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  • Maria Pb
    Maria Pb Hace 4 horas

    The soundtrack of both Sicario films is composed perfectly to match with the scenery, photography, plot and the brilliant performances of the actors..........

  • Bharath Pattery
    Bharath Pattery Hace 9 horas

    Miss you ... Emily Blunt

  • Chris Angel
    Chris Angel Hace 13 horas

    I'm disgusted by the US's war on drugs created only to profit and keep people in prison. Greet at it's best, the land of the addicts.

  • Duck
    Duck Hace 17 horas

    فيلم نار

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog Hace 21 un hora

    Great films this is bolder in its political message

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie Figueroa Hace un día

    1st movie was way better

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hace un día

    I wouldn't be surprised if terrorist were being snuck across by the cartel.

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh Hace un día

    By far the best movie of the year.

  • Abdelghafour Ait kourach

    lol befor kidnapping the girl they show you how much this girl is bad to say she deserve it. by the way Usa always did the same way to get what it want to kill and steal and have what it s not for it.

  • SkrrrR
    SkrrrR Hace un día

    this movie is fucking amazing , one of the best movie of 2018

  • Rye Rubiales
    Rye Rubiales Hace 2 días

    wow! this trailer got 13m views even if it just a crucial one???

  • Keith Adtkins
    Keith Adtkins Hace 2 días +1

    I guess Sicario 3 will be called "Diablo's Retribution".

  • Rocco Siffredi
    Rocco Siffredi Hace 2 días

    Benicio is the man! Badass personified

  • Vahrex kellroi
    Vahrex kellroi Hace 2 días

    just finished watching it theres gona be a part 3 the movie is great two thumbs up!

  • silvia movie3d
    silvia movie3d Hace 2 días


  • james taylor
    james taylor Hace 2 días

    why dont people understand the end it is self explanatory

  • james taylor
    james taylor Hace 2 días


  • BlanketPrawn393
    BlanketPrawn393 Hace 2 días

    Is Matt Graver( Josh Brolin) a CIA special activities division officer (SAD) or a Federal Agent? the reason why I ask, is because he worked for the CIA in the first movie, but here he works as a FBI agent.

    • james taylor
      james taylor Hace 2 días

      he is an FBI agent i believe it says in the write up

  • Ash Samlal
    Ash Samlal Hace 2 días

    wasted 2 hours and some minutes of my life watching this movie.... seriously...

  • Ian Weir
    Ian Weir Hace 2 días

    Yup, it was dirt, but not so much as I thought it was going to be. The dirtiest scene was when De Toro ran the truck into the fence post. Couldn't they have cleaned up the scene before shooting? It reminded me of old westerners where they rehearsed the scene but didn't have the budget to make it look like no one had road the horses over the area. To many tire tracks in the dirt and on the highway. Hopefully, the third installment will be a whole lot dirtier when they take out the cartel and maybe someone in Washington since we don't know if Brolin knows that De Toro is alive a year later and he is in the process of training another SICARIO.

  • A5HF4
    A5HF4 Hace 2 días +3

    This movie is such a good movie, definitely recommend this! If you haven't watched it make sure you do or you're missing out!

  • 2coool Foskool
    2coool Foskool Hace 2 días

    Great movies

  • Harry S
    Harry S Hace 3 días +1

    THEME SONG is just EPICCCCCCCC....duuuuuuuuuaaaRRaaRRnnnRnnnRnnnnnn

  • Gregory mthemba
    Gregory mthemba Hace 3 días

    Just watched whole movie here already

  • gustavo henriquez
    gustavo henriquez Hace 3 días

    Así que quieres ser un sicario.
    Vamos a hablar de tu futuro.

  • GoldenCheese
    GoldenCheese Hace 3 días

    Like a limping burro shitting into a horses mouth. DOGSHIT.
    Elmar Fudd looks like Jerry Miculek compared.

  • theagrafiotis
    theagrafiotis Hace 3 días +2

    0:33 finger misses the hole means not a pro.

  • legierre
    legierre Hace 3 días

    Can someone plz explain this movie..I'm confuse on who is good and who is bad..

  • _Almighty_
    _Almighty_ Hace 3 días

    Two awsome movies. Del Toro and Brolin. What a great team. Can`t wait for number 3.

  • just sal
    just sal Hace 3 días

    Personally it was crap compared to the first one...

