Fire Emblem Three Houses - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018


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  • Positively DJ
    Positively DJ Hace 6 horas

    I have been a long time Fire Emblem fan and player! My first fire emblem game was Path of Radience. I am wondering if there will be a special edition and what will it include or will there be a nintendo switch skin when the game comes out? Also I would like to review the game on my channel when it comes out. Do I need to set anything up for that?

  • haphazard
    haphazard Hace un día

    Looks promising. I can only hope that the large scale battle has more to it than being purely cosmetic. Hopefully they introduce new tactics like flanking, positioning, and army morale and intimidation

  • king_Jab27
    king_Jab27 Hace un día +1


  • Milesprower the Brony Gamer

    Plot Twist: They're releasing three games side-by-side where you pick one of the houses, and we finally realise that Fire Emblem is turning into Pokemon with swords.

  • B03DYX
    B03DYX Hace un día +1

    Only now I realize that in the very beginning main FE theme playing. But in minor.

  • OnFireGamer
    OnFireGamer Hace un día

    Wait a minute... This is a langresser rip off

  • Jason
    Jason Hace un día

    hope its mechanically better then Valentia got bored of that so fast there was nothing to break up the game a little. Awakening was great. and to the lesser extent fates. Thoroughly enjoyed Path of Radiance on the game cube though.

  • Guacamole Dip
    Guacamole Dip Hace un día

    6 months since the reveal and we still haven't received any updates.

  • Weeping MG
    Weeping MG Hace un día +2

    Can we have some more information please..maybe

  • Mangs
    Mangs Hace 2 días +39

    Can't wait to play this in 2025!

    • NinjaCell
      NinjaCell Hace 4 horas

      We'll get the next Advance Wars before this

    • Christopher Calvert
      Christopher Calvert Hace un día

      Ya it’s like it never happened

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace un día +5

      Combined with your newest shitpost, I see even you are starting to crack.

  • Rodrigo Wemans
    Rodrigo Wemans Hace 2 días +1

    Man ,nintendo trailers are the only youtube vidios were i can find so many good jokes in the coment secceion

  • Xander French
    Xander French Hace 2 días +1

    Have never played a Fire Emblem game but this looks like it can be a fun strategy game.

    • ꧁Fudanshi꧂
      ꧁Fudanshi꧂ Hace 2 días +2

      They're really fun.
      More so if you're interested in the gameplay itself.
      The stories are generally average with some exceptions.
      Definitely keep this game on your radar.
      You could also try out some older FE games in the meantime.
      If you have a 3DS, I would recommend:
      Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
      if you're looking for one of the hardest and most well designed
      strategy games out there.
      And or
      Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
      if you're looking for a really good story.

  • The GameSMR
    The GameSMR Hace 2 días +1

    Watch the main character of Three Houses make a guest appearance in Smash.

  • jetairliner spartan
    jetairliner spartan Hace 2 días

    Ill only buy if ike is in the game

  • Miltort Manapaste
    Miltort Manapaste Hace 2 días +1

    Fomortis for Heroes. Also add a fire emblem villain into smash as dlc? preferably one without a sword?

  • Zahidah Ali
    Zahidah Ali Hace 2 días

    Cant wait

  • Fiddle
    Fiddle Hace 3 días +6

    how long has it been since we last heard about this game from nintendo?

    • RoyalHustler09
      RoyalHustler09 Hace 2 días

      Only six months.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 3 días

      6 months. This trailer + the announcement that FE would be coming to the switch is the only information we’ve gotten since February 2017.

  • alicia brock
    alicia brock Hace 3 días +3

    I wonder if there's a character customization is coming back.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 3 días

      alicia brock
      Byleth seems to be the avatar.

  • Akmal
    Akmal Hace 3 días

    Where the comment that say "Some believe the waifus, token of the Goddess power, are necessary to maintain order, but they're wrong teacher, the waifus are to blame" ?
    did they delete it?

