Frank Grillo on Fight Cultures of the World

  • Publicado el 5 oct 2018
  • Frank talks about taking inspiration from Anthony Bourdain for his new Netflix show 'Fight World,' traveling all around the globe to learn about fight culture and reveals which country he thinks has the toughest people.
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    Frank Grillo on Fight Cultures of the Worldídeo.html
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Comentarios • 314

  • bluecircleofsquares
    bluecircleofsquares Hace 3 días

    making money from the blood of another

  • ams914
    ams914 Hace 7 días

    This comment section is indicating that you can't say anything positive about Israel... wow.

  • Mr potatohead
    Mr potatohead Hace 8 días

    So Israel is "surounded"
    And if u look at the American military bases around the world u will see who truly is surounded and that's the country USA loves to blame for everything Mother Russia.... They ARE LITERALLY SUROUNDED XD AND THESE FAKE JEWS LOVES TO PLAY VICTIMS... Jesua fk me lol

  • Alex Lora
    Alex Lora Hace 8 días

    Hella hate here , he isn't being exact I dont think he really means 28 hostile countries hes exagerrating, everyone here should watch fightworld it's a great show and the respect grillo shows and love for everyone he meets in the show would make you guys stop judging the dude so quickly and this video

  • Dominick Gonzalez
    Dominick Gonzalez Hace 8 días

    I've never seen him laugh or smile

  • Bjørn Andersen
    Bjørn Andersen Hace 12 días

    He reminds me of the greatest teacher I’ve had in grade school. He was also an interested in other cultures and bringing people together type of guy

  • Omar Sade
    Omar Sade Hace 13 días

    Great show and guys you have to watch the Israel episode before you judge the man, as he said he has both faiths training together, hes a fkin cool dude he slipped up it happens.

  • David Lin
    David Lin Hace 18 días

    I am one of your biggest fan from Burma. Thank you.

  • Francisco Lozoya
    Francisco Lozoya Hace 19 días

    Brazil is not in season 1 lol where's season 2 at!!

  • momo
    momo Hace 21 un día +1

    Israel propaganda bs. This guy is a fuckin tool. I lived in Jerusalem for 8 years. I have a house there. Israelis are pussies without guns n pussies with guns. The Palestinians there will fuckin rock the Israelis in a fist to fist fights. I'd know.

  • Abhishek Barua
    Abhishek Barua Hace 22 días

    Crossbones will return in avengers 4💪👊

  • Abel Abebe
    Abel Abebe Hace 23 días

    Ok can he replace Wolverine??

  • Nikhil Menon Nayar
    Nikhil Menon Nayar Hace 23 días

    Great show, really enjoyed it!

  • ksoo
    ksoo Hace 24 días

    anyway how could you not go to russia lol

  • ksoo
    ksoo Hace 24 días

    "this isnt political" jeez

  • ksoo
    ksoo Hace 24 días

    im tired of these dumb tired assumptions about the region when are americans gonna get their heads out of their asses

  • Harvey7878
    Harvey7878 Hace 24 días

    Israelis aren’t tough. They get everyone else to fight the real wars for them. Not to mention they don’t produce any pro MMA fighters or any other combat sport.

  • folken1761
    folken1761 Hace 24 días

    Interesting, maybe you should've visited a Palestinian Gym in what's left of Palestine since you're interested in tough people fighting for their lives every day for 70 years.

  • john smith
    john smith Hace 24 días

    mfucker go to eastern Europe

  • René Malmstedt Hansen
    René Malmstedt Hansen Hace 24 días

    One of the best shows ive seen in long time!! Really opens ur mind abt the world and fighting.. Thank you FRANK!

  • NPC 38366739002
    NPC 38366739002 Hace 25 días

    This dude looks like Ezequiel Lavezzi

  • K haddadi
    K haddadi Hace 25 días

    28 hostile countries ???? WTF

  • K haddadi
    K haddadi Hace 25 días

    He is promoting zionist or israélien genocid to palestiniens ??

