A Day in the Life at Imperial College London

  • Publicado el 8 dic 2022

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  • Teck Yan
    Teck Yan  Hace un año +2

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'll answer them as well as I can :)

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      @Soldatoz WIth 2 housemates but we have our own rooms

    • Soldatoz
      Soldatoz Hace un año

      Do you live in by yourself or in a corridor?

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      @Be2hang yep @teckyann

    • Be2hang
      Be2hang Hace un año

      Do you have Instagram?

  • Jonas Schäfer
    Jonas Schäfer Hace un año +3

    This video is so much better than all the other high-views DITL ICL videos, thanks! Also quite entertaining haha

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

  • Navya Mahendru
    Navya Mahendru Hace 4 meses

    Hey, I will be applying to imperial as well at the end of this year, do you have an email or a social media through which I could contact you?... I had a few questions about university.

  • Gianpaolo Piccirillo
    Gianpaolo Piccirillo Hace un año +1

    Great video!
    How much maths is there on the course?
    What type of content is covered in maths for the first two years of Materials Science and Engineering?

    • Gianpaolo Piccirillo
      Gianpaolo Piccirillo Hace un año +1

      Thank you so much! You have been most helpful!

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      Hello, thanks for the question. This is from 2018 so i'm not sure if things have changed.
      In Y1, there's 5 core Materials modules, with one of the module being Math and Computing. The math module cover Vectors, Data Analysis, Calculus, Matrices, Complex Numbers, Ordinary Differential Equations and Python
      In Y2, it's Vector Calculus, Fourier, Tensors, PDE, Math of Electromagnetism and Python. The other 4 Materials module will also have some math elements, but it'll be based on what you learn in the math course.

  • Dominic Killian Chan
    Dominic Killian Chan Hace un año +3

    can see that the pen spinning never changed 🤩🤩

  • Alina Swift
    Alina Swift Hace un año +2

    I have an offer to study at imperial next year. I heard that international students and home students don’t really mix, is this true?

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año +1

      I think people mix based on their interests, rather than based on nationality. (Although where you come from definitely affects what you might be interested in). However, I would say that there are more than enough opportunities to mix, such as via lab groups / clubs and societies.

  • sara soira
    sara soira Hace un año +1

    Hey, i have an interview for biomaterials and tissue engineering in two weeks and i'd love to know more about the interview process. I really haven't been able to find much info online at all.

    • Lovely TH
      Lovely TH Hace 6 meses

      @Zak Hi! May I know what are the questions asked during the interview for the biomedical engineering course? Any tips on how and what to prepare for the interview? Thanks!!

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      Hey Sara, I didn't have an interview for my course (materials science) so I can't really help you wrt the interview process. Maybe Zak will have a better idea.

    • Zak
      Zak Hace un año

      I had my interview for biomedical engineering a little while ago and I somehow got an offer. I’m guessing your course lands under the bioengineering department aswell as we took our interviews with a lot of other courses from the department. Lmk if you have any questions as I know too well how hard it is to find information before the interview!

  • Jordan Kio
    Jordan Kio Hace un año +2

    Nice vid brother! Keep em vids coming!

  • Jamie Lian
    Jamie Lian Hace un año +2

    thanks for the inverted duvet tip you are my favourite youtuber

  • Pang Yu Sze
    Pang Yu Sze Hace un año +2

    What an informational video! Ringing my notification bell!! Will leaving all my sausages on one side of the pizza get me to 3rd place in imperial college?

  • Tawny Staniszewski
    Tawny Staniszewski Hace un año

    Hello dude. Enjoyed your vid! 🤪 😝 You need to put out more videos! You need to for sure work with Bad Friends. Their vids sorta are like Danny Duncan and Mike Majlak. They are this chill group on ESclips and they always vlog on ESclips.
    Go check their channel out and give the friend group a like! 👉 #WarningBadFriends

  • Emily Donald
    Emily Donald Hace un año +3

    Nice video :) got an offer to study materials at imperial next year, there's not much stuff on the subject on the internet in general, looking forward to future uploads

    • Safe Rehman
      Safe Rehman Hace un año

      Same here, cant decide if I want to go to Imperial unless I know what the course will entail, the website doesn't help much with this

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      Thank you! Congrats on your offer :) What information about materials are you looking for?

  • T-Horn
    T-Horn Hace un año +1

    What's it like living in London and what sort of places do people go out to?

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año +2

      The places people go out to really depends on who you are / type of people you hang out with. There are plenty of bars and areas for students to party, but I spend quite a lot of my time in parks and normal tourist areas haha.
      Wrt living in London, it is what you'd expect living in a big and busy city. Things move fast but its incredibly well connected and convenient. I like it here!

  • Gloria
    Gloria Hace un año +1

    Wow Thanks for sharing!!

  • Xinjuan Li
    Xinjuan Li Hace un año +1

    Good sharinggggg! Favorite ESclipsr!

  • Gb's TV
    Gb's TV Hace un año +1

    Hi, lol watching from philippines ❤️🇵🇭

  • Siti Farhana Fajrin Adnan
    Siti Farhana Fajrin Adnan Hace un año +1

    Yeahhhh... Moreuniversityvlogs plsssss - from malaysia

  • Shaun Teo
    Shaun Teo Hace un año +1

    Liked and subscribed!!!

  • Chua Wen Hui
    Chua Wen Hui Hace un año +8

    Did you practice your cooking in Singapore? Why never cook for me?

  • Amy Han
    Amy Han Hace un año +1

    Is it true that there is only a few girls study in IC comparing to the number of boys?

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      Generally yes, but it really depends on your course.

  • DankGaming420BlazeIt
    DankGaming420BlazeIt Hace 9 meses

    I am inspired, now I will include alpro soymilk in my diet

  • Vanessa Chua
    Vanessa Chua Hace un año +2

    love the video!!!

  • Koi Kiat Chong
    Koi Kiat Chong Hace un año +1

    MY FAVOURITE ESclipsR!!!

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      THX for the support :')

  • D Seah
    D Seah Hace un año +1

    Mad protein boost on that pizza

  • Rou Chua
    Rou Chua Hace un año +1

    Fancy london meals

  • Caesar Pang
    Caesar Pang Hace un año +8

    TECK YANNNNN You look lonely in that bed but i can change that >

  • jerryl goh
    jerryl goh Hace un año +6


  • Jonathan Lin
    Jonathan Lin Hace un año +1

    Nice vid bro. How much do you pay for accommodation?

    • Teck Yan
      Teck Yan  Hace un año

      Thank you! I pay 195 pounds per week excluding utilities / wifi, but the smaller room in my apartment pays 170 pounds per week

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Hace un año +2

    Great effort for a first video man AHHAH