We Tried Instagram Cheese Tea

  • Publicado el 24 mar 2018

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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  Hace 4 años +1059

    HELLO there and happy sunday!! what do you guys think? would you try ~cheese tea~? btw, if you wanna come hang out on nextbeat, the link is here: nextbeat.co/r/WQpn/1!

    • you_know its_me
      you_know its_me Hace 3 años

      Omg yess I want yo but when I told my parents they said 😶🙄😔😕😮 what have you been watching on YT

    • Isabella Bean
      Isabella Bean Hace 3 años +1

      Cheesecake is more of a pie than a cake

    • Laverinth
      Laverinth Hace 4 años

      I want to try the one with oreos ;-;

    • Wynter
      Wynter Hace 4 años


    • Pterodactyl Act
      Pterodactyl Act Hace 4 años

      Tyler Williams I don’t even like tea 😂

  • McKinley Mickelson
    McKinley Mickelson Hace 4 años +3352

    The term “cheese tea” sound awful, but you’re right, “cheesecake tea” sounds a lot more pleasant. I was just picturing chunks of colby jack floating in a cup of jasmine 😂

    • Tara K
      Tara K Hace 3 meses

      I was thinking about melted cheese in a cup of hot tea and it made me feel unhappy

    • Christian Seibold
      Christian Seibold Hace 3 meses

      @Mika mikan Calm down. What sounds awful is the name (what it's called), not the actual thing. Holy Jeez!

    • Christian Seibold
      Christian Seibold Hace 3 meses

      @McKinley Mickelson I would rather say that people are just unfamiliar with what people who speak English tend to think of as "cheese". Calling this or translating this as "Cheese Tea" is a bit odd to me. Cream Cheese is not the same as Hard Cheese or Cheesecake or other cheeses, as mentioned in the video. If it was called "Cheesecake Tea" or even "Cream Cheese Tea", it would sound less odd, because people don't think of hard cheeses like cheddar when they hear Cheesecake or Cream Cheese.

    • joie
      joie Hace 3 meses

      bet you forgot about this comment

    • McKinley Mickelson
      McKinley Mickelson Hace un año +1

      @Mika mikan I’d like to refer you to the above comment I made to a similar remake made by another commenter.

  • JustPiichi
    JustPiichi Hace 4 años +1716

    Tyler's Joey reference and his interaction with the pigeons confirms he is indeed the perfect specimen of a man. A quality boyfriend human, if you will. Well done, Saf. Ya done good.

    • jungshook
      jungshook Hace un año

      @Melissa 😂😂

    • Melissa
      Melissa Hace 2 años +2

      Anna Chen I can feel the sarcasm through the screen 😂

    • Kailee Garcia
      Kailee Garcia Hace 2 años +15

      *quality husband human

    • Anna Chen
      Anna Chen Hace 3 años +17

      love that any comment about a man, eventually goes to a woman. Truly makes my day

  • Katie Crawford
    Katie Crawford Hace 4 años +953

    I realize this video is a few months old, but if anyone who isn’t in NY, LA, or Asia is interested in trying this, the basic cheese topping is 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 1/2 package of cream cheese, 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk, whip them together until smooth, then top on your desired iced tea.

    • •ʟʏᴅɪᴀ•
      •ʟʏᴅɪᴀ• Hace 2 años


    • Neha Virk
      Neha Virk Hace 2 años

      Like the cream cheese option at the bubble tea place (sorta)!

    • Brianna Gendron
      Brianna Gendron Hace 2 años

      @Chicken Permission Same 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I dont care

    • Sophia Goodman-Merel
      Sophia Goodman-Merel Hace 2 años

      Anyone know how to make the dirty mess?

    • Lissy London
      Lissy London Hace 2 años

      How much is 1/2 package of cream cheese??? Like half a tub size??? I'm confused. Please help.

