mes +170

    I hope there is a "spectator" mode, where we can just watch people fight. I think that'd be dope. And for the love of fuck, please give us a "boss rematch" mode or somethin.

    • R3grET
      R3grET Hace un mes

      Aw well fuck me I guess. No "spectator" or "boss" modes? Sad

    • David Smith
      David Smith Hace un mes +1

      Yeah that would be great.

    • R3grET
      R3grET Hace un mes

      @DanDMWG yes. Yes yes. That is such a wonderful idea!

    • R3grET
      R3grET Hace un mes +3

      @Praise it! DUDE! EXACTLY! Remember how fuckin fun that shit used to be? I can only hope.

    • DanDMWG
      DanDMWG Hace un mes +7

      Unlikely but let me bet my runes on PVP!!!!

  • Smorg
    Smorg Hace un mes +467

    Not sure how many people noticed, but the white haired woman in the 3v3 portion is using a new hairstyle, so we’re definitely getting some new options with this update :)

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis Hace un mes

      @AlphaxAstartes fashion souls>>>>>>

    • Vagry
      Vagry Hace un mes

      @AlphaxAstartes I do

    • Shanna
      Shanna Hace un mes

      @AlphaxAstartes nah man, we wanna look perdy while decimating our foes

    • Nuh-Uh Bro
      Nuh-Uh Bro Hace un mes

      @DaleWillFail Probably has no style in real life either so he projects when he plays video games

    • Thot Slayer
      Thot Slayer Hace un mes

      he basically said that in the dlc

  • Satvik Verma
    Satvik Verma Hace un mes +266

    Probably won't have it, but I really want the arenas to eventually have the ability to refight bosses, like you could do in Sekiro while resting

    • Benjamin Decimo
      Benjamin Decimo Hace un mes +1

      I can't wait for that either. My character lvl is pretty high and haven't done NG+, so I hope the scaling for them remains the same so I can steamroll them with how much I've played since the game came out. (If they get scaled for character lvl, that'd be fine too for a good challenge.)

    • HighDesert_Gunslinger
      HighDesert_Gunslinger Hace un mes +1

      @thewallofsleep sort of like the trials for sekiro, or the pantheons in Hollow Knight

    • HighDesert_Gunslinger
      HighDesert_Gunslinger Hace un mes +1

      @thewallofsleep I would think once every 2-3 bosses, then once before a rememberance boss

    • thewallofsleep
      thewallofsleep Hace un mes +2

      @HighDesert_Gunslinger would we be able to rest and refill between encounters?

    • HighDesert_Gunslinger
      HighDesert_Gunslinger Hace un mes +1

      How about a boss rush mode?

  • Double H
    Double H Hace un mes +134

    Even if i don't play online i can tell this was a needed feature. Still i would have loved if they made a feature in the colosseums also for single player like replaying defeated bosses. Maybe some kind of "colosseum of ashes" where you can fight the phantoms of the bosses you defeated.

    • Jonathan Biller
      Jonathan Biller Hace un mes

      Yea i wont be playing this thus shiukdnt count as a dlc bc its only pvp and not much was added is this is a dlc the. Other ones qill be lame since its such a small updated the added

    • Dermetsu
      Dermetsu Hace un mes +1

      @AlphaxAstartes this game is a single player rpg first and foremost, and you come off as a clown saying it's a pvp game.

    • Jador96
      Jador96 Hace un mes

      @AlphaxAstartes Bullshit.
      You don't lose absolutely nothing by playing offline, and it's a blessing for getting rid of the mongoloid meme messages scattered all around the game map like worthless trash.

    • bunklypeppz
      bunklypeppz Hace un mes

      I'm also still keeping my fingers crossed for a way to replay defeated bosses at any time like in Sekiro. I think it would be awesome if they had a feature like that in the colosseums.

    • bunklypeppz
      bunklypeppz Hace un mes

      @AlphaxAstartes I'm all for multiplayer stuff but your seriously out of touch if you think souls games are "not at all builts for single player whatsoever". gtfo with that bs.

  • tobisquigles
    tobisquigles Hace un mes +590

    Can we all just take a second and appreciate how each action the characters take is synced perfectly with the percussion in the music?

    • minh van
      minh van Hace un mes


    • Savage Entertainment
      Savage Entertainment Hace un mes

      Classic elden ring

    • Boba Fite
      Boba Fite Hace un mes

      @Ol' Extra Regular Bass your feminine side won't let you stop lol you MUST have the last word huh princess lol??

    • Ol' Extra Regular Bass
      Ol' Extra Regular Bass Hace un mes

      @Boba Fite I know I said "see you never", but after reading your comment I discovered that you're a real creepy weirdo. Seek help. Okay, I'll be ignoring your feebleness starting... NOW.

    • Boba Fite
      Boba Fite Hace un mes

      @Ol' Extra Regular Bass yeah I know you're busy GoW isn't gonna insult itself on ESclips is it Nancy lol??

