Fire Emblem Three Houses - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018


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  • eliz w
    eliz w Hace 10 horas

    More importantly who can i marry

  • Well, Alright Then
    Well, Alright Then Hace 14 horas


  • 000 000
    000 000 Hace un día

    Esto va estar muy buenoooo! este juego es la principal razón por la que compraré una Switch uwu

  • Miguel Macatagal
    Miguel Macatagal Hace un día


  • tHeWasTeDYouTh
    tHeWasTeDYouTh Hace un día

    come out already

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas Hace un día

    Almost more hyped for the hentai that’s gonna come along with this game

  • Taifuun
    Taifuun Hace 2 días

    Why hasn't anyone said yet that these main characters they are showing (like blue haired boy and blonde hair girl) look like they came from a Persona game? I think the resemblance is uncanny

  • Lukáš Němeček
    Lukáš Němeček Hace 3 días +1

    This, Breath of the Wild And Oddysey all has the best Nintendo trailers ❤️

  • xoLoveTruelySucksxo
    xoLoveTruelySucksxo Hace 3 días

    Is that Mila?

  • The Motion Hero
    The Motion Hero Hace 4 días +2

    *Continues getting chills after repeating same trailer over and over again*
    Um...Nintendo? Ya gonna give out a new trailer?...No?...okay...

  • V A P O R W A V E C A N Z

    Note that the temple/shrine at 1:45 has the same color and theme as the shot with the loli on the throne.Just something I found interesting.

  • Cola Singh
    Cola Singh Hace 5 días

    I need more info 😭

    • TonyKanameKuran
      TonyKanameKuran Hace 3 días

      Nintendo will announce more info of Three Houses when 2019 arrives.

  • Sen
    Sen Hace 5 días

    1:41 man that is one heck of a Lu Bu moment.

    • BroNight
      BroNight Hace 4 días

      please don't remind me of that God of destruction

  • platuim knight
    platuim knight Hace 5 días

    The music... Just damn it is just... There are no words that can possibly describe how incredible it is! If the rest of the soundtrack is as good as this then this might just end up becoming the best fire emblem game yet!

  • BurningFox
    BurningFox Hace 5 días

    So...I never played Fire Emblem. I know it’s a strategy game series in a fantasy setting. But I’m thinking of getting this game since it looks so cool. Do I need to read up or is it stand-alone?

    • Kamui FE
      Kamui FE Hace 4 días

      You don't need to know the other titles. There could be some connections but you don't have to know them. Just enjoy the game🙃

  • Rosie Moua
    Rosie Moua Hace 6 días

    Fire Emblem gonna do me like this when I don’t have a Switch...

  • Dylan Thompson
    Dylan Thompson Hace 6 días

    I prefer 2D characters in Fire Emblem. I never liked the Gamecube/DSi etc 3D character art style. Plus it feels slower.

  • Retro Gamer69
    Retro Gamer69 Hace 6 días

    I'm hyped

  • aluchialananami
    aluchialananami Hace 7 días +1

    Reason to buy a switch

  • mrlmaokun
    mrlmaokun Hace 8 días +8

    Time for daily rewatch

  • Audino Emperor of Galaxies

    At the ending.
    Looks like Tiki or maybe Nagi, if not either, then a brand new character

  • Shrish Vellore
    Shrish Vellore Hace 8 días +3

    1 mil bois

  • Naiko
    Naiko Hace 8 días +2

    Still in development

  • Schock20
    Schock20 Hace 9 días

    Fire Emblem echt super Sache plus die Musik wow. Aber das es nur für die Switch rauskommt ist echt schade. Bin kein so großer Fan von Switch da es nicht sehr viele beeindruckende Eigenspiele besitzt außer Importierte von anderen Konsolen und wegen einem Genialstem Spiel die Switch zu kaufen echt schade... Wieso keine zweite Alternative für PC für Leute die Fans der FE Serie sind aber keine Switch besitzen..

  • Jonathan George
    Jonathan George Hace 9 días

    I'm having a hard time looking past the stiff animation and ugly looking battlefield overview. looking forward to trying it though. the world needs more tactical strategy RPGs!

