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  • hybby
    hybby Hace un hora

    The Collector vs. Thanos

  • Ch M
    Ch M Hace 3 horas


  • Saint Muerte
    Saint Muerte Hace 8 horas

    As much as I love sicario, I can't get over the finger trigger thing. It looks like he playing house of the dead.

  • Marcin Wilku
    Marcin Wilku Hace 9 horas

    i cant stop watching this replay and replay

  • locke2517
    locke2517 Hace 10 horas

    I dont understand why they changed the name. Soldado by itself sounded way cooler

  • Daniel C.
    Daniel C. Hace 11 horas

    Damm, Part # 2, already!!!!
    That's what I'm talking about!!!!

  • Chinzorig Ganaa
    Chinzorig Ganaa Hace 14 horas +3

    1:04 -You gonna help me to start the war...
    -With whom?
    Gary Oldman: -EVERYONE!!!

  • Kris Lam
    Kris Lam Hace 17 horas

    i want more drama not more action

  • El Raisuli
    El Raisuli Hace 19 horas

    Thanos and The Collector

  • Forever_ Evolving_
    Forever_ Evolving_ Hace un día

    I hope it’s just as good as the first one!

  • markeldamgaard
    markeldamgaard Hace un día

    This plot makes no sense its completely different from the first one.

  • Paul Matian
    Paul Matian Hace un día

    Amazing trailer! Cant wait for this FILM!!!

  • Pat McCrotch
    Pat McCrotch Hace 2 días

    There were rules the first time ?:)

  • Abdirahman Adam
    Abdirahman Adam Hace 2 días

    Media wants to destroy Islam, I don’t understand how every Muslim guy is portrayed as a terrorist in a movie 🎥 why? Why not jew or Christian or Hindu or other religions

  • Cedric C.
    Cedric C. Hace 3 días

    Will this be the end?

  • Ebaula Bola
    Ebaula Bola Hace 3 días +1

    Hey if Sollima wants to make a sequel to Sicario and make it a little more action-packed I'm super down with that but I just hope they don't water down Del Toros character.

  • ptroinks
    ptroinks Hace 3 días

    This looks like crap compared to the first Sicario movie.

    • WakeWorkRepeat
      WakeWorkRepeat Hace un día

      Trailers always do. They can be very, very misleading. I wouldn't be worried.

  • Zevorx 26
    Zevorx 26 Hace 3 días

    Look, it looks good, but why did they show the ENTIRE movie?

  • clincy anse MABIKA
    clincy anse MABIKA Hace 3 días

    this going to be amazing

  • Firelord Aang
    Firelord Aang Hace 3 días

    Looks to generic and less suspenseful. I think ill watch it on but with very low expectations. 😑

  • muhammad aldi
    muhammad aldi Hace 3 días

    Release it already pls..i cant freaking wait

  • J. Bear.
    J. Bear. Hace 4 días

    Take my money now

  • Schfifty54
    Schfifty54 Hace 4 días

    Cool, I was genuinely looking forward to this film...
    up until every major plot point including twists that should have unfolded WATCHING THE MOVIE were revealed in the trailer before release.
    I'm worried now that the film is going to come out half assed, as most films with bad marketing do. DV's Sicario is one of my favorite films ever and I got so stoked about this one...but now I'm having second thoughts. SONY get it together, stop hiring these children with absolutely no sense of storytelling to put your trailers together. You've fallen into the trap so many other studios have in telling and not showing. This trailer tells too much...

  • PUBG Mobile Entertaiment

    Yoo please release the PUBG movie !

  • Rocco DiMeo
    Rocco DiMeo Hace 4 días

    I kinda have mixed feelings now after this trailer, should have just watched the first one and left it at that.

  • David Buitrago
    David Buitrago Hace 4 días

    Another action movie... That's all. The first Sicario movie with Villanueve was elegant, fresh and one of true unique movies in recent years.

  • J. 76
    J. 76 Hace 4 días

    Hell yeah

  • shanedogg97
    shanedogg97 Hace 5 días

    So much yes!

  • Daniel LaFlamme
    Daniel LaFlamme Hace 5 días

    At first i was like no Emily Blunt = no thanks. Now I'm pre ordering my ticket and taking the day off work 😂 this looks amazing. Love that creepy synth string music they use its almost like the infamous Jaws duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh duh nuh.

  • John Snow
    John Snow Hace 5 días

    Se ve buena. La primera fue genial!!!
    Ojala esta siga asi de buena.