  • Arou Dingo
    Arou Dingo Hace un mes +215

    I always thought spirit summons in PvP would be so much fun.
    Glad we are getting it now

    • Your Dad
      Your Dad Hace un mes

      @Ethan Farberif you think this is an offline game mainly. I feel sorry for you.

    • Mobbs
      Mobbs Hace un mes

      I'm hoping people can either brute force it, or they allow a summons only arena

    • Pink Villa Fantasy
      Pink Villa Fantasy Hace un mes

      It's gonna be unbalanced due to everyone using Tiche and Mimic tear, unless they nerf that destined death bull sht, spirit summon pvp is gonna be an unbalanced mess.

    • Arou Dingo
      Arou Dingo Hace un mes

      @Kurt I have made a build where I use bewitching branch HAHahaha then just use an ass ton of buffs to boost my helper. (Usually the Omen creature in stormveil)

    • Andrew Witham
      Andrew Witham Hace un mes

      @David Zapata I imagine we're going to see a lot of mimic tears so be ready to fight two versions of the same player.

  • L1teral Canc3r
    L1teral Canc3r Hace un mes +90

    I really, REALLY hope they add covenants to the different warring factions in either this update or the DLC. The different zones in the Lands Between are perfect for the kind of skirmish zones from DS3 and it's a waste to not have them.

    • Mike Moshman
      Mike Moshman Hace un mes

      @Andy Trujillo bruh you trippin’

    • Tsuiro Rankami
      Tsuiro Rankami Hace un mes +2

      @Andy Trujillo are there reasons for such affirmation? Could you please fully explain your opinion?

    • Andy Trujillo
      Andy Trujillo Hace un mes +1

      That wouldn’t fit this game

    • Tsuiro Rankami
      Tsuiro Rankami Hace un mes +1

      @Mike Moshman that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. I’m so glad to see I’m not alone caring a lot about them

    • Mike Moshman
      Mike Moshman Hace un mes +1

      @Tsuiro Rankami fr, the framework is all there, almost like they fully expect to implement them at some point…

  • WPB
    WPB Hace un mes +7

    The fact that this is a *free* update that brings whole new arenas for people to enjoy PVP, in an already amazing game, just shows how much Fromsoft cares and listens to it's fan base.
    I haven't done much PVP since DS2, but I'm super excited for this and jumping right in just to try it out. Well done Fromsoft!

    • Official_Mashed
      Official_Mashed Hace un mes

      Thanks alot my Dear 🌹
      Congratulationgs you were selected amongst my shortlisted winner's 👑.

  • ___.
    ___. Hace un mes +53

    Nobody's mentioning the scene with three people running across the bridge above the shaded castle. If I remember correctly there's normally a barrier (either right in the middle of the bridge or at one end of it) preventing you from crossing into Mt. Gelmir from Altus or vice versa. This could just be a "cool looking shot" but it could also suggest that they're making the open world less segmented in co op?

    • Rhinok
      Rhinok Hace un mes

      If you are on pc, try the coop mod. Its a little buggy here and there, but it's not that bad. Most of the times it just creates some funny moments. Played 80 hours with a friend and enjoyed every second.

    • moonkitty
      moonkitty Hace un mes +1

      @bunklypeppz i mean under any other circumstance it wouldn't be anything crazy but we would all know exactly what it would mean for the game if they showed it

    • ___.
      ___. Hace un mes +4

      @bunklypeppz I'd love to see it. Highly doubt we'll get the "seamless co op" experience but removing the map segments and opening up dungeons would be such a game-changer, but my expectations aren't nearly that high as there has been no news about them changing co op.

    • ___.
      ___. Hace un mes

      @moonkitty I wouldn't hold my breath for co-op torrent :(

    • bunklypeppz
      bunklypeppz Hace un mes +3

      @moonkitty Well, the act of entering a dungeon isn't exactly a trailer-worthy visual, so the fact that it wasn't included is neither here nor there.

  • Torelethain
    Torelethain Hace un mes +16

    Not a big PvP person myself but I think this is great, because what I really want to see is a better PvE Co-Op system in place, and I don't think that will happen until the PvP players are happy as it has been so integral to Souls games for so long, but I would really like to se a Co-Op without modding that is better then the summoning garbage.

    • Evan Moore
      Evan Moore Hace un mes

      Yeah I'm not really excited about the pvp but I'm really happy we are getting a dlc or at least more updates

    • RexDolo
      RexDolo Hace un mes +1

      Yeah they really need to take notes on the seamless co op mod

  • Cold Zero
    Cold Zero Hace un mes +35

    I want everyone to take the time to think about this carefully we're about to get a free update, whole arena, and new modes. Had it been any other company we'd have to fork 🍽️🍴 out an additional $29.99 just to do proper pvp against each other and an additional $11.99 per month to continue.

