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  • ITS TIME TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! The time has finally come!
    Morphe x Manny collab is finally here!!!! I have been so excited to share this collaboration with you guys! Its been such a long time coming and im SO freaken happy with how it came out!
    COLLAB LAUNCHES THIS THURSDAY 12/5 at 9 AM PST on and in store!
    We created the Glam palette and a favorites brush set so people can feel their most gorgeous glam fantasy at a affordable price!
    Palette will be $20 and with a code it will be $18!
    Brush Favs will be $48 and with a code around $43!
    Meet up this Saturday 12/7 from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM in DALLAS TEXAS! At the Morphe Brushes Store in the Galleria Mall! It will be a toy drive so please bring a toy! And if you doooo you will get 20% off the collab AND other Morphe brand goodies :D
    Im also so excited that with this collab, we are giving back! Tonights event we will be making build a bears for toys for tots and the LALGBT center!
    Feeling good for the holidays!
    I SERIOUSLY appreciate it so much when you guys use my codes and links :D means a lot to me guys. Thank you for always supporting me!
    Colourpop Cosmetics - Use code "MANNYMUA" To save 10% off all new releases and makeup! -
    Morphe Brushes - use code "MANNYMUA" all caps for 10% off everything! -
    Ardency Inn - Use code MANNYMUA to save 15% off -
    Jouer - Use code MANNYMUA to save 15% off -
    Ofra x MannyMua Lipsticks -
    Use code Mannymua to save you 30% off entire site! :D
    Artist Couture - Use code MANNYMUA to save 15% off! -
    Nubounsom Lashes - use code "MANNYMUA" for 20% off! -
    Lilly Lashes - use code "MANNYMUA" for %10 off! -
    Music - NoCopyRightSounds as always! They're amazing! Check them out -
    Sad Money
    Disclaimer: All opinions in today’s video are my own! I will always state when a video is sponsored and I’ve partnered with a brand. I do earn a small commission when my code and some links are used. Thank you for the support!
    See you in my next video :D soft glam
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  • Manny Mua
    Manny Mua  Hace un mes +1880

    WE LOVE AN AFFORDABLE SOFT GLAM MOMENT!!!!!!!!!! Whos ready?! 2 more days!!!

    • Ariana B
      Ariana B Hace 8 días

      I love this pallet. The highlight is amazing. Luv u Manny.

    • Alexandria Garcia
      Alexandria Garcia Hace 24 días

      I got it for Christmas I cried 😍😍😍😍😍

    • NicoleKristine
      NicoleKristine Hace 24 días

      Manny Mua the fact you have a shade named Scorpio is the best! I’m a Scorpio ♏️ LOVE YOU MANNY!

    • NicoleKristine
      NicoleKristine Hace 24 días

      Vanissa Oseguera haha oh my gosh right girlie!

    • NicoleKristine
      NicoleKristine Hace 24 días

      Manny Mua I’m loving it, I can’t wait to do my first impressions video on my channel! Love ya Manny❤️

  • Shanda Gronbach
    Shanda Gronbach Hace un día

    Just got my pallet yesterday it's so gorgeous cant wait to play w it today

  • Beautiful Soul
    Beautiful Soul Hace un día

    I remember some of the colors the he made from makeup geek

  • Lindsey Turner
    Lindsey Turner Hace 2 días

    Seriously love you and your heart!! Keep being YOU!!!

  • Jacqie Coffman
    Jacqie Coffman Hace 4 días

    Hey Manny I love your backdrop! Where did you get it?

  • Renata Tarnawski
    Renata Tarnawski Hace 6 días

    AWESOME Manny

  • starchild447
    starchild447 Hace 6 días

    Thankful I managed to find this palette! Love the colors..but my Ulta took it off the sales floor. 😭 Had to ask a woman if they still had it/if she could grab one for me.

  • Jackie M.
    Jackie M. Hace 10 días +4

    I didn’t even know you came out with this palette until I went to ulta and saw it and died I loveeee the colors and it’s an amazing travel palette!!

  • Mammy Bluegum
    Mammy Bluegum Hace 12 días

    It is time for your mental health check up, you need help girly thing,,

  • Yajaira Rivera
    Yajaira Rivera Hace 13 días

    I love my palette.

  • Angie Villmer
    Angie Villmer Hace 14 días

    MANNY those LASHES! Tell us the deets!

  • Quick Scope
    Quick Scope Hace 14 días


  • WildStyle
    WildStyle Hace 17 días

    Your makeup is Gorgeous!!!!!!!💋👍🥂🍾🦋☝️

  • FREE Child
    FREE Child Hace 17 días

    U R gorgeous gorgeous!

  • J B
    J B Hace 18 días

    This is freakish looking

  • Jessica Godfrey
    Jessica Godfrey Hace 18 días

    I’ve had to watch your video a few times, because I get so distracted by how beautiful the look you put together is. I’m new to your brand and came across someone reviewing your Moon Spell palette, and I can’t wait to try that and your colab with Morphe!

  • Makeup by Chelsea
    Makeup by Chelsea Hace 19 días +4

    I got my mum this pallete for Christmas it’s awesome but sis the highlight is amazing I steal the pallete to use the highlighter it’s gorgeous and blinding ❤️

  • T Sapp
    T Sapp Hace 19 días

    What is that

  • Cjx0r
    Cjx0r Hace 20 días

    Gay af

  • Jessyca Friesell
    Jessyca Friesell Hace 20 días +1

    Did manny ever do a tutorial with this palette??

