Magic Spoon Review: Healthy Cereal That Tastes Like The Classics?

  • Publicado el 7 dic 2022

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  • Michelle Fonger
    Michelle Fonger Hace un año +1

    It's SO difficult to find a good sugar-free cereal and we're super impressed with Magic Spoon!! Our kiddos absolutely destroyed these cereals :)

  • Mealkite
    Mealkite  Hace un año +2

    Update: YES the cocoa/frosted combo tastes like an oreo, 10/10 would recommend it! Another great combination is the cocoa/peanut butter, which tastes like a peanut butter cup :)

    • G PLAYA
      G PLAYA Hace un año

      Young lady your going to bankrupt me with all these great products. I love the fact that you order and it all comes to your house, LOVE IT!😊

    G PLAYA Hace un año +3

    Good vid

  • V A Gauthier
    V A Gauthier Hace 6 meses +3

    Wow, people are becoming more ignorant every single day. CEREAL is by definition GRAIN. There is NO SUCH THING as "grain-free" CEREAL. Geez. And by the way, this woman pours OAT milk over the "grain-free" cereal!!! Besides that, carbohydrates are brain food so... that actually explains a lot. Gosh I wonder what the coloring is on this ridiculous product.