Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys)

  • Publicado el 12 oct 2018
  • Today is the International Day of the Girl. The idea of this day is to focus on female leadership to make better lives for girls. The news may have moved off of the Supreme Court confirmation madness but millions of people haven’t. There’s a lot of talk about men not knowing what it’s like to be a woman but some men don’t totally get it. Donald Trump said “This is a very scary time for young men” and in response to that, a teacher from Texas named Lynzy Lab wrote a great song called “A Scary Time” and recorded a video of herself singing it. It is very well done and in the past few days it has racked up tens of millions of views. We invited Lynzy to come to California and perform the song here live for the first time and she graciously accepted.
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    Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys)ídeo.html
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Comentarios • 6 369

  • Markus Enahoro
    Markus Enahoro Hace 3 horas

    You can't do any of that when you live in a poor area anyway.. minus the instagram thing. Besides if women really want to just "dance with their friends at clubs" then go to a womens only bar, shouldn't be hard to find some on google

  • The Real Dr. Janus
    The Real Dr. Janus Hace 13 horas

    I think I can smell the entitlement from my phone.

  • Danglestank Dixon
    Danglestank Dixon Hace un día

    nice RING spoilt biotch!

  • TheMochaBoat
    TheMochaBoat Hace un día

    This isn't only a scary time for men, as they are being severely mistreated and generalized, but it's a scary time for America. This great nation was once the most free country on earth, now it's on the brink of getting into a socialist-Venezuelan state by liberals. What is even more disturbing is that we may need man-ism in the next 50 years. My question is *why can't we be treated equally on both sides???* The answer is simple. When this country goes down (my prediction is the next 200 years), men all over the nation will be persecuted, and for us it'll be like women in Saudi Arabia in the biblical times. That includes you too, Jimmy. This is absolutely disgusting and makes me wonder why places that are in need of this don't have it.

  • Terry Howard
    Terry Howard Hace 3 días +1

    Lmfao, typical lefty doesn't engage in debate, hence why she disables comments on her vids. At least stand by your moronic claims with conviction. What an awful example she's setting for like minded NPCs

  • 팩트폭행
    팩트폭행 Hace 5 días

    Persecutory delusions: set of delusional conditions in which the affected persons believe they are being persecuted.
    Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements: The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur.

  • Adro Harv
    Adro Harv Hace 6 días +1

    the brainwashing continues. Despicable stuff

  • Jesus Lover33
    Jesus Lover33 Hace 6 días

    You can believe what you want but leave children out of this. Don’t use children to drive you agenda

  • Phillip
    Phillip Hace 7 días

    Who are committing these crimes?
    Check your local .gov for stats.
    I can't do a lot of these things either as a man.

  • ricsobo
    ricsobo Hace 8 días

    Go sing in Morocco!

  • Ghostface killah
    Ghostface killah Hace 9 días

    Patriarchy rate drops to 0%

  • Puzzled Puzzler
    Puzzled Puzzler Hace 9 días +1

    Men get killed more than women but yeah they TOTALLY have it harder.

  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez Hace 10 días +1

    Bullshit leftist propaganda

  • Trayvon Robinson
    Trayvon Robinson Hace 10 días


  • FunnyChloeMichelle
    FunnyChloeMichelle Hace 11 días

    everything everyone else said plus the faux humility and contrived outrage .... Annnd the most obvious lack of musicality.... broke the cringeometer

  • Nathan Lin
    Nathan Lin Hace 11 días


  • TheLillipigen
    TheLillipigen Hace 11 días

    The point about this song, which seems to escape a lot of people, is that women are constantly adviced against the things listed in the song.. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen articles and posts about how a woman can prevent getting attacked. In addition to that, it really bothers me that a lot of people only seem to talk about the problems men face, when we are talking about the issues women face on a daily basis. I am not saying we souldn’t speak up about the struggles that men are going through, but please avoid bringing them up, as a way of shutting down women, who are trying to speak up for themselves. Thank you.

  • Ben Feehily
    Ben Feehily Hace 11 días +1

    The feminatzis are back

  • GeneralHappyDeath
    GeneralHappyDeath Hace 11 días

    In the viral video she says to go vote at the very end. I did. I voted Trump Republican. The RIGHT choice. Thank you for enlightening me. Feels good to win.

  • Dr. Ice
    Dr. Ice Hace 12 días

    I get where she is coming from. I just don’t think this will help in any kind of way, just divide us even more. We are separating our genders apart instead of bringing us closer together

  • Dr. Ice
    Dr. Ice Hace 12 días

    Hopefully we all band together to fix the many issues we have. Love will prevail

  • Juniper Hill
    Juniper Hill Hace 12 días

    I’m in love with the FUTURE PRESIDENT in the front there.