  • CJ Conrad
    CJ Conrad Hace 20 días

    Really beautiful

  • Adriee
    Adriee Hace 21 un día

    Crazy how so unrelevant you are now lmao

  • Denise Millan
    Denise Millan Hace 21 un día

    Manny your shirt 🤩 it’s a moment

  • Denise Millan
    Denise Millan Hace 21 un día


  • Carpio
    Carpio Hace 22 días

    Loved seeing you and your fam on the Kelly Clarkson show.

  • Salisbury Ever After
    Salisbury Ever After Hace 22 días

    Just got mine!! Waiting for a tutorial with this palette

  • GoodNightnGoodLuck2u
    GoodNightnGoodLuck2u Hace 22 días +1

    Why the fuck is this dumb shit in my recommendations? ESclips is fucking up bad.

  • HiddenTearsPS911
    HiddenTearsPS911 Hace 23 días

    I mean if you want to be an artist just use an old fashion color pencil and paper, not your damn face!

  • Courtney Overton
    Courtney Overton Hace 23 días

    Was there a video where he did a look w his pallet or am I trippin ?

  • Angela Torres
    Angela Torres Hace 24 días

    Beautiful Congratulations Thank You For Sharing Beautiful

  • Cat T
    Cat T Hace 24 días

    I just bought this pallate. OMG!!!! To say i love it, is an understatement. Please give me some of your tutorials on this .
    Love you Manny...

  • Alexia Carreto
    Alexia Carreto Hace 25 días +7

    I am watching this on chrismas cuz I want u to do a look so it can be special when I use it I GOT YOUR PALETTE FOR CHRISMAS

  • Patsy Hay
    Patsy Hay Hace 26 días


  • Jenna Losch
    Jenna Losch Hace 26 días

    Lol Shamburg. This is great, keep doing shit like this! Shout-out to Shawm-burg :)

  • Shaun Wicker
    Shaun Wicker Hace 27 días

    We know, your a cobgobbling brownie pusher. God says get more creative, he's already got a pit full of you nut jugglers
    So find a new damnation, noone is impressed with your bitch ass.

  • Inkstars Art
    Inkstars Art Hace 28 días

    Ugh you are so amazing. And hot jfc. I am crying over your promo pics on Morphe! I am getting the palette when I'm not broke af ♥

  • Pavithra R.s
    Pavithra R.s Hace 29 días

    YOU ARE awesome

  • Viktoria Ngo
    Viktoria Ngo Hace 29 días

    Manny needs to come out with a lunar beauty anime pallete

  • Madeline Jacobsen
    Madeline Jacobsen Hace 29 días +2

    I love this! I asked for this for Christmas, and I really hope I get it! I can't wait to review it if i do! Love the nude and berry shades!

  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez Hace un mes

    who's mans

  • Darkwing Duck
    Darkwing Duck Hace un mes

    And that's why u have almost 5 million subs. So ur not basic.
    Mr Copper Eye Nude Lip. Personally I'm not stepping out in lime green eyeshadow. Sooo

  • Trinity Plachno
    Trinity Plachno Hace un mes +3

    Honestly...I didn’t think I would like ur channel...but ur AWESOME ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜 And I will be subscribing😁 idk y i didn’t watch u sooner😅🤪😁😁

  • AM Miller
    AM Miller Hace un mes +3

  • Veronica Rocha
    Veronica Rocha Hace un mes

    Yay I just received mine yesterday December 19th. I am getting ready to use it for the first time today. Luv u muñeca chula*;0)

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Hace un mes

    I love everything about this collab 😍🤩 it’s absolutely stunning and the price is so affordable, I’m living for the marble packaging so different,loveeeeee

  • Cat 1332
    Cat 1332 Hace un mes

    You"re hilarious, I loved watching this video.

  • Ronnie Bar
    Ronnie Bar Hace un mes

    Cute just ordered it.

  • Ross Rocks
    Ross Rocks Hace un mes

    You're so pretty, it's unfair

  • Carlee Wegmann
    Carlee Wegmann Hace un mes

    Yay my pallete finally got delivered much love from Australia xo

  • Rebecca Spratling
    Rebecca Spratling Hace un mes +1

    Honestly copper eye and nude lip is such a gorgeous look. I'm glad you own it. It's beautiful. ❤️

  • joeyparton11
    joeyparton11 Hace un mes

    I bought mine today and it's a great formula and the package is amazing I love it the color are amazing !!! Thank you so much ❤❤❤ love you...

  • Jennifer Weeks
    Jennifer Weeks Hace un mes

    I love you, but you have me saying coin now lol

    MAKEUPBY LAURA Hace un mes

    I love the PR Box but it also reminds of a cute shoe box 😬 love the palette and brushes 😻😊

  • ginam 5842
    ginam 5842 Hace un mes

    The fact that is pronounced Schaumburg(shom-burg) Illinois wrong hurt my heart bc I used to shop at woodfield mall all the time🙃

  • Candice Elliott
    Candice Elliott Hace un mes +4

    “All black or all one solid color” are you talking about all pink manny?

  • emily sanchez
    emily sanchez Hace un mes

    I lowkey love this because I’m a cancer, my husband and best friend are Leo’s and my grandma (who’s my best friend) is a Scorpio

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee Hace un mes +1

    When I read the title, I thought "Babe, we already know." 😉LOL

  • The Sassy Nana
    The Sassy Nana Hace un mes +3

    This is the 1st time on your channel and omg you have beautiful eyes.

  • Carson Lawson
    Carson Lawson Hace un mes

    I ordered it!

  • Michelle Valenzuela
    Michelle Valenzuela Hace un mes

    Just bought this palette!! Imma need to see you do some looks🥰