  • gamerprince1999
    gamerprince1999 Hace 10 días

    Game looks amazing. Might actually buy it

  • Slammawham
    Slammawham Hace 10 días

    More please?
    Like pretty please?
    I'll never emulate again.

  • Matt B's blogs and theory's

    Anyone got a game of thrones feeling, because the houses thing

  • Rafael Gee
    Rafael Gee Hace 10 días +1

    I miss fire emblems smooth frame rate

  • Denxat Armada
    Denxat Armada Hace 10 días +2

    In awakening in one of nowi supports didnt she said she wish worship as a deity in some far off land? Can remember mighty have to play awakening again

    • Therockbrothersmc
      Therockbrothersmc Hace 8 días +1

      You're right, that is definitely interesting.

    • Denxat Armada
      Denxat Armada Hace 10 días +1

      Forget to add that if you look up nowi's bio its saids she from across the oceans in a land yet not knowed yet

  • Denxat Armada
    Denxat Armada Hace 10 días +1

    I love the franchise but im not going to buy a swith it doesn't have a good list of game for me go and buy one it only has two games that i like but i do like how they are move forward from the handheld to the console that just my opinion tho i just wish they had made a sequel to FESS for the 3DS but oh well

    • solgalex
      solgalex Hace 10 días

      +Denxat Armada It was my first one too and I wish they did something more with it. A prequel (don't know how it would work but I think they can figure some thing out), a remake or a sequel would all be greatly appreciated.

    • Denxat Armada
      Denxat Armada Hace 10 días

      +solgalex thats my favorite one out of all of them if they did then that would make me go and buy a switch that was my first fire emblem game that i owned ive play some of the older one but that was the first that i started with

    • solgalex
      solgalex Hace 10 días +1

      Fire Emblem Sacred Stones definitely deserves a sequel or a remake for Switch

  • Jesse Molenaar
    Jesse Molenaar Hace 11 días +1


  • Karmic Dreamwork
    Karmic Dreamwork Hace 11 días

    No more 3DS love??!!?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 10 días +1

      Karmic Dreamwork
      Unfortunately, Echoes was confirmed as the last FE game for the 3DS.

  • Loli Enforcer
    Loli Enforcer Hace 11 días +9

    when the next nintendo direct so we can get another three houses trailer?

  • mikuhatesducks leek lover
    mikuhatesducks leek lover Hace 11 días +1

    Will there only be 3 houses in game?

  • sharkers 21
    sharkers 21 Hace 12 días

    has anyone played fire emblem or just finding about this game now... Comment to let me see your thoughts

    • Zafran Orbian
      Zafran Orbian Hace 10 días

      I have played Fire Emblem 8, 13 and 15

  • Kalmanta 18
    Kalmanta 18 Hace 12 días +2

    This will be my first Fire Emblem and i‘m beyond excited.

  • Slavin Ragnavoire
    Slavin Ragnavoire Hace 13 días +5

    red, blue and yellow nation...
    fire emblem meet pokemon style?
    ok can't wait

  • Lucas Temple
    Lucas Temple Hace 13 días

    Finally an actual army

  • Samuel Thurman
    Samuel Thurman Hace 13 días

    am i the only one that wants this to be the story of marths ansester that stole the regalia

  • Grand Slam
    Grand Slam Hace 13 días +5

    Bam! another godlike trailer like breath of the wild, welcome to the crew Three Houses. :)

    Edit: Thanks for the likes I really appreciate it :)

  • Zyraon
    Zyraon Hace 14 días +1

    am i the only one who hates the artstyle?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 10 días +1

      I don’t hate the artsyle, it just strongly reminds me of the persona artsyle (which I very much dislike). I’ve gotten use to how most the characters look now, though. The only one who just looks downright terrible (in my opinion) is Dimitri.

    • Zafran Orbian
      Zafran Orbian Hace 10 días

      Fire emblem was always anime. Look at the original concept art for Gaiden for example.

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 13 días +4

      Zyraon fire emblem already was an anime fire emblem shadow dragon even had an anime!!

    • noah vc
      noah vc Hace 13 días +5

      +Zyraon so awakening and fates artstyle wasnt anime???