  • Gene Waserman
    Gene Waserman Hace 12 días

    Hey Jimmy, I used to like you, but seeing you promote the dehumanization of men and boys leads me to actively boycott you

  • Koni Drenkovska
    Koni Drenkovska Hace 12 días

    I'm not a leftist or a feminist or anything like that but tbh she's not that much wrong.. even nowadays women still don't have the same safety level that men do and are vistims of sexual assaults everyday. What's happening today with all these "crazy" feminists and their attitude is a sort of a karma for the bad treatment women were getting for all those years in the past and i don't feel sorry for the boys,i mean it's not an easy thing to just get over and forget and it shouldn't be. Sorry🤷‍♀️

  • Kiss Béla
    Kiss Béla Hace 13 días

    This woman is a stupid evil creature.

  • brad cha
    brad cha Hace 13 días

    the rape part was too real

  • Naina Shakil
    Naina Shakil Hace 14 días


  • FlatterAcorn722 _
    FlatterAcorn722 _ Hace 14 días

    This is a discussing vid

  • Bos Vet
    Bos Vet Hace 14 días


  • Bos Vet
    Bos Vet Hace 14 días

    OMG! What neighborhood does she live in? This girl is crazy. She can do literally all of that. She sounds like she has phobias and needs counseling.

  • James Nabokov
    James Nabokov Hace 15 días


  • DEV3N87
    DEV3N87 Hace 15 días +1

    She disabled the comments on the og video. new lyric, "i cant read the comments even on my own song, even if they are telling me that im wrong"

  • Q A
    Q A Hace 17 días

    What about the 1 in 5 men

  • Bijaya Kumar Behera
    Bijaya Kumar Behera Hace 21 un día

    The music is best

  • The Underdog
    The Underdog Hace 21 un día

    I miss the Man show.

  • onesaltyboi
    onesaltyboi Hace 21 un día

    It is a scary time for men in this day and age. Fake rape accusations are off the charts, so is male suicide, and even most of these points also affect men like living on the first floor of an apartment, men are more likely to get murdered.

  • Nicholas Parker
    Nicholas Parker Hace 21 un día

    In the Middle East she would have been beaten and raped for this song

  • Jenn Wahrheit
    Jenn Wahrheit Hace 21 un día

    Are we not going to talk about th fact that half of the stuff she “can’t do” is the kind of stuff that’s just a dumb thing to do in the first place, whether you’re male or female?
    Don’t leave your drink unattended, that’s just stupid. Don’t walk across the parking lot on the phone or jog through the city wearing headphones, you’ll probably get hit by a car. Don’t answer the door wearing pajamas, that’s just rude. Don’t have another drink if you know you’ve reached your limit. Don’t leave your windows open if you live in a neighborhood that isn’t safe.

  • Julius Beržinis
    Julius Beržinis Hace 21 un día

    American men have patience like saints. I'm far, far away from this and it still pisses me off.

  • kHing vids
    kHing vids Hace 23 días

    May i please state... Why and that little girl on the right of the singer so ugly and this isn't true!!!

  • Captain Teamwork
    Captain Teamwork Hace 23 días

    Your gettin sad man. You used to be funny. Maybe you should stick with taking candy from babies. Its what your better at.

  • Ryan Schob
    Ryan Schob Hace 23 días

    I'm inspired to write a song on my Ukelele now. My eyes are so opened now that I've gone blind.

  • joshua hall
    joshua hall Hace 24 días

    orange man bad

  • V. C.
    V. C. Hace 25 días

    Why the heck can't you live in a 1st floor apartment or wear silk pajamas while answering the door?

  • Lindsey Vesely
    Lindsey Vesely Hace 26 días

    All these negative comments are men who can’t comprehend what is to be a women. There for doesn’t have a right to comment .1 in 6 women are sexually assaulted. This song is about rape culture in America not that men are awful. Be aware of it and change it

    • TheSparky777
      TheSparky777 Hace 23 días

      First of all, not every negative comment is from a guy. Plenty of women disagree with this song's message. So you think men have no right to comment because they can't comprehend what it is to be a woman? Then why is it ok for Lynzy here to decide that it's "not a scary time for men" when she can't comprehend what it is to be a man? On national television no less.

  • Vesa Roivainen
    Vesa Roivainen Hace 26 días

    not all guys are like that (not scary)

  • E Arnell 50 the sexy snack

    Giving men the reputation of a psychopath isn’t gonna give women the rights that they are so eager to obtain

  • Swag 1337
    Swag 1337 Hace 26 días

    I'm a male and i have to say: Thank you Lynzy!
    Finally a girl who addresses male issues!
    I'm SCARED, when i walk home ALONE in the dark. I always hold my drinks in my HAND at parties.
    Last Weekend a 40 year old woman touched me at my left arm and gave me a KISS on my left CHEEK. She told me how cute i look with all the glitter in my face….
    And thank you Jimmy to give her a platform for maleproblems!
    Lynzy is so beautiful! I just hope she'll never molest someone!
    Be strong men!

