POV: you’re 6’9” 400 pounds and booked the middle seat


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  • Nat & Joe Christensen
    Nat & Joe Christensen Hace un mes +4920

    The guys next to him would complain, but.....they want to live.

  • ally
    ally Hace un mes +300

    i bet he's the sweetest guy tho

    • Bodi A.R
      Bodi A.R Hace 13 días +8

      Haffthor is pretty chill

    • Felipe Barcelo
      Felipe Barcelo Hace 12 días +3

      maybe, but He needs 2 seats

    • ally
      ally Hace 12 días +3

      @Felipe Barcelo your point?

    • priorhen
      priorhen Hace 9 días +7

      ​@Bodi A.R until his 501 deadlift is brought up

  • Everlasting Life
    Everlasting Life Hace un mes +181

    Only 11 more hours till we get to Japan. It will go fast.

  • Hugo Herrera
    Hugo Herrera Hace 2 meses +5921

    Give this man the emergency exit row, he could rip the door off in case it doesn’t open 😂

  • Dave Whispers
    Dave Whispers Hace un mes +44

    As long as he isn't sweating, smells well and is well behaved then it'll be the most comfy flight ever.

    • John Travolta
      John Travolta Hace 18 días +4

      isnt sweating smells well you can forget that with most bodybuilders and powerlifters.

  • Steve S
    Steve S Hace un mes +3

    Bro, I'm almost 6'3" and like 230 give or take and I already struggle with leg space, elbow space, just all the space. I literally could not imagine 6'9". I would just lay on the floor in the back of the plane the entire flight lol.

  • u m
    u m Hace 2 meses +20023

    Instead of Hafthor getting on the plane, it'd be easier if the plane got on Hafthor

  • ae Cawwna
    ae Cawwna Hace 24 días +7

    So long as he understands his arm is now a pillow it’s all good

  • MikloGaming
    MikloGaming Hace un mes +23

    I’d lowkey pass out from body heat and have the best sleep ever 😂

  • Jodi Rauth
    Jodi Rauth Hace un mes +1444

    I used to be a tailor. A 6ft 10inch 19 year old guy came in one day looking for white shirts to go an LDS mission. We had nothing in the store for him. So I bought fabric and made them on my own time. He had a 25 inch neck. I had to custom make the pattern. My Dad was a very big man so I learned to on his clothing by repairing them at a very young age.

    • amaka E
      amaka E Hace un mes +94

      That was very kind of you.❤

    • TheBurrellLife
      TheBurrellLife Hace un mes +28

      I'm sure I sound dumb, but idc. What's LDS???

    • Darla
      Darla Hace un mes +97

      ROFL!! I read that as an LSD mission at first. 😂😂😂

    • Darla
      Darla Hace un mes +93

      ​@TheBurrellLife I am guessing Latter Day Saints bc they do "missionary work".

  • Denis Z
    Denis Z Hace un mes +31

    He seems like such a nice dude

  • no1bandfan
    no1bandfan Hace 18 horas +2

    They clearly know each other. I know companion npc when I see them.

  • oceanexploration
    oceanexploration Hace 2 meses +868

    I literally had this happen to me in Iceland. The difference was I was in the middle. I am 6'4" and 255lbs. The mountains on either side of me were well north of 400lbs and 6'7-6'10 each. I looked like a small slim-jim meat treat in the middle. They were each super kind, and humorous. The flight attendant laughed empathetically at the spectacle and gave me effectively unlimited wine for the flight. In a way, it was kind of nice to feel "tiny" for the first time (at 193cm and 115kg).

    • Allison James
      Allison James Hace 2 meses +126

      Lol. Must have been a weird feeling to be the little guy for once.

      CAPTAIN BICEPS Hace 2 meses +5

      I lifted 150 kg for biceps can you?

    • Fredrik Johansson
      Fredrik Johansson Hace un mes +21

      Im 173 cm and 90 kg. Feel small all the time😬

    • Vicki Gonya
      Vicki Gonya Hace un mes +7


  • Jodie Frost
    Jodie Frost Hace un mes

    This made my morning. Those boys did not complain once 😂 😂😂😂. I could not stop laughing 😂 😂😂😂

  • Henrique Ulivi
    Henrique Ulivi Hace 3 días +6

    Airlines should not sell one seat to anyone that invades more than one seat. They should buy 2.

