QT| 20k CALORIES CHALLENGE Your Wish Is My Command

  • Publicado el 31 dic 2015
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Comentarios • 7 061

    ILUVPUPSM8 Hace un día

    how are u not fat af

  • Owain Woodman Carr
    Owain Woodman Carr Hace 3 días

    Chew your food before consuming more

  • JUnjun Anuddin
    JUnjun Anuddin Hace 3 días

    You should eat it all at the same time

  • Elijah Guerra
    Elijah Guerra Hace 4 días

    Been here since this video

  • Marine Goupil
    Marine Goupil Hace 4 días

    Hey man your eating soooo fast like a random guy or girl take like the day to do the 10k challenge and you take like an hour to do it like no body will steal your food, your stomach will be bigger and bigger if you eat a lot and fast.

  • JessJess
    JessJess Hace 5 días

    I love how this guy inhales his food, wish I could eat like that

  • Banita Nayak
    Banita Nayak Hace 6 días

    You eating like a dog I don't like your eating

  • Nicholas Ashcroft
    Nicholas Ashcroft Hace 7 días

    Do another 20k challenge with only Asian food please!!!

  • Project: Samurai
    Project: Samurai Hace 8 días

    Chowmein noodles are good.

  • Laura Agha
    Laura Agha Hace 8 días

    I love your positivety❤

  • Phil Durso
    Phil Durso Hace 9 días


  • saranghoe
    saranghoe Hace 10 días

    Holy shit hes eating extremely fast

  • saranghoe
    saranghoe Hace 10 días

    He changed pretty much in looking and personality in 2018, except his specific eating

  • Malyka Mandor
    Malyka Mandor Hace 11 días

    "Let's do this" lol dude what's up with that

  • Pepin Nutts
    Pepin Nutts Hace 12 días

    that's a lot eating, nice

  • ZafTise 25
    ZafTise 25 Hace 12 días

    40k challenge

    MONKEY D. GOKU Hace 13 días

    Now your videos
    is best

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis Hace 13 días

    You should make a meal for matt stonie to eat that be awesome video to watch too

  • Musamusalam
    Musamusalam Hace 14 días


  • Nikola Stojanovic
    Nikola Stojanovic Hace 14 días

    he used to swear?

  • [ YD ] RV.
    [ YD ] RV. Hace 14 días

    I love the way u ate the food back in the day, now u just overslurp things in this video i really enjoyed bcs i saw u were enjoying food without being overslurping

  • Scoob xXx
    Scoob xXx Hace 15 días

    When did HE become matt stonie???

  • Gaming cancio#526#
    Gaming cancio#526# Hace 16 días


  • FrancesPrances Flcbro
    FrancesPrances Flcbro Hace 16 días

    The suction on that.

  • Monita Sao
    Monita Sao Hace 16 días

    Handsome...... 😍😍😍😍

  • Luluigi 1
    Luluigi 1 Hace 17 días +1

    What the fuck... How can he eat so much!

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond Hace 17 días +1

    Holy fuck I'll probably need a fat blunt to finish all that😖

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez Hace 17 días

    Thinking about doing another calorie challenge?! You absolutely killed this! You think you can now or no?

  • Christi Collins
    Christi Collins Hace 17 días

    Are you into competitive eating beacause I used to love big macs but I could never dream of finishing one in like 2 seconds as you've just done

  • Gummybeariii hi
    Gummybeariii hi Hace 18 días

    i unsubscribed because your lips too thiccc

  • CloudSVRF x NaS
    CloudSVRF x NaS Hace 19 días

    How do you eat so much?? Like I don’t think this shit is healthy 😂😂

  • Christine Gatehouse
    Christine Gatehouse Hace 20 días +1

    Those pizza pops looked gross . Your a eating machine

  • Vansh Kourani
    Vansh Kourani Hace 20 días

    I'm feeling bad for all the italian people that died when they saw u eating spaghetti with chopsticks!

  • IBody Randomz
    IBody Randomz Hace 21 un día +1

    Imagine dude sleeps over & he hungry 🤣🤣FUUUCK🤦‍♂️

    ALEX SMITHO Hace 21 un día

    Thumbnail at 6:20

  • Rashan Akarshana
    Rashan Akarshana Hace 21 un día


  • Hulkmutant_HD
    Hulkmutant_HD Hace 22 días

    some guys call it challenge i call it monday XD


    Diabetes challange.

    Quan dont push yourself :(

  • Domgamer 4435
    Domgamer 4435 Hace 22 días +3

    I’ve never heard qt say a bad word before 😂😂😂 9:44 that’s the clip

  • Faupauzi _
    Faupauzi _ Hace 22 días

    Man. Didnt know Quang used to be a badass 2 yrs ago. I still like him tho

  • Damauny Reid
    Damauny Reid Hace 22 días

    Make Jamaican food

  • victor asenjo
    victor asenjo Hace 23 días

    Make Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 food

  • Sina Saljooghi
    Sina Saljooghi Hace 23 días

    bro plz make some Persian( Iranian ) food

  • ASMR Chloe
    ASMR Chloe Hace 23 días


  • Savage Plays209
    Savage Plays209 Hace 23 días

    Never mind

  • Savage Plays209
    Savage Plays209 Hace 23 días

    I think

  • Savage Plays209
    Savage Plays209 Hace 23 días

    He ouit

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith Hace 24 días

    8:47 when someone wants to try my food

  • Crusty Clops
    Crusty Clops Hace 24 días

    Waiting for this guy to get diabetes

  • The Clickbait
    The Clickbait Hace 24 días +1

    Omg I think I'll die eating that much

  • Mista Han
    Mista Han Hace 24 días

    how r u not fat

  • Satan
    Satan Hace 25 días

    where do you get that nameless brand food lol

  • augustine yap
    augustine yap Hace 25 días

    This challenge looks like nth to you

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 Hace 25 días

    Im trying to figure out how this guy is way nerdier in 2018 than he was in 2015 lol

  • Lawrencium103 PE
    Lawrencium103 PE Hace 25 días

    I get it now, this is what I need to to do to be healthy.