  • The Mask Master
    The Mask Master Hace un mes +90

    Interestingly, I think the Cleric in the six-person duel shot actually has one of the DLC hair styles!

    • PeenyYT
      PeenyYT Hace un mes

      So it's not a duel at all?

    • Storm Bringer777
      Storm Bringer777 Hace un mes +4

      @Mellar Fashion Souls is always welcome.

    • Terry Larsen
      Terry Larsen Hace un mes +5

      @AlphaxAstartes You need attention?

    • 05-1 “the founder”
      05-1 “the founder” Hace un mes +2

      @Mellar give us more reason not to wear armour

    • Dank Souls Void
      Dank Souls Void Hace un mes +26

      @AlphaxAstartes damn bruh get ratioed on multiple comments. Why do you keep commenting that lol

  • Oated
    Oated Hace un mes +19

    Fromsoft has been consistent at keeping their games good for almost two decades, and that right there is what hard work and a supporting fan base gets you

  • Zombiehampster
    Zombiehampster Hace un mes +24

    I hope they add more varied terrain or pvp maps, because half the fun is also fighting around terrain for me. Still super hyped for this.

  • TheCrewExpendable
    TheCrewExpendable Hace un mes +70

    Wonder if this is also a pre-DLC compatibility update. They’ve had similar things for previous games (freaking Aldia got added in as a patch. Imagine sitting at a bonfire and his head just shows up one day).

    • Mohammad Nattaghi
      Mohammad Nattaghi Hace un mes

      @Halcyon EX same happened to me lmao I was just chilling suddenly bonfire exploded I was like wtf did I do bonfires were supposed to be a sanctuary; did I just unravel the most secret shit in the game or what

    • MDJM
      MDJM Hace un mes +2

      @Halcyon EX I always fall for that and the stupid screamer in Irithil dungeon.

    • Nightmarish Compositions
      Nightmarish Compositions Hace un mes +9

      @Halcyon EX The worst Fromsoft jumpscare next to the Old Yharnam werewolf in Bloodborne lol.

    • Mk V2
      Mk V2 Hace un mes +2

      @Halcyon EX that’s hilarious 😂

    • holding on only to let go
      holding on only to let go Hace un mes +8

      this makes a lot of sense! timing seems weird, otherwise. if this was the only (or at least most significant) Elden Ring news, why not wait the extra day for the game awards? I'm naturally a pessimist so thank you for that comment - I feel a bit more optimistic now.

  • JustN
    JustN Hace un mes +77

    The fact that the dropped this today and not waiting till Thursday only gets my hopes up that there’s gonna be a even bigger announcement

    • JustN
      JustN Hace un mes

      @FLITT I true man of class

    • FLITT
      FLITT Hace un mes

      I was going to like this but it's on 69 right now and I just can't bring myself to ruin that... Just know that I agree wholeheartedly with your comment.

    • jajas king
      jajas king Hace un mes

      ​@Setsuna It would be soo dumb to show in the GA a trailer that is already showed

    • Leinad Anilom
      Leinad Anilom Hace un mes +1

      🌈Hopium✨I want to believe💫

    • JustN
      JustN Hace un mes

      @Setsuna agreed. But I’m definitely gonna give it a go

  • Bep4
    Bep4 Hace un mes +15

    The announcement at the game awards will make people want to return to the game. This update will go live tomorrow because they want the update to be there for the people who come back after the announcement hype.

  • Alec
    Alec Hace un mes +17

    Well it wasn't exactly the DLC I was wanting (hoping for story) but I'm glad the multiplayer peeps are getting fed cause y'all're gonna be what gets us that sweet sweet story dlc since you're continuously playing the game after beating it getting them going 'wait we got people interested in more?! Get on it! get that bank!'

    • unpingouin surlabanquise
      unpingouin surlabanquise Hace un mes +1

      They're just checking if the game is able to support more content before dlc, just to make sure.

    • Warby Parker
      Warby Parker Hace un mes +4

      They were planning the dlc for a while it was always gonna happen this is just to update the game for the new dlc

    • Lil e' Official
      Lil e' Official Hace un mes +1

      You realize this is from software, right?

    • Fiorwestcoast
      Fiorwestcoast Hace un mes +8

      It's not the DLC this is just a patch update for pvp. That's all.

  • Timelord Acaelus
    Timelord Acaelus Hace un mes +3

    I'm REALLY excited about this. It hasn't even been a year and the first DLC is coming out. So far the game has shattered my expectations, and I'm sure the future DLC will too.

  • VektorDS
    VektorDS Hace un mes +11

    I don't ever PvP in FromSoft games, but I'm happy those who do got this update. Looks sick.

