A Day in the Life of a Harvard PhD Student 2022

  • Publicado el 6 may 2022
  • This is a day in my life as a Harvard physics PhD student in 2022. In this vlog, I'll give you a tour of Harvard's campus and show you the best places to study. I'm hoping to give you a daily glimpse of what it's like to do a theoretical physics PhD at Harvard.
    I post these day in the life at Harvard vlogs weekly, so stay tuned!

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  • Lanz Cordero
    Lanz Cordero Hace 5 meses +1456

    Bro this is my dream learning environment. Imagine just being sorrounded by these passionate people working and researching on their respective academic fields, it's the most inspiring and motivating place I could ever asked.

  • Nicole Coates
    Nicole Coates Hace 6 meses +1035

    I love how you added some facts about your advisor, as well as that person who won a Nobel Prize... I often walk around campus and am like "holy crap, these people really discovered X and got Y". I attend MIT also completing a PhD, so right down the street :)

  • Insaani Etihad
    Insaani Etihad Hace 6 meses +381

    I actually liked/loved the back story you told about crossing the bridge from Cambridge to Harvard. It was very inspirational and sounded like there was a lot of emotions involved in that journey. Also about your watch it's so amazing that you associated that expensive watch to a priceless memories of you working so hard for it with your father. This kinda tells things which are earned with a commitment and hard work are more precious because memories and journey is associated with them not necessarily because they are expensive and luxury...it's really inspiring you enjoy and take pride in wearing that. Wishing you tons of luck for your future endeavors 🙂.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses +13

      I'm glad you enjoyed these parts of the story, they're very important to me!

    • Insaani Etihad
      Insaani Etihad Hace 6 meses +3

      Also it's highly inspirational that you read, reply and like each well almost each and every comment. Not to mention having a very focused and committed daily routine. Good luck for your future.

  • Telperion
    Telperion Hace 5 meses +233

    "But at this point I'm still very confused about what they're trying to say, but doing physics is really about working through that confusion until you figure out the answer."
    I really love that you said this. As a person that tends to be very self-critical, it's often hard for me to imagine that Harvard students or Nobel winners or people at the top of their field ever feel confused at a problem or don't know where to start. I sometimes feel as though people in those positions are always on top of it and I'm just built different and not as smart. I know it's silly, but it's where my mind goes when I'm getting down on myself. So thank you for this insight into your studies. It reminds the rest of us that even the smartest and most capable among us get confused or stuck and to keep going. Never give up.

    • AmmoBops
      AmmoBops Hace 4 meses +1

      Lol exactly
      I’m very hard on myself especially when it comes to my intellect, and it really comforted me when he said that

    • Matthew
      Matthew Hace 4 meses +1

      @Telperion I totally agree. I sometimes feel underwhelmed at my performance when I make simple mistakes on problems or take too long to work through one. I almost have an expectation that I need to be "robotic" in the way I think, but that's just not how it works. Being reassured that the brightest individuals also get stuck/confused often is incredibly relieving.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 5 meses +34

      I can tell you that I spend most of my time stuck on a problem. But like you said, it's important not to give up!

  • Jimmy Santana
    Jimmy Santana Hace 5 meses +108

    Hey man, I just wanted to say that this is really inspiring to me man I'm going to A university online, work in construction and I'm trying to switch from old habits for good! and focus all of what I am on my goals and the vision. How focused and clear headed you are I don't know you man but you have my respect. God bless.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 5 meses +8

      I'm glad to hear Jimmy! Construction is a tough job, so I commend you for it. Good luck with your goals!

  • Junipandrose
    Junipandrose Hace 6 meses +298

    This is probably my favorite of all Harvard videos I’ve seen so far!! Absolutely love it!
    And you are really impressive. Keep up the great work! You can be so proud of your accomplishments!

  • Yvan Sana
    Yvan Sana Hace 7 meses +331

    This is so good i love everything about it .its like im watching a movie with a great story i just loved everything .the voice over was epic 👏👏

    • Esther Bradley
      Esther Bradley Hace 5 meses +4

      My sentiments exactly!

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 7 meses +14

      Thank you Yvan, this means so much! I'm going to try to do more videos like this in the future

  • Harrington Lackey
    Harrington Lackey Hace 4 meses +19

    Your motivation is incredibly inspiring. You are very self-disciplined and I'm sure that work will pay off. Keep up the good work!