  • SimplyLimbo
    SimplyLimbo Hace 3 días

    Isabela Moren is cute. She has the same name as in the movie.
    And not a bad actress either, the way she talks, her facial expressions, being the daughter of a cartel boss, she did a great job.
    The ending of the movie was awesome, and i hope there will be a part 3. [ SPOILER ALERT]
    I hope he teach the kid how to be a sicario, or takes him with him, and shows him how gruesome it can be, and WILL be, and if he really want this for himself.
    But since it says:" 1 year later" and since he shot Del Toro's character trough the head (at least he thought he did) he probably killed some more people in those 12 months.
    Generaly speaking it was a good sequel !

  • jonnyvivid
    jonnyvivid Hace 4 días

    Enjoyable but not as good as the first.

  • Andresan
    Andresan Hace 4 días


  • Yo To
    Yo To Hace 4 días

    The scene when they kidnapped her put her in the house and acted like they rescue her was genius

  • Nick Oikonomidis
    Nick Oikonomidis Hace 4 días

    Benicio Del Toro one of the actors ever.!!!

  • Vedran Veletovac
    Vedran Veletovac Hace 4 días

    Braking news: Soon will the terrorists from Mars threaten the US.

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh Hace 4 días

    Josh Brolin is excellent in this movie, but Benicio Del Toro is phenomenal!!

  • Steve Jorfi
    Steve Jorfi Hace 4 días

    Freaky movie dude. Good one.

  • 69,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS And Counting

    This is sooooo good!!! I won’t spoil it .. I knew Alejandro didn’t die after being shot in jaw by that kid. Can’t wait for part 3 🤗

  • DeathWish
    DeathWish Hace 4 días

    looks boring

  • Sasa Spasojevic
    Sasa Spasojevic Hace 4 días

    ...First movie is action masterpiece,maybe the best movie in last several years..this is amazing,a best movie of 2018...

  • Taylor W1
    Taylor W1 Hace 4 días

    Good one but the first was better !!! Clearly we’re gonna have a third one coming up !! I saw the first one dozen times , this is inferior, but reasonable !!

  • Shyanoda
    Shyanoda Hace 5 días

    Guys if you have a good taste in movies, ya'll should watch this. I'm not saying it's really good movie but I recommend to watch it :)

  • Dicky Arman Fauzi
    Dicky Arman Fauzi Hace 5 días

    Not good in first,think about islam is terrorr 😣

  • crimson dust
    crimson dust Hace 5 días

    Will Alejandro still align himself with the US? And what do y'all think he had planned for the kid?

    FDG STAGES Hace 5 días

    Saw it and it was an amazing movie just like the first.

  • Rodrigo Mirra
    Rodrigo Mirra Hace 5 días

    This is good, but the first part is flawless

  • Mario Toledo
    Mario Toledo Hace 5 días

    Looks likes iron man

  • Rj Pogi
    Rj Pogi Hace 5 días

    Is this related to the movie sicario 2015 with emily blunt?

  • USNStalion
    USNStalion Hace 5 días +1

    Can't wait for the 3rd one. Movie is badass

  • Mike Lykan.
    Mike Lykan. Hace 5 días +4

    Ok let's have Sicario- Revenge of the Sicario. I'm ready.

  • Michael Morton
    Michael Morton Hace 5 días

    They're trying to make it into a franchise like Avengers and Starwars. It's not going to work. Sicario 2 was OK until the ugly ending. I'd rate it a 2 out of 10.

  • james taylor
    james taylor Hace 5 días


    MUHAMMAD ISFAQUE Hace 5 días

    It's a good movie

  • fackers21
    fackers21 Hace 6 días +1

    usa garbage movies lol

  • Mohamed Khamis
    Mohamed Khamis Hace 6 días

    I watched this movie but really I did not understand what happened in the end 😕😕😕 but I think there's part 3 the should be

  • ML Fitz
    ML Fitz Hace 6 días

    If you liked the first one, you'll like this one better. See it.

  • Adidas_ s
    Adidas_ s Hace 6 días

    To all of you who think the way he fired the gun was dumb. It was to leave a statement, he was supposed to shoot him almost to pieces and make it look disgracefull. I do actually even have to explain this to adults. That some kids don't understand that is ok, you can't count on them being too smart. But adults... really?

  • Dqvincii
    Dqvincii Hace 6 días


  • brasil motos
    brasil motos Hace 6 días +1


  • Oscar Aspili
    Oscar Aspili Hace 6 días

    can't wait for the sequel

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones Hace 7 días

    Just watched it. its pretty good.

