QT| 20k CALORIES CHALLENGE Your Wish Is My Command

  • Publicado el 31 dic 2015
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Comentarios • 6 794

  • Adrian Lim
    Adrian Lim Hace 6 horas


  • sandfly115
    sandfly115 Hace 20 horas

    Ewww the dough was still raw on the first pizza pop.

  • OOF Jr
    OOF Jr Hace 23 horas


  • Shafique Brenner
    Shafique Brenner Hace 2 días

    So bombs

  • Patrick Calipay
    Patrick Calipay Hace 3 días

    You should do a Jollibee Mukbang

  • anixben
    anixben Hace 3 días

    All his cooking and mukbang vids and I still come back to this one

  • Vanessa Anne
    Vanessa Anne Hace 4 días

    Maybe he's spitting his food after..

  • Quân Liên
    Quân Liên Hace 4 días

    You live in viet nam

  • cường trần anh
    cường trần anh Hace 5 días

    có người vietnamese ko

  • umski
    umski Hace 5 días

    Iv never heard quang swear lol😂😂

  • Baby Bird
    Baby Bird Hace 7 días

    that's not 20 thousand calories

  • rx6en
    rx6en Hace 8 días


  • wilson l
    wilson l Hace 9 días

    Are you in a hurry

  • elihu park
    elihu park Hace 10 días


  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris Hace 10 días +1

    Why am I only seeing this now? Thought I’ve seen all your vids.

  • shadowassult 1
    shadowassult 1 Hace 10 días


  • Mighty Corgi
    Mighty Corgi Hace 11 días

    Still watching quang , OG here.!

  • Hello Long
    Hello Long Hace 12 días


    just kidding dont cry 😑

  • ميرنا مي
    ميرنا مي Hace 12 días

    “I am not sick of food, food is sick of me” LOL 😂, this is still the best 20,000 calories challenge video in youtube, i keep watching every while !

  • Kimbo Kimbo
    Kimbo Kimbo Hace 12 días

    Can u best furious pete?

  • juquyn Clash of clans gamer

    bet you clog your toilet every night

  • Monica McNally
    Monica McNally Hace 12 días

    Wow. You can eat. Lol. I wish I could eat like that and enjoy it without my stomach hurting. You the man !

  • Miss Daisy
    Miss Daisy Hace 12 días

    I enjoy watching you cook. You cook food that looks really good. Your entertaining too but please consider working on how loud you eat. It isn’t easy to listen to you while your eating so loud.

  • Beerus - Sama
    Beerus - Sama Hace 12 días

    my man so chinese he ate the garlic bread with chopsticks

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy Hace 13 días

    Jesus Christ!!! He literally inhaled that noodle dish!! Do all Asian people eat like this???? 🤣

  • 点灯Dxm Trxp
    点灯Dxm Trxp Hace 13 días

    The first time I heard him cuss 😂😂

  • onlyoldnavy
    onlyoldnavy Hace 13 días

    Did you have to eat so hideously?

  • νεκταριος μακαρατζης

    2 bite big mac 🤔

  • Crayzy Eats
    Crayzy Eats Hace 13 días

    Check out this new ASMR channel! esclips.com/video/oj3dj3PbbmY/vídeo.html
    First video: WINGS

  • leslie matthews
    leslie matthews Hace 15 días

    Whi do you get good food$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Basically Save The World
    Basically Save The World Hace 16 días

    8:49 Vacuum Mode Engaged.

  • Chrome Acidz57
    Chrome Acidz57 Hace 17 días

    I don’t know why I’ve never done it before but I actually want to try to eat spaghetti with chop sticks,also all that food looked bomb 🙌🏻

  • Maria Aparecida Silva
    Maria Aparecida Silva Hace 17 días

    Come de boca fechada 😲😳

  • AsianSensation
    AsianSensation Hace 18 días

    4:10 that's a pretty decent chug fark

  • Rundrei Amcel Reyes
    Rundrei Amcel Reyes Hace 18 días

    Fake karate chop

  • Moca Mochi
    Moca Mochi Hace 19 días

    did he get lip plump

  • Jeff Tan
    Jeff Tan Hace 20 días

    Lmao do you always eat like that or is it just for your videos?

