Colin on Urban Meyer kicking allegations, warning about NIL dangers | The Colin Cowherd Podcast


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  • Keith A
    Keith A Hace un año +209

    It just shows how college coaches abuse and threaten the careers of college athletes. It is sickening

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline Hace un año

      @Ric H I called Brad Johnson a journeyman quarterbacks; don't needs a hall of fame quarterback! :: metro Detroit Detroit lions quarterbacks Jared Geoff;; he gotta go as detroit lions starter quarterback

    • Ric H
      Ric H Hace un año

      @lloyd kline being a Bucs fan for 45 years, Brad Johnson didn't win that 2002 Super Bowl that year. The Bucs Defense won that season. Most caused Turnovers in a Season..9 Defensive TDs (most ever in a season) and only gave up 12 points a game. Bucs Offense with "Great Offensive Guru" Gruden averaged 19 points a game. Bucs Defense outscored the Raiders Offense in the Super Bowl. All of this has nothing to do with the fact Saban is the most overrated Coach on the Planet.

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline Hace un año

      @Ric H Brad Johnson; journeyman quarterback

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline Hace un año

      @Ric H being a Minnesota viking fans that journeyman ex Minnesota viking quarterback won a superbowl at Tampa Bay as a starter: proven point two

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline Hace un año

      @Ric H I am at Minnesota viking fan; I remember Chris Carter & randy moss: he would throw the football 🏈 in the air randy moss it would be a jump ball; Chris Carter first down receiver they .miss Brian bellichich as offensive coordinator of the viking randy moss first year;: gibb Washington redskins former coach prove NFL franchises do not need a hall of fame quarterback to win a superbowl

  • Sylent Muchacho
    Sylent Muchacho Hace un año +86

    Just imagine what hell Ohio State and Florida players/staff had to go through.

    • Manatee Power
      Manatee Power Hace un año +1

      @kmlckd It's tough to have sympathy for Urban's wife, considering she spent years covering for Zach Smith.

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez Hace un año +1

      Hopefully they come out from their caves & tell their stories...

    • kmlckd
      kmlckd Hace un año +1

      Imagine what his family goes through. His wife probably has Stockholm syndrome

    • John Bolton
      John Bolton Hace un año

      I googled “arrogance” and this video popped up.

    • John Bolton
      John Bolton Hace un año

      That’s been my thought all fall…

  • Paul Fiedler
    Paul Fiedler Hace un año +174

    Urban is an awful person. He doesn't deserve to be an NFL coach. The young Jags need a coach with a soul. A young and hopeful soul that respects the job and doesn't ditch the team for a lap dance.

    • Will Cal
      Will Cal Hace un año

      @Micheal Jones It’s not about getting laid it’s about being a grown ass adult. Urban wasn’t one.

    • Micheal Jones
      Micheal Jones Hace un año +1

      Lots of jealous people that can't get laid

    • Will Cal
      Will Cal Hace un año +2

      @Bradshaw224 That incident is really just the tip of the toxic iceberg.

    • Hamilton Keener
      Hamilton Keener Hace un año +3

      @Nick Barcheck you read his entire comment and only focused on the lap dance part lmfao

    • Bradshaw224
      Bradshaw224 Hace un año

      If u think urban getting a lapper is the worst thing...damn you don’t want to know what actually happens on a week to week basis in this league...but there is no saving this bonfire of shit, every player who goes there gets worse immediately. Unless ur JRII where u go from nobody to a mediocre RB

  • [Terminated Account]
    [Terminated Account] Hace un año +13

    Urban Meyer never understood the position he was in, he just thought he could get away with the same things he got away with in college. Everything about him is dated and now I understand why he gave Tebow a shot because he needed somebody in the locker room that could lead the team for him because it seems apparent he can't lead his way out of a bag of chips.

    • Manatee Power
      Manatee Power Hace un año

      Of course, outside of not being a pro player, the problem with Tim Tebow is that the whole "leadership intangibles" thing was nothing more than propaganda perpetuated by Tebow's brother and ESPN. The truth is, Tebow is nothing more than a narcissist in a cult who specializes in circumcising phillipinan children without their consent.

    • Antonio saxon
      Antonio saxon Hace un año +3


  • _Avatar_
    _Avatar_ Hace un año +30

    Can’t wait to hear the stories that come out now.

