The Challenge EPIC MEAL TIME Failed (KFC Full Menu)

  • Publicado el 31 jul 2018
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    The "10 Min Entire KFC Menu Challenge", originally started by EPIC MEAL TIME.
    I adopted the challenge to fit the American KFC menu, so as follows....
    - 8 pc Bucket of Chicken (no requesting all drumsticks!)
    - 3 Potato Wedges
    - 3 Sides
    - 3 Crispy Colonels
    - 1 Georgia Gold Sandwich
    - 1 Nashville Hot
    - 1 Chicken Poppers
    - 3 Cookies
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Comentarios • 26 627

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  Hace 2 horas +2

    Playing stuff w/ Morgan..

  • An7iph0bia
    An7iph0bia Hace 9 minutos

    Late roman decadence...
    I don’t know why YT thinks I need to watch this, but I know for sure that this is just disgusting and one more reason for humanity to be distinguished...

  • Eli Fayloga
    Eli Fayloga Hace 22 minutos

    it takes me about 20 mins to eat a burger...

    and he ate one in 15 seconds??????????????????

  • CookieMarie_RBLX :3
    CookieMarie_RBLX :3 Hace 56 minutos

    3:49 me when I’m trying to enjoy my chicken and I almost break my tooth because of a tiny chicken bone

  • Ulfa Jahan Muskan
    Ulfa Jahan Muskan Hace un hora

    Ooooooo mmyyyyy goddddd

  • Sierra Tours
    Sierra Tours Hace un hora

    Ha makes me so hungry 😂

  • i lotus i
    i lotus i Hace 2 horas +1

    I would gain 100kg by just eating two burgers ;-;

  • rapper
    rapper Hace 2 horas

    He wouldve passed if he unpacked and deboned everything ahead of time

  • Tory Doodles
    Tory Doodles Hace 2 horas +1

    4:15 when you remember what your ex did to hurt you 😢😂💀

  • Nightmares Paradise
    Nightmares Paradise Hace 3 horas

    R.i.p asshole

  • Spongebob Squaresack
    Spongebob Squaresack Hace 3 horas


    am i a joke to you?

  • MiddleFiddle PW
    MiddleFiddle PW Hace 3 horas

    U want to beat epic meal time call all ur fans

    BTS X TXT Hace 3 horas

    This is so me 😂 and the main reason I don't go on dates 😂😂😂

  • Rocha sisters
    Rocha sisters Hace 3 horas

    You eat so many calories but you still look skinny

  • Adachi Saeyu
    Adachi Saeyu Hace 4 horas

    I just finished eating lunch now I'm hungry again, gonna go order McDonald's

  • BRO KIDS598
    BRO KIDS598 Hace 5 horas

    I wanna see furious pete and matt stonie do this challeneg see hoe fast they can doit

  • Sgt. undead
    Sgt. undead Hace 5 horas

    To be fair they had everthing wrapped up, matt had to unwrapp it

  • ajplaysmc22 Gaming
    ajplaysmc22 Gaming Hace 5 horas


  • 100,000 subscribers without a Video

    All of the kids from the hood have already tried this.

  • Leonor Gonzalez
    Leonor Gonzalez Hace 5 horas +1

    I can just imagine how it goes on the dentist with him

  • Assassinbomb Gaming
    Assassinbomb Gaming Hace 6 horas

    Change to name to (fat stonie)

  • Emily R.
    Emily R. Hace 6 horas

    Do you guys ever wonder how Matt looks eating normally? Just me? Okay 😂

  • Dandun 10
    Dandun 10 Hace 6 horas +1

    Are you fucking dumb? Destroying your body for a ESclips video? You don't even deserve my view. Following you? Ha. Subbing to you? Stop making me laugh. Completely dumb but all you see are subscribers and views

  • ToXiC 18
    ToXiC 18 Hace 6 horas


  • PillowFire 273
    PillowFire 273 Hace 6 horas

    I feel like all old people/grannies have that type of tree in the background like wtf

  • Jen65 Lo76
    Jen65 Lo76 Hace 6 horas

    U better give something to the people in need after this...

