Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys)

  • Publicado el 12 oct 2018
  • Today is the International Day of the Girl. The idea of this day is to focus on female leadership to make better lives for girls. The news may have moved off of the Supreme Court confirmation madness but millions of people haven’t. There’s a lot of talk about men not knowing what it’s like to be a woman but some men don’t totally get it. Donald Trump said “This is a very scary time for young men” and in response to that, a teacher from Texas named Lynzy Lab wrote a great song called “A Scary Time” and recorded a video of herself singing it. It is very well done and in the past few days it has racked up tens of millions of views. We invited Lynzy to come to California and perform the song here live for the first time and she graciously accepted.
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    Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys)ídeo.html
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Comentarios • 5 717

  • Snowzy Gifts
    Snowzy Gifts Hace 45 minutos

    This girl has never had any of these things happened to her shut up

  • Sara Mahjabin
    Sara Mahjabin Hace 14 horas

    Why are so many comments worried about Saudi Arabian women? Yes it's terrible there but fix up yourself too people. Just cos someone else is stabbing themselves themselves nearby, doesn't make the pain of punching yourself unnecessarily any better. Also, nearly everything does apply to me and my female friends and colleagues. If you think otherwise then you aren't talking to enough women under the age of 50 (above that age makes them less likely to have to deal with such discrimination. That shouldve been an additional line in the song. Have to be more than at least 50 to be taken seriously especially in your career regardless of skill or experience).

  • Guy Manson
    Guy Manson Hace 21 un hora

    I'd roundhouse kick every one of them, not even joking

  • Mr.Dr.Kaiser
    Mr.Dr.Kaiser Hace un día +1

    Teach men not to rape.

    And teach women not to lie about it.

  • Mack /
    Mack / Hace un día +1

    This is disgusting. While I trust she has good intentions in her heart and wants equality like everyone else, this is not the right way to strive for that. This song makes so many points that humans just shouldn't do, regardless of being male or female. Men are raped more than women when you account for prison and they are more likely to die in the workforce, they are forced to register for the draft at 18, they have their lives destroyed over false allegations and women that falsely accuse men for this get on average 2 years in prison. Using innocent kids at the end to push these meaningless claims breaks my heart. Instead of whining about living in the most free, and equal country on earth, do something about the women in Islamic countries that are extremely oppressed and are stoned to death for BEING raped

  • The Irish Fox
    The Irish Fox Hace un día

    It's not aloud for your dad to be your jugde it says it some were on a law

  • NoobGod132
    NoobGod132 Hace un día


  • Connor Purcell
    Connor Purcell Hace un día +1

    ugh, what smug b!tches. so much eye-rolling and not a drop of empathy or compassion. the world would undoubtably be a better place if the entire pack of these off-pitch hypocrites weren't in it. and using little kids to further this bullsh!t? that's messed up. so is teaching children lies and prejudicial, sexist, hateful falsehoods to serve a political agenda. shame on everyone involved with this disgraceful production.

  • Lurchipoo
    Lurchipoo Hace un día

    Aaaaaaaand this folks....this summarizes perfectly why I’ve flipped to voting for Republican. Have a good day Ms. Ukelele.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
    Isopropyl Alcohol Hace 2 días

    First off, I don't see why these can't be mutually-exclusive: why can't guys have their own problems while girls have their own? Also, I'm a "survivor" of sexual assault myself, and also mentally-ill. I would never try to de-legitimize or belittle anyone else's problems just to make myself a victim.

  • Natalie P. Cod
    Natalie P. Cod Hace 2 días

    RESPECK WAMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Streveler
    Sam Streveler Hace 3 días

    She has a beautiful voice but you can’t just say all men have it easier

  • HQ Casino
    HQ Casino Hace 4 días

    This is rediculous

  • Bayoen
    Bayoen Hace 4 días

    at least THESE comments arent disabled because they're scared of the big bad comments

  • Alissa Meagher
    Alissa Meagher Hace 4 días +1

    When those little girls walked out I lost it

  • Shroom
    Shroom Hace 5 días

    i have always understood that ppl have opinions formed on missing
    information, but this is so obviously stupid that i really wonder what
    the motives behind her and the ppl that support her are.