  • batoul mohammad
    batoul mohammad Hace 20 días +1

    See how did u use to eat , much better comparing with today’s videos

  • Hasan 6693
    Hasan 6693 Hace 20 días

    *youre eating faster than furious pete*

  • moon tint
    moon tint Hace 20 días

    U aint a competitve eater

  • moon tint
    moon tint Hace 20 días

    Vacuum cleaner

  • Tottie Hernandez
    Tottie Hernandez Hace 20 días

    NOW THIS IS MY FAVORITE 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😝😝😝😝

  • daniel BURN
    daniel BURN Hace 21 un día

    Still watching this video.!

  • Marie. Reese
    Marie. Reese Hace 21 un día

    👍👍👍👍👍👍 🌹 💜

  • AWESOME1009
    AWESOME1009 Hace 22 días +1

    You eat a Big Mac faster than I eat 3 bites

  • Siyaam Ajaz
    Siyaam Ajaz Hace 23 días

    You should. Do competitive eating

  • langi tautuaa
    langi tautuaa Hace 23 días

    i like it when he use too cuss

  • langi tautuaa
    langi tautuaa Hace 23 días

    this dude eat like hes in a anime i like it

  • Wally West
    Wally West Hace 23 días

    This makes my stomach hurt 😂

  • Hamza Ali Khan
    Hamza Ali Khan Hace 23 días

    Mr quan tran iam a big fan of yours keep going up good luck

  • jazmyn salgado
    jazmyn salgado Hace 24 días

    The soup part had me so weak

  • Iz Tea
    Iz Tea Hace 24 días

    how are u doing that so fast OMG😱😱😱😱😱

  • Hibiki_gaming PBJW
    Hibiki_gaming PBJW Hace 25 días

    Never had a big Mac in awhile 🤔

  • hawki
    hawki Hace 25 días

    Dude..no ones going to steal ur food..stop gobbling ur food.. can't stand ur slurping and gobbling..

  • Night Flex
    Night Flex Hace 26 días

    Dane man you make me starve!😅

  • Marwa Jebari
    Marwa Jebari Hace 28 días

    Danggg, you eat a lot!!!

  • Mr burki
    Mr burki Hace 29 días

    The amount of times I’ve watched this video

  • Alek$
    Alek$ Hace 29 días

    So rude and gross

    • Quan Trung
      Quan Trung Hace 28 días

      Alek$ grown ass man eating like a child...disgusting!

  • yoleidy Palacios
    yoleidy Palacios Hace 29 días

    It's crazy video

  • Santiago Macahilas
    Santiago Macahilas Hace un mes +1

    Dude were you like deprived as a child from eating food cause you look like your trying to make up for lost time

  • Sufiyan Shavenger
    Sufiyan Shavenger Hace un mes

    When the hell are you going to die.. when the hell are you going to die I just come in your videos to give dislikes and your videos suck and every aspect and and you you did not have any white teeth you shouldn't ok you have heat on your food you have a Sitter

    • Delirious Army
      Delirious Army Hace 29 días

      Sufiyan Shavenger dude u need help. your mentally damaged

  • Miss- stress
    Miss- stress Hace un mes


  • B R O O K L Y N
    B R O O K L Y N Hace un mes


  • Kathie Vu
    Kathie Vu Hace un mes

    30k next!!!

  • joe l
    joe l Hace un mes

    Missing da in n out

  • Anastasia Clementine
    Anastasia Clementine Hace un mes

    This is actually quite addicting😂😄😋

  • fuck life
    fuck life Hace un mes

    9.45 literally the only cuss word on his channel til’ this day

  • Thanh Lê Chí
    Thanh Lê Chí Hace un mes

    Ồ de baby

  • muhammad shahzaib
    muhammad shahzaib Hace un mes

    Who else is fasting?😂

  • white fairy
    white fairy Hace un mes

    *oh shieet , all over *
    He bloody demolished the burger.