    • James Chester
      James Chester Hace 14 horas +1

      😂 I don’t think they want to tell him that it isn’t fair he is huge

    • D twist Rewind
      D twist Rewind Hace 13 horas +1

      ​@James Chester I would tell him in the airport as i guarantee i can outrun him, but on a plane I'm not saying 💩

    • Henrique Ulivi
      Henrique Ulivi Hace 10 horas

      @James Chester too bad. Not our fault

    • Henrique Ulivi
      Henrique Ulivi Hace 10 horas

      @D twist Rewind jajajaj me neither!!!

  • Ghost
    Ghost Hace un mes +1015

    bro is an absolute unit

    • Djahuti Isreal
      Djahuti Isreal Hace un mes +2


    • T G
      T G Hace un mes +2

      "Bro" .

    • Kathleen King
      Kathleen King Hace un mes +13

      Although, OVERWEIGHT, 400 lbs dont look That bad on him😋

    • Beast mode
      Beast mode Hace un mes +2

      @T G The common vernacular has declined so much despite the advancements in teaching literary arts

    • Lou York
      Lou York Hace un mes +5

      He’s a unit alright lol

  • spotty dotty
    spotty dotty Hace un mes +1

    I’m thinking I would be incredibly happy to be sat next to this guy 😂 ❤

  • Foghorn Leghorn
    Foghorn Leghorn Hace 13 días +1

    I had no choice, but to smile.

  • Nancy Offenhiser
    Nancy Offenhiser Hace 2 meses +907

    I flew on a plane with the Undertaker once. We got diverted to Indianapolis and he had to stand up for awhile, but he took two seats and an belt extension. What a guy! He was great. I couldn't believe he flew coach. You could tell some of the women who didn't know who he was were scared to death of him. 😂😂

    • LindsAy With Attitude
      LindsAy With Attitude Hace un mes +97

      My mom sat next to Derick Thomas (famous football player for kc chiefs) a long time ago and got to talk to him whole flight. Said he was so nice. I don't believe this was in first class, but he had a few charities and lived relatively modest, so I wouldn't be surprised too much if he didn't fly first class. Great guy.

    • Kellie R
      Kellie R Hace un mes +71

      I know him, sort of. He lives across from the store where I work and stops in occasionally to get supplies.
      Great guy! And his wife is gorgeous.

    • Melissa
      Melissa Hace un mes +34

      I love the Undertaker !!!

    • Michelle Wheatley
      Michelle Wheatley Hace un mes +32

      😮 Dude they couldn't at least put you in the Superhero aisle so you could toss em down the emergency slide in event of emergency? You'd at heast have had some legroom instead of needing some magnesium for extreme cramping when you unbent yourself at the end of the flight. I feel bad for you. I'm female and 5'3" . I sit in the Superhero aisle to breathe.

    • 4thegloryofthelord
      4thegloryofthelord Hace un mes +20

      Did he have his makeup on?😂

  • Gwen Derp
    Gwen Derp Hace 27 días +1

    Id just rest my head, get comfy, and fall asleep. Seems like a gentle giant!

  • piposanchez
    piposanchez Hace 24 días +1

    I saw Hafthor in Dubai once. He was across us having lunch with his family. Absolute unit. The size of his biceps didn't even make sense 🤣

  • Emilio Chavez
    Emilio Chavez Hace 2 meses +4201

    “Hey honey, how was your flight?”
    “It was alright, I met and sat next to Zeus.”

  • MyTube
    MyTube Hace un mes +1

    This happened to me once with a big guy in the seat next to me. After 2 hours I dozed off and without realizing my head just laid on his massive arm. I woke up and said sorry, the guy was like nah man it's okay go ahead and sleep. Awwwwkward! But hey kindness is king 😂

  • Marie Sipes
    Marie Sipes Hace un mes

    I’d just been like your going to be my pillow to sleep on during the flight! 😂

  • Stormy Goodknight
    Stormy Goodknight Hace un mes +708

    The boys don’t need a seatbelt . He’s got them both pinned to their seats with his shoulders! 😂🤣❤

    • Nicole Smith
      Nicole Smith Hace un mes +10


    • Anwuriri
      Anwuriri Hace un mes +8

      😂😂😅 yeah

    • Sylvia Wilson
      Sylvia Wilson Hace un mes +4


    • Sylvia Wilson
      Sylvia Wilson Hace un mes +11

      It’s actually sad on the part of the airline! 😮 anyone this size should be qualified automatically for a first class seat at a discount or
      same rate. They should also be able to have a seat in the rows behind first class with extended legroom, and possibly a wider chair.

    • sussertheoriginal
      sussertheoriginal Hace un mes +10

      ​@Sylvia Wilson or more sensible, pay for at least two seats

  • Undead Rising
    Undead Rising Hace 26 días

    This gives a whole new meaning to "The Mountain that Rides"

  • Tiago Alfredo
    Tiago Alfredo Hace un mes

    This would be the best flight of my life!