  • Anıl Dilli
    Anıl Dilli Hace 6 meses +55

    This was perfectly-edited and so inspirational. Please keep doing this! Greetings from Turkey.

    • loveonthe brain
      loveonthe brain Hace 18 días

      Anıl 🥰 umarım bir gün harvardda karşılaşırız sevgilerrr

    • Florin Dobinciuc
      Florin Dobinciuc Hace 6 meses

      @Quantum Boy Cool

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses +7

      Thank you for the support! You can expect one every Friday!

  • Kofeina19
    Kofeina19 Hace 5 meses +26

    Finally someone who shares a bit about what they're actually doing in their research, it's something I always missed on other channels with phd vlogs... Love to see more of that!

  • tannu kaushik
    tannu kaushik Hace 4 meses +14

    This video was nothing how i expected it to be. The usual a day in my life videos simply show their routines which most of the times aren't a great source of motivation. But this video is more than just a usual day in my life. The deep narratives about smallest of things makes it even better. You've gained a lifetime follower. :)

  • Cason Park
    Cason Park Hace 5 meses +54

    As a guy who wants to go to Harvard this was such a motivation to me
    I'm still in my senior year of high school and I'm working hard towards my dream just like you 🔥

    • Cason Park
      Cason Park Hace un mes +1

      @Next Anvil if you can choose the best for yourself why wouldn't you go for it . That's what I think
      Imo Harvard is the best for me and I will work hard to go to the best

    • Next Anvil
      Next Anvil Hace un mes

      Why do you want to go to harverd?

    • Cason Park
      Cason Park Hace 5 meses +1

      @zataisha sims Thank you

    • zataisha sims
      zataisha sims Hace 5 meses

      @Cason Park You got this 💯

    • Cason Park
      Cason Park Hace 5 meses +2

      @Quantum Boy thank you so much means a lot

  • Sandou
    Sandou Hace 2 meses +13

    The moment you said “theoretical physicist” I widened my eyes and immediately liked and subscribed, then promptly started writing this comment. I am an aspiring theoretical physicist (majoring in astrophysics right now) and I am extremely happy to see a DITL of someone who is on a similar path I hope to be traveling on one day!

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 27 días

      That's great, astrophysics is very exciting!

  • Surya Karthik Nadupalle
    Surya Karthik Nadupalle Hace 5 meses +20

    Dude you must have achieved many things and that's why Harvard admitted you for PhD. Inspirational 🎉

  • Random Lyrics
    Random Lyrics Hace 4 meses +5

    I'm too bored and this video came out all of the sudden. Watching this sort of "Day in my life" video makes my mood somehow, become exciting! Not to mention, being a student or teacher otherwise in Harvard is an opportunity that can be kept as treasure. It was a nice video, indeed. Keep up the good work!❤️

  • SorokhaibamPunhamba Singh
    SorokhaibamPunhamba Singh Hace 13 días +2

    It feels so relaxing and stress free unlike other study vlogs. Keep up the good work

  • cubbies2018
    cubbies2018 Hace 4 meses +19

    My sister, whos 6 years older than me, completed her PhD in biochemistry at Harvard. She lived very near Harvard Square and, when I visited her, I would go through that exact same T stop. Brings back memeories.

  • D RadScientist
    D RadScientist Hace 4 meses +1

    What a beautiful video, I keep mementos from all my previous "slave-labour" jobs as I reminder for where I started. I'm About to finish my first year in undergrad physics and I still hope I can do post-grad at my dream university - Cambridge. Its always the little motivational things that make you push yourself further.

  • Rayem Alam
    Rayem Alam Hace 4 meses +1

    Such a wonderful university. It has a really beautiful campus, and being around with the brilliant students is just better than anything else. I loved the classrooms, and its environment is like the best place to study in. Sometimes I even dream of studying in Harvard.

  • Will M
    Will M Hace 2 meses +4

    To all the medic students out there.. even if it’s nursing assistants, the janitor even… let’s f’ing get it!!! Grind until you reach your dreams, I’m with you 💪

  • Luis Aponte
    Luis Aponte Hace 3 meses +3

    What a cool experience, and congratulations on being able to achieve that dream of yours. I’m interested in pursuing a PhD in Harvard as well, but not just yet… Enjoy your journey!

  • Toprak Pehlivan
    Toprak Pehlivan Hace 3 meses +1

    I have been mesmerized by what I saw in this video. I know that you have been working really hard for your entire life to be a part of this environment but it is a heartbreaking fact that you have to have certain "qualifications" to be a part of the Ivy League Colleges. Anyway, your storytelling and editing in this video are beautiful just like the content. It is very inspirational video and I wish you good luck and the best in your journey in life...

