What Was the Ancestor of Everything? (feat. PBS Space Time and It’s Okay To Be Smart)


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    Yeah kiwi!

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    Well, maybe it was stored in YOUR NA, but not in mine...
    Oh!! Stored in RNA!! Not our... NA...

    Ok the show's over folks. I'm just cleaning up. Next show is in 20 min, you have to exit and pay again if you want to see it again. Not my rules, I just work here.

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    that was the best one yet

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    I’m the start of life, you know why, cos LUKA, I am your father

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    408 evolution deniers

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    I would like to know how brain cells collectively work together to make each of us conscious, and when they die, of course, that consciousness comes to an end. It seems like the lower forms of life don't have consciousness because they don't have these cells.

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    The first organism suddenly appeared on Earth with No Simple Precursor about 3.8 billion years ago........ Stromaolite

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    Can you make a video based on genetics, biophysics, geography, and crashing space rocks of old, that may find LUCA from an asteroid that interacted with volcanoes? Or something like that and what research is being done in that area?

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    My brother's name is Luca...

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    And you know what, i dont care, i have to suffer this life regardless a what

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    Please make a video that shows all descendents from luca to the homo sapiens. I want to know what were the names and how our ancestors looked like. I want to see our tree.
    :D PBS Eons is the best!

  • Brian Meyrick
    Brian Meyrick Hace 19 días

    Illuminating! What bugs me is the idea that we all have a common ancestor of the human kind, like a 'mother' way back when. Such bollux assumes a linear evolutionary path which I find quite hard to believe .. all this biblical begetting as if that was always the way. We are the synthesis of many paths yet people want to adore Lucy for example or some mythical ancestor of her's. The LCD approach to genetics is futile, the HCF approach is more likely to shed some light.

  • D. J. Scott
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    LUCA was probably mesophilic (preferred what we would call "room temperature") or possibly even cryothermic (cold-dwelling), not thermophilic (heat-dwelling) or hyperthermophilic (like hydrothermal vent organisms). The common ancestor of the bacteria probably lived in or around hydrothermal vents, as did the common ancestor of the archaea, but not the common ancestor of the archaea and the bacteria.

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    Well, this is more probable than a single proto-human language.

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    Please make videos about Human’s First & Its Evolution of:
    1) Art
    2) Language
    3) Mathematics
    4) Science
    5) Cultures
    6) Traditions
    7) Communities
    8) Exploration
    9) Trades
    10) War

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    does hank have a hanklerfish belt buckle? :P

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    >infinity war is the most ambitious crossove-
    hold my beer

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    My name is LUCA
    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes I think you've seen me before

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    "we interrupt your regularly scheduled ESclips video..... to remind you to please donate to PBS"
    🙂 "our goal today........ "

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    Love this! Love to see more about phylogenetic stuff like this

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    UCLA is a wonderful university

    • Otto Lehikoinen
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      They just have their acronym letters mixed up, LUCA ≠ UCLA.

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    Go PBS force, form Nerdtron!

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    How about when did life forms first appear on land?

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    Why is the name of our supposed common ancestor male 🤨🤔?

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    One cell man.

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    Where does viruses fit in that equation? I think they and LUCA were BFF's

  • Brotista Briztefication

    It’s scary when you realize we’re not the top of the food chain. The true Kong’s of the Jungle...microorganisms

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    You are an exceedingly effective communicator. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks.

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    I tell everyone about you guys all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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    oh my god, Hank is a master of disguise.

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    Simplest RNA like replicator, with a definition of all life must include 1. Replication 2. Mutation 3. Information Storage

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    Voltron assemble!!

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    i heard luca lives on the 2nd floor

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    Very interesting, reminds me of J.F. Gariepy's phenotypic revolution.

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    who said LUCA ever went extinct?

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    Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in cinematic history.
    PBS Eons: Hold my beer-

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    ESclips needs to become a university. Guaranteed 100% success. I learn way too much.

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    "the first species, Darwin himself-"

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    4:18 plot twist they arnt actualy the same person (this whole time i thought they were the same ) XD

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    That bacteria and ukariote things seems to ignore many deep water life forms that seem to have evolved from an enitrely different luca than any other animals

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    I wonder how this kind of LUCA research informs about potential bio-signatures of extraterrestrial life.

  • Vicente Luis Montenegro

    The perfect crossover

  • Ashlee Knowlton
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    Had to share this random thought... What if life already existed before the solar system was created and actually leached out from the interior via thermal vents?

