💰 Freebird Promo Codes for Uber & Lyft Users! (2022) 🤑

  • Publicado el 25 oct 2020
  • UPDATE: Freebird has temporarily reduced the signup bonus due to COVID-19. The new sign up bonus is now $1 for each of your first two rides.
    Use $10 Freebird Promo Code: GEM ($5 cashback per ride for the first two rides)
    Get the Freebird App Here: my.fbird.co/SKSwO4WkW1
    ***This Works for Both Uber & Lyft Existing Users***
    Read Our Full Freebird Promo Codes Guide Here:
    🔥 $30 DoorDash Promo Code Below 🔥
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    🔥 $25 Postmates Promo Code Below 🔥
    Order Postmates Here: www.ondemandly.com/go/postmates
    Use Link & $25 Coupon: "GOLD5" ($5 Off Each Of Your First 5 Orders)
    ***Must Use Link & Coupon Together to Activate Deal***
    🔥 $20 Uber Eats Promo Code Below 🔥
    Use $20 Promo Code: EATS-UBERVIP3
    TLDR; Get the Freebird app and save money on every Uber or Lyft ride! Use promo code “GEM” to get up to $10 in cash back for taking Uber or Lyft rides.
    0:00 Intro
    0:43 Proof This Method Works
    1:10 How to Install Freebird App
    1:36 Setup Freebird Rides App
    2:42 Enter the Freebird Promo Code
    3:02 How the Freebird App Works
    This video goes over a real method for getting a discount and promo code for Uber & Lyft existing users. You'll get $10 in cash and save on every single ride you take from now on. Turn rides into cash rewards. The setup process only takes a couple of minutes and is well worth it.
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