  • taxiuniversum
    taxiuniversum Hace 5 días

    Amazing optics. Very good lighting and atmosphere.
    I doubt it will even come close to the first Sicario - but I will certainly see it.

  • No Good
    No Good Hace 5 días

    Alejandro Gillick vs Russia would be interesting

  • Alex Carrick
    Alex Carrick Hace 5 días

    Looks awful. Director looks awful. Only redeeming factor is Taylor Sheridan. As long as he's on board, there's always hope.

  • Socialism is for F*gs
    Socialism is for F*gs Hace 5 días

    So the guy who murdered an entire family now will risk it all to protect a young girl?

  • Epic Stuff
    Epic Stuff Hace 5 días +1


  • siyabear
    siyabear Hace 5 días

    Finger machine gun

  • E Middlebrooks
    E Middlebrooks Hace 6 días

    I will be seeing this one and the third one as well after they finish it and release it.

  • voodoochills
    voodoochills Hace 6 días

    He's gonna get dirty!!

  • Trollol Police
    Trollol Police Hace 6 días

    Now liberals will ban bump fingers because they can make a semi auto pistol fully semi automatic.

  • tony borgia
    tony borgia Hace 6 días

    that soundtrack in the beginning though...

  • Kōji Kabuto
    Kōji Kabuto Hace 6 días

    It is clear that Alejandro doesn't want to protect that girl, he just wants to kill her in front of her father, that's why he's keeping her safe, just to reach the one who brutally killed his wife and daughter

  • Freddy Samuel
    Freddy Samuel Hace 6 días

    Josh forgot to wear matt's body, he still wears cable's

  • Inferno Gnom
    Inferno Gnom Hace 7 días

    better they built that wall really soon

  • Vodga
    Vodga Hace 7 días

    Please bring Emily Blunt back T^T
    I love her >

  • aaron west
    aaron west Hace 7 días

    Shooting the gun just like I did way back playing point blank respect ✊

  • Dre 303
    Dre 303 Hace 7 días +1

    So he kills two boys but can’t kill that girl?

  • BalADEva
    BalADEva Hace 8 días

    sony like sequel. forget reboot.. netflix have a lot original story that need sequel. because human can handle some specific information. too many information is bad. viewer will start to forget.

  • N.O.Y.B M.F.
    N.O.Y.B M.F. Hace 8 días

    American clownish movies just as bad as their clownish president.

  • Bugme
    Bugme Hace 8 días

    Oh that dark background music!!!

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo Hace 8 días

    was excited about this...key word WAS.
    is he protecting a girl?
    if that's the whole movie then count me out.

  • Andrew Kolb
    Andrew Kolb Hace 9 días

    Kathleen Turner sucks too!

  • Axunghur Totirka
    Axunghur Totirka Hace 9 días

    Much better than the german trailer, which is cut...............

  • TheFtjz
    TheFtjz Hace 9 días

    Its josh brolins summer

  • Elias Andres
    Elias Andres Hace 9 días

    engineer economic enable murder severe collect salad agreement file.

  • The Era
    The Era Hace 10 días

    Im hyped for this....

  • Michele Cobré
    Michele Cobré Hace 10 días

    The first one sucked to me

  • Donte Godfrey
    Donte Godfrey Hace 10 días

    The Beast song was intense in this trailer!

  • Junior
    Junior Hace 11 días

    so, because of the past, el sicario is protecting the girl amd cia are hunting him now?

  • Deepak kumar
    Deepak kumar Hace 11 días

    Josh Brolin Everywhere 😂😂

  • kapral Saimon
    kapral Saimon Hace 11 días

    Бодрый трейлер!👍

  • Brandon Fleming
    Brandon Fleming Hace 11 días +1

    Is Matt and Alejandro going against each other

  • Kōji Kabuto
    Kōji Kabuto Hace 12 días

    Luck doesn't live on this side of the border

  • Henry Dorsett Case
    Henry Dorsett Case Hace 12 días

    *stockpiling on popcorn*

  • Mehar Charan Sahai
    Mehar Charan Sahai Hace 12 días

    thank you for telling me the whole plot, i already saw logan. don't wanna see a mexican remake.

  • Jami3 333
    Jami3 333 Hace 12 días

    It’s gonna be 20x more action I did make up for them heard and seen everything.. I saw a comment about Logan in a sense yes kinda , del toro goes rouge over the girl and brolin hunts him later .. and the rest you can see for yourself lol

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor Hace 13 días

    control unity poetry handle proceed art appeal resident violation.