  • Bloodsaber64
    Bloodsaber64 Hace un mes +9

    I remember 3v6 + npc invasions were off the hook. Host, three summons with dried finger, and two darkmoon blades, and invasions turned into wars. I hope they allow 3v3 invasions too not just colleseums

  • skyler betz
    skyler betz Hace un mes +26

    I hope they do a enemy wave mode, or boss chalange mode in the DLC1 update.

    • Tsuiro Rankami
      Tsuiro Rankami Hace un mes +1

      @MochiboiReza damn true, I completely forgot they are actually the closest thing to that. God knows i miss them, one of my fav features of Bloodborne

    • MochiboiReza
      MochiboiReza Hace un mes +3

      @Tsuiro Rankami chalice dungeons?

    • Tsuiro Rankami
      Tsuiro Rankami Hace un mes +2

      I never seen that in a from’s game, but I’d lie if I say I wouldn’t like it.

  • hitlord
    hitlord Hace un mes +11

    Like you said, the summons could get a little problematic when people are trying to have duels, but I think the elegant solution to that was already shown in this trailer:
    Making each arena their own PvP battleground. The one in Limgrave for group fights, the one in Leyndell for 1v1, and the one in Caelid for 1v1 or group with summons enabled. Could be easily coded in, and would solve a problem long before it even appeared. Or, if that isn't the case, a simple choice like we had in DS2, with statues inside each that correspond to 1v1, group, 1v1 with summons, group with summons.
    i'd believe those solutions will definitely come already in place, because they are way too simple to not be thought of. And they knew summons would be a problem in PvP, otherwise the feature wouldn't be disabled in overworld invasions.

    • hitlord
      hitlord Hace un mes

      @Luke of Astora Should have claimed I was some leaker or something, because I was as surprised as you when I went there and saw how I basically hit everything on the nail.
      Edit: But like I said though, the solutions were far too obvious to not be in place at launch. From isn't exactly know for being plagued by dumbasses.

    • Luke of Astora
      Luke of Astora Hace un mes +1

      Coming back post-play, it's wild how accurate this was.

  • Antonius Tertius
    Antonius Tertius Hace un mes +2

    I hadn't seen the trailer yet! Thank you very much for being such an amazing source of Elden Ring news!

  • Carl
    Carl Hace un mes +1

    Lots of talk about PVP but I am always hopeful that this also means expanding cooperative play. ✌🏼

  • Linkuei Kick
    Linkuei Kick Hace un mes +7

    I’m happy to hear that there is dlc coming but as a solo player i hope the pve dlc comes sooner than later.

    • Soup Man
      Soup Man Hace un mes +2

      @Fiorwestcoast DLC = Downlaodble content
      This is brand new content that you download, this is a DLC by definition, pipe down since you clearly don't have any idea what you're talking about.

    • Alexandre Filho
      Alexandre Filho Hace un mes

      @Fiorwestcoast what are you talking about? This is real

    • Fiorwestcoast
      Fiorwestcoast Hace un mes +2

      This isn't the DLC. This video is nothing but click bait like most of their content.

  • Shawn Marcum
    Shawn Marcum Hace un mes +4

    Just when we thought those arenas were part of dlc, it drops as a free update. And now I think the dlc will be even crazier. The thing about this game is, that they're treating it like an mmo live service game, except you don't miss out on any content. Would suprise me if they somehow snuck some ng+ content update knowing From Software pretty well. They're like that dad that's not home a lot, but when he comes home he gets a pack of baseball cards, cookies, and pizzas all at the same time. They update their games sometimes, but when they come, they are typically large.

  • Stew
    Stew Hace un mes +1

    I dont know how excited I am for a pvp dlc but regardless it is fantastic to see Elden Ring getting a free dlc like this, hope to see a Ringed City type of dlc in the future

  • AluminumHaste
    AluminumHaste Hace un mes

    I would love to see something like the Arena's from Oblivion.
    Even allow betting on fights
    CooP vs mini bosses, PVP fights.
    Allow up to 10 people to join a game and watch from the stands and bet on fights.
    So many cool opportunities.

  • Xaria
    Xaria Hace un mes +6

    This all looked cinematic and lovely. I know some people have brought up the mimic tear for the summoning part, but I think I would be more scared of Oleg personally most of the time lol
    What would be some other broken summons?

      DARTH VADER Hace un mes +1

      @Valorune you unlocked a new fear

    • Eric Simmons
      Eric Simmons Hace un mes +1

      @Storm Bringer777 Her not being able to move is a huge downside. I expect most players would kill her pretty quickly. Now if you can keep her protected or summon in background while everyone distracted and keep her up awhile...that might be another story.
      Mimic tear and Tiche I think would be the primary ones, followed by some of the other named ghosts, then wolves and/or imps.

    • Kevin G
      Kevin G Hace un mes +1

      My mimic would be outlawed imagine 8 one shot missiles coming at you at the start of a match.