    • Zyraon
      Zyraon Hace 14 días +1

      it not with just fire emblem it seems all beloved franchises on the switch just turning into playable anime except smash and mario games iam personally not a fan of it its a bit different but it will take some getting used to

  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson Hace 14 días

    Just me or did anyone else read edelgard as edgelord at first? 😂

    • Empire
      Empire Hace 13 días +1

      Yeah. Like 3/4 of the fanbase.

  • Ruben Valenzuela
    Ruben Valenzuela Hace 15 días +1

    I'm pretty open to this idea, this is like a tactical Dynasty warriors that isn't life less with just character design with vague interest

  • Oni
    Oni Hace 15 días +1

    Anyone worked out the trailer song yet?

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 12 días

      Here’s what people have been hearing:
      Reach for my hand
      I’ll soar away
      Into the dawn
      Though/No/Oh I wish I could stay
      Here in cherished halls
      In peaceful/peace-filled days
      I fear the edge of dawn
      Born as/has my ...
      (I haven’t seen anyone figure out the last part. All we can figure out is that it rhymes or near rhymes with days to fit the rhyme structure of the song. A few lines I came up with were “born as my wings decay” or “born as my need to stay”, but I’m pretty sure both are wrong).

  • Danilo Alimo
    Danilo Alimo Hace 16 días +3

    Okay ! let's watch this trailer again and again and again XD

  • Christopher Calvert
    Christopher Calvert Hace 17 días +35

    So um Nintendo hey ... are ever going to hear anything else or will we just be in the dark till release day ?

  • GΞО
    GΞО Hace 18 días +4

    We need a new trailer like NOW

  • Corrin Fateful Prince
    Corrin Fateful Prince Hace 19 días +2

    I need something new to watch, i'm watching this over and over

  • killeing
    killeing Hace 19 días +3

    1. This game better have romance options like Awakening and Fates, not the last crappy one. I'm not saying the last one we got was a bad one, but the relationship system of the previous two gave SO MUCH replayability compared to the previous, and I'm hoping for that moreso now since I've heard we're getting an avatar again in this one.
    2. Despite the near 10 seconds of lyrics we got from this, I'm already HYPED for the music in this game, ESPECIALLY if we get a freaking AWESOME final boss theme like revelations had X)!!! I'm also curious if this is going to end up like fates where like we get several different storylines or plots based on, assuming it's how it works, whatever "houses" we're fighting for/with or whatever. And by god, a fire emblem game about war that FINALLY got the war part right! It's not just our freaking MCs going everywhere hacking and slashing- we got legitimate troops behind us like an actual war should, it already makes this game feel 10x more realistic than previous Fire Emblem games!
    3. Probably my only complaint with the game is the title......"Three houses"? Really? I'm not saying it's stupid, but compared to the past fire emblem games, it just sounds rather........ blunt. I mean really the last two games we had the Majestic Title of Awakening, the practical Trilogy of Fates that tied our possible futures all together!........... here it's just a blunt name like "Three House"? Seems kinda outta place given all the previous FE games. I mean honestly, wouldn't it just make more sense calling it something slightly more cool-sounding like "Trinity" or something, or was that title already taken by a past Fire Emblem game? I haven't played any previous FE games before awakening so I literally don't know. Just a random thought, and honestly, I think it is a good sign when the only complaint a person can make is the title, that alone says how awesome everything else looks!
    Hypedness: 10/10

    • Empire
      Empire Hace 13 días +4

      When you say romance options, does that include child units? I'd be fine with a Romance System given the Romance options weren't forced, but Child Units shouldn't return unless they make sense.

  • Nightwing gamer
    Nightwing gamer Hace 19 días

    i might actually get the chance to play one of these now

    • Nightwing gamer
      Nightwing gamer Hace 7 días

      +solgalex if i can wait over 10 years for kingdom hearts 3 i can wait for GBA games

    • solgalex
      solgalex Hace 7 días +1

      +Nightwing gamer You'll need to have godlike patience then because at the rate NSO is putting out NES games we probably won't get GBA games until 2030.

    • Nightwing gamer
      Nightwing gamer Hace 7 días

      +Ambur Price i guess i'll have tp wait till it comes the the switch then

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 7 días +1

      Nightwing gamer
      You’re don’t even need a GBA (Or emulator). If you have a Wii U, you can play the GBA for cheap. I’m sure FE virtual console will also come to the Switch, so you could play them there too.