  • Mojave Cyclone
    Mojave Cyclone Hace 3 días +4

    Praying to Naga this will be good

  • JashSparrow
    JashSparrow Hace 3 días

    they included weapon usage again? that’s sad

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 3 días +7

      I mean it’s not much worse than Fates’ handle of it. Basically any powerful weapons were useless because they were debuffed so bad, and it was better to just to forge weaker weapons to be better than the powerful ones. The durability system isn’t perfect, but we don’t even know how this game will handle it yet. It could be improved, so please hold off on complaining until we have more information.

  • OverlordDystroy
    OverlordDystroy Hace 3 días +3

    Alright, alright. Smash is out now, Three Houses Hype has returned, let's go!

  • jcorrxeoso 107
    jcorrxeoso 107 Hace 3 días +8

    It’s been 6 months Nintendo. We need MORE.

  • Achilles Official
    Achilles Official Hace 4 días

    This better be released on mobile too

    • -Its Kirbo-
      -Its Kirbo- Hace 3 días

      can someone slap this niqqa for me please?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 3 días +3

      Achilles Official
      I’m mean, Three Houses characters will likely make an appearance in the mobile game, but there’s no way Nintendo would release an entire game onto mobile. I don’t think the mobile would even be able to handle this.

    • Achilles Official
      Achilles Official Hace 3 días

      Ambur Price awww. But how sick would that be

    • noah vc
      noah vc Hace 4 días +1


    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 4 días +5

      Achilles Official
      I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen, sorry.

  • Mr. PokeyLope
    Mr. PokeyLope Hace 4 días +7

    Look, Nintendo, if you release the soundtrack with both the Japanese and English version of the theme, I will buy whatever special edition you sell this under. It could come with a bonus ball of lint and I’d still buy it.
    Or just release a fire emblem soundtrack in the west. On itunes, or spotify, you know, I don’t wanna pressure you or anything, you do you Nintendo.

  • Coffee cat
    Coffee cat Hace 4 días +1

    worth to be expected

  • MillionShadesofDarkness

    hory shet

  • louly979
    louly979 Hace 4 días +2


  • iHakim T
    iHakim T Hace 5 días

    Fire emble. Botw. I want them on my console :/

  • hùng nguyễn
    hùng nguyễn Hace 5 días

    new harem army :)

  • Christian Guthrie
    Christian Guthrie Hace 5 días +1

    is the gal on the throne one of them dragons?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 5 días +2

      Christian Guthrie
      Though not 100% confirmed, it’s very likely she’s a dragon (manakete in FE terms).

  • yusuke urameshi
    yusuke urameshi Hace 6 días

    The framerate seems extremely choppy...

    • MysticKnight 14
      MysticKnight 14 Hace 4 días +2

      Well this came out almost a whole year (give or take a couple months) before the game is scheduled to release so I'm sure the finished product will look better!

  • John Moyler
    John Moyler Hace 6 días +1

    Can we get more info pls

  • Firestar1992
    Firestar1992 Hace 7 días +37

    Okay, Smash is out now. Time to focus on other things...LIKE THIS GLORIOUS GAME! GIMME ALL THE INFO YOU CAN DUMP!

    • Adelina Awtry
      Adelina Awtry Hace 17 horas

      I wish there was some info to dump. Unfortunately, we have been given no tea to spill.

    • DMAN
      DMAN Hace 2 días

      I know for a fact that the Instructor will be dlc for Smash

    • MysticKnight 14
      MysticKnight 14 Hace 4 días +4

      Same tho

    • xXx Wazzupy xXx
      xXx Wazzupy xXx Hace 5 días +4

      BIG MOOD

  • kfc lova
    kfc lova Hace 7 días

    Where’s Ike?

  • Craig Emery
    Craig Emery Hace 7 días +5

    Can't Wait....Love Fire Emblem soooo much!! Replaying Echoes on my 3DS @ the moment.

