Giant Aluminum Ball Vs Oobleck from 250cm!

  • Publicado el 25 may 2018
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    I have a lot of things to throw down from 250cm! I wanted to see how indestructible oobleck really is in a kid friendly pg way! Honestly, I didn't think it would perform the way it did with some of the things I threw down like giant aluminum ball or glass or Star War's Han Solo's BB-8. This drop test oobeck magnus effect anvil bowling ball comedy video is really family friendly! Did you know I used to be called Roi Wassabi? Watch and enjoy! Shoutouts to HowRidiculous once again for the inspiration!
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    I have made Oobleck and it is so fun but kind of messy😔😀😀😀

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    Drop all glass in one of your videos cuz you're my favorite ESclipsr in the world

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    Who else saw the Dolan twins poster XD :-D

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    GameMaster401 Hace 8 días

    GUAVA JUICE PLAY ALIEN ISOLATION (there will be a lot of swears not often but it does so bleep it out pls) AND I KNOW YOU PLAY SCARY GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeuel medina
    jeuel medina Hace 9 días

    Can u find the missing one like if u can

  • jeuel medina
    jeuel medina Hace 9 días

    Can u find the missing one like if u did

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    Olufunmilayo Idowu Hace 9 días

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    Dj GameGu7 Hace 16 días +11

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