  • Khai C.
    Khai C. Hace 4 años +312

    I want to try the dirty mess one😩

  • firecatsat
    firecatsat Hace 3 años +53

    I love how Tyler and Safiya don’t even need to explain who “we” is, because everyone already knows that they are inseparable. ❤️

  • Luke Farah
    Luke Farah Hace 4 años +200

    “This ice coffee is from yesterday,” she said unconvincingly

  • The Inedible Muffin
    The Inedible Muffin Hace 3 años +41

    As a big Cheese foam tea fan, the moment "The Dirty Mess" came on screen and was described, it already won me over

  • Aubrey O'Grady
    Aubrey O'Grady Hace 4 años +170

    When I first read "Cheese Tea" I imagined someone infusing water with cheese and was grossed out. Like as if they were replacing tea leaves with cheese.

  • icic5
    icic5 Hace un año +5

    So this is a binge revelation, in the wedding cake video, Tyler has grown to love match. He had a specific interest in the matcha cake layer. Saf influenced him. I love it. As my left eye twitches.

    • Fire Flieer
      Fire Flieer Hace 4 meses

      @A Human lmao yes

    • A Human
      A Human Hace un año +1

      I almost had a seizure trying to read this

  • Rowan Eller
    Rowan Eller Hace 4 años +890

    *Tyler trying to make a point*
    *Saf* I haven't seen a horse in a while

  • Sabrina Amran
    Sabrina Amran Hace 4 años +23

    Fun fact! I've noticed that matcha sometimes taste like seaweed if you put too much powder in it. My instant reaction was like... 'SUSHI?!'

  • May
    May Hace 2 años +22

    Hi saf and Tyler, I just wanted to say. You are one of my favourite you tubers because your easy to understand as I have autism and possible dyslexia. Thank you. Please never give up

  • tae bae
    tae bae Hace 4 años +1110

    Tyler and Saf are how I keep up with the newest trends lol

  • R Cmrn
    R Cmrn Hace 4 años +4

    Had cream cheese cha tea in Hong Kong recently. LOVED IT! The topping was light and a little salty, which complemented the sweet tea (which you can choose the sweet % when you order). Wish I could get it locally.

  • Thoughtspresso
    Thoughtspresso Hace 4 años +352


    • Amber THW
      Amber THW Hace 3 años +1


    • Dia Han
      Dia Han Hace 3 años +1

      @Vaidehi Chakka you👏🏻 have👏🏻to👏🏻try👏🏻it

    • Vaidehi Chakka
      Vaidehi Chakka Hace 3 años +6

      What tis this rock salt do you speak of

    • Michelle Mafra L
      Michelle Mafra L Hace 3 años


    • Ester Tajai
      Ester Tajai Hace 4 años +5


  • OnewLOVESchicken
    OnewLOVESchicken Hace 4 años +3

    I love cheese foam tea! I think there's a misconception on what the "cheese" is. It's more like a whipped cream. It's like a light cream cheese. I prefer the salt foam. It's soooo good! It's good with regular teas and milk teas! But if you get it with a milk tea adujust your sugar level bc the foam is vvvv sweet!

  • Jaluna Rolik
    Jaluna Rolik Hace 4 años +2

    My initial thought was "omg I love tea and I love cheese please have green tea version". I've never had bubble tea but...
    I'm now just grabby hands at the dirty mess, the camo and the cheddary one. But I'm also afraid because 99% of food taste for me is about texture (my sense of smell is non-existent and so flavor isn't my strength either really).
    Can you mail me it with magic cause I doubt I can get it in NJ xD

  • Vanessa Blanco
    Vanessa Blanco Hace 4 años +1179

    Must find cheese tea on the east coast

    • Lolipop
      Lolipop Hace un año

      moge tee has locations in nc and i think other places on the east coast too! they have cheese foam tea 🥰

    • Cici Tong
      Cici Tong Hace 4 años

      Royaltea in downtown orlando!!

