High Witness News - People Lie About Being High

  • Publicado el 24 jul 2018
  • We do our show in Los Angeles where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes and if you’ve ever been to one of these shops, you know that there are hundreds of different pot products out there. We decided to have some fun with that. We went to Venice Beach and asked people who claimed to be marijuana enthusiasts to try something called “The Incredible Edible.” Usually edibles take a while to kick in, but we told them that this one works in five seconds. Of course, there’s no such thing as an incredible edible, what we gave them was a piece of candy with no pot in it. But, did that stop them from feeling it in five seconds? Find out in a new edition of #HighWitnessNews.
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    High Witness News - People Lie About Being High
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  • yogesh vadde
    yogesh vadde Hace 7 horas

    Oh hey the 2nd lady is dwight schrute's sister

  • Hay-Daddy
    Hay-Daddy Hace 8 horas

    That girl is so damn fine

  • Akshat Kholia
    Akshat Kholia Hace 10 horas

    Placebo effect indeed

  • High Vibe FreQz Show
    High Vibe FreQz Show Hace 12 horas

    They are not lying. It’s called the “placebo effect” and the body iz incredibly resilient and heal itself from anything including incurable diseases.

  • Kevin hoang
    Kevin hoang Hace 16 horas

    Imagine if they were already high

  • Indy
    Indy Hace un día

    when the girl in the thumbnail looks like kali uchis

    MiCHAEL FiFTH Hace un día

    THiS iS THE BEST 1

  • Gerardo Trujillo
    Gerardo Trujillo Hace un día

    Wtf so disappointed lol

  • France Filiault
    France Filiault Hace un día

    The guy work in a pot shop just got fired.

    J DEVINCI Hace un día

    Saying that I smoke weed everyday. This was hilarious as hell

  • Giuliana Y
    Giuliana Y Hace un día

    Maybe they were already high lol

  • hashas bashbash
    hashas bashbash Hace un día

    2:53 the dude in the background...

  • Julian tho
    Julian tho Hace un día

    they already high before eating those candy

  • D Ablo
    D Ablo Hace un día

    plot twist .... they're all high already.

  • G-Mainey
    G-Mainey Hace un día

    Feels wavy 😂

  • Bianca Bloom
    Bianca Bloom Hace un día

    I’m wading through the cringe.

  • Marci LK
    Marci LK Hace 2 días

    Don’t do drugs.

  • jai rari
    jai rari Hace 2 días


  • Twyla Klumpp
    Twyla Klumpp Hace 2 días

    The power of suggestion! Wowwww! Lol

  • Telios Abraxas
    Telios Abraxas Hace 2 días

    My wife's boyfriend says Jimmy Kimmel looks like a rapist. I agree with him, like if you also agree.

  • Nicholas Brewer
    Nicholas Brewer Hace 2 días

    How about blackface news?

  • Pablo Pineda
    Pablo Pineda Hace 2 días

    Americans are so stupid this Day’s...

  • Randal Armstrong
    Randal Armstrong Hace 2 días

    Actually Incredible Edibles are very good and a very respectable name brand. Not even basically 99.9% Race Fuel wax can be felt in 5 seconds. Sadly any decent bud tender would know this fact. Try this outside the fire friendly confines of California.

  • Vivian Kilgore
    Vivian Kilgore Hace 2 días

    it’s a phycological thing lol they aren’t lying, they really think it’s an edible so it tricked their brain lol

  • Real ThaMaskRapper
    Real ThaMaskRapper Hace 2 días +1

    Basically ppl just like to lie for no reason smh

  • shahad ibrahim
    shahad ibrahim Hace 2 días

    It’s placebo effect

  • Karly Pearl Constructive Consciousness

    All these smart guys with their "its the placebo effect" 😂 good job guys.

  • Karly Pearl Constructive Consciousness

    "A very normalizing effect"

  • Autumn Wyatt
    Autumn Wyatt Hace 2 días

    wait so isn’t this just the placebo effect??

  • AssassinMods
    AssassinMods Hace 2 días

    none these people even smoke

  • The Roberts
    The Roberts Hace 2 días

    Wow.. better than all their edibles lol... Too funny just candy...