  • Takil Haging
    Takil Haging Hace 26 días

    I think you switch your stomach and black hole

  • BMR Ballers
    BMR Ballers Hace 26 días

    He swallowed the Big Macs 😂

  • Cool-Beans
    Cool-Beans Hace 26 días +6

    Dang QT you must of had to take the BIGGEST DUMP of your life lmfao.

  • Karen Gordon
    Karen Gordon Hace 26 días

    I am hungry at work but after watching you in will just fast... I'm full now thanks to you

  • Karen Gordon
    Karen Gordon Hace 26 días

    OMG watching this.
    Makes my stomach hurt..I can eat a few bites of the first food and I would be full you got a Huuggggeeee stomach

  • Gabriel123 bielSaito
    Gabriel123 bielSaito Hace 26 días

    09:44 the press is enemy of perfec...all cars

  • kool gamer gang
    kool gamer gang Hace 27 días


  • J ay
    J ay Hace 27 días

    Its all in the cardio. The pizza pops were legendary though. My mouth wen't numb after 17... then I was hungry again an hour later.

  • ItsQueenRoyal
    ItsQueenRoyal Hace 27 días

    Your mouth is like a vacuum cleaner no a fence lol

  • ItsQueenRoyal
    ItsQueenRoyal Hace 27 días

    How are you not full lol

  • Play Views
    Play Views Hace 27 días

    This guy sint human

  • Katya Buenavidez
    Katya Buenavidez Hace 28 días

    i have a love and hate relationship on how he eats

  • Katya Buenavidez
    Katya Buenavidez Hace 28 días

    you should collab woth feast of fiction and TRISHA PAYTAS

  • Katya Buenavidez
    Katya Buenavidez Hace 28 días

    JP and Julia should TAKE NOTES

  • Abhinaya Ghale
    Abhinaya Ghale Hace 28 días

    this is my 100th time watching this video

  • Splashy Vandross
    Splashy Vandross Hace 29 días

    You put your heart at risk for 2 million views lmao

  • Ellen Badr
    Ellen Badr Hace 29 días

    Thumbnail : 6:20 , you are welcome

  • diamondhead203
    diamondhead203 Hace 29 días

    My gawd dude.....you eat like a rabid dog!!

  • Amit Singh rawat
    Amit Singh rawat Hace un mes

    Is this real? I can feel pain in my stomach.i think the the last food stock is left over in crisis.

  • Divine
    Divine Hace un mes

    How to torture yourself part 1

  • michelle dalmida
    michelle dalmida Hace un mes

    Wow is all I can say ... You look amazing

  • Tolga Sbg
    Tolga Sbg Hace un mes

    8:47 is the funniest scene ever! XD

  • Charlie Compton
    Charlie Compton Hace un mes

    700k gang


    i could say some shit. but then white ppl would call me a racist. because apparently the whites know whats racist more than the ppl actually being discriminated against. hahahaa................. fuck people need to die.........so badly. Can I kill some of you? Please? the world is overpopulated. It would be for the "greater good" I promise.

  • Naveed Ahmed
    Naveed Ahmed Hace un mes +1

    It makes me wanna punch him in the face

    • Veridium TM
      Veridium TM Hace 21 un día

      If you do that he'll punch you back and you see his muscles

  • Naveed Ahmed
    Naveed Ahmed Hace un mes +1

    Why so u eat like u have never seen food before?

  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki Hace un mes

    try B-MEG or i rasengan you

  • just a guy
    just a guy Hace un mes

    Thats a lot of calories

  • KOE ano
    KOE ano Hace un mes

    Watching you eat is oddly satisfying

  • Fortnite Ksi
    Fortnite Ksi Hace un mes

    Mom i want a hamburger

  • A Person
    A Person Hace un mes

    Can you make chocolate chip cookies

  • Bella Nevada
    Bella Nevada Hace un mes

    Make a feast like natsus of fairy tail!!!

  • alex cuevas
    alex cuevas Hace un mes

    Hahahaha ahh how he eat tho

  • Mr.fortnite _TX
    Mr.fortnite _TX Hace un mes +1

    Keep up the good work I like the words don’t lose confidence and every time you Siri food I get Hungry 😋

  • MrOathFlame
    MrOathFlame Hace un mes


  • Liam Perez
    Liam Perez Hace un mes +10

    Never had a big mac in a whilaaaaaammamamamamammmmmmmmm delicious

  • Dustin Lee
    Dustin Lee Hace un mes


  • Kingz I
    Kingz I Hace un mes

    I just want u to finish all ur food in ur other video cause the amount u cook can feed a whole family

  • Miss Blogger
    Miss Blogger Hace un mes

    Food is the most beautiful thing EVER!!!!!

  • X - LIT
    X - LIT Hace un mes

    I bet ur ass will explode

  • CyrusGaming 101
    CyrusGaming 101 Hace un mes

    You made this video on my birthday

  • Lulu Na-yee
    Lulu Na-yee Hace un mes

    "I thought she was hookn me up, but I'm hookn her up" LOL

    AM THUC TAI GIA Hace un mes

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  • Sakib Shaikh
    Sakib Shaikh Hace un mes +1

    Hit,share and like quang tran videos

  • Adriel Tovar
    Adriel Tovar Hace un mes

    This dude eats tells fast and weird