The "OMG" Burger @ The Catch, Anaheim | 10lb+ Burger .... 20lbs OF FOOD | RainaisCrazy | w/Foodbeast

  • Publicado el 11 jun 2018
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    So Today I attempt to do the OH MY BURGER CHALLENGE!!!
    Their Facebook Page:
    2100 E Katella Ave, Ste 104
    Anaheim, California 92806
    Details of the contest: Finish the burger with an hour and get $500
    So I came with Foodbeast today to try to take this on….only one person has been able to do it so far… check out their livestream to hear their commentary otherwise tune into my video and listen to my thoughts about how crazy this thing is lol…

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Comentarios • 1 017

  • Nazeran  Ali
    Nazeran Ali Hace un día

    Adding extra pounds they should of adding extra time for sure.

  • shelia french
    shelia french Hace un día

    Really is this restaurant stuck on stupid or crazy they’re already making it to where it’s in possible this is what I’m talking about I love these people out here trying to do it I love cheering them on ; these restaurants do this and make it totally impossible you’re already making you
    set you up to fail come on shit I thought the burger was already on there until he I saw the meat coming, I was like are you freaking serious they don’t want you to win

  • charmymami1987
    charmymami1987 Hace 4 días


  • mexy dee
    mexy dee Hace 5 días

    I love watching you I'm a new subscriber in I'm addicted to your channel a love food and I'm a big girl but I don't know how you stay so thin And I love your personality

  • Hack Jealousy
    Hack Jealousy Hace 5 días

    Andre the Giant might have been able to do it.

  • James Wainne
    James Wainne Hace 6 días

    dont do it!!! hahaha...i want you to live to see your next videoo..hahaha

  • Brian Marsden
    Brian Marsden Hace 6 días

    sketchy challenge man for real

  • Quyen Nguyen
    Quyen Nguyen Hace 6 días

    Wow. Wow ,Wow ,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jennifer Maggio
    Jennifer Maggio Hace 7 días

    You did an AMAZING job. You should have won. I am impressed.

  • Jea LD
    Jea LD Hace 8 días

    You and Matt Stonie could have done it in less than 30mins!

    • Jea LD
      Jea LD Hace 8 días

      Omg! She highlighted my comment! Thanks! Keep eating! 😁😁

  • God is Love
    God is Love Hace 8 días +1

    My cholestoral went up just looking ya girl❤️❤️

  • Mukesh Yadav vlogs
    Mukesh Yadav vlogs Hace 8 días

    The makers of burger really creepy and cheap they made it impossible challenge u well deserved to applaud

  • Stephanie Woodruff
    Stephanie Woodruff Hace 8 días

    Bread fills u up more than anything! They know it to! 😨 I bet that burger/salad wasn't even good. 🤮

  • White Thunder
    White Thunder Hace 9 días +1

    What kinda of bra is that Raina? I've seen it around but can't figure it out!

  • Lisa Joy Spotswood
    Lisa Joy Spotswood Hace 9 días

    This burger has been made wrong. After they put th sauce on th bun then should go th beef burger th pickles th onions, tomatoes and then th lettuce. Notice as he was trying to pile th onions on top of th tomatoes they kept sliding off? Not enough onions to th ratio.

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Hace 9 días

    oh, I not gonna eat there, I didn't no they didn't want u to win that money!

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Hace 9 días

    how much does that cost if u want to eat there with a family, is that on there menu!

  • Darren LUFC Armstrong
    Darren LUFC Armstrong Hace 10 días

    That’s impossible, but great attempt

  • Bradley Balogh
    Bradley Balogh Hace 10 días

    Realistic for two people. They can't expect one person to eat this. Good effort tho you earned a sub.

  • xXxSlowPoke
    xXxSlowPoke Hace 10 días

    No way even Raina can finish this!

  • Bam Bam Kane
    Bam Bam Kane Hace 11 días

    I'm sure the cooks hands were clean, but he should at least have wore plastic gloves like #Subway uses while making their sandwiches.

  • Andy Freer
    Andy Freer Hace 12 días

    Sorry but u tried hard work with the bread

  • Andy Freer
    Andy Freer Hace 12 días

    Nice any free for me in Dublin tee shirts 🎃

  • Chee Vang
    Chee Vang Hace 13 días

    U did amazing job! We still love u...

  • Smart Boy
    Smart Boy Hace 15 días

    Non sense challenge- she need 2 days to finish

  • Frank
    Frank Hace 15 días

    Hell of a try...

  • Pixy Rose Jes
    Pixy Rose Jes Hace 15 días

    How are you not obese?

  • King C
    King C Hace 15 días

    Raina, I love you.

  • Debbie Crothers
    Debbie Crothers Hace 15 días

    That's false advertising on their part. I'll never go there. Cheaters. Good job! 😍

  • Frank50505
    Frank50505 Hace 15 días

    Here is a question that nobody has ever asked before: How do you not get fat? Lol! Please let me know. Enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  • royda5eleven
    royda5eleven Hace 15 días

    This challenge was insane. They cheated you adding weight to the burger. Love to watch you try! You're so awesome

  • John Laudington
    John Laudington Hace 16 días

    This girl has some balls. Respect!

