Trump & Kanye West Are Having Lunch

  • Publicado el 10 oct 2018
  • On Thursday the doors of the White House will open to welcome none other than Kanye West. That's right, Trump is having lunch with Kanye West. They have a lot to discuss. The topics are said to include prison reform and gang violence. The big question is how will the hysterical right wing media react to this? Sean Hannity weighed in.
    Lie Witness News - Christopher Columbus Supreme Court Editionídeo.html

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    Trump & Kanye West Are Having Lunchídeo.html
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Comentarios • 490

  • Anastasia - Artist.
    Anastasia - Artist. Hace un mes +1

    This is for Sean 🖕🖕

  • JS00023
    JS00023 Hace un mes

    Hannity is such a hypocrite

  • Info Wars
    Info Wars Hace un mes

    Sick how Liberals treated West....SAD! President Trump is by far the best President in U.S. history.

  • Erika_itsumi
    Erika_itsumi Hace un mes

    Watching you liberal morons meltdown is just funny as hell. I'm not laughing at your liberal jokes. I'm laughing at you idiots

  • Mike Scarborough
    Mike Scarborough Hace un mes

    As long as hypocrisy generates votes, you can expect to see more of it in all its brazen glory.

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller Hace un mes

    Maybe Trump will push for more money for mental health?

  • christian hernandez
    christian hernandez Hace un mes

    sean hannity’s head is as big as his ignorance

  • Zachery Newton
    Zachery Newton Hace un mes

    In keeping with the ridiculous hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the GOP and Faux news. Disgusting 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • networkguy
    networkguy Hace un mes

    What's wrong with Hannitys face? 🤡

  • Lance Eriksen
    Lance Eriksen Hace un mes

    Hannity, dumb is what dumb says!

  • Kenneth Gray
    Kenneth Gray Hace un mes

    Kanye West quote - I grabbed Trump by the presidency, when your a black man he lets you do it.

  • Anthony Villanueva
    Anthony Villanueva Hace un mes

    I wish Kanye was "Speaking Through the Wire Again" And Trump should be Speaking through "Wired Fence" in prison.

  • Галым Алтынбаев

    Kanye 2020

  • David Mnaba
    David Mnaba Hace un mes

    Kanye idiot

  • icuhater numberone
    icuhater numberone Hace un mes

    As a black person I would like to say, Yaaaay! We finally got rid of Kanye! 🙌

  • Purplerain897 Purplerain897

    are you jelious kiss ass Hannity?

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side Hace un mes

    *And then it happened.*

  • Tom White
    Tom White Hace un mes

    Trump and Kanye are doing each other and Sean hannity is Manning the camera...this time.

  • AC H
    AC H Hace un mes

    Hannity is such a BOOF!

  • Gotch 71
    Gotch 71 Hace un mes

    Hannity is a freakin joke!!

  • Dixon Adair
    Dixon Adair Hace un mes

    Sean Hannity. Hypocrisy personified.

  • Vishal P
    Vishal P Hace un mes +1

    Fox news please air the scary time for boys song for Donald Trump... He doesn't listen to anyone else😂😂

  • Ken
    Ken Hace un mes

    Sean Hannity is a louse.

  • George Harry
    George Harry Hace un mes

    Have fun in hell jimmy. Fake crying for the las vegas shootings was a one way ticket. Beg for mercy. Good luck. Fuckin prick

  • Marty Garcia
    Marty Garcia Hace un mes

    Say anything about trump. He has no excuse. But I feel for kanye.

  • oogachaka
    oogachaka Hace un mes

    Turd and Ass are naturally interlinked.

  • Stephen Heyer
    Stephen Heyer Hace un mes

    The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

  • david white
    david white Hace un mes

    yeah they ate fried chicken & caviar

  • Kiwi Twogunz
    Kiwi Twogunz Hace un mes +2

    How are the white supremacist going to feel their leader Donald Trump, playing nicey nicey with a black man!