    • chau le
      chau le Hace 4 años

      Vanessa Blanco u can usually find these at boba places.

    • Sheila DeBonis
      Sheila DeBonis Hace 4 años

      I'm from a suburb of Boston, and there's TONS of boba shops that have started selling the cheese topping. They're popping up on all sorts of menus.

    • taehyungs nipple
      taehyungs nipple Hace 4 años

      The Suicidal Plain Yogurt
      Same for NC :(

  • Idle Bolt Cutter
    Idle Bolt Cutter Hace un año +2

    7:50 "Where do you fall on the cheese spectrum?" Tyler, you should definitely make a cheese tasting video next with at least 10 different kinds of odd/rare/never tasted before cheese. 🧀

  • Xin Lu Fan
    Xin Lu Fan Hace 4 años +61

    Hey! I'm from China and thats kinda where this whole thing is popular. So first we have milktea and boba tea (NO NOT THE AMERICAN ONE SO MUCH BETTER CHINA TOWN MILKTEA IS FAKE TOO) and then pure tea, when it kinda became popular ppl decide to put a milky cheesy top on the tea and when u drink it with the tea, it is practically a milktea with double sensation. I personally love it and other fruit teas (so instagramable) and im glad its coming to the states!

    • Sherman Firefly
      Sherman Firefly Hace un año

      @Oh It's kinda hard to describe
      Go check it out yourself, I will just say that it's way more complex and flavourful, it have many different styles, though not all are good enough

    • Oh
      Oh Hace 2 años +1

      What is the real Boba Tea?

  • Pauline THOMAS
    Pauline THOMAS Hace 3 años +10

    I pretty confused by crème brûlée called cheese since it is everything except cheese 🤔
    but still I would love to try those drinks 😊

  • Erin-Leigh Byrd
    Erin-Leigh Byrd Hace 2 años +2

    You guys are so funny and SO great together!!!♡

  • charmanganese
    charmanganese Hace 4 años +2

    Tyler is so damn supportive and just wonderful. So cute. Love you guys.

  • Hyldr Klein
    Hyldr Klein Hace 4 años

    Been drinking this here in Asia as early as 2010 so I’m really surprised to see this reaching the other side of the world only now. I love Roasted Oolong tea with extra small pearls and cream cheese.
    But if you do get a chance, try the Iced chocolate drink with cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of rock salt on top.

  • B Cybart
    B Cybart Hace 4 años +1

    I love this series! Since in Poland we don't have any of these insta items, I get to live vicariously through you! :D

  • A. P. Monkey
    A. P. Monkey Hace 4 años +84

    “I haven’t seen a horse in a while...” lol saf did some deep thinking.

  • Kate McInroy
    Kate McInroy Hace 4 años +2

    I work at a boba place and we call the topping “crema” but all my coworkers and I agree it’s like cheese😂

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez Hace 3 años +4

    i love that you’re researching things before going into it. more power to you!

  • femmebrûlée
    femmebrûlée Hace 4 años +2

    Tyler realizing that he doesn't like matcha after taking a big swig is me af 😂

  • Shyakinah
    Shyakinah Hace 4 años

    As much as I love both cheese and tea, I'm contemplating whether putting them together would be a good idea. We have cheese tea where I'm from, but I still have yet to decide whether or not I want to try it HAHAHA

  • krisisnkaos
    krisisnkaos Hace 4 años +281

    “Use the lid. They’re specially made.” Damn, the SHADE in her voice when she said that.

    • Tabitha Fox
      Tabitha Fox Hace 3 años +19

      Well but they were looking around confused and kinda saying are we doing this right

    • Liz Ayelet
      Liz Ayelet Hace 4 años +8

      running girl And that’s her business. Besides, when they said that she was only looking at it not drinking it.