  • Tim Meyer
    Tim Meyer Hace 2 meses

    Why is there only 1 LUCA? If there was primordial soup ponds in various locations around the globe, couldn't it be possible that a different single cell organism came into existence at a different location? Even if a couple million years separated the two different species, couldn't the slow pace evolution allowed each organism to gain a foothold? Even if there was only one primordial pond, isn't it possible that the pond spawned more than 1 single organism? Why must all life evolve from 1 single organism? Why can't some life forms evolve from a different organism? Could some similarities between species been caused by creatures copying a mutation rather than evolving from it? Is it possible there was a second genesis of life on Earth or even more?

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    I don't know what it is, I can't stop watching this. It's mind boggling indeed

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    What was so extraordinary those days that out of nothing these #Progenotes appear out of nowhere with genetic information about what. Why now days things don't appear out of nowhere with some genetic information and start a new form of life. I always struck on this question of out of nowhere started big bang and the out of nothing started first single cell organism with I don't know about what genetic information. Is it science or Magic where things appear out of nowhere..

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    Thank our lucky stars for helpful educational content like this. There's so much ignorance and anti science all over youtube we need all the science we can get.

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    thanks luca!

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    I have a classmate named Luca

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    What about PUKA? Didn't he live on the second floor?

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    But why

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    It absolutely makes sense to look for LUCA in oxygen free environments.

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    Think of this one day we might described something that might seem like magic to us

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    Why do human males have larger hands and feet than females? Direct survival advantage to species? or mating display like mammary glands or peacock feathers?

  • Dani Blumstein
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    When you use the word genes are you talking about loci or coding regions of the genome? I have a feeling the second one but its unclear.

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    I'm sure LUCA live next door to me!

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    Thanks, now that you mentioned "cats have genes to grow fur and not scales" i now have fear of snakes with fur.

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    Convergent evolution throws a huge wrench in the whole LUCA debate.

  • asher platts
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    If the laws of physics work the same at all points in time, it would seem that cellular life should have randomly occurred many times over, and because the building blocks of that life are the same, the basic functions of cellular life would be recreated as well. Like, wheels need to be round, so the wheels that are invented separately by different cultures are going to function pretty much the same way and be made of pretty much the same stuff. Endosymbiosis seems to have happened more than once with chloroplasts, and continues today in Dinoflagellates that are unable to synch the division of their tertiary chloroplasts with their own cell division, and so only one of two daughter cells get the chloroplast, while the other needs to capture a new one. Certainly this doesn't represent a primary endosymbiotic event, but it does show that endosymbiotic events still happen. There is also evidence of at least one other primary endosymbiotic event in a species of freshwater algae, in which the chloroplast retains the peptidoglycan wall of the cyanobacteria, yet the genome of the cyanobacteria is reduced, as in other primary chloroplasts, showing evidence of endosymbiosis, though much less reduced. This puts the endosymbiotic event in the distant past for humans, but in recent history for chloroplasts.
    The same proteins, show up over and over again in various species, like the rhodopsin of some types of photosynthetic bacteria, is the same carotenoid found in our own eyes that allows our retinas to function, because in both uses it allows the capture of a photon and the transfer of it's energy to do cellular work. Though their eyes developed independently, rhodopsin is found in arthropod's compound eyes as well. This isn't evidence that our eyes, arthropod eyes, and photosynthetic bacteria all are closely related, it's evidence that the same chemicals perform the same functions when their constituent parts are arranged in a specific way to produce that greater structure. The function and form are linked.
    Another example involving eyes: The eyes of Cephalopods and Humans evolved entirely independently but both our lenses are made of the same crystallin proteins, and both species developed the DNA to code specifically for it. The same building blocks of amino acids, translated by ribosomes, folded in the same way by various actions, will always produce the same proteins, because the form and function are intrinsic to one another, and both follow the laws of physics and chemistry. A crystallin must be made the same way, because that arrangement of matter creates that thing, and that thing's properties, from it's arrangement, allow it's function.
    Why then do we assume that all life is descended from a single common ancestor? I don't think that the similarities that we see between different phyla necessitate that all life is related by a single common ancestor. That is an assumption. Very simple cellular life could have arisen a number of times, and produced similar results, because life must follow certain chemical and physical laws to function, and the molecular building blocks of life are entirely defined by their form and function. Given the same circumstances it should arise again and again.
    TL;DR I think Wose was right about progenotes.