  • SWAGGERwrestling
    SWAGGERwrestling Hace 26 días +1

    Chechnya wrestling motherfucking be on their

  • Manuel Jauregui
    Manuel Jauregui Hace 26 días

    I need Season 2

  • soject cs16
    soject cs16 Hace 26 días

    Unedujcated muslim comments are coming

  • Raymond Tang
    Raymond Tang Hace 26 días +2

    Frank Grillo is woke and lit. He has a great understanding of the world

  • parkour master
    parkour master Hace 26 días +9

    Israel is a small country surrounded by a bunch of terrorist countries and there still standing...God Bless Israel

    • Teeta Malangi
      Teeta Malangi Hace 26 días +4

      Israel is a terrorist country murdering poor, unarmed Palestinians and taking away their land.
      Smell the coffee bud...

  • joe kean
    joe kean Hace 26 días

    Did he go to any of 57 Islamist supremacist Apartheid nations that oppress Christians, Atheists, Women and Gays?

  • The Amazing Channel
    The Amazing Channel Hace 26 días

    God fights for Israel. Exo. 14:14

  • danny1st
    danny1st Hace 26 días +10

    The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, is actually a badass. Before he was the mayor, He was an officer in the paratroopers brigade, a first responder in a Palestinian suicide attack where he managed to save a few lives and a hi-tech multimillionaire.
    A few years back he helped subduing, with his own hands, a Palestinian who stabbed pedestrians in Jerusalem. There is a video of that...

  • distinct36
    distinct36 Hace 27 días

    fight quest, perfect weapon

  • EmmanuelleLunada2010
    EmmanuelleLunada2010 Hace 27 días

    Wow, he's just getting hotter as older he gets.

  • Kareem LeBaker
    Kareem LeBaker Hace 27 días

    Senegal, the capital of Africa

  • Migg
    Migg Hace 27 días

    I didn't know Jews were tough. Did Jew? I mean did you?

  • ger cio
    ger cio Hace 27 días

    Ha, "surrounded by 28 hostile nations (what a metaphor).

  • Matthew Mayhem
    Matthew Mayhem Hace 28 días

    This sounds like Fight Quest, the exact same premise. I think this somewhat had to do with China's most grossing film "Wolf Warriors 2," which Frank starred in.

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra Hace 28 días

    Dude is sexy af

  • handsome fella
    handsome fella Hace 29 días

    Krav maga is bullshit though

  • Junmalo987
    Junmalo987 Hace 29 días

    Why is it that his mannerism confirm that he's a business major?

  • westhamboy95
    westhamboy95 Hace 29 días

    Did they choose not to broadcast the Brazil episode then??

  • Muhammad Siddiqui
    Muhammad Siddiqui Hace un mes +4

    He didn't go to any country where actual fighting happens i.e, Russia, afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Ireland, USA. He only went to places known for hookers and created a fight show.

  • brad maguire
    brad maguire Hace un mes

    Of course he has israels balls in his mouth, he works in hollywood, duh so does kibbel and bits, but thats an anti-semitic thing, if they criticize israel in hollywood theyre anti-semites, but in these chucklefuck celebratards dimwitted opinion they cant help but postulate that if trump supports israel hes anti-muslim, thats just how libtardian zionist supporting hollyhypocricy works. Unfortunately americans are too stupid to realize its just a big shitshow bullshit fest of a false paradigm:Hollywood vs the president, or libtards vs cuckservatives, thats constantly being force fed to them by the assholes of their ideological preference that they pay or vote in to worship, when the enemy of your ally was always an ally to your enemies as they were all working together to take your money and your sense of autonomy, but thats what happens when you allow the government to break up families because you look for them to solve all your problems and you supported a prussian public indoctrination system for public education and you engender self hatred by legalizing heroin abuse thru psycopharmocology which merely perpetuates drug abuse as opposed to ameliorating "neurological" disorders, you end up fostering a nation of dumb fan(boy/girls) who look to idiots on how to live their life, instead of their parents.