  • Vizionez III
    Vizionez III Hace 8 días +1

    Make fates for switch one physical release

    • Cale C
      Cale C Hace 3 días +1

      +Vizionez III I mean, the one you're referring to was before fire emblem got popular. And Echoes did pretty well. And finally the amount of people clamoring for remakes because of how great some of the Japan-only games were (genealogy for example), I think it's fairly likely we'll see a remake.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 7 días +4

      Vizionez III
      They recently remade the second FE game and it sold quite well for what it was. I’d say more remakes are probably on the way, since they now know there are a significant amount of people willing to buy them. Just saying it might be a little better to get games from the NES/GBA game rather than a 2 year old game to reduce redundancy.

    • Vizionez III
      Vizionez III Hace 8 días +1

      +Ambur Price i think they remade one for ds, it didn't sell so well but whatever float your goat

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 8 días +4

      Vizionez III
      Wouldn’t it be better to remake the games that the West never got to play? I mean Fates was the best selling FE game, so a lot of people got to play it. But these Japan only games were only played a few. Wouldn’t it be cool to bring those games back rather than a game that a ton of people have already played?

  • Vizionez III
    Vizionez III Hace 8 días +8

    Never cared for fe elitists, can't wait for it just don't make it a 3 versions games like fates please

  • Minato Arisato
    Minato Arisato Hace 8 días +8

    I hope they bring news in Fire emblem expo

  • SkillaWillits
    SkillaWillits Hace 8 días +7

    I like the idea of adding units alongside the hero. I hope each unit of the hero’ health is represented as one unit beside the hero.

  • Evan Rogers
    Evan Rogers Hace 8 días +4

    Honestly, I just want to say thank you to the developers of “Divinity: Original Sin” for changing my mind about turn based combat games. I always shut them down immediately but now my mind has been opened to an entirely new genre of game.

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones Hace 8 días +5

    Really nice art style, held back by some major aliasing issues. Those jaggies could poke your eyes out. I hope this is addressed before release. It's very jarring.

  • CrazyJay 5000
    CrazyJay 5000 Hace 8 días +2

    I'm hyped for this game no doubt!! I hope one day we'll get mainstay Fire Emblem game that mashes up Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, Echoes, and Three Houses. Like they're all brought to the same dimension and get together for the biggest final battle Fire Emblem has ever seen!!

  • Roll Brand
    Roll Brand Hace 8 días +4

    Now that smash bros comes out on Friday. Nintendo focus on games like this and more!

  • Frog24
    Frog24 Hace 9 días +6

    I hope the map design and the gameplay will be as good Fates: Conquest. Back in 2016, I was so crazy and I started Fates: Conquest on hard and with perma death and I was just FE-beginner (I've only played Awakening before). So hard it was, it turned out as one of the most difficult and greatest gaming-experience ever for me. I hope Three Houses will return with what "effect" for me.

    • ꧁Fudanshi꧂
      ꧁Fudanshi꧂ Hace 5 días +1

      Gameplay seems to be great.
      Map design is eh.
      It's most likely going to be slightly above average.
      However, games as a whole have gotten more and more casual.
      Awakening had 4 difficulties.
      Fates had 3.
      Echos had 2 (although this was a remake, so it can be forgiven)
      They probably won't want to challenge the player with the great maps of Conquest.
      But I don't think they're going to bore us with Awakening's map design either, even though I personally wouldn't mind.
      As long as they make the game hard, then even simple maps can be fun in my opinion.
      It really forces you to use your surroundings and take area bonuses (or penalties) seriously.

  • ClouDidi 95
    ClouDidi 95 Hace 9 días

    i love this game from what i see but i miss the times where you had a main char like ike and not an customized avatar :/

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 5 días

      I mean, each to there own, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a remake, and a VERY faithful remake at that (people actually got upset with how faithful it was). Sure they changed things up a bit, but that’s expected since the story was pretty barebones. It’s not considered a main game, and that’s what I meant when I said it doesn’t count.

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 6 días

      Ambur Price they do actually did you think the old Gaiden had the same story as what we have no of course not they changed up some things they even added Fernand and Berkut, so for me it is a new game

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 8 días

      The previous game was Fates, which most definitely had a main character avatar. Are you talking about Echoes? Because remakes don’t really count.