  • Ashly Jones
    Ashly Jones Hace 16 días


  • Ashly Jones
    Ashly Jones Hace 16 días


  • SexxyDiva Sexxy
    SexxyDiva Sexxy Hace 16 días

    Good job 🙌🏾

  • Jack Spencer
    Jack Spencer Hace 17 días

    How do you stay so sexy I have been watching you for two months now. Do you have high blood pressure. What do you do to start this challenge

  • Sheree Sample
    Sheree Sample Hace 18 días

    You could never disappoint me because they were wrong that's why they made the burger the way it was....

  • John Chase
    John Chase Hace 18 días

    That bread looked way too dense too. Not like a hamburger bun either.

  • John Chase
    John Chase Hace 18 días

    No "messy eating" ... Seriously? Tell them to GTFO with that stupid crap. And no dunking. Cheap Pricks. It's all about the $500.00 buck prize. I'll NEVER go there. "No messy eating" in a food challenge!!! 🖕🖕🖕

  • Delilah Puddingstash
    Delilah Puddingstash Hace 18 días +1

    You did amazing girl, even though that restaurant was shady, they even said TIME at 59:12, you still had 48sec, shady... love you

  • Demps 69
    Demps 69 Hace 18 días


  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson Hace 20 días

    If she can’t do this, no one can

  • Danielle Ware
    Danielle Ware Hace 23 días

    Come on now a hour to finish all that the burger in itself is crazy but to give someone a hour to complete it is even crazier. They should of said there is no time limit at the least for this challenge. I do think they added more simply because it was her and she is a beast. I also read contests with a history or competitive eating aren't allowed to have a go at the challenge which makes me believe even more they are fraudulent. Rain has a history so how was she qualified to begin with??

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes Hace 24 días

    You did amazing. You should check out beard meets food. You would like his eating challenges.

  • Elli Mae
    Elli Mae Hace 25 días

    you did great..will never go eat there..

  • L Ludovic
    L Ludovic Hace 26 días

    for me that's 'food' which doesn't serve my body at all

  • Delilah Pearce
    Delilah Pearce Hace 26 días

    You did AMAZING!!!! 🙌👏👏👍

  • Delilah Pearce
    Delilah Pearce Hace 26 días

    I think the CATCH sabotaged you on purpose!!!
    And with bread that BIG n thick you should be able to dunk!!

  • Jason Oyola
    Jason Oyola Hace 27 días

    She is so sexy. I want to meet her and be her man.

  • Francesco De Vivo
    Francesco De Vivo Hace 29 días

    Per me resti sempre la migliore 💪

  • G A
    G A Hace 29 días

    It says on the rules no one with a history of competitive eating. So basically no one who can actually finish it lol

  • Red Daniel
    Red Daniel Hace un mes

    Girl you did that ... dont apologize they set it up for people not to win. Your a beast

  • Janette Moreno
    Janette Moreno Hace un mes

    I dont like the way the cook handled the ingredients during prep time. Yuck! Bare hands, no gloves. Poor hygiene practice. 🤢

  • Susan Lara
    Susan Lara Hace un mes


  • flyn vandenbergh
    flyn vandenbergh Hace un mes

    I don’t know how I only just came across your channel, but you are the ULTIMATE food challenge goddess!
    So much love from Australia 🌈😘🙏🏼❤️

  • whiteorchid02
    whiteorchid02 Hace un mes

    How do you eat SO much and stay slim ?
    Good job . I enjoy watching you throw your mean scarfs lol

  • Sugeidy Mercedes Cahuich Gamboa

    Fabulosa 🌼❤️

  • Na Na
    Na Na Hace un mes

    The burger is bigger than your tummy! How can that fit? A giant should eat that instead. 😂😂😂

  • Imma Goofball
    Imma Goofball Hace un mes

    $500 to go to the emergency room when you stomach explodes lol

  • Maria Masini
    Maria Masini Hace un mes

    You didn’t let any one down

  • Maria Masini
    Maria Masini Hace un mes

    That’s not fair that false advertising you should have got that $500

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Hace un mes

    Do not do this challenge. No one can win. If Raina cant possible cone close to winning then the restaurant by way of their sticky icky rules make it impossible to SUCCEED at this challenge.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Hace un mes

    Ya this is a complete BS challenge. They make it. Lose to impossible to actually do it. No messy eating. What a bunch of BS. its an eating challenge. Not a table manners contest!!

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Hace un mes

    My 1st impression is NO "F-----IN" Way girl. All that food in that tiny lil belly of yours. I dont believe it to me mathmatically possible.
    Just sayin!!!

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Hace un mes

    Rsina can you please let me know hiw often do you do a challenge?once a month? Every 2 weeks once a week. How often. Im thinking maybe once a month. Eating like this csn not be real good on the tummy. You eat more than an actual lion sometimes. Just curious to know how often. Your not oacking any fat around. So it cant possibly be toooooo often. Thanks Raina

  • Mariela Delgado
    Mariela Delgado Hace un mes

    Wow!!! You still did amazingly well!

