An Entire Store Of Cookie Dough

  • Publicado el 12 jul 2017
  • We went to DO in New York City and got some serious cookie dough action! Even the puppy got in on it, too. Hope you guys enjoy this belated vlog from NYC! We got into some thrift-shopping and some dollar-pizza-eating as well!
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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  Hace 5 años +6083

    hey guys!! sorry for the delay in posting, hope u enjoy this belated vlog from NYC!! who got a notif for this video?? hehe 😆

  • Elaina Ramirez
    Elaina Ramirez Hace 3 años +4041

    Most relationships:
    “Lol I’ve got no boobs at all...”
    “No, baby, you’re beautiful! Don’t say that!”
    Safiya and Tyler:
    “Lol I’ve got no boobs at all.”
    “Lol yeah”

    • Patience Lightner
      Patience Lightner Hace 18 días

      @Hello okay? Breasts feed kids… your point?

    • Patience Lightner
      Patience Lightner Hace 18 días

      The second one validated how the other partner feels

    • Risu Wolf
      Risu Wolf Hace 8 meses

      Saf and Tyler are goals

    • Hello
      Hello Hace 2 años +4

      Kids watching this 😳🧠

  • Morgan Kay
    Morgan Kay Hace 2 años +957

    “It’s cookie dough.”
    “Is it good?”

  • Sydnye Chey
    Sydnye Chey Hace 3 años +2028

    Can Safiya please dress like FRIENDS characters for a week?

  • Caroline
    Caroline Hace 4 años +5337

    I keep forgetting this isn't Saf's ESclips-

  • Rose White
    Rose White Hace 4 años +1660

    “How you feeling? Energized?”
    “I sneezed in my hair”
    “What? How?!”
    Hahahaha I love saf she’s a mood 😂😂

    • Away With The Faeries
      Away With The Faeries Hace 2 años +2

      I thought she said she had seeds in her hair

    • Crispier
      Crispier Hace 3 años

      Rose White same I sneezed in my hair

    • Dear Janna
      Dear Janna Hace 4 años +22

      Safiya IS a mood. She is the definition of mood.

  • the remnants of pinecone past
    the remnants of pinecone past Hace 3 años +2011

    anyone watching after they’re married? 🥰❤️

  • Yasmine Hourie
    Yasmine Hourie Hace 5 años +1371

    we need crusty merch tyler!! i would actually buy it. 😂

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Hace 7 meses


    • Fede Cuervo
      Fede Cuervo Hace 5 años +2

      MoonPrincess92 thank you!!!

    • Ember
      Ember Hace 5 años +3

      Fede Cuervo I got you! I subbed

    • Yasmine Hourie
      Yasmine Hourie Hace 5 años +11

      Idontlikeyougetover It they all do say that, but knowing tyler, i think he might actually make it happen.

  • Maddy Arana
    Maddy Arana Hace 2 años +361

    Remember when we could go out and eat IN a restaurant?
    Good times.

  • Precious_ SongBaby
    Precious_ SongBaby Hace 3 años +573

    Saf:cookie dough.
    Tyler: is it good?!?!
    Saf: Yeah ItS CoOkiE DouGh 😂😂😂😂

  • Emma
    Emma Hace 4 años +835

    Now, When Tyler says “it’s got that Chucky cheese pizza vibe” i was wondering to myself “is that necessarily a good thing”

    • Autumn
      Autumn Hace 3 años +1

      Chuck-e-cheese pizza lowkey good

    • Tai
      Tai Hace 3 años +1

      The chucky cheese in my town closed down

    • imberru
      imberru Hace 3 años +2

      @blackmarya lmao

    • blackmarya
      blackmarya Hace 3 años +26

      Emma Shane Dawson has entered the chat

  • Izzah96
    Izzah96 Hace 4 años +406

    They are so freaking cute! It's like he finishes her sentences or completing each other well.
    Judt a random thought: hell yes. Way Corgi walks is hella cute. Short legs and buttsy 😂😂

    • Awe berry
      Awe berry Hace 3 años +2


    • molly
      molly Hace 3 años +2

      Mrs Tinkerbell yes I agree corgis have short stubby legs and a cute little waddle walk

