The "OMG" Burger @ The Catch, Anaheim | 10lb+ Burger .... 20lbs OF FOOD | RainaisCrazy | w/Foodbeast


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  • v 47
    v 47 Hace un día

    Raina means rana which means toad lol

  • v 47
    v 47 Hace un día

    No bacon no burger lol

  • v 47
    v 47 Hace un día

    Whers the bscon lol

  • SunShine Griffin
    SunShine Griffin Hace 2 días

    They suck for cheating our girl....

  • Jacqueline Nascimento
    Jacqueline Nascimento Hace 3 días


  • Jacqueline Nascimento
    Jacqueline Nascimento Hace 3 días

    She is amazing. I love so much. 😲👌😨👌🤤👌

  • Jacqueline Nascimento
    Jacqueline Nascimento Hace 3 días

    Please, no! 😲👌😨👌🤤 oh, goood! Help us.

  • Erica R.
    Erica R. Hace 3 días

    Watching you eat the bun was killing me girl. I feel for you. I'm sorry 😅

  • Roscoe P Coltrane
    Roscoe P Coltrane Hace 3 días

    Yeah fuck that shit I wouldn't of even given them any fame. I would of said I'm not wasting my time.

  • Prableen Kaur
    Prableen Kaur Hace 5 días

    If you would have added hot water to the bread it would have made your life easy

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore Hace 6 días

    Damn you are stunning....the things I would do to you 😋

  • This Little Janie
    This Little Janie Hace 9 días

    I want to be this girl’s friend.

  • Josh Arvizu
    Josh Arvizu Hace 9 días

    Wow you did a great job despite not being able to eat your style of eating. If you were able to smash it and mash it like you do you would have murdered that burger!

  • love cuba
    love cuba Hace 9 días

    I don't think it's fair your not to dunk food. They want to make it as difficult as possible and no way anyone could finish this one

  • Susen sit
    Susen sit Hace 10 días

    5. Contestants with documented history of competitive eating will not be allowed to participate in the omg challenge. What the heck

  • mai mee
    mai mee Hace 10 días

    u r a winner .

  • mai mee
    mai mee Hace 10 días

    Raina I commend u for attempting this. U r so courageous. U r the queen.

  • SherylAnne Kasilag
    SherylAnne Kasilag Hace 12 días

    Im one of your fan

  • Gregory Brown
    Gregory Brown Hace 13 días


  • Peapea Soll
    Peapea Soll Hace 14 días

    you are amazing

  • pastelesdeyucca
    pastelesdeyucca Hace 14 días

    I honestly like that you showed this challenge even though you didn’t win it. At least you are real and that’s appreciated

  • Nazemul Khan
    Nazemul Khan Hace 17 días


    • Nazemul Khan
      Nazemul Khan Hace 17 días

      I just want to apologise for my comment mann first ever heart i got a real utube user daaaaamn im excited haha goodluck on yo channel

  • Kevin Lucas
    Kevin Lucas Hace 17 días

    Man thats just wayyy too much

  • hpk t
    hpk t Hace 20 días


  • Killa-King Kong
    Killa-King Kong Hace 21 un día +1

    This was a scam. ur a winner in my book.

  • sabista saifi
    sabista saifi Hace 24 días

    what the hell yaar ,she always eating more and more food but she look 😱😱😰😰sooo slim how can she mantain her figer howwwwwwwww??????????????????

  • Schwarze999
    Schwarze999 Hace 25 días

    a sexy asian babe that like to eat wow dreams do come true

  • apollard1968
    apollard1968 Hace 26 días

    That’s ridiculous!

  • James Brock
    James Brock Hace 29 días

    They prepared it without gloves...

  • Andrew Mudgett
    Andrew Mudgett Hace un mes

    They should have given you the $500 prize anyway - just going by most of the comments here, it’s probably gonna end up costing them 10’s of thousands of dollars in revenue from bad publicity. Especially because of the extra 4 lbs. they added.

  • Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle

    How Much Do they charge to try a challenge like that. If you failed... How Much IT cost you?

  • Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle

    I would be fine with the Little one on the top! My goodddd. This burger is bigger Than you!!!!

  • David Wichman
    David Wichman Hace un mes

    Raina should vomit all the food back out on these assholes.

  • Supa Haze
    Supa Haze Hace un mes

    Srsly how did it go from an 8lb burger to 12lb? Mf scumbags!

  • becky castillo
    becky castillo Hace un mes

    She wants to be white.🤔

  • Tomoe Gozen
    Tomoe Gozen Hace un mes


  • jrry1473
    jrry1473 Hace un mes

    That's a win Raina, you ate WAY more that the agreed-upon 5 pound burger.

