The Challenge EPIC MEAL TIME Failed (KFC Full Menu)

  • Publicado el 31 jul 2018
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    The "10 Min Entire KFC Menu Challenge", originally started by EPIC MEAL TIME.
    I adopted the challenge to fit the American KFC menu, so as follows....
    - 8 pc Bucket of Chicken (no requesting all drumsticks!)
    - 3 Potato Wedges
    - 3 Sides
    - 3 Crispy Colonels
    - 1 Georgia Gold Sandwich
    - 1 Nashville Hot
    - 1 Chicken Poppers
    - 3 Cookies
    EPIC MEAL TIME's video ---ídeo.html
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Comentarios • 24 151

  • Neel Shetye
    Neel Shetye Hace 9 segundos

    Wtfffd how does he not get fattttt I smell food and become fat 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Eduardo Sosa
    Eduardo Sosa Hace 25 minutos +1

    Karma hits you hard

  • Losseni Moustapha
    Losseni Moustapha Hace 36 minutos

    Tu et un paure

  • bé xì dầu
    bé xì dầu Hace un hora

    You tried very hard, done well

  • nudmud
    nudmud Hace 2 horas

    U r awesome dude.. I loved it

  • Usoasouma mmt
    Usoasouma mmt Hace 2 horas

    Rip toilet

  • Byron Dawe
    Byron Dawe Hace 4 horas

    Should left potato until last, it is not pleasant ... Great try anyhow Matt! :)

  • Ratnakar Gaur
    Ratnakar Gaur Hace 4 horas

    I think it's time WE do this challenge again!

  • Kyree Tooson
    Kyree Tooson Hace 5 horas

    So bad for u to inhail likethat

  • Anan-K Gaming
    Anan-K Gaming Hace 5 horas +1

    *Stomach Left The Chat*

  • J M F
    J M F Hace 7 horas

    Your a 😈 MONSTER EATER 😈


  • George Tolenoa
    George Tolenoa Hace 10 horas

    You could of won but those bones thought and the ending was funny

  • Santhosh Dhanapalan
    Santhosh Dhanapalan Hace 10 horas

    McDonald’s menu pls

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. Hace 12 horas

    You have to look at the mashed potatoes as not potatoes, then mix the gravy with it. Then its a nice gravy paste.

  • Free Vbux
    Free Vbux Hace 12 horas

    I personally think that he did really good. The only thing he could not get to was the macaroni

  • Jane Turner
    Jane Turner Hace 14 horas

    I love you Matt!!

  • dayum thicc
    dayum thicc Hace 14 horas

    Failed, blame chiken ?
    Unsub thx

  • * Yokuutsu-Kun *
    * Yokuutsu-Kun * Hace 16 horas

    Larica fudida

  • shadow plays
    shadow plays Hace 17 horas

    KFC(KilingFuckingChicken) dude I verry hungry

  • FkG Chris
    FkG Chris Hace 18 horas

    I'm hungry af rn

  • Viktor Georgiev
    Viktor Georgiev Hace 18 horas +1

    i still can't understand from that much challenges how is he not fat yet. WTF

  • Sharp20 Shoote733
    Sharp20 Shoote733 Hace 19 horas

    Imagine ur at a posh restaurant and u turn around and see him 🍽

  • Diablo 33
    Diablo 33 Hace 20 horas +1

    Imagine if he is hungry and nothing is around to eat
    Maybe a human??

  • Joe Zipperer
    Joe Zipperer Hace 23 horas

    What a pig!!!

  • Rishikesh Varier
    Rishikesh Varier Hace un día

    I took 30 minutes and 17 seconds to finish all of Subway's 6 inch subs at the age of 14

  • feuding extol
    feuding extol Hace un día

    Bro I saw you bye me when I was at the taco challenge your better than me you earned a eating sub

  • Angelo Alto
    Angelo Alto Hace un día

    Indonesian kfc is better

  • STW_The_ God
    STW_The_ God Hace un día

    Is all this food taste good to you

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Hace un día

    6:24 me thinking I have to go to school the next day

  • Aras Khalil
    Aras Khalil Hace un día


  • Arlon
    Arlon Hace un día

    the burning you feel? it is shame.

    in all seriousness, great vid matt, keep up the good work

  • Adam Dolbeck
    Adam Dolbeck Hace un día

    Imagine the crap this guy is guna take. Just saying.