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 9 días +1

      ClouDidi 95 well the previous game was “just like Ike” not an avatar

  • Perzival
    Perzival Hace 10 días +2

    Please. Please for the love of God dont just be awakening two. Don't have an avatar if the reason is "because awakening did it". Dont have a waifu system with the only reason being "awakening did it". Just make it a Fire Emblem game. Yknow, back when it was a war time tactical rpg.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 3 días

      MysticKnight 14
      Yeah, but it was from a very old game (FE 4), and I don’t think newcomers would like it if the entire first generation was killed off. You could also technically count other FE games (6/7/8/9/10) that had marriage after the game, but honestly, if it went back to that way, I would be okay with the whole marriage thing. It wouldn’t seem as force in my opinion.

    • MysticKnight 14
      MysticKnight 14 Hace 4 días

      If we're being totally fair marriage in fire emblem was a thing way before awakening

    • Sleaze
      Sleaze Hace 10 días +1

      Hey genealogy did it first :(

  • Reaper Sykko
    Reaper Sykko Hace 10 días

    Online mode ?

  • Tanner Martin
    Tanner Martin Hace 10 días

    FE Awakening or Shadows of Valentia - which was better?

    • Cale C
      Cale C Hace 3 días +1

      Echoes had voice acting and a much better story imo, and though the gameplay is a bit dated it's not crippling. So I say SoV.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 8 días +3

      Tanner Martin
      Personally, I liked SoV better. It just felt like a breath of fresh air after Fates. Awakening will always have a special place for me, though, since it was my first FE game.

  • ....
    .... Hace 10 días +4

    I hope the cutscenes aren't animated like fe echoes

    • Cale C
      Cale C Hace 3 días

      I do, I really liked that style. Though 3d cutscenes would be fine as well.

  • Wolfgod 64
    Wolfgod 64 Hace 10 días +3

    Anyone else hear the Fire Emblem main theme at the start?

  • Roy but with his dad's stuff
    Roy but with his dad's stuff Hace 10 días +12

    Bro Nintendo we need a new trailer right now we're starving you got to feed your children ya' know

  • Aidyl Inah
    Aidyl Inah Hace 10 días +5

    The reason why I'm buying a switch ❤️
    I hope it gets mini quests and dungeons/castles to explore like in Echoes.

  • Christian Olesen
    Christian Olesen Hace 11 días +3

    Is it in their nature to make us wait this long?

    seriously it's been almost half a year.
    Edit: Now it have been half a year.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 10 días +1

      Christian Olesen
      This trailer was a break of over a 14 month silence. Don’t expect to much information on this game until it gets close to spring.

  • Rogelio Gallegos
    Rogelio Gallegos Hace 11 días +3

    An update would be appreciated...

  • Jae Beatz
    Jae Beatz Hace 11 días +1

    I got another reason on why to get a switch

  • ThatOneSwordGuy :p
    ThatOneSwordGuy :p Hace 11 días

    2:00 am I the only one who immediately saw Olivia

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 10 días

      ThatOneSwordGuy :p what¿

  • Leanne B.
    Leanne B. Hace 11 días

    Never played a Fire Emblem game before. Will I be fine jumping straight into Three Houses? or will I need to play One House and Two Houses first?

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      Well there is no one house or two house
      If you want to start i recommend play fe 7 (it called just "fire emblem" on gba) or awakening since those two i think is the most solid game for beginner

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 11 días

      Leanne B.
      Haha there is no One House and Two Houses 😂
      But don’t worry, each FE game is its own game (with a few exceptions) and don’t connect much with older games. You can easily play most of them without having played another. This ones no different.

  • Cordero Ebberhart
    Cordero Ebberhart Hace 11 días

    Sword faction WILL REIGN

  • Hot Milk
    Hot Milk Hace 12 días +7

    Can we get some new information soon

  • Elijah Moore
    Elijah Moore Hace 12 días +2

    Time for some more Waifu Wars

  • OtakuDaiKun
    OtakuDaiKun Hace 13 días +8

    I'm hyped but I wanna see more characters.