    • Nightwing gamer
      Nightwing gamer Hace 10 días

      +solgalex dont have one

  • Tiziossidiano
    Tiziossidiano Hace 20 días +5

    i want to like this game.
    I hope they fix a bit *those* cutscenes and polish up some models before release.
    i know the drill... "gameplay first!" 'n' such... but man... 👀
    Do the series some justice! you can do it!

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 7 días +1

      To be fair, the game is still in very early development. They probably aren’t even near the polishing up phase yet. I’m sure it will look much more smooth when it releases.

  • Mickey Zhou
    Mickey Zhou Hace 20 días +1

    Was that a shattered Falchion she's holding at 1.29?

  • 09 RetsamEdalb
    09 RetsamEdalb Hace 20 días +3

    Hoping that 1. The gameplay is refined. After the old home console releases on GameCube and what not, then moving to the ds, and 3ds they lost focus. They brought in dating and fanservice and then the fan base got obsessed with that feature.
    Then they changed the gameplay so much, dungeons, weapon durability, weapon durability taken out of one game, skills gone, combat artes in, the pairing up was introduced and then it was taken away in Echoes. And none of these features were really bad or gamebreaking, but they keep changing so many things. It would be nice to see them figure out what they want.
    2. That they and the fans understand that fanservice ruins it. So many fans are obsessed with simply making gay characters be together to they can live out their fantasies. And the gameplay has been iffy the past few games while they focus on this. They’re losing sight of why people like and play these games (tactics and strategy), and instead they make this cringey dating stuff.

    I want good gameplay that tests my mind. I don’t care about any of the dating and relationships unless they’re written well. But literally tons of people saw this trailer and we’re like “can I make two boys date?”.
    That’s sad.

    • Cake#
      Cake# Hace 16 días +1

      +09 RetsamEdalb There are no other versions of fates. Only conquest exists.

    • 09 RetsamEdalb
      09 RetsamEdalb Hace 18 días +2

      noah vc well yeah. But that was just one of three versions of fates. It’s the outlier

    • noah vc
      noah vc Hace 18 días +2

      Conquest had the best gameplay In the series tho

  • Kirika Uchiha
    Kirika Uchiha Hace 20 días

    MY ONLY QUESTION... Can i make my own character? (Like the previous games)

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 7 días +1

      Kirika Uchiha
      It is heavily implied that Byleth is the avatar of the game, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

    • Empire
      Empire Hace 13 días

      Yes. You can.

    • Inky
      Inky Hace 16 días +2

      Hopefully not

  • Jim Raynor
    Jim Raynor Hace 20 días +1

    The song sounds like it was made from the same composer of the My Hero Academia theme songs.

    • solgalex
      solgalex Hace 10 días

      You mean PORNO GRAFFITI? It doesn't sound like their style at at all?

    • Josue
      Josue Hace 13 días

      Pls dont be anoying whit BHA

  • Therealchris929 Lol
    Therealchris929 Lol Hace 20 días

    Plot twist: The crests are actually Takumi reincarnated

  • Pratik Ghosh
    Pratik Ghosh Hace 21 un día

    This alone makes it worth getting a switch

  • jv110
    jv110 Hace 21 un día


  • Cooper Chamberlain
    Cooper Chamberlain Hace 22 días

    Why am I getting a Falchion vibe from that sword? Why do I like it?!

    • Cooper Chamberlain
      Cooper Chamberlain Hace 12 días

      I also get a Robin vibe from Teacher/Byleth, who uses swords and wear a black coat.

    • Ambur Price
      Ambur Price Hace 12 días

      I don’t think it is Falchion. Falchion has never had the chain/whip ability before, so it would be strange if Naga’s fang suddenly gained that ability. Plus, the game looks to be stand alone, like Fates and several other entries to the series.

    • Cooper Chamberlain
      Cooper Chamberlain Hace 13 días

      +Josue I'd believe that, and now I want it. If that'$ it than it would probably have Tiki in it, maybe the woman holding the sword or the one sleeping on the stone throne.