  • Comrade Chernov
    Comrade Chernov Hace 2 meses +5

    As a Mainer let me just say I hear and RESPECT that New England accent, my man. And as a final year law student, let me congratulate you on being in a PhD program. We're both studying our way into careers that will make our families proud. We got this. 🤘Awesome vid!


    Thanks for reminding me of my dear Cambridge and Harvard Square! I was there not to solve enigmatic quantum physics problems but just to humbly improve my English. For three months my wife and I've lived on Lee Street and went on foot to the school at Harvard Square under the incredibly blue sky of the New England! Thank you for making me remember such special moments! You are a talented filmaker!

  • Анастасия Холодкова

    Your videos are awesome, they inspire to work hard just like you! I'm from Russia and there is no opportunity to get into Harvard due to the political situation, I guess. So I'm a little upset because of it, but your work helps me believe the best, so thank you so much!

    • Espurrrxd
      Espurrrxd Hace 5 meses +1

      School is not everything. Any school is good.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 5 meses +5

      I'm sorry to hear about you situation, but I encourage you to keep working hard. I've met many great Russian scientists, so you're in good company!

  • Randy
    Randy Hace 2 meses +2

    Your video is absolutely beautiful and inspirational. I congratulate you and your peers on your success thus far and wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Hard work does, in fact payoff and there are no shortcuts in order to get to where you are. I am a firm believer that people who suround themselves with brilliance will be much more motivated to become just as brilliant as those around them. Your VLOG serves to inspire others to work hard to achieve similar goals. You are well positioned to make a positive difference in this world. Well done!

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 2 meses

      I appreciate the kind words Randy, thank you for watching!

  • Jalen Garner
    Jalen Garner Hace 6 meses +17

    Great video! I'm a rising senior physics major at Howard University, is the program you're apart of the QSE Phd program? If so, would you say the program is well suited for students who are interested in experimental quantum computing research or is it more tailored towards theory?

    • Jalen Garner
      Jalen Garner Hace 6 meses +2

      @Quantum Boy Thanks, I’ll definitely look more into it!

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses +4

      I'm not in the QSE program, but there's a great deal of both experimental and theoretical research in quantum computing at Harvard.

  • Albert Mendoza
    Albert Mendoza Hace 2 meses +1

    I can't wait to have days like this. So peaceful and filled with time to think about physics.

  • SeldimSeen1
    SeldimSeen1 Hace 5 meses +4

    Congratulations for achieving a dream. Wishing you all the best and complete success in your future academic adventures.

  • Chaplin_Scarsgawd
    Chaplin_Scarsgawd Hace 3 meses

    By the way is weibull growth function a pivotal part of studying Physics?
    Also, can second derivative ( inflection point) be used as a analytical tool for interpreting macro economic factors or is it just limited to studies in science and engineering?

  • MikeProductions1000
    MikeProductions1000 Hace 5 meses +14

    Good stuff dude. I definitely wouldn't want to do a PhD. Just too much work for not enough gain to me. And tbh I'm still not sure what field I'd want to do. And quantum mechanics just kind of blows my mind after so long using classical. It'd ok though I've learned that life is about being happy about yourself and your own goals and shouldn't be about comparing yourself to others. Good luck out there and great video. Hope one day I truly enjoy my work like you do.

  • Ben Kaiser
    Ben Kaiser Hace 4 meses +2

    You have no idea how inspiring you are, thank you good sir. And I hope you find so much success.(:

  • les
    les Hace un mes

    Loved the story. The editing and storytelling made it sound so simple, but between the lines you know it is a hard work. Good luck!

  • Douglas Chamroeun
    Douglas Chamroeun Hace un mes +3

    I’m in Veterinary Medical school. Thank you so much for reminding me good things in life will never be easy, yet achievable and worth every second to get there.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 27 días

      Keep at it, you'll have a very fulfilling career in the future!

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man Hace 6 meses +5

    The Charles River story was very inspiring. Where did you spend the rest of your undergraduate years after Boston University?

  • Luffy
    Luffy Hace 6 meses +11

    Hey dude loved your vlog! I hope to be a physicist someday too, though I suck at physics haha, you’re vlog gives me motivation to work harder

    • Luffy
      Luffy Hace 6 meses +3

      @Quantum Boy thank you for your kind words :)

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses +6

      It's all about progress, keep working!