    • Dlarence Parks
      Dlarence Parks Hace 7 días

      Same here fr why is more information on the game taking forever to come out

  • Destiny Young
    Destiny Young Hace 14 días


  • Darx
    Darx Hace 14 días

    so who is the "mc" here? is the girl or the guy with green hair? or double mc?

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      +Ambur Price i hope that default, like mark on fe7 but avatar is fine for me

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 13 días +3

      Byleth (the guy with the blue/green hair) is presumed to be the avatar.

  • Benjamin Sopkin
    Benjamin Sopkin Hace 14 días

    So is there going to be a smash bros dlc char from three houses?

    And will it be a sword user?

    • ThePaulineu
      ThePaulineu Hace 8 días +1

      Benjamin Sopkin maybe the girl with white hair, who’ll use an axe?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 13 días

      Benjamin Sopkin
      Hopefully no more Sword users at the very least (especially when all three lords don’t wield a sword as their main weapon).

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez Hace 14 días +3

    Fire emblem expo may 2019

  • Cola B
    Cola B Hace 14 días

    Do you guys think Edelgard or Byleth will be added as Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC?

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 13 días

      Cola B I think Byleth but I hope Edelgard ( I wouldn't mind Dimitri and Claude)

  • William LoFaro
    William LoFaro Hace 14 días +2

    Here’s the thing. I adore the fire emblem franchise. There are so few mainstream games with the same strategy element so it’s pretty refreshing. More than that, the characters and how they interact are always amazing. Here’s hoping there will be a marriage system In this

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 13 días +2

      William LoFaro
      It’s very likely. At the very least there will be a support system which should give plenty of interaction.

  • Lords With Pants
    Lords With Pants Hace 14 días +7

    Nintendo... please. It’s been... 170 days... give... us some.... n-news.......

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      It's been 173 days now

    • Lords With Pants
      Lords With Pants Hace 13 días +1

      Luiszerep you got me there

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace 14 días +1

      C'mon, it's not that bad. Metroid and Pikmin fans have it much worse.

  • Naru Okami
    Naru Okami Hace 15 días

    I AM SOOOO HYPED FOR THIS! FINALLY, FREE ROME IN FE! (The only thing that would make this better is Lucina, because Lucina is life.) XD

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 13 días

      Naru Okami
      You could already “free” roam in FE: Echoes. It’s not really new, besides the fact the MyCastle will probably be free roaming, and maybe some villages.

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace 14 días

      FE Amiibo are a thing. The only question is if they'll be full-fledged units like in Fates or small extras.

  • Waifu Protector
    Waifu Protector Hace 15 días +2

    Bought a switch just for this game. Wishing for more trailers soon after the smash hype starts to wind down.

  • TickleMeEmo
    TickleMeEmo Hace 15 días

    Can y'all make this a PS4 game too? I don't want the Nintendo switch but I love the Fire Emblem games.

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      +TickleMeEmo fe is nintendo IP, what do you think this will on ps4?

    • TickleMeEmo
      TickleMeEmo Hace 15 días


    • Roy 692
      Roy 692 Hace 15 días +5

      TickleMeEmo Kinda impossible unfortunately

  • Bragglord
    Bragglord Hace 15 días

    I don't wanna slam the game at such an early stage but does anyone else dislike what they've done with all the generic soldiers in battles? Feels unnecessary and looks dumb.
    Fans of dynasty wars had their fun with FE Heroes, don't drag it into a proper FE game.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 13 días +2

      If I’m not mistaken, I believe that most of the time you were leading a big army. There were some instances where the groups were actually small, but the majority of the time it was an army. The Shepard’s were a big group (plus all the armies that you lead from time to time), the Hoshidan/Nohrian armies were big, the Deliverance was big. I’ve only played the 3DS games + a little bit of FE7, but as much as I can remember, you were mainly leading a huge group.