    • Josue
      Josue Hace 13 días

      Beacuse its a Broke Falchion there many rumors that this game is a Secuel of awakening but many many years later

  • Juvenal Garza
    Juvenal Garza Hace 22 días

    That xenoblade 2 reference:
    Dont forget me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tabi La Chica de Por Ahí

    ok it's been three months since the release of the trailer. I NEED MORE ;A;

  • fanta orange
    fanta orange Hace 22 días +1

    We really need some new info on the game like damn

  • iBeFloe
    iBeFloe Hace 22 días

    Omg noooo I’m trying to wait out for AC to buy the switch, but I freaking love FE!!!

  • souper
    souper Hace 22 días +2

    Im not a fan but I'll give it a try

  • Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke Hace 23 días

    Nintendo please
    Baten Kaitos X Fire Emblem

  • Tantrum Turtwig
    Tantrum Turtwig Hace 23 días

    I come back to watch this every couple weeks, keeps me smiling lmao

  • SharkLord1954 Productions

    Welp, time to get into Fire Emblem.

  • carlos alarcon
    carlos alarcon Hace 23 días +1

    So question do I need to play previous fire emblem games to to play this one

    • Cake#
      Cake# Hace 16 días +1

      Almost all FE games are self contained stories

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 21 un día +1

      carlos alarcon nah probably not

  • Spingeblill Quadrilateraltrousers

    What if there's a FOUTH HOUSE

  • Pfaff James
    Pfaff James Hace 24 días

    Please add L'Arachel (by the way Edelgard looks like the best lord and probably the most popular)

  • Edgar carmona
    Edgar carmona Hace 25 días

    @ #

  • Edgar carmona
    Edgar carmona Hace 25 días


  • blarblablarblar
    blarblablarblar Hace 25 días


  • Broken Cow
    Broken Cow Hace 25 días +1


  • s v
    s v Hace 26 días +1

    1:29 - 1:49 is kinda giving me simple and clean by utada hikaru vibes. I like it.

  • Master Jedi
    Master Jedi Hace 26 días


  • Mat
    Mat Hace 26 días

    Just re played Radiant Dawn, not feelin' this.

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera Hace 26 días +1

    Beatiful song!!

  • Roll Brand
    Roll Brand Hace 26 días

    Come to think of it I’ve seen this trailer a few times now and it looks like total war a little bit.

  • Splatts 7
    Splatts 7 Hace 26 días +2

    This will be my first fe game. Really hyped!

  • figureLP09
    figureLP09 Hace 26 días +1

    First impression: The music sounds gorgeous, like always.
    Last impression: Is that motherf@cking Tiki over there? Or it's Nowi?

  • KYY
    KYY Hace 26 días +2

    Long live PsVita! fk the switch

  • Alex Stilgoe
    Alex Stilgoe Hace 26 días

    Wow it looks amazing.

  • Tina A.
    Tina A. Hace 27 días +1

    I'm already in love with the song

  • Yoshimation
    Yoshimation Hace 28 días +2


  • Amine
    Amine Hace 28 días +5

    actual good 3d models ?!
    AM I DREAMING ????

  • Macaroon
    Macaroon Hace 28 días +4

    Btw if people didn't know you can see hraesvalgr (Edelgards last name) Bladdad (Dimitri’s last name) and Regan (Claudes back name) on the map so that’s Where they are from probably so Maybe they are on a training school or some

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato Hace 28 días +1

    Nintendo will you please let me have Nintendo switch

    • Kira Yamato
      Kira Yamato Hace 25 días

      The real reason I’m waiting for Skyrim to have mods

  • Lauren is a weeb
    Lauren is a weeb Hace 29 días +1

    PSA: This game actually drops December 27th so your wait isn't as long as you thought! You're welcome. Now lets get Nintendo to make a bundle since they been dropping bundles like crazy all month.

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 28 días

      Lauren is a weeb oh I found one of 31 march

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 29 días +1

      Lauren is a weeb I don't think so its probably a place holder and if it comes in december it Will be overshadowed by Super smash bros ultimate

    • Sparx the Heliolisk
      Sparx the Heliolisk Hace 29 días +4

      Isn't that a placeholder date? Preorder sites put those in all the time for games that don't have a solid release date yet.