  • slycoke
    slycoke Hace un mes +1558

    Planes really should ask your measurements and weight when booking a ticket. It matters. I sat between two huge people one time. I swear one of them was a linebacker. It was the most miserable flight I ever had.

    • Você
      Você Hace un mes +35

      That's why there are bigger seats to sell.

    • RainbowKidd
      RainbowKidd Hace un mes +155

      They're inconsiderate. They should have booked two seats. They know they are huge and take up so much space but don't care about other people's comfort.

    • not chosen yet
      not chosen yet Hace un mes +44

      @RainbowKidd not that deep

    • marc vu
      marc vu Hace un mes +34

      Me too… they chose to be big and I was punished by it… very unfair… both big people squeeze me and went over my seat…

  • Letsdoart45
    Letsdoart45 Hace un mes

    Your gonna be really good friends after the flight

  • Captain America
    Captain America Hace 27 días +1

    Bro was Violated , but showed it with a Smile afterall he didn't wanted to hear - "I'll meet you after landing"💀

  • Leef812
    Leef812 Hace 2 meses +491

    Pilot: "this is your captain speaking, can the big dude please stand in the aisle again... You're putting too much strain on the right engines".

    • Shannon Mowdy
      Shannon Mowdy Hace un mes +44

      Too much strain on the right engine? He could be the right engine! Lol 😂

    • Debbie Keithley
      Debbie Keithley Hace un mes +7

      Bahahaha 😅😂

    • Indira Stone
      Indira Stone Hace un mes +5


    • vinsanity982
      vinsanity982 Hace un mes +11

      When I worked for Mesa I remember seeing a pilot that was a massive dude, probably about 6’3 or 6’4 and easily 300 plus flying a crj900. I felt like he had to be affecting the CG of the airplane and making it nose heavy. I also wondered how tf he was going to get into the pilot seat lmao

    • Shawn H
      Shawn H Hace un mes +1

      Underrated comment tbf

  • Duke of Thunder
    Duke of Thunder Hace un mes

    Hell yeah, cuddle buddy for the flight

  • Nicola Puttick
    Nicola Puttick Hace un mes

    I would love to sit next to him he’s a comfort blanket x

  • A Ginger And a Theater Kid
    A Ginger And a Theater Kid Hace 2 meses +882

    There should be an unspoken rule where if you are that large in the middle seat, I’m legally allowed to use your arm as a headrest

    • Jon Fernandez
      Jon Fernandez Hace 2 meses +41

      By all rights please do

    • Loren Forkgen
      Loren Forkgen Hace 2 meses +29

      There should be a weight limit for middle seats actually lol

    • CM
      CM Hace 2 meses +11

      I’m 6’5” and this has happened to me before

    • абрек 95
      абрек 95 Hace 2 meses +4

      ​@Jon Fernandez 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • абрек 95
      абрек 95 Hace 2 meses +2

      ​@Jon Fernandez 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Joenzinator
    Joenzinator Hace 4 días +1

    I weigh 400 pounds and I'll only sit next to a family member in coach, or else I book first class for the extra space. I wouldn't do this to an unsuspecting person.

  • Harold Beauchamp
    Harold Beauchamp Hace un mes +5

    I’m glad that 1920’s jazz band was there aboard the plane to play this whimsical music for the passengers enjoying the show.

    • And I
      And I Hace 10 días

      The first ever film shown on a plane had an in plane orchestra

  • joefunk76
    joefunk76 Hace 2 meses +322

    He looks at the guy in the aisle seat like “How YOU doin’?” 😅

    • Grant
      Grant Hace un mes +7

      LOL this isn't real man, you don't get that this is staged!?!

    • Kristine Skocpol-Saleh
      Kristine Skocpol-Saleh Hace un mes +7

      They are obviously all related. Prob father and 2 sons. 😊

    • Duran E. Evans, Sr.
      Duran E. Evans, Sr. Hace un mes +2

      A "ranDu"m thawt 🤔... After reading your comment, 1st thing came to mind was Joey from Friends and his facial expressions to, when he says it 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Francisco Piña
      Francisco Piña Hace un mes

      ​@Duran E. Evans, Sr. same here, I guess it's the YOU all in caps... 😂

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia Hace un mes +1

      @Kristine Skocpol-Saleh yes, his 8 & 9 old boys.

