The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

  • Publicado el 10 mar 2018
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    Following the footsteps of the challenge I did years back, I've grown up and graduated from a Happy Meal to a Grand Big Mac Meal!!!
    Just seemed like a fun idea, and I've seen a decent amount of requests to do Grand Big Macs!!
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Comentarios • 33 468

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  Hace 3 días +27

    Messin' Around w/ Morgan..

  • XnimbusX YT
    XnimbusX YT Hace 20 horas

    Suscríbete a mi canal de ESclips cuando lleguemos a 200 suscriptores hago un sorteo de pavos para fornite

  • KιƚKαƚ
    KιƚKαƚ Hace 21 un hora

    Idk why I always watch your vids when I get hungry but here I am

  • jamal mhamed
    jamal mhamed Hace 21 un hora

    كس اختييينك

  • Py2T - Gaming&Stopmotion
    Py2T - Gaming&Stopmotion Hace 21 un hora

    Bro, when u eat it sounds like eh eh eh magad

  • Jerome Syed
    Jerome Syed Hace 22 horas

    The Usain Bolt of the Big Mac meal...

  • LunarPawz
    LunarPawz Hace un día

    Fake... The burger was a paid actor.

    • Skychrew
      Skychrew Hace 23 horas

      ikr he is a fat cunt

  • Daniela Adam
    Daniela Adam Hace un día

    I can’t even eat that under 1 minute I take about 10 minutes😂 to eat that

  • Mystic_ Turkz
    Mystic_ Turkz Hace un día +1

    *You have been reported for animalistic behaviour

  • Katzek
    Katzek Hace un día

    Eating McDonal under 1 minute? 8 minutes video.

  • Giingerr Boi
    Giingerr Boi Hace un día +1

    Also I forgot

    Your a pig

    • Skychrew
      Skychrew Hace 23 horas


  • Giingerr Boi
    Giingerr Boi Hace un día +1

    Under a minute but the video 8 godamn minutes tf

  • Ilias_ userfan
    Ilias_ userfan Hace un día


  • Cristian Avelar
    Cristian Avelar Hace un día

    That say u are what u eat

  • Galaxy Moon Wolf
    Galaxy Moon Wolf Hace un día

    I did it and I finshed it at the time 1 hour and 3 sec :)
    help meh

  • Walid attaque
    Walid attaque Hace un día

    I'm french ...

  • AndrijaS 1
    AndrijaS 1 Hace un día

    Why, just why ?

  • 1,0000,0000,0000 with 2 videos

    Matt stonies so good that he calls a 4000bp burger a sandwich

  • Pretzel Boy
    Pretzel Boy Hace un día +1

    Is this what Gluttony Hell is like??

    *cuz I’m starting to love it*

  • 닉스트리
    닉스트리 Hace un día

    I think you said holy s*** to 3 times

  • Advay Pradhan
    Advay Pradhan Hace un día

    The noises make me queasy

  • Jera G
    Jera G Hace 2 días

    imagine eating like this in public :D


    How can u swallow all that while chewing

  • Magdalena Becerra
    Magdalena Becerra Hace 2 días

    If i had a gamer name it will be Faze Titty Fucker

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders Hace 2 días

    How the hell do you do 3 tries? If I were to do a good challenge I’d have to be hungry and after that 2nd I’d be vomiting

  • TigerPlays
    TigerPlays Hace 2 días

    I’m cringing... This was kind of disturbing

  • kevin mateo
    kevin mateo Hace 2 días

    Grand Mac.

    Which is about the size of a regular Burger King burger...

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Hace 2 días +1

    Now this is a real record

  • Adam Qvistgaard
    Adam Qvistgaard Hace 2 días

    Your so ugly wene you eat

  • staarkednav
    staarkednav Hace 2 días

    Mother of....

  • Alisha Matloob
    Alisha Matloob Hace 2 días

    Now I'm hungry 😋 😭

  • TG_Senpai
    TG_Senpai Hace 2 días

    how u no fat, why...

  • IceYT
    IceYT Hace 2 días +1

    I was just waiting for fortnite to update and I came across this...

  • liel yahis
    liel yahis Hace 2 días


  • liel yahis
    liel yahis Hace 2 días


  • Xavi dlps
    Xavi dlps Hace 2 días

    Eso es malo

  • Kevin Nketia
    Kevin Nketia Hace 2 días

    Lol nice

  • Mete Asf
    Mete Asf Hace 2 días

    Bizim hamburgerler çöp gibi yenmiyolar adamin yedigi reklamlardaki gibi parliyor resmen amk

  • Daniel Winkler
    Daniel Winkler Hace 2 días

    It is a burgur🍔

  • SpEeDy ChAnNeL
    SpEeDy ChAnNeL Hace 2 días

    You are possible

  • MLG Adam
    MLG Adam Hace 2 días

    This made me hungry

  • X-Guillow-X
    X-Guillow-X Hace 2 días

    You are going to die dude stop this. you from brazil

  • Franco Pellegrino
    Franco Pellegrino Hace 2 días

    He inhales his food

  • Steeler Mom
    Steeler Mom Hace 2 días

    2.3 million subscribers in 7 and a half months

  • El Ma
    El Ma Hace 2 días +1

    He just ate 3 grand Mac meals in a span of 10 minutes..........