  • Liv Cushing
    Liv Cushing Hace 8 horas

    How doesn’t he vomit or somthing

  • Noob The best
    Noob The best Hace 8 horas

    U still won cuz they did 3 people u solo

    DACHINGWARD M3M3 Hace 8 horas

    Kirby irl

  • T J
    T J Hace 8 horas +1

    I can barely eat a burger in ten minutes 😂

  • Gilberto Lara
    Gilberto Lara Hace 8 horas

    God ...

  • Rhowan Prayad
    Rhowan Prayad Hace 8 horas

    Do 50 drumsticks in 5 mins

  • jumpmantv
    jumpmantv Hace 9 horas +1

    you not want to eat food again

    • jumpmantv
      jumpmantv Hace 9 horas

      you make me not want to eat food again

  • EpicDogLover874 Lady
    EpicDogLover874 Lady Hace 9 horas

    I think it is funny how he is a loser after he talked smack

    ISHRAK ARIK Hace 10 horas

    Bro is your stomach a big black hole

  • Ethan Franklin
    Ethan Franklin Hace 10 horas

    Imagine being that guys girl in the Bedroom

  • Knox Clingan
    Knox Clingan Hace 10 horas

    i’m gonna say you beat them because you only had one thing side left and you are one person and they had 3 so you won

    • Remyria
      Remyria Hace 10 horas

      2 side things and half a burger

  • Miki 3
    Miki 3 Hace 11 horas

    How is he not exploded with food yet

  • hendgy guerrier
    hendgy guerrier Hace 11 horas

    R.I.P to Matt stonies Asshole
    July 31, 2018

  • Beef Tendon
    Beef Tendon Hace 11 horas

    Matt stonie: I’m gonna try to all the food that Epic Meal Time had and then failed
    Matt stories mind: what am i doing with life

  • The New Happy fox Fox
    The New Happy fox Fox Hace 11 horas

    U get sponsor?

  • Kelsie Ed
    Kelsie Ed Hace 11 horas

    Watching this video made me so hungry🤤 I wanted to eat that Mac and cheese h had leftover

  • Jaydon Applegate
    Jaydon Applegate Hace 12 horas

    You can do it!!!!

  • No Chance Gaming
    No Chance Gaming Hace 12 horas

    Bahahaha I'm a nerd

  • UltimateCriss
    UltimateCriss Hace 12 horas

    If he can have a girlfriend, i can too

  • V99 Delta
    V99 Delta Hace 13 horas

    I cant finish a kids meal

  • Kevin Joy
    Kevin Joy Hace 13 horas

    Man! you're a food Beast !!

  • Jojo Rizalado
    Jojo Rizalado Hace 13 horas

    wow that was amazing you made seconds to minutes

  • SteppY_
    SteppY_ Hace 14 horas +7

    In this 10min you eat more KFC then me in my entire life.

  • Deceitful -
    Deceitful - Hace 14 horas +2

    His food never got cold

  • Ing. Enid Morales Utate
    Ing. Enid Morales Utate Hace 14 horas

    how the hell is he alive?

  • Josphelli hsilak
    Josphelli hsilak Hace 14 horas

    I dont know if I should laugh, cry, or throw up.

  • That Swatzzz
    That Swatzzz Hace 14 horas

    Imagine going to KFC and seeing this guy.

  • Zeretox Gaming
    Zeretox Gaming Hace 15 horas

    I hav a pretty high metabolism but I can't even do these challenges... how?

  • ramesh bhoir
    ramesh bhoir Hace 15 horas

    Somebody stop this guy

  • Lvbster
    Lvbster Hace 15 horas

    Wigga challenge.😂

  • Lvbster
    Lvbster Hace 15 horas

    Wigga challenge.😂

  • Mason Hudson
    Mason Hudson Hace 15 horas


  • Shawn Bowler
    Shawn Bowler Hace 15 horas

    Bro if you lifted you would be jacked

  • Fessiah Williams
    Fessiah Williams Hace 16 horas

    Why do i feel like him&asmr are the best things to watch in that category😂😂

  • Callum O'Toole
    Callum O'Toole Hace 16 horas

    5:35 he ate half the burger

    DIAMOND EYE Hace 16 horas

    Can you eat the border wall please

  • Zachary Richter
    Zachary Richter Hace 17 horas

    Your trash no biscuit ?