  • lu na
    lu na Hace 6 días

    vote democrat and bring in more Illegals to make women safe

  • Aron Tesfay
    Aron Tesfay Hace 7 días

    What are those little kids doing there in a song about sex? That's a whole new level of brainwashing

  • craigmack2018
    craigmack2018 Hace 7 días

    This song sucks.

  • chaosXpert
    chaosXpert Hace 7 días

    Finally a video of this song without a disabled comment section. I wonder what people think of this...*scrolls down*

  • Kimberly Schilz
    Kimberly Schilz Hace 7 días

    It's sad how many people in this comment section are mostly extremely sexist 😑😑😑 whats wrong with you people?!?! Great to know that assault and harassment is just a joke for some people here

  • mijikaiyoru01
    mijikaiyoru01 Hace 7 días +1

    All the comments whining about how men have it bad. There are areas of life where both genders are discriminated against, sure but don't forget that 98% of rapes are committed by men. That is a problem and why women feel threatened. All in all what is lacking is basic human empathy and respect. That goes for both sides but to lack empathy for another human being to the point of using a person like some doll and then discard it like trash is the most severe form of it I have seen. The current misogynistic movements only add to alienating women and make men see them in less humane way.

  • Randy Young
    Randy Young Hace 7 días


    JIMBO Hace 8 días

    Watching Jimmy become more and more of a soy boy is so sad.

  • P B303 Solo Patriot
    P B303 Solo Patriot Hace 8 días

    Bitches lie

  • VnuS Fuze
    VnuS Fuze Hace 8 días

    This is cancer

    DOOMGUY Hace 8 días

    Very moving song so much truth in it


    men bad.

  • super minecraft kid 420

    look at all that property

  • gdmclean
    gdmclean Hace 9 días

    did they deliberately choose obese women to be the backup singers?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Hace 9 días

    Oh god they just don’t get it, smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Evan Laughlin
    Evan Laughlin Hace 10 días

    Thats a dude... Seriously... That is a fucken man singing...

  • Katie Eilers
    Katie Eilers Hace 11 días

    To all of the guys saying we can do all of these things and that this song is stupid ugh. Yes we can do all of these things its just that in general we are more paranoid about it and feel uncomfortable doing this things because who knows what is going to happen. and im not saying guys are the only ones who do bad things cause that's definitely not true either... Many people feel this way and its brought attention to something that was good to bring attention to. and all of these comment strings saying that this is stupid and why do you feel like that are mostly guys and you cant tell us how we feel and how to live our lives. there are some creepy people out in the world and through social media that has gotten much worse. okay sorry for my little rant but I feel like this needed to be said. oh and also if someone says stop just stop. And yes guys have struggles too and they struggle in life and are treated unfairly im not just saying women are the only ones with problems. Its not right for guys to have to live up to this "standard" like not crying and many other things but okay im actually done now.

  • Kaitlyn E
    Kaitlyn E Hace 11 días

    This comment section is riddled with sexual predators 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • lnajla
    lnajla Hace 11 días

    Wow I'm so sorry your acting career spiralled like this Emma Stone

  • Doctor Booze
    Doctor Booze Hace 11 días

    This is coming from a guy who hosted the MAN Show?!

  • Kavya Rawat
    Kavya Rawat Hace 11 días


  • J W
    J W Hace 12 días +1

    I've seen plenty of women use public transport after 7pm without any fear

  • Guitarguy360
    Guitarguy360 Hace 12 días

    This is a load of barnacles

  • andy jj
    andy jj Hace 12 días

    all these comments are disgusting and really proves how men are in america 👍🏼👍🏼

    • ssjscc
      ssjscc Hace 11 días

      Not really.