    • Big "E"
      Big "E" Hace un año +1

      @Jay Brickman I like Gordon, He was always in trouble or the headlines ....He definitely likes his weed for sure but he still has a good game for age now.....👍..I haven't been a fan of Urban Meyers Since he was in the Swap. .

    • Jay Brickman
      Jay Brickman Hace un año +2

      @Big "E" what makes Gordon so toxic in your mind? He’s actually a very kind, laid back guy, he just simply had a hard time giving up the weed

    • Big "E"
      Big "E" Hace un año +1

      Meyers is like having a Josh Gordon on your team.....Meyers is a Drama Queen...

    • Brian OSullivan
      Brian OSullivan Hace un año +1

      It would make for one hell of a book.

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan Hace un año +65

    Can't ownership fire him for cause at this point without having to buy him out?
    It's long past time for the NCAA to seriously investigate abusive coaches in every sport in every division. This is a perfect example.

    • hakeem akbar
      hakeem akbar Hace un año

      The fact that he assaulted a player (unwanted physical action) they're going to void that contract his agent will file a motion and it'll go to arbitration and they'll settle on a substantial less amount.

    • Eastern Woods
      Eastern Woods Hace un año

      I'm sure Khan talked to his lawyer before he made the decision. ( that's why he has lawyers on call ). The lawyers will work out a settlement.
      As for investigating abuse of athletes, abuse is rampant in all sports. I'm in Canuckistan so hockey is top of the list. Tennis player in China. Look at gymnastics and figure skating. I don't want to paint all coaches with the same brush but I think coaching attracts perverts the same way the priesthood attracts them

    • David Yang
      David Yang Hace un año

      obviously without the actual contract itself it's hard to say, but man if violence against a player isn't grounds for voiding the contract then idk what is. If that happens Urban will definitely take it to court, just remains to be seen if that's a headache Shad Khan wants to deal with

    • Tuxie Vous Musique
      Tuxie Vous Musique Hace un año

      Bourbon 🥃 Meyers is out c:

    • ST A
      ST A Hace un año +1

      I would say yes. Work Place violence.

  • Philip Wilkins
    Philip Wilkins Hace un año +24

    Coaches like Urban need to go. There’s no place in sports for actions like this. Urban has side stepped his ethics years ago. He wins on the field and if he gets away with this he won’t ever stop. Urban thinks he’s above others. Is that who you want leading your image.
    Unfortunately ethics have taken a back seat to money. This is what’s happened to the world. Ethics are not the top of people’s character anymore. With this comes greed and corruption.

    • David Force
      David Force Hace un año

      Only at Ohio State could a guy like this teach a class on ethics.

    • Bambino
      Bambino Hace un año

      @Eric PS Chen I see what your saying navy seals and even kids are mentally stronger then an nfl kicker. It's true. Should have Urban did it NO. But I couldn't imagine making a big deal out of being kicked in the leg. It's the rea we are in filled with Beta men..

    • Bambino
      Bambino Hace un año

      @Eric PS Chen they come from all walks of life poor rich black white Asian it's don't matter..

    • Bambino
      Bambino Hace un año

      @Eric PS Chen dude there men in their 30s joining seal teams. People that have graduated from college join seal teams. You weren't their so you don't know. I had a mean that went to Harvard and joined the teams at 29..

    • Eric PS Chen
      Eric PS Chen Hace un año

      @Bambino Yeah, try kicking a commander in the leg as a general. Good luck with that. Navy Seal instructors are teaching mostly teenagers.

  • Charles M
    Charles M Hace un año +2

    I remember Colin saying when he was hired how Urban was a lock to be a success in the nfl. Yet another bold and righteous prediction in the scrap heap!

  • Anoop Sandhu
    Anoop Sandhu Hace un año +14

    Colin is so informative, One of the best in the Game.

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline Hace un año

      Colin is the best sports media guy I ever listen too

    • A. P.
      A. P. Hace un año +1

      He's legit. I like him over most national coverage guys. I mainly listen to the local radio guys.

  • stevesonism
    stevesonism Hace un año +11

    Breaking news: he just got fired.

  • M. Watts
    M. Watts Hace un año +44

    I feel like we’re in a Herd meeting talking about the headlines tomorrow.