  • Matt wise
    Matt wise Hace un mes

    Great try..I'm not sure if 2 hungry hyena's could have eaten all that..your awesome..

    • Matt wise
      Matt wise Hace un mes

      Awwwww,thanks raina..if i didn't live in Florida and wasn't 55 i would marry you 😘

  • Sandy Bruce
    Sandy Bruce Hace un mes

    You did sooo good!!

  • Ruckus Tom
    Ruckus Tom Hace un mes

    Adding 4 pounds is cheating.

  • Sya Fieqa
    Sya Fieqa Hace un mes

    That is not burger.. Not delicious at all

  • Monica Martin
    Monica Martin Hace un mes

    Awww. But you did great

  • WickedJakeClownDogg
    WickedJakeClownDogg Hace un mes

    Really? Give me a break.. that is too much lettuce what a waste... good luck girly!!

  • Valérie Oggier
    Valérie Oggier Hace un mes

    OMG I am hungry now, délicieux 😋

  • kapil kumar gupta
    kapil kumar gupta Hace un mes

    Your ar my favret
    Love your dear

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith Hace un mes

    Insane amount of vegetables on this monster burger. The buns look dry has hell. Great job on almost finishing this fake challenge.

  • Tupelo Mem
    Tupelo Mem Hace un mes +1

    Hi raina.lots of vegetables.and bread but you did real good.fantastic.but for sure they didn’t want anyone to win it for made a Hugh dent in that burger.🌺🌺🌈

  • smr144
    smr144 Hace un mes

    I rather give her a $100 bill than to invite her for dinner...

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe Hace un mes

    How about if someone else ordered it then you walk in and eat it

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe Hace un mes

    I'm sure they watched her videos and added extra

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe Hace un mes

    2 loaf of bread...

  • stan smith
    stan smith Hace un mes

    Poor Reina. Not fun. The restaurant has an unwinnable challenge. Why not 30 Lbs? Why not a side of beef? There has to be a chance or its a scam.

  • D.B. Allen
    D.B. Allen Hace un mes

    Well on the bright side this proof you are totally human. Twenty lbs. of food is one heck of a hill to climb.

  • malayaleeking
    malayaleeking Hace un mes

    I would have thrown everything that was left on the floor and walls in protest haha

  • sergio nietbellangrijk

    I can watch you eat food for years and years since i am a foodie xp and i always needs my foooddd..

  • Dee Dish
    Dee Dish Hace un mes

    6 tomatoes and 6 onions a whole head of lettuce at least maybe two. Four pounds of bread and several pounds of potatoes.? Bitch please. That restaurant is stupid. They didn't want it to taste good even.

  • Leah Swee
    Leah Swee Hace un mes

    These people tested your eating capability. They made it very difficult just to see if you can still finish it and win the challenge. They don't want anybody to win. Imagine 500 bucks??? Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄

  • Leah Swee
    Leah Swee Hace un mes


  • fpowell1981
    fpowell1981 Hace un mes

    I think they made it bigger cuz Raina was coming !!!!! Lol

  • fpowell1981
    fpowell1981 Hace un mes

    If Raina can't do it no one can!!!!!

  • clh4790
    clh4790 Hace un mes

    Do you ever weigh yourself after eating? Lbvs. Your so tiny and you eat sooooo much! You amaze me!

  • Glamma Gurl
    Glamma Gurl Hace un mes +1

    nooo,you did great babe, NO ONE COULDA DID THAT!!! YOU STILL ROOOOCCCCKKKK!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘⚘

  • sandhya Reddy
    sandhya Reddy Hace un mes

    I saw all ur videos darling i loved ur challenges

  • julos71
    julos71 Hace un mes

    Impossible, because of the final bread wall ;)

  • Bhee Perez
    Bhee Perez Hace un mes

    Dang no gloves??? 🤦‍♂️

  • Tanner Man
    Tanner Man Hace un mes

    That was an insane burger and incomprehensible challenge, you did way better than I would have, even tho you didn't do it, good job trying anyway tho👍

  • veronica walden
    veronica walden Hace un mes

    There's not more to say that the other commentators 👇 your Sub's have said which i agree with....just At least you had the BALL'S to take it on👏👏

  • Bob Sebring
    Bob Sebring Hace un mes

    That's totally insane.
    Is that 500.00 prize going to pay for an ambulance ride? LOL!
    🍔. 🚑

  • doua yang
    doua yang Hace un mes

    That restaurant is insane. They lied to you.

