QT| 20k CALORIES CHALLENGE Your Wish Is My Command

  • Publicado el 31 dic 2015
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Comentarios • 7 386

  • Jake_fsf
    Jake_fsf Hace 4 horas

    Every time you’re about to swallow, you skip the scene. When can we see you swallow everything??? Are you even eating it?

  • oneplusone
    oneplusone Hace 2 días

    Noodle slurp

    SRPSKA GARDA Hace 2 días +1

    Polako kinez bogte ugusi se

  • Yokai
    Yokai Hace 2 días

    I wonder what your shit looked like after this

  • Gigi D
    Gigi D Hace 3 días +1

    Back when he was crazy lmao

  • Sale3z Sale3z
    Sale3z Sale3z Hace 5 días


  • Momma Jenny lLatham
    Momma Jenny lLatham Hace 6 días

    2019? and buddy u say acuwe

  • Halen Mahia
    Halen Mahia Hace 6 días


  • Selena Xian
    Selena Xian Hace 8 días +1

    ur gonna choke dude

  • Oscar Yuen
    Oscar Yuen Hace 9 días

    Some say we are still waiting to see the meal with his buddy

  • Bananasplit Gaming
    Bananasplit Gaming Hace 11 días

    Bro i thought you didnt say curse words

  • Scrubbed up defaults Man
    Scrubbed up defaults Man Hace 12 días +3

    Oh my god first time QT Cursed

  • Scrubbed up defaults Man
    Scrubbed up defaults Man Hace 12 días +1

    *that noodle and rice looks so amazing*

  • Max
    Max Hace 12 días

    you eat like a pig

  • Marshmellow Tea
    Marshmellow Tea Hace 13 días

    dang dude

  • Lil_torta
    Lil_torta Hace 14 días

    In March of 2019... you got fatter


    I have never seen a Big Mac get eaten like that lmao 😂


    You were so skinny here lol 😂 definitely one of my favorite ESclipsrs

  • Coolseaking
    Coolseaking Hace 15 días

    I thought I loved food... Until I saw this man right here. He takes loving food to another level.

  • Capital 4576
    Capital 4576 Hace 16 días


  • Smiley Boi
    Smiley Boi Hace 18 días

    You eat like u haven't in weeks

    PUNISHERS Hace 19 días

    for a savage eater U REALLY IS A SAVAGE EATER

    • tebe
      tebe Hace 18 días

      Matt stonie

    CHECK_MATE GAMING Hace 20 días

    Big biter

  • MUCHACHO Creme
    MUCHACHO Creme Hace 21 un día

    “Never had a Big Mac.. in a while “

  • Aggelos Mema
    Aggelos Mema Hace 22 días

    Still watching this masterpiece.Quang if u see my comment please make another 20k challenge

  • aelkku
    aelkku Hace 23 días +1

    These clips werent recorded the same day

  • Patrick Cooper
    Patrick Cooper Hace 25 días

    He should learn to chew with his mouth closed. That is disgusting hearing that chomping

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Hace 26 días

    Now i know why you smack on those chicken drums and thighs and leave nothing

  • Peter Schurz
    Peter Schurz Hace 26 días

    9:32 bruh calm down

  • Jojo Toyokawa
    Jojo Toyokawa Hace 26 días

    Have you ever thought about doing competitive eating???
    You should try that one minute pizza challenge that Furious Pete did

  • Daniel Destroyer21
    Daniel Destroyer21 Hace 27 días

    He sweared?

  • IAm Miggate
    IAm Miggate Hace 27 días


  • IAm Miggate
    IAm Miggate Hace 27 días

    Ur a savage
    but damn can you invite next time me wanti bro

  • Sonic Soulkid
    Sonic Soulkid Hace 27 días

    bro how are you not dead. My stomach exploded just watching the damn video. wtf

  • Sunn
    Sunn Hace 29 días

    i’m watching this in 2019 and hearing him swear is so weird

  • Eiyqa Azman
    Eiyqa Azman Hace 29 días


  • Giselle Diaz
    Giselle Diaz Hace un mes +1

    You're Disgusting..

  • Yousra Book
    Yousra Book Hace un mes

    Man u killed it!!!!!!💪👌

  • Zinzz altunc
    Zinzz altunc Hace un mes

    Bring back 2015!

  • Galaxy Cookies
    Galaxy Cookies Hace un mes +1

    Quang where’s my first bite?

  • Galaxy Cookies
    Galaxy Cookies Hace un mes +4

    I want Quang back to 2019 and eat like a vacuum cleaner

  • C. Chan
    C. Chan Hace un mes

    Why u eat everything so fast tho? I eat fast too but why lol

  • Dylan Stevens
    Dylan Stevens Hace un mes

    The second one is a ass hole

  • Jordan paul 156
    Jordan paul 156 Hace un mes

    I Watch This Vid 100,00000 Time

  • jayson r
    jayson r Hace un mes +1

    Must have been a massive dump haha

  • kimbleslice mcfallen
    kimbleslice mcfallen Hace un mes

    Woah. He swore. Instead of saying ayyaaaaaaa

  • Darren Huynh
    Darren Huynh Hace un mes

    He dose not have to speed up the video he is already speed up

  • iiTz Sickshot
    iiTz Sickshot Hace un mes

    Wish I could cook like him It would be Good learning To cook at 13

  • John Michael Bartolo
    John Michael Bartolo Hace un mes

    Damn the past and future way different I didn’t know he can swear

  • Bad Heisenberg
    Bad Heisenberg Hace un mes +1

    20k calories is nothing compared to what you consume when you go back home after a while and your mum feeds you like you haven't eaten since you left!

