• Publicado el 7 jul 2020
    Are you self-employed? Maybe you are an awesome attorney or entrepreneur looking for ways to grow your money through investments and self-employed retirement plans?
    Stephanie Barnier Kremic, The Money Expert, has lots of financial advice to share with you about your individual 401(k), Roth IRA, SEP IRA, and more!
    In particular, watch this video to get your SEP IRA explained... including a discussion on SEP IRA contribution limits, SEP IRA rules, SEP IRA tips, and more.
    If you own a small business, and are interested in wealth building through investing personal finance AND in learning about the best and most aligned retirement planning or solo 401(k), beyond the traditional IRA... then you’ve found the channel for you.
    8 ways to succeed as a self-employed woman:
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Comentarios • 24

  • Stephanie Kremic
    Stephanie Kremic  Hace un año

    Do you make it a priority to contribute to retirement OR contribute if there is money left over at the end of year?

  • Mortgage Education with Stephanie Weeks

    Subscribed! Great content Stephanie, you clearly know your stuff! 👏👏👏

  • Dr Sno - Herbal Medicine
    Dr Sno - Herbal Medicine Hace un año +1

    Thanks for the explanation of SEP IRAs. Great video, Stephanie!

  • Epic Real Estate Investing

    Definitely something worth pondering about. Thanks for your tips!

    • Stephanie Kremic
      Stephanie Kremic  Hace un año

      Thanks for watching! Folks use their SEP $ to buy real estate too 😉

  • Dr. Jon Tam
    Dr. Jon Tam Hace un año +2

    Totally didn't know I could contribute to both!

    • Stephanie Kremic
      Stephanie Kremic  Hace un año +1

      Yes!! Such a great way to build wealth. Thanks for watching!

  • barnhere14
    barnhere14 Hace un año

    I try to contribute something every year. Thanks for this video!

  • Celina Belizan High Performance Coach

    Very helpful advice!! Thank you!

  • Xane Daniel
    Xane Daniel Hace un año

    So USEFUL! 🙏❤

    • Stephanie Kremic
      Stephanie Kremic  Hace un año

      Xane, I appreciate you commenting and subscribing to my channel. With the help of your videos and others insight, I've gained the courage to integrate the masculine and Feminine energy work of making money into these videos starting next month. Even l'm curious how this will unfold 🙃 keep up the great content on your channel 👍

  • Renu Joshi
    Renu Joshi Hace un año

    Do you contribute the same amount to the employees as what you put in yours?

    • Stephanie Kremic
      Stephanie Kremic  Hace un año

      Up to 25% of employees comp/salary. If you pay yourself more than employees, naturally you will contribute less to employee sep than yours. Hope this helps!

  • chau nguyen
    chau nguyen Hace un año

    Can I claim both Traditional IRA and SEP IRA for tax deduction? I am self employ no employee. 1099

  • hiroshi ishii
    hiroshi ishii Hace un año

    Yes, please answer for @UCchCRP5-nitkuLovfvs4UZA. As a sole proprietor/self employee, I'd like to know how the deductibility of traditional IRA contributions impacted by the SEP IRA contribution. I think, IF your MAGI is $65,000 or less AND the traditional contribution amount is not more than you earned, both SEP & traditional contributions are , but I want to confirm. Thank you!

  • I'm Ethan - Youtube Tips
    I'm Ethan - Youtube Tips Hace un año +1

    4:38 just downloaded this. Great pdf. I'm also a small tuber 😅