  • Scarlet Snow
    Scarlet Snow Hace 12 días

    Meanwhile you have women uploading videos of themselves hitting themselves with hammers to report their bf for assault and abuse , imagine if they were smart enough not to make the video , but still probably got the man to go to jail for a night or two with just an accusation and the bruises she made to herself , oh and I like how this lady just turns off comments to her own video page, lol. Classic .

  • jmcsquared
    jmcsquared Hace 12 días +1

    Glad I unsubbed from Jimmy Kimmel. He was cool until this nonsense started. I hate Trump but goddamn if the insane liberals didn't create him. This has to be the cringiest song on the internet right now.

  • Jonathan Zomber
    Jonathan Zomber Hace 13 días +1

    Did someone say ultra instinct oops wrong comment section

  • Jake Capitanio
    Jake Capitanio Hace 13 días

    jimmy promoting pure cancer

  • Jenni Lee
    Jenni Lee Hace 13 días +4

    Dudes be like "that's not how I told women to feel"

  • aftershock944
    aftershock944 Hace 13 días +2

    Why so much hate? If they feel empowered by this than let them! Most violent and sexual crimes are committed by men so she's not wrong.

    • andy jj
      andy jj Hace 12 días

      exactly!! i related to everything in this song.

  • Sarah Brooklyn
    Sarah Brooklyn Hace 14 días +2

    Dear Men,
    who's comments are starting with a woh is me life hard being a man for X, Y and Z... I'm not saying your issues arnt valid but the one she is discussing should be one thats on your radar too and you should take it personally but not offensively. It's a fact that one and six women will be sexually assaulted in her life time, thats your best friend, thats your girlfriend, thats your mom, thats your aunts. You should hear this song and be enraged that women are being so heavily victimized in this way and that the law nor the government is doing what it should to protect women from this. You should want to put a end to it just as much as women do! because you may not even know it but it probably is in your personal life its probably effected someone you know and love. In no other crime do we ignore, laugh or victim blame so often as a society, no wonder women were so scared to come out for so long. This is a mens issue too that you should be fighting for so hopefully one day your daughter, granddaughter, nieces aren't still a one in six statistic that no one cares to keep safe. Thanks for reading my letter to you :)

  • Harold Sadler
    Harold Sadler Hace 14 días

    I bet she feels so stupid now.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M Hace 14 días

    Hey Lynzy - Thanks to you I did vote. I was going to sit it out, but your obnoxious face and condescending song inspired me. Guess what toots- all red.

  • jim eff
    jim eff Hace 14 días

    VERY scary times. Our own governments are importing violent, low iq individuals and giving them free housing and money.
    google proper crime stats people, dont feed into this brainwash programming.

  • MaZaKaRaL
    MaZaKaRaL Hace 14 días

    This is why MGTOW is the only way.

  • Aubergine Bellen
    Aubergine Bellen Hace 14 días

    And now the reality:
    Say hey to a girl
    She'll report you to
    Ah ahch are-are-uh
    You'll lose your job
    And she'll take it too
    She doesn't have to work
    As hard as you
    But demands she gets paid
    As mu-uch too-oo-oo-oo.

  • Prosto Keereell
    Prosto Keereell Hace 14 días

    Victim culture seems more and more like a mind plague.

  • Willis E40
    Willis E40 Hace 15 días


  • Josh
    Josh Hace 15 días +1

    if you aren’t a rapist/abuser of women, then this song isn’t about you. more people need to realize that.

  • Dylan Kim
    Dylan Kim Hace 15 días

    It would’ve been better with a juggy jumping on a trampoline in the background.

  • D Jackman
    D Jackman Hace 15 días

    Keep in mind subjects like this are sure fire social dividers..