    • Dopewell 804 Shyt
      Dopewell 804 Shyt Hace un año

      @asphyxiafeeling lol he do 🤣

    • asphyxiafeeling
      asphyxiafeeling Hace un año +2

      @A. P. spark notes if I was an employee at his gig: watch the volume the night before work 😂

    • A. P.
      A. P. Hace un año +1

      A pre shift group meeting

    • asphyxiafeeling
      asphyxiafeeling Hace un año +2

      For real! Haha. I think he previews topics for tomorrows show on his podcast the night before.

  • Ishan Ray
    Ishan Ray Hace un año +38

    Colin has been oddly low key about Urban's disastrous job. I've watched several segments with him talking about Urban and it's a little favoring.

    • Ishan Ray
      Ishan Ray Hace un año

      @chucks Great point. Urban did work there last year and there definitely seems like some protection going on. I will say that the Odd Couple lays into him pretty well.

    • X525Crossfire
      X525Crossfire Hace un año

      He was basically fellating Urban when his hire was announced, and was probably the most vocal in downplaying the concerns about Urban becoming an NFL coach - inability to handle losing, whether he could handle dealing with paid professionals, etc. Colin was so gun ho calling this a slamdunk hire for the Jags that he'd basically choke to death on all the crow he'd have to eat if he admitted how much of a disaster Urban's tenure in JAX has been.

    • TheLocalLt
      TheLocalLt Hace un año +2

      Urban worked with Colin on Fox, they even did shows together, and Meyer was also a frequent guest on the Herd

    • Randy Sandberg
      Randy Sandberg Hace un año +2

      Agreed. Also, Colin has been silent about Mark Few's DUI and Colin refers to Few as his "Buddy". Don't be a Cuomo, Colin.

    • chucks
      chucks Hace un año

      Colin and everyone else at FS1 has been quiet about Urban. Wiley and Acho did a segment about the lap dance but have been quiet since then. I can’t wait to hear how the FS1 staff sugarcoats the situation now that the firing is going to force them to talk about it.

  • Manatee Power
    Manatee Power Hace un año +11

    Agreed with the Urban Meyer take. As far, as your college football take goes, there is a lot to unpack here.
    1. You are arguing against a strawman in regards of why NIL needs to be regulated, literally no one is saying it shouldn't. It's a cheap trick to make the pro-labor side appear more absurd than it is.
    2. You argue that player mobility should be tamed down. Well, the best solution to that is to give players contracts with money, and that they have to give back money, or some other penalty if they leave. Otherwise, if college still refuses to pay athletes, then they should be able to leave whenever they want, because slavery is illegal in this country.
    3. You argue that coaches are more important to the school brand than the players are. If that's the case, then why in the ever living fuck are you so worried about player mobility? If anything, shouldn't coaches have less freedom since they have a bigger impact on schools? (which is what I am not arguing)
    In summation, you can't say that you are for player mobility, then spend the next five minutes complaining how their mobility should be seriously restricted.

    • Manatee Power
      Manatee Power Hace un año

      @La Ronch I mean, now you are literally just talking about the perils of late stage capitalism in america. The fact that there are pampered spoiled multi-millionaire boosters with unlimited power while many people work 60 plus hours just to get by is a travesty on a whole other level.
      By the way, salary caps does not create parity. That is propaganda perpetuated by billionaire owners who needed a way to justify short changing labour at the professional level.
      All salary caps do is take money away from labor and back into the hands of the mega rich.

    • La Ronch
      La Ronch Hace un año

      I don't think he's complaining about player mobility, what he dosent want is unchecked spending by boosters to make only a couple grpgrams dominant above all the others. We finally see College football opening up a bit with the expanded playoff format, he dosent want all of that to get instantly reversed by boosters just instantly buying up all the best athletes. He's for player mobility. But he's essentially arguing for a type of salary cap so programs like OSU and Alabama can't just rally the money and dominate

    • Undrtd Drmz Media
      Undrtd Drmz Media Hace un año +1

      Facts if the coaches are so important than they should not be able to up and leave a school in recruiting season but noooooo you would never want to limit a mans mobility even tho half of these so called coaches abuse thier power and get run outta town but keep telling us its the poor students ruining college football

  • Ceez B
    Ceez B Hace un año +3

    Coaches should respect players and not kick any players, unless it's a kicker... Kickers too often ruin an amazing drive and choke on a go-ahead FG. Any kicker who misses a key FG, should be given the option to get kicked or fired.
    joking of course... kickers suck and should be held accountable but not mistreated.

