Deathly Hallows: Part 2 interview with David Yates

  • Publicado el 6 jul 2011

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  • Captain Ahab
    Captain Ahab Hace 5 años

    Dear David, you done fucked up

  • helmsdeep
    helmsdeep Hace 8 años

    ok,look.I don't think that he ruined Potter movies but I really wasn't happy with last one.He omitted a huge number of characters:Yaxley,Nearly Headless Nick,Grawp,Firenze,Madam Hooch,Alicia Spinnet,Angelina Johnson,Lee Jordan and others...Such a shame.And where are McGonagall and Kingsley after the battle?We don't know if they survived

  • Brent Lewis
    Brent Lewis Hace 8 años

    David Yates ruined the Potter movies.

  • gnc623
    gnc623 Hace 8 años

    @MrBurgundy76 To answer your question, no, I'm not mentally retarded, but you may be...

  • gnc623
    gnc623 Hace 8 años

    @MrBurgundy76 The director is in charge. Screenwriters write the script. Period. Although, they can discuss (possibly depending upon the director) the script with the director to see what would work best, but ultimately the director has the final say-so, including CUTS AND ADDS! The director is in charge of the final product, the film. He does not have to go exactly with what the screenwriters give him. He can make changes as he sees fit!

  • MrBurgundy76
    MrBurgundy76 Hace 8 años

    @gnc623 are you mentally retarded? he directs the script hes given by the screenwriter, who makes all the cuts and adds.

  • MrBurgundy76
    MrBurgundy76 Hace 8 años

    order of the phoenix was decent for being the weakest most overlong book, dissapointed with half blood prince, loved LOVED deathly hallows 1 and 2.

  • Callum Hill
    Callum Hill Hace 8 años

    David Yates is by far the best director of all the four directors involved with Harry Potter. He creates brilliant spectrums of light and really puts the story through the camera. Chris Columbus did do a good job of the first two, no doubt, and Alfonso really made the third film scary, and the most haunting, Mike Newell did a pretty good job, but they are all out-run by David. He is a true master of his craft. And for those of you who believe that Chris Columbus did the best job, you are entitl

  • gnc623
    gnc623 Hace 8 años

    I don't think David Yates did a very good job. He skipped out WAY too many parts in the book and just added and changed things that were so unnecessary. He skipped too much! Someone made the comment, regarding the 5th movie, that "it was no easy task for him to make the longest book into the shortest movie." That's no ACCOMPLISHMENT! It's a rip-off! Chris Columbus did the best job of STICKING TO THE BOOKS!!

  • ツ
     Hace 8 años

    I think David did a good job on the films he's directed. He's the only director on the series who's put the characters as the main focus and remained faithful to the book, which to me, is more about capturing the spirit and story, not copying and pasting every page like Chris Columbus, who shouldn't have been let near the series in the first place. Who the hell thinks stretching CoS into 160 minutes is a good idea. But worse is the tone and look of the first two, and the score.

  • jeffreycoco
    jeffreycoco Hace 8 años

    @MrBarryBadger Yeah..I know..He was not my fav director but he did it well..(the last one)

  • TommyCycles
    TommyCycles Hace 8 años

    I've realized his problem: he over-thinks the story. As closed-minded as that sounds, it's true. Everything you need to understand about the characters and their feelings is IN THE BOOK. JK did it so perfectly, but David just took the story and warped it into a generic, analytical breakdown with pathetic add-on scenes and INCREDIBLY unnecessary moments of humor. He believes he's done the story justice by doing so, but what he fails to realize is that the smaller, simpler things really do matter.

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee Taylor Hace 8 años

    the ending of the Deathly Hallows and the whole Harry Potter series is honestly like being woken up accidently from an amazing dream and you can't get back to sleep to finish it! What an absolute let down! I am speechless

  • Chribunka Maludka
    Chribunka Maludka Hace 8 años


  • Tucker Prestridge
    Tucker Prestridge Hace 8 años

    @charlie9161 .....he's the director.

  • charlie9161
    charlie9161 Hace 8 años

    who does he play hagrid?

  • jeffreycoco
    jeffreycoco Hace 8 años

    A great Director..I think they all were good, Chris, Alfonso, Mike and David

  • jeffreycoco
    jeffreycoco Hace 8 años

    I like the part when he told about dobby and his childhood

  • Annika Knapp
    Annika Knapp Hace 8 años

    Mr. Yates, I'm truly sorry I ever doubted you. Thank you for giving this world everything it deserves :)

  • jeffreycoco
    jeffreycoco Hace 8 años

    Thank You David! I had enjoy of harry Potter (evrything) the last 14 years!!....For always in my heart!

  • Andrea Laporta
    Andrea Laporta Hace 8 años


  • manic221
    manic221 Hace 8 años

    Marvellous director thank for your work David! O hope you an OBE/ knighthood you deserve it.