    • Bragglord
      Bragglord Hace 15 días

      +Ambur Price sometimes they were (for big battles), sometimes you got the sense it was your group of warriors saving the world. And the soldiers are just generic trash. But maybe there'll be a good way to implement into the strategy, who knows.
      I like to play with animations on, at least for one playthrough. You're missing out if you only ever play with them off.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 15 días +1

      The soldiers were always implied to be there, they just haven’t had the ability to implement it until now. Personally, I could care less, as I don’t even have animations on for most of the game.

  • contingent exe
    contingent exe Hace 16 días +2


  • Dion Bailey
    Dion Bailey Hace 16 días +2

    Never played fire emblem but I love RPG's. Should I buy this game? Is it worth it? It looks great

    • Dion Bailey
      Dion Bailey Hace 11 días

      +Ari Rah yeah I mean fe heroes

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      +Dion Bailey is it fire emblem:heroes the game that you're trying to say?, Well good for you if you're enjoyed it and that what matter
      Fe is a great franchise but the fanbase can be annoying sometime

    • Dion Bailey
      Dion Bailey Hace 11 días

      +Ari Rah I tried phone. Love combat. I'm stuck between awakening and birthright. I may get three houses instead depending on release date.

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      Try fire emblem that you can emulate or your phone on pc if you don't have 3ds or older nintendo console, if you like it then buy, if you not then no. It's your decision

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace 14 días +2

      This is the 16th main entry of the series. There are 15 games out there to test if you like the games. The easiest to get started with are the GBA games (FE6-8) or the 3DS games (FE13-15). If your greatest concern is gameplay, FE7 and FE13 are the best to start with. If it's story, don't take FE13 or FE14 too seriously since they suffer from having a story more ambitious than the series usually goes for.

      Actually, now that I think about it, I think FE13 (Fire Emblem: Awakening) has a demo available. Play that and see for yourself!

  • Brandon Amaya
    Brandon Amaya Hace 16 días +1

    The hype is real

  • Domi craft
    Domi craft Hace 16 días

    Please... Release the Track finally TwT

    • Domi craft
      Domi craft Hace 10 días

      +Alex Brown I need it... I'm lying here and waiting for release.

    • Alex Brown
      Alex Brown Hace 10 días

      Domi craft they wont

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace 14 días

      What if it's like Breath of the Wild's trailer music and it's never actually used in-game? Seriously, what a let down to never have that music play.

  • Simeon TheRedPanda
    Simeon TheRedPanda Hace 16 días

    Yooo, I LOVE the edition of soldiers staying with each unit.

  • Alejandroo Z. Tiiscareño
    Alejandroo Z. Tiiscareño Hace 16 días +24

    Ok Nintendo we are ready for the next trailer

  • Eduardo Gausin
    Eduardo Gausin Hace 17 días +4

    There better be full on voice acting like in Echoes

  • sedriensmorgasbord
    sedriensmorgasbord Hace 17 días +1

    YAAAAAAAAAS! So looking forward to this.

  • Acertive Pillow
    Acertive Pillow Hace 17 días +2

    The trend to make CG cutscenes 15Hz to look more like anime needs to die.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 15 días +2

      Acertive Pillow
      Yeah, I wish they went with the way Awakening and Fates did the cutscenes, they were so pretty to look at. It’s kind of frustrating when a mobile game gets the top notch cutscenes and a full fledged game gets crappy Echoes’ ones.
      Note: Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Echoes. The cutscenes were just bad since it was a low budget game.

    • Acertive Pillow
      Acertive Pillow Hace 16 días

      Because it's awful to look at.
      lower framerates in anime are already the result of cutting corners (which is totally understandable given the anime industry's state, i wouldn't want my animators dying of exhaustion), but it's unjustifiable for CG.
      In traditional animation, each frame is hand drawn. That means increasing the framerate requires a LOT more work. But in CG, once the scene is made and animated, all the work is already done. You just have to pick whichever framerate you want and hit "render" and let the computer do its thing overnight.
      Besides, no anime worth its salt keeps a low framerate during action shots or travellings (like they did at 0:48 which is an action shot AND a travelling). Some people (including me) get sick when looking at choppy movements.
      They're doing all this animating work and then degrade it on purpose to look like low-budget anime. I don't get this.
      Why not try to match (or get as close as possible to) the gameplay's 60Hz ? The fact that they don't even stick to industry standard 24Hz makes me think they want to use it as a marketing trend, but what would the next step be ?
      Have the game run at 15Hz ?
      I don't want that.
      Nobody wants that.