  • Crento
    Crento Hace un mes

    I swear this man will rip your head off with his bare hands if you tell him to scooch over 😭

  • UserName
    UserName Hace un mes

    Nicely done. Good to have arm warmers on each side

  • Earl of Rochester
    Earl of Rochester Hace un mes +486

    Legend has it that his wedding band is actually a tire rim.

    • Ashley Young
      Ashley Young Hace un mes +3


    • Pragmatic Optimist & N7
      Pragmatic Optimist & N7 Hace un mes

      😅😅😅I had to reread that ~ some of my friends are are musicians and I thought you meant... Ah forget it

    • Mike Smith
      Mike Smith Hace un mes +1

      that's hilarious awesome response

    • Ann
      Ann Hace un mes +1

      I love your wit and sense of humor! 😊

    • RichK
      RichK Hace un mes


  • Janek
    Janek Hace 25 días +3

    The funny thing is that he walked all way from his big and comfy seat in business class just to film this video in economy 😂😂😂👌🏼

  • Janice Oldham
    Janice Oldham Hace 23 días

    He need a row in first class. He is one huge dude!!!

  • Eddie McKenzie
    Eddie McKenzie Hace 2 meses +279

    I’m 6’5’ @ 265lbs. I always book a bulkhead seat or pay extra for first class. Just don’t want any leg cramps from being squashed like sardines.

    • Hans Landa
      Hans Landa Hace un mes +13

      No one asked

    • FresherThanEver
      FresherThanEver Hace un mes +8

      @Hans Landa I asked☺️

    • Mike Thompson
      Mike Thompson Hace un mes +12

      You’re thoughtful

    • Julio Gonzo
      Julio Gonzo Hace un mes +20

      Yeah I'm only 6'2" 200 but always pay extra for an emergency exit row or bulkhead on economy airlines. like another $75 but totally worth it.

  • TheQ
    TheQ Hace un mes

    I saw a 7ft college kid in Miami last year and the airport scanmer was up to his chin! it was insane.

  • Briggie
    Briggie Hace 22 días

    Even at 6’3” I feel this.

  • Tom Of Asia
    Tom Of Asia Hace un mes +287

    Can’t say I’m envious. I’m 6’3” and quite athletic with wide shoulders and even I feel awkward at times in the plane for invading space next seat. On one flight from Helsinki to Bangkok my both neighbours, a man and a woman slept against my shoulders until I had to stand up to go and take a leak. Later on I saw the same guy in Pattaya and he reminded me how I made a great pillow during the flight. 😂

    • Ness Paradis
      Ness Paradis Hace un mes +27

      I love how you were such a sport! Heartwarming story.

    • Lynn Parent
      Lynn Parent Hace un mes +13

      definitely planes are made so small no legs room either

    • BeaglesnLove
      BeaglesnLove Hace un mes +3

      Lol funny

    • Amanda Nxala
      Amanda Nxala Hace un mes +2

      I love this🤣🤣🤣❤️

    • Будни Хуитао
      Будни Хуитао Hace un mes +1

      А можно рост говорить в сантиметрах в фунтах никто не понимает, весь мир живёт в других единицах измерений

  • Les Goins
    Les Goins Hace 9 días

    He would need to buy me a beer n steak dinner after that flight. Although I'm 5'9 280.

  • David Morris
    David Morris Hace un mes

    Good thing they were really friends! 😂

  • terry hollands
    terry hollands Hace 2 meses +510

    And he paid the same price as 120 pound women who must pay extra for 20 pounds of luggage.

    • Pat C
      Pat C Hace 2 meses +26

      Right? 🤷🏼‍♀️😕😑

    • Zaid
      Zaid Hace 2 meses +18

      Ur point?

    • Hanna GG
      Hanna GG Hace 2 meses +24

      Story of my life!!!!!! I’m less than 120 and always have to pay the extra baggage fees… started flying first class partially for this reason.

    • Hydro2oo9
      Hydro2oo9 Hace 2 meses +25

      ​@Hanna GG First class? You must have some money!

    • BabyFace
      BabyFace Hace 2 meses +21

      @Zaid do u really have to ask lol

  • Violet Aster
    Violet Aster Hace un mes

    Bless his heart to get stuck in middle ..He’s a good looking hunk too

  • Crazy Elf
    Crazy Elf Hace un mes +344

    that happened to me - once! I had an aisle seat and two very large men had the middle and window seats. I was actually being pushed into the aisle. I got up and asked politely if there was another seat available. the stewardess put me in a middle seat front row. She even said the booking agents should have known better.
    It ALWAYS pays to be polite!

