$1 Street Food Around The World

  • Publicado el 13 sep 2018
  • From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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Comentarios • 47 494

  • PewDiePie 2
    PewDiePie 2 Hace un hora +1


  • Flips The King
    Flips The King Hace 2 horas

    I would like to see fuet my fav Spaniard snack pls

  • Flips The King
    Flips The King Hace 2 horas

    The Sapin one in the thumbnail brought me so many memories from when I was growing up also if you didn't know I was born in Spain

  • Soldier MG
    Soldier MG Hace 3 horas

    Le dieron 15 pesos ala señora que vende las tortas y ponen 12 pesos

  • elite maniac
    elite maniac Hace 3 horas

    No dollar pizza in nyc??

  • nAP_kIN’s fortnite
    nAP_kIN’s fortnite Hace 4 horas

    How do these people speak so many languages

  • Renatta Rivero
    Renatta Rivero Hace 4 horas +1

    Porro is basically a churro

  • Jaden Crass
    Jaden Crass Hace 4 horas

    I am American. But if I was to choose another one dollar street food, it
    Would be Spain because I LOVE fried

  • Bella Julie Lelia
    Bella Julie Lelia Hace 5 horas

    It’s free to support .. please come show my page some love

  • Jorge Ascencio
    Jorge Ascencio Hace 6 horas

    That was badass

  • OrganicTofu
    OrganicTofu Hace 6 horas

    *opening reminds me of tom and jerry*

  • Ray A
    Ray A Hace 6 horas +1

    You must go to indonesia, thats alot of cheap food but so Delicius..

  • Kod76
    Kod76 Hace 7 horas

    Clickbait the yen thing was $1.62 🤔😡

  • kpop world
    kpop world Hace 7 horas

    Korean Street food moroccan street food

  • Dexterity Dexterity
    Dexterity Dexterity Hace 7 horas

    Normal Hotdog in Manhattan : $4.00
    Normal Hotdog in Brooklyn : $1.00

  • Indy Nicole
    Indy Nicole Hace 8 horas

    Everybody talking about the food meanwhile I’m stuck on the fact that nobody is wearing gloves😣

  • Raluca Msl
    Raluca Msl Hace 8 horas

    With 1 euro in Romania you can a buy a lot of sweets or an hamburger i think

  • Mason Z
    Mason Z Hace 8 horas

    lady was just cleaning and grabs ur food yuck

  • Helena Kiktev
    Helena Kiktev Hace 8 horas

    With 1$ you can buy in german the german pass

  • Ja lol ey
    Ja lol ey Hace 8 horas

    I want to try the Tayjaki

  • Fabrice Trutwig
    Fabrice Trutwig Hace 9 horas

    In Switzerland u canfucking breath for that money

  • iiicxctus Official
    iiicxctus Official Hace 9 horas

    OMGG THE HOT DOG🥴🤮i am mexican and mexican hot dogs have bacon chili and so much more and they are sooo good!!!!! And the torta from Mexico yasss!!!

  • Kerolos Aymn
    Kerolos Aymn Hace 9 horas

    Egyptian treat food

  • IzzuRba
    IzzuRba Hace 10 horas

    Try Serbian burek, is around 1 dollar, and is freaking delicious.

  • Guld Nalle
    Guld Nalle Hace 10 horas

    I would like to se street food from Sweden

  • Bread Boi
    Bread Boi Hace 10 horas

    So you can’t buy Mexico with one dollar?

