Brad and Claire Make Sourdough Bread | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


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  • Matilda Engstrom
    Matilda Engstrom Hace un hora

    Can’t imagine anyone’s gonna relate to this but when Brad drops the dough the wrong way he sounds exactly like Earnie from cut when he drops the bubbles back in the tea ◡̈

  • Raven Gaines
    Raven Gaines Hace un hora

    Why can’t they say Super Bowl?

  • Pedro Romero
    Pedro Romero Hace un hora

    The editing on this videos are great

  • anakin skywalker
    anakin skywalker Hace 6 horas

    I make my own starter

  • J Blake
    J Blake Hace 15 horas

    "We are never going to use this" LOL thats a joke

  • Alexis Serrano
    Alexis Serrano Hace 23 horas +4

    i ship brad & claire 110%

  • justabit
    justabit Hace un día +1

    Please film from the other end of the room. It's nice to have other people in the background. Makes the place feel alive.

  • Lissa Achtermeyer
    Lissa Achtermeyer Hace un día +1

    I think I fell in love with Brad

  • Rebecca Harvey
    Rebecca Harvey Hace un día +2

    Claire has the most contagious laugh!

  • Michael Courtney
    Michael Courtney Hace un día +1

    Is there a more adorable man than Brad?

  • Blazeyful
    Blazeyful Hace 2 días +2

    The editing on this video had me in tears oh my god

  • Jess Crompton
    Jess Crompton Hace 2 días +1

    These two are my faaaves! Love their friendship ❤️❤️❤️

  • L S
    L S Hace 2 días

    Amiel is always wearing a jumpsuit

  • Raza
    Raza Hace 2 días

    The yeast that is in the levain is actually already in the flour, it does not come from the air.

  • Kira Donato
    Kira Donato Hace 2 días +2

    Are Brad and Claire like... a “thing”? Crazy chemistry I love them.

  • Thinking KLC
    Thinking KLC Hace 2 días

    Hahaha! Little Shop Of Horrors I'm doing that play.

  • ooPROTOTYPE1oo
    ooPROTOTYPE1oo Hace 3 días +1

    Claire looks so sweet and tough lol.

  • Erin Livermore
    Erin Livermore Hace 3 días +2

    "It's like a bread steak!" Brad Leone, 2018

  • rhiannon
    rhiannon Hace 3 días

    yeast always burns my hands too!! every time i make a dough or something with lots of yeast it burns

  • Flower Pot
    Flower Pot Hace 3 días

    What did they beep out when they were talking about the game?
    What aren't you allowed to say?

  • Sanika Rasal
    Sanika Rasal Hace 3 días +1

    Brad and Claire are literally so cute! You two should date 😇

  • Justin DErrico
    Justin DErrico Hace 3 días

    Editor have my like

  • Derek Espinoza
    Derek Espinoza Hace 3 días


  • Ulaş Oktay
    Ulaş Oktay Hace 4 días

    Are the percentages proportioned with the amount of flour or the final weight?

  • Rubi Ramirez
    Rubi Ramirez Hace 4 días

    OMG their so cute

  • Purely Amy
    Purely Amy Hace 4 días +1

    Pay your editor more. I love it!!
    I don't watch for the recipes. Just for the content

  • Jack'sVlogs
    Jack'sVlogs Hace 4 días

    What a great duo! They need their own series!

  • Jack'sVlogs
    Jack'sVlogs Hace 4 días

    9:41 I was genuinely scared he broke something

  • glenn yarwood
    glenn yarwood Hace 5 días

    I would like to work at BA, marry Claire, then cheat on her with my bf Brad

  • Willowkehler
    Willowkehler Hace 5 días

    Magic fingers vinnie

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man Hace 5 días

    Why can't they say Superbowl?