  • The Roberts
    The Roberts Hace 2 días


  • Andra Manda
    Andra Manda Hace 2 días

    The power of placeboo😂👌🏼

  • iHemaa
    iHemaa Hace 2 días

    Is that Ross Geller?

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore Hace 2 días


  • jennifer aguirre
    jennifer aguirre Hace 2 días


  • Crystal Belt
    Crystal Belt Hace 2 días

    I feel like these people were already high...lol

  • Madelaine Raye
    Madelaine Raye Hace 3 días

    Why is everyone chewing with their mouths open? These mouth sounds are so gross lol

  • Chenai Sabeta-Boadi
    Chenai Sabeta-Boadi Hace 3 días

    The Placebo Effect

  • Hershey140
    Hershey140 Hace 3 días

    The guy at 3:00 sounds like Cleveland from Family guy! 😂😂😂

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez Hace 3 días

    yo I thought the thumbnail was laura lee...

  • Gabe F
    Gabe F Hace 3 días

    Placebo my ass.. real stoners don't get high of candy

  • Vee K
    Vee K Hace 3 días

    placebo effect!

  • Erick Payan
    Erick Payan Hace 3 días

    2:55 What people do for 15 seconds of fame. SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • jason croucher
    jason croucher Hace 3 días

    You know what would have been a great experiment to ask who they voted for after you gave them the candy

  • Mike Kim
    Mike Kim Hace 3 días

    They were already high before trying it.

  • Karli Hagebusch
    Karli Hagebusch Hace 3 días +1

    *Plot twist they are real edibles

  • chinos world
    chinos world Hace 3 días


  • IllBrooklynnino1
    IllBrooklynnino1 Hace 3 días


  • Kimberly Me
    Kimberly Me Hace 3 días

    Well of course the junkies would say they are just to get more!!! 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  • Angela Bright
    Angela Bright Hace 3 días

    2:53 is me hahaha

  • The Dank Web Commenter
    The Dank Web Commenter Hace 4 días

    Or Jimmy Kimmel lied about giving fake edibles to people and gave them real edibles to make a segment

  • Mira Sandy
    Mira Sandy Hace 4 días

    The power of the mind and well placebo.. you expect something to happen and it happens.. it's crazy !

  • Joseoh Robles
    Joseoh Robles Hace 4 días

    mind over matter

  • Ivie Lee
    Ivie Lee Hace 4 días

    Why does 2:00 look like Amy Winehouse

  • Math Davies
    Math Davies Hace 4 días

    3:16 where have I seen this guy before?! 🤔

  • Ew People
    Ew People Hace 4 días

    Idk i feel high all the time

  • T J
    T J Hace 4 días

    Marijuana has fried their brain cells. They can't even tell anymore.

  • Nicolas Bedolla
    Nicolas Bedolla Hace 4 días

    Any real cannabis consumers know that there is no possible way for an edible to kick in, in less than 30 min

  • matheri Genesis
    matheri Genesis Hace 4 días

    What if marijuana doesn't really make you high and it's all in our heads

  • Katherine Borjorquez
    Katherine Borjorquez Hace 4 días

    Oh you mean the Carbanaro effect?

  • Thania Gomez
    Thania Gomez Hace 4 días +1

    *a lil **-wavy-*

  • Timmy R
    Timmy R Hace 5 días


  • Jay Marie
    Jay Marie Hace 5 días

    Lmao this such a joke. I had an edible or should I say, “edible”, one time, & I literally waited forever to feel high... never got high. And I never faked it either even tho I ate the whole entire brownie. Smh ppl are just dumb lol

    • HECTOR is HOT
      HECTOR is HOT Hace 5 días

      Jay Marie ohh yeah same here last month my date brought 2 brownies from the shop we ate it at the same time she was Tripping balls while I wasn’t even buzzing and I don’t even smoke. Idk if she was faking just to feel on or nah

  • Anthony Coronado
    Anthony Coronado Hace 5 días

    Couldn’t have been me. I understand the placebo effect but I’ve eaten edibles that have a lot of THC in it and it usually doesn’t hit me for a while and my friend told me it would take ten minutes and it turned into four hours

