What Was the Ancestor of Everything? (feat. PBS Space Time and It’s Okay To Be Smart)


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  • Frances Magro
    Frances Magro Hace 3 horas

    Love this stuff. Thanks for making it all so easy to understand!

  • Manchris Jbisd
    Manchris Jbisd Hace 14 horas

    Old Man Luca.

  • mickey sup bro
    mickey sup bro Hace 3 días

    8:35 there is also the possibility that both of the genes evolved independently of each other

  • sebern2
    sebern2 Hace 6 días +1

    Love the collaboration!

  • Allan Ward
    Allan Ward Hace 9 días

    Did Luca live on the second floor?

  • this one
    this one Hace 10 días


  • Matthew Seven
    Matthew Seven Hace 10 días

    Luca came from a meteor?

  • Davit Barbakadze
    Davit Barbakadze Hace 10 días

    What about a theory that Mitochondria was once a bacteria living on its own, before it engaged into symbiotic relationship with prokaryote? Doesn't it change both versions of the trees of life in this clip? Like our common ancestor is a rather a merge of bacteria and prokaryote.

  • Adam S.
    Adam S. Hace 12 días

    No one ever asked what LUCA was though.. :/

  • Jimmy Kruse
    Jimmy Kruse Hace 13 días

    if you look at 8:47 you'll find the source of half the genetic information in your body

    CHANT LIVE Hace 14 días

    What about panspermia?

  • robbiehobbs2009
    robbiehobbs2009 Hace 15 días

    Just when you think your a little smart.... Just try and understand some of this.

  • acf2802
    acf2802 Hace 17 días

    I know where LUCA lived. She lived on the second floor, upstairs from you. I think you've seen her before.

  • david yen
    david yen Hace 17 días

    So pretty much we are inbreds

  • blueckaym
    blueckaym Hace 17 días

    Excellent videos! All of them :)
    It's a weird feeling to remember that you got some of these ideas long time ago.
    In my case , as a teen I got the idea that life organisms seems to defy the chaotic universe and entropy ... even thought I knew antropy as a very abstract concept.
    Anyway, i would like to know more about the first replicators. I would love to understand the mystery of the patterns that turned some basic chemistry into stuff that can evolve.
    As an Ok developer I'm really curious about self-replicators. And the fact that they started from elements simple enough to create computer model of the primodial soup, speed up the chemistry lottery and evolution and see what pops up :)

  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke Hace 18 días

    8:33 Could convergent evolution be a possible 3rd option. Albeit less likely?

  • Frank Hoffman
    Frank Hoffman Hace 18 días

    The common ''ancestor'' may not have been alive at all, in the sense that we understand life. It may have been a complex, replicating molecule, that somehow had the ability to replicate into something not exactly the same as the''parent'' molecule.

  • noobpro 97
    noobpro 97 Hace 20 días

    I thought I was watching scishow or something for a second when I saw hank.

    DAVID MELLA Hace 20 días

    I thought they we the same guy...

  • james staggs
    james staggs Hace 20 días

    My name is Luca, I live on the second floor........oh also I was the origin of all life that exists today.

    • rdaveh
      rdaveh Hace 20 días

      Yeah, every time he said "the search for LUCA", I was like "Dude, look on the second floor!"

  • Raymus Munt
    Raymus Munt Hace 21 un día

    What are the current theories on abiogenesis?

    • Uzziya
      Uzziya Hace 20 días

      The RNA world hypothesis is by far the best we have but it still has its issues.
      Primarily among them is a complete lack of actual evidence. We can map damn near every reaction required to form the first life but because sub-cellular molecules don't fossilise there's no real way to test if which of the theoretical reaction series we have is correct.

  • Bigspiderman
    Bigspiderman Hace 21 un día

    O'dow is not my favorite prompt reader. There is something that is very unsettling about him. He is a bit creepy. Like is a horror flick. When someone is possessed and they open their mouth inhumanly wide.

  • Anthony Wolf
    Anthony Wolf Hace 22 días

    Woah trigger warning when you start petting that 10:14

  • Oscar Korlowsky
    Oscar Korlowsky Hace 25 días

    The big bang wasn't the beginning of everything, life already existed in other planets maybe even humans

    • The Bronze Tank
      The Bronze Tank Hace 17 días

      not humans humans are an earth only occurrence

  • Julianna Okike
    Julianna Okike Hace 25 días

    What is the significance of a thumbnails? I need to understand someone.

  • Listen The Shadow
    Listen The Shadow Hace 26 días

    how about the Last Integral Genetic Material Ancestor?