  • Francesca De Gol
    Francesca De Gol Hace un día

    I'm so hungry bet there's nothing to eat :(

  • khushbhu khan
    khushbhu khan Hace un día

    so close

    DYNO WILD Hace un día

    My sister had stories of getting hit on by the big beard guy from epic mealtime at a bar and he had cheese in his beard I never believed her her friends said it was true. It I was all like he lives in the states now I am corrected he actually is Canadian 0of

  • Jasline Reyes
    Jasline Reyes Hace un día


  • Karthikkeyan Kannan
    Karthikkeyan Kannan Hace un día

    check for worm infestation man. I fear for you! BTW, I'm binge watching your vids. Very nice👌

  • GachaFire 0
    GachaFire 0 Hace un día +1

    They are multiple people so I think you beat the challenge since you are one person and they are three

  • Another Person
    Another Person Hace un día

    Again matt

  • Crazy Ermine5
    Crazy Ermine5 Hace un día

    Rip toilet

  • Evan Herrera
    Evan Herrera Hace un día

    You didn't even toch the mac and cheese

  • Keith Doran
    Keith Doran Hace un día

    Shoulda gave urself 20

  • TheOfficialVlaD
    TheOfficialVlaD Hace un día

    How the fuck isn’t he a fat pig ?

  • Cameron Ybarra
    Cameron Ybarra Hace un día

    For you guys going down the comments section seeing if he won or not I'm going to tell you.... He won

  • Influence Productions
    Influence Productions Hace un día

    It was the bone

  • Nejc Slanič
    Nejc Slanič Hace un día +1

    *R.I.P* toilet

  • Latrell Cooper
    Latrell Cooper Hace un día

    My stomach is stopping me at the cookie like aye this our limit man

  • τиτ
    τиτ Hace un día

    Eat anything without me
    walker #24184

  • Justine Villadarez
    Justine Villadarez Hace un día

    Can you eat 1 big watermelon?

  • Dong Dong
    Dong Dong Hace un día

    What the hell.. Why is he not getting fat?

  • Alex Frt
    Alex Frt Hace 2 días +1

    He can suffer later or even die if he keeps eating all these types of food in large quantities so fast... It's serious, but it's his life and I hope he knows the risks doing this...!

  • TorSGaming
    TorSGaming Hace 2 días

    PEOPLE: its impossible to eat the whole menu of kfc

  • saad's play qaisar
    saad's play qaisar Hace 2 días

    Do it again

  • Simbahh! :3
    Simbahh! :3 Hace 2 días +1

    *4:17** This is the most intense i have ever seen matt lol*

  • Falconderp xd
    Falconderp xd Hace 2 días

    Where does dem fat goes ??

  • Malakas Mangtrip
    Malakas Mangtrip Hace 2 días

    I watch Matt's videos when I'm hungry and challenged.

  • LoyalElite YT
    LoyalElite YT Hace 2 días

    For once you should just enjoy the food mate

  • Star B
    Star B Hace 2 días

    I ❤ yahh!!!! ;)

  • Ramy Godines
    Ramy Godines Hace 2 días


  • Scott Dawson
    Scott Dawson Hace 2 días

    You should’ve drank the gravy with some chicken help it go down faster

  • Lisa joy Spotswood
    Lisa joy Spotswood Hace 2 días

    10 Minutes is just stupid. Who made up that time for this challenge?? Ughh. Awesome effort though dude. KFC my fav. Yum. ✌ 🇳🇿

  • Pam Gramster
    Pam Gramster Hace 2 días

    I don't get how he have you mama jokes about you mama eating a whole pizza and yet this man is nice and slim buts 10,000 every other day