  • Jazzy Knight
    Jazzy Knight Hace 27 días +1

    Amazing song- it describes the hardships of women perfectly

  • saltwater ninja
    saltwater ninja Hace 27 días

    This is what happens when people spend too much time on social media, they lose touch with reality and write a song like this. Dear women... You are not in danger! Stop watching nonsense like this.

  • DMO Enterprises
    DMO Enterprises Hace 27 días

    Even a single sentence recognizing a single male issue is reframed to focus on women again. See? Feminism = Narcissism.

  • ProwseOfficial
    ProwseOfficial Hace 27 días

    This is absolutely ridiculous lol she’s not a musician at all.

  • James rotunno
    James rotunno Hace 28 días

    Feminism has taken such a terrible and evil turn and in developed countries like America, Australia and Canada practice of feminism in now unnecessary. The original idea of feminism was for woman to step up and take more leadership in the world and act more powerful, i can tell you know girls that playing the victim like this dyke is not going to empower you at all, just make you look weaker.

  • Turn
    Turn Hace 29 días

    A lot of generalizations, insulting to an entire gender, and a disgusting use of children (But honestly the left does it so much I'm not even surprised anymore)

  • Chris Clancy
    Chris Clancy Hace un mes

    can't answer the door wearing silk butterfield said she just ran out of lyrics

  • A M
    A M Hace un mes

    When men are all being accused of being rapists

  • A M
    A M Hace un mes

    Play the victim she does hmmm

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor Hace un mes

    Your just stereo typing everyone

  • Aholf Ditler
    Aholf Ditler Hace un mes

    I have always fantasised about every redpilled men vs every white knight and feminists going at it face to face. Finally would answer the question who is stronger.

  • SEB1991SEB
    SEB1991SEB Hace un mes

    As much as I agree with all the examples she gives about how bad women have it, she's basically insinuating that the reason men don't have it bad is because they're all rapists, which just proves Trump right (as much as it pains me to say that).
    "Any woman you've assaulted could turn up anytime"
    "Her dress was short and she was drunk she's not so innocent"
    "Thank God your dad's the judge"
    If she took out all the bullshit like this then I'd love the song, but otherwise she's contributing to sexism as much as anyone by legitimising men's hatred of feminism.

  • Alise Brus
    Alise Brus Hace un mes

    Great!!! now I don't hate 'baby' song very much.

  • Isaac Spark
    Isaac Spark Hace un mes

    Actually I am finding it scary, I feel like I have done something for being born male.
    I do agree that there are some hired people out there. I don’t believe they are only one gender tho.
    Something definitely dose need to be done, but I don’t believe this is the way.

  • Sandi PUA
    Sandi PUA Hace un mes

    So cringeworthy, so inaccurate, so lacking of any nuance

  • Saucii
    Saucii Hace un mes

    everytime i hear this song i think of the dictator when he says that its funny when women learn

  • gaming charmander
    gaming charmander Hace un mes

    Might as well make a song about boys killing them selves and laughing every pause

  • Laura •
    Laura • Hace un mes

    Lads just so you know, just because women ‘have got it good’ in America doesn’t excuse your inappropriate behaviour towards women.
    Just a lil tip for you all🙄

  • m k
    m k Hace un mes +5

    Funny how her channel wont allow comments.

  • RJK
    RJK Hace un mes

    *A commend from this video I think should be seen, I copied it and essentially re- posted it*
    Holly Mcgrath (Commented)
    "In my opinion it's a scary time for both men and women both have troubles and problems and all of this is just divisive. It pins men and women against each other and I don't enjoy that as a woman".

  • adcop
    adcop Hace un mes

    When was the exact moment Jimmy Kimmil turned into such a puss?

  • Amy E
    Amy E Hace un mes


  • Peter Monay
    Peter Monay Hace un mes

    Damm but the song is good thought

  • j t
    j t Hace un mes

    Best curl up in the fetal position for the rest of your life.

  • Christobul
    Christobul Hace un mes

    Jimmy Kimmel former host of "man" show. I sure hope those girls that jumped up and down on the trampoline for him felt respected. He was better in those days less crying and virtue signals.

  • Panache Automotive
    Panache Automotive Hace un mes

    Hey Jimmy, What's in my crotch?!?

  • hijacker457
    hijacker457 Hace un mes

    People who use men don’t know what it’s like to be a woman as an argument are ignorant because it’s a dumb argument. Same as if I were to tell a woman that she does not know what it’s like to be a man. We both don’t know and we both will never know because it’s either a you are a man or a woman you will not know what it is like to live another persons experience. The 21000 people who liked this video disgust me. This video more or less this song does not help men or women it is rather an object further to push us apart.