  • Miguel De Zayas
    Miguel De Zayas Hace 7 días

    Can I ask you something? How many of you watched the movie "SICARIO 2"? you know what's funny? The first 5 minutes of the movie doesn't appear in any TRAILER! I BET YOU DIDN'T REALIZE IT! you have to interpret POLITICALLY how socialism works. The beginning of the movie portrays the REAL FUTURE of the Islamic terrorism strategy to INVADE AMERICA. the idea of passing across the border with Mexico is easy and it will be practical soon. First, those potential terrorists must learn Spanish with Mexican accent. It means that they must be taken into Mexico since they were teens. Money? Oh! That ain't a problem for Bin Laden's son! They have plenty! After a few years... They have time! They are being working on this for long time, then those teens enter crossing the border and become cells inside the US. ALL THEY NEED IS TRUMP TO LOSE 2020 ELECTIONS and someone like Obama or worse to impose OPEN BORDERS.
    Keep in touch!

  • amona talaat
    amona talaat Hace 7 días

    The movie was good

  • hello
    hello Hace 7 días

    So they take the girl across the Mexican border and get ambushed. The girl runs off, then they find her and bring her back to the US. What was the point of taking her across the border in the first place then? Other than that, incredible movie

  • Muhammad Zeeshan
    Muhammad Zeeshan Hace 7 días

    I need hindi dubbed.?

  • Montavius Dixon
    Montavius Dixon Hace 7 días

    oh my god...what a bored movie !!!! zero action from sicario guy dont even bother to watch it....

    RDP LKD Hace 7 días

    jst watched it was awesome movie..wish there is sequel....

  • Win32 Virut
    Win32 Virut Hace 7 días

    00:33 OMG

  • Marko San
    Marko San Hace 7 días

    man the relationship between Alejandro and Isabel remind me of Logan anyone?

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway Hace 7 días +2

    "The hardest choices require the strongest will."

  • IIAlbertII
    IIAlbertII Hace 8 días

    Loved it! One of the best movies

  • Keith Steward
    Keith Steward Hace 8 días

    This is a great movie, I didn't know there was another one. Hollywood advertises the wrong movies.

  • Hendras Ibraheem
    Hendras Ibraheem Hace 8 días

    It makes no sense!put Islam between the borders Mexico US, its much opinion how bad Islam in your mind!!

  • Arief Hafidz
    Arief Hafidz Hace 8 días +4

    I have watch the movie and i hope it has a sequel. Its a very great movie

      FDG STAGES Hace 5 días

      The third one is in development.

    • SH HS
      SH HS Hace 7 días

      This is the sequel. And yeah my boi. It's supposed to be a trilogy

  • jc garcia
    jc garcia Hace 8 días +2

    Wait.. is this story is a sequel? Or prequel?

    • Pab
      Pab Hace 8 días

      sequel, the next one (sicario 3) will (or as I've understand from reading) be a prequel

  • Raymundo Vazquez
    Raymundo Vazquez Hace 8 días +49

    "So you want to be a sicario, lets talk about your future"😎😎😎
    The next one is gonna be badass

    • Harvey Cent
      Harvey Cent Hace un día

      Well... let's hope for their sake they dont run into The Equalizer then

    • Steve Jorfi
      Steve Jorfi Hace 4 días +2

      They're already badass.

    • Diham Go
      Diham Go Hace 6 días +1

      touches as$

  • Sam Ovic
    Sam Ovic Hace 8 días +19

    00:32 the Colombian Brad Pitt

  • sunny sandhu
    sunny sandhu Hace 8 días +7

    Benicio is a legend good movie

  • djas macco
    djas macco Hace 8 días +8

    2018 best so far!!!

  • عبد الحق الراجي

    Always amirica are heros

  • khunnas sirens
    khunnas sirens Hace 8 días +1

    Nice trailler

  • CliffJumpingProd
    CliffJumpingProd Hace 8 días +7

    just saw it! one of the greatest ever! hoping so much for a third!!