    • Jasmine O
      Jasmine O Hace 4 años +33

      @Liz Ayelet but it's not gonna taste as good that way she want the best experience

    • Liz Ayelet
      Liz Ayelet Hace 4 años +46

      krisisnkaos It bugged me that they even corrected them. Let them drink they’re cheese tea how they want! And from what saw they were just looking at that point.

  • chæ
    chæ Hace 4 años

    *My mom literally caught me watching this (I was watching this for the hundredth time) and I paused in Safiya's face then she told me you look beautiful :3 It makes my heart **melt.Like** cheese tea.*

  • Jillian
    Jillian Hace 4 años

    OMG I LOVE THIS! We have a tea shop/bubble tea place/etc (being in Asia we have a LOT of those) near our house, like just a 5-10 minute walk, and my sister loves the blueberry one because, "it's like cheesecake made tea". ❤

  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad Hace 4 años

    This is really popular in Taiwan and I really like it. My favorite is a classic black tea with whipped cheese on top, it tastes kind of like milk tea, just with a slight cream cheese flavor, so it's amazing.

  • Stephani Chavez Valderrabano

    i remember we went to la and told my bf about cheese tea and we went to this place i got the dirty mess and my boyfriend got the tiramisu one ( i think it was a new one when we went ) and you can choose how sweet you want it i think they do a 1-5 swetness level . taking a sip it was so delicious the cheese part was like custard with cheesecake taste . the tiramisu tastes exactly like a tiramisu so yummy . the one bad thing is the parking theres like no were to park super close we parked like a 10 min walk away from the place ( i didnt mind) . definitely check it out if your in la .

  • Ro 💜
    Ro 💜 Hace 4 años +17

    It took 2 years for cookie dough served like ice cream to come to where I live, so that's probably what's going to happen with this tea. Boo :P But bubble tea is popular (yet very spread out) so maybe those places will start serving it. I want to try the dirty mess... although black tea is gross lol

  • Pheonix Mccormick
    Pheonix Mccormick Hace 4 años

    I recently got back home (Australia) after 2 weeks in Thailand and South East Asia and I had cheese tea and cheese coffee while over there. It was such a weird experience, but would definitely try it again!

  • Jellerin Michaels
    Jellerin Michaels Hace 2 años +1

    Tyler's Joey reference and his interaction with the pigeons confirms he is indeed the perfect specimen of a man. A quality boyfriend human, if you will. Well done, Saf. Ya done good.

  • Sally Nguyen
    Sally Nguyen Hace 4 años

    There's a place here in San Jose, CA called Happy Lemon that has been around for a couple years with cheese tea too! I personally have to mix the cheese with the tea to make it work cause the cheese is so sweet :P

  • Who Who
    Who Who Hace 4 años

    I’ve tried cheese tea before it taste... it’s really hard to explain like it’s cheesy when you first sip it but as the boba or tea comes in it’s like less cheesy and a tiny bit sweet but I was a really good experience and of course they are really pretty and good for instagram

  • Nadia Cooper
    Nadia Cooper Hace 4 años

    I so want to try this! It sounds like something I’d really enjoy! Wish I could go to LA some day

  • Ludicrous Fairy
    Ludicrous Fairy Hace 4 años +1

    Ty and Saf are relationship goals! ❤️

  • Sky Ratcliffe
    Sky Ratcliffe Hace 4 años

    safiya always reels when she tries food and i live for that

  • Allie
    Allie Hace 4 años +647

    Cheese tea is drinked everyday in my country :> It sounds wrong, but taste like heaven

    • Michelle Mafra L
      Michelle Mafra L Hace 3 años

      Ikr, mine doesn't have different kinds of cream cheese tho, but they're very delicious!