    • Bean
      Bean Hace un mes +3

      Rat swarm meta

    • Valorune
      Valorune Hace un mes +3

      @Storm Bringer777 wait wait wait. what if latenna can ride someone else's wolf?

  • Googily Moogily
    Googily Moogily Hace un mes +3

    I'm very happy for the players who wanted some more PVP content!

  • tff3456
    tff3456 Hace un mes

    Oh man I'm not even big into PVP and this got me so hyped. As a new Souls player, I'm building my first real PVP character right now in ER and I'm excited to have these coliseums to battle in. Let's go!

  • Alex Bryda
    Alex Bryda Hace un mes +13

    OH! just saw the trailer and was like, "I'M HYPED TO SEE WHAT ZIOSTORM'S GOING TO SAY ABOUT THIS!" 🙌🔥

  • Lyevi
    Lyevi Hace un mes +31

    The hairstyles are coming, the character in the Prophet Armor has the pigtails that were datamined

    • Brando
      Brando Hace un mes +1

      I’ve been dying to make Marika. I really hope they add her outfit too at some point 😅

    • Ziostorm
      Ziostorm  Hace un mes +9

      I thought I saw that. Couldn’t tell

  • Storm Bringer777
    Storm Bringer777 Hace un mes +3

    I hope that 6 player cap isn't limited to just the colosseums. I hope we can now finally have up to 6 players in a world at a time when you invade/co-op.

    • Kaminari San
      Kaminari San Hace un mes

      would be so fun to be a 4man party with my friends, you haven't had the chance to try yet have ya?

  • FoxyWoxy
    FoxyWoxy Hace un mes

    If this Colosseum does have some kind of ranking system, I hope we also get a PvE side or PvE option, similar to what they did for Varre for console players that don’t/can’t play online.

  • Ian Perry
    Ian Perry Hace un mes +5

    I think it's great for everyone who enjoys the pvp mechanics. I personally hope they are going to announce a full dlc though. Personally I don't Play pvp. So this is bittersweet for me

    • Evan Moore
      Evan Moore Hace un mes

      Yeah same but when there is a dlc I hope it is affordable but still large

  • Aendymon
    Aendymon Hace un mes +1

    This got me totally hyped. I'd love if there was a way to "delevel" so we could take a lvl 150 Char and scale it to level 50 stat- and equipwise.

    • Eric Simmons
      Eric Simmons Hace un mes

      Normalizing the levels within certain brackets would possibly go a long way toward addressing any imbalances, I agree.

  • Donquixote Rosinante
    Donquixote Rosinante Hace un mes +1

    I hope there will be an awesome rewarding system for playing pvp maybe a ranking aswell that gets updated every month

  • bunklypeppz
    bunklypeppz Hace un mes

    Does this update also seem to include some kind of improvement to coop play as well? Why else would it seem to spend the first half of the trailer showing footage of players fighting bosses and running over a bridge together? I wonder if they decided to implement a full seamless coop feature.

  • Reiterfuchs
    Reiterfuchs Hace un mes

    It is really fair from From Soft to not hide PVP behind a pay wall. Love this ❤

  • blobeyeordie
    blobeyeordie Hace un mes

    I hope when they release dlc expansion, they actually follow through and implement a decent coop system instead of an even more dysfunctional version akin to past games. I was super hyped when they announced that players could coop together throughout the world but instead, it ended up just being a travesty that still hasnt had any addressing or improvements.

  • OldHunter Raziel
    OldHunter Raziel Hace un mes +36

    You have no idea how happy this makes me!! Only game I played since February. Poor God of War just sitting there

    • Joseph Dibble
      Joseph Dibble Hace un mes

      ​@BALDORF BREAKDOWNS taking anything personally on youtubes comment section is bad for one's health- so please be assured I take nothing on here personally.
      3 and a half hours of cutscenes is ridiculous for a video game that only has 30 hours of actual content- 50 if you are going for the 100 percent route. I never said the game was bad- the combat in GOW has always been bad ass- I just wish they did away with so many cutscenes. Pandora's box? Kicking Ares Ass? 2005 GOW? Bro I've been here the whole time lol. PS2 was literally my first console.
      But comparing a game with 50 hours of gameplay that is set in a very niche world with a storyline that will not make sense unless youve been following since 2005- is just a little ridiculous. It is a great game, and I'm not going to say it shouldn't win awards on the 8th- because it is undeniably beautiful and the gameplay is great- but I can't make pretend on GOW and galivant like I'm some ancient hero from said made up world in my head like I can Elden Ring. You write your story in elden ring, you don't follow one. Thats all I was saying.
      Good day sir

      BALDORF BREAKDOWNS Hace un mes

      @Joseph Dibble Remember those key words I put in caps? But sure, take it personally.
      Confirmed you haven't played the game. Your arguments are null and void.
      No one else implied GoWR wasn't a game. That's why my bone is to pick with your comment. Not you. Your comment.