  • Tinthia Clemant
    Tinthia Clemant Hace un mes

    Hannity talks out of both of his big holes--mouth and ......

  • chica bien
    chica bien Hace un mes

    The irony

  • Rogel Russell
    Rogel Russell Hace un mes

    Nothing but distraction from the real issue

  • Tony Ofarrell
    Tony Ofarrell Hace un mes

    Adhd meets KFC

  • rividizd
    rividizd Hace un mes

    Hannity is worst than trump and kanye combined!

  • Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan Hace un mes

    The funny thing is, if Kanye had hopped across the desk, would anyone notice?

  • Bankside1997
    Bankside1997 Hace un mes

    Sean Hannity has a Lego head.

  • Ana sanchez
    Ana sanchez Hace un mes

    Where are we headed as a nation ?

  • Kris thatman Taylor
    Kris thatman Taylor Hace un mes

    Republican 🤡 will spin this...

  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals Hace un mes

    "He talks about cops, women....."

  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals Hace un mes

    Both Kanye and Donald are married to Kims.

  • Chad Stone
    Chad Stone Hace un mes

    Reality tv scum

  • Ivanhoe Sanchez
    Ivanhoe Sanchez Hace un mes


  • ba55letmysoulfly
    ba55letmysoulfly Hace un mes

    Hannity is a fox pawn and fox is a trump pawn

  • Wearenotperfect
    Wearenotperfect Hace un mes

    Sean Hannity is Trump's butt plug!

  • Leevis Verdiales
    Leevis Verdiales Hace un mes

    Kimmel is one fake guy

  • Anne ONeill
    Anne ONeill Hace un mes

    Love the thumbnail photo of Hannity with his mean little lips and pompous neck.

  • Gamal Abdall
    Gamal Abdall Hace un mes

    Jimmy, You are the best not to mention the funniest late show on TV

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Hace un mes

    sounds like a set up for a bad joke.

  • zoran till
    zoran till Hace un mes

    Who used The N word

  • ehla 01
    ehla 01 Hace un mes +2

    You gotta be a mental person without your meds to support trump.

  • atotheg1991
    atotheg1991 Hace un mes

    Will someone PLEASE tell Jimmy Kimmel that you can only subscribe one time?

  • Arnoldo Guerrero
    Arnoldo Guerrero Hace un mes

    Kanye and trump didn't have lunch they got a room

  • Talaris Watts-El
    Talaris Watts-El Hace un mes

    Saying Sean Hannity is a hypocrite is like saying Aquaman can talk to fish.

  • RighteousArmyPH
    RighteousArmyPH Hace un mes

    I like Kimmel. But I don't understand why he keep attacking trump?

    • Anne Brown
      Anne Brown Hace un mes

      RighteousArmyPH because Trump keeps providing ammunition?

  • Hirnlego999
    Hirnlego999 Hace un mes

    BS mountain = Fox

  • Jacquelyn Gadson
    Jacquelyn Gadson Hace un mes

    How soon we forget, God I miss president OBAMA

  • Culminatr
    Culminatr Hace un mes

    Kanye West is known to have a Mental Disability (he openly admitted it himself on many occasions) and 45 knows this. It is disgusting that 45 and his minions will use a person with a Mental Disability to push their own personal agendas.

  • Kodjo Swole
    Kodjo Swole Hace un mes

    At this point can we all just agree that Kanye West is just an attention seeker?

    COBYKOEHL2 Hace un mes


  • K Family
    K Family Hace un mes

    Sean Hannity what a joke!!!!

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube Hace un mes

    the kardashians are officially in the white house. makes sense, a sex tape reality star, and her whacked out rapper husband are teaming up with a narcissist, misogynist, racist, pathological liar, and criminal president. and white evangelicals, racists, and fox hang on their cult leaders every word like he was jesus himself. make america great again? nah, you've hit rock bottom america, just hope there's something to salvage when it all comes down.

