Brad and Claire Make Sourdough Bread | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


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  • john karol
    john karol Hace un hora

    what did they have to bleep out lmao

  • Arnoldiepin
    Arnoldiepin Hace 2 horas

    Claire I think you're really cool and Brad obviously too.

  • homo sapien
    homo sapien Hace 8 horas

    wow claire is really attractive

  • Matthew Grimshaw
    Matthew Grimshaw Hace 13 horas

    It's not the size of the dough ball that matters, you two. Haven't you read your Aristotle? It's the shape! Round things float.

  • Sara's Baking Addiction

    Does anyone else think they should date?

  • Bram Aho
    Bram Aho Hace un día

    these people are... uncomfortably charming
    it feels like i'm in that episode of it's always sunny where they go to the bar that's won a bunch of awards

  • franz luigi espartero
    franz luigi espartero Hace un día

    force ghost claire

  • Case Shuff
    Case Shuff Hace un día

    Awl. Nice. Vinny I need to shake your hand.

  • Maya Davis-Goodstein
    Maya Davis-Goodstein Hace 2 días

    Just bringing up Little Shop of Horrors made me smile even more!

    TINTIN's CLASH Hace 2 días

    Doesn't seem edible ...with all that brad action ;)

  • Bjorn Burmeister
    Bjorn Burmeister Hace 2 días

    isen´t that normal bred?
    it looks like every bread that isen´t rough

  • Alejandro Mondragon
    Alejandro Mondragon Hace 2 días

    "I like a little flowery bottom" All the queers ears perk up 😂😂😂

  • Patchara Koonkawee
    Patchara Koonkawee Hace 2 días

    Editing on this is on point!

  • Candice Hickerson
    Candice Hickerson Hace 3 días

    The editing on these videos CRACKS ME UP. Love it.

  • bentley230
    bentley230 Hace 3 días

    Bingo Bango Bongo?? Brad is a Steven Universe fan?!?!?!?!

  • HeyItsMel
    HeyItsMel Hace 4 días


  • Colleen Comstock
    Colleen Comstock Hace 5 días

    The jaws edit i can't

  • Luben Lambov
    Luben Lambov Hace 6 días

    Baking Bread with Brad followed by Breaking Bread with Brad. A podcast with Brad. A Bradcast.

  • Funkmaster Diaries
    Funkmaster Diaries Hace 6 días

    I LOVE these two!

  • wuziq
    wuziq Hace 6 días

    feel better, claire

  • Alice Constantin
    Alice Constantin Hace 7 días

    hubba hubba

  • stephen kost
    stephen kost Hace 7 días

    This channel makes me happy.

  • Dana T.
    Dana T. Hace 7 días

    For such a fancily named channel, I think this is one of the realest food channels on here

  • Agustina Mansilla
    Agustina Mansilla Hace 7 días

    You don't measure water in grams though..? Isn't it measured in liters

  • Nirvanna Sylvian
    Nirvanna Sylvian Hace 7 días

    brad is such a dream boat

  • -Noor-
    -Noor- Hace 7 días

    holy crap... hipster alert.
    too much chaos for a recipe vid, seriously.

  • Rodrigo Ângelo
    Rodrigo Ângelo Hace 7 días

    Claire, Brad and Vinny = dream team.

  • Oli Rayner
    Oli Rayner Hace 7 días

    U M Q R A

  • Victor Jonsson
    Victor Jonsson Hace 7 días

    You guys are the best! So funny and clever, yet also informative. :-)

  • Matt Gosline
    Matt Gosline Hace 8 días

    I've now watched this video 6 times, taken notes, and made one really average, micro-experiment sized sourdough roll. Love this channel.

  • Crissie Sanchez
    Crissie Sanchez Hace 8 días

    I wanna be lightly roasted like Brad roasted this bread. "Looks like the ugly duckling. I'm sorry you're beautiful baby"

  • Novalize
    Novalize Hace 8 días

    Missed opportunity to call Brad 'Bread'

  • Vhlademeir Geñete
    Vhlademeir Geñete Hace 8 días

    This by far the best duo for cooking show. Claire has the charm, grace and knowledge in the kitchen while Brad is the cool and witty guy. And Vinny's editing skill. More videos like thiiss please.