    • Joseph Dibble
      Joseph Dibble Hace un mes

      @BALDORF BREAKDOWNS Any why single me out? Every comment on here is dogging God of War lol, sounds like you got a bone to pick with the entire comment section. "elitist moron"- I dont understand how someone can be elite, AND be a moron at the same time.

    • Joseph Dibble
      Joseph Dibble Hace un mes

      @BALDORF BREAKDOWNS Tell me more about that 15 minutes of combat buddy, quite intelligent of you to use words like moron though for someone you've never met. Keep talking though buddy, you can make countless trailers out of elden rings gameplay alone (which they consistently do) because its just that good- but keep going Pony. Keep crying.

      BALDORF BREAKDOWNS Hace un mes

      @Joseph Dibble Except the combat in GoWR is amazing.
      You sound like an elitist moron that hasn't played the game.
      Key words here, *SOUND LIKE*
      People have different tastes. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't an "actual game".

  • Minh V
    Minh V Hace un mes +1

    I firmly believe FromSoftware has been actively collecting data and balancing stats since day one of release expressly for a PvP update like this.

  • V1DE0
    V1DE0 Hace un mes +1

    I can hear the excitement in your voice. You have so much more energy than the last video I watched where you were clearly bored because it was a nothing burger.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Hace un mes

    I would like to do a boss rush in Colosseum to test builds and see how fast or far you can go in one run.

  • 00Boogie
    00Boogie Hace un mes

    Good thing I have been dragging my feet on finishing my first run. Hunter's Nightmare was tough but manageable, but challenging the DS3 DLC on NG++ was pretty rough since I never gotted gud.

  • Asher Aitkens
    Asher Aitkens Hace un mes

    I believe we might be getting new weapons as well. I don't recognize the bow, or that misty/invisible rapier or sabre

  • Terricon4
    Terricon4 Hace un mes

    I like how they included the but slam in the final bit. That move... has basically zero real use in PvP since it's so easy to see coming and dodge. Like... that guy had to have started that well before everyone else started their big moves for that clash... who knows, maybe they are buffing it so it's faster or something? Loved that on part of my first playthrough, didn't use it as much since.

  • CosmogCrusader
    CosmogCrusader Hace un mes

    2:14 I sincerely hope that this armor set is included in the DLC.

  • dragon wren
    dragon wren Hace un mes

    Overall I'm very happy that this game is still getting updates because it's a very good game I'm just a minority of people who don't like the PVP of this game so this isn't really doing anything for me but I'm just happy it's happening I guess 🤷
    Also PS if they want to highlight the co-op experience three things need to be done 1 allow us to ride our horses and our allies can ride horses while we're exploring the land so that way it's less of a hassle 2 they need to update the inviting people to join your group I get it it's been in the game since dark souls 1 but it's outdated system that is far too complicated it needs to be just as simple as invite a friend that's on your friends list and that is it 3 please for the love of God allow us to just go in and out of a dungeon without having to resummon our Ally I get it this game is largely single player but if you give me multiplayer options you need to make it viable instead of making it more of a hassle other than that good job with the game

  • Brice hollingworth
    Brice hollingworth Hace un mes

    I remember when the game came out i was shouting from the roof that SL Meta would go up 20 or 30 levels due to the health in Elden ring and here we are a year later with 135-150 being the meta

  • Vallantterio
    Vallantterio Hace un mes

    I am beyond excited for the future of this game! 👑

  • V 3
    V 3 Hace un mes +3

    I know this isn’t popular, but I hope there’s also a full co-op mode.

  • Dracco
    Dracco Hace un mes

    If the dlc will be relative in size to the base game imo there is a chance that it would be to large to hide one item to open up the arena which so many palyer wanted play for so long, like in DS 3. Also if you have to find an item in a big world early on you still have to wait a bit for other players to discorver it too, making you wait even longer.

  • Kybazia
    Kybazia Hace un mes +4

    I’m so excited but did this hunt at some kind of change to co op functions, like making it so friends can stay in our world longer or something?

    • Loc7
      Loc7 Hace un mes +1

      I wondered the same...

  • ProsaicProse
    ProsaicProse Hace un mes

    I wonder if there will be a spectator mode. That would hella fun!

  • Alex -
    Alex - Hace un mes

    I actually thought that the arenas would be a free dlc, it sounds like something fromsoft would do. Im curious if different arenas will have different level ranges, or what the rules will actually be. Good time to be an elden ring fan.

  • Blockchain Baller
    Blockchain Baller Hace un mes +2

    This is just amazing. Idc what the results are, Elden Ring was GOTY for me!!

  • YT DariuS4117
    YT DariuS4117 Hace un mes +2

    The trailer kept getting better and better. Duels? Spirit Summoning?! 6 PLAYER CAP?!