    • Lilac Tuliee
      Lilac Tuliee Hace un mes +34

      This happened to me once and my trip was awful. It was a woman with two tires for hips that spilled over into my seat. I felt like I was being crushed. It was a packed plane. They should make a strict policy if you are morbidly obese you need to buy 2 seats. I thought it was already the case but it doesn't seem enforced.

    • Susan Menegus
      Susan Menegus Hace un mes +1


    • Mike Frost
      Mike Frost Hace un mes +6

      I always just get up and move to an empty row 🤷 Every plane I've been on, had at least a couple rows completely empty when the plane took off. Don't even have to ask, as long as it's not someone else's seat, the flight attendants don't care.. I grab a window seat, toss on my headphones, maybe a blanket & relax the whole flight..

    • Kriissy Miissy
      Kriissy Miissy Hace un mes +2

      ​@Lilac Tuliee tires for hips 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Lilac Tuliee
      Lilac Tuliee Hace un mes +1

      @Kriissy Miissy God forgive me but my anguish was real lol.

  • november132
    november132 Hace un mes +11

    Airlines need to make people buy 2 seats for being over a certain weight. It's not fair they get to carry an extra 100 lbs on their body but I can't put an extra 4 lbs in my luggage.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca Hace un mes +2

      I'm pretty sure with the way you complain that if you were larger built person & airlines made you pay for two seats you'd be in absolute uproar.

  • craziiedinasour
    craziiedinasour Hace un mes +1234

    Honestly, I’d just hug him like a giant teddy bear and go to sleep

    • morp
      morp Hace un mes +36


    • Ahlem Ana
      Ahlem Ana Hace un mes +17

      Ahahahah love that ahahahah

    • Call 🗿
      Call 🗿 Hace un mes +80

      Just a little bit weird but honestly who wouldn’t

    • Faith Davidson
      Faith Davidson Hace un mes +3


    • Miss Larissa Fay
      Miss Larissa Fay Hace un mes +14

      Hehe that was my thoughts too. 'Woah... a great pillow for the whole fight'. 😌💖

  • Liam Fox
    Liam Fox Hace 29 días

    "Hey guys, got enough room?
    "Cant complain..." *A single tear rolls*

  • Defrank Maes
    Defrank Maes Hace 24 días

    I would have gotten up and let him have the aisle seat. More leg room for him.😊

  • Breanna Jones
    Breanna Jones Hace un mes +323

    Congratulations sir! We’re going to be cuddle buddies on this flight! 😂

    • PrissyPosse
      PrissyPosse Hace un mes +15

      The comment I was looking for 😂

    • Mimose
      Mimose Hace un mes +8

      😂 yes!! that’s all I could think about seeing him!!

    • Hinata Hyuga
      Hinata Hyuga Hace un mes +5

      I kinda want to cuddle that kind giant 😇

    • Buck Fiden
      Buck Fiden Hace un mes +6

      ​@Hinata Hyuga Me too! I do like to hold onto a man's arms that has a lot of muscle. (Dont let the name fool you I'm a chick 😂)

    • David William
      David William Hace un mes


  • Phyllis Harrell
    Phyllis Harrell Hace un mes

    That's usually me between two guys. Lol. I just tell them to take the front part if the arm rest and leave me the back part. I'm only 5' tall.

  • TheScruph
    TheScruph Hace un mes +301

    Not arguing with him, he can sit wherever he likes 😂😂😂

  • Mike
    Mike Hace un mes +1

    SIR. You address him as SIR.

  • Angelo Crisanto
    Angelo Crisanto Hace 26 días

    I would switch seats with him in a heartbeat if I was the aisle dude.

  • Wiggles1Play
    Wiggles1Play Hace un mes +255

    Where's this guy when I can't reach anything on the top shelf at the store or can't open the dang pickle jar😂😂😂

    • They Call Me Gator
      They Call Me Gator Hace un mes +3

      We call that the pickle gambit. 😅

    • W Hatch
      W Hatch Hace un mes +2


    • Danil1101
      Danil1101 Hace un mes +3

      Maybe he's busy doing many long flights all over the world in an economy class.

    • Alfred vera
      Alfred vera Hace un mes +2


    • purple soul
      purple soul Hace un mes

      Right I'll be looking for a tall guy like excuse me can you help me and thanks for helping the vertically challenged 😂😂❤

  • IRIE
    IRIE Hace 24 días

    They bout to use his arms as blankets 😂

  • Secrecy
    Secrecy Hace un mes

    If I have to sit next to someone like this, they have officially become a headrest.