  • enstef
    enstef Hace 9 días

    If I had any cooking skills I would want to work in their kitchen, it looks like a good time 😂

  • Zeee one
    Zeee one Hace 9 días

    Is this much better than no knead bread, which takes a fraction of the time?

  • BrianAnd3rson
    BrianAnd3rson Hace 9 días

    Why isn't the show called "Eats Alive" jk love everything about this

  • Gorilla Techz
    Gorilla Techz Hace 9 días

    Brad is super funny and Claire is super smart and sexy! Love this show!

  • gerardo Navarra
    gerardo Navarra Hace 9 días

    olive oil is not neutral.....

  • MyJokesArgon
    MyJokesArgon Hace 9 días

    There is no such thing as a too big of slice of sourdough bread lol.
    God i'm so hungry

  • Mr.Whiskers
    Mr.Whiskers Hace 10 días

    Its like every episode is half ytp half cooking show i love it

  • michael phillips
    michael phillips Hace 10 días

    as we are all aware from watching iZOMBIE Claire is a zombie,...either that or she is actual Rogue from the X-MEN

  • Kim Zaldy Managbanag
    Kim Zaldy Managbanag Hace 10 días

    Dang it looks difficult. Plan on making one. Yey

  • Sławek Survivor
    Sławek Survivor Hace 10 días

    This Claire girl is amazing...

  • DjDeanJames
    DjDeanJames Hace 10 días

    Is there a written version of this recipe?

  • Lewis Hhh
    Lewis Hhh Hace 10 días

    Did they knit each others sweaters?

  • Damonkeyboy
    Damonkeyboy Hace 10 días

    ...I’m totally shipping these two. And no, I don’t mean brad and vinny

  • mudageki
    mudageki Hace 10 días

    Do those 2part spatchulas encourage bacteria and other growth that may hurt bread making?

  • weeakou
    weeakou Hace 11 días

    What is this, a crossover episode?

  • Suraj Kamath
    Suraj Kamath Hace 11 días +2

    Make more Claire and Brad videos please!.....👩🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳

  • JErika Kawaii
    JErika Kawaii Hace 11 días


  • Amreen M
    Amreen M Hace 11 días

    Are they dating?

  • Orangewolf
    Orangewolf Hace 11 días

    Half-Sour Saffitz at it again!

  • BlazingMandril
    BlazingMandril Hace 11 días

    "a thousend grams" so a kilogram? :p

  • Cosmic Billy
    Cosmic Billy Hace 11 días

    Drink lots of *wourter* people!

  • Nathan Bowden
    Nathan Bowden Hace 11 días

    This edit is so shady. I live. Really more!

  • Jasmine DoggieTvn
    Jasmine DoggieTvn Hace 11 días

    So play with it like slime? XD

  • kenz B
    kenz B Hace 12 días

    claire MAKE PIES!

  • Yago Randerson
    Yago Randerson Hace 12 días


  • Acexsc0p3s
    Acexsc0p3s Hace 12 días

    That count down for the special report was gold.

  • Captain Cucamunga
    Captain Cucamunga Hace 12 días

    What an ordeal. I have a new appreciation for bakers.

  • Maki
    Maki Hace 12 días


  • dootsey
    dootsey Hace 13 días

    Lol "I don't know how bread doesn't cost $35."

  • Matthew Kubecka
    Matthew Kubecka Hace 13 días

    "We're never going to use this." and that my dear Claire, is where you're wrong.

  • Fluffyvader
    Fluffyvader Hace 13 días

    Why aren't they allowed to say s****bowl

  • Daniel Zylberkan
    Daniel Zylberkan Hace 13 días

    it's like a bread steak lol

  • Bea Constantino
    Bea Constantino Hace 14 días


  • Mauricio Orellana
    Mauricio Orellana Hace 14 días

    I just love Claire!