  • C S
    C S Hace 11 horas

    Italian, Dutch, French

  • Claudiu Gafencu
    Claudiu Gafencu Hace 11 horas


  • Merve Cadirgi
    Merve Cadirgi Hace 12 horas

    From belgium

  • David funes
    David funes Hace 12 horas

    1€ una porra. Jajajajajaja con un 1€ tienes como 7

  • Naruto Namikaze
    Naruto Namikaze Hace 12 horas

    Bruh that Indian food had me trippin looked soo good and for a dollar that’s a deal

  • Nicole Cremer
    Nicole Cremer Hace 13 horas +1


  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar Hace 13 horas

    Indian food is good tasty

  • Jessica Soebrata
    Jessica Soebrata Hace 13 horas

    I thought those where churros

  • CarmelaaCutee Studios
    CarmelaaCutee Studios Hace 14 horas +1

    Filipino Street food! Isaaw, Empanada, BBQ, Squidballs, Qwek- Qwek

  • sölfisk
    sölfisk Hace 14 horas

    Omg, i love churros

  • Samir Safarov
    Samir Safarov Hace 15 horas

    In sweden you get meatballs lol

  • TroFordi
    TroFordi Hace 15 horas


  • tiffany shekroun
    tiffany shekroun Hace 17 horas

    Haha if u go to israel you cant buy street food for a dollar 😂

  • GamingNinja 91905
    GamingNinja 91905 Hace 17 horas

    3:29 Just for a fried dough it is 1$?seriously!!!?

  • Souhail CHEBBI
    Souhail CHEBBI Hace 18 horas

    Try tunisien food

  • Rance Villegas
    Rance Villegas Hace 18 horas

    go to philippines and see what you can buy

  • Regular Dude
    Regular Dude Hace 18 horas

    Where shaurma?

  • Jorge Espada
    Jorge Espada Hace 18 horas

    Puerto Rico

  • Sandwich Bryan
    Sandwich Bryan Hace 18 horas


  • Davide Vachino
    Davide Vachino Hace 19 horas

    In Italy with 1 euro you can take 10 goleador

  • Zarar Bangash
    Zarar Bangash Hace 19 horas

    All you can get in Canada is a head of lettuce.... might as well just spit in my face

  • Sapphire Brillar
    Sapphire Brillar Hace 21 un hora +5

    Pan Fried Pork Buns.. FOR ONLY 0.88!? Dang it, it looks so good..

    *That is it! Im moving to Shanghai!*

  • NeVeR EnD
    NeVeR EnD Hace 21 un hora

    In Bangladesh, You can get a burger

  • Toàn Vũ xuân
    Toàn Vũ xuân Hace 21 un hora

    You should come to Vietnam. The food here must be called great, especially pho

  • Priscilla Hong
    Priscilla Hong Hace 21 un hora

    In Pennag, Malaysia
    $1 can eat so many things i think

  • Spongy Boi
    Spongy Boi Hace 21 un hora

    1 dollar? eh, air is more important,.
    so you want airdog? only 5 cents it has bread but air inside

  • ejijojo
    ejijojo Hace 23 horas

    Wow, street food without Taiwan?

  • siti khrsna
    siti khrsna Hace un día

    indonesia please

    DJ_MANUAL Hace un día

    japan is not one dollar.. why?

  • Earth Mage Official
    Earth Mage Official Hace un día

    I would love it if you did Vietnamese food

  • Sean Sovidaray
    Sean Sovidaray Hace un día

    Thailand street food pork satay with sticky rice next to the Elizabeth hotel in bangkok

  • log!c MX
    log!c MX Hace un día

    3:27 alv un porro ya me siento en las nubes wey

  • log!c MX
    log!c MX Hace un día

    1:14 ps ahuebo wey todo bien baraton no como los gringos y sus hot dogs de 1 dollar

  • RyLex
    RyLex Hace un día


  • ysabella meadows
    ysabella meadows Hace un día

    the fried dough looks so good. yh iv only been to whales and Philippines n i live in the uk....OH WELL

  • Mihajlo Knezevic
    Mihajlo Knezevic Hace un día

    Im going to japan.