  • Glenn Toal
    Glenn Toal Hace 4 meses +1

    This video made me realize that the hustle of every day love and the hight stress job I work in is taking away from those moments of clarity where I used to enjoy the learning process.
    I need to find time to give myself a chance to learn something new.

  • Yohann Cedric
    Yohann Cedric Hace un mes +2

    Great video mate! No bs edit or bs music, straight to the point, with very inspirational stories and educational. I worked very well on my A Levels but now that I'm on my 3rd year aeronautical engineering degree, things are getting tough and I want to give up! Sometimes I wish I could afford and be intelligent enough to go to these nice universities!
    Anyway, good luck to you all out there!

    • Susan Muriuki
      Susan Muriuki Hace 9 días

      Hey buddy I think you are doing great. Hang in there you got this !

  • Alex SVN
    Alex SVN Hace 4 meses +3

    I like how you make your day seem so simple and pleasant, rather than how ridiculously complex your work is.

  • C3PO R2D2
    C3PO R2D2 Hace 25 días

    Wow, I really admire you choosing Theoretical Physics. That needs a lot of courage.

  • James Bernards
    James Bernards Hace 4 meses

    Thank you for producing this. I've gotten so lost and discouraged.. this is something worth hoping for. Thank you.

  • Lynariz Sajise
    Lynariz Sajise Hace 5 meses +2

    Woah you're doing quantum computing too, that's awesome. I have this great opportunity to do research with professors at UCI regarding quantum research and I am so excited. I'm a bit nervous since I'm still a high schooler, but I hope to follow your pathway.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 4 meses +1

      Good luck in your research, I hope you have fun!

  • Saeid Jafari
    Saeid Jafari Hace 23 días +1

    As a researcher i wish you the best for your studies. Keep continuing!

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 20 días +1

      Thank you, and the same to you!

  • ZAM
    ZAM Hace 4 meses +1

    i must say SubhanAllah! the way you story tell and connects dots of each lines is soooo awsome...
    Good talent to have, I can say u must worked hard for it to achieve it and having it is kinda cool ngl haha

  • Brook Lindsey
    Brook Lindsey Hace 5 meses +4

    You are like an academic monk man. Thank you for sharing this! Very inspirational.

  • keepitjoseph
    keepitjoseph Hace 2 meses +1

    I love this guy’s speech, keep up the good work! You earned yourself a subscriber

  • Dan T
    Dan T Hace 4 meses +4

    I cannot fathom the mental strength and of course the brilliant mind to endure such rigorous academic demands. I am doing Ed.D in University which is outside top 300 in US and I am exhausted already. I pray you will do well, finish strong with least stress.

  • Hello There
    Hello There Hace 5 meses +33

    At no point in this video did being a Harvard student even come into play. Anyone could have eaten, gone to Harvard campus, and read a research paper in the library. For free. 🤣

  • Cecily Morrell
    Cecily Morrell Hace 8 días

    This was so motivating to watch. Thanks dude!

  • Shirleen O
    Shirleen O Hace 6 meses +12

    It’s so cool how you’re telling a story along with the video

  • prum chhangsreng
    prum chhangsreng Hace 2 meses

    Your video are very inspiring. It is very amazing that you look across the river, see ur dream school, push yourself to make your dream come true, and finally got into Harvard PhD.
    I wonder how it feel to see the school you like so close, yet so far. But however far, you manage to achieve it anyway.

  • Asaad Ali Akhunzada
    Asaad Ali Akhunzada Hace 3 meses

    Really liked how simply you have put your day routine.... it was lovely to watch.

  • ZombieC100
    ZombieC100 Hace 3 meses

    You make phd seem easy. I know it’s definitely rigorous…

  • Dipankar Das
    Dipankar Das Hace 11 días

    I want my life to be like this ....currently i have completed my post graduation...Videos like this really motivates me for pursing PHD hopefully ..i will be there one day for my post doc

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 11 días

      I wish you the best of luck Dipankar!

  • Abdalla
    Abdalla Hace 4 meses

    i'm applying for Harvard Ph.D. program this fall and I'm so excited about it, however, I'm not sure if I have enough achievements to get accepted. I hope it will go well. :)

  • Yusuf Furkan Altunboğa
    Yusuf Furkan Altunboğa Hace 4 meses +1

    You are amazing man 👊 i believ one day i walk around this compus for studying. I proud with you. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you are having fun this.