  • Joachim Peiper
    Joachim Peiper Hace 8 días +1

    First of all, it's a stupid title. What does it mean "Day of the Soldier" because it's not about a day. OK, forget that.
    The movie goes from an orgy of violence, bearded men screaming Alahu akbar (Man, am I ever sick of that stupid, overused phrase) with bombs busting everywhere. Then on to a raid of a Somali camp. Huh?
    We're promised a gloves off war against the cartels, but instead we get an hour and a half of babysitting gone horribly wrong.
    The movie started to go off the rails in the scene with the girls fighting at the school. Why do we need to see that? Answer: we don't. Why even have a kid actor in it for anything other than the bare minimum? She was terrible, like almost all kid actors. They gave her way, way, way, too much screen time which could have been used to give more important elements in the story a chance to speak, like her father, to name one.
    So her father paid off the Mexican police to shoot the heck out of her convoy and her vehicle? Does he want her dead? That made no sense at all.
    Once again, it suffers from the typical Hollywood disease of not making a whole lot of sense. There is no way they'd bring the girl to the USA. I guess they tried to address this in the video call with the Secretary of Defense when they said they "didn't have the infrastructure in Mexico." Pretty weak writing.
    Oh my god, so the little gangbanger kid saw him once in a parking lot a few days earlier and recognizes him in a completely different context? Once again, a totally one in a billion coincidence is needed to carry the plot. And like Alejandro is even going to trust some idiot coyote to get him across the border? I thought they just told us that the cartels controlled all of the human trafficking? So why would he walk right into their territory?
    And there is no reason on earth why the U.S. would kill the girl and the agent. It's just too stupid to believe. I thought the movie was going to be about causing a huge war among the cartels. It turned out to be about a guy babysitting a teenager.
    "She'll go into witness protection." WHAT? That would make no sense at all.
    And then the end is not an end; it's just a setup for the sequel. Count me out.

    • Ruben
      Ruben Hace 8 días

      well when i finish my script ill send you the first draft to see your opinion. no kidding. you make some good points on your review. i miss weed, with weed this movie should be better

  • PyroRomancR
    PyroRomancR Hace 9 días

    Doesn't monetizing a trailer that promotes your own film violate youtube guidelines?

  • Naymar Jr
    Naymar Jr Hace 9 días

    Very good movie, I will watch it again

  • TheOriginalMakaaka
    TheOriginalMakaaka Hace 9 días

    @ 2:20 the composer decides the best way to improve the experience is to repeatedly slam their head on the keyboard until the tension peaks.

  • iana alterado
    iana alterado Hace 9 días

    Oh Cable...

  • Toma Iskandar
    Toma Iskandar Hace 9 días +7

    I saw the movie today and Its good efects and stuff, but the story doesnt make sens.

    • Bu Sta Dodo
      Bu Sta Dodo Hace un día

      4 me I can't fit the final scene in the whole story. The boy freze when saw Alenjandro alive, so he really try to kill him when he shoot him. What happen after that scene I can't fit in..

    • Alwan Fadhlurrohman
      Alwan Fadhlurrohman Hace 3 días

      ngopi dulu bang baru nonton :v

    • OBV Paradox
      OBV Paradox Hace 4 días +1

      Story makes perfect sense. Tell me what your confused about? This whole movie isnt about affects. Its about the story behind the corrupt mexican government and cartel. Alejandro just happens to be a messanger behind the U.S. government

  • Dmitri Smith
    Dmitri Smith Hace 9 días

    just build the wall and be done with it. No need for guns. LOL

  • Alfian Musyaffa
    Alfian Musyaffa Hace 9 días

    what happen to ronaldo?

  • In vIdEo GaMeS
    In vIdEo GaMeS Hace 9 días

    Brad Pitt Duplicate

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag Hace 9 días

    Benicio Del Toro, deserves another Oscar for this ...

  • Ker Ruys
    Ker Ruys Hace 9 días

    Thanos a change of heart!

  • Cali life
    Cali life Hace 9 días

    Really good movie.

  • Andrewficationn 死ギ神
    Andrewficationn 死ギ神 Hace 9 días +4

    Webrip is out .. let's go!

    • Shyanoda
      Shyanoda Hace 5 días

      Already downloaded lol great movie

  • Nugraha The Batman
    Nugraha The Batman Hace 9 días


  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog Hace 9 días

    SICARIO: DAY OF THE SHARKNADO would be better than this pretentious, overblown snoozefest.

  • yuuki otome
    yuuki otome Hace 9 días

    this movie is racist af WTF

  • Fabricio Braga
    Fabricio Braga Hace 9 días

    Every time I hear this guy's voice I hear THANOS.