  • J Love
    J Love Hace un mes +1

    The tiny burger on top cracked me up 😂

  • Mike Georgius
    Mike Georgius Hace un mes


  • Paul Heese
    Paul Heese Hace un mes

    I gotta burn up so merch yo!!!

  • Loner Morrison
    Loner Morrison Hace un mes

    Maybe like big foot could do this challenge! its insane, Good job though like fuck you can eat!!!

  • Less Dank
    Less Dank Hace un mes

    i wanna date you....just to see the size of your shit.

  • fatbulous fashion
    fatbulous fashion Hace un mes

    Girl you did amazing dont feel bad I would have gave up after like 30 minutes

  • Lia Wilson
    Lia Wilson Hace un mes

    Joey Chestnut was soaking hot dog buns in water before eating it. That bun looked so dry! Might’ve helped... amazing job though!! You are crazy

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Hace un mes

    Hey love you baby..
    You are awesome....

    COUNT2TEN OTSO PA Hace un mes

    call Draco

  • HeadCandyEntertainment

    Raina u should have offered to suck their dicks and puked 🤮 on their sausages once they was in your mouth❗️They atleast deserved that mess , so they would have smelly cocks to go back home to their wife’s too🤣🤣🤣 #ShoutOutToFoodBeast

  • James clark
    James clark Hace un mes

    Well lady, for an Asian, YOUR MATH SKILLS SUCK. A 20 pound meal is a LITTLE different than eating a 2 pound Burrito. Randy S has NEVER conquered any meal over 10 pounds.

  • Blure SunSet
    Blure SunSet Hace un mes

    Good job tho I know is hard for me too but I don't eat meat tho

  • Лилия Лилия
    Лилия Лилия Hace un mes

    Куда же ты все это помещаешь а?)))) П....ц....

  • Sherry Nevis-Baltzer
    Sherry Nevis-Baltzer Hace un mes

    It seems to me like these people handicapped you from the start. This challenge is simply not realistic for people. I think you did a fantastic job are amazing! ❤

  • Victoria Mejia
    Victoria Mejia Hace un mes


  • Fred
    Fred Hace un mes

    No one can eat 20 pounds of food in one sitting you'd vomit or explode your stomach

  • Lourdinha Figueira
    Lourdinha Figueira Hace un mes

    Raina Huang, you are absolutely extraordinary, I can not believe the amount of food you can eat and that you can look so thin, really incredible!, greetings and abundant blessings.

  • Gamusino RetroGamer
    Gamusino RetroGamer Hace un mes

    Para hacer esta mierda de videos de que vas a hacer algo y luego no lo haces no te hagas un canal de youtube.....

  • Nailyn Nc
    Nailyn Nc Hace un mes


  • Grace Love
    Grace Love Hace un mes

    You’re a champ girl 👌🏻

  • GoodsArtGame
    GoodsArtGame Hace un mes

    No entendi ni maiz :v

  • Penny Sweets
    Penny Sweets Hace un mes

    Nobody could ever finish that in an hour! Fixed!

  • Victor Howard
    Victor Howard Hace un mes


  • Luna Sea
    Luna Sea Hace un mes

    They should have given you the cash prize. With their "bait n switch" food amount and what you ate! He hee...and you ate until the end. Intensely awesome Raina! 🍅🥒🍞🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

  • Hermin Pete
    Hermin Pete Hace un mes +1

    I want to shoot a hot fat load of my stringy jizz into your ugly cross eyed face

  • Gnyus-1
    Gnyus-1 Hace un mes

    Props to you for your effort, but those guys are wrong for putting such a ridiculous challenge out there and with those rules.

  • Lisa Barnes
    Lisa Barnes Hace un mes

    You did your best, Im impress you did it, to me. It wasn't fair, they didn't wanna pay the prize. You still won.

  • Thanh Huynh
    Thanh Huynh Hace un mes

    Bs challenge, garbage restaurant

  • اسو علي
    اسو علي Hace un mes

    خرب حضي نص لفه فلافل شبعني😕 لي عربي لايك 😍اريد اطووووووش هاي حيل صديقتي ههههه

  • Luke Sumerix
    Luke Sumerix Hace un mes

    Amazing effort. I think if you didn't have to eat clean you could have gotten it! Plus way better job on the music!

    • Luke Sumerix
      Luke Sumerix Hace un mes

      Beside everyone hits a wall around 40 minutes

  • Frank Ponce
    Frank Ponce Hace un mes

    I want to live. Not die. To much grease.

  • brad carpenter
    brad carpenter Hace un mes

    WOW Ima call you Bam Girl like Bing to the bang that bing the bing bong THE BANG GIRL!!

  • Sco Macneil
    Sco Macneil Hace un mes

    😎that's just silly

  • Corinne Robinson
    Corinne Robinson Hace un mes

    Poor girl,,,that hamburger is tooooo..thick,,,they should've made it slender,,,that's too much,,,you can't even cut it with a knife.....