  • Pam Gramster
    Pam Gramster Hace 2 días

    5 d016R fi11 uP

  • Jess Lovely
    Jess Lovely Hace 2 días


  • grab the puss puss
    grab the puss puss Hace 2 días

    I want it *BONELESS*

  • Omgleepop XD
    Omgleepop XD Hace 2 días

    They need cheese

  • C D
    C D Hace 2 días


  • JK47 Gaming
    JK47 Gaming Hace 2 días

    Your a Super Beast Eater Good Job my Dude

  • W. A.
    W. A. Hace 2 días +1

    I’ll give that a pass for how fast you ate all of that

  • Zachary Stewart
    Zachary Stewart Hace 2 días

    Doctor: "you have ten minutes to live". Matt stonie: 5:14-5:30

  • Adamo Gabriel
    Adamo Gabriel Hace 2 días

    Cuidado!!!é muita gordura

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Hace 2 días

    I got heartburn just by watching this

  • Life With Mia B
    Life With Mia B Hace 2 días

    Food poisoning has entered the chat

  • Evan Dow
    Evan Dow Hace 2 días

    That would take me 3 days

  • datguywithakewlname
    datguywithakewlname Hace 2 días +1

    2019 anyone???? How bout a challenge! 2019 likes???

  • Spiderman fart
    Spiderman fart Hace 2 días

    5:55 when a ball goes out of your mouth

  • taylordowney
    taylordowney Hace 2 días

    You're GF...dump her

    LUCIA DEL VALLE Hace 2 días


  • JAX 912
    JAX 912 Hace 2 días

    I saw u eat the Hooters world wide chicken challenge

  • Enyieityabmioskm
    Enyieityabmioskm Hace 2 días

    Yol'ra vmslty powerful is computea with. 10 Mins men.

  • Rose gachachan_423
    Rose gachachan_423 Hace 2 días

    Gg ur a beast! Do u get full? U got 2 things left i luv u!

    GAMER BOY Hace 2 días

    Don't you get fat

  • Those21Phandoms
    Those21Phandoms Hace 3 días

    dang he can never savor the food because he’s always timing himself

  • neutrons _
    neutrons _ Hace 3 días

    chicken leg parts

  • Net Geo
    Net Geo Hace 3 días

    5:47 1 likes = 547 prays for matt stonie
    Sorry dude i just joking and i like this.
    Your content so good

  • JC W
    JC W Hace 3 días

    Should have been a 12 minute challenge

  • irishcatherine concepcion

    A girl?

  • Luka Radomirovic
    Luka Radomirovic Hace 3 días

    Bro how many stomachs do you have

  • Khoaswaggamer
    Khoaswaggamer Hace 3 días

    And fart smells bad too cuz da BURITO

  • Brayden Zetterman
    Brayden Zetterman Hace 3 días

    I wanted to see him eat the Mac and cheese

  • Random GUY
    Random GUY Hace 3 días

    What if Joey and Bob do this kind of challanges,it would be pretty fucking disgusting

  • hriatpuia hmar
    hriatpuia hmar Hace 3 días

    i break that in 8:36

  • F LORD
    F LORD Hace 3 días

    5:48 hahaha xd

  • Rowen MoBamba
    Rowen MoBamba Hace 3 días

    I’m craving kfc so much rn

  • The big gay uwu FBI
    The big gay uwu FBI Hace 3 días

    how u no get fat XD

  • davidson
    davidson Hace 3 días

    If ı am do it pople says disgusting:)

  • Logan Liu
    Logan Liu Hace 3 días

    Him against furious pete

  • Merzat Celebi
    Merzat Celebi Hace 3 días

    6:24 LOL

  • Merzat Celebi
    Merzat Celebi Hace 3 días

    *How do you eat SO MUCH FOOD and don't get fat?*

  • Maricela Martinez
    Maricela Martinez Hace 3 días

    Eat all of McDonald's menu