  • Liya Tegenu
    Liya Tegenu Hace 4 años +402

    Safiya’s the pencil
    Tyler is the highlights
    Safiya made the world
    Tyler made it brighter

  • Vanessa Leal
    Vanessa Leal Hace 5 años +184

    Tyler-“Is it good?”
    Saf-“YEAH! ITS COOKIE DOUGH!”😂❤️👏🏽

  • Kt
    Kt Hace 5 años +590

    Ty: so how ya feelin?
    Saf: I s n e e z e d i n m y h a i r

  • DanceSmokeSmile
    DanceSmokeSmile Hace 6 meses +5

    I can’t think of anything better than a cookie dough store… To the point where I don’t think I can watch this because I want it too bad and have no way of getting it without making the dough myself 😭

  • Alexis Payne
    Alexis Payne Hace 5 años +510

    there's a cookie dough place exactly like that in my local mall and the line is never long, i feel so blessed😂

    • Kathryn Kavanagh
      Kathryn Kavanagh Hace 4 años

      man they don’t even have those in my country

    • Amanda Poon
      Amanda Poon Hace 4 años


    • Well
      Well Hace 4 años


    • Bianca Reyes
      Bianca Reyes Hace 4 años

      alexis erica same, the longest line there is like 3 people. Plus, there's Nutella cookie dough, so I'm basically winning.

    • Iman Zuberi
      Iman Zuberi Hace 4 años +1

      alexis erica luckyyyyy

  • Beatrice O'Grady
    Beatrice O'Grady Hace 3 años +24

    Saf: Mm, it’s cookie dough
    Tyler: Is it good ?
    Saf: Yeah , it’s cookie dough !

  • Ayy Its Sonia
    Ayy Its Sonia Hace 5 años +1911

    Totally unrelated but....
    Saf and Tyler are goals 😂

  • Flamynfires
    Flamynfires Hace 4 años +5

    I really love how Tyler always says, “I’m really excited, Safiya are you excited?” It always makes me excited 👏🏾❤️😊

  • Erin lovesdog
    Erin lovesdog Hace 5 años +261

    I am seriously in love with that Australian shepherd 🐕# dog obsessed

  • Sophia Wright
    Sophia Wright Hace 3 años +117

    T: how is it??
    S: it’s cookie dough
    T: is it good?

  • Tyrisea Preston
    Tyrisea Preston Hace 5 años +86

    Saf is like a cute 4 y/o "I sneezed in my hair."

  • Ryan Quick
    Ryan Quick Hace 3 años +41

    Tyler: Is it good?
    Safiya: Duh, its COOKIE DOUGH!

  • F2SLJ
    F2SLJ Hace 5 años +1362

    Thrift shopping is the best kinda shopping.
    Save dat money!
    Also, I LOVE YOUR DOG 😭

    • honeybdream
      honeybdream Hace 5 años

      cute pony Same here! I'm kind of addicted to the treasure hunting aspect & thrilling deals 😌

    • Paulina Łaba
      Paulina Łaba Hace 5 años +2

      thrift shopping is the best thing that happened in my life

    • sophia m
      sophia m Hace 5 años +3

      F2SLJ I found Calvin Klein stuff thrifting for $2.00

    • Adriana Ranieri
      Adriana Ranieri Hace 5 años +7

      Tyler Williams what thrift stores did you guys go to? I'm going to the city this weekend and want to go thrifting 😊

    • honeybdream
      honeybdream Hace 5 años +11

      +F2SLJ It's also great for the even Mother Nature wins 🌟🌎

  • Thimble Fox
    Thimble Fox Hace 5 años +4

    tazz enjoyed the dough he is just very well trained and such a good boy that he takes things very gently :) a very well trained pupper indeed

  • unscrewedhorses
    unscrewedhorses Hace 5 años +1

    9:05 He took that treat so gently, what a bean ☺️

  • CaraStay
    CaraStay Hace un año +2

    Their dog Taz is so well behaved and gentle! If ever get a dog, I would adopt a dog like that! He's so cute 🥰