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    My dog’s name is Luca

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    Take the simplest organism, like something in Archaea, and start ripping out genes randomly until the simplest thing can't live without every BP. 🧬

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    Thank you!

    • Fay Rodis
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      Well if they are from Earth , the are related through LUCA 😉

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    Eons and it's okay to be smart are one of favourites from PBS

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    I'd like to just destroy whatever LUCA was and see what happens

  • Ashley Alexander
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    This video gives a great example of how much we have to learn from microbes! I'd love to see a video just dedicated to the amazing diversity and complexity of microbes!

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    Can there be more then one loku

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    Have you made a video on the origin of spoken language yet? That really boggles me to the wee hours of the morning! Thanks.

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    Just think... if you don’t have babies your ending a line of ancestry that goes back literally billions of years. Get off Fortnite

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    Order requires a force to exist

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    4:13 Hank Green and Joe Hanson in the same 10 seconds, I am ELATED

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    Now im so proud that im called Luka

  • Pikachu and pichu with friends

    Every time you get an F- on your test
    Your making Luca be disappointed

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    What if the universal bit of genome we try to identify doesn't come from LUCA but at some very early stages of live on earth let's say there were hundreds of species of simple organisms and a virus implemented that bit of genome into each and every single one of them, or at least into each and every one that survived and lived to tell its genomic tale?

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    what if we have more than one common anscestor? whats the possibility of two lucas developing at the same time?

  • Dávid Abonyi
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    Sooo could we reconstruct LUCA by cutting away all but the universal genes of an organism and then inserting that into an empty cell?

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    Hi, my name is Luca, I lived in the Archean era.

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    I'm extremely curious about the very first life. Before LUCA

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    hold up, so if something that is most distant from evrything else goes extinct, the LUCA title is given to something more recent, right?

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    wear did the sugar come from?

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    bur then Thanos killed half of us...

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    So no matter what, it's probably some boring featureless little germ. Got it.

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    Seems we evolved from different types of bacteria just like we evolved into different species afterwards depending on environment factors.

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    You should talk about the Oxygen crisis, I don’t really know much about it
    ...Never mind I just watched that video how about when plants got leaves

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    Progenotes sounds like a virus...

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    If I were to imagine the perfect ESclips Science channel, it would be this. Informative, but doesn't insult my intelligence. Comprehensive, but in about 10-minute blocks. Exciting, but never presented with unnecessary drama. Very well done folks. Very well done.

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    I know this video is old but I want to learn about early homosapien interaction with others “homo” species, Mabel homo erectus!

  • Arian Terra
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    I always wonder, why all lifeforms transfer information via DNA/RNA? Is it possible to transfer genetic information without DNA? Why DNA become the most popular method of transferring information? Is there any lifeforms which doesn't use DNA/RNA?

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    When you know someone called Luca and you hear he lives in hydrothermal underwater vents.

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    Live ur videos!

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    Could a LUCA be understood through all the tangled mess of early horizontal gene transfer?

  • Supertyp
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    I believe there was not one LUCA but multiple. It's possible that the earliest forms of RNA have existed in some kind of a goo, maybe encapsulated by micells of triglcerides (fatty acids + glycerine.).These might have shared molecules, proteines and genes that gave them chemical advantage over other specimen until eventualy some became complex enough to survive on their own.

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    How far back in time could a stranded time traveler still survive by living off the land?

    • Skaianet
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      Yakarot Sennin
      That’s exactly what Allergies are, our immune system attacking things that aren’t actually deadly. Going so far as to accidentally kill us in the process.

    • Yakarot Sennin
      Yakarot Sennin Hace 2 meses

      How so? Wouldn't our immune system be able to still diagnosis it as foreign and attack it regardless?

    • Skaianet
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      Yakarot Sennin
      Not that far, you’d be allergic to anything humans didn’t evolve alongside.

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      100's of millions of years, around the formation of... um... land. Prior to that a time traveler would have to do a lot of swimming, like 24 hours a day.

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    I’m occasionally puzzled by the breathless fawning over humanity’s quest to know our origins. Admittedly a relatively few powerful people have swooned over that idea. And I suppose if prompted I might dig up some Gratitude or that quest. Mostly I just get really tired of the way this quest is twisted to serve ideological agendas. Not much different than the ancient origin stories.

  • Andi Garcia
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    I think as that thermal vent species thrived there were only so many vents so when they became too many for their environment had to have other things to feed on.