  • James Farrell
    James Farrell Hace 28 días

    What happens in PBS Space Time doesn't stay in PBS Space Time and that break's the law's of physics.
    There might be a tear in the cosmos heading twords ESclips right now.

  • James Farrell
    James Farrell Hace 28 días

    If you like this check out answers with Joe
    Joe Scott
    Awesome channel and fantastic topics
    Great way to understand complex topics in a clear and well rounded answers

  • James Farrell
    James Farrell Hace 28 días

    I love when different ESclips Creator's come together and in this case they are among my favorites.

  • bianca botanica
    bianca botanica Hace 29 días

    I was waiting for you to get to the part where mitochondria and the cell join forces and have a symbiotic relationship...

  • Shockprowl
    Shockprowl Hace un mes +1

    Stunning. Makes me feel very small... but also very big...

  • Allen Hecker
    Allen Hecker Hace un mes

    Susanne Vega knows where to find Luca...

  • I sell air
    I sell air Hace un mes

    I think life slowly evolved from non living materials, much like how speciation occurs.

  • supa3ek
    supa3ek Hace un mes

    I AM LUCA !

  • Khurshid Alam Sahaji
    Khurshid Alam Sahaji Hace un mes

    I would love to tell other people about you Hank and in fact, I have done so on some occasions but there are so few who actually care about these things that you are discussing here. Most are busy running after things that won't last or are busy experiencing things that nobody will remember in the next decade or even a year. So much wasted time, the only currency that matters.

  • AaronShenghao
    AaronShenghao Hace un mes

    He discovered IKEA?... wait... oh.... nvm

  • Janusha
    Janusha Hace un mes +1

    I like anything clever. This works for me / Subscribe and ring the bell.

  • MJT
    MJT Hace un mes

    Great graphics

  • Stark-A-Licious
    Stark-A-Licious Hace un mes

    What is this? A crossover episode?

  • Adam Trombley
    Adam Trombley Hace un mes

    More Luca please

  • Maboeln Reads
    Maboeln Reads Hace un mes

    If LUCA is not the first to have lived, then it must also have an ancestor, which means it isn’t top of the tree...??

  • WannaBeButFailingMiserabley- Cook

    Where can I find a detailed chart of the tree of life?

  • vf12497439
    vf12497439 Hace un mes

    Great video!

  • Edward Perez
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  • TripedalTroductions
    TripedalTroductions Hace un mes

    So is it possible that another, completely independent LUCA lives in the ocean of Europa?

  • Jason Richter
    Jason Richter Hace un mes

    Love the way you explain things in a way that even our president could understand. Thanks and keep it up!

  • inkooh8
    inkooh8 Hace un mes

    What about a third option: independently evolving to acquire the same genetic markers in convergent evolution (not just trading or both evolving from LUKA)?

  • Tennessee Exposed
    Tennessee Exposed Hace un mes

    So we're luca's grandchildren?

  • Tennessee Exposed
    Tennessee Exposed Hace un mes

    So life started in volcanoes?

  • Gordon Cavanaugh
    Gordon Cavanaugh Hace un mes

    Over the last 3,500 years of mankind we have the DNA found in the bodies of ancient man. That's 150 generations of mankind and yet no scientist has discovered one gene that is different today from that of 3,500 years ago. Of the tens of thousand of species over the last 200 years we have not documented one species that has evolved into another species. Of the tens of thousand of species over the many generations one would think we should be seeing evolution occurring on a regular basis. And it isn't just that one new species has to be born. You need another one of the same species to be born but of a different sex, living at the same time and in close proximity to each other so that they can mate. That's a weak point in a theory that says we come from one organism. Nature does not work that way. It creates an over abundance of seeds that have to be fertilized. Man produces millions of sperm just to fertilize one egg. And that's what would be necessary to create a new species. There would have to be lots of mutations in a species that would produce lots of a new species. The most successful species being the one that could survive in the environment and find a mate. A better explanation is of a viral pandemic that sweeps over an area and those species in that area have mutations in their offspring's DNA. In that way you have lots of mutations, at the same time in close proximity to each other to mate. And that evidence is found in our DNA with about 8 percent of our DNA made up of viruses. A virus could have swept over a part of Africa where primates lived and modern man could have been a mutation of a new species that was close enough to the primate for them to raise as their own offspring. So we didn't come from one, we came from many and we are just the lucky one that survived all the different variations.

  • daky dakyion
    daky dakyion Hace un mes

    How did the food chains start ?

    • Garlic Wind
      Garlic Wind Hace un mes

      I think it was McDonald's, but maybe it was A&W...