  • BĐ BĐ
    BĐ BĐ Hace 18 horas

    You good

  • Dr. Invader;}
    Dr. Invader;} Hace 19 horas

    I'd rather eat slowly and enjoy everything. Then looking back at the food seeing that there's still a lot.

  • Robert Seber
    Robert Seber Hace 19 horas

    Just imagine if there were three of him

  • dead kid
    dead kid Hace 20 horas +4

    "I bought the whole kfc Menu"

    *buys wrap from Wendy's*

  • safal dwa
    safal dwa Hace 21 un hora

    You eat so much food but are u so thin ? 🤔😵😵😵

  • killerkai
    killerkai Hace 21 un hora

    Matt your amazing in the time it took you to finish one burger i can only eat 1/2 a burger at full speed

  • RRxyz7 On YT
    RRxyz7 On YT Hace 21 un hora

    What if he ate an ordinary meal in KFC?

    ZERO ZODO Hace 22 horas

    My stomach hurts

  • Aditya Agadi
    Aditya Agadi Hace 22 horas

    I would last on this food for abt a week

  • Die Katoffel
    Die Katoffel Hace 22 horas

    *Toilett has left the Server*

  • KatIsGaming
    KatIsGaming Hace 23 horas

    If u didnt talk u would've won alr lol

  • Hisuku67
    Hisuku67 Hace 23 horas

    My Mom : wtf is that
    Me : a guy who is trying to eat a kfc menu in 10.
    *after 1 hour*
    Mom holding a kfc menu : here you are. Eat it. I'm gonna film it and we're gonna get 7 mllion subs

  • Subscriber
    Subscriber Hace un día

    Still tho it’s a 3v1

  • Involker
    Involker Hace un día

    doctor:You have 10 minutes to live

  • George Garside
    George Garside Hace un día

    His stomach is probably the size of earth

  • Pratima Kapadia
    Pratima Kapadia Hace un día

    Who is talking behind?

  • Eli Fierro
    Eli Fierro Hace un día

    You know.....watching this high asf was a big mistake 😂

  • Jo LAKE
    Jo LAKE Hace un día

    This makes me think... It's a prelude to purge.

  • Kevin Lane
    Kevin Lane Hace un día

    This guy is a fucking animal !!! Hurt my stomach just watching this

    HELLFIRE Hace un día

    my jaws are tired watching this.

  • I Like Food
    I Like Food Hace un día +18

    Is it just me who keeps staring at the untouched mac and cheese

  • Sidney Woolfork
    Sidney Woolfork Hace un día

    kfc was so scared of matt that they though he was the bird box monster

  • Alcides Monge
    Alcides Monge Hace un día

    i wonder what would a gastric doctor say about this type of challenges...

  • Crim inal
    Crim inal Hace un día

    My man was struggling 😂😂

  • AndreiPlayzz
    AndreiPlayzz Hace un día +1

    Subscribe to my channel pls\

  • Spidey
    Spidey Hace un día +6

    What if he forgot to press record

    Quits ESclips

  • X!Luke
    X!Luke Hace un día

    Please stop doing this stuff it’s bad for your health

  • Logan Nelson
    Logan Nelson Hace un día

    It was kinda gross in some parts but good job

  • Jack McWhorter
    Jack McWhorter Hace un día

    How is he not dead

  • Charles Li
    Charles Li Hace un día

    The mashed potato part was so funny

  • I slap Yo mama
    I slap Yo mama Hace un día

    I could've just done that by 5 min

  • Crota Night
    Crota Night Hace un día

    My fatass at my locker 2 minutes before algebra III starts

    SCAP SHOES Hace un día

    I think if you didn’t do the creamy sides like mashed potatoes and coleslaw you would’ve done it

  • ligma Boi
    ligma Boi Hace un día

    Dont invite this mans to ur jouse party or this will happen

  • ChubbyChecker182
    ChubbyChecker182 Hace un día

    I tried my first ever KFC bucket, I had 2 and a half pieces and threw it away, absolute junk

  • Progamer Player
    Progamer Player Hace un día

    How is he not fat what do you mean

  • Flower on Discord
    Flower on Discord Hace un día

    I can’t even eat rice with chicken without leftovers.