  • Celine Wassenberg
    Celine Wassenberg Hace 5 meses +4

    Soo motivating!! Loved this (especially because i am also studying physics)

  • The Faku Genius
    The Faku Genius Hace 5 meses +2

    The way you film and the images showed appease me,
    keep it up for your PhD !

  • Jaylen Calinaw
    Jaylen Calinaw Hace 5 meses +1

    can you walk us through your undergrad (and Masters if any) journey please and how everything you did there led you to Mr. Harvard and his crimson walls please

  • Jose Agustin Lozano Torres

    I'm doing my PhD in Physics at Humboldt Universität Zu Berlin and I walked around the places where Max Planck, Einstein, Born, Wien, etc, worked and I felt the spirit of them. I remember writing an article in the main building 🏫 where you can see all the photos of all great scientists and received an email from Royal Astronomical Society accepting a paper that I submitted 2 months ago. That was magical 😊.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 2 meses

      That must have been very exciting Jose, good luck on your PhD!

  • Colleen R
    Colleen R Hace un mes

    Totally feel you on being at BU and being motivated by looking at Harvard. Rutgers is just a few miles from Princeton, and I would always ride the train telling myself that one day I'd make it there.

  • Mr siddy
    Mr siddy Hace 4 meses +2

    Hi, I am having some tough days in my research journey and just watched this video and it made my day ….. thank you, appreciate it ¡¡

    • Björn
      Björn Hace 3 meses

      Good luck dude😁👍👍

    • Mr siddy
      Mr siddy Hace 4 meses +1

      @All thank you brother, wishing you the best as well :)

    • All
      All Hace 4 meses +1

      Hey , good luck brother

  • Josh S
    Josh S Hace 2 meses

    about to start my undergrad in physics and all this has done has made me want it more

  • Ivan Ferraz
    Ivan Ferraz Hace 2 meses

    Thanks for your video! Could you please make one with this same routine during the extreme winter there?

  • Carissma McGee
    Carissma McGee Hace 6 meses +9

    I'm applying to the GSAS Astrophysics PhD program this upcoming year! Great video!

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses

      Good luck with your applications Carissma!

  • JurgaBurga
    JurgaBurga Hace 2 meses

    I loved this video. There was no fluff, no crazy editing, not much music. Very simple, straight to the point, and hoenst. And I don't really see all of those things in Day in the Life videos.

  • Mohammad Makki
    Mohammad Makki Hace 5 meses +4

    you guys must be very grateful for what you have

  • LivingBeing
    LivingBeing Hace 4 meses

    Bro this is so motivating. Especially the river Charles part. I hope I get to work with some great people like you do. Thanks for the video.

  • CelestialTony56
    CelestialTony56 Hace 5 meses +1

    This gives me motivation to get my masters in engineering from MIT.

  • maso dior
    maso dior Hace 5 meses +2

    I love these videos! keep uploading while you can, thanks 🙏

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 5 meses +1

      I'll be uploading one every Friday, hope you tune in!

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song Hace 5 meses +8

    Your editing looks smooth especially when you meal prep. 👍🏻

  • Nick Szalay
    Nick Szalay Hace un mes

    Like you, when I worked on the other side of the Wabash River, I always wanted to be on the other side of it, attending Purdue. Thankfully, everything turned out great, as I am currently in my 3rd semester!

  • mk17173n
    mk17173n Hace 2 meses

    You are living the dream. I hope to get my Doctorate in Harvard too.

  • Eduardo Henrique
    Eduardo Henrique Hace 4 meses

    Amazing video! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Cheers from Brazil!

  • José Rosales
    José Rosales Hace 4 meses

    What a beautiful campus. Best of luck!!

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee Hace 4 meses

    Wow man you walk a lot in a single day. Keep up your hard work.

  • Gul Aqsa
    Gul Aqsa Hace un mes

    Thank you so much for giving me motivation and idea to manage my ESclips (want to start) and phd together. I will be starting my PhD in family and child psychology at university of Canterbury, new zealand.
    You have earned a follower in less than 7 minutes. :)
    Ps. Please also share how to Start vlogging with basic editing tools and ideas, for people who know no such technology like me. 😉

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 27 días

      Congrats on starting your program and good luck with your ESclips channel!

  • Teaching The Petites
    Teaching The Petites Hace 4 meses +1

    Inspirational...I'm stressed out about student teaching 😫

  • Luke
    Luke Hace 5 meses +3

    Pretty solid video I appreciate the routine as well as the sub.