  • Dale
    Dale Hace un mes

    I hope there is more coming soon. I dont PvP, the lag is far to great where I am. So for me this is "meh" but I am happy that the game is getting updates and people are excited for it.

  • Jules Gallaway
    Jules Gallaway Hace un mes +2

    Gurl, it's quite genius the way they've set it up, release a pvp expansion to lure back in the most active and previous players, then give them the full course dlc as the mode catches interest

  • johnwisdom
    johnwisdom Hace un mes +1

    @Ziostorm do you think there will be a mode where you can choose any boss to battle against? Like you can choose Margit and fight him in the arena? Maybe by yourself or with a coop friend. Seem like an easy addition.

  • A Lonely Cheese Wheel
    A Lonely Cheese Wheel Hace un mes

    I'm hoping that the six player cap is also for the open world as well. It's unlikely that it happens, but there is still hope for open world fight clubs to come back.

  • FrickinBrian
    FrickinBrian Hace un mes +7

    If you got the PvP itch, this should be exactly the scratch you needed.

  • Bearrett 50 Kal
    Bearrett 50 Kal Hace un mes

    Closest I got to playing RPGs is Fallout 3, FNV, and Fallout 4, and recently got interested in Souls-like sub-genre. I think I'm going to start with Elden Ring, from all the reviews I've watched most are saying it's one of the more beginner friendly than any of the Darksouls games, and it looks like it's gonna get a ton of DLC to keep it's already substantial player base for years to come. Also a bunch of my buddies from racing games are playing Elden Ring, crazy how popular this game is.

  • nothingexists
    nothingexists Hace un mes

    Does 3v3 necessarily mean they're actually raising player cap for co-op/invasions? Or is it possible that 6 players will only be allowed in the collesseum?

  • Cthulhu Rage
    Cthulhu Rage Hace un mes

    I have 7 characters all different builds for pvp already, but im so hype for the dedicated dueling like the other souls games. Cant wait too get my buddies into a match

  • Nycolas Pedro
    Nycolas Pedro Hace un mes +12

    I think it's just important to point out that Jason Schreier said right after his tweet (2:02) that it was just his speculation, he has no real information about a full DLC announcement at the Game Awards!
    But it is still very likely to be true!

  • Anthony Marozzi
    Anthony Marozzi Hace un mes +1

    To me it seems like they will announce the full size trailer at the game awards and waited off with the update as it likely will contain spoilers of the next dlc and they wanted to have the surprise factor and at the same time build the hype with this smaller update

  • Dr. Zaius, DD
    Dr. Zaius, DD Hace un mes +1

    Since the first half of the trailer mentions “fight together for the Elden Ring” (which we could already could do), and focuses on co op boss fights before switching focus (which would be odd for an announcement of a content update), I wonder if the Colosseum update will include Covenants (or something similar)?? The summon spirits in the beginning looked like they were a different color than normal co op summons

    • BeelzerXIII
      BeelzerXIII Hace un mes

      Covenants depending on your class would be awesome.

  • Rob Reith
    Rob Reith Hace un mes

    I gotta say, what a badass trailer! They made it so thematic with actual gameplay. That last little bit with the 3v3 at the end was so good! Just amazing, you gotta love it! Soulborne for life, Praise the sun!

    • Official_Mashed
      Official_Mashed Hace un mes

      Thanks alot my Dear 🌹
      Congratulationgs you were selected amongst my shortlisted winner's 👑.

  • paladindaru
    paladindaru Hace un mes +1

    co-op/single vs bosses possible through the coliseum would be great

  • Senpai Turtle
    Senpai Turtle Hace un mes

    Theres a huge foucs in co-op at first. And if any one noticed you see three characters running across the bridge that wouldn't be possible in the game. really hope the means theyre teasing improved co-op, no more restrictions when running around the world in co-op and hopefully they're making it easier to play with friends

  • ItsTK
    ItsTK Hace un mes +1

    Yoooo now that I think about it, releasing THIS will bring most players back so anouncing the actual dlc next will have us all back at it basically a marketing move and a good one

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Hace un mes

    3v3 is going to be great but im going to guess 6 player limit wont be for the open world portion, if it were they would of probably shown the pve part with 4 player coop

  • The Elden Ring Enjoyer
    The Elden Ring Enjoyer Hace un mes +1

    I think this is pretty honest from FromSoftware to make the Arena Coliseum as a free updates instead of a full paid dlc, tomorrow the basic game will be complete.
    I can’t wait to see the next announcement.

  • Pauly Pipes
    Pauly Pipes Hace un mes

    The first expansion pack 1 is highly anticipated. This dlc update is cool

  • Kamitama
    Kamitama Hace un mes +1

    In my ideal world, I expected this as a free update at the game awards. And we got it a few days early. Life is really good sometimes, wow...

  • Garbage Can
    Garbage Can Hace un mes +2

    I'm surprised you skipped right past it, but they clearly show 3 tarnished in Co-op running across the bridge from Altus to Mt. Gelmir, it looks like they're also essentially putting in the seamless Co-op mod.