  • vignesh viki
    vignesh viki Hace 2 meses +172

    This man deserves entire row 😂

    • Paolo Viti
      Paolo Viti Hace un mes +2

      I was thinking exactly same 😅🤣😂

    • TN Stef
      TN Stef Hace un mes +5

      If he pays for it, sure.

    • DDH
      DDH Hace un mes +2

      He didn't need to pay for it as long as the two sides were smaller than him 😂

    • Caroll xo
      Caroll xo Hace un mes +1

      ​@TN Stef this is fake! Notice the flt is only at 50% full approx.

    • mightytaiger
      mightytaiger Hace un mes

      He doesn’t deserve anything. You guys just go gay for any dude taking steroids. Cringe.

  • Real one Amariyanna
    Real one Amariyanna Hace un mes

    The guy in the aisle seat wanted to say something but also didn't want to die lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Sypher
    Jason Sypher Hace 14 días

    Airlines need to have larger seat rows for larger people, we simply have to stop accepting this.

  • Lehmann Peters
    Lehmann Peters Hace un mes +147

    I actually had this in real life. The guy was about 6'5" 290 solid muscle. I'm 6'1" 200 lbs so I'm not small either. We both were cool. We'd alternate shoulders in front or shoulders behind and with every ten minutes or so. Worked out fine.

    • Massey81
      Massey81 Hace un mes +21

      Sounds like a proper bromance I hope you had a few beers too 😂

    • Niccole A
      Niccole A Hace un mes +4


    • Christ is my Lord
      Christ is my Lord Hace un mes +2

      Could’ve been worse… if my twin brother and I got put on either side of you, we’re both at least his size. What would you do if we both got shoulders in front on you and stopped responding.

    • Abandonable Snowman
      Abandonable Snowman Hace un mes +10

      Alternating shoulders is my favorite thing I’ve read today

    • Sierra Echo PNW
      Sierra Echo PNW Hace un mes +7

      Spectacular service. Two of my nephews are 6’7” and 6’9” and my sister had to drive 3 hours to Atlanta not just for clothes but for shoes to fit them. A size 16 shoe was unavailable at the rime when they were in junior high 😮. They would easily polish off a whole family sized box of cereal each for breakfast. Am sure their children will be as tall if not taller. My sis and her hubby are 6’1” and 6’4” respectively.

  • Aloysius Wijayanto
    Aloysius Wijayanto Hace un mes

    There are some empty seats on the back. I’d move as soon as possible 😂😂

  • Shannon Robb
    Shannon Robb Hace un mes +3

    I would have gladly switched seats with him. Just so he didn’t have to suffer. I booked myself an aisle seat for my upcoming trip.

  • AJ MS
    AJ MS Hace 27 días

    I'd BASK in that man's energy the whole trip!!

  • Shanaka Imal
    Shanaka Imal Hace un mes

    The seat manufactures are like “ load bearing test is 400 % successful “ 😂

  • Quasimofo
    Quasimofo Hace 2 meses +1980

    If Eddie boarded a 747, Hafthor would board a 748.

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      AVL Trees Hace 2 meses +24


    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Hace 2 meses +14

      Bro you are so clever

    • Leon575
      Leon575 Hace 2 meses +27

      If they boarded the same plane they could not sit on the same side because of weight.

    • Köftespieß ohne Reden
      Köftespieß ohne Reden Hace 2 meses +5


    • Pat Mer
      Pat Mer Hace 2 meses +8

      @Leon575 it’d be only 1 lb heavier on one side. Equal if Thor took a dump!

  • fa11er
    fa11er Hace 2 días

    I grew up with 5 siblings and parents at a table 30" x 48". I'm good with shoulder contact.

  • GodLgnV1
    GodLgnV1 Hace 17 días

    He looks friendly 😊

  • Pony Daze
    Pony Daze Hace un mes +669

    At 6'10" and 340lbs I feel this in my soul!! Lol

  • Savage Gamer YT
    Savage Gamer YT Hace un mes

    True friendships be like:

  • Naomi Eutsey
    Naomi Eutsey Hace un mes +1

    I hate the middle seat so I always book an aisle seat. I was on a long flight and the gentleman sitting in the middle informed me he has to get up frequently to use the restroom. I asked him if he wanted to switch seats. We switched seats. I was so happy I did because during an 8 hr flight he must of gotten up 10 times to use the restroom. He thank me when we landed. Nice man.