  • Onryo Beats
    Onryo Beats Hace 15 días

    Feminism(social equality of sexes) Makes song why woman have it harder than men. It's hilarious how MOST modern feminists have strayed so for from the meaning of real feminism. I myself support the ideology that both sexes are to be threated equally because we are all equal. but this song makes me just cringe didin't even trigger me like i said it is hilarious how blind some of these so called fighters for equal rights call themselves feminists.

  • MyOwnDesign
    MyOwnDesign Hace 16 días

    NPC show and the guest NPC lab!

    • MyOwnDesign
      MyOwnDesign Hace 14 días

      +Josh i dont know if i should tell you my real reason or should i embrace the meme...

    • Josh
      Josh Hace 15 días

      tbh it’s pretty funny that people are constantly repeating this npc meme. like isn’t that what npcs do..

  • Lena N
    Lena N Hace 16 días

    Very smart, clever, and well done! I lived on the first floor for many years and I never slept with any window open and not because I was afraid a woman would climb in and make me learn to knit. You deserves every accolade you've gotten.

  • Dyan Dyan
    Dyan Dyan Hace 16 días +2

    Beautiful performance. She encouraged me to vote. I voted all Democrats. The gop are racists and corrupt.

  • Julie Worthey
    Julie Worthey Hace 16 días

    Smh ... the leftist M.O. - parade a cutsie girl playing a eukelele with a big smile - performing a passive aggressive "screw you" .... with manipulative lyrics based on lies, defamation, and abuse of our system, all for the ultimate end of stirring emotions to increase votes, to gain power ... so that more of us can be silenced through the intimidation of the leftist, elitist machine of Marxism.

  • Matt Vivian
    Matt Vivian Hace 16 días

    Basically none of these things are just problems for women. Everyone should be cautious, but you can still do all these things. Just grow up.

  • Marcus Borden
    Marcus Borden Hace 16 días

    WTF? She can do ALL those things and she probably does.

  • David D
    David D Hace 16 días

    One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it “was a tactic” to try to derail the judge’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. LOL its all over the papers......

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Hace 16 días

    Sure is a scary time for all, a guy’s accuser says she lied ‘bout rape, and yet here we are.

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark Hace 16 días

    Sure is scary time for Democrats cuz were not falling for stupidness

    • soberpunk
      soberpunk Hace 8 días

      +Josh Clark Yeah, a Lame Duck President. I wish him the best of luck trying to get anything done. The Democrats are now in charge of all the House committees and have subpoena power until at least 2020. Trump's gonna have a bad time come January.

    • Josh Clark
      Josh Clark Hace 8 días

      soberpunk that's cool trump still ur president bud lol

    • soberpunk
      soberpunk Hace 8 días

      How'd that "Red Wave" work out for ya bud?

  • WroughtIronMGTOW
    WroughtIronMGTOW Hace 17 días

    there is a place where women are never raped,harrassed,or cat called
    They're called male only Muslim areas.

  • Hacim Segdoh
    Hacim Segdoh Hace 17 días +1

    This is it folks the worst of the worst. I know that this filth is believed in some people's minds and I know that some awful things have happened before, but you should relise that most bad things that happen can be avoided. Your future is determined by who you are with, how you act and where you stay and I can tell you one thing your a fool if you think that going to a bar at night with a group of people you dont know is a good way to have fun.

  • Nathaniel Bonebrake
    Nathaniel Bonebrake Hace 17 días

    Jimmy is $h1T just like Lynzy.............

  • Captain Haddock
    Captain Haddock Hace 17 días

    * Man brings up problems affecting men in conversation about problems affecting women *
    Feminists: "OMG WHADDABOUTTDAMEN? Shut up and sit all the way down, little boy- this isn't about you for once!!!"
    * Man starts conversation about problems affecting men *
    * Feminists and MSM make her go viral for being stunning and brave in The Current Year (TM) *

  • Ryan  Barnett
    Ryan Barnett Hace 17 días

    Cringe CRINGE

  • Ryan  Barnett
    Ryan Barnett Hace 17 días

    I can't imagine any guy wanting to even come near some of those girls never mind rape them

  • still_here
    still_here Hace 17 días

    Theres a lot of men sayin shes playing victim here.. come on men! When will you grow up and take some responsibility.