    • Fruitty Pun
      Fruitty Pun Hace 5 meses

      I was scrolling for so long just to find a comment about how cute the dog is😍😍

  • Sydney Malatesta
    Sydney Malatesta Hace 5 años +64

    i can’t imagine not having potbelly’s at my disposal at all times. there’s one 10 minutes from my house. one time when i was in middle school my father, siblings, and i ate potbelly’s for a month every night for dinner. Praying for you guys, it’s a tough life you lead

    • Fati
      Fati Hace 4 años

      I've never been to potbelly

    • Maci Jean
      Maci Jean Hace 5 años

      Sydney Malatesta ive never been to a potbellys :0

    • Chaos With Eris
      Chaos With Eris Hace 5 años

      I live in London

    • I am Bread
      I am Bread Hace 5 años +2

      Sydney Malatesta I've never had potbelly's rip

  • aly
    aly Hace 3 años +50

    Safiya sounds so Canadian right there I can’t. 😂😂

  • Fubs_the_queen 1989
    Fubs_the_queen 1989 Hace 4 años +805

    Taz is a gud boi. 13/10 doggo.

    • UnApple
      UnApple Hace 3 años

      666 likes I won’t destroyed it

    • hunter
      hunter Hace 3 años

      @neocityy what?

    • neocityy
      neocityy Hace 3 años

      @hunter noice!

    • hunter
      hunter Hace 3 años

      @starlight gacha Furry alert

    • neocityy
      neocityy Hace 3 años

      @Bebek Geprek
      Australian Shepherd

  • Anannya Bhatt
    Anannya Bhatt Hace 5 años +1

    The dog is the most disciplined I have ever seen. He took the treat so nicely!

  • Neha Chatlani
    Neha Chatlani Hace 5 años +979

    yayyyy tyler your video is trending!!!! saf and you are the cutest!!! 😍😍

    • ella dong
      ella dong Hace 4 años

      b m a t t OMG now they're engaged

    • Rose LilBlue
      Rose LilBlue Hace 4 años

      +b m a t t he has

    • Meow Meow meow
      Meow Meow meow Hace 4 años

      Miss Phoenix I’m here too! (A year later)

    • Celestia
      Celestia Hace 4 años

      @b m a t t It's been a year, he has now!💍💍💍

    • KING ZEUS 9532
      KING ZEUS 9532 Hace 4 años

      Limelights! True they are

  • Joey Klu
    Joey Klu Hace 3 años +59

    Who's here in 2020 going through old videos for comfort while quarantining/distancing?

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace 5 años +14

    When I read the title, I thought they were gonna eat an entire stores worth of cookie dough and I was like "what the heck??"

  • Beatrix Taylor
    Beatrix Taylor Hace 5 meses +2

    Safiya in her own video: 👩‍💼
    Tyler in her video: 💁‍♂️🤪
    Tyler in his own video: 👨‍💼
    Safiya in his video: 💁‍♀️🤪

  • Z
    Z Hace 5 años +163

    Tyler: is it good
    Safiya: yeah! It's cookie dough 😑

  • No Dun intended
    No Dun intended Hace 5 años +30

    You guys are like my favorite couple in history. Love you guys ❤

  • Hareni
    Hareni Hace 5 años +21

    Who started getting hungry when Tyler and Safiya started eating???!!!!!!!!! I definitely started getting hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rintokki
    Rintokki Hace un año

    Watching again for feels and at 6:16 I'm in awe how saf just stayed so cool while a fly landed on her forehead and just walk all over it. I would of smacked the camera into my face.

  • bipity boop
    bipity boop Hace 4 años +52

    Taz is just ADORABLE

  • Ali Collier
    Ali Collier Hace 4 años +90

    Tyler: is it good

  • 1318Snake
    1318Snake Hace 5 años +482

    4:44 is when the cookie dough part of the video starts
    8:03 is when they try the cookie dough

    • Ebz
      Ebz Hace 3 años +1

      Thank you so much you made my day I hope nothing bad happens to you you are an absolute ledgand

    • Twine ✿
      Twine ✿ Hace 3 años

      Honestly true lol

    • Ann
      Ann Hace 3 años

      Thank you!