    • Slurp Me
      Slurp Me Hace 3 años

      Tamashi lol im from Cambodia too😂😂

    • Sarah Le
      Sarah Le Hace 3 años

      Sharyn Spanjer Thanks girl ❤️

    • Angelina Xie
      Angelina Xie Hace 4 años

      @Marti China

    • Hang Khanh
      Hang Khanh Hace 4 años +1

      How do I know you're Vietnamese just by the ":>" LOL I'm Vietnamese too

  • Carmen K
    Carmen K Hace 4 años

    I’ve tried it before in China~ I didn’t manage to try a tea flavour one but I had it with strawberry slushie since it was a limited edition flavour~ it was really nice~ the saltiness of the foam, then going to the tea (or slushie in my case) to get some sweetness to cut that saltiness~ Mmm I want some again

  • audrey wijaya
    audrey wijaya Hace 4 años

    I'm Indonesian, we have cheese teas too here with different variation, i think the jasmine tea + cheese (the first one you taste) taste really good! I love it, it's an odd combination but it works somehow. But I think it's not really for everyone lol

  • Amanda Galster
    Amanda Galster Hace 4 años

    Safiya! I just thought of a new video idea you should try! “I lived for a week only using $1 store products.” Not sure if someone else has done it but figured I would post it :). Love your videos! Your so clear about everything when you speak and you and Tyler are adorable and so much fun!

  • Linh Tran
    Linh Tran Hace 4 años

    OMG, in Vietnam, you can find this literally EVERYWHERE. There are so many brands that sometimes make it a struggle to choose a place to drink. And yes I gained like 5kg after became addicted to this thing =)))

  • saren
    saren Hace 4 años

    its so good!! I have cheese tea almost 3 times a week. The matcha is so much better with the cream cheese. The place I go to only offer cream cheese as a topping though- I would love to try the creme brulee one;-;

  • Tiara A
    Tiara A Hace 4 años

    It's a great variation of milk tea! We love it here in the Philippines! Ya gotta try Coco or Happy Lemon!

  • Selina
    Selina Hace 4 años

    It’s actually really common in Asia, well at least in Taiwan. Taiwanese invents lots of cool drinks like the bubble tea and others. I am not sure if this cheese drink is also from Taiwan, but it has been around in Taiwan for quite a long time. The cheese on the top tastes really good and pairs well with tea especially. It makes the drink a bit salty, creamy but still remains the taste of the tea pretty well.

  • Grace Guetschow
    Grace Guetschow Hace 4 años

    Because of how much I love cheese, this actually sounds delicious.

  • River
    River Hace 4 años

    Love your video :)) I didn't know that cheese tea is now a trend in USA because as an asian, I've been drinking it for ages :))) cheese tea/bubble tea/coffee, milk foam (macchiato) tea/bubble tea/coffee, etc :))) I actually like milk foam more than cheese since I drink Black Tea Macchiato almost everyday :)) Does anyone know Gong Cha, KOI and Royal Tea?

  • hey manileña
    hey manileña Hace 4 años

    Try mixing both cheese and tea together before drinking next time. :) It makes a big difference!

  • Ceará Yuè
    Ceará Yuè Hace 3 años +5

    I think this is something where the appeal gets lost in translation. When I told my American and European friends about it, their first reaction is of confusion and revulsion! Something like "cream tea" would be more marketable in the West.

  • Hana
    Hana Hace 4 años

    Cheese tea is bomb, the wintermelon (not watermelon) ones are my favorite. The flavors you guys tried are definitely not any of the ones I've tried in southeast or east asia tho, the ones I tried are not strongly cheesy but a hint of foamy cheese--much like the lightest (foamiest) cheesecake in the world.

  • Jessie Macleod
    Jessie Macleod Hace 4 años +534

    Saf “it was yesterday, yeah it was yesterday” *insert mildly convincing smile*

  • Camille Christy Chan
    Camille Christy Chan Hace 4 años

    Cheese tea is actually really good! I think it comes from Taiwan, but I only tried it in Hong Kong. The cheese thing is actually a blub of cream which is salty and cheesy. Personally I prefer the tea to be sweeter like fruit tea cos the cream was salty.