    • mhxxd4
      mhxxd4 Hace un mes +1

      Nah the corner seat gets the curve and you don't have to worry about people walking by plus you have the view

  • ruth4489
    ruth4489 Hace un mes +183

    I am 5 foot, never fails, they always sit me in between giants. Why??? I never knew why until one day my mom told me it was because the tall people needed me to help even out the space. I now get it, giants need their space to stretch their legs. What's funny is that I'm now in my 40s and old enough to be some of these big guys mother. Lol!!! I never realized how tall people do appreciate the little ones when they have to endure something like this.

    • AppleMan
      AppleMan Hace un mes +11

      I'm under 4'11" and since my SO is 6'4" he wants 1st class leg room, which means my feet dangle uncomfortably. He once asked... and got... something I could use as a foot rest; the flight attendant gave me her padded lunch box to use... I felt so bad!!

    • Stacy Mar
      Stacy Mar Hace un mes +8

      I am 5' even. My favorite part of every flight is leaning forward to tell the person in front of me that they are welcome to lean their seat back once we are airborne. The surprise and pleasure on their face makes my day.

    • C
      C Hace un mes +7

      @AppleMan it only takes a little kindness and forethought to make everyone’s ridede excellent!

    • dazedgal
      dazedgal Hace un mes +3

      @AppleMan why not just put your feet on the chair and sit criss cross apple sauce? I’m 4’11” and usually wear heels while flying because otherwise I won’t reach the overhead compartment and I hate asking for help (people help me without me even asking though lol). Delta first class is super comfortable for me so maybe try them so you’re not uncomfortable and stepping on someone’s food bags. I’d have declined the offer it would have been the polite thing to do.

  • Melissa Knight
    Melissa Knight Hace un mes +4

    I remember sitting on the aisle. I was in my 20’s and 115lbs…
    I looked up to see a 6 foot something man with long legs about to climb into the middle seat. My conscience and my heart got the best of me, I couldn’t sit comfortably on the aisle, knowing that he would be uncomfortable and squished in the middle seat so I offered him my aisle seat and slid over to the middle…… I have no problem sleeping on airplanes, so I had a nice snooze to our destination. ❤️😊

  • Hakim Hayashi
    Hakim Hayashi Hace un mes

    Airplane, only place on Earth where I can appreciate myself being 5’7🥂

    KYRILL Hace un mes +244

    I love their facial expressions 😂 This entire short is gold

  • mottawa1
    mottawa1 Hace un mes

    Airlines really need to address the problems associated with a taller population to accommodate those with longer legs and higher torsos. As well, the pitch of the seats can make a significant improvement to the overall comfort.

  • aguyandhiscomputer
    aguyandhiscomputer Hace 26 días

    Instant headrest. You're hired.

  • Jet Valmonte
    Jet Valmonte Hace 2 meses +79

    Very smart big man. He knew booking the middle seat was the only way he can legally have 3 seats for the price of one when the two other passengers request seat transfers

    • tsw1963
      tsw1963 Hace un mes +3

      Yeah. Kinda wrong of him to do that😂

    • twaye30
      twaye30 Hace un mes


  • E LeCaire
    E LeCaire Hace un mes

    And he's beyond fit and healthy! If he weren't it would be even more difficult

  • HaziqAmsyar
    HaziqAmsyar Hace un mes

    Bro's gonna dominate the armrest the whole flight

  • George Manzur
    George Manzur Hace un mes +544

    You got to love the way that giant man just smiled at the little guys at the end, nothing better than being that big and humble...

    • Alice Davis
      Alice Davis Hace un mes +16

      Thanks to God for his mercy

    • Sam
      Sam Hace un mes +17

      Don’t gotta love that he takes up half of both those guys seats. Dude just needs to pay for an aisle seat

    • Damian Szajnowski
      Damian Szajnowski Hace un mes +12

      ​@Sam or two 🤐

    • Sandy
      Sandy Hace un mes +5

      There will be no complaining if you would like to live 😂😂😂

    • Christopher N
      Christopher N Hace un mes +3

      Naw they weren't little guys at all accualy

  • Shaun Arnold
    Shaun Arnold Hace un día

    Story has it , and not one of them complained.

  • Ismael Cuadra Rivera
    Ismael Cuadra Rivera Hace 19 días

    Finally, a shoulder to lean on

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins Hace un mes +302

    6’8” here and this is exactly what it feels like on any flight whether you’re in middle seat or not. 😂😂

    • Adhaincroi Adhaincroi
      Adhaincroi Adhaincroi Hace un mes +3

      I would be fine with it. I am just about 5 ft and very short in the leg. I have spent flights where some poor tall person sat next to me has used the leg room I cant. I swapped seats once with a huge tall guy trapped half way back and I had the emergency exit.