  • Junior Wright
    Junior Wright Hace un mes

    Raina some people don't play well with others . And they are 2 stupid to recognize a Class Act when you choose there establishment 2 help their business

  • Kevin Stevens
    Kevin Stevens Hace 2 meses

    You are an amazing competitive eater keep it up

  • Junior Wright
    Junior Wright Hace 2 meses +1

    You are a cool lady

  • Maly Maly
    Maly Maly Hace 2 meses

    2:51 I never get tired of hearing that

  • Maarit Mezzi
    Maarit Mezzi Hace 2 meses

    You eat so much but you are not fat 🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Long Yoa
    Long Yoa Hace 2 meses

    how are able to eat all that..

  • Joshie
    Joshie Hace 2 meses

    You did good girl don’t feel bad, that challenge was impossible they made sure of that.🕊🕊🕊

  • Savannah Chappelear
    Savannah Chappelear Hace 2 meses

    That was insane nice try!!

  • Nazeran  Ali
    Nazeran Ali Hace 2 meses

    Adding extra pounds they should of adding extra time for sure.

  • shelia french
    shelia french Hace 2 meses

    Really is this restaurant stuck on stupid or crazy they’re already making it to where it’s in possible this is what I’m talking about I love these people out here trying to do it I love cheering them on ; these restaurants do this and make it totally impossible you’re already making you
    set you up to fail come on shit I thought the burger was already on there until he I saw the meat coming, I was like are you freaking serious they don’t want you to win

  • charmy143
    charmy143 Hace 2 meses


  • mexy dee
    mexy dee Hace 2 meses

    I love watching you I'm a new subscriber in I'm addicted to your channel a love food and I'm a big girl but I don't know how you stay so thin And I love your personality

  • Hack Jealousy
    Hack Jealousy Hace 2 meses

    Andre the Giant might have been able to do it.

  • James Wainne
    James Wainne Hace 2 meses

    dont do it!!! hahaha...i want you to live to see your next videoo..hahaha

  • Brian Marsden
    Brian Marsden Hace 2 meses

    sketchy challenge man for real

  • Quyen Nguyen
    Quyen Nguyen Hace 2 meses

    Wow. Wow ,Wow ,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jennifer Maggio
    Jennifer Maggio Hace 2 meses

    You did an AMAZING job. You should have won. I am impressed.

  • Jea Hana
    Jea Hana Hace 2 meses

    You and Matt Stonie could have done it in less than 30mins!

    • Jea Hana
      Jea Hana Hace 2 meses

      Omg! She highlighted my comment! Thanks! Keep eating! 😁😁

  • God is Love
    God is Love Hace 2 meses +1

    My cholestoral went up just looking ya girl❤️❤️

  • Mukesh Yadav vlogs
    Mukesh Yadav vlogs Hace 2 meses

    The makers of burger really creepy and cheap they made it impossible challenge u well deserved to applaud

  • Stephanie Woodruff
    Stephanie Woodruff Hace 2 meses

    Bread fills u up more than anything! They know it to! 😨 I bet that burger/salad wasn't even good. 🤮

  • White Thunder
    White Thunder Hace 2 meses +1

    What kinda of bra is that Raina? I've seen it around but can't figure it out!

  • Lisa joy Spotswood
    Lisa joy Spotswood Hace 2 meses

    This burger has been made wrong. After they put th sauce on th bun then should go th beef burger th pickles th onions, tomatoes and then th lettuce. Notice as he was trying to pile th onions on top of th tomatoes they kept sliding off? Not enough onions to th ratio.

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Hace 2 meses

    oh, I not gonna eat there, I didn't no they didn't want u to win that money!

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Hace 2 meses

    how much does that cost if u want to eat there with a family, is that on there menu!

  • Darren LUFC Armstrong
    Darren LUFC Armstrong Hace 2 meses

    That’s impossible, but great attempt

  • xXxSlowPoke
    xXxSlowPoke Hace 2 meses

    No way even Raina can finish this!

  • Bam Bam Kane
    Bam Bam Kane Hace 2 meses

    I'm sure the cooks hands were clean, but he should at least have wore plastic gloves like #Subway uses while making their sandwiches.

  • Andy Freer
    Andy Freer Hace 2 meses

    Sorry but u tried hard work with the bread

  • Andy Freer
    Andy Freer Hace 2 meses

    Nice any free for me in Dublin tee shirts 🎃

  • Chee Vang
    Chee Vang Hace 2 meses

    U did amazing job! We still love u...