  • ONeills Lounge
    ONeills Lounge Hace un mes

    Q: What do you get when crossing Kanye West with a Russian Crony President? A: Kan-Tsar... HA

  • Valentina Richard
    Valentina Richard Hace un mes

    Just before they sit down to KFC, I hope each of them take their medication.

  • Candie P
    Candie P Hace un mes +7

    Someone needs to remind Hannity that Kanye West also uses the N-word and referenced cops and women and had some rather disparaging things to say about Bush as well. Why the selective outrage?🤔

    • Dixon Adair
      Dixon Adair Hace un mes +1

      Candie P That’s because Hannity is a hypocrite and a tool. He is the definition selective outrage personified.

  • You And I
    You And I Hace un mes

    Everyone knows Hannity is Racist

  • walkingdeadman19
    walkingdeadman19 Hace un mes +3

    Never before have so much stupidity, narcissism and egomania been contained in a single room.

  • angelbabe dawg
    angelbabe dawg Hace un mes

    ..two 'wrongs' DO make 'the right'...

  • yaoming Tham
    yaoming Tham Hace un mes

    They both like fried chickens, don't they ???

  • Simon Dowd
    Simon Dowd Hace un mes

    This video clip should be titled 'Trump and Kanye West are out to lunch'. They're like a couple of befuddled clowns performing in a media circus. What an embarrassment.

  • nuno gomes
    nuno gomes Hace un mes

    Make Kanye
    Kanye again

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Hace un mes

    Jimmy Kimmel is not funny and has never been funny. He has no physical comedy. His delivery is flat. He has over 20 writers and the best he can do is read a teleprompter badly. Adam Carolla was funnier than Kimmel on the Man Show. Kimmel did bits on NFL Sunday and the jocks made fun of him. Terry Bradshaw was funnier. The way he clumsily moves his hands and slurs his speech it's like he has mild brain damage.

  • rajesh singh
    rajesh singh Hace un mes

    They both try to out do each other in terms of views, media coverage, media attention... THATS ALL

  • Ned Kuczmynda
    Ned Kuczmynda Hace un mes

    While I'm 1000% sure it's not Hannity's reasoning, YE is SO much better than common

  • T Sama
    T Sama Hace un mes +1

    huh.. Kanye really is gonna become president someday..
    I suddenly understand preppers completely.

  • BladeMasterz916
    BladeMasterz916 Hace un mes

    Kanye2020, The Republicans version of Obama

  • Abel & CAIN
    Abel & CAIN Hace un mes +1

    " Kanye loves big asses "

  • Landon McCalmon
    Landon McCalmon Hace un mes

    Richie Rich is our new treasurer, Bud and Sandy will co-run the Coast Guard, Grandpa from the Munster family is in charge of HUD, Lenny and Squiggy are the co-heads of the CIA, etc., etc.......

  • Landon McCalmon
    Landon McCalmon Hace un mes

    I am positive we will be seeing a wet and wild video of Kanye, Trump, and Kim Jong Un having a 3-way by the end of this term.....produced by Stormy Daniels, of course.

  • Beck V
    Beck V Hace un mes +2

    Oh, tRump better be careful or his boyfriend Kim will detonate an ICBM out of feeling jealous that he's being cheated on. Also, I think they're both narcissistic buffoons.

    • Deba Dev
      Deba Dev Hace un mes

      Beck V Thanks Bec your funny

    • Beck V
      Beck V Hace un mes +1

      +Deba Dev Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

    • Deba Dev
      Deba Dev Hace un mes

      Beck V what’s ICBM ?

  • Praveen bhanj deo
    Praveen bhanj deo Hace un mes

    I think Kanye's affinity to Trump has some thing to do with how close Obama and Jay Z were to each other, and he or Kim never getting an invite to White House during Obama years.
    A dime store President with his dime store rapper replaying an older time.

  • TheBurmeseDude
    TheBurmeseDude Hace un mes

    Hannity, the biggest buffoon on FauxNews, got his nose so far up Trump's ass.