  • medexamtoolsdotcom
    medexamtoolsdotcom Hace un mes

    The first life forms metabolized hydrogen and carbon dioxide into methane and oxygen?! Does that reaction even release energy? It seems like it wouldn't. Or at least not much. Or maybe they converted carbon dioxide and MORE hydrogen into methane and water. That seems more plausible.

  • whatsgoingon07
    whatsgoingon07 Hace un mes +1

    I’ve learned more from this video than my entire intro to microbiology class

  • Kiliman Jaro
    Kiliman Jaro Hace un mes

    When you say we lost LUCA's gene, do you mean we all have it but it's “dorment”, like the genes to make fur are in our eyes, or do you mean we actually lost it? Because if the answer it's the later, why wouldn’t bacteria and archea have lost it too?

  • Kiliman Jaro
    Kiliman Jaro Hace un mes

    Couldn't the “universal genes” from LUCA have disappeared by mutation in most individuals after such a long period of time?

  • Atomicwinter 31
    Atomicwinter 31 Hace un mes

    What you should make is a massive series of short videos, maybe 3-10 minutes long each, defining the reptiles, fish, avian species, amphibians, or whatever of our past and present! Thatd be a huge project, but I think it'd be super cool!!!

  • Jimmy Ponciano
    Jimmy Ponciano Hace un mes

    Answer is Carbon

  • cacadodo666
    cacadodo666 Hace un mes

    Progenotes from an ooze...far fetched as hell

  • San junior
    San junior Hace un mes

    still the puzzling question is : how did the sense of individuality developed. How the idea of one organism identifying itself as different identity even took place.

  • Nate I
    Nate I Hace un mes

    I'd like to hear from the currently 259 people who downvoted this video. Why?

  • SebastianTheGreat
    SebastianTheGreat Hace un mes

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  • Rr Ii
    Rr Ii Hace un mes +1

    Yes, ! Just. One Question.
    How many generation is this "original great great... Parent.
    From me ruffly ?
    Taking into account different and varied " turn over rate's " of of our varied "evolutionary past ancestors.

    • Rr Ii
      Rr Ii Hace un mes

      Go bears 😎

    • Rr Ii
      Rr Ii Hace un mes

      Thanks Nate

    • Nate I
      Nate I Hace un mes +1

      Honestly, probably many many trillion, trillion. Which is many sextillian (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ). Microbes in a petri dish can undergo millions of divisions in a day or three. Heck it was probably many thousands of trillions by the time life got to multicellular organisms.

  • TharrisNogaud
    TharrisNogaud Hace un mes +4

    I love my Grand-Luca

  • jesster kind
    jesster kind Hace un mes

    I talked with LUCA once, all she said was "These darn kids now-a-eons, with there multiple cells. I had one and was happy to have that. Now I'm stuck in this primordial nursing home. The staff is stealing my genes I know they are!" LUCA was a real downer.

  • Pat
    Pat Hace un mes

    Hydrothermal vents theory makes sense, it is in the earliest earth and provides the stable environment life could evolve using the chemical energy when sunlight was not even available with all the activities on the surface of the planet.

  • Tamris Ustun
    Tamris Ustun Hace un mes

    Thank you learnd a lot great presentation

  • Susanne Brunberg
    Susanne Brunberg Hace un mes

    There has never been any "Big Bang"... Actually we don't know anything. Yet.

  • throwzpu
    throwzpu Hace un mes

    carbon + hydrogen2oxygen is our ancestor which everything else branched from

  • Maj D
    Maj D Hace un mes +2

    I would love to learn about how life evolved to have 2 brain hemispheres. How far back the evolutionary tree do we have to go to find an ancestor with 1 homogeneous (non-mirrored) brain or nerve center?

    • I sell air
      I sell air Hace un mes

      Maj D good question. The evolution of bones too.

  • PyroTurk
    PyroTurk Hace 2 meses +3

    This is an amazing episode! I got chills and even teared up a little. Thank you everyone at Eons and PBS digital studios!

  • Mr Science
    Mr Science Hace 2 meses

    I ship Joe and Hank.

  • Art blender
    Art blender Hace 2 meses

    Ill start this off with the fact that my last report card from a normal highschool gave me 7%in science about ten years ago, however if we were to split the genes into seperate groups which does make sense, wouldnt u need three categories to put the grey area genes in?