  • DaDestroyer12
    DaDestroyer12 Hace 5 días

    Im too smart to be tricked by a placebo

  • faxxx
    faxxx Hace 5 días

    Sugar is a worse drug than weed

  • Wendy Valle
    Wendy Valle Hace 5 días

    1 marijuana, 2 marijuana, 3 marijuana....😂🤣😂🤣

  • Arianna P
    Arianna P Hace 5 días

    The thing is they were probably already high before this lol so they weren't lying

  • super nova
    super nova Hace 5 días

    '' you can't taste the thc''

  • wordisbond kema
    wordisbond kema Hace 5 días

    Shout to the dude push the kid to walked pass camera again 😫😭🤣I’m weakkkk

  • wordisbond kema
    wordisbond kema Hace 5 días


  • hector chavez chavez
    hector chavez chavez Hace 5 días

    Bruh this shot is too funny lol regular candy lol

  • Jason Doran
    Jason Doran Hace 5 días

    I just got high watching this

  • Sendi Radilla
    Sendi Radilla Hace 5 días

    If they told a pothead this, I dont think they would get the same reaction.. Just saying ☺

  • Gvex
    Gvex Hace 5 días

    Idk if they are lying it’s a mental thing you tell them it’s gonna do something and they believe it they might start to feel something not high but a very light version of what they might feel when they are high

  • Dawn fizzle
    Dawn fizzle Hace 5 días

    Shutup Bout the damn placebo effect lol people are just naturally liars. We all lie and lie alot. Stop making excuses.

  • Dawn fizzle
    Dawn fizzle Hace 5 días

    This segment should be called people are all just liars...

  • Lee Richards
    Lee Richards Hace 5 días

    Are people that thick these days

  • Rhiannon Dukel
    Rhiannon Dukel Hace 5 días


  • Dazza Howes
    Dazza Howes Hace 5 días

    these guys obviously dont smoke

  • Kim Jakobsen
    Kim Jakobsen Hace 5 días

    They were all high already :)

  • Kat Trecek
    Kat Trecek Hace 5 días

    They must feel dumb

  • dmoney141414
    dmoney141414 Hace 6 días

    Plot twist: they gave them weed and change the narrative

  • What If?
    What If? Hace 6 días

    Light weights lol

  • Hentai Kult
    Hentai Kult Hace 6 días

    Placebo effect

  • Jessica’s Clean n Cozy Home clean and diy

    Those people are already high hahahahaha

  • Suzanne Saari
    Suzanne Saari Hace 6 días

    And we let these people VOTE!!!

  • Yong Xu
    Yong Xu Hace 6 días

    I will never put a candy into my mouth from a person I met for the first time.

  • valeriee mata
    valeriee mata Hace 6 días

    The power of the placebo effect.

  • Brielan Richardson
    Brielan Richardson Hace 6 días

    there’s actually an edible brand called incredibles lol

  • Osvaldo Garcia
    Osvaldo Garcia Hace 6 días

    You got my business hahahahaha

  • Mark Ponce
    Mark Ponce Hace 6 días

    Had me laughing my ass off...it's all in their head...haha

  • Ava Hennessy
    Ava Hennessy Hace 6 días

    These fools are high already 😂

  • Wen1515
    Wen1515 Hace 7 días

    There are actually forms of marijuana taken orally which are basically instantly bioactive, like sublinguals. So, it makes sense these folks wouldn’t be too skeptical. The one young woman even asked if it was sublingual.

  • Juan Garcia Car Sales
    Juan Garcia Car Sales Hace 7 días

    This isn't necessarily a placebo effect deal. What they are experiencing is a sugar high, which IF you are fully aware of your body, you will notice how it reacts to it. And yes, it'll calm you down, make you feel relaxed, etc. Try eating no sugars for a day, you will definitely feel it. So if someone gives you some candy, telling you you're going to feel high, you will notice the sugar high you are receiving, which is almost instantaneous. Idc how much you think you know about psychology, but chemistry doesn't lie.

  • Anthony Vertz
    Anthony Vertz Hace 7 días

    What hippies

  • Jen Green
    Jen Green Hace 7 días

    This makes me feel bad for them 😂

  • Morrisseyismeat 666
    Morrisseyismeat 666 Hace 7 días

    Lmao... deadddddddddddddd! Instant high, we wish. Ahahahaha

  • DJtickles
    DJtickles Hace 7 días

    Placebo is a hell of a drug!