  • Jackson Oldenburg
    Jackson Oldenburg Hace un mes

    Like he said, he didnt want to make it political. I dont think he meant the 28 countries were in the wrong. I'm sure hes well aware Israel is I the wrong however the surrounding countries are now in fact hostile because of the things the country has done.

  • MRah
    MRah Hace un mes +1


  • H Z
    H Z Hace un mes

    will they are all hostile to each other sooooooo

  • fiachra dillon
    fiachra dillon Hace un mes

    This would have been a really interesting interview if it hadn’t been jimmy K doing the interview

  • Private Private
    Private Private Hace un mes

    "Pharoah sought to scare them [the Israelites] out of the land [of Israel]: but We [Allah] drowned him [Pharoah] together with all who were with him. Then We [Allah] said to the Israelites: 'Dwell in this land [the Land of Israel]. When the promise of the hereafter [End of Days] comes to be fulfilled, We [Allah] shall assemble you [the Israelites] all together [in the Land of Israel]."
    "We [Allah] have revealed the Qur'an with the truth, and with the truth it has come down. We have sent you [Muhammed] forth only to proclaim good news and to give warning."
    [Qur'an, "Night Journey," chapter 17:100-104]

  • Private Private
    Private Private Hace un mes +5

    LOL at all the butthurt Israel haters in the comments. The Judean people have returned to their historic homeland and defeated their enemies in each of the recent wars securing their destiny. Next the Kurdish people will liberate Kurdistan, God willing.

  • Sugar ray
    Sugar ray Hace un mes

    He should be Punisher if they do a film.

  • Am979100
    Am979100 Hace un mes

    Also the Mossad is an intelligence outfit. Why would they be fighting hand to hand with "bad guys" in tunnels? He even says it with a super serious adoring face. Man it must be nice to be a dim as him can you imagine how nice his world is not actually having to think intelligently about anything.

  • Am979100
    Am979100 Hace un mes +9

    Did Israel sponsor this episode? I thought Kimmel was better than this. Also the only time Israeli troops use "Krav Maga" is to kick and punch Palestinian women and children in the back for daring to complain about the fascist overlords who stole their homes oh and to licence out corny classes at every gym with classes filled with the most annoying women on Earth feeling super fierce.

    • joe kean
      joe kean Hace 26 días +2

      Yes he forgot the 57 Islamist supremacist Apartheid nations that oppress Christians, Atheists, Women and Gays

    • Kareem LeBaker
      Kareem LeBaker Hace 27 días +1

      calm down

  • Joe Green
    Joe Green Hace un mes

    Real quick. Frank grillo May be the most handsome guy on the planet

  • jino y
    jino y Hace un mes +2

    Brian Callen taught Grill Martial Arts.

  • Hassan Rao
    Hassan Rao Hace un mes +3

    This idea has been done before. Human Weapon and Fight Quest

      LOGICWINS Hace 24 días

      I binge watched Fight World last night. As a fan of Fight Quest, I enjoyed Fight World much more. That Israel episode was powerful!
      He said he went to Brazil, but it wasn't featured in Season 1. My guess is that it'll be the premiere episode of Season 2.

  • Al T
    Al T Hace un mes

    I was surprised that the comment section wasn't filled with hundreds of messages from butthurt muslims. Well, I only should have waited a week.

  • Cyril Kalache
    Cyril Kalache Hace un mes

    Yes the Mossad go in tunnels, and fight hand to hand combat. He is dead serious when he said that. Children in mens cloths

  • Jonbombs
    Jonbombs Hace un mes

    Lotta just for men going on here

  • יוחאי רוזנברג

    Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Oman, PA.
    That's 20 countries.
    Haven't included Muslim-majority countries in other areas of the world, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Albania, Mali, Mauritania etc...(Don't get me started with the "XXXstans")
    Pretty much sums up the Arab / Muslim countries surrounding Israel in the middle east or the region in general. True - at different levels of blatant hostility. But most of the Arab and/or Muslim countries in the region have repeatedly attempted or supported the annihilation of the country of Israel throughout the years, either through direct attack, funding proxies of terror or international bullying.