  • Sofia Cookiemonster
    Sofia Cookiemonster Hace 14 días

    this is hilarious
    loved it

  • Stephanie Rios
    Stephanie Rios Hace 14 días

    Claire: "You guys, I'm pouring oil on Brad."
    Every girl watching: "Yes."

  • Sakia
    Sakia Hace 14 días +1

    Brad's bread looks like a baby crowning.

  • Meme Baz
    Meme Baz Hace 14 días

    He said mine is gonna be the ugly duckling ahahha sAmE

  • Doen ci
    Doen ci Hace 14 días

    Where is the Franciso Migoya shot ?

  • Jaimee Boag
    Jaimee Boag Hace 14 días

    i have a theory theres no one really named "vinny," it's just his accent that makes him say it naturally after every few sentences.

  • Abril Bedoya
    Abril Bedoya Hace 15 días

    I wonder if Claire was thinking the same thing as I did when she said "I'm oiling Brad"... God that man is soooo sexy!!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 15 días

    It's like pop-up video decided to make a food series. 100% support this.

  • Harry Balzak
    Harry Balzak Hace 15 días

    Where is the kitchen located? The air determines a lot of the flavor. My favorites are made by the sea.

  • natalia arrata
    natalia arrata Hace 15 días

    i find it so funny when he talks yo Vinny. lol.

  • sarge727
    sarge727 Hace 15 días

    heres how i imagine this happened: (claire): BRAD. WHY DO YOU GET TO HAVE ALL THE INTERNET LOVE? (brad): Ok claire, you can be part of my video

  • cober155
    cober155 Hace 15 días

    Brad is so adorable!

  • Rilly Jo
    Rilly Jo Hace 15 días

    My friend does it a lil different. He takes a few days and throws half of the dough away each day and adds new dough to the remaining half

  • soft marble
    soft marble Hace 15 días

    marry me brad

  • Jono Pedersen
    Jono Pedersen Hace 15 días

    Claire is so pretty and brad is so quirky then Vinny just edits it like amazingly.

  • Red and jonny
    Red and jonny Hace 15 días +1

    Claire is adorable.

  • Lucy6975
    Lucy6975 Hace 15 días

    *Ohhh man, **3:16*

  • Tina Marie Farmer
    Tina Marie Farmer Hace 15 días

    When I was in the army in Saudi I ate sourdough biscuits and gravy everyday

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez Hace 16 días

    Now I want Sourdough, thank you!

  • Jack Olson
    Jack Olson Hace 16 días

    idk , yall seem to enjoy how personable one another are. maybe its because youre making a show and its your job, but idk i ship it.

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera Hace 16 días +1

    I think I have a crush on Claire's laugh.

  • lucky zamora
    lucky zamora Hace 16 días

    The editing reminds me of the TV show ‘Blind Date’. All those pop ups. I dig it.

  • Kyrkby
    Kyrkby Hace 16 días

    Good editing, kudos to the editor.

  • Juan Lahore
    Juan Lahore Hace 16 días

    14:19 best moment

  • Teaya Slaughter
    Teaya Slaughter Hace 16 días

    Lmao idk why i felt kinda bad when she "fixed" his and he came back and was like "here ya go" w the towel.

  • William Su
    William Su Hace 16 días

    Will we ever see vinny

  • Dina Stein
    Dina Stein Hace 17 días

    Brads Bread.

  • Marie D
    Marie D Hace 17 días

    Brad is like a big puppy lol he's always looking for Vinny's approval or praise! So cute!

  • JasminLeblanc
    JasminLeblanc Hace 17 días

    "lame" means blade infrench.

  • Lisa Kao
    Lisa Kao Hace 17 días

    Omg 3 days ahahah 35 dollars xD LMAO

  • Maria Reynoso
    Maria Reynoso Hace 17 días

    at 18:57 when he says "you hear that vinny? sounds like your cabeza", cabeza means head in spanish ... I'm weak lmao

  • Tea Leaf
    Tea Leaf Hace 17 días

    I ship Clair and Brad

  • Joe Dunleavy
    Joe Dunleavy Hace 17 días