    • Lauren is a weeb
      Lauren is a weeb Hace 29 días

      somebodyoncetoldme check preorders on sites like amazon and Best Buy

    • somebodyoncetoldme
      somebodyoncetoldme Hace 29 días +1

      and were did you get this information?

  • Iznikroc
    Iznikroc Hace un mes +2

    Is this the end of the Waifu Emblem dating sims?? I hope so...

    • Dinar 87
      Dinar 87 Hace 18 días +2

      Despite the popular and liked comments telling you otherwise, I agree with you that I want the dating sim esque elements gone, even if they make a lot of money.
      Loot boxes and microtransactions make a lot of money as well...should they be put in every single game?

    • Splatoo Blemier
      Splatoo Blemier Hace un mes +13

      Its a very popular feature heavily liked by the masses so no it won't "end" also the fact that there's an Avatar player character cements it's not going anywhere. In fact at this point that's like saying the support feature will be gone and that's obviously never gonna happen even the info sheet confirm building relationships(which Awakening and Fates also describes it as well) when stating what the player character can do so yes it's gonna be present like it or not. Of course this doesn't guarantee 2nd gens returning but the pairing characters together aspect will whether in the same way or something more new and in depth like I personally hope something like the persona series at least for the avatar.

    • Entermaid The Elegant
      Entermaid The Elegant Hace un mes +10

      No it definitely won't its popular and make lots of money you could just simply ignore it.

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez Hace un mes

    We all know the game will end with some bs about dragons

    • MysticKnight 14
      MysticKnight 14 Hace 28 días

      But not at the end... In my memory it has always ended with Bowser

    • jose lopez
      jose lopez Hace 28 días

      +MysticKnight 14 lol just kidding but yeah i guess youre right.. but even mario mixes it up ajd makes the villain bowsers son ornsomething every now and then

    • jose lopez
      jose lopez Hace 28 días

      +MysticKnight 14 im not a huge mario fan so ill take your word.

    • MysticKnight 14
      MysticKnight 14 Hace 28 días

      Yeah that's kinda its thing just like Mario will always end in some defeating Bowser and saving Peach again bs

  • Andie Skywalker
    Andie Skywalker Hace un mes +44

    Can we get another trailer soon pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  • Bagel Chip
    Bagel Chip Hace un mes

    Cries because I don’t have a switch

    • Shiroyasha
      Shiroyasha Hace 29 días

      You still have time to save for one, but same 👀👀

  • Tdull1993
    Tdull1993 Hace un mes +5

    Does anyone else think that the gameplay graphics of this game are similar to Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn? I mean I can't be the only one that can put these three games together. And that's not all, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn were both released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2006 and 2007. 2007, respectively was the last time Nintendo and Intelligent Systems ever released a Fire Emblem game for a home console. And now it's over a decade later and Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are going to be releasing a Fire Emblem game for a home console system. Freaking out level: over 9,000!!!!

    • Neolab
      Neolab Hace 29 días +2

      Small correction: Radiant Dawn was on the Wii

    • Entermaid The Elegant
      Entermaid The Elegant Hace un mes +12

      Well sort of but obviously alot better and will get even more refined by the next trailer!

  • Metadragon
    Metadragon Hace un mes +8

    I really REALLY hope they don't mangle the English translation because they think western audiences cant handle it or because the TL staff don't like whats being said.

    • Metadragon
      Metadragon Hace un mes +2

      I hope you are right bud...

    • Entermaid The Elegant
      Entermaid The Elegant Hace un mes +10

      I believe there was a new policy of localization a bit back of keeping personal thoughts out of localization of games so I'm not worried. But I'm sure we won't get Fates tier of stupid removals and drastic character rewrites again.

  • Rustymcnut
    Rustymcnut Hace un mes

    This should be interest

  • Joey
    Joey Hace un mes +11

    Attack on Waifus

  • Kagari Chise
    Kagari Chise Hace un mes

    The theme at 1:07 kinda reminds me to "Torikago" by Amano Tsukiko

  • 圣诞学人 Santa Scholar

    The main character is literally named "Edgelard"

    • Macaroon
      Macaroon Hace 29 días

      圣诞学人 Santa Scholar No its Edelgard