  • Naveed K
    Naveed K Hace un mes

    I love this guy, he is awesome.

  • Mark Antonyuk
    Mark Antonyuk Hace un mes

    To comments saying propperganda! He is saying as he was told that they have hostile naibouring countries which to them it is and visversa. The episode is actually far from it . The people who he met was doing a great job in explaining that were all one and its governments. They even showed a martial arts class with mixed races coming togeather for the first time . Excellent show especially meeting Bukwa in Thailand great job Osssss

  • Zeus Zeus
    Zeus Zeus Hace un mes

    Oh buddy... Israel is whats wrong with the world today. They have a hand in most things and they are funded by the US.

  • Chris Cornelius
    Chris Cornelius Hace un mes

    I believe he was the the soap opera The Guiding Light as Hart Jessup.

  • Rippiripper
    Rippiripper Hace un mes

    Dude tries to be serious and profund and Kimmel responds like a stupid kid would do

  • Nick Mclean
    Nick Mclean Hace un mes

    My dude frank

  • El Chingon
    El Chingon Hace un mes

    The show is about the people and the culture not the politics. Thats why its great. Theyre still people fighting to survive in one way or another.

  • Mr fas
    Mr fas Hace un mes

    What a retard, probably been hit in the head too many times, Zionist nasty bastard, millions of Palestine’s are occupied, land stolen, babies gassed, families destroyed because he got to film some solider she’s pro Israel Hollywood retard

  • Jason Olinger
    Jason Olinger Hace un mes

    this is why i do not like talk shows. fake hosts that cannot have a normal conversation without acting silly.

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo Hace un mes

    poor frank....brainwashed by the zions

  • JTD472
    JTD472 Hace un mes

    If you think he really meant “28” seriously, you deserve to be suicide bombed

  • LuxiClickbait
    LuxiClickbait Hace un mes

    Just watched it, a great and beautiful show!

  • Matan K
    Matan K Hace un mes

    I am israeli we are not surnded by 28 contrys ,28 contrys surnded by us dont forget it becuse we can remind you what happn in the last time when you try us dont forget six day war we fught aginst more then 4 contrys in the same time ( cowords) think about it

  • Francis Nwokedi
    Francis Nwokedi Hace un mes +6

    Israel is the hostile nation that moved into land occupied by its 'sworn enemies' according to the Torah, Bible and Quran. It is the basis of the Abrahamic tales and the entire belief system controlling 4Billion + people

    • Private Private
      Private Private Hace un mes

      "To Moses We [Allah] gave nine clear signs. Ask the Israelites how he [Moses] first appeared amongst them. Pharoah said to him: 'Moses, I can see that you are bewitched.' 'You know full well,' he [Moses] replied, 'that none but the Lord of the heavens and the earth has revealed these visible signs. Pharoah, you are doomed.'"
      "Pharoah sought to scare them [the Israelites] out of the land [of Israel]: but We [Allah] drowned him [Pharoah] together with all who were with him. Then We [Allah] said to the Israelites: 'Dwell in this land [the Land of Israel]. When the promise of the hereafter [End of Days] comes to be fulfilled, We [Allah] shall assemble you [the Israelites] all together [in the Land of Israel]."
      "We [Allah] have revealed the Qur'an with the truth, and with the truth it has come down. We have sent you [Muhammed] forth only to proclaim good news and to give warning."
      [Qur'an, "Night Journey," chapter 17:100-104]

  • Shah Galib Hassan Winner

    jiu jitsu is japanese and brazil is known brazilian jiu jitsu which is an extension of the grappling part of japanese jiu jitsu.

  • Non-conformist NWO
    Non-conformist NWO Hace un mes

    Israël lackey

  • Calm Boi
    Calm Boi Hace un mes +1

    Can’t he just let him talk..

  • bic
    bic Hace un mes +1

    jiu jitsu is japanese...