  • SeBu
    SeBu Hace un mes

    You want to become a muscular giant ? Just work out and eat this much and your done.

  • Luke Doherty-Short
    Luke Doherty-Short Hace un mes

    8:48 holy fuck bro that box of food got no legs it ain’t pissing off anywhere

  • Saphire Tiger
    Saphire Tiger Hace un mes


  • Deven Alexander
    Deven Alexander Hace un mes

    9:45 LANGUAGE

  • kaygi Bull
    kaygi Bull Hace un mes

    *About 15 th time i’ve watched this video*

    *This man chugged a 1 L choclate milk with ease, Monsters has came upon us!*

    ATM AKNOS Hace un mes

    Is this dude a professional eater!!!!???

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Hace un mes

    9:45 *When you nut all over your dead nan at the open casket in church*

  • CityHunter15
    CityHunter15 Hace un mes

    I wish I could eat that much

  • Kyle Espiritu
    Kyle Espiritu Hace un mes

    It’s crazy how much this dude eats😂😂 I need to get on his level

  • eric joe
    eric joe Hace un mes

    watch 13:02

  • MacKmoOoD
    MacKmoOoD Hace un mes


  • Lewis Griffiths
    Lewis Griffiths Hace un mes

    Your a fatty jeez

  • Robert T
    Robert T Hace un mes

    Ketchup on a big mac? Bruh.. Do you atleast work out after consuming that many calories? Cause you could get swollen man

  • xJzustAli x
    xJzustAli x Hace un mes +3

    The real challenge starts in the toilet.

  • Watch doggos
    Watch doggos Hace un mes

    I barely even eat one big mac

  • Bowl_cancer21
    Bowl_cancer21 Hace un mes

    "I've never had a big mac in a while..."

  • Sister Misters
    Sister Misters Hace un mes

    Did his parents even cook for him

  • Apple 13 Infinite
    Apple 13 Infinite Hace un mes

    Bro does your stomach fill up your whole abdomen?

  • Mato Boyo
    Mato Boyo Hace un mes

    How much money did you spend

  • Assey El-ali
    Assey El-ali Hace un mes

    He took 4 bites for one big mac

  • Karmah Corbett
    Karmah Corbett Hace 2 meses

    I get full off of one of those Big Macs 😭

  • JHIN AK-47
    JHIN AK-47 Hace 2 meses

    My dude you are animal.

  • NiBBa
    NiBBa Hace 2 meses

    Anyone 2019

  • booboo boynumber1
    booboo boynumber1 Hace 2 meses

    Bro this guy can eat big Mac like Matt stonie

  • Gay Boy
    Gay Boy Hace 2 meses

    Why he eating like he is in a race 😂

  • Monique Gonzalez
    Monique Gonzalez Hace 2 meses

    You're appetite and all around how you eat literally hits the deepest part of my soul. My all around mood is you eating😂

  • daddy waddykins
    daddy waddykins Hace 2 meses

    Wow... I dont know where you put all that food... amazing.

  • Ameyan_65
    Ameyan_65 Hace 2 meses +4

    8:48 fammmmmmmmmmmmmm the food aint goin anywhere

  • Oliver Bishop
    Oliver Bishop Hace 2 meses

    So what did he get from this video not money diabetes

  • mr miyagi
    mr miyagi Hace 2 meses

    He had a video where he trained and while training he reacted to comments, does anyone know which video this is? Its very funny, he said i never had a big mac in a while etc

  • Ana Sanchez
    Ana Sanchez Hace 2 meses

    EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!

  • διΙεηcε YT
    διΙεηcε YT Hace 2 meses +4


  • lourenco ventura
    lourenco ventura Hace 2 meses +1

    You eat like a fucking pig just give up on ESclips please

  • Joseph Crawford
    Joseph Crawford Hace 2 meses +1

    He sounds like a vacuum when he’s eating noodles ha hahahah lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ko roni
    Ko roni Hace 2 meses

    Dude do you workout cuz you need to burn those calories

  • arskan_fanisivu
    arskan_fanisivu Hace 2 meses

    You are so fast eater

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Hace 2 meses

    the way this dude eats cracks me up 🤣

  • Tiger
    Tiger Hace 2 meses

    ''never had a big mac in awhile'' NIce

  • Lauren Lane
    Lauren Lane Hace 2 meses

    It's like you've never seen food before

  • Lauren Lane
    Lauren Lane Hace 2 meses

    You do you need to eat like that ... it's disgusting

  • Jason
    Jason Hace 2 meses

    don't eat to fast you'll get full faster

  • Flow Wower
    Flow Wower Hace 2 meses

    Gordon Ramsey leaves the server*

  • phillip mekhail
    phillip mekhail Hace 2 meses

    Why does this dumbass eat fast and try to put as much food in his mouth as he can

  • Jina Kim
    Jina Kim Hace 2 meses

    Did you just inhale those two big macs in 2 seconds?

  • Mr Tryhard
    Mr Tryhard Hace 2 meses

    You fat motherf*cker.😂

    • Mr Tryhard
      Mr Tryhard Hace 2 meses

      +julian zapanta ik it was a joke for him eating too much lmao

    • julian zapanta
      julian zapanta Hace 2 meses

      hes jacked dou

  • Plalaweh Ku
    Plalaweh Ku Hace 2 meses

    Never had a big mac in a while

    Inhales burger😂😂😂

    *BIG* *CHUNGUS* Hace 2 meses


  • LØ
     Hace 2 meses

    This dude must have had the mother of all shits after this video

  • Stephen Jin
    Stephen Jin Hace 2 meses

    uhh thats sour

  • Clinchy1
    Clinchy1 Hace 2 meses +15

    “Never had a Big Mac in a while”