    • Agustina Cardenas
      Agustina Cardenas Hace 16 días


  • Miguel Angel Ojeda
    Miguel Angel Ojeda Hace 17 días

    I want it right now!!!!!

  • silver
    silver Hace 17 días

    Will we ever get awakening 2.0???

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 15 días

      But it’s basically Awakening 2.0. Pretty much all the stuff that was popular in Awakening was largely overblown in Fates.
      If you want a sequel, it probably won’t happen, but you never know.

    • silver
      silver Hace 16 días

      +Ambur Price fate not a follow up.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 16 días

      It was released on February 19th 2016.

  • peter banner
    peter banner Hace 17 días

    Its confirmed, fates all over again

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 16 días +2

      peter banner
      So you’re simply speculating? Nothings really confirmed in that case.
      A lot of people DID have concerns about the game being split, but the Japanese name doesn’t seem to imply that, so I think we are good. Plus, it wouldn’t sit well with the fanbase if they split the game again, despite how you may feel about Fates, I think most agree that the split was not a good choice.

    • peter banner
      peter banner Hace 16 días

      Three kingdoms right? Start at one and conquer the others?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 16 días

      peter banner
      Provide a source or the only thing that’s confirmed is that you’re spouting poorly supported speculation.

  • KrzyWasabi
    KrzyWasabi Hace 17 días +1

    EN song already better than "yOU aRe the OCEANNS GREY WAVES"

  • Anime
    Anime Hace 18 días +2

    Omg I cannot wait any longer for this game I NEED IT NOW 😫

  • AaronCF
    AaronCF Hace 18 días +1


  • Lefly
    Lefly Hace 18 días +1

    Difficult strategy games ftw

  • No LateGame
    No LateGame Hace 19 días +4

    I’m scared of getting Fates 2.0 considering the THREE houses... Yikes. Hopefully we don’t get Nintendo’s Pokémon marketing to direct this one.

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      I like how you think
      I'm more emphasize to the support thing that fate evolved from awakening. That what make me think fate was awakening 2.0
      Since fate was split into 3 game just like what you say and could be implemented on this game just like fate. So that where i get the idea this could be awakening 3.0 since fate was awakening 2.0

    • No LateGame
      No LateGame Hace 11 días +1

      Ari Rah Fates 2.0 because While Awakening cranked up the anime to 11, Fates pulled a Pokémon and split the franchise into 3. And that’s why I emphasized the Three part.

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      What do you mean fate 2.0?,
      This game could be awakening 3.0 since fate is awakening 2.0

  • Thot Patrol Deputy Blackweeb

    this better not be a dating sim like fire emblem fates

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 4 días +1

      1. The supports taking only a hour is definitely not true. Each support (A-S) takes at least 5 minutes, and their are 661 unique supports in the game. This adds up to over 55 hours AT LEAST. Some supports are as long as 10 minutes.
      2. I agree with the S-supports being too open. People aren’t against supports at all, they’ve been around since Binding Blade, I believe. It’s the absurd amount of S-supports that are the problem. Not everyone likes everyone, so being able to marry off people to practically anyone is just kind of stupid. If they limited each character to only have about 5 people they could S-support, I would be fine with it.
      3. I wasn’t aware that this was confirmed, could you please point me to the source you got this information from?
      4. I agree. They aren’t dating simulators, it’s really just an exaggeration. I love Awakening a lot actually, since it was my first FE game. As for Fates, I don’t hate it, I just though it was “meh”. The story was what I mainly didn’t like, but no one can argue that it had great gameplay (some say it’s the best in the series) in Conquest. At the end of the day, those who relentlessly hate on these games are just that: haters. :)