  • Tibo Fordeyn
    Tibo Fordeyn Hace 2 meses

    I love this video. It’s exactly what I needed.
    I’m studying electromechanical engineering at Ghent university (bachelors), go to the gym everyday and am trying to program an hour every evening to hopefully make money with web dev. I have this dream to finish my degree summa cum laude and make good money with coding so that I can do my masters at a top university. Everyone around me has been saying it’s not possible, but it’s videos like these - seeing others with similar goals as me - achieve their goals that motivate me so much. It’s hard work but I really hope I’ll get there too. Good luck man.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 27 días

      Hi Tibo, it's certainly possible, keep working for it! And keep up the consistency!

  • Rohan Sarkate
    Rohan Sarkate Hace 4 meses +4

    The first few seconds were kind of similar to Patrick Bateman's morning routine.

  • Fox
    Fox Hace 4 meses +1

    What are the benefits of sitting at the university while researching? From what you've shown in the video, it could all be done remotely, which seems like an incredible waste of time and a complete lack of management skills by university staff if it requires being present at the facility to just read the text.

  • Skylar Deslypere
    Skylar Deslypere Hace 5 meses +5

    I'm currently doing a bachelors in math, and will do a master's in pure math after that. This is honestly convincing me to do a phd in math lmao

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 5 meses +2

      A PhD in math sounds exciting, I encourage you to do it if it sounds interesting to you! Good luck Skylar!

  • Mr. Big Dick
    Mr. Big Dick Hace 5 meses +6

    Harvard PhD student? this dude must be a genius

  • Lucie M
    Lucie M Hace 3 meses

    This was so well made, I feel like I just watched a professional documentary. 💕

  • S S
    S S Hace 4 meses +1

    Man you gonna have a total comp exceeding a milli when some quant hedgie scoops you up.
    Very very happy for you.
    Keep succeeding.
    Btw what are your future plans/goals about your career?

  • Laelin123
    Laelin123 Hace 2 meses

    Great video, but I wish you added how many hours you spend there (roughly), so we can get an idea just how long you study a day. Thanks!!

  • Noobdrag
    Noobdrag Hace 5 meses +3

    Great job, the video is produced so well.

  • Florin Dobinciuc
    Florin Dobinciuc Hace 6 meses +1

    Best of the best! I really enjoy your stories. Thanks for sharing!

    • Florin Dobinciuc
      Florin Dobinciuc Hace 6 meses +1

      @Quantum Boy I appreciate your simplicity and the hard work that you put in learning. This is very motivating. Thanks! It was always a dream to be a student at Harvard, but I'm from Romania, the time went to another pipeline for me. I can do my best where I'm now, enjoying the present, enjoying the process, and your clips are motivating me.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses +1

      I appreciate the support Florin!

  • Preeti Jain
    Preeti Jain Hace 3 meses

    This video has different tone than your other videos. In this one you seem to be more excited and happy. Now your videos have a seriousness. I really like it.. how you add some details about your work in your videos. This makes us feel more connected with the video.

    • Preeti Jain
      Preeti Jain Hace 2 meses

      I am watching this video again today... and as the video started ... i was surprised this video has different energy than videos now....

  • Garrett Dyess
    Garrett Dyess Hace 5 meses +3

    “Doing physics is really about working through that confusion until you find out the answer.”

  • Sushree Snigdha
    Sushree Snigdha Hace 6 meses +8

    Hello brother 😃!
    Your videos are awesome and also hold such useful things. I'm now a physics graduate and I also want to do PhD in future at Harvard University like you. Bless me to persue it ☺️🙏🏻.

    • Quantum Boy
      Quantum Boy  Hace 6 meses

      Congratulations and best of luck Sushree!

  • Fiza
    Fiza Hace 5 meses +4

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  • Sukotto Donarudo
    Sukotto Donarudo Hace 4 meses +3

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    • Sukotto Donarudo
      Sukotto Donarudo Hace un mes +2

      @J I should add that my professors were legitimately brilliant people and I loved being in their classes. I don’t think a majority of them are far left, but the more conservative ones just avoid politics. My colleagues, however, were nuts.

    • J
      J Hace 3 meses

      I have noticed this trend in university in general. Some of my profs have multiple high end degrees but no degree in common sense. I think a lot of people excel in school just because they can cram for an exam and nail it no problem. I’ve also noticed quite a few academics don’t have many life skills, just academic skills. It’s bizarre to me.

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