  • Geek Wood Science
    Geek Wood Science Hace un mes +1

    I think the hypocrisy of the Republican party and the Republican media is hysterical

    • Dixon Adair
      Dixon Adair Hace un mes

      Geek Wood Science Yup. And the sad thing is how millions of people don’t see the hypocrisy. That’s what’s REALLY scary!

  • Raquel L
    Raquel L Hace un mes +3

    When i watched Kanye&Trump live today i literally thought of how excited Jimmy would be to talk about it tonight.

  • Rafael Nunfio
    Rafael Nunfio Hace un mes

    Disgusting ass though 🤣

  • Kevin Sullivan
    Kevin Sullivan Hace un mes

    Saying birds of a feather is an insult to birds

  • i'm just a spectator
    i'm just a spectator Hace un mes

    Im so glad Kimmel used well thought out arguments against Kanye Instead of personal attacks

  • Miguel De Los Santos
    Miguel De Los Santos Hace un mes

    Hannity hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Tis'ur"Master'"
    Tis'ur"Master'" Hace un mes

    I see kanye is using trump. Ok. He's smart...i give him that.

  • eudofia
    eudofia Hace un mes

    I wonder what Hannity will say now, after they profanity laden rant Kanye delivered in the oval office. Will he go on and condemn Trump for allowing Kanye to utter profanities in the oval office? I don't think so.

  • D Richard Carr
    D Richard Carr Hace un mes

    What an embarrassing stunt 🖕Trumps 🇺🇸🖕

  • Hong Son
    Hong Son Hace un mes

    That retard a ... star in America? Gs...

  • AmericanClassicMusic
    AmericanClassicMusic Hace un mes

    And creepy kimmel wonders why he's the lowest of the late night shows.

  • herman anaya
    herman anaya Hace un mes


  • Con Hubman
    Con Hubman Hace un mes +1

    Really, Trump is just a more extreme version of what is very common with a great deal of US blowhards, “All hat and NO cattle”.

  • Sheik Yo Booty
    Sheik Yo Booty Hace un mes +24


  • VianneyCreates
    VianneyCreates Hace un mes

    Please know Republicans DGAF about being called hypocrites. As long as they can grab as much power and p*ssy as they want, they have no qualms about doing anything and everything to get it.

  • Shelby Shoup Arrested For Crack

    The democrats are so desperate these days.
    Going after the youth with propaganda designed to ridicule their opposition because people who have been around long enough know that the democrats destroy everything they touch.
    The democrats are deathly afraid of losing black voters. They destroyed the black family with welfare and they want to keep it that way. At least until they import their new group of slaves, illegal aliens.

  • MrWayno1231
    MrWayno1231 Hace un mes

    LOL wtf was that! The intellectual giant that is kanye west. . has he been googling Wikipedia again?! LOL Embarrassing... Kanyes foray into global economics & the impact of the Chinese labour market ha ha ha
    anyone with half a brain can see what this vertically challenged megalomaniacal, self aggrandizing plant pot is really up to here... He's trying to play Trump, sizing him up, dominate him on camera & mark his territory in the white house! Unhinged 'rap artist' married to a a plastic blimp has designs on the job... You can see Trump knows it too, & is humouring him for the cameras & the black community. West has to be one of the biggest toss pots on planet earth, I can honestly say I have never sought out a single song of this moron! It's all theatre, Body language speaks volumes & Trump has his number but West thinks he's being clever, playing to Trump's ego pretending to be a fan! Its so obvious... He thinks he's fooling people.. LOL Trump doesn't like this guy, it's just a case of keep your enemies closer! Kanye, put your heel lifts in & go tell it to your 5 personal trainers.. Make America black again!

  • Andrea Lugo
    Andrea Lugo Hace un mes

    How convenient

  • Joey Bairos
    Joey Bairos Hace un mes

    “Comedians” like kimmel wouldn’t have a show if it weren’t for trump. Sad...