  • El Ma
    El Ma Hace 2 días +1

    When you go on a date
    But you got catfished but don’t want to look like a picky bitch

  • Deadpool Fjjdkfk
    Deadpool Fjjdkfk Hace 2 días

    When there is only 1 minute left for lunch in school
    Me: 4:30

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm Hace 2 días

    Buggest is on tanboy kun channel..he eat dino burger with french fries

  • Tova Maciel
    Tova Maciel Hace 2 días

    He's got to skip lunch and dinner for about a week

  • Tova Maciel
    Tova Maciel Hace 2 días

    Diet coke is more dangerous than normal coke

  • what do you need?
    what do you need? Hace 2 días

    When u need to breakfast but u late to work

  • Yoke Chin Chong
    Yoke Chin Chong Hace 2 días

    Matt: eats 3 big macs without gaining weight
    Me: ehtoooo? one small fry already made me gain 5 pounds, *KUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • Ezequiel Lobato Mateos
    Ezequiel Lobato Mateos Hace 2 días

    Lol xd

  • shanna Campbell
    shanna Campbell Hace 2 días

    Check your toilet

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le Hace 2 días

    let me think of a good joke about food.

    damn can't think of anything.

    when you eating cereal and you look at the time and u 3 minutes away from being fired from your job for being late

  • Joshua Chavarria
    Joshua Chavarria Hace 3 días

    how are you not fat???😝

  • Jordie :P
    Jordie :P Hace 3 días

    He's so cute

  • frog spawn22
    frog spawn22 Hace 3 días

    How the fuck are you skinny

  • doktor gudri
    doktor gudri Hace 3 días

    😷 are u ok?

  • ImOnePunch
    ImOnePunch Hace 3 días

    How does he do this without throwing up

  • KingDinosaur
    KingDinosaur Hace 3 días

    2 MINUTES | correction | 1 MINUTES

  • Luuk Winter
    Luuk Winter Hace 3 días

    how are you not fat?

  • so1 boy
    so1 boy Hace 3 días

    Dosent want to shit so got diet coke

  • so1 boy
    so1 boy Hace 3 días

    Dosent want to shit so got diet voke

  • Little Spongy VTX
    Little Spongy VTX Hace 3 días

    I would ya finish my meal that fast

  • Michael Marsh
    Michael Marsh Hace 3 días

    How is he not fat

  • Zakdude 786
    Zakdude 786 Hace 3 días

    Click bait,over 1 min

  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard Hace 3 días

    What's the song at the beginning when he is showing us the food??

  • ChameleonCiskoCZ
    ChameleonCiskoCZ Hace 3 días

    When you are too late to work xD

  • Cassidy Low
    Cassidy Low Hace 3 días

    welcome to America

    DJ' PANCAKE Hace 3 días

    When you are late to school.

  • Best fortnite Console player

    Why does he say 2 minutes instead of 1🤔

  • Samet Reyiz
    Samet Reyiz Hace 3 días

    Legends of matt stonie

  • Akaki Vasadze
    Akaki Vasadze Hace 3 días

    5.20-5.24 he cut of video. He is a liar

  • Robloxer Pro
    Robloxer Pro Hace 3 días

    Good job👏

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon Hace 3 días

    Just. Why.

  • Ez'X2O zZ
    Ez'X2O zZ Hace 3 días

    How do your stomach handle that

  • David Chilledman
    David Chilledman Hace 3 días

    This mans metabolism is of a gods

  • Ben Stunell
    Ben Stunell Hace 3 días +1

    Lol so manky 🍟🍔🍻

  • Aahil Filmz
    Aahil Filmz Hace 3 días

    How I eat in iftaari (breaking fast) 😜😂😉

  • Akash Dalal
    Akash Dalal Hace 3 días

    Chutiya kisko bana raha he be

  • kristel koizumi
    kristel koizumi Hace 3 días


  • finnish boi
    finnish boi Hace 3 días

    1.10.something = under 1 minute?

  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Hace 3 días +1

    How the f.....

  • Scorpion Boss
    Scorpion Boss Hace 3 días


  • Kayla Anderson
    Kayla Anderson Hace 4 días

    Surprised he still has all of his fingers. .

  • DamonTheGoatt
    DamonTheGoatt Hace 4 días

    He had the poops after eating all this

  • Ashley sebatian Piencenaves

    Give me pls

  • hammer
    hammer Hace 4 días

    he’s still so skinny damn

  • Bakapple 123
    Bakapple 123 Hace 4 días +1

    Only haters will say it was 1:10:04 k guys XD

  • nodabest 56
    nodabest 56 Hace 4 días

    Cheater 5:19 u dropped a frie fake exposed

  • Gamer Luis888
    Gamer Luis888 Hace 4 días

    I'm surprised that your not fat yet with all these meals you eat lol

  • ZayV YT
    ZayV YT Hace 4 días +1

    When your friend goes to the bathroom and you eat all of his food when you said your not hungry.

  • DexPlays
    DexPlays Hace 4 días +1

    this guy is gonna die one day of a stroke or a heart panic.

  • DexPlays
    DexPlays Hace 4 días +1

    1:12 did you just say dier coke, and not diet coke? lmao

  • Gulle Gaming
    Gulle Gaming Hace 4 días

    *take a look at that SUS*

  • irmaos do grau
    irmaos do grau Hace 4 días

    Que coisa norgenta

    BACKPACK PLAYZES Hace 4 días

    This guy is me,I never GAIN weight when I eat a lot.

  • TheClasherStreaming TV
    TheClasherStreaming TV Hace 4 días

    first music name?