  • Tramy Nguyen
    Tramy Nguyen Hace un día

    Can you do vietnam next pls😀

  • TwiceFN
    TwiceFN Hace un día

    Try Tunisia and Denmark

  • Sassy-S
    Sassy-S Hace un día

    Pakistan next

  • Maura Diaz
    Maura Diaz Hace un día

    Actually Happ--

    Wrong channel

  • Id Purpose
    Id Purpose Hace un día

    Es porra no porro loool

  • Kocak
    Kocak Hace un día

    $1 In indonesia espcially in small city outside jakarta you can get rice, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, egg, crackers, sauce in one full plate & free refill for tea / water

  • MrCadrigar
    MrCadrigar Hace un día

    It is sad becouse in Poland, which is poor country btw, you cant buy any street food for 1$

  • darles chelloof
    darles chelloof Hace un día

    Indian street poop

  • ZK
    ZK Hace un día

    They must put Turkey!

  • SYC
    SYC Hace un día


  • Pieter Kokke
    Pieter Kokke Hace un día

    1 euro is actually 1,125 dollar

  • Trashy Tiff
    Trashy Tiff Hace un día

    Why that Gualjolota looks like a Bánh mì(Vietnamese sandwich)

  • TheBestOfSweden
    TheBestOfSweden Hace un día

    Churros tastes soo goood!!

  • what's cookin'
    what's cookin' Hace un día

    100 ruppees is not a dollar and in Mumbai you should get vada pav not pav bhaji

  • u zus lol
    u zus lol Hace un día


  • Savvas Antoniadis
    Savvas Antoniadis Hace un día

    Dora the explorer tried the pork bun

    *yUM DElIciOUs*

  • Paul Marshall
    Paul Marshall Hace un día

    I'd love to see what you can get for a dollar in London or Paris?

  • Mark toad
    Mark toad Hace un día

    Why was there a need for plastic with the pork buns

  • Hans Dragland
    Hans Dragland Hace un día


  • Theadora
    Theadora Hace un día

    so um wheres england?

  • ciaran mcgourty
    ciaran mcgourty Hace un día


  • Monkey Bart
    Monkey Bart Hace un día

    Im late but can you do Scotland??

  • dark chronicle
    dark chronicle Hace un día


  • glaxy d
    glaxy d Hace un día

    Come to oman

  • awesome chinar
    awesome chinar Hace un día

    Pav bhaji Rocks!!!!

  • Bitch Hunter
    Bitch Hunter Hace un día


  • Yasmine Afaiyss
    Yasmine Afaiyss Hace un día

    Even toilets in Paris are more than 1$

  • Jeko Althea
    Jeko Althea Hace un día

    In 1 dollar in philippines you can eat a lot of our street food😍

  • ••**MarbleMolly **••

    What about Vietnam? I’m going there in the summer so I wanna know what is available

  • Gandara daffa
    Gandara daffa Hace un día

    In indonesia, 1dollar can buy padang rice. It's enough for 1 day

  • Jaiden Quenga-Sang
    Jaiden Quenga-Sang Hace 2 días

    You forgot to stop by North Korea

  • Gavisht Callycharran
    Gavisht Callycharran Hace 2 días

    Can you do for Mauritius

  • Matthew Cremar
    Matthew Cremar Hace 2 días +1

    Now I’m hungry at 2 am , great.

  • i exist because twigs exist

    Is no one talking about how the prices were found on 9/11 (September 11 US attacks)?

  • yarian bonilla
    yarian bonilla Hace 2 días

    can you put puerto rico in one dollar streed food im fron there and i want a shout out

  • Amarir Layla
    Amarir Layla Hace 2 días

    In Morocco you can eat
    Sefenj :1dh + Tayebouhari : 2dh + popcorn =1d + Vegetables nd Sardine sandwich :5dh = 9dh =1$

  • Marshmallow buns :3
    Marshmallow buns :3 Hace 2 días +6

    This video is amazing,BUT in minute 1:18 says that there are 12 pesos,but actually there 15 pesos •___•

  • jimmyhan
    jimmyhan Hace 2 días

    Try indonesia gorengan