    • danemania001
      danemania001 Hace un mes +6

      It’s a little suspicious that home boys head isn’t touching the ceiling

    • Frank Morris
      Frank Morris Hace un mes


    • TMM
      TMM Hace un mes +6

      I'm so sorry. I'm a very petite 5ft tall. My feet never touch the ground and I take up half the seat. So, if I'm traveling alone for work and can choose any seat, I choose the ones with extra length or width. Then, when, the attendant needs someone to switch, I hop up immediately. I consider it an act of gratitude. But, the last time I did this, I got bumped to first class because the attendant was really for a difficult time. It was nice, but why not offer tall people unsold seats in first class? It's weird.

    • I'm stronger than you
      I'm stronger than you Hace un mes +4

      When you’re 6 foot 8 you stay home and lift your weight or you travel on private jets or very expensive planes with more space, do you imagine being stuck with this orangutan 🦧 for 7 hours?! When someone that size come to ruin your day on a plane you put him in his place and tell to find another seat

  • Michael Allaway
    Michael Allaway Hace un mes

    We’re basically holding hands at this point then 😂😂😂

  • SirSnufflepuff & Son
    SirSnufflepuff & Son Hace un mes +305

    Even at 6'4" I feel this pain. Did you know I can't fit behind the wheel of a Corvette 😢. I tried and almost had to call for help 😂

    • jo demit
      jo demit Hace un mes +5

      I know the feeling! In my prime I had a 38: waist but had to get my uniforms custom tailored because my chest and shoulders were at a 48. Me fitting in a corvette is like putting a bull moose in a VW rabbit. It's just not going to work out!

    • Steven Dawson
      Steven Dawson Hace un mes +11

      I'm 6'4 200lbs and I have a corvette, you must be like 300lbs.

    • SirSnufflepuff & Son
      SirSnufflepuff & Son Hace un mes +4

      @Steven DawsonI was about 250. It was my legs that got stuck so maybe my legs are just longer?? Or maybe its the year? The car I sat in was a 2010-2011 model.

    • Mehki
      Mehki Hace un mes +3

      My husband is 6'4 3/4 and his birthday is 6'9". I just showed this to him and asked what was his better doing in this flight. He drives a Toyota Corolla 😳😂

    • Thuro Brown
      Thuro Brown Hace un mes +2

      Middle seats are a NO GO! 😂

  • Mightron
    Mightron Hace 4 días

    dude even has the name of some ancient viking

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player Hace un mes

    He’d have to deal with my tiny self napping on his shoulder

  • Kumar J
    Kumar J Hace un mes +496

    I knew a bloke, as big as this dude, or bigger, who booked 2 adjacent seats everytime he took a budget airline. I admired him for this display of common sense and courtesy.

    • Neil Yaremchuk
      Neil Yaremchuk Hace un mes +12

      Mountain That Rides Coach.

    • Kumar J
      Kumar J Hace un mes +19

      @Neil Yaremchuk ROFLMAO!
      Dudes can't help it if their genetics is that way. But at least they make an effort to compensate. One can't help but admire that. Chivalry ain't dead, not yet. Cheers!

    • Granola Bear
      Granola Bear Hace un mes +4

      That’s what I was thinking he should do. Common courtesy. Cheaper than first class.

    • Talulah Jool
      Talulah Jool Hace un mes +7

      Well that’s what is advised to large people... a ticket means one seat, and a seat is large like a normal sized individual so if you are more than that it’s obviously what you should do, it’s not a courtesy, the other way around is beyond rude.

    • Oak Tharas
      Oak Tharas Hace un mes +2

      @Kumar JI thought they are required to buy 2 seats like any other obese people. They
      Must buy 2 or don’t get on the plane

  • Bingbong98
    Bingbong98 Hace 2 días

    I’d love to cuddle this man

  • Basement Gardener
    Basement Gardener Hace un mes

    I'd have been getting kicked off that flight

  • philip Eldredge
    philip Eldredge Hace un mes

    love the smile on the smaller guy's face as he is so happy to be squished by gigantor's arm..

  • LaNa bLaiR
    LaNa bLaiR Hace un mes +62

    I had a huge yoked hot Samoan Man next to me on a flight once. I was really hungover and ended up sleeping most of the flight using his massive arm as a pillow. It was kinda embarrassing but honestly pure bliss!! He was super sweet and didn’t mind.

  • Elle Ly
    Elle Ly Hace 24 días

    I’m dying in those seats but I’m only 5’3 and 115 lbs. I can’t comprehend how anyone can travel squished up like that.