    • Soup Man
      Soup Man Hace un mes

      Doubt it, that'd be the main focus of the trailer rather than the colosseums if it was being added, maybe one day though.

  • HowdyTheCat :3
    HowdyTheCat :3 Hace un mes +6

    I have high hopes for the game awards now

  • PerpetosNoo
    PerpetosNoo Hace un mes

    I hope there is a period before the fights begins for setup. It will get rid of the soft etiquette rules people have to learn and will feel like ds2 arenas
    I hope they add tons of cut content as free updates as well. Like the mimic tear quest

  • Rafael Galindo
    Rafael Galindo Hace un mes

    I wish we could also rematch some bosses in these colosseums

  • m 8a
    m 8a Hace un mes

    this DLC won't do much for me since I'm not a big PVP fan but I know a lot people wanted it so it makes sense. I'm curious to see what other stuff they have planned

  • BubbaDo
    BubbaDo Hace un mes

    I put down the game months back until actual DLC comes out, I never enjoyed PVP and soul games but I'm glad that the PVP fanbase is getting something, while I think that PVP balancing just ruins the game for the rest of the players I wouldn't be opposed to Arena specific Nerfs

  • ProSack
    ProSack Hace un mes

    If we’re going off the previous souls games then the rank reward is just your name on a a leaderboard and you will have a rank icon next to your name but it’s only visible to players within the arena. They wouldn’t give out items as a reward even if it was cosmetic like an emote or an alternate armor that shares stats with another.

  • unblessed
    unblessed Hace un mes

    OMG you can hear the excitement in his voice. This man's been waiting for this for months

  • Cody Animation
    Cody Animation Hace un mes

    As a Polyergus, I found this video to be very informing and I thank you for giving me this knowledge to be able to enslave more colonies. I shall tell my queen about this. She'll be thrilled

  • slouch
    slouch Hace un mes

    i wonder if the co-op focus at the beginning means anything. having played the co-op mod it would be neat if they added that functionality to the base game

  • Scrubaati Vidya
    Scrubaati Vidya Hace un mes

    personally I think they will actually most likely disable all the Legendary Spirit Ashes (Lhutel, Tiche, Mimic, etc) because they are busted enough in PvE and would be absolutely overpowered and broken as fuck in PvP, Tiche is already objectively the strongest spirit in the game only beaten by Tear if you have a busted build to use with it, Lhutel literally does deathblight last I checked so that would be unfair as shit for PvP
    it makes the most sense if they only allow "regular" spirit ashes because they wont be as busted but you can guarantee there will be a meta selection for ashes, greatshield knight ashes, rotten stray, skeletons, those sorta ashes will likely dominate as good picks cause Greatshield Knights are pretty strong in PvE and bully the shit out of bosses while taking barely any chip dmg, Rotten Stray is.. well rot buildup and a dog so absolute pain to fight, Skeleton ashes can revive so will be an interesting pick for pestering people with constantly reviving spirits, something like what we see like the Pumpkin Head will probably dominate a little too since they can absolutely destroy you normally so having to deal with one AND a player?
    we see the spirits fight eachother a little so it's possible they might also be programmed to target spirits primarily so it comes down to a "strongest spirit wins" type moment so again the meta for selections will be interesting between tanky, high dmg, or pestering spirit itll be interesting to see what will be considered a meta spirit ash for the arenas, genuinely hope that they do restrict legendary spirits so people cant just bring in a +10 Lhutel, Mimic or Tiche and just ruin everyones day and speaking of +10 spirits I would also hope they force spirits to be +0 to prevent any unfair advantages (why you wouldnt bring a +10 ash who knows but still +10 spirits can be pretty strong so it would be nicer to see them relegated to supporting parties)

  • Virtue of Absolution
    Virtue of Absolution Hace un mes +1

    I really hope they have some kind of modifiers/match restriction options for the summon ash matches. It’s gonna get really boring fighting Tiche over and over.

    • @The_Official_JHANZOU
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    • Onlyprizes
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  • Digiking1992
    Digiking1992 Hace un mes

    Now that we got the Free DLC one, the next one will most likely either be the cosmetics DLC (also free from what I heard) or the story focused DLC (which will require money and possibly just be the first one to come).

  • Rafael Galindo
    Rafael Galindo Hace un mes

    Now this would also be fun: survival mode. Each team would face many enemies and semi bosses nonstop until they died. The last team standing would get special rewards.

  • Lewis
    Lewis Hace un mes

    Release this trailer now to get the hype train rolling for the main DLC announcement at the game awards. Either way, its great they are offering this for free.

  • dakota doyle
    dakota doyle Hace un mes

    What if each unique PvP feature is arena specific: one is for One V Ones another is for One V One plus spirit summons and the third is for group fights