  • CynicalHell
    CynicalHell Hace un mes +1

    What a waste of talent.

  • Kris Keane
    Kris Keane Hace un mes

    Wtf did Ijust watch? This is so bullshit. Did this girl consider that the opposite gender might have problems too? If your preaching for women's rights, what gives you the right to put the opposite gender down? This isnt equality its just trying to reach the opposite end of the scale.

  • scott mc
    scott mc Hace un mes +1

    She is a complete fk wit real nasty piece of work

  • Eduardo Guimaray
    Eduardo Guimaray Hace un mes

    lol wtf is this?

  • James Nabokov
    James Nabokov Hace un mes

    I'd take all those problems for the ability to get laid anytime I want with zero effort and have my WORST CASE SCENARIO in life be doing whatever I want while someone else works to make me money. But it's a scary time for girls.🎶

  • Padd Leed
    Padd Leed Hace un mes +1

    Spoiled white women acting spoiled. Surprising.

  • Jackjude
    Jackjude Hace un mes

    I think this is rather divisive, fearful and uncomfortably exaggerated. There is truth - an inconvenient one seemingly - in what Trump said, and Im far from a Trump supported. Maybe "Scary" isn't the right word, but 'confusing', 'damaging' , 'shamed' and 'potentially depressing' would do. Surely a feminist would understand what a 'victim' is, ie somebody who hasn't done anything wrong and is irresponsibly abused by power. Boys are being exposed to a confusing, often completely indiscriminate dialogue - often a polemical invective - from so called 'feminists'. These kids have done nothing wrong! Picking up on a trite ukulele song which rather willfully, and glibly misses this point does the youth a further disservice.
    Its like the 'wage gap,' there isn't one at most levels of society (especially 'blue collar'); it exists at the higher management levels (and there are some reasons for this other than gender), but the prevailing current feminist dialogue makes out this is completely societal. Working class people should be united in their struggle not needlessly divided by irresponsible rhetoric, which has the effect of inflaming rather than healing. Im from the UK and a lot is being made of 100 years anniversary of women winning the vote, which is great, but it is also a 100 years since 'working class' men won the vote too (40% of UK men), which is completely overlooked. These men were finally deemed worthy of the vote after surviving the horrors WW1. There are more similarities between the sexes, then there are within them, we just have to look at what music people listen to, who they vote for and the affinity you have with your partner.

  • Max Dickens
    Max Dickens Hace un mes +1

    Yes u can

  • Sam Armstrong
    Sam Armstrong Hace un mes

    What the hell is this utter lies

  • A F
    A F Hace un mes

    Ok, let's annex this country in half and get to the end game. Let's see these libs run their own country their own way. 10-to-1 I can bet they will have nothing to rah rah rah about once the straight white male is not among them. They'll eat each other alive without a common enemy.

  • G Ellis
    G Ellis Hace un mes


  • Brad Martin
    Brad Martin Hace un mes +1

    Anyone remember the man show when Kimmel actually had a set of balls?

  • Hania Templeton
    Hania Templeton Hace un mes

    Okay people the idea is things men say women shouldn't do or shouldn't do otherwise they'll get raped, these aren't things that women feel they can't do.

  • Hayleigh Webb
    Hayleigh Webb Hace un mes

    really tho

  • Luke Cague
    Luke Cague Hace un mes

    Hey feminists, search "Cassie Jaye Ted Talk" and tell me what you think...

  • Lax
    Lax Hace un mes

    look at these three, it's like two whales and a mackerel

  • o hey
    o hey Hace un mes

    What kind of guys does she talk to????

  • Emjay
    Emjay Hace un mes

    Had my Christmas party the other night had a girl absolutely off her face and all over me and want to go home with me. What did I do? I took her to her girlfriends and said you mite want to take your friend home incase she talks to the wrong guy... I guess a feminist is gonna hate on me now that I told a woman to go home and not enjoy herself..

  • Jay Reno
    Jay Reno Hace un mes

    She got no tiddies man

  • Vanessa Salemi
    Vanessa Salemi Hace un mes +2

    You all in the comments make me sick. Thank god I'm not American.

    • RJK
      RJK Hace un mes

      All men R pigz.

  • Mike Wilhelmson
    Mike Wilhelmson Hace un mes

    Men respect each other because if we go to far there might be a fight. Women can disrespect men all day long with no such threat but yet still complain they arnt equal enough. You want true equality and respect? Give respect.

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez Hace un mes


  • MegaCk93
    MegaCk93 Hace un mes

    lol im pretty sure its the liberals that let rape slide and promote it.

  • Kevin Pihl
    Kevin Pihl Hace un mes

    Kimmel is the worst

  • Kevin Pihl
    Kevin Pihl Hace un mes

    I would understand this song if she lived in the Middle East