    • ꧁Fudanshi꧂
      ꧁Fudanshi꧂ Hace 4 días +1

      +Ambur Price
      In my opinion, no they didn't.
      First the supports make up an very small part of the game
      Even if you compiled every single support conversation into one video, it would't be longer then around an hour I promise you. They generally last 30-45 seconds a piece except maybe for some S-Supports.
      The game itself can take 60-70+ hours on Lunatic/Classic (Conquest).
      My only nitpick is that I think it is too open with S-Supports.
      Other then that, I don't see how they went "way overboard".
      It's already confirmed that supports are back.
      And possibly even S-Supports as well.
      At the end of the day, people can hate supports, but it annoys me to no end when people say Awakening/Fates are nothing more than a Waifu Simulator or stuff like that.
      It is objectively false and it makes people who say that, look very stupid.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 4 días +1

      Of course saying Fates was a dating sim is a big exaggeration, but you have to admit, they went way overboard with the supports/marriage. If they just take a step back in this aspect, I’m sure a lot more people will be happy.

  • Dominic Infante
    Dominic Infante Hace 19 días +2

    “Three Houses”
    Do you mean Conch St.?

  • JustifiedAddilyn
    JustifiedAddilyn Hace 20 días


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Hace 21 un día +1

    Yeah it's great and all but what happend to Advance Wars Intelligent System?

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      Fe is more popular than Aw. I think is just abandoned them

  • Mimi
    Mimi Hace 21 un día +1

    This song! I neeeeed it now!

  • Eugene Black
    Eugene Black Hace 21 un día +3

    New Fire Emblem for the Switch is literally all I ever wanted.

  • Redd247 Plays
    Redd247 Plays Hace 21 un día +2

    Well looks like either Edelgard, Dmitri, Byleth, or Claude is gonna be our obligatory Fire Emblem rep for Smash Ultimate DLC

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 21 un día +2

      Redd247 Plays
      Cross your fingers for anyone but Byleth, we don’t need anymore Sword users.

  • NeoFlite23
    NeoFlite23 Hace 22 días +1

    So I can add this to the discussion. I was at my local GameStop today and a conversation a clerk and a customer were having was about this very game and its possible Special Collector's Edition. The clerk halfheartedly joked that if they do a Special Collector's Edition Nintendo will underestimate how many people actually wanted it and due to that my local GameStop will get maybe 2 copies just for potential preorder customers. I myself would imagine Nintendo by this point knows Fire Emblem's audience both through the 3DS and Heroes mobile app game to be a strong in numbers, vocal and valuable audience. Which made me wonder about a potential Special Collector's Edition of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and how Nintendo will make/distribute it for this game. Usually of what I know of gaming history there's traditionally 2 ways you can go: 1. Make a set number (say 300,000 copies) for launch and allocate them amongst all retailers. Or 2. Make as many as are preordered by the masses with say an additional number for launch day. So Nintendo, if you make a Special Collector's Edition of Fire Emblem: Three Houses based on what I mentioned what could it very well be on that front? Thanks and until next time I am out!

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace 22 días +1

      Oh boy. Nintendo is NOTORIOUS for never reaching demand with any new releases that aren't video games. Game consoles their first few months, Amiibo, peripherals, NES and SNES mini during their first release. Any long time fan can tell you that its deliberate to create some false scarcity (although, in defense for the Wii and Switch, those consoles broke records so they were definitely a happy surprise for the company). Whether they do it on purpose or not, is hard to say, but don't get your hopes up. Three Houses WILL get a special edition and it WILL be sold out within a week or two.

  • Ordinary Mage
    Ordinary Mage Hace 23 días

    Y do all my archers have blonde hair and headbands
    Red flags man

  • Ike Suxdick
    Ike Suxdick Hace 23 días

    This game and all others under the Fire Emblem banner are TRASH

    • Ari Rah
      Ari Rah Hace 11 días

      Some random guy shouting nonsense, just ignore him

    • Luiszerep
      Luiszerep Hace 22 días +1

      +227someguy This guy has Ike porn as an avatar. They really do like Fire Emblem.

    • 227someguy
      227someguy Hace 22 días +7

      so why are you here?