  • Randy Sandberg
    Randy Sandberg Hace un año +3

    As a Jags fan, I say Urban needs to go. I was against the hiring from the start.

  • ClayMac
    ClayMac Hace un año +4

    Meyer is lucky one of these NFL players hasn’t stood up and punched him in the face.

  • Jason Alvarez
    Jason Alvarez Hace un año +11

    You forgetting one thing alot of them are not going to make it to the NFL. Their not going to get that contract. They're coming from poverty. U need to get the most u can.

  • Lisa Ziedas
    Lisa Ziedas Hace un año +3

    Probably the best analysis of what is taking place in sports. Well done Mr. Cowherd.

  • J P
    J P Hace un año +2

    Very smart and insightful take on college sports and NIL and the transfer portal. You can be for paying players and allowing transfers and at the same time want some sort of regulation. People forget that pro sports, which they always use as an example, has restrictions and is not the wild, Wild West.

  • Slapjones
    Slapjones Hace un año +2

    Alabama win almost every year so it doesn't matter if one team can pay any players the most money because it's usually the same 5 teams every year out of 100 plus schools contend for the chip

  • Chuck Sosa
    Chuck Sosa Hace un año

    I usually agree with Colin, but his takes on Meyer are extremely biased. Meyer deserved to be fired a couple of ,months ago and there was zero chance that he was ever coming back for a second year. Meyer deserves everything he got and no program in their right mind should ever hire this guy to lead any program.

  • Nazmo King
    Nazmo King Hace un año +1

    So this is what you get when the media guy (Colin) gets too chummy with his subject (Urban)! None of this is really Urban's fault - he just needed an experienced close team advisor to tell him that kicking a player on the field, bringing in a racist conditioning coach, bringing in Tebow to try a new position at 32, skipping a team plane after a loss so you can fraternize with a woman in public that's not your wife, and blaming your coaches and players after losses is not a great idea. Yeah, Colin I guess we all need that - right (we can't make wise decisions in our own lives without one)????

  • mike murray
    mike murray Hace un año +1

    The blame should be on Shad Khan for hiring him in the first place, anyone could have told you how this was going to go. There is nothing wrong with being a good college coach. There are many pro coaches that would not be good college coaches.

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    After hearing this Urban doesn’t deserve to even be a community college coach

    • Big "E"
      Big "E" Hace un año

      @Benjamin Bearce He needed to go... Meyers was a Drama Queen.... He made alot of bad decisions this year for himself.

    • Noah Ruston
      Noah Ruston Hace un año

      @Benjamin Bearce urban might be funniest nfl coach of all time

    • Benjamin Bearce
      Benjamin Bearce Hace un año +4

      He just got fired 3 minutes ago.

  • James Savik
    James Savik Hace un año

    The whole drama in Jacksonville stank from the start. From the side show with Tebo, the misuse of Trevor Lawrence to the final butt kicking. It was a charlie-foxtrot.

  • J K
    J K Hace un año

    Colin is very good at stating the obvious and spending a lot of time doing it.

  • Matthew Wanner
    Matthew Wanner Hace un año +10

    Trevor Lawrence deserves so much better

  • Incognitus
    Incognitus Hace un año +33

    As a Jags fan please fire him… should have payed Eric B a billion.

    • Eric Burton
      Eric Burton Hace un año

      You’re right, it should have been me.

    • Paul Prigge
      Paul Prigge Hace un año

      @stevenmintz1 I’d say that’s why he has not been hired.Everybody wants him to have a job but nobody wants to Face the fall out when they do a little Research.

    • stevenmintz1
      stevenmintz1 Hace un año +1

      Eric b has domestic violence issues in the past. I am not sure how the media will handle that.

    • Dentatus Dentatus
      Dentatus Dentatus Hace un año +4

      Eric B? What about Rakim?

    • TheKillermike83
      TheKillermike83 Hace un año

      Eric Biennemy?