  • Ariel Porte
    Ariel Porte Hace 17 días

    Thank you Lynzy for describing how I and my women friends and relatives have lived our whole lives. I started experiencing what women can expect from men at age 13. It has been very sad...and I don't think I have yet to meet a woman who hasn't gone through this. So yes please vote and fellas please stop treating us badly...we are your sisters, moms, daughters, grandmas, friends, neighbors, co-workers, wives, girl friends, aunts, teachers, doctors, cousins, and fellow humans...we don't hate you or want to hurt you...we just want you to STOP HURTING US !!!!

  • Sypher Son
    Sypher Son Hace 17 días

    She disabled the comments on her actual video

  • TheToasterbox
    TheToasterbox Hace 17 días

    I was raped by lynzy lab stewart and her husband. Prove it didnt happen.

    • TheToasterbox
      TheToasterbox Hace 14 días

      +Josh i was more graphic about what they did and decided this wasnt the place and that a job interview for them might be a better place for those details say 35 years after they happened.

    • Josh
      Josh Hace 15 días

      you edited your comment, what grammar mistake did you make hmm?

  • RiskE
    RiskE Hace 17 días

    I'm extremely disappointed that you guys did this...

  • Waxylyricalman2
    Waxylyricalman2 Hace 17 días

    why can't everyone be friends? both genders (only two lol) have ups and downs. quit playing the victim.

  • Blood Scust
    Blood Scust Hace 18 días

    I wasn't even sure whom I was going to vote for before this song but not I will be voting Trump 2020. Feminists are terrifying.

  • Blood Scust
    Blood Scust Hace 18 días

    One asking for empathy for boys does not mean one should not have empathy for girls. She purposely misunderstand what Trump said, so she can justify her searing hatred. Is this song not a counter to what Trump said? If the answer is yes, then she is countering the idea of correcting some huge problems where the most psychopathic women can ruin any man's life with no evidence or for some things that are not even wrong. I don't want women to be taken advantage of by the most psychopathic men but feminists will not say the same for men. They fight it with slander & cruelty. Men have been imprisoned while having sex with a drunk adult, while the man was drunk too. There is many many laws that work this way. Trying to spread awareness of things like this, so that they can change, so that innocent people don't have their life ruined; is not hatred towards women. One can have empathy for boys & girls. It's sick that this is labeled as hate by so many. The cruelty that feminists ask for is off-putting for normal people. It's scary. Stop being so dam cruel feminists. It's so sick that us anti-feminists are labeled the cruel ones for wanting fair & equal laws, meanwhile so many feminists have no compunction about being incredibly cruel towards anybody who seeks equal laws for men & women. Yes, it is a very scary time for young men in America. Why are feminists so dam dishonest & cruel?

  • Rudi Johnson
    Rudi Johnson Hace 18 días +1

    ive done nothing wrong why she making me feel bad just for being aguy:/

    • Josh
      Josh Hace 15 días

      if you aren’t a rapist/abuser of women, then this song isn’t about you. more people need to realize that.

  • Christopher Dibbs
    Christopher Dibbs Hace 18 días +1

    It really annoyed me when they brought those kids on.

    • Blood Scust
      Blood Scust Hace 18 días

      Why shouldn't kids know that they are rapists & rape victims? Are you saying that is a bad lesson to teach kids?

  • Brodie Lindrea
    Brodie Lindrea Hace 18 días

    why the dad is the judge. random

  • Rory Moore
    Rory Moore Hace 18 días

    Should be "a scary time for creepy stalky rapists" but probably would be hard to work into lyrics. Cant believe she lumps all boys into sons of judges who can get away with less than respectful behavior if i wrote a song about all woman being petite wilting lillys who faint at the sight of spiders id be labeled sexist and drummed off social media seconds before the severe and utter beat down ronda rousey and meisha tate hand my ass to me. Seriously aim your anger people.