  • Marcy Keeley
    Marcy Keeley Hace 5 días

    Claire and Brad are cute. I'll get started on the fan fic

  • RAI crAck
    RAI crAck Hace 5 días

    Yeet that wheat

  • Un1que Arch3r
    Un1que Arch3r Hace 5 días +1

    11:30 omg that’s so 💖 💖 friendship-y

  • Kayla Madison
    Kayla Madison Hace 5 días

    Claire looked so different just a few months ago

  • Lurn Burt
    Lurn Burt Hace 5 días

    "i LiKe A LiTtLe FlOuRy BoTtOm"

  • quinn hyland
    quinn hyland Hace 5 días

    take a shot every time brad says vinny

  • Hailey Ahern
    Hailey Ahern Hace 5 días +1

    You made making sourdough way to complicated.....

  • Jona Koltaj
    Jona Koltaj Hace 5 días

    brad make bred

  • Yesenia De Leon
    Yesenia De Leon Hace 6 días

    i love thats iuts as gode

  • Rinuka Kaylie J
    Rinuka Kaylie J Hace 6 días

    Brad and Claire are an OTP

  • Advait Deshmukh
    Advait Deshmukh Hace 6 días

    ...........So Claire TEACHES Brad how to make bread!

  • Benjamin McIntosh
    Benjamin McIntosh Hace 6 días

    20:10 eye of souron?

  • Marek Haring
    Marek Haring Hace 6 días

    The most extra way of making sourdough bread, honestly

  • Molly Gross
    Molly Gross Hace 6 días

    where can I find my own Brad

  • Cindy Victoria
    Cindy Victoria Hace 6 días

    Bon appetite needs to make a playlist of all the vids Claire and brad are in a vid together

  • Cindy Victoria
    Cindy Victoria Hace 6 días

    Jesus, seems like you need to handle bread more carefully than a newborn baby hahah

  • Ricky Johnson
    Ricky Johnson Hace 6 días

    "bread-clops nigguh"

  • Karyme Angel
    Karyme Angel Hace 6 días

    I love how he calls Vinny “Vincenzo” 😂😂😂

  • MisheruFAD
    MisheruFAD Hace 6 días

    "You're supposed to tap on the bottom" I busted out laughing 😂

  • Judah Schrotenboer
    Judah Schrotenboer Hace 6 días

    i enjoy these videos so much!

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus Hace 7 días

    I want Brad to be my boyfriend lol He seems fun.

  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez Hace 7 días +1

    Brad reminds me of Ted from Bob's burgers

  • Desire G
    Desire G Hace 7 días

    I love Brad and Claire’s friendship they are so great together

  • Jaralyn Koons
    Jaralyn Koons Hace 7 días

    a like for the first 20 seconds of the video

  • madastrid
    madastrid Hace 7 días

    who's waiting for another Brad and Claire combo??

  • Logic. Noodles
    Logic. Noodles Hace 7 días

    With bread leone

  • pkunkbwok
    pkunkbwok Hace 7 días

    this is before Brad started taking NZT

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos Hace 7 días

    Who ever edits this is a genius 😂

  • fangirlvstheuniverse
    fangirlvstheuniverse Hace 7 días

    The morse code lol I just can’t hhhh

  • Eliez Hinojosa
    Eliez Hinojosa Hace 7 días

    I ship them

  • AlyssLysie
    AlyssLysie Hace 7 días

    I want work with all these people!

  • AlyssLysie
    AlyssLysie Hace 7 días

    Love these two!

  • Barbara Lanier
    Barbara Lanier Hace 7 días

    Brad hot!

  • Jake Hicks
    Jake Hicks Hace 7 días

    Brad and claire should date.

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen Hace 7 días

    Vinny, are you also the editor of these videos? The camera work is great, especially when you pan to the co-workers, and the editing just takes everything over the top! Whoever is editing & dropping in all the funny sharks, efx etc is doing a great job! I laugh so much at these videos and I don't even bake!!!

  • Jonathan Lunenfeld
    Jonathan Lunenfeld Hace 7 días

    How many times can I watch these two make bread and not be bored?