    • Maddym
      Maddym Hace 4 años +1


    • 𝑀𝑖𝑎
      𝑀𝑖𝑎 Hace 4 años +1

      Thanks 😘😘

  • UniSkate 11
    UniSkate 11 Hace 2 años +2

    When Tyler got a night of that pizza, all we could see is Safiya trying to feed Tyler and it’s hilarious

  • Sydney Sousa
    Sydney Sousa Hace 4 años +14

    Tyler : is it good
    Saf: *eyes open wide * ITS COOKIE DOUGH

  • JJ Binks
    JJ Binks Hace 2 años +120

    Them talking about Potbelly's like it's life changing
    me: *lives in Illinois*

    • Linny Reads ♡
      Linny Reads ♡ Hace un año

      Does that mean it’s not that good? Never heard of it till their video lol.

    • Hays Den
      Hays Den Hace 2 años +3

      Omg ikr lmao

  • A A
    A A Hace 5 años

    Tyler is so kind! What a nice guy!

  • Brooke G
    Brooke G Hace 3 años +4

    Really thankful youtube decided to remind me about Tyler's channel this week. Even though I've watched all of these, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your channel. And also how much I miss nextbeat. Awww. Thanks Ty. MAKE MOAR VIDEOS PLZ

  • J.sizzle
    J.sizzle Hace 5 años +1961

    That dog is so beautiful
    That dog is so cute
    I will find it
    Clon it
    And adopt it.

    • Val •
      Val • Hace 2 años

      @Jasper Gonce dude, what?

    • Nathan Mclinsky
      Nathan Mclinsky Hace 3 años

      Such coot

    • thatonekid
      thatonekid Hace 3 años +2

      Get an Australian Shepard, that’s what they look like 😭

    • nat
      nat Hace 3 años

      Alright then you go do that..😑

  • L B
    L B Hace 4 años

    Taz is extremely fluffy and snuggly looking. His energy is so pure

  • Nanna Ubiznes
    Nanna Ubiznes Hace 4 años +1

    Aw, the way that Taz gingerly nibbled at the treat fills my heart with love :)

  • Mary Jane Majcherek
    Mary Jane Majcherek Hace 3 años +1

    Once Saf started talking about the “sandwich making chain” that she ate in Chicago, I immediately thought of Potbelly’s, but I didn’t know it was regional/only in some places.

  • Chaos M
    Chaos M Hace 4 años

    taz is an angel, I am so lucky to be blessed with this footage of him eating cookie dough, it is the gift I didn't know I needed

  • Hayley Stewart
    Hayley Stewart Hace 4 años +134


  • Hetta Michelle
    Hetta Michelle Hace 5 años +7

    Yep, my husband and I love our Potbelly sandwiches here in Chicago! Yummy shakes too :)

  • Lindsay Lucas
    Lindsay Lucas Hace 5 años

    Tyler: “Is it good?”
    Saf: “Yeah, it’s cookie dough!!!”

  • secretartist16
    secretartist16 Hace 5 años

    Tax was such a gentle angel taking food from you guys. Bless his precious little heart.

  • Fear Kitten
    Fear Kitten Hace 3 años

    So sweet that you got some doggy dough to share with Taz!

  • jozllie
    jozllie Hace 4 años

    The way they vlog is so professional and I thought this channel has over a million.

  • Rebecca Crash
    Rebecca Crash Hace 3 años

    Watching this almost 3 years later and excited because I actually have the DO recipe book.

  • dopemelisa
    dopemelisa Hace 5 años +744

    AWWW hows taz doing now? :'( THE POOR DOGGO

  • Rachel Dawson
    Rachel Dawson Hace 5 años

    I kind of love this channel because it's like the behind the scenes of their lives

  • Ava Vasquez
    Ava Vasquez Hace 5 años

    They are literally the definition of couple goals!❤️ Like if you agree👍🏽

  • Kate Laufer
    Kate Laufer Hace 3 años +5

    I’ve been to that place about 5 times! It’s so good! In New York they have a cool playground next to it, and a huge dog park!ITS SO FUN!!