  • Rodrigo Montes de Oca
    Rodrigo Montes de Oca Hace un año +1

    There are great coaches, but many get too much credit for a program's success. It's the players, coordinators, wide receiver coaches, lineman coaches, and everyone else that's on the sideline representing the program. It's like a doctor getting the praise while it was the nurse providing most of the care. The credit needs to be disbursed rightfully to not create egos like Urban Meyer. If he can kick a grown man and think he can get away with it imagine how he's treated college players.

    • DogSlobber Gardens
      DogSlobber Gardens Hace un año

      You're right about both the credit and the accountability.

  • JohnWerck
    JohnWerck Hace un año

    It's one thing for his pro coaching career not to go well, it's another thing to get fired and have literally no other recourse for his career. He's certainly not returning to television. Guess he has a bar, but that situation has been weird for months at this point.

  • Jay S
    Jay S Hace un año +7

    Barstool pays an athlete more than you do and there’s a problem? Don’t understand the second argument.

    • Manatee Power
      Manatee Power Hace un año

      You know you are a shitty employer when you make fucking Barstool look good.

  • Pembo0630
    Pembo0630 Hace un año

    I think we’re in for a real treat after this season’s over…the Meyer train has gone off the rails

  • Kirk W.
    Kirk W. Hace un año

    I appreciate Colin's take on scarcity.

  • Thomas Boyd
    Thomas Boyd Hace un año +2

    Coach Saban has se7en titles with six QBs. AJ McCarron won it for him twice (2011-2012). Roll Tide.

  • Tally Kev
    Tally Kev Hace un año +3

    How right you were Colin!

  • A Rah
    A Rah Hace un año

    The NFL is a prime example of the state (league) controlling the means of production - draft, salary cap, profit sharing, players traded etc.

  • Eddie Van Gundy
    Eddie Van Gundy Hace un año

    The same old brands have been dominating college football for years. This year was something of an exception, no telling if it will hold.
    Better leave NIL in place, Colin, unregulated for now.

  • John Brubaker
    John Brubaker Hace un año

    I don't disagree with this analysis. But how certain is there that this incident is exactly as described. were there witnesses? will other people back him up? who did he talk to about it? with the Gruden situation - they had the literal smoking gun with the emails - and it was simply a matter of what Mark Davis was going to do about it.

  • Scuffy McTugboat
    Scuffy McTugboat Hace un año +2

    Can't wait to hear Pat McAfee's take on this.

  • Fjord 5272
    Fjord 5272 Hace un año

    All the hell that Urban Meyer has brought to the NFL is more indicative of what type of dehumanizing experience college sports MUST be on athletes there. Thank god for Name Image Likeness and I apologize to college athletes of all sports for not having a heart about what there circumstances must be.

  • Chicken1515
    Chicken1515 Hace un año

    The absolute best content coward has Ever spit out!

  • Austin Frank
    Austin Frank Hace un año +5

    Pretty good timing there, Colin.

  • Smitty J
    Smitty J Hace un año

    I agree with Colin on the regulation of currency only because the last thing we need is more nerds like Zuckerberg ruining sports further like they have already with analytics

  • FartTouch ᴼᴳProductions

    Wow Colin I been one of your guys since 2010. I knew you be hitting in the money. Way to call it

  • Stephnocurry
    Stephnocurry Hace un año +2

    They fired him on his day off lmao funniest shit ever 😭😭

  • TheKillermike83
    TheKillermike83 Hace un año +2

    This reminds me of the project veritas video of ex meyer players exposing all the abuse they dealt with playing for him.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Hace un año

    Coaches would not spend so much time recruiting top players if luring right talent didn't correlate directly to the coach's job performance.

  • Adam Compean
    Adam Compean Hace un año +1

    I bet you the jags team players are jumping with joy they got an early Christmas gift! 🎄 the downer is gone!!! Hopefully the jags can now regroup & complete the season on a winning note!

  • tepatrilee
    tepatrilee Hace un año

    I feel like this is just genuine BS from a bad player begging for attention. Like Urban was goofing with the player, but somewhat serious, in saying hit your kicks and he kicked the dude playfully. But this often-injured dude...who was cut by the Jaguars mid-season...wants his 15 minutes in the middle of an Urban pile on so he skipped the "playfully" part to get more attention. I've seen dozens of pushes, chest punches (into the player's pads), hip checks, face mask grabs, and all sorts of coach/player physical contact that could be misconstrued intentionally.