  • Mitch Goodfellow
    Mitch Goodfellow Hace 2 meses

    What I find problematic with all these hypothesis about the origin/s of life and a lUCA is that they all seem to be concerned solely with matter evolving haphazardly, or by chance, into eventually a Luca.
    It fails to recognize that all the living and probably LUCA originated from 2 essential components... Matter, and an immaterial component (plan) to drive the chemical and physical processes toward a LUCA.
    Basic chemistry demonstrates that under some conditions atoms of some elements may react with atoms of other elements to form some molecules which in turn may form complex compounds... however such chemical compounds will never be able by themselves to form the large specific molecules such as proteins required by a biological cell.
    The internal chemistry of the simplest biological cell, unlike basic chemical reactions, requires specific enzymes that are not imported, but must be created within the cell by a set of specific instructions,
    which for the most part are immaterial.

    • Mitch Goodfellow
      Mitch Goodfellow Hace 20 días

      I'm aware of that hypothesis:
      However it does not change the fact that ribozymes may at best be a life proto-construct, and that it would require much more than that to form a complex biological cell envelope, cytoplasm organelles, and the energy source system to power the whole inner cell. plus it would still require immaterial instructions to replicate/evolve. Lab experiments on ribozymes use experimenter instructions to provide it.

    • Uzziya
      Uzziya Hace 20 días

      Literally none of that is true. Abiogenesis is a chemical process - it is by definition not random. The first protobiotes evidently used ribozymes not proteins. The monomers we associate with biology *do* polymerise spontaneously without enzymatic aid.

  • Traian Coza
    Traian Coza Hace 2 meses

    What if life appeared separately multiple times?

  • 2010yohnny
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    This is bob Ballard’s favorite video lol

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    Liked and subbed interesting video good stuff

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    oohhh it's like 'the expendables' of utube nerd videos :)

  • justtrolin
    justtrolin Hace 2 meses

    Wondering when it will be possible to deduce how an organism looked like by compiling it's image from the genome diagram outwards.
    That would be out of this world cool!!

  • Michael R
    Michael R Hace 2 meses

    Talking about life ... there is something growing on your forehead!

  • Werner Boden
    Werner Boden Hace 2 meses

    RNA has the sequence to build proteines, but does it not need proteines to build them ?
    Where did those proteines come from ?

  • Scott
    Scott Hace 2 meses

    It is good! Great video!

  • David Mcgrady
    David Mcgrady Hace 2 meses

    I would like to see a video that tracks the evolution of humans from the first living thing to modern humans.

  • Diego Esteban Rodriguez Santiago

    I loved the video

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    Just make real jurrasic park already you eggheads

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    Astrophysics is king.

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      Either you're a bot, or you watch the correct blend of videos to preform the same functions as a bot.

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      Sounds like your trying to hard.
      Language still is used bad.
      You are the experiment.
      Thanks for sheep' in
      Neo con.

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      Only to your social science polluted perception... Take off your marxism-glasses and you'll see it's just a sentence expressing excitement. Thanks for your input.

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      /\'Cypheir you mean, 'rules'. Not king... Sounds sexest.

  • EE RG
    EE RG Hace 2 meses

    Does anyone have an existential crisis after watching one of these videos?

  • EE RG
    EE RG Hace 2 meses

    Origin. The key word.

  • Joseph Selkow
    Joseph Selkow Hace 2 meses +1

    Didn't LUCA live on the 2nd floor?

  • Lil Latex
    Lil Latex Hace 2 meses

    So Progenotes were before LUCA?

  • Giordano Tanora
    Giordano Tanora Hace 2 meses

    luca is actually born in 1971 in Palermo, Italy, he is a filmmaker and a director of Oscar Nominated Movie "Call Me By Your Name' really i love that movie ... :)

  • Christopher Cardona
    Christopher Cardona Hace 2 meses

    If Luca was living on hydrothermal vents that would be pretty interesting especially when you consider the existence of those conditions on many icy moons in our out solar system like Europa and Ganymede.

  • Richard Hannay
    Richard Hannay Hace 2 meses

    Living La Vida LUCA!!

  • !John*Doe!
    !John*Doe! Hace 2 meses

    If we could find the origin of life. what could we do with that information? Create life and biomes in other planets by recreating our own genesis?

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    name it mew when found

    AMEER MUHAMMED Hace 2 meses +1

    every one i like in one video

  • Aesyir
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    That description of progenotes vaguely sounds like a virus does it not?

  • Child of Fire
    Child of Fire Hace 2 meses

    Who is the presenter of PBS Eons? Is he a biologist too?

  • jorge pearl
    jorge pearl Hace 2 meses

    arquea appeared in one planet, bacteria in another, both fell in earth, and eukaryota was made from them, the best from both, the only problem was that needed a lot of energy, that only could been got with oxygen as final acceptor

  • Afrodisiac
    Afrodisiac Hace 2 meses

    I don't think LUCA existed. The conditions that created life would've created multiple branches of life.