  • Jude Asher
    Jude Asher Hace 19 días

    All the stuff about walking around at night and keeping windows closed makes it sound like her problem is that she lives in the hood

  • Mgtow Boo Boo
    Mgtow Boo Boo Hace 19 días

    Why do women always have to present themselves as victims? Why do women only talk about the advantages they have over men behind closed doors?

    • Mgtow Boo Boo
      Mgtow Boo Boo Hace 15 días

      +Josh Men have never been victims?

    • Josh
      Josh Hace 15 días

      well women have been victims of men since the beginning of humanity, so there’s that

  • Thomas Broussard
    Thomas Broussard Hace 19 días +3

    The dislike ratio isnt enough wtf is wrong with u guys

    • Nupetiet
      Nupetiet Hace 10 días

      +Thomas Broussard The point of the song isn't about predators. It's about non-predator men buying into a victim mentality where they're terrified of women having any control of their own lives or bodies. The way you're terrified that she doesn't make you feel validated.

    • Thomas Broussard
      Thomas Broussard Hace 10 días

      +Nupetiet then stop saying men and say predators

    • Nupetiet
      Nupetiet Hace 11 días

      +Thomas Broussard It's not attacking men; it's attacking an attitude. It's rejecting reactionaries' phony victimhood and their manufactured bitterness. Bad people want you to feel like an attack on rapists is an attack on men, and that you're actually on the same team as them.

    • Thomas Broussard
      Thomas Broussard Hace 11 días

      +Nupetiet how is it not attacking men.)?

    • Nupetiet
      Nupetiet Hace 11 días

      +Thomas Broussard Why do you feel attacked? The song isn't attacking men

  • Mgtow Boo Boo
    Mgtow Boo Boo Hace 19 días

    Boys have always had a choice? Not when it comes to whether or not they are gonna be a father. Not when it comes to being able to see their children.

  • Mgtow Boo Boo
    Mgtow Boo Boo Hace 19 días

    Shows how women can't and don't care about what men face.

  • Mgtow Boo Boo
    Mgtow Boo Boo Hace 19 días

    The reason she can't do any of those things is because she is a wimp.

  • Mgtow Boo Boo
    Mgtow Boo Boo Hace 19 días

    No one cares about men.

  • Inco gneito
    Inco gneito Hace 19 días

    This is why I won't ask a girl out. The fear they will scream "rape", "sexist", "harassment", or worse, when they actually missed out on free food. All the while, all I was just trying to say is "You seem interesting, can I learn more about your interests?"

    lastly: For some reason I can stand Jimmy Kimmel's face either. I can't even watch the award show he ruined.

  • Emily Green
    Emily Green Hace 19 días

    I love how all of the negative comments are from those suffering from fragile masculinity.
    “Gosh just use common sense and you won’t be raped sheesh”

  • Barron Achamedi
    Barron Achamedi Hace 19 días

    The reason she can't do this stuff is because of illegal mexicans.

  • Lucy Smith
    Lucy Smith Hace 19 días

    oh my god I’m reading this comment section and I’m shocked, this is why the world isn’t changing, whenever someone speaks out this is what happens. I 100% agree with all this woman is saying I have to live it everyday

  • toonces4x
    toonces4x Hace 20 días

    Women are way more privileged in this life and they only want equality when its convenient. Seriously the girls ive worked with get all the simple work while us gentlemen have to do all the heavy lifting.

  • King merkulov
    King merkulov Hace 20 días

    probably the sadest excuse for musical trio iv seen this century

  • The Chike
    The Chike Hace 20 días +8

    I listened to this song and started to cry a little. Not because of the song, but because I realized I'm out of cereal......