  • P dureska
    P dureska Hace un año +1

    Urban left baggage at both tOSU and Florida. Not sure about Utah and Bowling Green. Nothing wrong with being hard on assistants and players to get the most out of them. However what Meyer did this year is not professional and not acceptable and steps over the line in so many different ways. He's not cut out for the NFL. He should just not coach again. Yeah some dumb college will woo him because they are desperate but he's toast as a coach

  • Benjamin Bearce
    Benjamin Bearce Hace un año +5

    Who’s here after he just got fired 🔥.

  • DJ Reyzor 357 Remakes
    DJ Reyzor 357 Remakes Hace un año +1

    This is the most Jackson's Jaguars thing ever... Now a kicker is getting Headline News 😆 🤣 😂

  • Mr. Roaring Riot
    Mr. Roaring Riot Hace un año

    Urban Meyer kicking a player, that's beyond crossing the line and abusing his authority on him. Good riddance that he's gone, I hope that Mr. Shad Khan hires the right person in Jacksonville. There's too much talent on the team with much potential that needs the right head coach and general manager.

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson Hace un año

    I wonder if the owner’s meeting gave players and other Jags coaches the perfect opportunity to start leaking. Surely other owners were already telling Shad Khan pre-Lambo story to get rid of the Jags black eye on the league.

  • Jerry Rose
    Jerry Rose Hace un año +1

    Bad hire to begin with.Fools gold with this guy.Had a mountain of talent at his years at OSU and delivered one National Championship.Our talent in the NFL bears that out.Very poor ingame adjustment coach at OSU.If he gets behind early its over.

    VAN DANG Hace un año

    He's been in GOD-mode all these years... he doesn't know how to come down to earth and actually connect and get real respect from PRO players... I can't imagine the mental abuse some.palyers got when urban shitted on them and they can't speak about it because it would be blasphemy...!

  • Dwight Shealey
    Dwight Shealey Hace un año +1

    I always find it interesting when Colin says this nonsense about there's not enough good coaches especially when basically what he's talking about in his opinion there's not enough good so-called white coaches because I don't see a lot of so-called black coaches Spanish and otherwise anybody see any Asian coaches Arabic coaches in the college ranks? and the dude that they just hired to take over Notre Dame is going to get the same treatment the last time that they brought in and I'll say it properly now a Moorish coach to run the program give him a short amount of time to recruit high-end players and then said he's not qualified enough and bring your so-called white guy back in..
    And I'll be the first one to say Colin cowherd is one of the smartest entertainers on television and this podcast but he has his biases he likes a lot of so-called black players but he really doesn't love them and he'll fall all over people like Brady and Aaron Rodgers no matter if they're in a cheating scandal as Brady was with the Patriots over and over again or the arrogant attitude of Aaron Rodgers who essentially lied about his covid status and while Cam Newton lost his job for going to an unauthorized facility and a Kyrie Irving gets shut down for not taking the job these points in my opinion seem to be glossed over because of these biases with not just him

    • Manatee Power
      Manatee Power Hace un año

      "There's not enough good coaches!"- says NFL pundits while Eric Bienemy is ignored in fire of Adam Gase and Chan Gailey getting hired for a 5th time.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Hace un año +1

    They need to let these kids enter the draft starting at 18, an if not selected let them not lose there collage eligibility and go back to collage. But if they free agent it, and not make a team that is on them.... Or make a rule that NFL can not have a free agent under 20. Now with 18 year old draft, the NFL can still safe guard there health, and say they do not start till they are 20, and no doubt pay league minimum for two non-playing years (but practicing with the team). Trevor Lawerence would of never played in collage, an just learned the pro system from the start.

  • Benjamin Kelln
    Benjamin Kelln Hace un año +1

    Urban Meyer should have been let go the first half of the season. The guy is just a walking controversy that didn’t treat the his position with the respect that he should have.

  • Gerard B
    Gerard B Hace un año +1

    Funny how Colin, kissed Urban's ass 2 years ago (because he was a Fox employee) and thought this was a "GREAT Hire"........ look at Urban's past, he's a tire fire!
    Easy to see this would happen. But Urban exceeded expectations, he got fired after 1 year instead of 3 years.
    You missed again Colin!