  • MR. MYX
    MR. MYX Hace un mes

    Quang please!!!! Make the crown jewel of the Filipino foods the SISIG,!!!

  • john youn
    john youn Hace un mes

    Your one hungry gook

  • SergioR17
    SergioR17 Hace un mes

    9:46 when your girl says "ravioli ravioli give me the secret formuoli" while u hitting from the back

  • P E A R L
    P E A R L Hace un mes

    Watched this 10000x hahahahahhaha

    • Quan Trung
      Quan Trung Hace un mes

      P E A R L he really changed. I like the old videos. They are more genuine.

  • jake healey
    jake healey Hace un mes

    He eats like he in prison 😂😂😂 chill bro no one is gunna steal your food

    • Quan Trung
      Quan Trung Hace un mes

      jake healey 😂😂😂😂

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler Hace un mes +1

    6th time watching this video.....

    • Quan Trung
      Quan Trung Hace un mes

      Adolf Hitler He changed. I like the old school videos better. He was more genuine back then.

  • LaNina Wyatt
    LaNina Wyatt Hace un mes

    Dam you did it

  • Farid Imran Nazemi
    Farid Imran Nazemi Hace un mes

    Make kind of muslim foood

  • Farid Imran Nazemi
    Farid Imran Nazemi Hace un mes

    Make korean foood

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown Hace un mes

    This is my 100th time watching this viedo lmao😂

    • Quan Trung
      Quan Trung Hace un mes

      Isaiah Brown Lol. The older videos were way better. This guy is so fake now.

  • coco loco gapsko
    coco loco gapsko Hace un mes

    8.50 vacuum

  • Youngse Ko
    Youngse Ko Hace un mes

    Wanna see or hear you poop the next day

  • Nawabzada Tayyab
    Nawabzada Tayyab Hace un mes

    hy i am challenge for you 40k calrlly o hope you are challenge accept

  • Jonah Sandoval13
    Jonah Sandoval13 Hace un mes

    Holy shit he murdered those Big Macs

  • aro frankenstine
    aro frankenstine Hace un mes

    Last moments he became a little bit emotional

  • Kathyania Miclecyrous
    Kathyania Miclecyrous Hace un mes

    Ôi mẹ ơi🤣🤣

  • yo doge
    yo doge Hace un mes

    He looks weird on the thumbnail.

  • Sauce Queen
    Sauce Queen Hace un mes


  • goldenskull Gaming
    goldenskull Gaming Hace un mes

    First time I ever heard you cuss

  • Xiaolei Luo
    Xiaolei Luo Hace un mes

    omg just found another person in edmonton that eats like what i do hahaha you can try the pho challenge in miss saigon i think that one is like 4-5lb but I am too shy to go😳

  • damon villines vlogs
    damon villines vlogs Hace un mes

    Does he know that he doesnt have to eat that fast he just has to eat it

  • Primo Giotto
    Primo Giotto Hace un mes

    stupid, Asian people steam their food more than frying the food, i would say, western people fried their food more in alot of oil

  • _itsye Boi_
    _itsye Boi_ Hace un mes


  • RellH60D Jr
    RellH60D Jr Hace un mes

    first time hearing u curse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hi hey Hi
    Hi hey Hi Hace un mes

    Omg yess I love ur noodle recipes make a udon asmr or just anything to do with udon please 😂❤️

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Hace un mes

    What about you do the same challenge just stick the food up your ass (rectally).

  • chyna doll
    chyna doll Hace un mes +1

    Ok from all the ppl doing this challenge they all was skinny im starting to think im the only one getting fat off food😂😂 also he probably blew his bathroom up😂😂😂

  • Zelita Aida
    Zelita Aida Hace un mes

    Can't take my eyes from your glossy hair

  • Joshua Yaller
    Joshua Yaller Hace un mes

    I had tacos yesterday and I felt like I was violated the next day your butthole must have been in pain

  • Jeraldene Cooke
    Jeraldene Cooke Hace un mes

    I’m sorry but I can’t eat my food fast. I have to take my time and savor that bitch in my tummy. To the rate at which he eating he prolly didn’t even enjoy it fully.