  • Ammara Altaf
    Ammara Altaf Hace 4 años +1

    Saf looks so beautiful without makeup❤

  • musicgal421
    musicgal421 Hace 4 años

    Sounds weird and good all at the same time 🤣🤣 every time they show one I’m all ooo that looks good lol definitely going to have to try

  • nostalgia
    nostalgia Hace 4 años

    My favorite milk tea is fuzzy melon topped with Rock Salt and Cheese!! I love it I swear it's sooo good

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C Hace 4 años

    wait, this is a new thing? they’ve had cheese tea at my local bubble tea place for ages (it’s real good)

  • Christina Yang
    Christina Yang Hace 4 años

    We actually had sth like this in Taiwan! 😂 but the toppings is salty cream (sound weird but taste really good!)it’s called 奶蓋茶

  • a ikehara
    a ikehara Hace 3 años

    Been really loving your videos (and of course, Safiya's too)!! Can't wait to see what's next!

  • Iko Garcia
    Iko Garcia Hace 3 años

    I love Cheesecake milktea (it's pretty similar with the Dirty Mess flavor on the video). Cheese tea sounds gross tho lol.

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K Hace 4 años +1122

    “I haven’t seen a horse in a while I kinda miss them”

  • Alexis Santiago
    Alexis Santiago Hace 4 años

    Salted cream cheese and milk tea is actually pretty normal in my country. Love you Saf and Ty!

  • Jacky Corleto
    Jacky Corleto Hace 4 años

    I work at a Chinese boba shop called Heek tea and I thought cheese tea would be gross but our cheese recipe is soo goooooood I was actually surprised how good it is

  • Nhung Nhữ
    Nhung Nhữ Hace 3 años

    I've had cheese tea before. It's my favourite 😊

  • Jax Izaiah
    Jax Izaiah Hace 4 años

    Hey Tyler. I just wanted to say that at first I didn't like your channel that much. And then I watched all the food videos and I love it! You do a lot of interesting things on here and now I am subscribed and getting notified by you. ;)

  • Sleepy Artist
    Sleepy Artist Hace 4 años +410

    As an Asian person, cheese tea is called 奶盖 in Chinese. We've been drinking cheese tea since 1998 probably lol

    • aili yu
      aili yu Hace 4 años

      taro bubble tea with pudding is bomb though

    • aili yu
      aili yu Hace 4 años

      Oh right!!! They serve that at Kung Fu Tea but they call it "milk cap" instead of "cheese tea". Milk Cap in my opinion sounds so much more appealing than cheese tea. It tastes pretty good and I didn't realized it was the same thing

    • Mommymilkers69
      Mommymilkers69 Hace 4 años

      Y'all stay being trendsetters bless yalls hearts

    • Lia Wijaya
      Lia Wijaya Hace 4 años

      Waesosirius yeah we have cheese tea here carried by many tea house franchises. i mean its not a big thing here.

    • Waesosirius
      Waesosirius Hace 4 años

      Lia Wijaya never heard of The Koi huh?

  • Hugh Miller
    Hugh Miller Hace 2 años

    I actually tried cheese tea in a Chinese café when I studied in France. It was actually pretty good.

  • Lavafish swims
    Lavafish swims Hace 4 años

    In S. Korea there's a small coffee shop with cheese on coffee in the Hongdae district of Seoul. It was actually really good. The cheese taste wasn't strong it was more creamy. And you're supposed to taste the top then stir it a little.

  • GenreChowderStudios
    GenreChowderStudios Hace un año

    They’re both extremely charismatic onscreen. 🙌

  • jennyd0000
    jennyd0000 Hace 2 años

    It is soooo delicious. I will drink the foam all by itself 🥰🥰

  • Gabby Perez
    Gabby Perez Hace 4 años

    I love you guys! So funny how he realized he didn't like that one tea

  • Chelsea Mallmann
    Chelsea Mallmann Hace 4 años

    I love that you guys are doing videos together!