  • Toy Boonsan
    Toy Boonsan Hace 8 días +4

    Brad is so cute haha

  • Chelseadrag
    Chelseadrag Hace 8 días

    Can we get a Vinny counter

  • sedeinfinita
    sedeinfinita Hace 8 días

    ugh, people. he's already married with kids! can't we let a man and a woman be friends without making it gross?

  • G Sergio Gomes
    G Sergio Gomes Hace 8 días +1

    Coming soon video " Brad and Claire make babies ". :) :)

  • Doc MD
    Doc MD Hace 8 días

    This is one of my favorite videos on the internet

  • Brooklyn T
    Brooklyn T Hace 8 días

    *Feed me Seymour*
    Hahahahaha I love it. Remake with killer loaf instead of plant

  • The Bella is awesome
    The Bella is awesome Hace 8 días +1

    My trypophobia is *disgusted*

  • krocker321
    krocker321 Hace 8 días

    I want them to have babies together ❤️❤️

  • Mariah Rios
    Mariah Rios Hace 9 días

    I'm so hungry after watching this

  • chapstick _
    chapstick _ Hace 9 días

    can i marry brad

  • Felicia Frassinelli
    Felicia Frassinelli Hace 9 días

    who the frick made bread in the first place?

  • jonker
    jonker Hace 9 días

    2:29 "Du- Dut Dut..."
    "Dut Dut..."

  • Select Dancing
    Select Dancing Hace 9 días +102

    Am I the only one who hardcore ships Brad and Claire? Like fr😍

  • Anya Ysabella
    Anya Ysabella Hace 9 días

    When he talked about tapping the bread and then did it on the top of it.... made me laugh so hard...and then the little comment box of Clair saying to do it on the bottom made it even better.

  • arden
    arden Hace 9 días

    3:10 my guardian angel watching me ruin my life

    • arden
      arden Hace 9 días

      5:27 god trying to figure out why he created me

  • Asti Upiastirin
    Asti Upiastirin Hace 9 días

    I will just order's time consuming for me to make it on my own.

  • Bmo Dex
    Bmo Dex Hace 9 días

    Still trying to wife Claire up in 2018! That little grey strip of hair gets me wet every time!

  • Trevor VanOsselaer
    Trevor VanOsselaer Hace 9 días

    I followed these methods and the results were absolutely AMAZING! Plus Brad and Claire are the best (plus Andy)

  • A H
    A H Hace 9 días

    yo i love Claire so much how do i get a date with her

  • Bronwyn Herman
    Bronwyn Herman Hace 9 días

    I love the Little Shop of Horrors reference

    FITNESS CENTER Hace 9 días +1

    Worst goddam video i've ever seen on sourdough... or ever....

  • strawberryshortcake
    strawberryshortcake Hace 9 días +10

    I dont know how bread doesnt cost 35 dollars

  • Ell Gee
    Ell Gee Hace 9 días

    *Stop yelling. Please.*

  • Autumn Smith
    Autumn Smith Hace 9 días

    I love videos with Brad and Claire in them.

  • Alina Cherny
    Alina Cherny Hace 9 días

    the editing is... interesting

  • Lindemann Kevin
    Lindemann Kevin Hace 9 días

    "Where do you keep coming from?" 😂

  • Tim Gallegos
    Tim Gallegos Hace 9 días

    I asked the bakery manager at Central Market in Dallas for an ounce of starter and he wouldn't Brad lied! :)

  • Shirley Mok
    Shirley Mok Hace 9 días

    I just love brad!! His humor and energy is so sexy!!! 😍

  • India
    India Hace 10 días +1

    “Bread steak”

  • FoReel Tho
    FoReel Tho Hace 10 días

    brad sounded sad lmao

  • Keely hm
    Keely hm Hace 10 días

    I ship them.

  • SpaceCoven
    SpaceCoven Hace 10 días

    Brad’s sound effects are everything 🤣🤣🤣

  • Clow
    Clow Hace 10 días

    Are Claire from BA and Sara from Buzzfeed related? they look like they could be sisters (or doppelgangers?! 😨)