WORST Reviewed Hotel vs BEST Reviewed Hotel! *disgusting*

  • Publicado el 3 dic 2019
  • WORST Reviewed Hotel vs BEST Reviewed Hotel! *disgusting* with Brianna 馃憡
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  • Brianna
    Brianna  Hace un mes +1888

    Subscribe and tell me what 1 vs 5 challenge you would like to see next! 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍

  • Harry Turley
    Harry Turley Hace 7 minutos

    Preston playing grand theft auto

  • Fighting Frog studios
    Fighting Frog studios Hace 13 minutos


  • MM M
    MM M Hace 18 minutos

    They sell those in Vancouver to the miniature hot sauce

  • Fighting Frog studios
    Fighting Frog studios Hace 21 un minuto


  • Angela Neale
    Angela Neale Hace 36 minutos

    I went on this vid what does wider mean and is it a game *ONLY BRIANNA CAN DO IT*sorry for showting

  • Cambri YT
    Cambri YT Hace 45 minutos

    I could smell the hotdog

  • Cambri YT
    Cambri YT Hace un hora

    Subscribed if your watching this in 2020

  • Sara Moore
    Sara Moore Hace un hora

    I say P - con not Pe - can or Pe - cin

  • Letisha Murombedzi
    Letisha Murombedzi Hace un hora +1

    I have been to Zimbabwe

  • lisa gundy
    lisa gundy Hace un hora

    They do it in other countries

  • Adam Morris
    Adam Morris Hace un hora

    You are both wrong

  • Ashley鈥檚 Life
    Ashley鈥檚 Life Hace un hora

    There was another way to the seating area in the one 猸愶笍

  • Oliver Dean
    Oliver Dean Hace un hora


  • Oliver Dean
    Oliver Dean Hace un hora

    yes they do that in other states too im from utah

  • DemiDWH 663
    DemiDWH 663 Hace un hora


  • Zavyon Simmons
    Zavyon Simmons Hace 2 horas

    Open it it鈥檚 100k

  • Jonny Valdez
    Jonny Valdez Hace 2 horas

    They don鈥檛 have bibles in Arizona and Nevada and California

  • Sophia鈥檚 LEGO channel

    I鈥檓 in 2020

  • Oof Queen
    Oof Queen Hace 2 horas

    BrAaAs when Preston said that I cracked up lol

  • Aiden Hut
    Aiden Hut Hace 2 horas

    I would hate to go to the first hotel

    COOKIE MAN Hace 3 horas

    She said a 100K likes and I鈥檓 just on time because it is a 100K likes now

  • merlin town rules
    merlin town rules Hace 3 horas

    my bro had a race car bed

  • Jason Carver
    Jason Carver Hace 3 horas


  • Lauren Trudgett
    Lauren Trudgett Hace 4 horas

    1 star vs 5 star ice skating rink

  • Kelly Phillips
    Kelly Phillips Hace 4 horas +1

    I have been to the 1 star hotel and it was fine like if u r watching in 2020

  • Anne Green
    Anne Green Hace 4 horas

    bri is correct about the pecan

  • Lily Shannon
    Lily Shannon Hace 7 horas

    The 1 star is TERRIBLE

  • Lily Shannon
    Lily Shannon Hace 7 horas

    I went to a hotel EXACTLY like that but in California

  • The johnsons 100
    The johnsons 100 Hace 7 horas

    I don't like the vidios

  • smitha john
    smitha john Hace 7 horas

    Such a great video btw I think there should be no dislikes

  • Ericson Duhan
    Ericson Duhan Hace 8 horas

    I鈥檓 in Philippines there was i bible below of the night stand

  • Alison Freeman
    Alison Freeman Hace 8 horas

    Preston. You bri

  • Remi Games
    Remi Games Hace 8 horas

    Believe it or not I stayed in a 4 star hotel exactly like that minis the velvet bag

  • Crazie Ash
    Crazie Ash Hace 9 horas

    Death life

  • Emily Shields
    Emily Shields Hace 9 horas

    Bri is right it is toblerone

  • JBL family
    JBL family Hace 9 horas

    I like the first hotel better XD JK I love the the 5 star hotel 馃彣

  • Xx Wolfie_Gamer xX
    Xx Wolfie_Gamer xX Hace 9 horas

    Hey, how about a Muslim in America and then find a Bible instead of a Quran, if both were there than ok. But this is actly kinda rude.

  • KingPaul100
    KingPaul100 Hace 10 horas

    100k on the dot

  • Adelynn Corn
    Adelynn Corn Hace 11 horas +1

    Missouri hotels put bibles in hotel drawers so yay!

  • Ziggy Tube
    Ziggy Tube Hace 12 horas +1


  • Nevada Manga
    Nevada Manga Hace 12 horas

    I haven't been to a hotel before but I have been to a motel in New Zealand Napier and they had a bible

  • Skenny Denny
    Skenny Denny Hace 13 horas

    What is the Maddie zamolo

  • itz_ Ymnu
    itz_ Ymnu Hace 14 horas

    I love those too

  • Slime Gurrl
    Slime Gurrl Hace 15 horas

    its pecan pie

  • La'Toya Taylor
    La'Toya Taylor Hace 15 horas

    it is pecan not pecen

  • Swaaab
    Swaaab Hace 15 horas

    5:51 I like ya neck

  • Giovanni Andrade
    Giovanni Andrade Hace 15 horas


  • the yeeting pig
    the yeeting pig Hace 15 horas

    It got too 100k likes..... 馃槒

  • GachaEvan YT
    GachaEvan YT Hace 15 horas


  • Riley Eisel
    Riley Eisel Hace 15 horas

    They do the bible at south Carolina and Ohio that's all I know

  • Jamyrical Moore
    Jamyrical Moore Hace 16 horas

    that is crazy girlfriend 馃槓

  • Lily Roider
    Lily Roider Hace 16 horas +1

    I herd people put money in the Bible鈥檚 in hotels

  • Logan Lettner-Gubinski
    Logan Lettner-Gubinski Hace 17 horas

    You鈥檙e not in Australia because Australia is on fire

  • Joe ann Pelarion
    Joe ann Pelarion Hace 17 horas

    How bout 1v5 restaurant! But im not forcing you if you dont want to.....馃槗鉂

  • Johnette McWhorter
    Johnette McWhorter Hace 17 horas

    Worst cafe vs nicest cafe

  • Elijah Thomson
    Elijah Thomson Hace 18 horas


  • Aaliyah awesomeness
    Aaliyah awesomeness Hace 18 horas

    Its PE-CA-N

  • Sophia Poltor
    Sophia Poltor Hace 18 horas

    ur in pittsburgh in pennsylvania

  • Scarlett Hall
    Scarlett Hall Hace 18 horas

    I will give the hobo motel a 0 because i think it鈥檚 disgusting