  • Lizzie Lieb
    Lizzie Lieb Hace 5 años

    I honestly love that he’s not like guys who get annoyed when their girlfriend talks about tv characters being hot or whatever because he knows it’s not a big deal

  • Alexi0s
    Alexi0s Hace 3 años

    Tads so gentle and cute! We need more of tad!!!!!

  • Savage Jessie
    Savage Jessie Hace 5 años +283

    I found your channel from saf and just fell in love with your channel. Btw you and saf are goals💕👌🏼

  • Caeli-Rose White
    Caeli-Rose White Hace 5 años

    WAIT LOLing so hard... cause in "trying instagram black icecream" saf even says that you guys always bet who ordered the better "entree" and "dessert" and saf says Tyler ALWAYS wins in the dessert category, like he always orders the better dessert. and then right here when they are trying the cookie dough, she tries tylers and goes "I like yours better!" hahahahhaa laughing so hard cause she was right!

  • Alssadarya M
    Alssadarya M Hace 2 años

    Love how you got some for the pupper

  • Zachari Yuley
    Zachari Yuley Hace 3 años

    Safiya cutely bouncing at 3:07 and then looking off like she's distracted is a mood

  • Chelsea Sanders
    Chelsea Sanders Hace 3 años +67

    Do Safiya and Tyler know that there is now a Potbelly's 20 mins south of Disneyland in Irvine?

  • Paola frege
    Paola frege Hace 4 años

    Taz is a very polite and gentle dog ! :-)

  • K
    K Hace 5 años +768

    Everyone: Taz is the best doggo
    Me, an educated individual: taz is the best FLOOFER

    • /yeet/
      /yeet/ Hace 5 años +10

      Uncle Fiker Miker let's hope it doesn't turn into a woofer or a grizlord

    • Jewel
      Jewel Hace 5 años +36

      Uncle Fiker Miker me, a scientist: aLL DAWGS ARE THE BEST AND R GUD

  • Chronically Curious
    Chronically Curious Hace 5 años +75

    Poor puppy! I just hate it when one of my fur babies is injured or sick. And he seems like he's got a very sweet spirit. He deserved he doggy dough! My cat is very about food the way he is. She'll politely be interested and go ahead and eat it, maybe give me a thank you bump. Whereas my parents can't eat in the same room with theirs, or they become cat climbing trees supa fast. 😅 High five for polite animals!

  • Sara Rothermel
    Sara Rothermel Hace 3 años

    I love how comfortable they are with each other, they’re such a cute couple, I’m so happy they’re getting married! ❤️

  • M. Mustafa Akbani
    M. Mustafa Akbani Hace 3 años

    Saf-Ty are couple goals ♥️♥️

  • Lazy
    Lazy Hace 4 años

    All parts containing the soft, cute fluffmonster are the best but my favourite part is him eating the doggy dough 😍😍😍

  • Amrita Singha Ray
    Amrita Singha Ray Hace 4 años

    I just wish to have someone like Tyler in my life

  • rylee hilliard
    rylee hilliard Hace 5 años +571

    "Is it good?" "Yeah, it's cookie dough" 8:15

    • Lovro Lapajne
      Lovro Lapajne Hace 5 años

      rylee hilliard r

    • Cate Mangione
      Cate Mangione Hace 5 años +84

      rylee hilliard its the equivalent to "I like your shirt" "thanks it has pockets"

  • Siddharth P
    Siddharth P Hace 5 años +33

    We need a whole crusty vlog .. something like "my cat walks me for a day" lol

  • sexhaver2014
    sexhaver2014 Hace 4 años

    Ty:is anything cuter than or funnier than the way a corgies bootay shakes
    Me:that just made my day😂

  • Srushti Kulkarni
    Srushti Kulkarni Hace 2 años +2

    Real cookie dough store shot starts at 6:38

  • Asta Kirkham
    Asta Kirkham Hace 4 años

    this made me want cookie dough so badly to the point of actually making my own at home

  • The Inedible Muffin
    The Inedible Muffin Hace 3 años

    This is my first time seeing Taz and I love him so much already, looks like such a soft, gentle boi