  • Pinkey Sherbet
    Pinkey Sherbet Hace 4 años

    “Look it’s iced coffee from yesterday!” [drinks]
    Safiya is me as hell.

  • Jana
    Jana Hace 4 años

    I found the cheese foam too sweet, tasted like a Japanese cheesecake but like an entire cake on top.

  • 위츠커Wietske
    위츠커Wietske Hace 4 años +275

    I had cheese coffee like twice last summer and it was very underwhelming. (It was a bit of a trend last year here in korea) Like i almost wished it was cheezier.

    • elizaßeth
      elizaßeth Hace 4 años

      위츠커Wietske just like my jokes

    • Julia Chan
      Julia Chan Hace 4 años +1

      the cheese topping depend at the cheese tea store brand, different brand'cheese foam taste different

    • 위츠커Wietske
      위츠커Wietske Hace 4 años

      Kris Skies i have honestly no idea!

  • rappingbagel
    rappingbagel Hace 3 años +2

    I had no idea people call this 'cheese tea', that sounds so unappealing! The boba shops here call it a milk cap tea

  • Momo Chan
    Momo Chan Hace 4 años

    I didn't notice me myself that I bought one of this a few days ago. I love tea, matcha tea particularly. I love cheese too. But the one I bought, of course matcha flavour, with I don't know what kind of cheese (Didn't read the menu properly. I just saw matcha then ordered it) when I took a sip I kinda don't like it. But I finished it. Means it's drinkable. Lol.

  • yuri
    yuri Hace 3 años

    I can't get over how beautiful Safiya is without make up on (as far as I can tell). I mean, obviously, I'm not trying to tell her what looks good on her and what doesn't, but I just can't stop thinking about it whenever I see her without eye makeup in any of your videos. She's sooo naturally beautiful, especially her eyes. And I'm aware I sound like one of those basic teen girls who leaves compliments in every single one of her girlfriends' Instagram posts, but it's friggin true, she looks friggin gorgeous

  • Kai Sensei
    Kai Sensei Hace 4 años

    I wonder if we have that here in the Philippines. 😂 or maybe its called differently here. Im a Matcha Tea fan and I wld love to have a taste of that camouflage! 😍

  • Alana Treviño
    Alana Treviño Hace 3 años +8

    Tyler+Saf: Even this video didn't just go up, the Nextbeat room doesn't go away.
    Nexbeat: *Are you sure about that?*

  • S
    S Hace 4 años

    Idk why but you guys are just so fun to watch, such a wholesome way to have fun

  • Edgyedgelord
    Edgyedgelord Hace 4 años

    Creme cheese on a red velvet cake is amazing. I don't think this is weird.

  • Prue Jafri
    Prue Jafri Hace 2 años

    It's 2020 here.. Hehe.. I never try cheese tea but my go to combo whenever I eat cheesecake, is iced green tea... But I cant imagine the taste of cheesecake floating in my tea.. 😂

  • Melissa Montfort
    Melissa Montfort Hace 4 años

    Does anyone else feel like we missed the PERFECT opportunity for another collab with Cristine?!?! 😆

  • Kathy Mai
    Kathy Mai Hace 3 años

    The bubble tea shop that is in my neighbourhood in Canada recently added a promotional cheese tea. My friend got a strawberry black tea and I got a rose oolong tea, both having cream cheese on top. It tasted good at first but once we mixed the tea and the cheese together, it tasted both too sweet and disgusting...

  • YuryWithaY
    YuryWithaY Hace 4 años

    Yeah I wouldn't dought that the topping doesn't taste as good itself lol.
    I've had it before and I think the topping really smooth out the bitterness and a sort of astringent aftertaste of the tea by drinking the topping and the tea at the same time.
    And the Chinese translation of the topping is actully "milk topping" so I was confused for a second before I click on the video lol

  • Lam Linh Cao
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    Hugs from Sweden 🇸🇪

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