  • TJ king
    TJ king Hace un año

    I looked up urban's name to find out more about this kicking thing and i see he's fired damn

  • Nawfside Doe
    Nawfside Doe Hace un año +3

    Never seen Nick Saban throw a touchdown, catch one or make a tackle. Coaches are good for the schools brand but what does it do for the players brand and rich people control all sports 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️

  • Cedric Parfait
    Cedric Parfait Hace un año

    Colin used to love dynasties and big he loves the underdog...? I do understand the need for regulations but bad regulations can do more harm than no regulations...imo they should let it playout couple more years before making a decisions. We did have more parity this year with NIL...maybe NIL is just a counter-intuitive solution...

    • DogSlobber Gardens
      DogSlobber Gardens Hace un año

      Colin loves clicks and likes and ratings. His job is not to inform you, his job is to keep the advertisers happy. Same as every other media talking head.

  • Breyan
    Breyan Hace un año +1

    I bet you his kick was like a nudge and a nudge of endearment unfortunately Coach is in a soft league with extremely sensitive men. If Urban Meyer had in fact a plantain owner state of mind Urban would have never had success in coaching. Americans are so quick to defend a victim without ever using critical thinking or navigating factual evidence.

  • Connor Ryan
    Connor Ryan Hace un año

    Hold on now…Let’s use common sense…Urban, after all the bad publicity he’s had the past few months, decided to kick a player?!? I call BS. 🤔 He probably lightly kicked him in the foot or something but the headline is made to look awful

  • D22 Williams.22
    D22 Williams.22 Hace un año +1

    All media reporting unsubstantiated claims against Meyer, should consult attorneys.

  • King Ave
    King Ave Hace un año

    These owners aren’t worth that much but yea he had to go regardless of the check needed. It’s now or never for the Jags

  • Do you have Diabeetus?
    Do you have Diabeetus? Hace un año

    Colin was just talking about urban being a great coach like 5 weeks ago lol

  • Brandon R
    Brandon R Hace un año +3

    Well now you can fire him for cause.. bye bye money.
    Urban doesn't know how to act when he can't control every situation. Sorry Urban, but you don't win by 50 every week in the NFL.

    • joconnor3567
      joconnor3567 Hace un año

      Didn’t control his lap dances either.

  • DogSlobber Gardens
    DogSlobber Gardens Hace un año

    I don't care if you're the boss of a company, the HC or owner of a team, or what - if you strike a grown man you best be ready to get some back. That kinda shit is completely inexcusable.

  • Bill Litfin
    Bill Litfin Hace un año +1

    Not an Urban fan, but i think it is irresponsible to perpetuate the fact that Urban kicked a player without an investigation. Jussie Smollett rush to Judgement.

  • Chuck Speer
    Chuck Speer Hace un año

    I hope you are right about the money Colin I am sure shad can afford it but urban does not deserve nor is owed any money

  • Matt Cates
    Matt Cates Hace un año +2

    He needs a tune up from the players

  • DA S
    DA S Hace un año

    Maybe Urban was just having a moment. What’s the excuse this time?

  • Sneakyvolta
    Sneakyvolta Hace un año

    well colin called it, even thought it was bound to happen soon anyway lol

  • OGSmallkaiser
    OGSmallkaiser Hace un año +1

    HBCU get a #1 recruit is good but if he doesn’t work out I cannot imagine what going to happen

  • Ella McClanahan
    Ella McClanahan Hace un año

    I laugh every time I hear someone say he kicked a kicker sometimes I think they need kicked yet you can't do that if that wasn't a kicker and was a real football player he would have kicked his ass

    • Mike Gillette
      Mike Gillette Hace un año

      Pretty sure Lambo could kick Meyer's ass

  • AJB4356
    AJB4356 Hace un año

    The sad thing is he’ll be a college coach next year. If Petrino can get a job you know some sorry college will hire Urban.

  • LivelysReport
    LivelysReport Hace un año

    and my take is different.. who they playing this week? Oh, them Texans of coarse.. and you can not beat them Texans and keep that #2 over all pick coming up in the next draft.. and they want that #2 pick.. Meyer would fight to get the win.. would not want to loose twice to the Texans.. and they are playing at home.. a coach who wants to continue his job, does what he can to win.. can not have that against a team not as good as you and keep that #2 spot.. so fire Meyer and use the excuse to throw the game to keep that #2 pick, blame it on having fired the coach.. I say.. Texans, Fire Culley one hour before the game starts in Jacksonville.. and then first possession, go get yourself a safety giving Jacksonville 2 points and then refuse to score the rest of the game.. that is what I would do.. I mean, what is Jacksonville going to do if Meyer wins, fire a coach after he wins? You do not give him the chance to win.. because you do not want your team to win, you want that #2 over all pick and firing Meyer gives your team the excuse to loose.. that is what you do..