  • YouTube ebuTuoY
    YouTube ebuTuoY Hace 5 años +7

    I went to a cookie dough place like that when I was in California a week ago and it was great!! It was creamy and amazing. The store is California Cookie Dough and it is a new business and it is really worth spending less than $4 for a scoop. It is about a 25 min drive from Anaheim/Disneyland. I got the unicorn sugar cookie dough and it is adorable! You can look up unicorn cookie dough on ESclips and it is one of the first ones. Hope this was helpful for people who want to try bug don't live anywhere near New York 😊💜

  • Liv Thomas
    Liv Thomas Hace 4 años

    It looks so tasty and anything with you two in it is just the best.

  • Brooke Jaso
    Brooke Jaso Hace 5 años +393

    How did I not know you had a channel! I love watching the two of you and now I can on 2 channels. Hehe

  • Boadecia
    Boadecia Hace 2 años +7

    Aww, Potbelly's is Delicious! I'm on Keto - Miss it so much!

    • Em Wheat
      Em Wheat Hace 2 años +1

      how did it go??

  • Fiona Patterson
    Fiona Patterson Hace 4 años

    the face she made after she smelled her sandwhich 😂😂 man i love that woman shes got such a peraonality

  • Bobby Berwick
    Bobby Berwick Hace 2 años

    This thrift store is TOO MODERN 😂💞 I love Safiya so much haha

  • Becca Reynolds
    Becca Reynolds Hace 5 años +80

    Now I am really craving cookie dough

  • dirty yogurt
    dirty yogurt Hace 3 años

    I have an Australian Shepherd as well and she looks a lot like yours! When she was a puppy she’d bite all our ankles thinking we were sheep and biting the legs off of all our barbies but now she’s a lil sweet heart 😂

  • Bina Maharjan
    Bina Maharjan Hace 4 años

    Tyler: Is it good?
    Safiya: Yeah it’s *Cookie Dough* ❤️

  • Lettie Messi
    Lettie Messi Hace 4 años

    That cookie dough line was like an exclusive club line!😱
    I can't imagine eating all of that cookie dough! Crazy

  • bre
    bre Hace 4 años

    God I want a relationship like Ty and saf 🙃😂

  • Abby
    Abby Hace 3 años

    aww i love how gentle tazz is

  • Alej V
    Alej V Hace 5 años +5

    You and Mark should cook challenging foods/recipes to make so in a few years, we can look back on your progress! Basically to see how possible or impossible it is for us to master as well

  • Happy Bee
    Happy Bee Hace 5 años +59

    I'm more of a Chandler fan. BUT, I also love Ross😂

    • My Mini slime
      My Mini slime Hace 4 años +1

      I like chandler better too

    • C K
      C K Hace 4 años +3

      Rh1A , blasphemy. Lol
      Ross is too jealous, too insecure, and too controlling.
      Chandler is only even remotely jealous of Richard, but for good reason-Richard was the last man Monica loved.
      He never tries to control Monica, whereas Ross was totally antagonizing Rachel in his jealousy. Rachel just wanted Ross to trust her not to cheat and encourage her to pursue her career. He couldn't even trust her.
      Albeit, Ross struggled to trust her because the last woman he married turned out to be a lesbian, but typically there are signs someone isn't being forthcoming, etc. Ross is a major wuss though... He has two kids with two women and he barely spends any time with either. They will grow up to be fucked up because their dad basically abandoned them.
      Even though Ross and Rachel got together at the end of the series, there is no telling that they actually worked through their problems, so it's unlikely Emma, the younger of Ross' children, will have any emotional stability anyway.

    • Kendra Lightburne
      Kendra Lightburne Hace 5 años +3

      Patrick Trznadel i cannot stand ross😂 finally someone understands 😂😂

    • viintaqe
      viintaqe Hace 5 años +1

      Chandler dances too much 😁

  • sarah jamil
    sarah jamil Hace 5 años

    tyler and saf are goals👌🔥....bless u guys

  • Chantal LK
    Chantal LK Hace 4 años

    I love how you two just vibe together so well, I love watching you guys