  • Ebaula Bola
    Ebaula Bola Hace 13 días +2

    This movie is gonna be to Sicario just like how Aliens was to Alien.

  • Alex Sanche jr
    Alex Sanche jr Hace 13 días

    That looks like a cool movie Benicio del Toro does a great performance

  • Patrick Gonzalez
    Patrick Gonzalez Hace 13 días

    Finally a cool action movie that doesnt involve men in tights and masks freaking flying around!!!

  • shafiq shahari
    shafiq shahari Hace 13 días

    meh looks way different than the first one. too bad, looks like a decent generic action movie

  • Yaw Agyekum
    Yaw Agyekum Hace 13 días

    Now this is a movie worth the wait !

  • Bigmac Tiger
    Bigmac Tiger Hace 14 días

    Must watch movie

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance Hace 14 días

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  • VaxtrixGaming
    VaxtrixGaming Hace 14 días

    I like how the trailer uses some of the first movie’s soundtrack

  • Smokieboon
    Smokieboon Hace 14 días

    This trailer just gave me wood

  • Łukasz Rogala
    Łukasz Rogala Hace 14 días

    Once again trailer shows full story line. 😆

  • Sunny Rastin
    Sunny Rastin Hace 14 días +1

    Del Toro is back with vengence🖒💥

  • Alan Muñoz Rüth
    Alan Muñoz Rüth Hace 14 días

    They totally ruined it

  • 박성준
    박성준 Hace 15 días

    True savage mens movie

  • EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns

    Too much weird Occult stuff to break into the Industry. I'll just use the Fat Thick Zanpakatou, aka Cartman, to make Live Action Hentai, and start up my own site. IF you got it, Flaunt it. Tasteful, Respectful, Chivalrous, Live Action Hentai. Enjoy!

  • kuriza
    kuriza Hace 15 días


  • schwitzaffe
    schwitzaffe Hace 15 días

    spoiler alert: the little girl will survive

  • Preston Clark
    Preston Clark Hace 15 días

    "Sicario 2: Day of the Sicario"

  • rjholtkamp
    rjholtkamp Hace 15 días

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • Stephen
    Stephen Hace 15 días

    Oh, I can't wait.

  • Andrew Kolb
    Andrew Kolb Hace 16 días

    Not they

  • Benjamin Reyes
    Benjamin Reyes Hace 16 días

    I hope they don't ham this one up.

  • Potri Diamond
    Potri Diamond Hace 17 días

    Del Toro 💋💋💋💋💋💋💕💕💕💕

  • Cliff Villanueva
    Cliff Villanueva Hace 17 días +3

    He protects the girl cuz it reminds him of her daughter

  • mro aho
    mro aho Hace 17 días

    Borlin and del toro work well together.

  • 정동희
    정동희 Hace 17 días

    are they fighting against each other?Josh and Benecio

  • toraleca
    toraleca Hace 17 días

    Gallons of water at 0:56. Yup, this is still Sicario.

  • purplevideotube
    purplevideotube Hace 18 días

    Without Denis Villeneuve directing, this movie is a waste of time. NEXT.

  • Danilo Sanches
    Danilo Sanches Hace 18 días

    Let's hope that Alejandro is actually using the cartel princess as bait, and when he says "i can't do that" when Brolin orders him to cut ties what he actually means is that he is going to go through with his plan no matter what.

    He is going to wait for whoever wants cartel princess to come get her, slaughter most of them and interrogate the survivors to find out where the other bosses and their families are hiding.

    Then, he will have no more use or need for cartel princess...

  • Sasha Milan
    Sasha Milan Hace 18 días

    I'm so looking forward to this movie . I loved Sicario and Wild River . The writer of these movies is a genious

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 Hace 18 días

    I think that first one was better and Lionsgate made first one and Sony this one so hmm

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 Hace 18 días

    isnt first sicario was from Lionsgate? now Sony takes second

  • Santino
    Santino Hace 18 días

    Don’t understand all the hate. I’m sure this will be just as good as the first.

  • Torrey Bauer
    Torrey Bauer Hace 18 días

    Whoever said overkill is underrated was not joking!!! I am so excited to see what happens..

  • a moon
    a moon Hace 18 días

    Thanks, now I don't have to watch the actual movie. This is a clear cash grab.