    • Juan Cebreros
      Juan Cebreros Hace un mes +2

      He's obviously referring to brazilian jiujitsu that's now become the most popular form in the world.

  • The Proud Sun Bro.
    The Proud Sun Bro. Hace un mes

    if one neighbor is hated by 28 other neighbors, than maybe that one neighbor is up to no good. Ever thought about it? of course not!
    Because ABC is owned by Disney, and Disney's CEO is Bob Iger who's a Jew himself.

  • amr asfour
    amr asfour Hace un mes

    28 hostile countries u say
    But not political u say
    Israeli said fight is israeli
    So how come a family live among 28 other families from nowhere yet they hate that family ? They killed for it anybody on their way , stole the land , they took no refugee , put their heads under their( ur ) tanks like crushing a bug .wait itis the 3 million years ago prophecy done deal by english nice guys who came invading but only for civilization .
    I know americans r not buying that anymore but why every time i hear that i know a disaster is coming

  • Rugby Man
    Rugby Man Hace un mes

    This is for dropping a building on my face

  • oluwakamau
    oluwakamau Hace un mes +36

    that idea is was called Fight Quest years ago. :)

    • yotornadoyo
      yotornadoyo Hace 21 un día

      Check out "Rallarsving", the true original and best.

    • Nick Kalaitzis
      Nick Kalaitzis Hace 27 días

      Eeeeeexactly! Fight quest was the one.

    • Agent E
      Agent E Hace 29 días +1

      Jdtorres1 Miss that show!

    • Jdtorres1
      Jdtorres1 Hace un mes +8

      Before that it was human weapon

  • Daniel Volosin
    Daniel Volosin Hace un mes

    The only live action punisher I wanna see!

  • Carly Northcutt
    Carly Northcutt Hace un mes +1

    whoever comments on this video arguing about "28 hostile countries" is a terrorist duhhh

  • IFFI
    IFFI Hace un mes

    Israhel is under constant attack. Sure. Surrounded by hostile countries. Poor Israel. Some one please educate this man. I think he has been dropped on his head a few times.

  • Kalernor
    Kalernor Hace un mes

    Actually Israel is the hostile country surrounded by 28 countries. Trust me... I'm in the middle of it

  • DavidUW7
    DavidUW7 Hace un mes

    Justice for the people in Lagos he suicide bombed

  • Shivam Jaiswal
    Shivam Jaiswal Hace un mes +3

    It's a good thing Kimmel doesn't do a fan correction segment!!

  • jdooley1982
    jdooley1982 Hace un mes

    That sounds like a fascinating show. Lookin forward to it.

  • Sige Na
    Sige Na Hace un mes

    Kinda reminds me of Fight Quest & Human Weapon.

  • Manny Grillo
    Manny Grillo Hace un mes

    I wonder if we are related?

  • Zorro del Demonio
    Zorro del Demonio Hace un mes +1

    Cri cri.

  • Aravind Parameswaran
    Aravind Parameswaran Hace un mes


  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace un mes

    Wait he went to Myanmar? I guess they ignore the fact that Rohingya muslims are being slaughtered there.

  • C.C. D
    C.C. D Hace un mes

    Ha Jim pants, You and your wife had a Defective Kid! LMAS

  • bijan778
    bijan778 Hace un mes

    JK is tone deaf about a lot of issues

  • Tia 2
    Tia 2 Hace un mes +1

    I miss "The Gates"!

  • r20424468
    r20424468 Hace un mes +1

    Frank Grillo fightin around the world

  • Eric Draven
    Eric Draven Hace un mes +2

    Cant wait for this series!!! i had no idea about this, Frank Grillo is just awesome, so cool and a REAL Badass, love the guy. This show is going to be Amazing!!

  • Eman Khashan
    Eman Khashan Hace un mes

    Okay I'm disliking this.. It's called Palestine . Get some education

  • Mustafa Shanti
    Mustafa Shanti Hace un mes

    تلحس طيزي انتا والي جابك