  • epicwolf
    epicwolf Hace un año

    Colin was right. On point. Meyers gone

  • Ginger Zoe
    Ginger Zoe Hace un año +2

    Update: Urban Meyer has been fired. Woohoo 🥳

  • Stanley Green
    Stanley Green Hace un año +1

    Colin's wrong about the coach being more important than the player. Those coaches ain't winning anything without top talent.

  • Cole Oxé
    Cole Oxé Hace un año

    No NBA player has a no trade clause? Can someone double check that?

  • Troy Heffernan
    Troy Heffernan Hace un año

    4 coaches in 11 years. Not urban Myers fault.

  • Clifton Bolden
    Clifton Bolden Hace un año +1

    Question who would land a coaching job first Jon Gruden or Urban Meyer?

    • Big "E"
      Big "E" Hace un año

      I think there both done for awhile.....

  • mobetter25
    mobetter25 Hace un año

    They been paying players for years, Coaches
    Make millions off these kids. Now the kids make money now it à problem.

  • monarch guitar
    monarch guitar Hace un año

    I heard that Colin has reported NFL news without researching the source , in this case a kicker who can't kick extra points let alone field goals .....

  • chas jacks
    chas jacks Hace un año

    He is right about coaches and coaching especially the pros. Bellichick is the only winner in the NFL. the rest don't know how to win Super Bowls. Reid did not win a Super Bowl. Kyle Shannahan lost the Super Bowl. Twice. With leads at halftime he shut his offense down and lost. McCarthy couldn't win NFC Championship games because he didn't know how to win. These coaches take turns. Two loser coaches in a game means one will win. NFL coaching is a club. They all jump through the same hoops and play the same strategy because if you don't you get the goods coaching jobs. At least in college there are guys who have a winning game plan. the problem with college ball is the slavery issue. You can't get to the peos if you don't play college ball.

  • Alph12
    Alph12 Hace un año

    Urban seems to have ran a con on the Jaguars! from the get go he did not seem to be into it and wanted out and now he gets a buyout and probably gets another gig in college.

  • Colin Schenck
    Colin Schenck Hace un año

    If you sign any NIL deal, you should be forced to give up your scholarship and pay tuition yourself. Give that scholarship money to someone who needs it

  • Anthony Gambitta
    Anthony Gambitta Hace un año

    He should NOT be payed out, due to cause (kicking a player is physical assault.)

  • Mr100X
    Mr100X Hace un año

    Jags fans; aside from Billy B who’s your ideal head coach?

  • Dave Bar
    Dave Bar Hace un año

    Sounds like every jr & high school coach to me
    isnt this normal ? They are school police
    so untouchable

  • Dan Fields
    Dan Fields Hace un año

    From the Florida gangsters to the Ohio's team....only the shadows know...🤔

  • Saul Squinones514
    Saul Squinones514 Hace un año

    well, well, well, colin there a few things I would like to say who the disaster organization now and as rite now the Jets hiring was a prefect fit compared to a college coach that was a disaster for the Jaguars organization especially for Trevor Lawrence also by the way colin Zach wilson won the rookie of the week twice not even Mac Jones or Justin fields and your beloved Trevor Lawrence did not win that award, just saying..

  • Tristan Smithers
    Tristan Smithers Hace un año +4

    who’s here after urban just got canned

  • joconnor3567
    joconnor3567 Hace un año

    Urban is and always was a bum. The same news persons who are aghast at his behavior as the Jacksonville coach managed to look the other way while he ran “gangster” programs in college.

  • TallSomeone
    TallSomeone Hace un año

    Now they can lose and not have the scapegoat.

  • Michfn1
    Michfn1 Hace un año

    Jags knew about this and there are witnesses that say it didn’t happen

  • 7700Football
    7700Football Hace un año

    Nick Saban won 2 national championships with AJ McCarron as the QB. Too bad Urban wasn't fired on the tarmac of an away game.